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Gifts For DJs | DJ Gadgets

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DB Classics Beanie Hat (black with red & grey logo)
Cat: 755447 Rel: 15 Nov 19
DB Classics logo beanie
Notes: Black beanie hat with DB Classics logo.
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 1 in stock $21.00
Gakken 5 Inch Blank Records For Toy Record Maker (yellow, pack of 5)
Cat: 794172 Rel: 07 Oct 20
Pack of five blank 5" records
Notes: Spare vinyl for the Gakken record cutting machine

Pack of 5

Yellow Vinyl
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 2 in stock $16.57
Iron Maiden: Flight Of Icarus Action Figure
Cat: 767609 Rel: 20 Mar 20
action figure
Notes: "Fly, on your way, like an eagle. Fly as high as the sun." The official Super7 x Iron Maiden collaboration continues! Eddie from the 1983 Flight of Icarus 7-inch single comes to life as a 3.75-inch ReAction figure! Flight of Icarus Eddie comes with wings and armed with his flame thrower.
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 1 in stock $19.62
Iron Maiden: Stranger In A Strange Land Action Figure
Cat: 767614 Rel: 20 Mar 20
action figure
Notes: "Trapped inside this prison lost and far from home..." The official Super7 x Iron Maiden collaboration continues! Eddie from the 1986 Stranger In A Strange Land single art comes to life as a 3.75-inch ReAction figure. Outlaw Eddie comes with a CLOTH overcoat and armed with 2 blaster pistols that he can held or put into holsters.
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 1 in stock $24.87
Jazzman Jigsaw :The Rare Soul Collection (1000 pieces)
Cat: 830478 Rel: 01 Jul 21
1000-piece jigsaw puzzle made up of rare record label scans
Notes: Introducing the Jazzman 'Rare Soul 45s Collection' jigsaw puzzle featuring rare soul record labels!

It's all here - northern soul, modern soul, sweet soul, latin soul, deep soul, crossover, RnB & funk!

This is a full-size jigsaw comprising of 1000 pieces.- deluxe cut with satin finish. When complete, the puzzle measures 48 x 69cm.

A colourful collage of high quality label scans taken from original 45s- comes housed in a beautiful bespoke box brand new & factory sealed .

1000 deluxe pieces with high quality satin finish
Made with FSC certified recycled blue board
Total size 48 x 69cm
Made in UK
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 3 in stock $23.20
Kazoo That Tune
Kazoo That Tune (board game)
Cat: 854514
Includes 100 tune cards, 4 kazoos, sand timer and instructions
Notes: No musical talent is required with this Kazoo That Tune Game from Ridley's Games! Hum 200 well-known tunes on the 4 jazzy kazoos for your teammates to guess. From cards featuring Beyonce to The Backstreet Boys, there's something for everyone! Includes 100 tune cards, 4 kazoos, sand timer and instructions. Suitable for ages 8+.
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coming soon $9.67
Mercury PS300 Digital Pocket Micro Weighing Scale (300g max load)
Cat: 755664 Rel: 08 Nov 19
digital pocket scale
Notes: A stylish and compact pocket scale for the precision measurement of jewellery, precious metals and other delicate objects. These highly accurate scales have a very sensitive weighing platform and feature a counting function for 25pcs, 50pcs, 75pcs and 100pcs.
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 2 in stock $6.91
Mukatsuku Branded Laser Cut Steel Keyring Set (keyring/button badge/sticker) (Juno exclusive)
Cat: 563921 Rel: 13 Apr 15
Mukatsuku branded laser-cut metal keyring pendant, with free button badge, magnet & sticker
Notes: Mukatsuku branded laser-cut metal keyring pendant, with button badge & sticker. Comes with metal ring . 1.5mm W = 90mm, H = 20mm. (nb sticker might be different design/colour than shown in image )
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 2 in stock $4.96
Mukatsuku Laser Etched Wooden Keyring (Juno Exclusive)
Cat: 730221 Rel: 01 Jul 19
Mukatsuku wooden keyring
Notes: Bespoke wooden keyring with laser etched Mukatsuku logo on one side and Mukatsuku name on the other.
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 2 in stock $2.49
Mukatsuku Records Vintage Leather Embossed Keyring With Metal Fob (Juno exclusive)
Cat: 609029 Rel: 15 Apr 16
Vintage leather keyring with Mukatsuku branding - comes with sticker
Notes: Mukatsuku Records branded vintage leather keyring with metal fob. Comes with sticker (sticker may vary from image shown )

Juno exclusive!
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 2 in stock $4.96
Record Runner Portable Vinyl Record Player (cherry red)
Cat: 673724 Rel: 20 Dec 17
Portable vinyl record player - red
Notes: As the world's smallest portable vinyl record player, the RECORD RUNNER is for anyone - whether a DJ, record collector or simple music lover. It is a self-contained record player, small enough to fit on the palm of your hand. Just place it on any 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record and listen to it play. Totally reengineered from the past 35 year old model, the RECORD RUNNER is ALL NEW! They are hand built, assembled, and MADE IN JAPAN.

Whether shopping for vinyl records, checking out the stash at your local garage sale or listening to your old man's disco records (or your own), the RECORD RUNNER is a definite must.
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 2 in stock $76.81
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Sing It Back Music Quiz
Cat: 854507
Quiz gam packaged in a geometric print box with 140 questions & 280 songs
Notes: Read out the lyrics from a well-known song, your team mates must guess the next line - singing is encouraged! Earn extra points for guessing the artist and song titles. This fun game includes 280 classic pop and rock hits from the 50's up to today's tunes. Ear plugs not included! Packaged in a geometric print box, with 140 question cards, 280 songs and full instructions.
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coming soon $9.67
Suck UK Mix Tape USB Stick
Cat: 382734 Rel: 16 Feb 10
USB stick featuring up to 2 hours of digital music and comes in a selection of 6 different surprise designs (we cannot specify which one you will receive)
Notes: Remember the days before digital music and MP3 players? If you do then you probably made compilations of all your favourite music to share with your friends and loved ones, on good old-fashioned blank cassette tapes. If you miss making mix tapes this product will inspire you again.

Instructions: 1. Add your own sounds to the USB stick. 2. Place the stick inside the tape-style gift pack. 3. Write your own message and playlist. 4. Give it to someone you love.

Store your own mix on the USB stick by plugging into your PC or Mac, then add MP3 or any other files to the USB stick. Stores up to 2 hour of high quality digital music, the same amount as you get on a C120 cassette tape. Perfect for creating your own unique compilation or mix tape. When you only have 120 minutes you have to think carefully about what you are going to put on there. Write your own title, messages and playlist all over the retro gift pack. Mac & PC compatible. 6 different designs to collect. Home taping never killed music.

Please note: There are 6 different tape designs - we cannot guarantee which one you will receive.
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 7 in stock $16.57
Tangerine Dream Solace Package (limited edition)
Cat: 777107 Rel: 25 Sep 20
facemask bundle package
Notes: Content: 2 face masks, 1 high-quality poster of the Barbican TD Exhibition, 1 fridge magnet showing Edgar Froese.

Material: Cotton satin, breathable, hand-made, with elastic earloops, washable at 60 degrees Celsius.
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 2 in stock $35.37
Technics 1210 Turntable Deck Keyring (black)
Cat: 243813 Rel: 03 Nov 06
Technics turntable keyring made from rubber - black version
Notes: Miniature, rubber moulded Technics 1210 record player keyring, made to the highest standards. Official Technics merchandise.
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 4 in stock $8.01
TR606 Drum Machine Necklace
TR606 Drum Machine Necklace (drum machine necklace)
Cat: 639837 Rel: 07 Feb 17
TR606 necklace
Notes: Necklace featuring your favourite drum machine...
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 1 in stock $36.46
TR707 Drum Machine Necklace
TR707 Drum Machine Necklace (drum machine necklace)
Cat: 639838 Rel: 07 Feb 17
TR707 necklace
Notes: Necklace featuring your favourite drum machine...
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 1 in stock $36.46
Unirhythm Bucket Hat (grey with blue logo)
Cat: 731382 Rel: 04 Jun 19
Grey bucket hat with blue Unirhythm logo
Notes: Unirhythm Records bucket hat.
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 1 in stock $27.63
Vintage Synth Trumps 2 Playing Cards
Cat: 637937 Rel: 23 Jan 17
Synth-themed Top Trumps card game
Notes: After the success of the original Vintage Synth Trumps game back in the early 2000's, we're pleased to announce the second edition, the imaginatively titled Vintage Synth Trumps 2.

Containing 52 classic synths, 12 categories, and specially commissioned images, Vintage Synth Trumps 2 is the perfect way for synth-nerds to test their own knowledge and settle synth arguments once and for all.

Playing is easy. Simply divide the cards between the number of players before taking it in turns to read aloud a statistic from your card.

For example, "Oberheim 8-voice - Desirability = 10 out of 10". Everyone then compares the card on the top of their hand and the highest scoring instrument in that category wins that round. The person who ends up with all of the opponent's cards via a combination of skill, knowledge and cunning, wins the game.

Vintage Synth Trumps 2, the perfect synth-fetishist's gift for birthdays, long flights, forum banter, pub quizzes, train journeys, annoying children and general showing-off.
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 More than 10 in stock $8.83
Vinyl Record Dominoes
Cat: 854515
This dominoes set puts a fun spin on the classic game, with pieces shaped like vinyl records
Notes: Have a play of this classic, rocking set of Vinyl Record Dominoes from Ridley's Games! The aim of the game is to have the lowest total score after 5 rounds. The color-coded dominoes represent a different points value, so count your score at the end to see if you're the winner! Packaged in a vinyl tin, it would make a great gift for any music lover.
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coming soon $11.61
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