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Latest reviews

Hatchet's Cave (feat Anunaku remix)Tread
Jeigo dropped a thrilling debut album Cerulean back at the end of 2022, worked in a tune with Elkka for her DJ-Kicks mix and also dropped a mix for Bicep not long ago. Now he follows all that up with a firing four-track EP on Tread Records that again collides different club sounds, great samples and hooky melodies. 'Hatchet's Cave' is hands-in-the-air house euphoria with blistering drums and warped pads, then 'Move X' is a gritty tech bouncer and 'Compulsions' is a bubbly one with crisp hits. Nervous Horizons label boss Anunaku remixes the title track into a bass-heavy banger too.
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Ricardo Villalbos Reimagines: Stars Planets Dust MeVicious Charm Recordings
We're never short of new Ricardo Villalobos material and he's generous with his time as a mixer, but this project offers something different from the Chilean mad scientist of minimal. A Mountain Of One are a duo who deal in Balearic-leaning pop with a subtle charm and an adventurous spirit, and they initially approached Villalobos for a single remix of one of their tracks. As a fan of their sound, Villalobos ran with the project and it wound up as a full remix album of seven different versions. On the earlier tracks Ricardo takes a surprisingly light touch, while the later stages find us knee deep in the mesmerising roll of his minimal house, shot through with dubbed out ingredients from the original songs. It's surprising and satisfying in equal measure, showing Villalobos at his best and quite the scoop for A Mountain Of One.
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Shackleton - The Scandal Of Time
The Scandal Of TimeWoe To The Septic Heart!
Shackleton makes music like no other - tightly intertwined experiential rhythms that often have dark, gothic, underworld and ancient ritualistic overtones. He's made records alone and in collab with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and, earlier this year, Scotch Rolex. Now he's back on his own Woe To The Septic Heart label with The Scandal Of Time, a first long player since 2021's Departing Like Rivers. Anna Gerth features on some of the cuts and Shackleton says this will be his last for a while. It's dubby, lo-fi, drone-y and full of shadows. See 'Faraway Flowers' for intense industrial ambient, or 'Abend Wird Es Wieder' for more hallucinatory and suspensory sounds.
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Cortex - Rare & Lost Tapes
Rare & Lost TapesTrad Vibe France
Cortex were a highly-regarded jazz fusion group from the 1970s led by Alain Mion and Alain Gandolfi. Trad Vibe has been diligently reissuing most of the project's seminal albums, and now they've gone one step further by unearthing some extra alternative takes and forgotten tracks which help complete the picture of this insanely talented group of players and composers. With the slick precision of session players they lay down groove after groove, with the tribute piece 'Stevie' being a particularly artful demonstration of their skill in fusing motifs from a whole host of Stevie Wonder classics.
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The Mood Mosaic 11: Feelin' Funky!Mood Mosaic Italy
The Mood Mosaic Eleven - Feelin' Funky! is a double album of hardcore funk jams from several different artists. It lasts over an hour in all and in that time you will not be able to sit down or draw for breath. It was originally released in 2007 but still remains relevant for funk lovers. All of these tunes are by the superheroes of the 70s from the rolling funk and big sax licks of the opener from African Music Machine via Tony Camillo's Bazuka's more deep cut and playful 'Dynomite' and plenty in between. For us, Wilmer & The Dudes wins not only for the artist's name but the vibrant, guitar-licked energy of the 'Get It' instrumental.
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Half Way ThereHot Biscuit Recordings
System Olympia's take on boogie, Italo and house is second to none, as she's ably proven on her Delta Of Venus album and more recent New Erotica Collection. Bringing a sex-positive sass to her own productions, her sound remains equally sensual as she takes on some edits for the Hot Biscuit crew. 'Half Way There' is a monster slice of electro funk with a Moog bassline you could sink your teeth into and that same dreamlike, nocturnal ambience found in System Olympia's own tunes. 'It Ain't Love' is a more rolling, house-oriented affair with some simmering, teasing loops pitched at the warm up end of the night.
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Dj Nature - Lost & Found Edits
Lost & Found EditsSmoke & Mirrors US
We're always here for DJ Nature's peerless approach to house music with all the Black roots intact, and that goes for his edits, too. It wasn't long ago he gifted us some next-level re-rubs on Versions (Part One) for Hot Biscuit, and now he's at it again with this four-track, double 12" package for Smoke & Mirrors. The Nature sound is in full effect, not least on the smouldering, daybreak haze of 'Walking In The Rain', while 'Nobu' does an incredible job of gently nudging Herbie Hancock's groundbreaking electronic jazz fusion down in pitch to make it fit a groovier, head-nodding context.
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Rahaan - The Wind
The WindTypewriter Record Pool
Newcastle-based Hot Biscuit Recordings unleashes a new offshoot, Typewriter Record Pool, with main label regular Rahaan at the controls. A-side 'Wind' sees the Chicagoan digger, DJ and scalpel fiend take on Christopher Cross's 1980 classic 'Ride Like The Wind', the soft rock legend's dalliance with synth-sporting AOR disco, extending it in all the right places while giving the track a slightly more floor-focused spin. Over on the reverse, 'Baby Baby Please' sees Rahaan stick a Windy City disco rocket under Thelma Houston's frequently overlooked, Clavinet-heavy cover of Philadelphia International favourite 'Don't Leave Me This Way'. Wisely, Rahaan constructs the track as a colossal builder, making great use of the more improvised and expressive parts of Houston's breathlessly brilliant vocal.
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