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Al Kent is the kind of experienced producer with a midas touch who can pull off the single-track, single-sided 12" and not leave anyone doubting the value of the wax. On this occasion the Million Dollar Disco man is getting busy with 'Rain', working an iconic, evergreen vocal performance over a beautifully extended, joyous and passionate eight minutes of soul stirring disco perfection. This is party music at its most fierce and flamboyant, not to mention with the kind of illustrious musicality other genres just can't touch.
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Has it really been five years since Migration? Time has flown, but the evergreen appeal of Bonobo holds true as he lands back on his spiritual home of Ninja Tune with another hotly anticipated opus. Fragments finds Simon Green digging deep, having forced himself to work outside of his usual tour-centric comfort zone during the global shutdown and developing a lot of new material in the isolation of the Californian desert. While that air of solitude formed a foundation for the album, he then folded in ample collaborations from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Jordan Rakei, O'Flynn, Joji and Kadhja Bonet, resulting in a stirring soul soup of richly developed, danceable rhythms and patient musicality with that unmistakable Bonobo touch.
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Vinyl plays from the inside out.Place the needle on the Inside of the record and watch it spin to the Outside! MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE WITH AUTOMATIC TURNTABLES (when the tonearm lifts at the end or places the needle at the start of the record automatically)
Lady Blackbird is the first singer to grace Foundation Music, and you'd best be paying attention to this vital new voice in the realm of soul jazz. Hailing from LA and blessed with a smoky voice to rival some of the greats, one listen to 'Blackbird' is all you need to be utterly captivated. The sultry playing from Deron Johnson, Jonathan Flaugher, Jimmy Paxson and Troy Andrews perfectly matches Blackbird's arresting voice, gliding between stormy explosions and the softest of touches to match the mood. Black Acid Soul is perhaps the perfect description for the music, shot through with a streak of 60s psych but taking it to some dark corners - a true expression rendered in sumptuous, noirish hues.
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Everyone knows library records carry the real heat, and of course the best of the bunch are now so coveted you'd best be selling an organ to get your hands on them. Well, put the back street surgeon on pause and rejoice as a true holy grail comes back within reach of the ordinary person - De Wolfe Music Library are reissuing Keith Papworth's 1975 masterpiece Hard Hitter. It's a goldmine of tougher-than-tough breaks, with drums right up front in the mix and only a light smattering of orchestration on top. It's like they knew sample culture was just round the corner.
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Mystic Jungle - Deviant Disco
Four years after his last album-length excursion, Periodica Records founder Dario de Pace fires up his Mystic Jungle project for another voyage into disco/boogie/jazz-funk/cosmic fusion. Deviant Disco could well be his most accessible, dancefloor-focused release to date. Opening number 'Don't Stop Your Love' is a cowbell-sporting slab of squelchy synth-boogie, while the track that follows, 'Get Down On It', joins the dots between electrofunk, Chic and the proto-house sounds of Paul Simpson. Over on the flip, 'Hold On To Your Dreams' is a hazy drift through Balearic AOR territory, 'Money Wonder' is a dubbed-out Afro-cosmic disco shuffler and 'Keep Alive This Fire' is a wonly Italo-disco throb-job. In a word: superb!
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Alton Miller / Amp Fiddler - When The Morning Comes (Rydm Sectors, Nico Lahs, & KETAMA remixes)
Adeen Records presents the next installment in the series of 2021 releases, delivering an expanded set of remixes of two infamous tracks by Detroit house legend Alton Miller featuring Rydm Sectors, Nico Lahs, & KETAMA.
Saele Valese - A White White Day
Klamm is the new label dedicated to the artistic output of Saele Valese. After "Ivic", a collection of old and new materials published on Alva Noto's label (NOTON) at the beginning of the year, Saele Valese releases now his first real album "A White, White Day". Written and recorded between 2018 and 2021 the material of this work was sliced, glued and recreated several times, just like a filmmaker in the editing process, before finding its final form. Inspired indeed by the most poetic cinema, 'A White, White Day' represents, in the form of a non-linear and enigmatic narrative, a personal and psychological reflection on time, memory and dreams. Mastered by Rashad Becker.
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