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Today: Electro

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Tuesday 23 October 2018
Athanatos (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LSR 022. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Athanatos (2:49)
  2. Hayflick Limit (5:20)
  3. Eukaryotic Chromosomes (3:35)
  4. Telomere (5:50)
  5. Mitosis (6:07)
 in stock $11.35
Hydro Systems (12" repress)
Cat: EBEAMZ 021. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Hydro Systems (5:30)
  2. Automate (feat Assembler Code) (4:44)
  3. Bubble Boy (5:47)
  4. Horner Acid (5:31)
Review: Sydney's Jensen Interceptor comes through after a productive and successful 2017, that saw him follow up his material for Boysnoize Records with a killer 12" on the infamous Central Processing Unit. The electro newbie lands with yet more previous industrialism on the E-Beamz imprint, a truly hyping label that is on a non-stop roll at the moment. "Hydro Systems" is a gnarly, headstrong bombshell that's all hands on decks thanks to its wild and fiery percussion, and "Automate" follows up on that with a dark, bleeping wormhole of sonics. The B-side kicks off with "Bubble Boy", a bubbling whirlpool of FX-heavy bass tones, and "Horner Acid" breaks out the techno guns with its twisted, interlinked layers of low frequencies.
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Played by: Ali Renault
 in stock $10.27
Nu Romantix (remastered) (2xLP (plays at 45RPM) + MP3 download code repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: PERMVAC 1731. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Come To Me (5:39)
  2. Can U Feel The Power? (4:07)
  3. Mouse (2:39)
  4. You're Not There (3:20)
  5. You Can Do It! (3:00)
  6. End Of The Night (6:08)
  7. Place Called Love (3:59)
  8. Come To Me (instrumental) (5:40)
  9. I'm All Alone (Cylob mix) (3:54)
Review: ** REPRESS ALERT ** Timeless electro by UK stalwart Edward Upton, on this much deserved reissue of his 1998 LP Nu Romantix. Permanent Vacation have made the album available for the first time on a loud and sharp double 12" that has been carefully remastered by Lopazz for maximum pleasure. All the tracks you know and love from the orginal are here, such as his spooky Dopplereffekt tribute "You're Not There" featuring his terrific deadpan vocal delivery, the wonderfully creepy "Mouse" with its minimalist vibe and the cheeky vocoder antics of "End Of The Night" channelling some good ol' fashioned Italo vibes. Including the instrumental of "Come To Me" as a bonus track.
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Played by: Benjamin Fröhlich
 in stock $19.45
Le Syndicat Electronique (limited heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: MNQ 125. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Abstraite Relation
  2. Under Pressure
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Close To You
  5. Body Wave
  6. Blood & Flesh
  7. The Men Who Killed The Beat
  8. Hidden
  9. Transmission 001
  10. I Like You
  11. Sweet Violence
  12. En Partance
  13. Exces
  14. Grandeur Et Decadence
  15. Faux Semblants
  16. For Your Life!
Played by: Dmitry Distant
 in stock $23.25
Monday 22 October 2018
Cat: MT 004. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. WD41 - "Dansolso‘s Jungle" (5:55)
  2. Toke - "Night Vibe" (6:20)
  3. El Choop - "Skeleton Crew" (6:23)
  4. Toke - "Messed Up" (6:29)
 in stock $8.38
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Today: Electro
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