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Latest reviews

Best Of Native Soul Recordings Volume One (feat Asad Rizvi mix)Native Soul Recordings
Native Soul Recordings has been around a long old time in dance music terms and now it looks back over some of its finest works with this first in a new series of Best Of comps. Music writer Harold Heath is first up with 'Slipstream,' an effortless smooth late-night house cut with introspective chords and silky pads bringing real depth. The Candy Dealers get more lithe and elastic with the spraying bass and jumbled percussive house of 'Train Of Thought' and last of all, Asad Rizvi remixes Jevne's 'Moderize' with a funky little bassline and chord vamps that keep you on edge. A tasteful package of timeless house grooves.
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Life Miles20/20 Vision
Long-cherished underground stalwart Claus Voigtmann finally serves up his long-awaited new album Life Miles after many years of essential sounds on labels like Assemble and Intermission. He really shows his range here with a record that draws on his experiences of playing around the world in all sorts of different settings. 'Pinfire' and 'Transitory Moments' open up and take you to the heart of fabric, a club he has played so often, while 'North of the Sun' heads off into space on sleek electro rhythms while the likes of 'Abundance' bring cosmic melodic fun to a lively and inventive rhythm. Elsewhere there is the high-speed electro-funk of 'Flight Of Fancy' and the introspective downbeat trip 'Send Love To The Future' making this a varied and vital affair.
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Kiddy Castle / Numero 6 / Pierre Marty / Charonne - Les Choses Grasses EP
Les Choses Grasses EPVelvet Spirit France
Charonne are back with a third imprint on their Velvet Spirit imprint: 'Les Choses Grasses'. This time introducing both new and not so new French artists, all of whom operate in Berlin, we've got the likes of the very promising Numero 6 and his duo Kiddy Castle taking care of the A1 and A2, with filthy bass driven grooves and sexy vocals exemplifying their chops. Then come the live wizzard Pierre Marty with a domestic number with a unique groove, and whom even sings for the occasion, while Charonne closes out the EP with an ever-so-greasy bass and badboy vocal.
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Ri Edito Italiano - Volume 2
Volume 2Ri Edito Italiano
There is a ton of excellent disco edits dropping right now, and whether that is a fluke or because we all love to hear some big and life-affirming sounds when it comes to the Christmas party season we cannot be sure. This 12" from Ri Edito is a second volume from the in-house production team and it's a steamy one. 'Al Dancing' is full of sensuous whispered vocals and yacht rock cool, then 'Imprevedibile' rides another sunny beat with soaring strings. 'La Rosa' then keeps it funky and lavish thanks to more synth strings and gentle keys. 'Vaiaccaga' closes out with a weird vocal that is heavily filtered and sounds multi-lingual.
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Stereometrix - BRUTAZ 14
BRUTAZ 14Brutaz
Polish label Brutaz remains a vital portal into underground realms of experimental techno, this time offering up the many-sided Stereometrix with their debut EP. If 'Allligators' sets the tone as a minimal, dubby experiment comfortable shirking immediate dancefloor motion, don't be misled as 'Freezone' switches stance very quickly an emotive slice of electronica with cascading melodic lines spiralling around each other in spectacular formations. 'Plan - Future' keeps you guessing with a more direct 4/4 beat and a tendency towards shimmering, after hours tech house on the adventurous end of the spectrum. 'Phone Number' completes the EP in a more fractured framework, peppered with the liberal dub processing which binds the record together as a whole.
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Pleasure Dome - 15 Minutes In The Mix
15 Minutes In The MixPower Music Germany
Pleasure Dome's '15 Minutes In The Mix' is a seminal club release from back in 1993. It is from an alias of DJ Duke and features tow different versions of the same tune, but they sound very different. 'Pleasure Dome' (15 Minutes In The Mix) is a masterclass in deep rolling house with subtle chord vamps and occasional vocal sounds heightening the trip. It's one to build a vibe early doors. The flip side '8 Minutes Of Trance' is run through with surges of warm chord and rueful synths up top that have you gazing off into the distance. Classic stuff.
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Submorphics - Blastoff
BlastoffRosebay Music
Rosebay Music is a new label from Submoprhics that opens its account with a new offering from the boss himself. He is someone with a unique style that is built on 174 bpm British foundations but adds elements from the foundational and more contemporary US styles of his homeland, from Detroit house to Chicago footwork. This debut 12' shows that to be the case again with 'Blastoff' bringing a lively juke-inspired rhythm with silky synths and nice lush chords. 'Cinerama' is another smooth roller, this time with spine-tingling female vocals.
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Take A ChanceDiscoring Recordings
Mr Flagio's 'Take A Chance' is, without doubt, one of the greatest Italo-disco records ever made. Finding copies used to be a bit of a mission, but in recent years we've been treated to numerous useful reissues. This 12" is actually a reissue of a 2015 reissue that pairs the Italian duo's 1983 vocal and instrumental versions - all bubbly, arpeggio-style synth lines, rushing chorus vocals, clipped guitar licks and rubbery bass guitar - with two 21st century rubs by Italoconnection. They deliver a'Re-Edit' in which the original groove comes smothered in tactile, glassy-eyed synth sounds of the sort we most associate with Pet Shop Boys' Chris Lowe and a tougher, darker, more hyonotic 'Rework' that subtly brings the track bang up to date.
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