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Latest reviews

Lost & Found EP Vol 3Kaoz Theory
New Jersey house don Kerri Chandler is rightfully lauded as a hero of the scene. He continues to pour his heart and soul into every record and imbue his music with real-world emotions that elevate his tunes. He is of course a master of a deep but driving sound that borrows from soul, funk and jazz in ignitible ways. The third volume of his Lost & Found EP series on his own label Kaoz Theory is packed with more gold, from the slinky depths of 'Let It (Give Me Back My Love)' to the soul staring vocal work of 'Another Dawn' via more paired back sounds on 'The Bassline' (Kerri Dark mix) and the percussive energy of 'The Breeze.' Yet another essential Kerri 12" for your collection.
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Many Shades Of House (reissue)Favorite France
Swiss producer and DJ Lea Lisa gathers together some of her favorite tracks to play out with in a double pack compilation for Favorite Recordings. As you might be able to tell from some of the artists and tracks on here, Lea likes her house music deep, tracky, sometimes soulful and verging on proper techno. Featured here are key tracks like 'Ekeyz' from Pure Science, the club mix of 'Be There' by Kerri Chandler and 'Blax Thanxs' by Abacus. One very desirable addition is the early 90s gem 'Emotional' by Think. This very strong gathering of deep house tracks may be one of the best this year. Act quick and grab a copy.
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Inna Heavy Dub EncounterSozialistischer Plattenbau Germany
Prince Istari's earliest memories are of his mother playing the tranquil melodies of Erik Satie's pieces on the piano. Skipping school, he'd bask in the sun, absorbed by the serene tunes and years later in 2024, rediscovering his mother's sheet music sparked a creative resurgence. He transformed them into dub versions, crafting a tapestry of sound, and each piece's form dictated its direction, evolving from heavy dub to delicate piano and synthesiser blends. The finale, a relic from his past as Istari Lasterfahrer, features a distorted recording of his mother playing Satie to complete the circle. This special record comes in limited quantities of just 200 copies.
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Oceanvs Orientalis - Portrait Of The Obscure
Portrait Of The ObscureCrosstown Rebels
Crosstown Rebels continues its spell of dance albums releases with a fresh one from Oceanvs Orientalis (Safak Oz Kutle), Portrait Of The Obscure. After three superb singles on the label over the past four months, this nine-track LP offers a comprehensive exploration of the Istanbul-based talent's rich, globally-infused, captivating sound. As if to bottle the essence of the awe of travel, either everyday-real or astral - and the personal developments and realizations that come of it - onto a single record, Portrait Of The Obscure skirts the possible limits of progressive dance, fleshing out a talent for layering that we'd wager many artists only ten years or so ago would've thought impossible. Just listen to the hullabaloo that is 'Neutrality'; despite the name, it's hardly neutral at all, coming as an immense positivisation of moving parts and godlike sonic entities, which sound to dance around a central kick axis, one that we're surprised Oceanvs was still able to fit into the mix.
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If I Could Only Remember My NameAnalogue Productions US
The debut solo album by David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame, If I Could Only Remember My Name is an ironic title for an artist first striking out on their commercial own. But despite its faux-amnesiac title, this freak-folk opus is actually a striking claim to, not a loss of, personal musical identity. Following the success of 1970's Deja Vu with Stills & Nash, Crosby sought to expound on that album's methodology - hard psychedelic drugs, brushes with insanity, copious studio time - to produce a crisp, profound and multifaceted vision on the intersection of blues, folk and collective music-making, with every legend from Neil Young to Joni Mitchell to Graham Nash in tow. The highlight has to be, above all, 'Tamalpais High (At About 3)'.
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Dionne - Feel Da Rain
Feel Da RainKMS US
First released way back in 1994 on Kevin Saunderson's KMS label, Dionne Warren's Brian Hall-produced deep house gem 'Feel Da Rain' gets a new lease of life thanks to Windsor, Ontario imprint Collective Rhythm Network (CRN). While the original 12" also featured rubs from Alton Miller and Stacey Pullen, it's D'Pac Patel's dub . a warm, rolling, US garage influenced deep house workout rich in tactile organ stabs, superb grooves and short samples of Warren's vocals - that has become the most sought-after version. On this 12", we get Patel's full-length dub (it was edited down on the original 12") and a previously unreleased 'Rhodes Dub' that adds extra electric piano action for added warmth and flavour.
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Elyas / Anta / Geto Mark / Dj Deeon / Dj Sack / Player - SECV 001
SECV 001Seclusion
Seclusion debuts with its first vinyl release here and it decides to use the opportunity to showcase four remixes from three different techno titans. UK favourite Ben Sims goes first with his turbocharged take on Elyas/Anta's 'Real 13130 G's' and then Elyas offers the first two remixes. His version of Geto Mark and DJ Deeon's 'In This House' is seriously heavy, with rock solid kicks and muted acid spraying about them, then he remixes Player's 'Player Three' into a funked up and loopy house banger for the peak time. Mark Broom is the last to remix and goes for a fusion of smeared Detroit-style synth soul over hefty techno drums.
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Various - Acid Jazz Funk
Acid Jazz FunkIRMA Italy
One of many of IRMA Records' jazz-funk compilations, Acid Jazz Funk is a sixteen-track compilation full of delights; but should not be confused with many of their prior, albeit similarly titled titles, including Acid Jazz & Funky Grooves and Acid Jazz Classics. Clearly, we're in the presence of connoisseurs; cuts from Black & Brown, Funky Destination, The Smoke Orchestra and Jestofunk appear as standouts on this as-ever supremely selected V/A on 2xLP, once more centring on the tasteful proclivities of the c.1990 Bolognan dance music fan; their preference for hard breaks and quiet-stormed funk calms overlaid.
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