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Borshch Issue 2: On & Beyond The Dance Floor
Cat: 789586 Rel: 11 Sep 20
Featuring Gudrun Gut, Steffi, Perc, Rodhad, Loke Rahbek and more!
Notes: Borshch 2 discovers precious history lessons on the emergence of electronic music with Gudrun Gut, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and Species of Fishes. The issue features ????’s newcomer Volruptus as well as techno titans Steffi, Perc, and Rødhåd. Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation reveals the story of the punk and noise scene in Copenhagen. The organisers of Berlin Atonal and Varg as the festival’s a guest curator speak about the programming of Berlin’s significant experimental playground. An insider view sheds light on the gradual development of electronic music culture in Kyiv, with presidents and revolutions aside.
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Borshch Issue 4: Sound Mind
Cat: 789584 Rel: 11 Sep 20
Featuring Aisha Devi, Object Blue, Jass, Marie Davidson and more.
Notes: In the pursuit of a sound mind, Borshch 4 explores the power of music to reach the darkest corners of the psyche and drive out an unquiet spirit. Aisha Devi, Object Blue, and Jasss experience the healing capabilities of music and its potential to purge, transform, and enlighten. Marie Davidson confesses about obsessive and destructive behaviors and the role of music in her process. Prequel Tapes reveals a new musical identity after physical trauma. Bergsonist creates sonic weapons to soothe anxieties, while Iron Sight uses distorted sounds as armor for a sensitive nature.
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Borshch Issue 5: Dark Side
Cat: 789583 Rel: 11 Sep 20
Featuring Deena Abdelwahed, Lucrecia Dalt, Alessandro Adriani and more.
Notes: In sweaty basements and concrete cathedrals, we enter the darkness. We challenge our senses with obscure electronic music and unsettling environments to feel comfortable with our discomfort. Animistic Beliefs, Deena Abdelwahed, Rrose, Lucrecia Dalt, Klein, Alessandro Adriani, and Ziur commit to neither darkness nor light. In the democratic culture of shadows embodied in DIY studios and on stuffy dancefloors, these musicians experiment with our dark sides. In their process, sins, injustice, and disquiet are as human and real as pleasures and joy. Think of entering the dark as an act of coming home, to the cave where the primary source of life is hidden.

Borshch is a magazine for electronic music on and beyond the dancefloor.
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Borshch Issue 6: Coming Home
Borshch Issue 6: Coming Home (magazine (comes in different covers, cannot guarantee which cover you will receive))
Cat: 789580 Rel: 11 Sep 20
Featuring Lanark Artefax, Lyra Pramuk, Hiro Kone, Bill Kouligas, Amnesia Scanner, Helena Hauff and more.
Notes: Lately, everything's been weird. The feeling of vulnerability, fragmentation of time, space and memory, lack of solid ground. It's time to listen, improvise, and feel again. For many musicians, it's also been time to return to where they started, come back home, and remember what mattered before they grew up. In our conversations, Lanark Artefax, Lyra Pramuk, Nazar, Hiro Kone, Bill Kouligas, Amnesia Scanner, Farwarmth, Helena Hauff, and Racine review pieces and bits of their memories, values, and intentions with creating music. When you return to where you started and remember the days when the world was big, and you were small, and nothing was impossible, you begin to play again. You free and protect your inner child. You are at home.

The 'coming home' issue is a tribute to many musicians' fragile state of mind in recent months. Conversations with lanark artefax, lyra pramuk, hiro kone, bill kouligas, amnesia scanner, and helena hauff took place in the middle of the lockdown. it felt like an inward slowdown helped each of them stay hopeful and dreamy when everything was coming to pieces, and old structures wouldn't work anymore.

Borshch is a magazine for electronic music on and beyond the dancefloor. founded in berlin in 2017 by mariana berezovska and tiago biscaia, it's a space to provoke open dialogues and challenge established ideas about making, listening, and dancing to music. through physical and digital formats, borshch discusses the artistic, social, and political impact of electronic music on contemporary culture in and outside the club settings. the print edition of the magazine is published biannually.

Please note: magazine cover varies and particular cover cannot not be specified for order.

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Chips & Beer 10
Chips & Beer 10 (magazine)
Cat: 796454 Rel: 02 Nov 20
 1 in stock $11.59
Cicada Songs
Cicada Songs (zine + USB stick)
Cat: 762910 Rel: 27 Jan 20
zine + USB stick
Notes: Eight-track compilation in AIFF and 320 MP3 on a metal USB stick, with an accompanying A5 full-colour zine. Zine is also included as a pdf on the USB stick.

The zine features an interview from Discwoman's Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, writing on off-Facebook event organizing from Adwoa Afful, a beautiful cover from collage artist Fenna Fiction, and a guide to recognizing opioid overdoses and administering Naloxone from Liz Singh and Sara Martin in Toronto. It also features a comic from Finnish artist @juicycomics and a poem from Wafa Ktaech.
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Discreet Music Mag #2
Discreet Music Mag #2 (A5 magazine)
Cat: 855563 Rel: 26 Nov 21
A5 magazine featuring Greymouth, Jon Collin and more
Notes: Second issue of Discreet Music Mag, featuring interviews with Greymouth and Jon Collin and a long piece on IDDB 001-044. Full colour, written in English.

Discreet Music, 2021
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Enthusiasms Issue #02
Cat: 836480 Rel: 28 Jul 21
88 pages, 210mm x 160mm, full colour, perfect bound magazine
Notes: Issue #02 of Enthusiasms, Efficient Space's annual publication, further maps the label's extended universe of contributors and influences across 88 full-colour pages of offline content, featuring extensive conversations with like-minded duos CS + Kreme and Blazer Sound Sys-tem, Melbourne minimal composer Ros Bandt, the master of paranoia-inducing electronics Richard H Kirk and Tel Aviv-based Isophonic musician Roland P. Young. Rarely seen pictori-al spreads find Yolngu cultural warrior and Waak Waak Djungi songman Bobby Bununggurr sharing stories behind his traditional paintings and On-U Sound's dream team of misfits viewed through the lens of label co-founder and in-house photographer Kishi Yamamoto, alongside the collaborative art of Joshua Petherick and Midnite/3AM Spares compiler Lewis Fidock. The publication's fantasy mixtapes also continue with playlists from YL Hooi, Julien Dechery and David Pinhas, Time Is Away, Grace Ferguson and Ivan Liechti. Perfect bound and designed, as always, by Steele Bonus.
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IDJ Magazine February 2010: Issue 122 (feat Riva Starr, Bassnectar, Groove Armada, Elite Force, Circus Company, Nufunk, Delphic, Tim Sheridan, Freaks, William Orbit, Pete Tong + more)
Cat: 383953 Rel: 19 Feb 10
Issue 122, featuring Riva Starr, Bassnectar, Groove Armada, Elite Force, Circus Company, Nufunk, Delphic, Tim Sheridan, Freaks, William Orbit, Pete Tong and more.
 1 in stock $4.36
Knowledge Magazine 25 Year Anniversary
Cat: 762973 Rel: 11 Mar 20
hard-back book
Notes: From 1994 - 2014 Knowledge magazine was the essential destination for the latest drum & bass news and features. Whether it was the latest output from Critical, interviews with Ram artists or the latest mix by Hospital Records, there's no denying the impact it had on the drum & bass scene.

Now Knowledge has returned with a special one-off book celebrating their 25th anniversary. There have been some special issues in the past but this is the biggest and best Knowledge ever.
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Love Injection Fanzine 58
Cat: 808971 Rel: 14 May 21
Paperback 28-page fanzine
Notes: 8 x 11" high quality color printing, 28 pages.

Participating contributors and artists include Barbie Bertisch, Guarionex Rodriguez Jr, Jeff Mao, Kim Lightfoot, Luke Jenner, Miranda Levingston, Mike Bloom, Nathaniel Jay, Raz Mesinai, Toshi Moriguci (DJ Monchan), Turtle Bugg, Voluminous Arts, Yuki Noji. Designed by Paul Raffaele.

Issue 58 Features:
- Cedar Room Forever: Q&A with DJ Monchan & Yuki Noji by Barbie Bertisch and Paul Raffaele, an introduction by Jeff Mao and photos by Guarionex Jr at A1 Records
- Q&A with Kim Lightfoot by Paul Raffaele
- Q&A with Raz Mesinai by Mike Bloom
- "discotech" by Miranda Levingston for Donna Summer's "I Feel Love"
- A Morris Thang by Turtle Bugg
- Love Notes From A Displaced New Yorker by Nathaniel Jay
- Ask Luke Anything by Luke Jenner
- Bandcamp Charts September 2020
- "Spaces & Places: Updates" by Love Injection Staff
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Love Injection Fanzine 62
Cat: 849141
Paperback 24-page magazine
Notes: 8 x 11" black and white printing with 4C color front and back covers, 24 pages. Edition of 3,000.

Participating contributors and artists include Alice Demoete, Barbie Bertisch, Cesar Toribio, Chris Cerny, Danny Akalepse, Kristin Malossi aka DJ Voices, Nathaniel Jay, Piotr Orlov, R.A. Lisner, Love On The Run. Designed by Paul Raffaele. Cover by Guarionex Rodriguez Jr.

This is a split cover issue, this product features Cesar Toribio photographed by Guarionex Rodriguez Jr. on the cover.

Issue 62 Features:
- Q&A with DJ Voices by Barbie Bertisch
- Q&A with Cesar Toribio by Piotr Orlov
- Q&A with Danny Akalepse by Love On The Run
- "After Dark" for Left Bank Books by R.A. Lisner
- Q&A with IRL Gallery by Barbie Bertisch
- Bandcamp Charts June 2021
- Love Notes From A Displaced New Yorker by Nathaniel Jay
- "Spaces & Places: Re-opening" by Love Injection Staff
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Maggot Brain Magazine #2
Cat: 769623 Rel: 13 Mar 20
Notes: COVER FEATURE is a three-parter on MOONDOG.
Phone interview with him from 1998, some amazing never-before-seen-images, and crucially this series of archival interviews from 1953.

The singer-songwriter / La Luz leader's hand-written/illustrated tour diary chronicles a European tour with her own newborn baby, and it's really unlike anything you've seen or read before.

On tour supporting 'Bug,' the immense DINOSAUR JR'S laconic wall of sound helped to start a riot at their show in a Florida university hall. Thankfully Kevin Arrow was there with slide film in his camera to capture the event. These images have never been seen before.
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Maggot Brain Magazine #3
Cat: 808067 Rel: 26 Jan 21
 1 in stock $14.35
Maggot Brain Magazine #4
Cat: 817400 Rel: 19 Mar 21
feat Sun Ra Istanbul 1990, Kathy Leisen, Blue Oyster Cult, Pharoah Sanders, Patricia Brennan, The Fall & much more!
Notes: Issue 4: March/April/May 2021
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Maggot Brain Magazine #5
Cat: 831220 Rel: 23 Jun 21
132 pages of music, mayhem, art & obsession
Notes: Maggot Brain is a full-colour, quarterly magazine edited by noted Detroit scribe Mike McGonigal: 100+ pages packed with phenomenal content - art, music, literature, unpublished archival material, and more - with a simple promise to only exist on the printed page. Cover story: Why feminist punk pioneers the Raincoats still matter.

Unseen, amazing photos of AC/DC from their first US tour in 1977.

Celebrated indie auteur filmmaker Jim Jarmusch's playful newspaper collages -- great interview plus lots of never before seen images!

Brilliant Americana guitarists Marisa Anderson and William Tyler on their debut collaboration.

Composer Terry Riley and percussionist Hamid Drake on the importance of husband and wife spiritual jazzers Moki and Don Cherry.

14 pages of rare comics by Pee Wee's Playhouse designer Gary Panter -- Jimbo goes to jail!

Mike Turner talks
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Mixmag Magazine: Issue 246 November 2011 (incl. free Maya Jane Cole mix CD)
Cat: 445314 Rel: 13 Jan 12
feat Joris Voorn, Dancehall, DJ Mehdi Rip, Las Vegas, Jesse Rose, music album reviews & more
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Neural #65: Redirecting Networks
Cat: 789526 Rel: 07 Sep 20
Featuring interviews with Kyriaki Goni, Tiziana Terranova, Roel Roscam Abbing and Dennis De Bel, Tim Shaw & more!
Notes: Co-editor: Rachel O'Dwyer; interviews with Kyriaki Goni, Tiziana Terranova, Roel Roscam Abbing and Dennis De Bel, Tim Shaw, Surya Mattu; Dreaming otherwise: the past and future of community wireless networks; We Organise You Music, So You Don't Have To; reports: FAEN 2019, Mud Muses, Nam June Paik exhibition...

Neural is a printed magazine dealing with new media art, with a peculiar attention to the networked and conceptual use of technology in art (the so-called net.art), hacktivism, or activism using electronic media to express itself, and electronic music, investigating how the technology is involved in music production, consumption and experimentation.

Neural was founded in 1993 by Alessandro Ludovico and Minus Habens Records label owner Ivan Iusco in Bari (Italy). The magazine's mission is to be a magazine of ideas, becoming a node in a larger network of digital culture publishers. The magazine is also committed to give its topics a proper visual frame: focusing on graphic design and how it could have expressed the electronic culture in a sort of printed "interface", exploiting at the same time the "sensorial" possibilities of the printed page.
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On The Potential Of Limited Order by Marc Schwegler
Cat: 779172 Rel: 03 Aug 20
On the Potential of Limited Order is the English translation of an essay written by former zweikommasieben editor Marc Schwegler
Notes: The original German text, written as a companion piece to Andrea Taeggi's album Nomeri-Tere now appears in an English translation by N. Cyril Fischer and a completely re-worked design by Dorothee Dahler and Kaj Lehmann.

On the Potential Of Limited Order begins with a consideration of the conceptual framework for Nomeri-Tere.

Schwegler then reflects on current tendencies in music and sound art concerned with romanticizing the selfexpression of a constructed Other, both of objects and sound itself. In a tour de force through the history of modern Western thought, the essay draws from structuralism and phenomenology to argue for a strictly antiessentialist ontology of sound.

Riso-printed magazine, hand-bound with white thread
- 20 pages
- Size: 105 x 297 mm
- Edition of 100
- Includes a link to the digital version Andrea Taeggi's Nomeri-Tere
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Pursuance: We Jazz Magazine Issue #2
Cat: 850973 Rel: 10 Dec 21
174 x 250mm magazine printed on 140g Edixion paper with laminated 300g Invercote covers
Notes: This is the second issue of the new We Jazz Magazine, 128 pages 174 x 250 mm in size and printed on 140g Edixion paper with laminated 300g Invercote covers. All articles presented in English. Includes inspiring stories on music including John Coltrane by Ashley Kahn, Irreversible Entanglements by Daniel Spicer, Ben Lamar Gay by Stewart Smith, Linda Fredriksson by Arttu Tolonen, Marshall Allen by David Mittleman, French Caribbean Music by Markus Karlqvist, Pablo Held by HT Nuotio, record reviews, book reviews, plus more. This is a magazine put together by a quality cast of writers and illustrators/photographers with references such as The Wire, The Quietus, Pitchfork, Jazzwise, etc.
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Record Culture Magazine Issue 9
Cat: 844466 Rel: 27 Sep 21
212 pages/perfect bound/softcover magazine
Notes: Featuring Bradley Zero, Se´bastien Tellier, Yu Su, Gerd Janson, June Jones, The Twilite Tone, Eug, Vanessa Worm, Ana Roxanne, Oskar Mann, and the Beats in Space visual feature, Postcards Through Time and Space
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Shindig! Issue 105
Shindig! Issue 105 (equipment)
Cat: 784083 Rel: 02 Oct 20
 2 in stock $9.12
Shindig! Issue 106
Cat: 787082 Rel: 11 Aug 20
Notes: Shindig! issue no. 106 contains features on Marsha Hunt, Marc Bolan, The Cyrkle, Fanny, Shirley Collins, Spirit, Brian Protheroe, El Goodo, Colorama, Little Richard, Kit Sebastian and Green Seagull. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on.
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 1 in stock $8.56
Shindig! Issue 108
Cat: 796615 Rel: 06 Nov 20
A4 magazine
Notes: Shindig! 108 features Todd Rundgren on the cover with an article chronicling his fascinating career in the 1970s as an in-demand producer and solo artist.

Other features/reviews include Third Ear Band, Dory Previn and Bobbie Gentry.
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 1 in stock $6.61
Shindig! Issue 110
Cat: 804338 Rel: 15 Jan 21
A4 magazine
Notes: Shindig! issue no. 110 contains features on King Crimson, Pretty Things' 'Parachute' at 50, Beachwood Sparks, Camille Yarbrough, Rab Noakes, Joey Molland, Kelley Stoltz, America, Beautify Junkyards and Anthony Moore. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on.
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 1 in stock $6.61
Shindig! Issue 120
Cat: 850269
Featuring Pink Floyd, Andy Partridge, Dion, The Freshmen, Fania Records, Gypsy, Clinic and more
Notes: Shindig! issue no. 120 contains features on Pink Floyd, Andy Partridge, Dion, The Freshmen, Fania Records, Gypsy, Clinic, Shelby Singleton, Herbie Greene, Howlin' Rain, Nolan Potter, Rudy Ray Moore etc. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on.
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coming soon TBA
Shindig! Issue 97
Cat: 754843 Rel: 07 Nov 19
Feat David Bowie, Gene Clark, Guided By Voices, Hawkwind & more!
 1 in stock $8.56
Shindig! Issue 98
Cat: 758190 Rel: 05 Dec 19
Feat White Noise, Isobel Campbell, The Byrds, The Band & more!
Notes: Shindig! issue no. 98 contains features on the year 1969, White Noise, Isobel Campbell, The Jay Vons, The Byrds, The Band, Fleur and more. Of course you also get the usual sections such as Shindiggin', What's Hot On The Shindig! Turntable, Thoughts & Words, Letters And Emails, It's A Happening Thing, and so on.
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 1 in stock $8.56
Ugly Things Magazine Issue #57
Cat: 841492 Rel: 12 Aug 21
Featuring Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, The Doors, The Panthers, Kenne Highland, Sandy Bull & more
Notes: British '60s psychedelic underground heroes Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera are the subject of an epic feature unwrapping their outrageous story in hilarious and hair-raising detail. The 50th anniversary of Jim Morrison's death is marked with a cover story on the Doors, including unpublished interviews with band members and associates and rare photos. Also: we turn the spotlight on Swedish R&beat group the Panthers, Dallas soul legend Bobby Patterson, Chicago '60s teen garage band Crees Four, proto-punk cult rocker Kenne Highland, and British beat (and pre-beat) outfit the Roulettes. Lenny Kaye celebrates the music of Sandy Bull, and Phil Milstein investigates the strange universe of Song-Poem music. As always you can count on our celebrated review sections, covering all the latest music reissues and rock 'n' roll-related books.
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 2 in stock $11.31
Volume! No. 16-2, La Voix Pop: Nouveaux Outils, Nouvelles Approches Analytiques
Cat: 784365 Rel: 23 Jul 20
This double issue explores new analytical methods to characterize the pop voice in its singularities
Notes: Volume! The French journal of popular music studies is the only peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of contemporary popular music.

It is published biannually by the Editions Melanie Seteun, a publishing association specialized in popular music. The journal is in French with some non-translated articles in English.

Volume! was established in 2002 under the title Copyright Volume! by Gerome Guibert, Marie-Pierre Bonniol and Samuel Etienne, and obtained its current name in 2008.
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 1 in stock $39.73
Wire Magazine: August 2021 Issue #450
Cat: 837022 Rel: 14 Jul 21
Notes: On the cover: Aaron Dilloway: The US noise artist and Wolf Eyes co-founder talks to Emily Pothast about a career of horror and transformation. Plus, Robin The Fog takes a look at tape alchemy in the computer age. Plus: Katalin Ladik: Born in the former Yugoslavia, the uncategorisable experimentalist's multi-decade career has taken in confrontational performance pieces, electroacoustic collage, vocal exploration, and more. By Louise Gray. Jana Rush: The Chicago house and footwork veteran engages with the history of jazz on her soulful new album for Planet Mu. By Joe Muggs. Invisible Jukebox: Wei Wei × Li Jianhong: The laptop and guitar duo improvise their way through a mystery record selection. Tested by each other. Also inside this issue: Mabe Fratti; Hualun; Andrew Mbaruk; Sunik Kim; Global Ear from the southwestern Russian city of Kazan; Unlimited Editions purge.xxx; Unofficial Channels Blast Radio; The Inner Sleeve chosen by SH Fernando Jr; Epiphanies by Andrew Green and Eddie Otchere; hundreds of reviews and much more.
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 1 in stock $6.57
Wire Magazine: December 2020 Issue #442
Cat: 798187 Rel: 12 Nov 20
Notes: Veteran Canadian metal experimentalists Voivod talk to Joseph Stannard about sci-fi theories, channelling Crimson, Floyd and Foetus, and working with brass on their recent The End Of Dormancy EP; pathbreaking pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn tells Peter Margasak about her latest quintet with Mary Halvorson and others; London rooted Japanese duo Keiko Yamamoto and Rie Nakajima aka O YAMA O take the Invisible Jukebox test, and much more TBA!
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 2 in stock $6.57
Wire Magazine: December 2021 Issue #454
Cat: 854632 Rel: 15 Nov 21
Featuring: Laraaji, Olivia Block, Jun Togawa, Giant Swan, Kay Logan, Max Syedtollan, Cath Roberts, BlackFace Family and more
Notes: Inside this issue:

On the cover: Laraaji: The former stand-up comedian and street performer transforms mirth into meditative healing music. By Emily Pothast. Plus, Alan Courtis on the power of laughter, and Greg Davis on six wellbeing albums

Olivia Block: With her recent releases for Longform Editions and Room40, the US composer takes varied approaches to music-making, from painstaking perfectionism to pscilocybin experimentation. By Bill Meyer

Jun Togawa: As her back catalogue undergoes extensive reissue, the Japanese performance pop provocateur looks back on her subversive career. By James Hadfield

Invisible Jukebox: Giant Swan: Waterfowl development as the Bristol dance duo subject each other to a mystery record selection

Unlimited Editions: Akuphone

Unofficial Channels: Wearable instruments

Kay Logan: The Glasgow based sonic occultist summons the city's shadow self. By Abi Bliss

Max Syedtollan: Aleatoric prog moves from the autodidact UK composer. By Stewart Smith

Cath Roberts: Chance encounters with the London based saxophonist. By Dan Spicer

BlackFace Family: Auto-Tuned social commentary and pan-African rhythms from the Malawian outfit. By Antonio Poscic

Global Ear: It's a bard life in the Central Asian deserts of Karakalpakstan. By Nick Hobbs

The Inner Sleeve: Marina Rosenfeld on Joan Jonas's Vertical Roll

Epiphanies: Abdullah Ibrahim takes inspiration from a day at the races

Print Run: New music books: Malaria! and friends, Wu-Tang Clan, Genesis P-Orridge, Warren Ellis, Arvo Part, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Todd Haynes's The Velvet Underground, Bill Benz's The Nowhere Inn

On Location: Recent live events and streams: Keith Tippett: A Celebration, Festival Iminente, Yarmonics, Unsound, Lunchmeat, and more

On Site: Recent art shows: Ulysses Jenkins's Without Your Interpretation, Angelica Mesiti's In The Round

Soundcheck: 266sx, Alarm Will Sound & Tyshawn Sorey, Artifacts, Atrae Bilis, Autumns, Olivia Block, Body/Dilloway/Head, Albert Bouchard, Brontis, Kyle Bruckmann, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, Charred, Ben Chasny, Douglas J Cuomo, Cynic, Richard Dawson & Circle, Deviant Process, ESP Summer, Zack Fox, Annie Gardiner, Ben LaMar Gay, Robert Gorl & DAF, Charlotte Greve, Helm, Herbert, Michael Hurley, Ilitch, Interesting Times Gang, Klein, Mikado Koko, Kowloon Walled City, Lonely Guest, Norman W Long, Lotic, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Jucara Marcal, Mephisto Halabi, MMM, Mzylkypop, Mankwe Ndosi & Body MemOri, New Age Doom & Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Daniel O'Sullivan, O YAMA O, Perila, Lovetta Pippen, Nolan Potter, Princess Diana Of Wales, Penny Rimbaud & Youth, Saint Abdullah, Philip Samartzis & Eugene Ughetti, Patrick Shiroishi, SIMM, Tyshawn Sorey & King Britt, Spectacular Diagnostics, Springtime, Suss, Elan Tamara, Tirzah, Amon Tobin, Martina Topley-Bird, Daniel Wyche, Youth

The Boomerang: Miles Davis, Faust, Lost Trail, Leo Nocentelli, Paul Schutze, SND, Joseph Spence, Various Ostgut Ton Funfzehn + 1, Various The Paths Of Pain: The CAIFE label, Quito, 1960-68, Various Tresor 30
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Wire Magazine: February 2021 Issue #444
Cat: 809666 Rel: 14 Jan 21
 2 in stock $6.90
Wire Magazine: January 2022 Issue #455
Cat: 856265 Rel: 10 Dec 21
coming soon $6.61
Wire Magazine: July 2021 Issue #449
Cat: 832538 Rel: 09 Jun 21
Features Pamela Z, J Mascis, Scorn, Olev Muska, Mick Harris, We All Break, Sam Dunscombe, Wouter Van Veldhoven, John Oswald, Matthew Shipp, Danny Elfman, Jeanne Lee, Equiknoxx, Pablo Picco & more
Notes: Radio Activity: The growth of internet radio through the 2010s and the pandemic conditions of the last year have created an explosion of music on air. From the US to China, Palestine to Central Europe, South America to Africa, our global survey tracks online, FM and other radio developments. Plus a 100-strong directory of essential stations, sites and broadcasters.

Plus: Pamela Z: Born in Buffalo, New York, the radio DJ, vocalist and composer has carved out a rich and compelling career, characterised by its innovative use of technology and engaging humour. By Emily Pothast.

Invisible Jukebox: J Mascis: Will the Dinosaur Jr guitarist and vocalist find himself "Kracked" by The Wire's mystery record selection? Tested by Sunburned Hand Of The Man's John Moloney and Rob Thomas.

Sam Dunscombe: The Australian field recordist remixes the Californian desert via discarded ephemera. By Abi Bliss

We All Break: Percussionists Daniel Brevil and Ches Smith run the Vodou down. By Stewart Smith

Olev Muska: Into the archives of the Estonian-Australian folk synthesist. By Joshua Minsoo Kim

Mick Harris & Scorn: Heavy manners from the blastbeater turned bass explorer. By Phil Freeman

Unlimited Editions: Zoomin' Night

Unofficial Channels: Wouter Van Veldhoven

Global Ear: The American Composers Forum meets the challenges of the present with an eye to the future. By Vanessa Rose, Dameun Strange & Amanda Cook

The Inner Sleeve: John Oswald on a Command Records inner sleeve

Epiphanies: Matthew Shipp recalls the good example set by a straight edged William Parker

Print Run: New music books: Radio 1, Nadia Boulanger's world, Chinese sound art, journeys with The Orb, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Paul Bishow & James June Schneider's Punk The Capital; Ele'onore Huisse & Francaois J Bonnet's E'chos

On Site: Recent art shows: Ray Lee's Points Of Departure; Jo Thomas's Massive Angels

On Location: Recent live events and streams: Blacktronika, Tusk TV, Rewire, Counterflows At Home, Laurie Anderson & Jason Moran, and more

Soundcheck: Tony Allen, Avant Joik, Bardo Todol Y Sus Aves Sin Nido, Bo Ningen, Victoria Bourne & Walt Shaw, Gerald Cleaver, Croatian Amor & Varg², Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt, David Dove & Jawwaad Taylor, Danny Elfman, Etherwink & Larwott, Foodman, Mabe Fratti, Gamardah Fungus, Gavsborg, Giant Claw, Gosheven, Joel Harrison, Rip Hayman, Hprizm, Hualun, Vijay Iyer, Loraine James, Jubileum Quartet, Joelle Leandre & Pascal Contet, Joelle Leandre/Myra Melford/Lauren Newton, Kemper Norton, Angelique Kidjo, Giovanni Lami/Hannibal Chew III/Bardo Todol, Shanique Marie, Kevin Richard Martin, Mind Maintenance, Muriscia Divinorum/Pablo Picco/Aphra Cadabra, Natural Information Society with Evan Parker, Jason Nazary, Perila, Pablo Picco, Pablo Picco/Anne F Jacques, Anthony Pirog, Lee Ranaldo/Jim Jarmusch/Marc Urselli/Balazs Pandi, Keith Rowe, The Same, Satomimagae, Seccion De Ritmo, Six Organs Of Admittance, Wadada Leo Smith, Wadada Leo Smith with Milford Graves & Bill Laswell, Steven R Smith, Spellling, Three-Layer Cake, Time Cow & Giark, Vanessa Amara, Raed Yassin, Yat-Kha, Various Cold Wave #1, Various Mendacity Mogul

The Boomerang: 4Hero, Tim Buckley, Cornelius Cardew/The Montreal Scratch Orchestra, DMX Krew, Engine Kid, Gnod, Goldie, Michael Gregory Jackson, Jeanne Lee, The Master Musicians Of Joujouka, My Bloody Valentine, Kristin Oppenheim, Reagenz, Seefeel, Spike In Vain,"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Hector Zazou
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Wire Magazine: March 2019 Issue #421
Cat: 719581 Rel: 06 Feb 19
Feat Stephen Malkmus, Fashion Records, Jose Maceda, Annea Lockwood & more!
 1 in stock $5.80
Wire Magazine: March 2020 Issue #433
Cat: 764212 Rel: 13 Feb 20
Notes: On the cover: Cinema For The Ears: The innovations of contemporary electronic and experimental music are increasingly informing the sound of modern cinema - Oneohtrix Point Never, Fatima Al Qadiri, Bobby Krlic and Colin Stetson discuss their involvement in this audiovisual evolution. By Dan Barrow, Abi Bliss, Lara C Cory and Steph Kretowicz. Also inside this issue: Resetting The Rhythm: Percussionists Eli Keszler, Tim Barnes, Will Guthrie and Claire Rousay are drumming up new worlds of possibility. By Joshua Minsoo Kim. Yeah You: Daughter-father duo Elvin Brandhi and Gustav Thomas demonstrate the eternal power of the rant via their ramshackle lo-fi assemblages. By Tristan Bath. Invisible Jukebox with Seb Rochford, Global Ear in Maputo, an Epiphany by Jeff Mills, Inner Sleeve chosen by Elaine Mitchener. Plus: Nappy Nina, John T Gast, Sightless Pit, Dali de Saint Paul, 35 pages of reviews and much more.
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Wire Magazine: March 2021 Issue #445
Cat: 812014 Rel: 11 Feb 21
 1 in stock $6.61
Wire Magazine: November 2019 Issue #429 + The Wire Tapper 51 Unmixed CD
Cat: 749135 Rel: 07 Oct 19
Feat Kevin Martin + Stephen O'Malley, Joelle Leandre, Hanna Hartman, Jaimie Branch & more!
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Wire Magazine: October 2021 Issue #452
Cat: 845412 Rel: 20 Sep 21
Issue features: Faust, Mary Lou Williams, Ellen Fullman, Theresa Wong, ID M Theft Able, Thomas Koner, They Hate Change
Notes: Inside this issue:

Faust: On the eve of a new box set chronicling their 1970s music, the German band's members and crew discuss their contrarian art of falling apart that has kept them going over 50 years. By Daniel Spicer. Plus, a survey of Faust's often equally fractious contemporaries including: Amon Duul: A Bavarian psychedelic legacy. By Edwin Pouncey. Klaus Dinger: La Dusseldorf and other Neu! adventures. By David Elliott. Dieter Moebius: Clusters of collaboration. By Matt Krefting

Mary Lou Williams: Taking in vaudeville, bebop, gospel-inflected hard bop, free jazz and beyond, the late composer's career is littered with gems of a prescient modernity. By Alexander Hawkins

Invisible Jukebox: Theresa Wong × Ellen Fullman: The Bay Area experimental musicians tackle a mystery record selection. Tested by each other

They Hate Change: Florida duo Tampa with rap's DNA. By Neil Kulkarni

id m theft able: Water palaver for the improvising tuba player. By Joe Murray

More Eaze: Suburban collage from the Texas based composer. By Antonio Poscic

Siksa: Polish duo confront oppression. By Milos Hroch

Unlimited Editions: C/Site Recordings

Unofficial Channels: Song Work

Global Ear: New York's TIME:SPANS festival revives the intimacy of live sound

The Inner Sleeve: Carlos Casas on a Batavia gasometer pressure gauge plate

Epiphanies: Thomas Koner recalls formative vibrations

Print Run: New music books: sound art and climate change, a Deep South punkhouse, John Lurie's memoirs, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Great Noises That Fill The Air: Music, Poetry And Performance On Film; What Is Man And What Is Guitar?: Keith Rowe

On Location: Recent festivals, live events and streams: Alligator: Go!, Jazz Em Agosto, Bang On A Can Loud Weekend, Charlemagne Palestine, and more

On Site: Recent art shows: Ilia Rogatchevski & Laura Rogatchevskaia's Echo Chamber; Sonambiente

Soundcheck: Eivind Aarset 4tet, Ashtray Navigations, Black Meteoric Star, Black Tempel Pyramid, Buck Gooter, John Cage, Purbayan Chatterjee, Cronies, Curved Light, Angel Bat Dawid, Domingae, e & H, Amir Elsaffar, Rivers Of Sound Orchestra, Alister Fawnwoda/Suzanne Ciani/Greg Leisz, Les Filles De Illighadad, Kristen Gallerneaux, Lee Gamble, Alexander Garsden, Geoff Kevin, Daniel Goode, Grouper, Gudrun Gut & Mabe Fratti, Will Guthrie, Will Guthrie & James Rushford, HTRK, Injury Reserve, Jerusalem In My Heart, Ka, Ryosuke Kiyasu & Watts, Hiro Kone, Annea Lockwood, Brandon Lopez Trio, Nathaniel Mackey & The Creaking Breeze Ensemble, Madam Data, Melvins, Native Soul, Phill Niblock, Bill Orcutt, Enno Poppe & Wolfgang Heiniger, Razen, Paul Rooney, James Rushford, Sone Institute, Sparks, The Specials, Tim Story, Henry Threadgill Zooid, Viktor Timofeev, Yves Tumor, William Tyler & Marisa Anderson, William Tyler & Luke Schneider, Vangelis, Vanishing Twin, XT, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Pamela Z, Various The Harmonic Series II, Various Nanocluster Vol 1, Various New Horizons: Young Stars Of South African Jazz, Various New Horizons: Young Stars Of South African Jazz Vol 2, Various Screensavers Vol 1

The Boomerang: Bardo Pond, Baligh Hamdi, Nikki Giovanni, Joe Harriott, Joelle Leandre/Pauline Oliveros/George Lewis, Costin Miereanu, David Tudor, Nico, Van Der Graaf Generator, Alan Vega, Various An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World Part 2, Various Eins Und Zwei Und Drei Und Vier: Deutsche Experimentelle Pop-Musik 1980-86
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Wire Magazine: September 2019 Issue #427
Cat: 741036 Rel: 06 Aug 19
Feat Excess All Areas, Daniel Blumberg, Gilles Peterson & more!
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Wire Magazine: September 2020 Issue #439
Cat: 786362 Rel: 14 Aug 20
Issue features Mourning [A] BLKstar, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Lao Dan, Bunita Marcus & many more!
Notes: Inside this issue:

Mourning [A] BLKstar: The prolific Cleveland, Ohio ensemble speak to the power of community with a continually evolving amalgam of soul, funk, blues and jazz. By Neil Kulkarni

Beverly Glenn-Copeland: The resurgent Philadelphia born singer-songwriter's new age folk-pop promotes compassion and kindness in defiance of harsh reality. By Joshua Minsoo Kim

Lao Dan: The Chinese multi-instrumentalist blends formal training with strategies of unlearning to create stark and physically demanding works. By Josh Feola

Bunita Marcus: The post-minimalist composer and conductor quietly reclaims the spotlight. By Louise Gray

Invisible Jukebox: Marcia Bassett × Samara Lubelski: New York psych/folk/noise lifers experience both sides of The Wire's mystery record selection

Unlimited Editions: Anomia

Unofficial Channels: CHEWn!

Theresa Wong: The rulebreaking cellist gets sensitive. By Julian Cowley

No Home: London bedroom punk artfully bemoans the rat race. By Stephanie Phillips

Alan Braufman: Second wind for the New York saxophonist. By Philip Clark

Eve Maret: Electronic therapy, Eno homages and community soundcraft from the Nashville synthesist. By Emily Bick

Global Ear: Our regular column continues to report on music in the time of pandemic. This month: record shop survivalism in Leeds and clubbing compilations in Lisbon

The Inner Sleeve: East Man on Play For Today: Destiny

Epiphanies: A teacher's mixtape reveals other aspects of Eric Dolphy to Harald Kisiedu
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Wire Magazine: September 2021 Issue #451
Cat: 841193 Rel: 13 Aug 21
Featuring: Grouper, Pat Thomas, Mikolas Chadima & Surgeon x DJ Bus Replacement Service
Notes: Inside this issue:

Grouper: As she prepares to release a new album rooted in the ambience and climate of her home in the Pacific North West, Liz Harris discusses chaos, therapy and the spectre of fascism. By Dave Segal.

Pat Thomas: The diverse sprawl of the UK keyboardist's career runs from jazz and improv to funk and drum 'n' bass, informed by a scholarly interest in Islam. By Clive Bell.

Once Upon A Time In Prague: Dancing along the thin lines separating the Czech underground, the alternativa scene and the secret police, Extempore/MCH Band leader Mikola's? Chadima's expressions of freedom have survived communism and the capitalist takeover. By Milos? Hroch.

Machine learning: Machine learning and AI have opened up new creative possibilities for artists such as Jennifer Walshe, Distractfold and Dadabots. By Abi Bliss.

Invisible Jukebox: DJ Bus Replacement Service × Surgeon: Anthony Child and Doris Woo run the gauntlet of a mystery record selection. Tested by each other.

Hiro Kone: The electronic artist foregrounds artistic partnership on her new album. By Chloe Lula

Rene' Lussier: Clowning around with the Que'be'cois guitarist and composer. By Julian Cowley

Wayne Adams: The punkish adventures of a Big Lad. By Holly Dicker

Nicolas Collins: The author and performer takes a Lucky Dip with his homemade !trumpet. By Clive Bell

Global Ear: Alan Courtis untaps creative potential in workshops in Buenos Aires

Unlimited Editions: Cruel Nature

Unofficial Channels: Riversssounds

The Inner Sleeve: Gerald V Casale on Winny Puhh

Epiphanies: Moritz von Oswald admires Carl Craig's sweet spot

Print Run: New music books: drill, trap and bashment, Mark E Smith comes alive, rap futurism, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Leonel Costa's Ivo Perelman: A Musical Storyteller; Edgar Wright's The Sparks Brothers

On Location: Recent live events and streams: Four Years Of Chinabot, Sequesterfest 6, Jennifer Walshe & Neil Luck, and more

On Site: Recent art shows: Imran Perretta & Paul Purgas; Seeing Sound

Soundcheck: Rodrigo Amado/This Is Our Language Quartet, Anika, Badge Epoch, Dahveed Behroozi, Blectum From Blechdom, Body Meta, RP Boo, The Bug, John Butcher/Sharon Gal/David Toop, Shirley Collins, The Cookers, Andrew Cyrille Quartet, Damu The Fudgemunk, Sarah Davachi, Mr Diagonal, Tim Finn & Phil Manzanera, Melvin Gibbs, Go Ahead And Die, Steve Gunn, Graham Haynes vs Submerged, TheIncidentalCrack, John Carroll Kirby, Little Simz, Low, Michael Mantler, Ruth Mascelli, John McLaughlin, Joe McPhee/Michael Marcus/Jay Rosen/Warren Smith, Meridian Brothers & Conjunto, Media Luna, Matt Mitchell & Kate Gentile, Moin, Moor Mother, Nite Jewel, OSS, Moritz von Oswald Trio, Psychic Graveyard, Psychic Hotline, Lucy Railton & Kit Downes, Lucy Railton & Yair Elazar Glotman, Rambutan, Alasdair Roberts Og Vo0.95lvur, Jana Rush, Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Toop, Sedibus, Sepultura, Shackleton, Space Afrika, Tibor Szemzo?, Te'le'maque, Joshua Trinidad, Mark Vernon, Alex Ward, Anna Webber, Byron Westbrook, ZRL, Various Arc Mountain, Various It's Not Complicated, Various You Can Never Leave

Boomerang: All Night Radio, The Beach Boys, Paul Bley, Roy Brooks, Gerald V Casale, Jimmy Giuffre, Goat, Meurig Elis Huws, Lee Morgan, Outkast, Prince, The Rootsman, Synergetic Voice Orchestra, Lewis Taylor, Voivod
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Zweikommasieben Magazin #22
Cat: 803053 Rel: 08 Dec 20
 1 in stock $15.18
Zweikommasieben Magazin #23
Cat: 831179 Rel: 14 Jun 21
Softcover book magazine
Notes: Frequent readers of Zweikommasieben will know that the creative processes highlighted in the magazine are an eclectic gathering of influences that result in varied creative practices. But what might be the common denominator connecting all the dots in this plurality? For the new issue, Zweikommasieben makes the case for the discursive potential of personal experiences.

Once the personal is taken seriously, anecdotes provide major insights into an artist's practice. A portrait on producer Malibu taps into memories of popular culture and traces musical experiences from her childhood to highlight the dedication she brings towards composing melodies and using samples. In their essay, the duo Space Afrika assembles recollections of their daily lives in north-west England to frame their artistic output over the years. Highlighting subjective perspectives also allows for the differentiation of what might appear similar at first. Both the collaboration of Andreas Bulhoff and Marc Matter featured in "Soundtexte" and the interview with Tygapaw refer to the use of poetry. The former condense language to its most basic units and present them as rhythmic building blocks for DJs. Taking a different approach, Tygapaw asked a poet to be the narrator of their album, expanding the tracks by embedding an additional layer of meaning.

Zweikommasieben #23 includes:

-interviews with Bass Clef, Crystalmess, Flora Yin-Wong, Grand River, Ikonika, Jabu & Daniela Dyson, Meemo Comma, and Tygapaw
-a portrait on Malibu
-an essay by Space Afrika
-Contributes by Jessika Khazrik and Sara Berts
-columns Soundtexte (poetry), "Art Review" (exhibition review), and We are Time (photography)
-160pages, 170x240mm
-all content in EN, parts in DE, FR, NL, and ITzweikommasieben is a magazine that has been devoted to the documentation of contemporary music and sound since the summer of 2011. The magazine features artist interviews, essays, and columns as well as photography, illustration, and graphics.
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Zweikommasieben Magazin #24
Cat: 855997 Rel: 10 Dec 21
coming soon $15.18
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