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A Charlie Brown Christmas (Soundtrack)
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Soundtrack) (translucent white marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: 724291 3. Rel: 14 Oct 22
O Tannenbaum (5:07)
What Child Is This (2:24)
My Little Drum (3:10)
Linus & Lucy (3:06)
Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental) (6:04)
Christmas Time Is Here (vocal) (2:46)
Skating (2:24)
Hark, The Herald Angels Sing (1:55)
Christmas Is Coming (3:25)
Fur Elise (1:05)
The Christmas Song (3:18)
Greensleeves (5:28)
Review: Whether you're reading this and thinking Christmas seems a way off, or here because there's a next day delivery and time is ticking, A Charlie Brown Christmas is quite possibly one of the most exquisite scores to the silly season you're likely to come across. Better yet, it's a complete curveball, with this Peanuts cartoon score hardly topping the list when it comes to famous Yuletide music.

Sophisticated stuff, imagine slow drinks in a late night jazz bar. Surprisingly sexy, refined, laidback to the point where you can almost see flames dancing in a fireplace, and shadows licking at the walls. Of course, we do get 'Hark, The Herald Angels Sing' and 'Christmas Time Is Here', taking us back to the best parts of school age winters gone by, both delivered via vocal choirs. But, overall, this is a truly tasteful example of how to do festive well.
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 in stock $29.45
La La Land (Soundtrack)
Cat: B 002631201. Rel: 21 Nov 21
Cast - "Another Day Of Sun" (3:44)
Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno, Jessica Rothe - "Someone In The Crowd" (4:18)
Justin Hurwitz - "Mia & Sebastian's Theme" (1:38)
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone - "A Lovely Night" (3:55)
Justin Hurwitz - "Herman's Habit" (1:51)
Ryan Gosling - "City Of Stars" (1:47)
Justin Hurwitz - "Planetarium" (4:20)
Justin Hurwitz - "Summer Montage/Madeline" (2:04)
Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone - "City Of Stars" (2:28)
John Legend - "Start A Fire" (3:11)
Justin Hurwitz - "Engagement Party" (1:27)
Emma Stone - "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" (3:45)
Justin Hurwitz - "Epilogue/The End" (7:55)
Justin Hurwitz - "City Of Stars (Humming)" (feat Emma Stone) (2:44)
Review: It looks like Damien Chazelle, the young, impressive director of Whiplash and the more recent La La Land, likes to surround himself with equally talented youngsters. For the latter film, he's chosen Justin Hurwitz to compose the score for his successful musical featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and we have to say that this is a real keeper. There's a bit of everything in here, a little vintage pop, some classical elements here and there, but jazz is what's at the core of this original score, and that's why we think it's great. What's more, you can listen to Gosling and Stone sing on your turntables. Check it out.
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 in stock $27.34
Interstellar (Soundtrack) (Expanded Edition)
Interstellar (Soundtrack) (Expanded Edition) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 4xLP (side 8 etched) + insert)
Cat: 194397 96471. Rel: 19 Mar 21
Dreaming Of The Crash (1:56)
Cornfield Chase (2:01)
Dust (5:36)
Day One (3:06)
Stay (5:16)
Message From Home (1:35)
The Wormhole (1:27)
Mountains (3:38)
Afraid Of Time (2:30)
A Place Among The Stars (3:27)
Running Out (1:56)
I'm Going Home (5:47)
Coward (8:28)
Detach (6:22)
STAY (6:01)
Where We're Going (7:25)
First Step (1:48)
Flying Drone (1:47)
Atmospheric Entry (1:07)
No Need To Come Back (4:29)
Imperfect Lock (6:54)
No Time For Caution (3:34)
What Happens Now? (1:45)
Who's They? (7:06)
Murph (11:06)
Organ Variation (5:07)
Tick-Tock (6:03)
Day One (original demo) (3:39)
Day One Dark (6:22)
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (1:29)
 in stock $44.16
Frozen (Soundtrack)
Frozen (Soundtrack) (zoetrope picture disc LP)
Cat: 875413 8. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Cast Frozen - "Frozen Heart" (1:46)
Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn & Katie Lopez - "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" (3:07)
Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel - "For The First Time In Forever" (3:49)
Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana - "Love Is An Open Door" (2:06)
Idina Menzel - "Let It Go" (3:37)
Jonathan Groff - "Reindeer(S) Are Better Than People" (0:47)
Josh Gad - "In Summer" (1:49)
Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel - "For The First Time In Forever" (reprise) (2:20)
Maia Wilson & Cast Frozen - "Fixer Upper" (2:59)
Demi Lovato - "Let It Go" (Demi Lovato version) (3:42)
Review: A cinematic sensation and an instant classic and record breaker, Disney's animated movie 'Frozen' celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year with this special zoetrope double picture disc featuring scenes from one of the, now, most iconic movies of all time moving before your eyes. Included is, of course, Idina Menzel's award-winning score 'Let it Go' which charted around the world and wormed its way into the ears of parents to this day. Not to be slept on, though, is Demi Lovato's rendition that plays over the credits sequence or 'Fixer Upper', the jovial chorus musical number.The perfect Christmas gift for the fan in your life, and trust us, there is statistically one somewhere, no matter how old.
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 in stock $31.02
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Soundtrack)
Cat: FAN 8431. Rel: 09 Nov 21
O Tannenbaum
What Child Is This
My Little Drum
Linus & Lucy
Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental)
Christmas Time Is Here (vocal)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Christmas Is Coming
Fur Elise
The Christmas Song
 in stock $27.09
Call Me By Your Name (Soundtrack) (Deluxe Edition)
Call Me By Your Name (Soundtrack) (Deluxe Edition) (limited numbered gatefold 180 gram audiophile purple vinyl 2xLP + poster + insert)
Cat: MOVATM 184P. Rel: 12 Sep 23
John Adams - "Hallelujah Junction - 1st Movement" (7:10)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - "MAY In The Backyard" (4:25)
Loredana Berte - "J'Adore Venise" (4:07)
Bandolero - "Paris Latino" (4:02)
Frank Glazer - "Sonatine Bureaucratique " (3:47)
Alessio Bax - "Zion Hort Die Wachter Singen" (5:03)
Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito - "Lady Lady Lady" (4:13)
Andre Laplante - "Une Barque Sur L'Ocean" (6:59)
Sufjan Stevens - "Futile Devices" (Doveman remix) (2:14)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Germination" (2:09)
FR David - "Words" (3:27)
Marco Armani - "E La Vita" (4:10)
Sufjan Stevens - "Mystery Of Love" (4:07)
Franco Battiato - "Radio Varsavia" (4:07)
The Psychedelic Furs - "Love My Way" (3:33)
Valeria Szervanszky & Ronald Cavaye - "Le Jardin Feerique" (3:02)
Sufjan Steven - "Visions Of Gideon" (4:07)
Review: For many young film lovers today, Call Me By Your Name might have just been their first ever experience of homosexuality represented on film. It also put heartthrob Timothee Chalamet on the map, so it's not a film without its dues owed to it. Few still know of the star-studded cast of soundtrack pieces cobbled together for the film, in some cases commissioned, in others licensed from prior recordings. Notably, original compositions from the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Ryuichi Sakamoto make up the atmospheric bulk of it, largely centring on hauntingly beautiful piano pieces tempered by transitional voices and well-controlled rooms. Elsewhere come a smattering of romantic, synthy, Euro classics from FR David's 'Words' Franco Battatio's 'Radio Varsavia'.
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 in stock $42.07
Spectrum (Soundtrack)
Cat: FLIES 62. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Skipass (5:39)
Voxson (4:32)
Studio 70 (4:49)
Killing (4:21)
Synthporn (4:23)
Blitz (3:51)
Redemption (4:01)
Review: .The last full length we had from Federico Amorosi and Valerio Lombardozzi, AKA Dressel Amorosi, was a pretty scary place to spend time. Themed around late-mid-20th Century Italian horror movies (see: Dario Argento), the record paid homage to the iconic sounds of that culture, but also refused to simply rehash the past. An atmospheric, spine-tingling collection of suspenseful synth-first stuff, it also benefited from landing around the same time as a new Stranger Things series. A year on and things are now on a slightly less tense route. Spectrum is still looking to offer thanks to the Italian film industry as was a few decades back - specifically for gifting us so many amazing soundtracks. But this time round we're much closer to the glam and glitz of a Roma Italo party than anything like the Upside Down, while still packing depth and atmosphere.
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 in stock $29.45
Love Actually (20th Anniversary Edition) (Soundtrack)
Love Actually (20th Anniversary Edition) (Soundtrack) (gatefold translucent red & clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 583835 2. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Girls Aloud - "Jump (For My Love)" (3:39)
Sugababes - "Too Lost In You" (4:11)
Kelly Clarkson - "The Trouble With Love Is" (3:40)
Dido - "Here With Me" (4:10)
Billy Mack - "Christmas Is All Around" (3:48)
Norah Jones - "Turn Me On" (2:33)
Eva Cassidy - "Songbird" (3:43)
Maroon 5 - "Sweetest Goodbye" (4:29)
The Calling - "Wherever You Will Go" (3:28)
Texas - "I'll See It Through" (3:56)
Joni Mitchell - "Both Sides Now" (5:43)
Otis Reading - "White Christmas" (3:06)
Wyclef Jean - "Take Me As I Am" (feat Sharissa) (4:17)
Olivia Olson - "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (3:27)
The Beach Boys - "God Only Knows" (2:48)
Lynden David Hall - "All You Need Is Love" (3:29)
Gabrielle - "Sometimes" (3:48)
Craig Armstrong - "Glasgow Love Theme" (2:04)
Craig Armstrong - "PM's Love Theme" (2:13)
Craig Armstrong - "Portuguese Love Theme" (3:06)
 in stock $36.81
A Symphonic Celebration: Music From The Studio Ghibli Films Of Hayao Miyazaki (Soundtrack)
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind (8:34)
Kiki’s Delivery Service (10:39)
Princess Mononoke (7:26)
The Wind Rises (6:14)
Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea (9:36)
Castle In The Sky (5:29)
Porco Rosso (8:38)
Howl’s Moving Castle (7:57)
Spirited Away (7:30)
My Neighbor Totoro (8:31)
Review: Joe Hisiashi's incredible career as the scorer for all of Studio Ghibli's animated films (among other endeavours) has lent him an almost godlike status in the world of film music composition. Now, what better way to celebrate is there than to have him stop by for a unique 'versions' release of all the main themes from his scored films, and release them on a well-known indie label? A Symphonic Celebration hears Hisiashi revisit and recompose all the main themes from the likes of The Wind Rises, Mononoke and Spirited Away, putting fresh ears on his spirited, lifelong collaboration with director Hayao Miyazaki.
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 in stock $36.81
The Greatest Harry Potter Film Music Collection (Soundtrack)
Hedwig's Theme (4:52)
Harry's Wondrous Worlds (5:01)
Christmas At Hogwarts (1:47)
Leaving Hogwarts (2:20)
Double Trouble (2:51)
A Window To The Past (3:42)
Harry In Winter (3:09)
Professor Umbridge (2:44)
Dumbledore's Farewell (2:15)
Obliviate (2:50)
Lily's Theme (2:17)
 in stock $22.88
Interstellar (Soundtrack)
Interstellar (Soundtrack) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile purple vinyl 2xLP in rainbow-laminate sleeve + booklet)
Cat: MOVATM 023P. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Dreaming Of The Crash
Cornfield Chase
Day One
Message From Home
The Wormhole
Afraid Of Time
A Place Among The Stars
No Time For Caution
Running Out
Where We're Going
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Review: You don't have to be a film score obsessive to recognise the name of Hans Zimmer; the man who has practically created a monopoly out of the craft. While his work on the recent Denis Villeneuve adaptations of Dune has currently ended his creative partnership with auteur filmmaker Christopher Nolan (who has since enlisted the exceptional Ludwig Goransson in his stead), during their collaborative tenure, no particular score garnered the adoration and passionate praise that still continues to be heaped upon 2014's sci-fi spectacle Interstellar. Featuring some of Zimmer's most mercurial work to date, swaying from lilting hues of delicacy to bombastic, palpable, otherworldly dread, without ever veering into alienating sonics; the pieces still receives copious applause, instigate enthralling discussion and continue to be repressed to vinyl. In short, the Interstellar score is the outlier soundtrack for every collector.
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 in stock $41.01
2001: A Space Odyssey (Soundtrack)
2001: A Space Odyssey (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 700180. Rel: 29 Mar 23
Also Sprach Zarathustra (1:48)
Requiem For Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, 2 Mixed Choirs & Orchestra (4:05)
Lux Aeterna (6:00)
The Blue Danube (7:01)
Gayaneh Ballet Suite (Adagio) (5:12)
Atmospheres (8:26)
The Blue Danube (3:31)
Also Sprach Zarathustra (2:15)
Review: Where do you start with this one? Stanley Kubrick's landmark science fiction movie might be best remembered for its soundtrack. Or at least the opening overture, 'Also Spruce Zarathustra', and its bombastic drums and brass that seem to scream "we're going to space and into the unknown". However, as the original score proves upon reappraisal, there's much here that you likely won't remember until you hear it again.
Not least the terrifying, shrill chorus of 'Requiem for Soprano', which almost sounds like humanity crying out for help across the great endless nothing we call the universe. Elsewhere, we have the strange, alien refrains of 'Lux Antena', which invokes similarly fitting mental imagery - spareness, desolation, a singular beacon of noise in the darkness. Or the nervous tension of 'Atmospheres'. A testament to the power of music to make you visualise.
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 in stock $24.18
Cowboy Bebop (Soundtrack)
Cowboy Bebop (Soundtrack) (gatefold purple marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 194397 87681. Rel: 30 Mar 22
Tank! (3:32)
Rush (3:34)
Pokey Dokey (4:04)
Bad Dog No Biscuits (4:11)
Cat Blues (2:38)
Cosmos (1:34)
Space Lion (7:11)
Waltz For Zizi (3:29)
Piano Black (2:48)
Pot City (2:13)
Too Good Too Bad (2:34)
Car 24 (2:48)
The Egg & I (2:41)
Felt Tip Pen (2:41)
Rain (3:22)
Digging My Potato (2:17)
Memory (1:42)
What Planet Is This? (2:44)
Diamonds (3:58)
Mushroom Hunting (3:20)
Einstein Groovin' (6:29)
Pearls (4:31)
Review: The Cowboy Bebop was an anime series that was much loved for its soundtrack albums by Japanese composer and instrumentalist Yoko Kanno and his band the Seatbelts. The sounds were weird and wonderful affairs that made odd connections between seemingly disparate worlds - jazz, rock, J-pop and electronic, often with a curious aesthetic. Just this year, Kanno has returned to soundtracking the series on Netflix so this reissue is sure to connect with fans old and new. It is largely instrumental, with big band pieces next to more ambient passages and extensive alto sax deployment. As far as cult records go, this one is right up there.
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 in stock $29.45
Yo Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone
Yo Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MOVATM 075. Rel: 29 Mar 16
Gabriel's Oboe (2:18)
The Falls (3:12)
The Legend Of 1900: Playing Love (1:47)
Cinema Paradiso: Nostalgia (2:01)
Cinema Paradiso: Looking For You (1:36)
Malena (main theme) (4:42)
A Pure Family (main theme) (3:23)
Once Upon A Time In America: Deborah's Theme (0:01)
Once Upon A Time In America: Cockeye's Song (3:06)
Once Upon A Time In America (main theme) (4:07)
Once Upon A Time In The West (main theme) (1:23)
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Ecstasy Of Gold (2:38)
Casualities Of War (main theme) (3:50)
The Untouchables: Death Theme (1:48)
Moses: Journey (1:17)
Moses (main theme) (4:40)
Marco Polo (main theme) (3:10)
Dinner (4:12)
Nocturne (2:05)
 in stock $31.54
Interstellar (Soundtrack)
Interstellar (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP + 4 page booklet)
Cat: MOVATM 023. Rel: 12 Mar 15
Dreaming Of The Crash (3:52)
Cornfield Chase (2:05)
Dust (5:39)
Day One (3:17)
Message From Home (1:41)
Stay (6:51)
The Wormhole (1:30)
Afraid Of Time (2:30)
A Place Among The Stars (3:28)
No Time For Caution (4:01)
Murph (11:16)
Detach (6:41)
Running Out (2:00)
Tick Tock (8:15)
Where We're Going (7:35)
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (1:33)
 in stock $30.24
Live In Prague
Live In Prague (gatefold 180 gram purple vinyl 4xLP)
Cat: 879975. Rel: 05 Jun 20
Opening Medley: Driving (4:48)
Discombobulate (2:51)
Zoosters Breakout (4:21)
Crimson Tide (3:05)
160 BPM (4:35)
The Wheat (2:39)
The Battle (3:32)
Elysium (4:40)
Now We Are Free (1:57)
Chavaliers De Sangreal (4:11)
Circle Of Life (Prelude) (0:43)
King Of Pride Rock (reprise) (6:38)
Captain Jack Sparrow (1:24)
One Day (2:54)
Up Is Down (5:01)
He's A Pirate! (2:41)
You're So Cool (2:09)
Main Theme (4:17)
What Are You Going To Do When You're Not Saving The World (4:58)
Journey To The Line (6:21)
The Electro Suite (5:22)
Why So Serious? (3:01)
Like A Dog Chasing Cars (2:30)
Why Do We Fall? (3:45)
Introduce A Little Anarchy (1:59)
The Fire Rises (1:55)
Aurora (5:56)
Day One (3:27)
Cornfield Chase (3:31)
No Time For Caution (1:21)
Stay (4:20)
Half Remembered Dream (1:38)
Dream Is Collapsing (2:11)
Mombasa (4:52)
Time (5:07)
 in stock $46.27
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Soundtrack) (Gold Foil Edition)
A Charlie Brown Christmas (Soundtrack) (Gold Foil Edition) (heavyweight vinyl LP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: 724102 8. Rel: 16 Sep 22
O Tannenbaum (5:07)
What Child Is This (2:24)
My Little Drum (3:10)
Linus & Lucy (3:06)
Christmas Time Is Here (instrumental) (6:04)
Christmas Time Is Here (vocal) (2:46)
Skating (2:24)
Hark, The Herald Angels Sing (1:55)
Christmas Is Coming (3:25)
Fur Elise (1:05)
The Christmas Song (3:18)
Greensleeves (5:28)
Review: A Charlie Brown Christmas is a stone cold classic Christmas album that now comes with a specially festive gold sleeve. What's here has the air of a sophisticated evening spent enjoying slow drinks in a late night jazz bar. It's sexy and refined stuff, laidback to the point where you can almost see the flames in the fireplace, resulting shadows dancing off the walls. Yes, 'Skating' is far more uptempo, and both 'Hark, The Herald Angels Sing' and 'Christmas Time Is Here' take us to school age Yuletide plays with their vocal choirs. But, on the whole, this might be the most tasteful festive album we'll ever get. So dig in.
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 in stock $28.39
A Symphonic Celebration: Music From The Studio Ghibli Films Of Hayao Miyazaki (Soundtrack)
Cat: 489876 9. Rel: 28 Sep 23
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind (14:13)
Kiki’s Delivery Service (4:54)
Princess Mononoke (4:10)
The Wind Rises (9:14)
Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea (9:30)
Castle In The Sky (5:24)
Porco Rosso (11:37)
Howl’s Moving Castle (4:53)
Spirited Away (7:18)
My Neighbor Totoro (8:25)
Review: The original soundtracks made by Studio Ghibli's great in-house composer Joe Hisiashi have made an enduring impact on the world of contemporary classical music and film soundtracks. But while a longstanding reissues campaign of all the original OSTs for Hayao Miyazaki's films is still underway, this brand new LP by the composer for Deutsche Grammophon might catch you off guard, as it did for us. This new LP hears the composer reperform and reinterpret each star theme from most of the set of Ghibli films so far, hearing him work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London (of all troupes) to produce the best rendition of his compositions yet.
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 in stock $46.80
Hereditary (Soundtrack)
Hereditary (Soundtrack) (gatefold gold vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MIL 881474. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Funeral (2:37)
Mothers & Daughters (3:23)
Brother & Sister (2:59)
Charlie (5:15)
Party Crash (4:57)
Mourning (4:10)
Aftermath (4:20)
Seance/Sleepwalking (4:38)
Second Seance (part 1) (0:53)
Second Seance (part 2) (0:41)
Second Seance (part 3) (1:13)
Classroom (2:07)
Dreaming (2:28)
Book Burning (1:42)
Joanie (1:41)
Get Out (1:21)
Leights Things (5:48)
Steve (2:15)
Peter (5:36)
Chasing Peter (3:14)
The Attic (1:09)
Reborn (4:56)
Hail Paemons (0:46)
Review: Canadian saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and frequent collaborator of Arcade Fire, Bon Iver and most recently post-metal juggernauts Cult Of Luna; Colin Stetson isn't your standard film composer, nor is 2018's cerebral psychological family horror Hereditary your standard frightfest. Stetson's droning brass and avant-garde compositions may add layers of mercurial dread to filmmaker Ari Aster's bleak visuals but when isolated, the pieces take on entirely new life of caustic, crawling atmospherics which swell to nauseating degrees before spiralling into frenzies of twisted modern classical imbued jazz, complete with bursts of warped brass and psychotic strings coalescing into truly hellish soundscapes.
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 in stock $38.91
Bloodborne (Soundtrack)
Bloodborne (Soundtrack) (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: LMLP 017. Rel: 13 Sep 19
Omen (2:05)
The Night Unfurls (2:04)
Hunter's Dream (3:28)
The Hunter (3:24)
Cleric Beast (3:03)
Blood-Starved Beast (4:41)
Watchers (3:10)
Hail The Nightmare (2:52)
Darkbeast (4:57)
The Witch Of Hemwick (3:39)
Rom, The Vacuous Spider (3:31)
Moonlit Melody (3:27)
The One Reborn (3:31)
Micolash, Nightmare Host (3:42)
Queen Of The Vilebloods (3:52)
Soothing Hymn (2:02)
Celestial Emissary (2:53)
Ebrietas, Daughter Of The Cosmos (3:56)
The First Hunter (5:11)
Moon Presence (2:43)
Bloodborne (2:35)
! low stock $28.93
Submarine (10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: RUG 398T. Rel: 31 Mar 11
Stuck On The Puzzle (intro)
Hiding Tonight
Glass In The Park
It's Hard To Get Around The Wind
Stuck On The Puzzle
Piledriver Waltz
 in stock $14.46
DOOM (Soundtrack)
DOOM (Soundtrack) (heavyweight red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LMLP 012. Rel: 27 Jul 18
I DOGMA (0:47)
Rip & Tear (4:14)
At Doom's Gate (1:12)
Rust, Dust & Guts (7:39)
Hellwalker (5:07)
Flesh & Metal (6:58)
Authorization: Olivia Pierce (2:17)
Ties That Bind (2:04)
Dr Samuel Hayden (4:08)
Argent Energy (2:28)
BFG Division (8:18)
Biowaves (2:22)
Transitor Fist (6:08)
IV DOOM (1:42)
Damnation (6:40)
Olivia's Doom (Chad Mossholder remix) (4:38)
UAC Report File; SHTO36U3 (3:05)
6_idkill.vega.cih (Chris Hite remix) (1:32)
 in stock $28.93
Minari (Soundtrack)
Minari (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile blue vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVATM 321LAF. Rel: 15 Jul 21
Intro (1:25)
Jacob & The Stone (1:35)
Big Country (2:06)
Garden Of Eden (1:36)
Rain Song (2:06)
Grandma Picked A Good Spot (3:28)
Halmeoni (1:24)
Jacob's Prayer (1:34)
Wind Song (2:42)
Birdslingers (1:52)
Oklahoma City (1:08)
Minari Suite (3:47)
You'll Be Happy (0:52)
Paul's Antiphony (1:54)
Find It Every Time (1:57)
Outro (2:21)
 in stock $8.94
Yellow Submarine Songtrack
Cat: 521 4811. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Yellow Submarine
Hey Bulldog
Eleanor Rigby
Love You Too
All Together Now
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Think For Yourself
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
With A Little Help From My Friends
Baby You're A Rich Man
Only A Northern Song
All You Need Is Love
When I'm Sixty Four
Nowhere Man
It's All Too Much
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Wipe Out: The Zero Gravity (Soundtrack)
Cat: LPS PS14. Rel: 14 Nov 23
WipE'out (intro) (1:10)
Hakapik Murder (4:07)
Messij (5:15)
Canada (6:12)
Tenation (2:42)
DOH-T (5:15)
Trancevaal (5:14)
Surgeon (4:06)
Cairodrome (5:17)
Body In Motion (5:14)
Cardinal Dancer (5:21)
Cold Comfort (5:05)
Kinkong (4:30)
Operatique (5:18)
Plasticity (3:55)
Messij (extended) (9:20)
Argon (0:29)
Phloem (0:25)
Xenon (0:36)
Xylem (0:26)
WipEout (intro - U-Ziq remix) (3:33)
DOH-T (Wordcolour remix) (6:07)
Xylem (Brainwaltzera remix) (4:42)
Canada (James Shinra remix) (6:59)
Messij (Kode9 remix) (3:59)
Trancevaal (Simo Cell remix) (4:48)
Cairodrome (Surgeons Girl remix) (4:15)
Messij (Datassette remix) (5:00)
Review: An especially astute 90s throwback comes in the form of this Lapsus Records reissue of Cold Storage's 'wipE'out' - The Zero Gravity' soundtrack. Cold Storage is the one-time moniker of Welsh game musician Tim Wright, whose original pieces making up this work - the OST for the nominal, lightning-fast futuristic racing game - come amidst well-known soundtrack curations a-la Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers and Orbital. But it's Wright's work that is most novel here, centring on accelerated notes of drum & bass and the pure synth rush of trance; the kinds of sonic signifiers that production newcomers know, love and constantly rehash today.
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The Complete Harry Potter Film Music Collection
Cat: DF 001. Rel: 29 Nov 19
Hedwig's Theme (4:52)
Harry's Wondrous World (5:02)
Numbus 2000 (2:23)
Christmas At Hogwarts (1:47)
Leaving Hogwarts (2:20)
Fawkes The Phoenix (3:35)
The Chamber Of Secrets (4:15)
Gilderoy Lockhart (2:01)
Dobby The House Elf (4:26)
Cakes For Crabble & Goyle (3:01)
Reunion Of Friends (5:43)
Aunt Marge's Waltz (2:22)
The Knight Bus (2:54)
Double Trouble (2:54)
A Widow To The Past (3:47)
Witches, Wands & Wizards (3:23)
Mischief Managed/A Window To The Past/Buckbeak's Flight (9:06)
Quidditch World Cup/Foreign Visitors Arrive (2:34)
The Golden Egg (6:48)
Nevil's Waltz (2:23)
Harry In Winter (3:13)
Potter Wqaltz (2:28)
Black Lake (5:29)
Hogwarts March (2:55)
Another Year Ends (2:20)
Hogwarts Hymn (2:56)
A Journey To Hogwarts (3:42)
Professor Umbridge (2:45)
Sirius Deception/Dumbledore's Army (5:34)
Flight Of The Order Phoenix (1:32)
Loved Ones & Leaving (4:11)
Dumbledore's Farewell (2:14)
Obliviate (2:56)
Lily's Theme (2:17)
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Doctor Who: Revenge Of The Cybermen (Soundtrack)
Track 1 (part 1)
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8 (part 2)
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
Track 16
Track 17
Track 18
Track 19
Track 20
Track 21
Track 22
Track 23 (part 3)
Track 24
Track 25
Track 26
Track 27
Track 28
Track 29
Track 30
Track 31
Track 32
Track 33
Track 34 (part 4)
Track 35
Track 36
Track 37
Track 38
Track 39
Track 40
Track 41 (alternative & Cues Synthesiser Cues part 1 & part 2)
Track 42
Track 43
Track 44
Track 45
Track 46
Track 47
Track 48
Track 49
Track 50
Track 51
Track 52
Track 53
Track 54
Track 55 (alternative & Cues Synthesiser Cues part 3)
Track 56
Track 57
Track 58
Track 59
Track 60
Track 61
Track 62
Track 63
Track 64
Track 65
Track 66
Track 67
Track 68 (bonus tracks)
Track 69
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Musique Classee X
Musique Classee X (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + exercise book)
Cat: 4251648410171. Rel: 20 Dec 18
Marie-Jeanne Astique Le Pont (5:38)
Post Scriptum Post Coitum (8:26)
Annie A Le Vent En Croupe (3:19)
Kikumi, Paravent Et Par Derriere (3:52)
Partenaires Particulieres Pour Parties Fines (2:06)
Go Go Go Reggae (4:45)
Birgit Et Le Male Du Pays (3:23)
Juliette, Decoincee Dans L'ascenseur (2:18)
Played by: Manu Archeo
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The Nightmare Before Christmas (Soundtrack)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 873484 4. Rel: 17 Feb 17
Overture (1:47)
Opening (0:57)
This Is Halloween (3:14)
Jack's Lament (3:14)
Doctor Finklestein/In The Forest (2:35)
What's This? (3:04)
Town Meeting Song (3:00)
Jack & Sally Montage (5:17)
Jack's Obsession (2:46)
Kidnap The Sandy Claws (3:02)
Making Christmas (4:01)
Nabbed (3:04)
Oogie Boogie's Song (3:16)
Sally's Song (1:47)
Christmas Eve Montage (4:44)
Poor Jack (2:31)
To The Rescue (3:36)
Finale/Reprise (2:44)
Closing (1:25)
End Title (3:54)
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Music For Film (Soundtrack)
Music For Film (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold yellow & black splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1524YB. Rel: 13 Jun 23
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
Endr Oll
The Sheltering Sky Main Theme
High Heels Main Theme
Wild Palms Main Theme
Snake Eyes Main Theme (long version)
Bibo No Aozora
Small Hope
Yae No Sakura Opening Theme
The Revenant Main Theme
Review: Silva Screen Records return to their mammoth compilation project paying tribute to the late Ryuichi Sakamoto, former member of Yellow Magic Orchestra and later acclaimed film scorer: for such blockbusters as Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, The Sheltering Sky and The Last Emperor. 'Music For Film' features star motifs from Sakamoto's back catalogue of film scores, and are all performed by the Brussels Philharmonic under the baton of Dirk Brosse. This version comes to black and white splattered vinyl.
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Singin' In The Rain (Soundtrack)
Singin' In The Rain (Soundtrack) (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 579423. Rel: 01 Aug 18
Main Title/Singin' In The Rain (1:44)
Fit As A Fiddle (& Ready For Love) (1:42)
All I Do Is Dream Of You (1:27)
Make 'Em Laugh (3:18)
Beautiful Girl Montage (0:59)
Beautiful Girl (3:20)
You Were Meant For Me (4:42)
You Are My Lucky Star (3:40)
Moses (3:07)
Good Morning (4:17)
Singin' In The Rain (4:54)
Would You? (2:59)
Broadway Melody Ballet (13:16)
Would You?/End Title (1:34)
Singin' In The Rain #2 (1:31)
Finale (1:51)
Singin' In The Rain (2:14)
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Un Homme Et Une Femme (Soundtrack) (remastered)
Cat: PL 2312529LP. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Un Homme Et Une Femme (Orchestra) (2:43)
Samba Saravah (4:33)
Aujourd'hui C'est Toi (Chant) (2:10)
Un Homme Et Une Femme (Chant) (2:40)
Plus Fort Que Nous (Orchestra) (3:20)
Aujourd'hui C'est Toi (Orchestra) (2:34)
A L'ombre De Nous (Chant) (4:49)
Plus Fort Que Nous (Chant) (3:45)
A 200 A L'heure (Orchestra) (2:30)
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Ghost In The Shell (Soundtrack)
Cat: WRWTFWW 017. Rel: 10 Jul 17
M01 I - Making Of Cyborg (4:19)
M02 Chosthack (5:14)
EXM Puppetmaster (4:20)
M04 Virtual Crime (2:40)
M05 II - Ghost City (3:39)
M06 Access (3:10)
M07 Nightstalker (1:43)
M08 Floating Museum (5:01)
M09 Ghostdive (5:50)
M10 III - Reincarnation (5:41)
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Wonders Of The Underwater World (Soundtrack)
Wonders Of The Underwater World (Soundtrack) (LP + insert + sticker sheet)
Cat: JBH 102LP. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Wonderland In The Wilderness (7:50)
Nature On A Knife Edge (7:42)
Sunken Tombs Of The Truk Lagoon (5:45)
Magic Of The Dolphin (8:50)
Review: It's always fascinating to discover a completely different side to an artist like Gerald Woodruff. Jezz to most, he's best known for his spell with the mighty Black Sabbath, appearing on the Technical Ecstasy album, and performing on both that tour and the dates in support of landmark LP Sabotage. He also recorded with Robert Plant and Phil Collins on the former's debut album, Pictures at Eleven. As such he's probably not the first artist you'd expect to have made an underwater soundtrack to a forgotten marine life epic, Wonders of the Underwater World. A production two years in the making, Woodroffe's accompaniment uses a number of synths and electronic instruments that Vangelis was fond of at the time, lending a sense of the miraculous and unknown to the score, while the crew at Trunk Record have also created a retro sleeve complete with sticker sheet, meaning you can create your own seabed scene on the cover
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Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse (Soundtrack)
Cat: RPBLB 002976401. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Blackway & Black Caviar - "What's Up Danger" (3:20)
Post Malone & Swae Lee - "Sunflower" (2:39)
Jaden Smith - "Way Up" (2:32)
Nicki Minaj & Anuel AA - "Famiia" (feat Bantu) (2:51)
Amine - "Invincible" (3:13)
Duckwrth & Shaboozy - "Start A Riot" (2:56)
Juice Wrld - "Hide" (feat Seezyn) (3:03)
Thutmose - "Memories" (3:19)
Ski Mask & Jacquees - "Save The Day" (feat Coi Leray & Lougotcash) (2:47)
Beau Young Prince - "Let Go" (2:46)
Lil Wayne & TY Dolla Sign - "Scared Of The Dark" (feat XXXTentacion) (3:58)
Dj Khalil - "Elevate" (feat Denzel Curry, YBN Cordae, Swavay, Trevor Rich) (3:38)
Vince Staples - "Home" (3:30)
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The Holdovers (Soundtrack)
Cat: UVS 08841. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Damien Jurado - "Silver Joy" (3:05)
Shocking Blue - "Venus" (3:04)
The Chamber Brothers - "The Time Has Come Today" (4:54)
Mark Orton - "Candlepin Bowling" (2:15)
Mark Orton - "Primal Architecture" (0:45)
Labi Siffre - "Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying" (2:58)
The Allman Brothers Band - "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" (6:54)
Tony Orlando & Dawn - "Knock Three Times" (2:51)
Artie Shaw - "When Winter Comes" (2:52)
Mark Orton - "Nursing Home/Drive To Boston" (3:55)
The Swingle Singers - "Deck The Hall With Boughs Of Holly/What Child Is This?" (Medley) (3:10)
The Temptations - "Silent Night" (6:00)
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - "Jingle Bells" (3:07)
Mark Orton - "It's Christmas!" (2:16)
Trapp Family Singers - "Carol Of The Drum (Little Drummer Boy)" (1:54)
The Swingle Singers - "White Christmas" (2:07)
Andy Williams - "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" (2:30)
Cat Stevens - "The Wind" (1:41)
Khruangbin - "A Calf Born In Winter" (3:17)
Mark Orton - "The Glove/Now He's History/5/4 For Constantine" (4:19)
Mark Orton - "A Girl In Tow/Back To Barton" (4:29)
Mark Orton - "Danny/The Glove/Let's Make The Best Of It" (2:19)
Mark Orton - "SeeYa/Into The Unknown" (4:33)
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Russian Doll: Seasons I & II (Soundtrack)
Russian Doll: Seasons I & II (Soundtrack) (gatefold green & blue swirl vinyl LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: MOND 293. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Death Air/Reset Suite/Fractured Loop/Horse Huff/Stacked Suite
Fanfare/Showtime/Dream Suite/Guardian Suite/Search (1:30)
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The Godfather Trilogy (Soundtrack)
The Godfather Trilogy (Soundtrack) (trifold splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: DFLP 18. Rel: 04 Feb 22
The Godfather Waltz (From The Godfather) (3:44)
Speak Softly Love (From The Godfather II) (2:44)
Sicilian Pastorale (From The Godfather) (1:33)
The Pick-Up (From The Godfather) (2:09)
Tarantella (From The Godfather) (3:15)
Mazurka (From The Godfather) (2:48)
Finale (From The Godfather) (4:02)
The Immigrant (From The Godfather II) (2:49)
Kay (From The Godfather II) (2:44)
Marcia Stilo Italiano (From The Godfather II) (1:54)
End Title (From The Godfather II) (4:13)
Marcia Religiosa (From The Godfather III) (4:22)
Marcia Festa (From The Godfather III) (1:41)
The Immigrant/Love Theme (From The Godfather III) (2:29)
Intermezzo (From The Godfather III) (3:25)
Preludio From Cavalleria Rusticana (From The Godfather III) (6:11)
Coda (From The Godfather III) (2:08)
Review: Film buffs will be smitten by this blood-splattered vinyl copy of The Godfather Trilogy's soundtrack, performed by The City Of Prague's Philharmonic Orchestra, interpreting Nino Rota's original works. Across two discs spanning 19 original pieces - from 'The Godfather Waltz', to the infamous establishing scene dreamlike of the Sicilian landsacpe, for which 'Sicilian Pastorale' sets the mood - this rendition is almost certainly an offer you can't refuse.
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Forrest Gump (Soundtrack)
Cat: 194399 42481. Rel: 13 May 22
Elvis Presley - "Hound Dog" (2:28)
Duane Eddy - "Rebel Rouser" (2:20)
Clarence "Frogman" Henry - "(I Don't Know Why) But I Do" (2:18)
The Rooftop Singers - "Walk Right In" (2:31)
Wilson Pickett - "Land Of 1000 Dances" (2:23)
Joan Baez - "Blowin' In The Wind" (2:31)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Fortunate Son" (2:14)
The Four Tops - "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" (2:42)
Aretha Franklin - "Respect" (2:23)
Bob Dylan - "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" (4:31)
The Beach Boys - "Sloop John B" (2:56)
The Mamas & The Papas - "California Dreamin'" (2:37)
Buffalo Springfield - "For What It's Worth" (2:35)
Jackie De Shannon - "What The World Needs Now Is Love" (3:10)
The Doors - "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" (2:28)
Simon & Garfunkel - "Mrs Robinson" (3:45)
Jefferson Airplane - "Volunteers" (2:06)
The Young Bloods - "Let's Get Together" (4:36)
Scott McKenzie - "San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)" (2:57)
The Byrds - "Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)" (3:53)
The Fifth Dimension - "Medley: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" (4:47)
Harry Nilsson - "Everybody's Talkin'" (2:42)
Three Dog Night - "Joy To The World" (3:16)
The Supremes - "Stoned Love" (2:58)
BJ Thomas - "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" (2:59)
Randy Newman - "Mr President (Have Pity On The Working Man)" (2:46)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Sweet Home Alabama" (4:34)
The Doobie Brothers - "It Keeps You Runnin'" (4:15)
Gladys Knight & The Pips - "I've Got To Use My Imagination" (3:30)
Willie Nelson - "On The Road Again" (2:28)
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - "Against The Wind" (5:29)
Alan Silverstri - "Forrest Gump Suite" (8:51)
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Love Actually: The Love Themes For Orchestra
Cat: CMAR 05CD. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Glasgow Love Theme (extended version)
Croissants In France (extended version)
Jamie Leaves Aurelia (extended version)
I'm In Love (extended version)
Wrapping The Necklace (extended version)
Portuguese Love Theme (extended version)
Love Actually Opening (extended version)
On The Bench (extended version)
Glasgow Love Theme (Chamber version)
Natalie On The Stairs (extended version)
In Love With Karl (extended version)
Croissants In France (Chamber version)
Sarah & Karl Go Wrong (extended version)
PMs Love Theme (extended version)
Portuguese Love Theme (Chamber version)
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Top Boy (Soundtrack) (Japanese Edition)
Cat: BRC 744. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Top Boy Theme
But Not This Way
Damp Bones
Cutting Room I
Floating On Sleep's Shore
Beauty And Danger
Beneath The Sea
Afraid Of Things
Waiting In Darkness
The Fountain King
Washed Away In Morocco
Watching The Watcher
Sweet Dark Section
Sky Blue Alert
Delirious Circle
Cutting Room II
Dangerous Landscape
The Good Fight
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Music For Film
Music For Film (gatefold white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1652. Rel: 21 Nov 22
Yumeji's Theme (In The Mood For Love) (2:47)
Theme Of The Empress (Curse Of The Golden Flower) (3:11)
Curse Of The Golden Flower (2:09)
Mother & Jai (3:39)
Polonaise (2046) (3:08)
Interlude (1:55)
Main Theme (4:37)
Main Theme (Incendiary) (5:19)
Victoria Station (3:00)
Joan's Cello (Hero) (3:02)
Vendetta March (Charleston & Vendetta (Tears For Sale)) (2:51)
George's Waltz II (A single Man) (3:21)
A Variation On "Scotty Tails Madeleine"/Carlos (3:03)
Hollow Inside (Hannibal Rising) (3:30)
Train (Zhou Yu's Train) (2:02)
Moyou (Pattern) (Sorekara (& Then)/The Grandmaster) (2:21)
Sorekara Main Theme (Sorekara (And Then)) (2:40)
In Times Past & Gone (4:27)
No Way Out (House Of Flying Daggers) (3:50)
Farewell No 2 (2:29)
Lovers (4:01)
Review: Once the leader of iconic and legendary Japanese New Wave rockers EX, Shigeru Umebayashi's Music For A Film compilation showcases the better-known work (in today's terms at least) of this multifaceted and multi-talented composer. 21 tracks of absolute beauty, all of which are taken from his 30-strong-plus oeuvre of movie scores, built over time since he first began writing tracks for screens in 1985, after said band called time.
Opening with what may be his most famous work of all time, 'Yumeji's Theme' (title piece from Siejun Suzuki's critically acclaimed 1991 movie, Yumeji) the playlist here really showcases the vision and musicality Umebayashi is renowned for, and removed from the context of movies the work is elevated to new heights. Classical, choral, quiet epics, and romantic mini-overtures rarely sound so good.
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Scappo Per Cantare (remastered)
Cat: FLIES 60. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Scogliere (3:01)
Concentrazione (1:50)
Calle Veneziana (2:15)
Desolazione (4:06)
Mordente (1:32)
Fantocci Vivi (2:45)
Con Amore (3:02)
Scappo (3:07)
Genocidio (1:11)
Fendente (1:35)
Per Cantare (2:31)
Scogliere (2a versione) (3:01)
Review: One of Giuliano Sorgini's finest and most sought-after titles, Scappo Per Cantare, is finally available as an official LP reissue, and the first ever to be remastered from the original tapes. Originally released in 1971 on the small library music imprint FAMA - which operated as a sub-label of RCA Italy - the record contains the original music written for Scappo Per Cantare, a small, pseudo-psychedelic 'musicarello' (musical comedy film) broadcast on RAI television. Despite this seemingly innocuous commission, the music - though he's uncredited, it was made in collaboration close confidant Alessandro Alessandroni - is incredibly surreal, and a psychedelic treat for anyone seeking crisp, chordophonal-compositional mastery distilled on record.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Soundtrack) (reissue)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Soundtrack) (reissue) (gatefold blue marbled vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 196588 12821. Rel: 08 Sep 23
A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Director's edit version) (4:04)
Angel Attack (2:31)
Rei I (2:58)
Hedgehog's Dilemma (2:46)
Barefoot In The Park (2:32)
Ritsuko (3:01)
Misato (1:31)
Asuka Strikes! (2:23)
Nerv (1:58)
Tokyo-3 (2:24)
I Shinji (2:01)
EVA-01 (2:48)
A Step Forward Into Terror (1:54)
EVA-02 (1:59)
Decisive Battle (2:24)
EVA-00 (1:49)
The Beast (1:39)
Marking Time, Waiting For Death (2:43)
Rei II (2:54)
Fly Me To The Moon (instrumental version) (2:58)
Next Episode (0:32)
Fly Me To The Moon (Yoko Takahashi Acid Bossa version) (3:51)
Review: It's the anime that changed the format forever, from storytelling to character design - Neon Genesis Evangelion is still, to this day, one of the most beloved, divisive and iconic animated series of all time. From influencing 'Madoka Magicka', 'Serial Experiments Lain' or 'Kill La Kill' to its resurgence in popularity thanks to social media and the infinite memes that the show continues to spawn off almost 30 years later. Many will know 'Cruel Angels Thesis' and the bossa nova cover of 'Fly Me to the Moon' performed by J-Pop singer Yoko Takahashi, which are used as the intro and credit sequence songs, but don't neglect the electrifying orchestral composition from Shiro SAGISU that backsets the action sequences. This is the first time the full OST is pressed on vinyl. It comes in a beautiful gatefold featuring frames from the show inside, housed on black and blue vinyl to reflect the colour palette of this hugely influential show.
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The Preacher's Wife (Soundtrack) (reissue)
The Preacher's Wife (Soundtrack) (reissue) (yellow vinyl 2xLP + booklet in embossed sleeve)
Cat: 196587 14701. Rel: 17 Nov 23
I Believe In You & Me (Film version) (3:48)
Step By Step (4:10)
Joy (3:16)
Hold On, Help Is On The Way (3:09)
I Go To The Rock (4:04)
I Love The Lord (4:52)
Somebody Bigger Than You & I (4:38)
You Were Loved (4:11)
My Heart Is Calling (4:09)
I Believe In You & Me (Record version) (3:54)
Step By Step (remix) (4:14)
Who Would Imagine A King (3:30)
He's All Over Me (3:54)
The Lord Is My Shepherd (4:19)
Joy To The World (4:40)
Review: Several of Whitney Houston's albums are being reissued right now including this soundtrack to The Preacher's Wife, making its first ever appearance on vinyl. The album is the best-selling gospel record of all time and was released in November 1996, featuring songs both performed and produced by Houston herself and she also, of course starred in the film. Her heart-swelling vocals make this an emotional record with the hauntingly beautiful likes of 'I Believe In You and Me,' spiritual sounds of 'Joy To The World,' and fine guest artists including Shirley Caesar, the Georgia Mass Choir and Houston's mother and singing legend in her own right, Cissy Houston.
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The Ninth Gate (Soundtrack) (reissue)
The Ninth Gate (Soundtrack) (reissue) (gatefold translucent yellow & orange vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1505. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Vocalise: Theme From The Ninth Gate (feat Sumi Jo)
Opening Titles
Bernie Is Dead
Plane To Spain (Bolero)
The Motorbike (feat Sumi Jo)
Missing Book/Stalking Corso
Blood On His Face (feat Sumi Jo)
Chateau Saint Martin
Liana's Death
Boo!/The Chase
Balkan's Death (feat Sumi Jo)
The Ninth Gate (feat Sumi Jo)
Corso & The Girl (feat Sumi Jo)
Vocalise: Theme From The Ninth Gate (feat Sumi Jo - reprise)
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Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack
Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack (limited gatefold 180 gram splattered vinyl 2xLP in die-cut sleeve with obi-strip)
Cat: DW 150. Rel: 28 Jun 19
Angelo Badalamenti - "Twin Peaks Theme" (5:03)
Muddy Magnolias - "American Woman" (David Lynch remix) (4:15)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Laura Palmer's Theme (From Twin Peaks)" (4:49)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Accident-farewell Theme" (3:12)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Grady Groove" (feat Grady Tate) (1:43)
Johnny Jewel - "Windspet" (reprise) (3:54)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Dark Mood Woods-the Red Room" (5:43)
Angelo Badalamenti - "The Chair" (4:31)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Deet Meadow Shuffle" (4:36)
Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra & Witold Rowicki - "Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima" (9:22)
David Lynch & Dean Hurley - "Slow 30's Room" (2:15)
Angelo Badalamenti - "The Fireman" (7:15)
Chromatics - "Saturday" (instrumental) (3:11)
Thought Gang (Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch) - "Headless Chicken" (2:46)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Night" (2:44)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Heartbreaking" (4:08)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Audrey's Dance" (5:27)
Angelo Badalamenti - "Dark Space Low" (2:12)
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Singles (Soundtrack) (remastered)
Singles (Soundtrack) (remastered) (gatefold 2xLP + CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: 889853 155118. Rel: 19 May 17
Alice In Chains - "Would?" (3:28)
Pearl Jam - "Breath" (5:24)
Chris Cornell - "Seasons" (5:46)
Paul Westerberg - "Dyslexic Heart" (4:30)
The Lovemongers - "The Battle Of Evermore" (5:42)
Mother Love Bone - "Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns" (8:14)
Soundgarden - "Birth Ritual" (5:56)
Pearl Jam - "State Of Love & Trust" (3:47)
Mudhoney - "Overblown" (2:57)
Paul Westerberg - "Waiting For Somebody" (3:26)
Jimi Hendrix - "May This Be Love" (3:10)
Screaming Trees - "Nearly Lost You" (4:07)
The Smashing Pumpkins - "Drown" (8:15)
Citizen Dick - "Touch Me, I'm Dick"
Chris Cornell (Poncier) - "Nowhere But You"
Chris Cornell (Poncier) - "Spoon Man"
Chris Cornell (Poncier) - "Flutter Girl"
Chris Cornell (Poncier) - "Missing"
Alice In Chains - "Would?" (live)
Alice In Chains - "It Ain't Like That" (live)
Soundgarden - "Birth Ritual" (live)
Paul Westerberg - "Dyslexic Heart" (acoustic)
Paul Westerberg - "Waiting For Somebody" (Score acoustic)
Mudhoney - "Overblown" (demo)
Truly - "Heart & Lungs"
Blood Circus - "Six Foot Under"
Mike McCready - "Singles Blues 1"
Paul Westerberg - "Blue Heart"
Paul Westerberg - "Lost In Emily's Woods"
Chris Cornell - "Ferry Boat #3"
Chris Cornell - "Score Piece #4"
! low stock $28.66
Blanca 2: Seconda Stagione (Soundtrack)
Blanca 2: Seconda Stagione (Soundtrack) (limited crystal clear vinyl LP)
Cat: RKX 093LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
When The World Is Feeling Blind (feat Arya & Tahnee Rodriguez)
Cambio Di Stagione
Tipografia Miserere
Little Girl Ready For Big Dreams (feat MEI & Tahnee Rodriguez)
The Big White Shark
Dentro Fuori
Elena O Nadia Flashback
It's Like Blanca
Epico Lirico
Fatti Sentire
Nessun Dorma Da "Turandot" (feat Francesca Biliotti)
Sembra Ieri
Habibi Lullaby (feat Rahma)
 in stock $24.18
Songs From Coco (Soundtrack)
Songs From Coco (Soundtrack) (limited "pepita green" luminous vinyl LP)
Cat: D 4371201. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Benjamin Bratt - "Remember Me (Ernesto De La Cruz)" (1:48)
Benjamin Bratt & Antonio Sol - "Much Needed Advice" (1:38)
Gael Garcia Bernal - "Everyone Know Juanita" (1:12)
Anthony Gonzalez & Gael Garcia Bernal - "Un Poco Loco" (1:49)
Mexican Institute Of Sound - "Jalale" (2:55)
Anthony Gonzalez & Antonio Sol - "The World Es Mi Familia" (0:51)
Gael Garcia Bernal, Gabriella Flores & Libertad Garcia Fonzi - "Remember Me (Lullaby)" (1:08)
Alanna Ubach & Antonio Sol - "La Llorona" (2:29)
Anthony Gonzalez & Ana Ofelia Murguia - "Remember Me (Reunion)" (1:12)
Anthony Gonzalez - "Proud Corazon" (1:59)
Miguel - "Remember Me (Duo)" (feat Natalia LaFourcade) (2:45)
Natalia LaFourcade - "Recuerdame (Solo)" (Inspirado En "Coco" - bonus track) (2:46)
 in stock $31.02
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