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Acc Sees Anti Static Slipmat (pair)
Cat: 671634 Rel: 24 Nov 17
2 x black anti-static slipmats
Notes: A fine felt slipmat containing carbon fibre designed to minimise static by discharging the record during play and enable dust particles to brush off easily afterwards. Pack of two.
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Acc Sees Anti Static Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloth (single)
Cat: 329213 Rel: 24 Sep 08
Anti-static record cleaning cloth
Notes: This 28.5cm x 21cm anti-static record cleaning cloth is ideal for taking care of your record collection. Soft brushed micro-fibre, lint free, designed to clean vinyl, CD's and DVD's. Removes dust, grease and static effectively with or without fluid.
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 5 in stock $5.56
Acc Sees Antistatic Stylus Cleaning Brush & Fluid
Cat: 289302 Rel: 30 Oct 07
Vinyl cleaning fluid with built-in applicator brush
Notes: Specially formulated anti static stylus cleaning fluid safely cleans thoroughly without leaving residue or static to maintain stylus response. With built in applicator brush for precise application. 20ml.
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Acc Sees Pro 7" Vinyl Record Case 100 (black)
Cat: 727018 Rel: 11 Apr 19
Robust lightweight aluminium carry case with stucco finish
Notes: Acc-Sees Pro Vinyl 45 Case (100) features a lightweight and robust aluminium design with a durable stucco finish creating a stylish and highly effective vinyl transport/storage solution. The fully lined and padded interior provides total protection to your 45/7" collection. Features a fully removable lid with egg crate foam for added protection and has secure lockable catches. Comfortably holds 100 x 7" records with a useful internal divider. Perfect protection for your 45's.
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Acc Sees Professional Vinyl Cleaning Kit
Cat: 717769 Rel: 23 Jan 19
Anti-static record cleaning kit
Notes: Complete vinyl care in a handy pack. Includes original anti-static products:

- Carbon Fibre Brush
- Record Cleaning Fluid (20ml)
- Stylus Cleaner (Fluid & Brush)
- Record Cleaning Cloth
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 6 in stock $16.42
Acc Sees Record Cleaning Fluid & Cloth (250ml)
Cat: 289288 Rel: 30 Oct 07
Non-abrasive cleaning fluid & microfibre cloth
Notes: Specially formulated record cleaning fluid to deeply clean between vinyl grooves and help prolong the life of the vinyl surface. Dries to eliminate static without smears. Microfibre lint free cloth supplied in lid. 250ml.
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