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A Reference To E2-E4 By Manuel GottschingTest Pressing Recordings
'E2-E4' is of course a legendary bit of music written by a legendary composer. Here, Alex Kassian serves up his own extension version of it and takes us on a 12-minute electronic trip that will be perfect for the more adventurous DJs and dancers out there - not least in Ibiza this summer. Next to the escapist original is a flipside remix from the one and Mad Professor. He heads out on his own with plenty of mind-melting effects, dubby undercurrents and mesmeric leads that encourage minds to wander. A real pearler for the hotter months and beyond.
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Island BoogieLeng
Over the years, Andrew Meecham's albums as the Emperor Machine have variously explored his love of the Radiophonic Workshop, synth-heavy dub disco, mutant boogie and electronic punk-funk. On 'Island Boogie', a set inspired by the annual Rotation Garden Party micro-festival and its' infamous custom-built soundsystem, he offers up colourful, synth-heavy takes on nu-disco and Balearic boogie with a sun-soaked jauntiness and plenty of analogue electronics. The results are rarely less than stunning, from the atmospheric, acid-flecked excellence of 'La Cassette' and a riotous cover of La Fox's 'S-s-s-single Bed', to the Chicken Lips-esque 'Devoilez-Vous' (a dubbed-out treat with added hand percussion), bubbly electrofunk number 'Wanna Pop With You' and the heady, slow-motion electronic psychedelia of 'Cha Murreh Etem'.
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Le MusichienSouffle Continu France
François Tusques, a pioneer of French free jazz, founded the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra in 1971. Known for his earlier work on the 1965 album Free Jazz, Tusques had grown disillusioned with the genre by the early '70s. Seeking new musical horizons, he formed Intercommunal, a collective uniting diverse communities and fostering collaborative composition. Initially featuring professional jazz musicians, the group soon incorporated talents from the vibrant French Popular Music scene. In 1981, at the renowned Paris venue 28 rue Dunois, Tusques and partner Carlos Andreu performed 'Le Musichien,' an afro-Catalan tale set against a slow, mesmerising bass line by Jean-Jacques Avenel, with dynamic contributions from percussionist Kilikus, saxophonists Sylvain Kassap and Yebga Likoba, and trombonist Ramadolf. This performance illustrated the limitless possibilities of their collective creativity. The following year, at the Tombées de la Nuit festival in Rennes, bassist Tanguy Le Doré joined Tusques, creating a powerful 'brotherhood of breath.' The ensemble, featuring Bernard Vitet on trumpet, Danièle Dumas and Sylvain Kassap on saxophones, and Jean-Louis Le Vallegant and Philippe Le Strat on bombards, wove together elements of modal jazz reminiscent of Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders. The Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra's ecumenical project transcends boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide. This reissue comes with an insert and booklet talking more about the project, making it a great history lesson alojng with the excellent music.
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Spring Heel Jack - Masses
MassesTreader Recordings
John Coxon is the boss of the Treader label but is best known as part of Spring Heel Jack with Ashley Wales, an outfit with roots dating back to the electronica scene of the mid-90s. They took drum & bass down a downtempo path and soundtracked many an after party as a result and their Masses album in 2001 showed them to also have a love of jazz, particularly its structure - or lack thereof. This album found them record a number of ambient pieces and then have label mate improvise over the top. It's intense, experimental sounding even now, and as fascinating as ever.
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Seeing FrequenciesFourth Sounds
E Ruscha V aka. Secret Circuit returns with Seeing Frequencies, adding to the foundations laid on his 2022 album Thinking A View. Placing his obscure CocoQuantus synthesizer at the forefront of his arsenal, the artist importunes us to "close our eyes and see the frequencies", hankering after a synaesthetic experience in koscmische and organic ambient. We find ourselves first thoroughly aurally embedded, past the point of no return, in 'Submersion', which pits faint textural scratch-airs against risen bloop tones, which scatter about the grain-delayed side mix like icy afterthoughts. 'Feel' scopes out the ASMR potential with a similar but glitchier sophomore, while the album's development later takes the form of 'Infinite Wheel' and 'Embolic Chamber', which take the form of increasingly stalagtital ice caves and folded-in bass invaginations respectively. From there, there's many more to go, though we find ourselves thoroughly immersed in a tremulous mood record, from which we find it hard to divest ourselves.
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A collection of four old tracks and four brand new ones, 'Kokoro' is a cultural melting pot that sees Japanese belly dancer and singer Yurika Hanashima gently trilling over the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Afrobeat grooves of Israeli quartet Sababa 5. The fusion of East and West combines seamlessly, most notably on the title track 'Kokoro', filled with lyrical nods to the sky and the musical journey the two artists are embarking on together. The real highlight of this highly demanded release is the latter half, a collection of four tracks from Sababa 5 and Yurika's past - the standout being 'Nasnusa' from 'Tokyo Midnights', a popular track that has had recordings in Hebrew to fit demand. The strings feel perfectly calculated at every point, not even a slight misstep, whilst Yurika flawlessly serenades us, recounting memories of silhouettes against a sunset and sparkling tears gleaming by the coastline. This version is pressed on a sky blue transparent vinyl, reflecting the cerulean abstract window on the cover art.
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Aisha / Jah Shaka / Norman Twinkle / Mad Professor - Give A Little Love
Give A Little LoveAriwa Sounds
Reggae singer, soundsystem heiress and "first lady of dub" Aisha (Pamela Ross) had already made an enduring name for herself by 1997, at which point she was already ten years into her singing career. A veritable blue-blood of soundsystem culture, Aisha had also already released four albums before 'Give A Little Love', which was contrastingly released as a standalone single not intended as a part of any wider record. Notably enough, it was also produced by Mad Professor, whose boxy, whistly production brings a ghostly, wastelain feel to the otherwise lively track; the instrumental version connotes entirely different themes without the lyrics, proving the infatuating effect of Aisha's words and delivery: with her, it becomes the quintessence of lovers' rock; a rousing floor-filler and lyrical impulsion to give over, so to speak, to the virtues of sharing, as opposed to withholding for oneself, love.
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I Against I (remastered)ORG Music US
Following the major success of 1983's seminal sophomore effort Rock For Light, in which reggae-hardcore heroes Bad Brains would work studiously under The Cars' Ric Ocasek, and even re-record some of their self-titled debut LP's strongest cuts such as 'Sailin' On' and 'Banned In D.C.'; the hard left turn of their now acclaimed third full-length I Against I initially shocked many a hardcore purists upon its initial 1986 release. Arriving courtesy of SST Records, the album showcased an even further disregard for genre or scene parameters than the band had exuded up to that point, absorbing elements of funk, soul, r&b and, most notably, alternative metal, with the material falling somewhere in line with the likes of Living Colour, yet a far scuzzier version. While early reception was somewhat maligned and controversial, with the band even back-peddling on 1989's Quickness, there's no denying the sprawling influence the record has had in the decades since, with covers of the title-track coming from Jeff Buckley to Denzel Curry, while its sonic presence can be heard all the way up to modern hardcore stalwarts such as Turnstile. Not to mention the iconic lore behind the vocals to 'Sacred Love' being recorded by H.R. over the phone from prison while serving time on a marijuana distribution charge. How can you get any more hardcore punk reggae than that?
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