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Back catalogue: Roots/Lovers Rock

Juno's full catalogue of Roots/Lovers Rock
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Batta Dem
Batta Dem (12")
Cat: JFR 1226. Rel: 15 Mar 18
Batta Dem (4:52)
Rock Attack (4:45)
 in stock $15.25
Take Away
Cat: TRSTRAD 1. Rel: 18 Oct 23
Abe Broadway - "Take Away" (2:43)
The Upsetters - "Take Away" (version) (2:44)
 in stock $15.25
One Month Ina Negril Jail
Cat: COJ 001. Rel: 19 Dec 07
Anthony Able - "One Month Ina Negril Jail"
Anthony Able - "One Month Ina Negril Jail" (instrumental)
Jahsian - "Forward"
Uthman - "Bear Up"
 in stock $13.67
Hang 'Em High
Hang 'Em High (limited hand-numbered 7")
Cat: JAMWAX 30. Rel: 10 Aug 21
Richard Ace - "Hang 'Em High" (3:07)
Hugh Black & George Ferris - "Candy Lady" (2:18)
Review: The studio of Harry J's in Jamaica has turned out another pair of belters here. This limited edition and hand-numbered 7" features two killer 1969 tunes. The first is a bittersweet roots tune with a lead trumpet that does all the work. It's in conversation with the organ below and as they to and fro, expressing their pair, the bass rumbles and the percussion jangles. As well as that standout from Richard Ace, the flip-side has a super rare tune 'Candy Lady' by Hugh Black & George Ferris. It's another earthy tune with lovestruck vocals.
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 in stock $16.31
A Beat For You (reissue)
Cat: ERC 047. Rel: 30 Jan 18
A Beat For You (7:28)
A Beat For You (version) (5:10)
 in stock $12.61
Toubab Bile (reissue)
Cat: SEC 016. Rel: 31 Aug 23
Toubab Bile (4:13)
Fatelikul (version) (4:12)
Review: Marseille label Secousse turn their attention to the debut single of Senegalese musician Maxidilick Adioa. 'Toubab Bile' was originally released in 1987, and it tackles the harrowing story of the West African soldiers betrayed by the French army in 1944. Having worked as a percussionist for years before that, Adioa invested his own money into recording the track in Paris and finding distribution through Safari Ambiance until his talents were picked up on by Island's Chris Blackwell. The track single-handedly launched Adioa's solo career, and it's not hard to hear why - the perfect synergy of West African and Jamaican music with a potent call for justice in its heart.
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Tags: African | Dub Reggae
 in stock $22.35
Lead Us Father
Lead Us Father (transparent green vinyl 7")
Cat: AR 7060GREEN. Rel: 17 Apr 23
African Brothers - "Lead Us Father" (with Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari) (2:08)
King Tubby - "Lead Us Father" (version) (2:23)
 in stock $14.72
Lead Us Father
Lead Us Father (clear vinyl 7")
Cat: AR 7060CLEAR. Rel: 12 May 23
African Brothers - "Lead Us Father" (with Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari) (2:08)
King Tubby - "Lead Us Father" (version) (2:23)
 in stock $14.20
They Just Can't Stop Us
Cat: JAMWAX 04. Rel: 22 Sep 15
African Star - "They Just Can't Stop Us" (2:43)
Sylvan Morris - "Whip Lash" (2:35)
 in stock $10.26
Over In Zion (reissue)
Cat: RF 349. Rel: 06 Apr 21
Over In Zion (3:40)
Over In Zion (version) (3:49)
 in stock $10.51
Final Blow
Cat: RF 344. Rel: 02 Nov 20
The Africans - "Final Blow" (3:33)
Willie Lindo - "Final Blow" (part 2) (3:43)
 in stock $11.31
Time Well Dread
Cat: EAP 12005. Rel: 24 Apr 23
Afrikan Simba - "Time Well Dread" (3:49)
Dub Foundry - "Dub Well Dread" (3:48)
Ranking Fox - "One For The Warriors" (3:48)
Dub Foundry - "Raw Dub" (3:47)
 in stock $15.25
Freedom Sound
Cat: DU 19. Rel: 24 Jun 22
Afrotones - "Freedom Sound" (2:45)
The Jay Boys - "Easy Sound" (2:43)
$12.09 SAVE 33%
 in stock $8.10
Imperial Warriors
Cat: AWR 2. Rel: 29 Dec 21
Imperial Warriors (3:17)
Imperial Warriors (version) (3:12)
 in stock $12.36
Dancing Time (reissue)
Cat: ARI 48. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Dancing Time (7:01)
The Creator (11:17)
! low stock $17.36
Guide & Protect
Cat: ARI 321. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Aisha - "Guide & Protect" (3:45)
Mad Professor - "Aztec Warrior" (3:45)
Review: Is there a more consistent partnership in UK lovers rock than Pamela 'Aisha' Ross and Neil 'Mad Professor' Fraser? The pair has been working together consistently since 1986 and continue to periodically deliver killer cuts. 'Guide & Protect', which was first featured on the CD (but not vinyl) edition of Ross's 1987 album High Priestess, is one of their best - a sweet, life-affirming affair in which Ross sings sweetly and emotionally atop a typically synth-heavy, dub-flecked lovers rock 'riddim' by the effervescent Fraser. On this 7" edition, an edited version of the 1987 original comes backed by 'Aztec Warrior', a deliciously dubbed-out Mad Professor take on the same riddim featuring echoing flute and brass snippets.
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Played by: Lexx
 in stock $12.09
I Was Born A Freeman
Cat: CLD 4522. Rel: 02 Nov 21
Al & Freddy - "I Was Born A Freeman" (3:00)
The New Establishment - "Freeman" (part 2) (3:03)
 in stock $19.98
Promise Land: Vocals & Version
Frankie Paul - "Serious Time" (3:33)
Joseph Cotton - "Trod In Africa" (3:35)
Prince Malachi - "Worldwide Poverty" (3:36)
Anthony John - "Rise Above" (3:30)
Albert "Alchemist" Thompson - "Promise Land Version" (3:34)
Review: Albert "Alchemist" Thompson's Promise Land comes courtesy of Freestyle Records and has great appearances on the mic from reggae and dancehall greats Frankie Paul, Joseph Cotton, Prince Malachi and Anthony John. It has never before been released and has had a long maturation period over the last 30 years. Albert Thompson was chief engineer at I&I Sound Recording Studio once it left LA and head to Jamaica and he saw work with greats like Dennis Brown, Bunny Wailer and Gregory Isaacs. He laid down these rhythms in 1991 during some downtime and then added the vocals 16 years later in London when working with talented local and touring Jamaican artists.
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 in stock $14.20
Call It Life
Call It Life (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DTWS 017. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Allo & Shanti meet The Royal Horses - "Call It Life"
Michael Exodus - "Call It Dub" (At dub Basement Studio)
 in stock $13.42
Bush Ganja
Cat: PRTL 7081. Rel: 30 Jun 23
Bush Ganja (feat G Issacs) (3:15)
Oh What A Dub (3:14)
Review: Partial are busy reissuing a series of the best works from pioneering UK dub outfit Alpha & Omega. They are known for the likes of their timeless 1991 reggae album Overstanding and seminal 'Shashamani' tune which came on a 1996 long player called Voice in the Wilderness. This 7" offers up 'Bush Ganja' which came originally back in 2006 and was made as a one-off with Gregory Isaacs, the late and great Jamaican singer. It has pretty much been sold out since the day it dropped but now comes back to a sound system near you with its ice cold dub, head twisting electronics and impassioned vocal. Check the flip for a mad dub.
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 in stock $13.15
Ultimate (Dirty Dozen Riddim)
Cat: FAK 065. Rel: 09 Aug 07
Alpheus - "Ultimate"
Ranking Forrest - "Whole Heap Of Style"
 in stock $8.41
Chant Jah Victory
Cat: YU 706. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Chant Jah Victory (3:31)
Chant Jah Victory (version) (3:37)
 in stock $12.09
Nice To Know
Nice To Know (pink marbled vinyl 7" limited to 90 copies)
Cat: SM 185. Rel: 06 Oct 22
AMBLIQUE - "Nice To Know" (3:37)
Computor Paul & Noel Alphanso - "Toe To Toe" (3:13)
 in stock $12.61
Turn Back The Hand Of Time
Turn Back The Hand Of Time (grey marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: SM 181. Rel: 06 Oct 22
Ambelique - "Turn Back The Hand Of Time" (3:30)
Noel Alphanso & Computer Paul - "The Hands" (3:06)
 in stock $12.61
Live Up To Your Name
Cat: SOJO 005. Rel: 30 Jun 23
Ziggy Anderson - "Live Up To Your Name" (4:05)
Sojo & Company - "Version" (4:11)
 in stock $12.61
What A Problem
What A Problem (limited 12")
Cat: MH 220. Rel: 12 Jun 23
What A Problem (6:57)
Version (3:04)
Review: Horace Andy dropped one of his most well-known cuts back in 1987. It's a lovely rootsy dancehall skank in the form of 'What A Problem' that he produced himself alongside Michael Taylo and Andy Bassford. His mic work is exceptional as he twists and turns his vocals to ride on top of the drums and deliver his message with style and grace in his textbook smooth vocal tone. The version on the flip drills down into darker and more gritty dancehall vibes with the fat bassline front and centre next to plenty of echo and reverb.
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 in stock $13.15
Cat: SJR 3407. Rel: 15 Jan 21
Horace Andy - "Skylarking" (3:08)
Dub Specialist - "Sky - Rhythm" (3:06)
 in stock $13.42
Life In The Ghetto (reissue)
Cat: ARI 272. Rel: 30 Nov 18
Horace Andy - "Life In The Ghetto" (3:43)
Mad Professor - "Dub In The Ghetto" (3:44)
Horace Andy - "Rock A Bye Baby" (3:17)
Mad Professor - "Rock A Dub" (3:13)
Mad Professor - "Freak A Dub" (4:58)
 in stock $16.31
Love Song
Love Song (12")
Cat: GYR 001. Rel: 26 May 23
Horace Andy - "Love Song" (4:19)
Putus Roots - "Jah Jah Light" (4:13)
Uwe Banton - "Only Jah Love" (4:15)
Brahim - "Love" (4:15)
 in stock $13.42
Every Tongue Shall Tell
Cat: BL 10022. Rel: 06 May 21
Patrick Andy - "Every Tongue Shall Tell" (3:51)
Keety Roots - "Every Dub Shall Tell" (3:48)
Mike Brooks - "Vibration" (3:37)
Keety Roots - "Vibration Dub" (3:52)
 in stock $17.36
Spiritual Warrior
Cat: OTRSWMR 06. Rel: 19 Jun 23
Spiritual Warrior (4:15)
Spiritual Dub (4:18)
 in stock $10.51
Sound Killer
Cat: EVM 032. Rel: 15 Sep 23
Anthony B - "Sound Killer" (3:12)
Eesah - "Hold A Vibe" (3:13)
 in stock $11.31
Sinner Man
Cat: JFR 732. Rel: 12 May 23
Sinner Man (3:08)
Sinner Man (version) (3:10)
 in stock $16.31
Kunte Kinte
Kunte Kinte (limited 10")
Cat: AR 1015. Rel: 10 Jul 23
Kunte Kinte (6:04)
Kunte Kinte Version (6:03)
Review: Bernard Cumberbatch - presumably no relation to actor Benedict - and Garnett Cross are Aquizi, the dub duo fromed in the early 80s and Aiwa label mainstays. Their most notable 12" - aside from maybe 1981's 'Merry Christmas' was 'Kunte Kinte' earlier in the same year. It is a bit of a collector's fav that has more than held its value over the ensuing 40+ years. Driven by lazy dub swagger and carefree keys, it's a lovers rock outing peppered with toms and hits and plenty of echoing depths. Flip it over for version if you want something that will boggle the brain more with its endless mixing board effects.

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 in stock $15.25
Ain't Nobody (reissue)
Cat: VG 013. Rel: 22 Dec 22
Ain't Nobody (7:10)
Checking Out The Way I Feel (6:43)
Review: Whenever Yvonne Archer's 'Ain't Nobody' comes up as a reissue it shifts, and quick. The Jamaican vocalist is a queen of feelgood vocals, here mixing both disco and reggae influences. The original 'Ain't Nobody' is a gloriously upbeat rework with the heart aching vocal over swaggering drums and nice raw claps. This special 12" reissue comes backed with the fantastic 'Checking Out The Way I Feel'. It is an elastic groove with big, languorous horns up top and the sort of reggae keys that bring the heat. When paired with the A-side it makes for a devastating 12".
Read more
 in stock $14.20
Rise & Shine
Cat: ARI 319. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Ariwa Posse - "Rise & Shine" (with Askala Selassie) (3:26)
Joe Ariwa - "Rise & Shine" (dub) (3:27)
Review: Mad Professor's Aiwa Studios has never struggled with turning out sublime low end excursions in a range of dubby sub-genres. This 7" offers the latest chance to check in with what's going on there courtesy of the in-house Ariwa Posse with Joe Ariwa. This is reportedly one of two releases coming imminently which is great news because it bangs. First up is A-side wobbler 'Rise & Shine' (with Askala Selassie) which has clean digi-dub synths snaking between hissing hi hats and endless amounts of rerun while the silky bass rolls unhindered and the vocals bring aching soul. Joe Ariwa gets to work on a flip side dub that hits different.
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 in stock $12.09
Man Next Door
Cat: ARI 248. Rel: 29 Mar 12
Joe Ariwa & The Trixters - "Man Next Door" (feat Earl 16)
Joe Ariwa - "Disruptive Dub"
 in stock $12.09
Cat: ARI 317. Rel: 19 Sep 23
Survivor (3:51)
Dub Survivor (3:42)
 in stock $12.09
Lion Pow
Lion Pow (12")
Cat: KARS 2023LP1. Rel: 30 Jun 23
Athomos - "Lion Pow" (4:06)
Empress Black Omolo - "Freedom Is A State Of Mind" (4:06)
Galas - "Zion Train" (4:06)
Micheal Exodus - "Lion Dub" (4:06)
Micheal Exodus - "Dub Is A State Of Mind" (4:03)
Micheal Exodus - "Dub Train" (4:05)
 in stock $17.62
Mama Never Born No Fool
Cat: ERDS 005. Rel: 20 May 22
Awa Fall - "Mama Never Born No Fool"
Leo Liners - "Fool Sax" (extended version)
Galas - "Chantin'" (extended version)
Baro - "Civilization"
 in stock $17.62
Mount Zion
Mount Zion (limited 12")
Cat: ABR 12007. Rel: 26 Jun 23
Awa Fall - "Mount Zion" (3:27)
Awa Fall - "Zion Dub" (3:28)
Awa Fall - "Mount Zion Version" (3:51)
Saah Karim - "Ultimate Truth" (3:52)
2Scarce - "Desperate Journey" (3:29)
2Scarce - "Dubwise" (3:49)
 in stock $16.31
No Equal Rights In Babylon
Cat: DKR 124. Rel: 12 May 14
No Equal Rights In Babylon
No Equal Rights In Babylon (Bullwackie All Stars version)
 in stock $13.42
Cat: VGR 007. Rel: 04 Aug 23
Haroon Ayyaz - "Knowledge" (4:00)
Simon Nyabinghi - "Knowledge" (version) (4:01)
 in stock $11.31
Good King
Good King (transparent red vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: VGR 005. Rel: 10 Jun 21
Babbajah - "Good King" (3:46)
Jah Embassy Players - "Good Dub" (3:50)
 in stock $11.56
In Me Blood
In Me Blood (limited 7")
Cat: PECKEP. Rel: 12 Jun 23
Baby Boom - "In A Me Blood" (3:08)
Stevie Face - "Dont Bite The Hands" (3:01)
Claire Angel - "While Im Alive" (3:32)
Jah Mega - "She Need My Love" (3:15)
 in stock $13.15
I & I Survive (reissue)
Cat: ORGM 2180. Rel: 28 Jul 21
Destroy Babylon (1:31)
Coptic Times (1:27)
Joshua's Song (2:20)
I & I Survive (5:19)
 in stock $18.92
Send Me That Love
Send Me That Love (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: HS 46. Rel: 18 Oct 23
Send Me That Love (feat Nat Birchall - Sax mix) (3:54)
Send Me That Dub (4:07)
Send Me That Love (instrumental) (4:01)
Send Me That Love (Rockers take) (7:50)
 in stock $19.20
Road To Heaven
Cat: EAP 12006. Rel: 24 Apr 23
Baltimores - "Road To Heaven" (3:52)
Dub Foundry - "Dub To Heaven" (3:53)
Pidduck - "Pidduck" (3:39)
Dub Foundry - "Dub Foundry" (4:20)
 in stock $14.46
Thanks & Praises
Cat: BAODUB 005. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Thanks & Praises (feat Danman) (4:10)
Thanks & Praises (dub) (4:10)
 in stock $11.04
Revelation Is Coming
Cat: ARI 322. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Aston Barrett Jr - "Revelation Is Coming" (3:50)
Mad Professor - "Revelation Dub" (3:54)
 in stock $12.09
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