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Cat: MINERAL 08. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Grain - "Does Jesus Have Buddha Nature?" (Someone remix) (9:58)
Logue - "Keep Me From Pain" (5:04)
Review: Mineral Cuts are casting their eye back on a couple of gems from the world of progressive house and trance with a sharp diggers instinct. This eighth release on the Kalahari Oyster Cult sub label continues the format of two obscure cuts from different artists, this time leading with Grain's 1998 trip-out 'Does Jesus Have Buddha Nature?'. Dubious spiritual framing aside, it's a spellbinding workout of throbbing low end, pulsing leads and pleasingly crunchy drum processing. Logue II's 'Keep Me From Pain' is an older affair from a hand-stamped white label in 1994, more house-oriented in its make up with some sprightly breaks and organ stabs that meld into a flowing, joyous rave gem.
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Tags: 90s House
! low stock $16.26
Papua New Guinea (reissue)
Cat: 12TOT 17R. Rel: 30 Aug 23
Papua New Guinea (original)
Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall mix)
Papua New Guinea (dub mix)
Papua New Guinea (Journey To Pyramid)
Papua New Guinea (Monsoon mix)
Papua New Guinea (Graham Massey mix)
Papua New Guinea (Dumb Child Of Q mix)
Review: There's a reason that Future Sound of London's 1991 debut single, 'Papua New Guinea', is periodically reissued: it's a stone-cold classic that sounds unlike anything else. In its original mix form, the track combines traits borrowed from early breakbeat hardcore (booming bass, house-tempo breakbeats) with saucer-eyed vocal samples, twinkling pianos and sounds more often found in ambient house and chill-out tunes from the period. This remastered, hand-numbered vinyl reissue boasts all of the 1992 remixes (as well as the original mix), including a suitably psychedelic, tribal-tinged Andrew Weatherall revision, the duo's own spaced-out ambient style 'Dub' mix, and a sax-sporting Manchester re-wire courtesy of 808 State's Graham Massey.
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 in stock $17.04
Life Miles
Life Miles (2xLP)
Cat: VIS 335. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Pinfire (6:49)
Transitory Moments (6:19)
North Of The Sun (6:24)
Lowrider (7:36)
Abundance (6:20)
Figures Of Eight (7:05)
Flight Of Fancy (6:53)
Send Love To The Future (4:16)
Headlong (4:14)
Review: Long-cherished underground stalwart Claus Voigtmann finally serves up his long-awaited new album Life Miles after many years of essential sounds on labels like Assemble and Intermission. He really shows his range here with a record that draws on his experiences of playing around the world in all sorts of different settings. 'Pinfire' and 'Transitory Moments' open up and take you to the heart of fabric, a club he has played so often, while 'North of the Sun' heads off into space on sleek electro rhythms while the likes of 'Abundance' bring cosmic melodic fun to a lively and inventive rhythm. Elsewhere there is the high-speed electro-funk of 'Flight Of Fancy' and the introspective downbeat trip 'Send Love To The Future' making this a varied and vital affair.

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Played by: Nachtbraker
 in stock $30.41
Surrender (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 375405 1. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Music: Response
Under The Influence
Out Of Control
Orange Wedge
Let Forever Be
The Sunshine Underground
Asleep From Day
Got Glint?
Hey Boy Hey Girl
Dream On
 in stock $18.87
The Fat Of The Land
Cat: XLLP 121. Rel: 29 Jun 97
Smack My Bitch Up (2:00)
Breathe (2:00)
Diesel Power (2:00)
Funky Shit (2:00)
Serial Thrilla
Firestarter (2:00)
Fuel My Fire
 in stock $24.64
Experience (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 110. Rel: 27 Sep 92
Jericho (0:30)
Music Reach (1/2/3/4) (0:30)
Wind It Up (0:30)
Your Love (remix) (0:30)
Hyperspeed (G-Force part 2) (0:30)
Charly (Trip Into Drum & Bass version) (0:30)
Out Of Space (0:30)
Everybody In The Place (155 & Rising) (0:30)
Weather Experience (0:30)
Fire (Sunrise version) (0:30)
Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (0:30)
Death Of The Prodigy Dancers (live) (0:30)
 in stock $24.64
Image Exposed
Cat: VBX 008. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Image Exposed (7:12)
Basal Ganglia (7:03)
Review: It's been a minute since we last heard form the VBX Music crew out of Amsterdam, having last put out a monster EP from Villalobos and Ferro. Now they're back with a high-grade second round from Frank Haag, who delivers modern tech house with attitude across two essential cuts for any head who wants to be keyed into the best new cuts in the scene. 'Image Exposed' rides some killer boom bap drums and MC licks for a rolling slice of breakbeat house, while 'Basal Ganglia' works some incredible, rubbery synth lines into a trippers delight on the B-side.
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 in stock $15.20
Music For The Jilted Generation
Cat: XLLP 114. Rel: 03 Apr 94
Break & Enter
Their Law (feat Pop Will Eat Itself)
Full Throttle
Voodoo People (2:00)
Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)
The Heat (The Energy)
Poison (feat Maxim) (2:00)
No Good (Start The Dance)
One Love (edit) (2:00)
3 Kilos
Claustrophobic Sting
 in stock $24.64
Born In The Echoes
Born In The Echoes (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XDUSTLP 10. Rel: 24 Jul 15
Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (5:12)
Go (4:21)
Under Neon Lights (4:30)
EML Ritual (5:20)
I'll See You There (4:18)
Just Bang (5:18)
Reflexion (6:27)
Taste Of Honey (2:58)
Born In The Echoes (3:24)
Radiate (4:37)
Wide Open (5:48)
 in stock $20.72
Come With Us (remastered)
Come With Us (remastered) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 811682 1. Rel: 18 Nov 16
Come With Us (4:57)
It Began In Afrika (5:30)
Galaxy Bounce (4:15)
Star Guitar (6:26)
Hoops (6:35)
My Elastic Eye (3:42)
The State We're In (6:21)
Denmark (5:17)
Pioneer Skies (4:05)
The Test (7:48)
 in stock $22.01
Good Lies
Good Lies (LP + insert)
Cat: XL 1300LP. Rel: 11 May 23
Feelings Plain (7:33)
Arla Fearn (3:45)
Good Lies (1:05)
Walk Thru Water (2:09)
Cold Blooded (3:37)
Skulled (5:06)
Sugarrushhh (3:38)
Calon (4:09)
Is U (3:49)
Vermonly (2:40)
So U Kno (3:40)
Calling Out (4:43)
Review: Overmono have become real techno darlings in the last two years. And rightly so - they have served up a fine run of EPs in that time which now brings us to their debut album Good Lies. They are also an award-winning live act who have brought new energy and invention to techno as well as a next level grasp of sound design. As such the pair are two of the most revered artists in the UK with a hardcore fan base who pack out their every gig. They will find plenty to love here on an adventurous record that features all the hallmarks you would expect of this duo as well as plenty of freshness.
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 in stock $22.01
The Beat By Spun: West Coast Breakbeat Rave Electrofunk 1988-1994 Vol 3
Cat: BEATSPUN 003. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Tasti Box - "San Francisco" (7:53)
Mattski - "Live At The Brotherhood" (7:10)
Bass Kittens - "Get A Grip" (Mission St mix) (6:37)
Housebound - "Electro Rhythms" (9:33)
Hawke - "3 Moods In A Purple Garden" (Robbie Hardkiss mix) (6:59)
Trailmix - "Tequilla Sunset" (6:43)
Studio X - "Los Kings Del Mambo" (6:17)
Deep2 - "Sphere" (live dub) (8:00)
Review: New York maestro and Loose Control Band member DJ Spun has served up a superb compilation for Above Board here. It is his third such collection and one that focusses on the specific subject of West Coast breaks, rave and electro funk from the late eighties to mid-cities. It was a fertile scene by this account and one that still sounds current today, right from the blistering open eats and trance-like synths of Tasti Box's 'San Francisco' to Deep2's old school house jacker 'Sphere' which closes out the double pack. In between are plenty of gems, not least the deep and dreamy sounds of Hawke's '3 Moods In A Purple Garden' (Robbie Hardkiss mix).
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 in stock $31.20
Hidden Gems Vol 2
Cat: YUMNJ 3. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Get Hype (feat Krayzee Thoughts & Luvain)
Feelings Inside (feat Saffron)
Bring That Beat Back
Lovin' U (feat Luvain)
Review: NJoi's Hidden Gems series exists primarily to plug gaps in their catalogue, featuring as it does previously unreleased cuts that first featured in their live shows in the early 90s. Some of these have been reconstructed and finally "finished off", though pleasingly they still sound like unheard period pieces. They begin with 'Get Hype', a stab-happy, rave-era hip-house workout featuring Krayzee Thoughts and Luvain, before reuniting with 'Anthem' vocalist Saffron on the piano-powered breakbeat house rush of 'Feelings Inside'. Over on side B, 'Bring That Beat Back' is a Hoover bassline sporting slab of Belgian rave/Yorkshire bleep/London hardcore fusion, while 'Lovin' U' is giddy, glassy-eyed and rushing, with wiggly acid lines and life-affirming piano riffs catching the ear.
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 in stock $15.47
Dig Your Own Hole (remastered)
Dig Your Own Hole (remastered) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 842950 1. Rel: 18 Nov 16
Block Rockin' Beats (5:14)
Dig Your Own Hole (5:31)
Elektrobank (8:19)
Piku (4:53)
Setting Sun (5:29)
It Doesn't Matter (6:15)
Don't Stop The Rock (4:50)
Get Up On It Like This (2:44)
Lost In The K Hole (3:52)
Where Do I Begin (6:51)
The Private Psychedelic Reel (9:30)
 in stock $31.45
We Are The Night (remastered)
We Are The Night (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 394158 1. Rel: 28 Apr 17
No Path To Follow (1:04)
We Are The Night (6:33)
All Rights Reversed (4:43)
Saturate (4:50)
Do It Again (5:32)
Das Spiegel (5:53)
The Salmon Dance (3:40)
Burst Generator (6:38)
A Modern Midnight Conversation (6:08)
Battle Scars (5:54)
Harpoons (2:22)
The Pills Won't Help You Now (6:37)
 in stock $20.45
Real Hip Hop
Real Hip Hop (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SSR 227. Rel: 29 Oct 21
Real Hip Hop (vocal) (4:08)
Real Hip Hop (instrumental) (4:15)
 in stock $12.06
Accelerator (reissue)
Cat: LPTOT 02. Rel: 12 May 22
Expander (5:18)
Stolen Documents (5:44)
While Others Cry (4:14)
Calcium (2:42)
It's Not My Problem (7:48)
Papua New Guinea (6:32)
Moscow (3:53)
1 In 8 (3:39)
Pulse State (8:34)
Central Industrial (3:56)
Review: There is a great selection of reissues of Future Sound of London's back catalogue going on right now. It goes all the way back to 1988 when they first started chaining the game with their forward facing electronics and mix of rave, breaks, hardcore and ambient into something utterly fresh. It still resonates today, hence these reissues, and this one is a 25th Anniversary edition of Accelerator. This one was, at the time, seen as the group's most "commercially-minded" album but that takes nothing way from its visionary sonics and immersive sonic landscapes.
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 in stock $18.87
Play (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: STUMM172. Rel: 15 May 99
Honey (3:12)
Find My Baby (3:59)
Porcelain (4:00)
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (4:26)
South Side (3:50)
Rushing (2:58)
Bodyrock (3:36)
Natural Blues (4:15)
Machete (3:38)
7 (1:02)
Run On (3:45)
Down Slow (1:35)
If Things Were Perfect (4:16)
Everloving (3:23)
Inside (4:48)
Guitar Flute & String (2:09)
The Sky Is Broken (4:16)
My Weakness (3:36)
 in stock $29.11
For That Beautiful Feeling
Cat: XDUSTLP 12. Rel: 07 Sep 23
Intro (0:53)
Live Again (5:18)
No Reason (5:18)
Goodbye (5:03)
Fountains (3:47)
Magic Wand (2:27)
The Weight (3:44)
Skipping Like A Stone (4:44)
The Darkness That You Fear (Harvest mix) (3:39)
Feels Like I'm Dreaming (7:04)
For That Beautiful Feeling (4:17)
Review: The Chems, as they are affectionately known by fans, continue to serve up the most blistering big room breakbeats, techno and electro fusions each time they play one of their famously spellbinding sets. They are revealing all about their accomplished and decorated career in a new biography that arrives the same time as this new album, For The Beautiful Feeling. It's a double 12" of high-octane sound, maximal grooves and a mad guest spot from none other than Beck. Fans will love it, whether newcomers or diehards who have been with the pair since day one.
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 in stock $38.29
Environment 7003
Cat: LPTOT 89. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Future Testaments (4:12)
Resting Point (2:02)
A Desolate Stretch Of Night Road (5:54)
Where All Is Ending (3:41)
Overwrite (5:05)
I'm Eating Here (3:54)
Echos Of Inherent Sense (1:09)
A Space In The Subsequent Familiar (4:30)
Drift Incline (4:18)
Trichome (4:10)
Absence Of Solution (5:43)
Kwaahu (4:43)
Review: FSOL continue to be a prolific force in the sonic universe of their own making. The Environments series they started in 2007 has come to a head with a trio of albums over the past year and this is the last of them. There's a pointed callback at work on Environment 7.003, the cover explicitly referencing seminal early album ISDN, and the album is scattered with subtle nods to those mid 90s glory days. But The Future Sound Of London has always been about pushing forwards and that's precisely what Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain do on this resplendent suite of electronica, sure to satisfy the die hard fans without lazily rehashing old ideas.
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 in stock $25.70
The Beat By Spun: West Coast Breakbeat Rave Electrofunk 1988-1994 Vol 2
Cat: BEATSPUN 002. Rel: 03 Oct 23
DJ EFX (Beta Test) - "Star Trax" (3:06)
Wechselspannung - "220V" (Extract) (6:36)
Jupiter 6 - "A8" (4:53)
The Ultraviolet Catastrophe - "The Trip (Trip Harder)" (7:22)
Electroliners - "Loose Caboose" (7:21)
High Lonesome Soundsystem - "Champion Sound" (4:32)
Single Cell Orchestra - "I Hear The DJ's Here" (5:05)
Jim Hopkins - "C'mon Now" (3:02)
Central Fire - "Kamba" (The Lost Session) (7:29)
DJ Emma - "The Duster" (Fuck Off & dance mix) (7:26)
Review: Continuing the Above Board label's flawless run of historical compilation projects, San Francisco legend DJ Spun has been invited back to paint another picture of a unique chapter in the Bay Area's rave history, from 1988 to 1994. Compared to the more storied East Coast and Midwest dance music movements, the unique brew of cultural backdrops and influences in SF and the surrounding area led to a particular strain of breakbeat rich in psychedelia, responding to the very different Californian climate. Across two slabs, this second volume takes us further into a lesser told story of rave's early days, featuring cult legends long overdue recognition for their distinctive approaches to electronic dance music.
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 in stock $31.20
Sugar (12")
Cat: REKIDS 233. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Sugar (6:33)
Sugar (Mark Broom remix) (5:47)
Sugar (DJ Deep remix) (10:32)
Review: Some breathless, energy-packed, party-starting brilliance here, as rave-loving Londoner HUD makes his Rekids label debut. In its' original mix form, 'Sugar' is a dirty, atmospheric, breakbeat-driven peak-time house bomb packed with jangling paino riffs, filthy bass and punchy beats, all topped off with a fantastically weary and emotive female lead vocal. Predictably, the accompanying remixes are pretty darn tidy too. Mark Broom delivers a storming and pumping techno version - all thunderous kick drums, breakbeat blasts, lilting lead lines and bouncy pianos - while DJ Deep gives the track a slight hip-house feel via funky breaks, cut-up, Todd Edwards style vocal cut-ups and chunky bass.
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 in stock $15.20
PXAHD 02 (12")
Cat: PXAHD 02. Rel: 29 Nov 23
DJ F - "Rhythm" (feat Matias Eissen) (4:58)
DJ F - "L'evasion" (5:38)
DJ F - "Salt In My Shoes" (feat Anthonius) (4:11)
Epiphany - "Boga" (5:29)
Epiphany - "Trampa" (4:32)
Epiphany - "Suennos" (3:32)
 in stock $15.47
MAD 005
MAD 005 (12")
Cat: MAD 005. Rel: 23 May 23
Blind (5:17)
If U Wanna (7:02)
Te Siento Dentro (6:12)
Vice (5:02)
Review: The fifth entry on the M.A.D. Records series comes from Rakim Under, following up on their first appearance with the 'Lady J' re-fix on M.A.D. EDITS 003. Once again the label holds true to its dedication to the dancefloor by platforming these fast and furious hip-hop breakin' house jams, which roll from the dexterous drum funk of 'Blind' to the rolling, jazzy and Loom-bird toting 'If U Wanna'. The good-times vibe maintains on the B-side as a sweatier jack emerges around 'Te Siento Dentro', a faithful revision of a prototypical house joint, and then we're treated to the uptempo Latino rap throwdown of 'Vice'. If you want to set a party alight, every one of these tunes has all you need to get some heat generating out on the floor.
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 in stock $16.26
Still Waiting
Cat: PR 0A870. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Still Waiting
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
Sexy Dancer
 in stock $14.68
Make Me Feel
Make Me Feel (white vinyl 10")
Cat: BBC 021. Rel: 18 May 23
Make Me Feel
Come On (Pianoman remix)
 in stock $17.31
Further (2xLP)
Cat: 632 5301. Rel: 10 Jun 10
Escape Velocity
Another World
Horse Power
Wonders Of The Deep
 in stock $19.41
Ruffneck (limited 12")
Cat: DEMSING 006. Rel: 05 May 23
Ruffneck (album version) (5:42)
B-boy Stance (feat Tenor Fly) (4:40)
Warning (4:59)
Here We Go (4:56)
Review: Demon Singles Club's latest addition to their fantastic catalogue comes in the form of a re-issue of Freestylers' 'Ruffneck' EP. Formed in 1996, when DJs and producers Matt Canro and Aston Harvey made the wise decision to join forces, the duo went on to release their now iconic debut album We Rock Hard on legendary imprint, Freskanova. Met with quick critical acclaim, We Rock Hard became the duo's most commercially successful release to date. This latest release, 'Ruffneck', cherry picks four standout tracks from the hit-studded album. 'B-Boy Stance', 'Ruffneck', 'Here We Go', and 'Warning' are a journey through classic big beat and breakbeat electronica, which has remained the band's trademark sound to this day. Also including the original artwork, this is a thoughtful ode to the duo's boundary-pushing work.
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 in stock $12.43
PULPCORN 010 (hand-stamped hand-numbered translucent blue vinyl 10" limited to to 300 copies)
Cat: PULPCORN 010. Rel: 13 Sep 23
Track 1
Track 2
Review: This hand-stamped white label 12" from the Pulp Corn crew is the 10th such offering and still, they are cooking up irresistible house fusions that do plenty of good things. 'Track 1' here takes a classic vocal sample from the Pulp Fiction movie and layers it into a freewheeling disco house sound that is cosmic, funky and retro-future by design. After that loopy workout comes the more freewheeling broken beats and Latin-inspired sounds of 'Track 2' which again has a classic movie sample as the centrepiece while the drums evolve all around. Playful and fun for sure.
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 in stock $17.82
Fold Fire
Fold Fire (2xLP)
Cat: AS 019. Rel: 16 Mar 23
Fold Fire (3:11)
Chaz Lemon (4:52)
Def Runner (3:56)
Hardcore Rittim (3:52)
Lerryunder (6:11)
Azid 8 (6:00)
Euphoronic (4:41)
Cathedrol (5:01)
Ef Roller (5:15)
Ilk Hummer (4:18)
Hatchet Rank (4:55)
Juin (4:14)
Otox (3:47)
Review: Don't let the screen ambient opener fool you because Jaffa Kid's new album is a rave ready offering packed with acid and breakbeats that it is frankly impossible not to love. The sound designs throughout is exquisite, from the fresh drum sounds to the deep space synth lines. It's all arranged in an ever evolving fashion that keeps you on your toes from the floaty vibes of 'Chaz Lemon' to the more bristling breaks of 'Lerryunder'. 'Ilk Hummer' is another one that shows off this producer's knack for cinematic soundscapes as well as dance floor beats.
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 in stock $31.99
No Geography
No Geography (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XDUSTLP 11. Rel: 12 Apr 19
Eve Of Destruction (4:40)
Bango (4:08)
No Geography (3:13)
Got To Keep On (5:17)
Gravity Drops (4:38)
The Universe Sent Me (6:03)
We've Got To Try (3:39)
Free Yourself (4:21)
MAH (5:37)
Catch Me I'm Falling (5:19)
Review: The Chemical Brothers are back with their 10th studio album (mixes and soundtracks not withstanding), and they're sounding especially fired up. The widescreen stadium psychedelia they've made their own spills out in abundance across "No Geography", but it's also matched with a feverish energy. The more up-tempo tracks, like "Gravity Drops" and "Eve Of Destruction", spit and snarl with the best of their classic, down and dirty dancefloor material, but there's plenty of space for the starry eyed songwriting they've made their own in more recent times. Just cop "The Universe Sent Me" and be immediately transported to a festival field, where you'll no doubt be catching The Bro's this summer.
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 in stock $19.41
Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005
Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 190. Rel: 26 Jun 14
Their Law
Out Of Space
Smack My Bitch Up
Voodoo People
No Good (Start The Dance)
Everybody In The Place
One Love
Hot Ride
 in stock $24.64
Nobody EP
Nobody EP (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TIN 002. Rel: 11 May 20
Killah Kam (4:49)
Oh La La (4:27)
DTWYM (5:40)
Nobody (5:29)
 in stock $12.32
Rolling With Papers EP
Cat: UFOS 003. Rel: 01 Nov 21
Rolling With Papers (6:52)
You Want To Have It (6:29)
Tranze Buzz (6:44)
Test This (6:07)
Review: After the slick and tripped-out fare from Seafoam and Future Motion, the next drop on the increasingly promising UFO Series comes from Volen. We don't know anything about the artist at this point in time, but the sounds speak for themselves. Warm, wriggling synth lines with plenty of lysergic liquidity and nimble-footed beats stretching from 909 thrum to rolling breakbeat splendour. Everything's underpinned with an earthy trance vibe which melts into the current zeitgeist beautifully, leaving you with four smart, sophisticated club jams for the dreamiest of dancefloors. Just try dropping 'Tranze Buzz' without the whole room turning into a writhing mass of interpretive dance.
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 in stock $10.48
Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya
Cat: JAL 368V. Rel: 31 Mar 22
Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya (3:28)
Man Of Constant Sorrow (3:40)
Review: The Jalepeno label is a famously fiery funk outlet that serves up more of that dance floor heat here. It comes from Skeewiff's One Sample Short Of A Lawsuit EP back in 2000 and gets pressed to its own tidy 7" here. As the title of that EP suggests, this is music that mashes up the past with a serious of sizzling samples over driving rhythms. 'Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya' is real horn led b-boy stuff with crashing breaks, and on the flip is 'Man Of Constant Sorrow' with its nagging and iconic vocals over a more country-fried funk beat.
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 in stock $13.38
Rooty (reissue)
Rooty (reissue) (limited gatefold pink & blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XL 143LP2. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Romeo (3:57)
Breakaway (3:53)
SFM (2:39)
Jus1Kiss (6:42)
Broken Dreams (3:08)
I Want U (3:24)
Get Me Off (5:20)
Where's Your Head At (6:39)
Do Your Thing (4:28)
Freakalude (3:19)
Crazy Girl (3:48)
All I Know (3:37)
Review: Named after their infamous Brixton club night, Basement Jaxx's second album Rooty saw them continue to push the boundaries of pop and club music. The album mixes classic house with generous lashings of punk, funk, R&B, jazz, hip hop, 2-step and pop song-craft in a mad genre crash that works like a charm. It features the massive tracks 'Where's Your Head At', 'Romeo' and 'Do Your Thing'.
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 in stock $24.11
We Are IE (remixes)
Cat: HOOJ 151. Rel: 05 Jul 22
We Are IE (original extended edit) (4:58)
We Are IE (Solo & Blade Yellow Cali mix) (3:18)
We Are IE (Horsepower Return To E remix) (6:07)
We Are IE (Borai Brizzle Bassline mix) (4:25)
Review: Whether or not Lennie D'Ice's 'We Are I.E' was the tune that inspired the birth of jungle has long been a matter of debate. Regardless, it was certainly highly influential - a booming, sub-heavy breakbeat hardcore anthem that undoubtedly shifted the musical dial on its initial release in 1991. Here the freshly remastered original - sounding weightier and sharper than ever - is joined by a trio of 21st century interpretations. Solo and Blade kick things off with a crisply chopped and pleasingly rolling re-edit before Horsepower Productions brilliantly re-imagine it as a punchy and powerful breakstep smasher. Arguably best of all though is the take from Bristol's Borai, who brilliantly joins the dots between bassline, 4/4 UKG and saucer-eyed turn-of-the-90s house. Let me hear you scream!
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Played by: Paul Starey
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BAM! (Massproductions dub)
BAM! (Massproductions dub) (limited yellow vinyl 7" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BAM 001. Rel: 06 Jun 22
BAM! (Massproduction dub) (6:06)
Meditation On Furniture (5:56)
Review: A creative sound experiment, Swedish music producer Axel Boman explores new sonic territories as Massproductions. Two sublime tracks on this one: on side A you can hear the drummer (jazz musician Konrad Agnas) get wicked on the ethereal hypnotiser 'BAM!' (Massproduction dub), while over on the flip is the psychedelic downtempo journey 'Meditation On Furniture By Chris Martin' awash in gliding acid, atmospheric synths and and trippy alien-like voices - although not by 'that' Chris Martin we're told.
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Marrrrtin's Scenario
Cat: FF45 019. Rel: 22 Jul 22
Marrrtin's Scenario (4:05)
Enta Humpty (3:21)
Review: French beatmaker DJ Marrrtin has his fingers in a lot of pies, from running Stereophonk to working in groups like Funky Bijou. Now he's up on Friday's Funky 45 with a hip-hop rooted re-flip to get party people the world over rocking out. 'Marrrtin's Scenario' does a damn fine job of re-positioning A Tribe Called Quest's classic 'Scenario' with some organ-soaked funk, while 'Enta Humpty' goes heavy on the boom bap breaks to provide a heads down groove that should get the breakers breaking and the freakers freaking. When you can't get enough heat for that lil box of 7"s, Friday's Funky 45 have got you covered.
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Been Diggin' Me Fukkin' 'Ed Off Ant I? Vol 1
Been Diggin' Me Fukkin' 'Ed Off Ant I? Vol 1 (limited gatefold 2xLP in screen-printed sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RL 43. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Track 1 (6:35)
Track 2 (5:35)
Track 3 (7:38)
Track 4 (5:37)
Track 5 (9:08)
Track 6 (5:32)
Track 7 (7:03)
Track 8 (5:40)
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House Stage & Backstage EP
House Stage & Backstage EP (180 gram vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: ARPIAR 017. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Ultraviolet (8:34)
Oditty (6:12)
I Dream Of Shrimp (6:44)
Review: This rather unique and otherworldly EP from Dan Andrei is a world all unto itself. While this is a mood conveyed by its somewhat Lovecraftian front cover, the three tracks found inside are equally rare in sound. Matter-of-fact and up-front, yet tentacular, the sonics heard on the lead track 'Ultraviolet' and the closer 'I Dream Of Shrimp' put forward a kind of alien honesty, as if our extraterrestrial visitors have absolutely no fear, and come in peace. It's no wonder this music is able to bridge gaps; it's seen the Romanian artist butt heads with the best and brightest in the international breaks and minimal scene, of late.
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Elements Of Truth & Beauty EP
Cat: MLDM 05. Rel: 31 May 23
Youngblood Priest (Tribute To Ron) (7:28)
Pseudo Trumpet (7:07)
Welcome To Santa Cruz (7:17)
Review: Terence Terry, often just known as Terry and many other names around the European minimal tech house scene, is back with a bang. He drops this highly elevated collection of after hours delights on US label Melodeum, capturing just the kind of vibe you want to keep things trucking once the sun comes up. This is cheeky, energising material with warmth and melody that won't upset the somnambulant mood of an up-all-night crowd. There's some warmth and soul, some playful touches, but never at the expense of that undulating, eternal minimal house groove.
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Toxic Funk Vol 8
Cat: BBP 204. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Second Warning (3:37)
Let The Music Play (3:44)
Review: The Breakbeat Paradise label rolls out another one in its well regarded Toxic Funk series here and both tunes pack some serious dance floor heat. It is producer duo Suckaside along with LROY who bring the good times here with classic soul and funk mixed with just enough beats and breaks to make it sound current. LROY first offer the big soul groover 'Second Warning' with boom bap beats and lush vocals. On the flipside Suckaside aka Sucka Timmy and DJ B-side offer a take on Shannon's cult 'Let the Music Play' with some big hitting electronic funk.
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Mantis EP
Mantis EP (12")
Cat: ELL 073. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Mantis (7:57)
Input Robot (6:11)
Review: Egyptian artist Raxon continues to make big waves with his widescreen astral techno. He has often landed on Maceo Plex's Ellum Audio label land that is where he returns now with another club-ready two tracker that is designed to make for some epic moments in big spaces. Opener 'Mantis' has heavy, churning drums and plenty of twitchy synths, turbo-charged sci-fi stabs and cosmic intentions. On the flip is 'Input Robot', a bouncy bit of elastic techno with more jostling drum work and plenty of astral synths make it an expansive groove. This one marks another big outing from this ever evolving artist.

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Far Away EP
Cat: ER 002. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Far Away (6:41)
Far Away (Alex Neri remix) (6:08)
Conflict Within (6:41)
Hells Bells (6:29)
Review: Harrison BDP is a core part of the UK underground with an ever more expressive and unique sound. He lands on the E&X label out of Germany here with a brilliantly punchy and atmospheric EP of house. 'Far Away' opens up with silky but weighty drum loops and fr-sighted chords then Alex Neri flips it into a more bubbly and cosmically minded groove cruise. On the flip, 'Conflict Within' has a filthy bassline keeping busy underneath razor sharp tech house drums that really cut through. Last of all is the spaced out and wigged out broken beat trip of 'Hells Bells'.
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Tags: Tech House
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D Carretta
Cat: DORE 001. Rel: 07 Sep 23
Track 2
One Of The Last
Every End Is Beginning
Review: Cobert kicks off the Domain label with an adventurous and cinematic EP of well designed techno here. 'Mysteriousbrainpedal' is the scene setter that rides on a nice tight, electro-tinged and body-popping rhythm as the chords all swirl around. 'Track 2' is a pent up cut with deep vibes and urgent grooves. 'TBS' is a fury of old school breaks and acid and 'One Of The Last' has a post-punk feel and lithe synth work that recalls early Two Lone Swordsmen. This most diverse EP closes with a downtempo cut full of machine soul in 'Every End Is Beginning.'
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Name It!
Name It! (2xLP)
Cat: T4T 013. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Luv (5:01)
Feel It (4:54)
There's More (5:03)
Believe (6:00)
With Others (6:34)
Close My Eyes (6:17)
Look (6:13)
In My Soul (6:29)
Review: Core T4T LUV NRG crew member Bored Lord is back with one of her most extensive releases to date - an album of transcendent queer rave music that confirms her visionary insight into what makes true dancefloor magic. As with so much transmitting from the T4T universe, there's an inherent sense of spirituality to these kaleidoscopic creations, but they're also fundamentally rooted in the strictures of rave. You'd never call it derivative, because there's a wild-eyed originality to the harmonic interplay which feels like teetering on the brink of a heavy trip, but it also feels eternal and comfortably familiar. As a combination of feels, it's devastatingly potent.
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Played by: Midland
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You've Come A Long Way Baby (half speed remastered) (National Album Day 2023)
Cat: 405053 8919004. Rel: 14 Oct 23
Right Here, Right Now
The Rockafeller Skank
Fucking In Heaven
Gangster Tripping
Build It Up, Tear It Down
Soul Surfing
You're Not From Brighton
Praise You
Love Island
Acid 8000
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Make Me
Make Me (orange vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: R 212001. Rel: 10 Oct 23
Make Me (extended mix) (5:01)
Make Me (Big Ang Rave To The Grave remix) (3:24)
Make Me (Mani Festo remix) (4:03)
Make Me (Paul Sirrell remix) (3:41)
Review: For those with their ear to the ground, 'Make Me' has been an underground monster hit for Borai and Denham Audio for time, but now it's getting a proper 12" release on Room Two with some heavyweight remixes. Taking a classic 90s vocal sample and giving it a thorough ruffing up, the original is hard to top, but Big Ang and Mani Festo turn in suitably rowdy versions which continue the theme of hardcore revivalism in fine style. Meanwhile bassline legend Paul Sirrell steps up for a flamboyant version which harks back to the original mid-90s cut that inspired 'Make Me' in the first place.
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Lunar EP
Lunar EP (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: ELCT 01. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Lunar (6:13)
Hiyah (6:00)
F**K Off With Your Horoscopes (6:21)
Black Sky (5:54)
Review: Eddy Kennedy's output as Kessler is on a relentless rise as he leaps from knockout releases on Club Glow, Shall Not Fade and Holding Hands to this masterpiece on Elicit. 'Lunar' is true to the space-tipped title as Kessler takes breakbeat science into glitchy, epic territory guided by broad synth strokes to wind up more aligned to Squarepusher at his most reflective. 'Hiyah' is a ruffer concern with snarling bass and a more linear focus towards warehouse-quaking rave pressure. 'FK Off With Your Horoscopes' might well take aim at spirituality, but there's something meditative and reflective about the melodic content and subtly sculpted beats coursing their way through this modern slice of uptempo electronica.
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