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Latest reviews

Hatchet's Cave (feat Anunaku remix)Tread
Jeigo dropped a thrilling debut album Cerulean back at the end of 2022, worked in a tune with Elkka for her DJ-Kicks mix and also dropped a mix for Bicep not long ago. Now he follows all that up with a firing four-track EP on Tread Records that again collides different club sounds, great samples and hooky melodies. 'Hatchet's Cave' is hands-in-the-air house euphoria with blistering drums and warped pads, then 'Move X' is a gritty tech bouncer and 'Compulsions' is a bubbly one with crisp hits. Nervous Horizons label boss Anunaku remixes the title track into a bass-heavy banger too.
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Ricardo Villalbos Reimagines: Stars Planets Dust MeVicious Charm Recordings
We're never short of new Ricardo Villalobos material and he's generous with his time as a mixer, but this project offers something different from the Chilean mad scientist of minimal. A Mountain Of One are a duo who deal in Balearic-leaning pop with a subtle charm and an adventurous spirit, and they initially approached Villalobos for a single remix of one of their tracks. As a fan of their sound, Villalobos ran with the project and it wound up as a full remix album of seven different versions. On the earlier tracks Ricardo takes a surprisingly light touch, while the later stages find us knee deep in the mesmerising roll of his minimal house, shot through with dubbed out ingredients from the original songs. It's surprising and satisfying in equal measure, showing Villalobos at his best and quite the scoop for A Mountain Of One.
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Hidden Spheres - Love Hate EP
Love Hate EPFruit Merchant
Four effervescent jackers from manx party starter Hidden Spheres. The opener 'Step To Me' is a slippery broken beat anthem landing somewhere between Alex Attias' smoove keys and DJ Haus' brash MIDI trumpet two-step, which lapses into the full pelt, swaggering 'Don't Front', which feels exactly like the kind of song you want to stride into the club to. Side two brings us two more orthodox sax workouts. The aptly named 'LUVR MAN' is a cheeky, slap n' tickle two steppa, while 'SO SXY' applies the blinkered focus of DJ Rashad's best breakdowns to a laid back house beat.
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Andy Romano - Monday
MondayBordello A Parigi Holland
Rome's Andy Romano is welcomed into the Bordello family with his long-awaited debut release, 'Monday'. The tracks it consists of were shelved for more than ten years, said to have floated between a handful of DJs after its first confidant, Andrea Confrancesco, chose a different path in his creative career by becoming a professional illustrator. An excellent example of naive, nigh-lo-fi new beat, but no less punchy and galactic, 'Monday', 'Loredane' and 'Cyber Black Spaceship' are a veritable trident of watery, retrofuturistic, catchy wonderment.
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Wallace - Red Yellow Black
Red Yellow BlackMule Musiq
After initially reserving much of his music for his own Tartan label, Wallace has been on plenty of fine sojourns to other top labels of late including CWPT's from Palms Trax, Studio Barnhus and Rhythm Section. Now he makes his biggest statement yet with a double album on Mule Musiq that draws on everything in his arsenal. His deft melodic touch and innocent synth work defines the first couple of clean and airy cuts while his knack for an unusual rhythm defines the loopy and hypnotic 'Midnight On The Mountain,' 'By The River' is a gorgeous deep house cut with eastern melodies and 'Bubbles' is pure dreaming material for zoned out sessions. A fine work from the talented Wallace.
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Bohm - Scientific Relevance
Scientific RelevanceEudemonia Germany
Bohm is no stranger to the scene, having made quite a splash with his latest releases on Dolly, PARTOUT, M>O>S and Undersound Recordings. His newest outing on Eudemonia acts as an ideal successor, as he delivers a versatile EP with both dreamy and old-school-ravey moments, sating all proclivities towards ecstasy and cascading soundbaths, from the 'King Cobra' arpeggiated judders of 'King Cobra' to the hazy situational-awareness-muddying closer 'The Fog'.
King Most / Dj Flow - Rhymes Over Egypt
Rhymes Over EgyptAt The Ave US
DJ Flow & King Most are two of California's finest hip-hop heads right now and have already had props from the one and only Jazzy Jeff. What they do here is add pure magic to an iconic soul song about Egypt which they are cleverly calling 'Rhymes Over Egypt.' It's a smooth groove with the the iconic chords rolling deep while new bars bring the funk up top and dusty drum breaks keep you moving. On the flip, King Most comes through with 'Ridin' Higher' which takes another soulful favorite and reworks it into something a little more bumping and energetic.
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Bright Raven - Blackpoold
BlackpooldEmotions Electric
Bright Raven is a brand new artist from Detroit who offers up a superb debut EP here for the Emotions Electric label. He brings with him plenty of Motor City magic and fuses serene and soulful techno sounds with great electronics and plenty of cosmic charm. Opener 'Blackpoold' has bright melodies lights glowing in the distance over a hurried bassline, then 'Bright Raven 002' gets much busier with chattery snares and percussion over serene pads and pulsing bass. Last of all is the deep and astral house of 'Bright Raven 003' with its many rich layers of synth and melody all washing over you with late-night charm.
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