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Electro vinyl represses and restocks
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616LAB 04
616LAB 04 (12")
Cat: 616LAB 04. Rel: 08 Feb 23
398 (5:29)
452 (5:02)
307 (5:19)
369 (4:40)
Played by: Mimi
 in stock $18.61
Dynamic Fluo
Cat: AFTG 01. Rel: 27 Oct 23
Dynamic Fluo (6:41)
Slide Ultrasound (6:05)
Pile Micro Trip (6:57)
Octopus Harmonics (5:55)
 in stock $16.53
Theme From Acid Pimp (B-STOCK)
Theme From Acid Pimp (B-STOCK) (limited hand-stamped triple 12")
Cat: FE 081. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Theme From Acid Pimp (10:37)
Top (9:02)
Invert (6:43)
Blister (9:15)
Bounce (7:13)
Creep (9:04)
Fever (7:14)
Crispy Toe (5:53)
Smoke (1:32)
Scratch (8:21)
Drop (5:25)
Flip (5:26)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Centre label misprint, product in excellent condition***

The mysterious Acid Pimp (variously also known as Tom Newman, although accounts differ) showcases their 'Theme', and in turn the ability to take a classic sound and twist it into something entirely wonky, rift-opening and reality-bending. Said mode is acid techno, and said twist is arm-burning. The eight-tracker ranges from quizzically hollow tunes like 'Top' to calm judderers like, yes, 'Crispy Toe', proving the sonic capabilities of a longstanding production madman. One of several new releases to come out after the Pimp returned to 'Acid Pimping' in 2019, we hope we get to hear even more sonic propositions of their ilk soon come.
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 in stock $48.51
No Future EP
No Future EP (limited 12")
Cat: PF 005. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Aline Umber - "Hypnotized" (feat Poggio) (5:09)
Juaan - "Talt" (5:51)
Ramez - "Devil Selectro" (5:39)
Plazeg - "German Physicist" (6:03)
Review: Poggio and Gabriel Belabbas' cheeky Positive Future label is back once again to bring some playful mischief to the contemporary electro-techno scene. This split release showcases some of the artists orbiting the label, kicking off in spooky style with Aline Umber's 'Hypnotized', which features a pitched down vocal from Poggio no less. Juaan's 'Talt' is equally steeped in B-movie freakery and tongue-in-cheek samples, while Ramez takes things deeper on bass-toting dirtbag joint 'Devil Selectro'. Plazeg finishes the record off with the scattershot bleep feast 'German Physicist', which has a whale of a time plying its own line in gleefully macabre club music.
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 in stock $16.53
Wireless Internet (reissue)
Cat: REC 5. Rel: 29 Oct 21
The Analyst (3:58)
Illuminated Displays (6:07)
I-Mode (2:31)
Wireframe Images (5:36)
P2101V (4:00)
NTT Docomo (4:38)
Software Version (5:14)
Devoid Of Wires (4:35)
Wireless Internet (5:48)
Review: Arpanet is Gerald Donald, the Detroit techno producer who is most famous for his work as Drexciya alongside the late great James Stinson. Following the reissue of his most essential 2006 album Inertial Frame, it is now Wireless Internet that gets served up afresh by the French label Record Makers. In the 19 years since the album first arrived - his first under the alias - nothing has dimmed its shine. The sound throughout is warm and futuristic, with bleeping melodies and bumping drums, silvery hits and a cyborg funk that defines everything Donald ever does. From the bright lights and optimism of 'Illuminated Displays' to the more down, dirty and rugged bass of 'NTT Docomo,' you do not want to sleep on this one.
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 in stock $29.11
Turn Up The Beat EP
Turn Up The Beat EP (12" limited to 280 copies)
Cat: BARRO 009. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Turn Up The Beat (5:54)
I Hope To Return (5:03)
New Day (3:45)
Wipeout (5:07)
Face To Face (5:20)
 in stock $17.82
Un Eclair Dans La Nuit EP
Cat: LDDLJ 008. Rel: 15 Nov 23
AV1 - "Meta2"
Fsk24 & Felix Dulac - "Un Eclair Dans La Nuit"
Fsk24 & Nils - "Toomai Des Elephants" (7:01)
Fsk24 & Solal Reyes - "Tongue Twister" (6:22)
Review: The twisted and trance-infused progressive techno sound of Les Disques De La Jungle is one we have been keen to hear more from, and here we have it: a new EP featuring some of the artists who have already dropped heat here. AV1 goes first with the crispy metal drums and warped synths of 'Meta2' then Fsk24 & Felix Dulac combine for the hammering tech-funk of 'Un Eclair Dans La Nuit' which would have been a Tyrant classic back in the day. Fsk24 then hooks up with Nils for the stomping and noen-lit jungle-tech of 'Toomai Des Elephants' before partnering with Solal Reyes for the tripped out but driving closer 'Tongue Twister'.
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 in stock $14.68
Globular Cluster EP
Cat: PARTOUT 1104. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Globular Cluster (6:10)
Overcompensate (5:53)
Acidy (6:35)
Striker (5:41)
Review: Partout is a perfect home for the latest sonic transmissions from Bohm. He is no stranger to exploring the outer edges of the minimal and techno universe and that's what he does here for the first moment the needle hits the record. 'Globular Cluster' is booming, deep, supple, mid tempo techno with far sighted chords and lashings of cosmic energy. 'Overcompensate' is a more bubbly and melodic with with tumbling synth patterns falling like rain before 'Acidy' layers up soft, meandering 303 lines over bumping drum funk. 'Striker' shuts down with some spaced out breakbeat blissfulness.
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Tags: Acid House
 in stock $15.20
Distances (hand-numbered marbled vinyl 2xLP + insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: 7VA 010. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Distant Planets
Cycle (part 1)
Parallel Night
Outpost (feat Ercos Blanka)
Cycle (part 2)
Near Future
Monotone (feat Vidall)
Cycle (part 3)
Cycle (part 4)
End Cycle
Review: Pablo Bolivar & Nacho Sanchez are deep smiths who know how to craft a well-rounded album. They do so here for the Seven Villas label with Distances, which travels far and wide into electro, ambient and techno fusions. Straight off the bat, 'Distant Planets' is a cinematic sound with widescreen pads and seductive electro rhythms. There is plenty of meaning and emotion in the pad work throughout this record whether in the downbeat dub sounds of 'Aquarium' or prickly electro-tech of 'Near Future'. Sophisticated stuff from front to back that comes almost a decade after the pair last worked together.
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 in stock $33.55
Jerman (12")
Cat: MER 008. Rel: 15 Dec 22
El Sardina (7:55)
Los Morsas (8:01)
Jerman (7:13)
Solia Ser (5:47)
 in stock $17.82
Oceanic Zones
Oceanic Zones (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SILR 001. Rel: 30 Dec 22
Euphotic Layer
Disphotic Layer
Aphotic Layer
Benthic Layer
Review: Oceanic Zones is a brand new album on a brand new label. CCO is the artist and the fledgling label is Silum which is brought to us from the Liechtenstein Alps via Zurich. This is a stylish electro outing with elastic chords and silky pads that all, we are told, explore 'the layers of the sea.' The A-side is the more cheerful and represents the light-flowed upper regions of the ocean while the flip side is where things get darker and more menacing, as you would expect as you head down to the ocean floor.
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Played by: Lexx, PHANTOM ISLAND
 in stock $19.41
Sins Of Synthesis (B-STOCK)
Cat: 156 DSR. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Charlatan (6:42)
Parallax (6:04)
Sector (7:02)
Fragile (6:27)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

Conforce and Delsin have long been entwined in a close musical relationship. Both are underground Dutch powerhouses who deal in fad-free, timeless electronic music. For this one, Conforce brings his deep and dubby brand of techno into the peak time slot. 'Charlatan' has punchy drum programming and squirrelling synth lines over hard hits, 'Parallax' is more atmospheric but just as full of sumptuous synth detail and 'Sector' goes dark and moody with menacing bass ringing out into a wide open space. 'Fragile' is a tripped out cosmic sound with bright melodies bring hope.
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 in stock $15.47
Maintain The Golden Ratio
Maintain The Golden Ratio (180 gram vinyl 12" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRESOR 313EP1. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Maintain (4:51)
The Golden Ratio (version) (4:44)
Review: Cybotron are best known as the early purveyors of electro as we know it, responsible for the genre's more mechanised incarnations from as early as the mid-1980s. Now, though, they "re-emerge in our contemporary cybercultural age when artifactual futures begin a transition into a new era of "Meta'", with two new tracks on Tresor, 'Maintain' and 'The Golden Ratio'. While this sentence might take some decoding, we're fain to speculate that it has something to do with the current mass-mediated zeitgeist centring on virtual reality and its implications for metaphysics, both of which right up Cybotron's street as concepts go. Something about the perturbed spirit of 2023 has awoken Juan Atkins and Laurens von Oswald from their decades-long slumber to produce this vocoded, deep-waving, technocult opus. We must figure out what!
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! low stock $16.26
La Noche Del Atomo (B-STOCK)
La Noche Del Atomo (B-STOCK) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PHLX 002. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Musica Electronica (1988) (7:10)
Psycho Dance (1989) (5:36)
La Voluntad De Dios (1987) (5:38)
Dr Rhythm (1990) (5:28)
Extasy Bondage (1991) (6:30)
Holbox (1990) (6:27)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

REPRESS ALERT!: Decada 2's musical and visual playfulness trailblazed the electronic scene in Mexico in the mid-80s. The project channels Mateo Lafontaine's luminous mind and otherworldly persona into an audible experience. The Mexican producer is a sonic alchemist, exploring and combining a multitude of electronic genres. The result - Mateo's interpretation of the club music zeitgeist.
2020 marked not only 35 years of Decada 2 but also the sudden passing of Mateo.
Philoxenia is proud to present Decada 2's first vinyl release, a testimony to the legacy of a pioneer of electronic music in Latin America. These remastered tracks showcase Mateo's unique take on EBM, proto-house and early rave sound, ranging from the mid-80s to the early 90s.

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out of stock $9.43
The Wandering Mind
The Wandering Mind (2xLP + insert)
Cat: ST 003. Rel: 30 Oct 23
The Wandering Mind (1:37)
Sonic Wave (5:21)
Am I Awake Or In My Mind? (5:21)
Watch Me (5:16)
Moments In Time (4:31)
Attention (1:39)
Superstitious (5:21)
Wave Scape (5:28)
Freaky Circles (5:28)
Television (5:04)
Shapeshifter (3:18)
Review: It is only a young label but Space Trace can already consider us fans. This new double pack The Wandering Mind is its third release and is another doozy. Eric OS is the man with the music and whoever has done the artwork also deserves plenty of credit. Across 11 cuts, the producer explores minimal, tech and house with a deft melodic touch and knack for pumping grooves full of warmth, heart and soul. The likes of 'Sonic Wave' with its bumping kicks will enliven any club, and 'Am I Awake Or In My Mind' then taps into some of the glossy disco energy of Metro Area's self-titled classic. When things slow down a touch such as on 'Moments In Time' they remain just as cosmic and captivating and harder moments like 'Freaky Circles' ensure things never grow stale or predictable.
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 in stock $34.88
Volume Ten
Cat: RGS 010. Rel: 10 Oct 23
Ethel - "Bleach" (6:14)
Tip Top - "Shiner" (5:57)
Apua - "Oxi Action" (feat Maserati) (5:52)
Denaila - "AmyJade" (6:55)
Tags: Tech House
 in stock $14.95
Babyrise Bluedreamers
Babyrise Bluedreamers (limited 12")
Cat: OB 0025. Rel: 25 Oct 23
Babyrise (8:17)
Bluedreamers (7:52)
Bluedreamers (ETI rework) (5:08)
Review: We know a rave/breakbeat EP from San Francisco when we see one, and are just as liable to get excited for it as you are. So strap in. The collaborative duo of two scene favourites Graeme McAllister, Eric James and Tim "Buna" Bibilla, E.T.I and Graeme first released 'Babyrise Bluedreamers' under the name 'Babyrise' way back in 1996, on their very own Oboro imprint which took after the infamous image of the ouroboros, i.e. serpent eating its own tail, as its logo. As much should be clear from such an image: this is an entheogenic breaks two-sider, with the opening 'Babyrise' working in vocal croaks and whispers between an energized rave pattern, and 'Bluedreamers' getting much slipperier with it, and its central twinge bass sounding like an alien spaceship hovering over the horizon.
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 in stock $14.42
Gaze EP
Gaze EP (12" in embossed sleeve)
Cat: OYSTER 54. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Gaze (6:46)
Fast Fall (6:15)
Affection Towards The Urban Environment (5:48)
Wavedash (6:21)
Review: Fresh from delivering a fantastic, club-focused album on Ninih (the robust 'Dwang'), Remco Hazewinkel AKA Eversines returns to Kalahari Oyster Cult for the first time in three years. He hits the ground running with opener 'Gaze', a moody and acid-saturated slab of nostalgic house-tempo techno full of foreboding motifs and psychedelic electronics, before wrapping winding TB-303 lines and dreamy pads around a rubbery bassline and elastic house beats on 'Fast Fall'. Over on the B-side, 'Affection Toward The Urban Environment' joins the dots between early 90s Dutch techno, Yorkshire bleep & bass and acid-flecked new beat, while 'Wavedash' is a bleep-sporting acid-electro shuffler that may well be the EP's standout moment.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $15.20
DDS 08
DDS 08 (limited 12")
Cat: DDS 08. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Filmmaker - "Cursed Lineage" (5:22)
Filmmaker - "Summonings" (2:51)
Filmmaker - "Evidence Ignorers" (5:18)
Petros Spatharos - "God's Vanity" (5:29)
Petros Spatharos - "Tropical Riot" (5:19)
Petros Spatharos - "Maneuver To Infinity" (4:40)
 in stock $14.16
Junto A Ti EP
Cat: CV 017. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Junto A Ti (6:31)
Junto A Ti (Gathaspar remix) (10:16)
Youknowhatimsayin'? (6:42)
Youknowhatimsayin'? (Gathaspar remix) (8:19)
Review: Louie Fresco is a firm fixture in Mexico's booming tech house scene these days, and as he continues to evolve as an artist we find him linking up with Curtea Veche for an EP which brings unmistakable Latin qualities into a club context. On the original of 'Junto A Ti', a freaky framework of twitchy percussion and looming bass builds in delicate formation around the vocal which defines the track. It's delightfully off-kilter and not a little reminiscent of the early days of Cadenza Records. 'Youknowhatimsayin?' is a more sprightly affair which leans on deft breakbeats and warped voices flinging in and out of the mix, not least some choice spots from the one and only J-Roc.
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 in stock $17.57
Acoustic Warfare
Acoustic Warfare (blue marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: N2MU 009. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Anti Submarine Warfare (5:08)
Sonar Pulses (3:59)
Cavitation Bubbles (3:05)
Acoustic Intelligence (4:37)
Low Frequency Analysis & Recording (4:23)
Magnetic Anomaly Detection (3:01)
Inside The Shadow Zone (4:11)
Underwater Soundscape (2:34)
Review: Visions of a haunting, maritime electro are conjured on Franck Kartell's latest for Noise To Meet You - fittingly dubbed Acoustic Warfare. Playing on themes that have gone hand-in-hand with the genre almost since its inception - and with the immense sonic power of certain subaquatic technologies, such as sonar, in mind - this is a minimal meander through endless submergent scapes and lowermost watery wonders. From 'Sonar Pulses' to 'Inside The Shadow Zone', the album plays off as if its beats were the inner workings of the craft we use to navigate them, while its the atmospheres evoke the lagoons, trenches and sea-floors that surround.
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 in stock $18.87
Flood The Club
Cat: SHAY 006. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Big Time Business (5:59)
Palmistry (5:05)
Magic Or Illusion (5:20)
Rain (6:26)
Protect The Flame (feat Sepehr) (5:02)
! low stock $15.20
Remixes (heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: 019029 6504761. Rel: 25 Mar 22
Non Stop (8:33)
Robotronik (Kling Klang mix) (4:53)
Robotnik (Kling Klang mix) (7:37)
Home Computer (2021 single edit) (4:45)
Radioactivity (William Orbit Hardcore remix - Kling Klang edit) (5:36)
Radioactivity (Francois Kervorkian 12" remix) (7:27)
Expo Remix (Kling Klang mix 2002) (5:40)
Expo Remix (Kling Klang mix 2001) (6:49)
Expo Remix (Orbital mix) (4:57)
Expo Remix (Francois K & Rob Rives mix) (7:21)
Expo Remix (DJ Rolando mix) (7:30)
Expo Remix (Underground Resistance mix) (3:58)
Expo Remix (UR Thought 3 mix) (2:43)
Aero Dynamik (Kling Klang Dynamix) (6:59)
Aero Dynamik (Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy Dynamik mix) (7:43)
Aero Dynamik (Francois K Aero mix) (7:50)
Tour De France (Etape 2) (4:58)
Aero Dynamik (Intelligent Design mix By Hot Chip) (8:34)
La Forme (King Of The Mountains mix By Hot Chip) (6:36)
Review: Originally released digitally two years ago and here finally available on wax, Krafwerk's Remixes pairs a swathe of vintage reworks (mostly from the '90s and early-to-mid-2000s) with a handful of surprise 2018 reworks from the legendary German band. In this latter category you'll find a fantastic, slowed-down take on 'Musique Non-Stop' and two versions of 'The Robots' based on their 21st century live versions. Other highlights include Orbital's weighty, club-ready revision of 'Expo 2000', an early '90s Francois K extension of The Mix remake of 'Radioactivity', superb Motor City techno takes on 'Expo 2000' from DJ Rolando and Underground Resistance, and two storming Hot Chip remixes of cuts from the Tour De France LP.
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 in stock $35.92
Michael Kuntzman
Cat: ML 2242. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Dixie Queen (with Madaline Collins - Stripped version) (6:07)
Jackin' (6:14)
Mystery (For Leo) (6:08)
Dixie Queen (with Madaline Collins - Dripped version) (6:05)
Review: Michael Kuntzman presents a uniquely odd but compelling EP for Alleviated Records, following up his split EP 'The Underground Files 1' from 2016. From opener 'Dixie Queen' to its closing 'Dripped Version', we hear four ultra-hazy, muddy wallops in Memphis house, as if to evoke the feeling of attending a local squat rave while pranged off your nut on sizzurp. Vocal elements pop out of the mix like shared, up-close-and-personal conversational slurrings with new acquaintances you've just met, but the tracks all nonetheless command a beautifully driving surrealism, the star example of which has to be 'Mystery For Leo'.
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! low stock $14.42
True Dayz For Confessing In Luv
Cat: EUDEMONIA 005. Rel: 06 Nov 19
True Dayz For Confessing In Luv (4:34)
Aced Theory Of All (5:29)
Electrocity (5:22)
Signals (4:29)
Found You (4:52)
Review: Music and intentions come together for a good cause. Southern Germany's Eudemonia was made with the intention of giving something back to society and supporting musical projects in conflict areas. For their fifth edition they've invited Russian producer Gennadiy Manzhos aka Low Tape, who's rocked up on labels such as X-Kalay, Furthur Electronix and Mechatronica in recent times. On "True Dayz For Confessing In Luv", feel the neon-lit vibes of the title track, booming electro-bass party starter "Aced Theory Of All" featuring some good ol' Sheffield-inspired bleep (and gnarly acid), and the Motor City melancholia of closer "Found You" which calls to mind legends like The Abstract Eye or Detroit Escalator Company. As if the above wasn't already good enough, all profits from this release will be donated to Musicians Without Borders. Get in!
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 in stock $12.57
First Album (reissue) (B-STOCK)
First Album (reissue) (B-STOCK) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NBLP 001. Rel: 04 Jan 90
Life On MTV (4:24)
Frank Sinatra (3:50)
Walk On By (5:18)
1982 (5:18)
Stock Exchange (5:46)
You & Us (6:15)
Flexibility (11:00)
L'Homme Dans L'Ombre (4:17)
Slow Track (2:58)
Nurse (5:16)
Stripper (4:59)
DJ Song (3:04)
Walking In The Sunshine (5:14)
Frank Sinatra 2001 (4:57)
The Beach (bonus track) (4:39)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

Nobody's Business re-release Kittin's first album, 'First Album', harkening to way back when the electroclash queen (Caroline Herve) formed one part of the duo Miss Kittin & The Hacker with Michael Amato. Perhaps it's time for an electroclash comeback, as we're no less keen on this album as we were back then. We're happily reminded of the hit popcorning single '1982', while between-the-beats coldness prevails on lesser-known cuts like 'Nurse' and 'L'Homme Dans L'Ombre', showing off the pair's near-sociopathically calculated sound. Also of note: this album's original release year, 2001, is to 2022 what 1982 was to it.

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 in stock $33.55
4 Da Streetz
Cat: 2TRKS 01. Rel: 05 Sep 23
Nulek & JJ Beteta - "4 Da Streetz"
Nulek - "108 Rooms"
Nulek & Telva - "Ano 3333"
Nulek - "Acid Ride"
 in stock $15.47
Trance Beckenbauer
Cat: THISBE 015. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Trance Beckenbauer
Putos Mosquitos
Congarella Di Luna
Analog Garbage
Putos Mosquitos (Inigo Vontier remix)
Congarella Di Luna (Zillas On Acid remix)
Review: If you were a fan, and wouldn't you be, of Blade Runner, then this new 12" from Oblako Maranta will be right up your street. 'Trance Beckenbauer' is the atmospheric open with futurist feels and rising synth arps that suggest drama is to come. There is more weight and rhythm to the dubby 'Putos Mosquitos' with its mosquito-style leads and rumbling bass and elsewhere things get more dark and menacing with the sound of malevolent robots in 'Congarella Di Luna' and pure paranoid dominates the mid-tempo chug of 'Analog Garbage.' Inigo Vontier adds a prying remix while Zillas On Acid keeps it trippy.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $18.87
Choral Feeling
Choral Feeling (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NOUSLP 007. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Wrens Joy (5:05)
Self Fulfilling (4:39)
Sing It To Happen (3:53)
KxT (4:51)
Cac/Cio (5:26)
Open Them Open (4:18)
Sunshine Dear (4:56)
C-Loli (4:02)
Even If I Lose Everything (3:58)
Who Comes Next (3:53)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan, Mimi
 in stock $25.70
Hypnotic Mindscapes Vol 3
Cat: HYPM 003. Rel: 08 Feb 23
Patamamba - "Igoon Of Blue" (5:23)
Cosmic JD - "Steam" (5:33)
Alex Picone - "Whywastewine" (6:42)
Jalil - "Technology" (4:28)
 in stock $18.61
Spaceclusterbuster EP
Cat: PLATA 002. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Clusterbuster (6:00)
Opposing Forces (5:46)
Stinger (5:32)
Dream Tears (6:49)
 in stock $15.47
Prang (12")
Cat: NMBRS 70. Rel: 17 May 23
Prang (feat Huerco S)
Sisu (feat Cucina Povera)
Review: Perko is one of those newer-school experimental artists whose fingers straddle many pies, but who nevertheless refuses to allow this inner tendency towards versatility to hold him back. The FELT label owner has welcomed artists as far-flung as Civilistjavel! to Moxie into his inner circle; and the fruits of this open-mindedness are more than translated into his latest EP for Glaswegian dance legends Numbers. 'Prang' errs on the side of playfulness, giving some hot seconds of pure danceable flavour. Huerco S lends his usually-texturally-rich addprod to the nominal A-sider, a rather impressive future-garage-acid cut that recalls some of Objekt's earlier stuff, while regular collaborator and mournful vocalist-producer Cucina Povera crops up on the ambient dub plunger-into-the-sound that is 'Sisu'.
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 in stock $14.16
Serious About Fun
Cat: RLD 001. Rel: 24 Mar 23
Roulade 3000 - "Poule Party" (7:49)
Occibel - "Let It Roll" (7:32)
Occibel - "National Anthem" (8:06)
Grinch - "Raccord" (6:20)
Review: If artwork was ever meant to be instructive for the musical contents inside, then Roulade have perfected the approach on their first release. A cute, sunny, cartoonish time awaits you inside these four tracks, where a kind of early 90s ecstatic mood spills forth from four crystal-clear productions. The artists responsible include Roulade 3000 and Occibel, and they all know exactly how to have a good time. The framework is tech house, but there's plenty of space for upbeat trance licks, speckles of acid and plenty more fun-instigating sonics to get you and your party people bouncing around with sheer delight.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $15.20
Takling Acid
Cat: CL 027. Rel: 30 May 22
Pharaoh Acid (4:02)
Frog Acid (4:07)
 in stock $7.09
ORBITAL 107 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: Orbital 107. Rel: 25 Oct 23
DNS Musik (6:31)
Programming Your Mind (4:26)
Endless Moments Of Beauty (5:47)
Memorable Nights (6:45)
Review: Maltese producer Sound Synthesis continues a wildly prolific run following not one but two albums dropped this year, not to mention another four EPs before this one. His Orbital Mechanics series has carried some of his most sharply focused electro workouts of the past two years and so it continues with this new care package from the dark side of the circuit board. 'DNS Musik' is a nightmarish electro-techno growler, while 'Programming Your Mind' has a sleeker approach without disrupting the eerie mood. 'Endless Moments Of Beauty' has a stronger melancholic tint to its expansive pads, and 'Memorable Nights' lays on some heavy-hearted emotional tones which offer a fine foil to the tougher demeanour of the A-side.
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De Nieuwe Golf
Cat: W 1016. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Geef Mij De Tijd
La Haya
Ruimtevaart Vooruit (2022 Refix)
Isla Inutile
Alles Is Weg
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Echoes From The Grave
Cat: MUPL 011. Rel: 03 Oct 23
Don't B Shy (Turn Around) (5:38)
I Wanna Suck Ur Dick (Long N Hard) (3:13)
Take Off Ur Clothes (3:20)
Take Off Ur Clothes (feat YBM - partiboi69 Cheek Spreading rework) (10:24)
Review: Toni Moralez is back with a new project by the name of Echoes From The Grave and it debuts on Mutual Pleasure with four tracks of murky underworld electro. 'Don't B Shy (Turn Around)' is pure sleaze. A dirty banger for dancefloor madness. 'I Wanna Suck Ur Dick (Long N Hard)' is a more lithe and bouncy cut with bright hooks buried below naughty vocals and hurried drums and then 'Take Off Ur Clothes' keeps the filth going with another highly potent electro groove overlaid with some urgent synth tension. 'Take Off Ur Clothes' (feat YBM - partiboi69 Cheek Spreading rework) is a slick and unrelenting minimal electro rhythm with real future charm.
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Face Four
Face Four (12")
Cat: COR 001. Rel: 27 Oct 23
Saboteurs (7:20)
Bosmang (7:06)
Toldya (7:09)
Say No To Yes (6:47)
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Soft Cuts
Soft Cuts (translucent red vinyl LP)
Cat: CIS 161. Rel: 23 Oct 23
From The Silence (2:41)
Prophylactics For Pterodactyls (3:50)
Mighty Mighty (3:23)
Ventolin (4:30)
The Fool (1:50)
Silver Moon (4:08)
Facemask (5:06)
Sometimes They Look At You (3:17)
Your Approval (4:47)
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Immortal Funk
Cat: LN 008. Rel: 03 Oct 23
Immortal Funk (5:28)
Karma (5:12)
Network Not Found (5:36)
Review: Limited Network's Max Watts has cooked up an EP here that has been written with a very specific use in mind - party rocking and DJ battle deployment. it is fair to say these timeless cuts tap into universal feel-good vibes with opener 'Immortal Funk' a perfectly acrobatic and supple wedge of techno funk. 'Karma' has icy drum machine sounds and 80s electro-funk overtones with bright digital synths and a killer bassline all ensuring you cannot help but move. 'Network Not Found' gets more weird and textured for the afters - the writing acid lines and gurgling dub undercurrents kept down only by a sneaking and cosmic lead synth.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
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For U
For U (12")
Cat: BAP 192. Rel: 02 Nov 23
For U (7:09)
Take Me Back (5:13)
Review: Zakmina is Lukas Zeringis, previously spotted on Futureboogie and Minimood, with his classy take on the modern tech house phenomenon. 'For U' sees the up and coming artist link up with Bordello A Parigi and go all-in on the trance tip. Playing out like it's peak time at Amnesia, the A-side is full of sentimental bombast which will keep that summer spirit running well into the winter months. On the B-side, 'Take Me Back' dishes out more of the melodic charm with a sly shot of electro in the rhythm section for good measure.
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Sense (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: VOI 030. Rel: 20 May 22
Aquarius (5:48)
Sense (4:43)
There Is No Light (4:53)
Esq (4:18)
F17th (4:10)
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