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New releases last eight weeks: Balearic/Downtempo

Balearic/Downtempo vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Weleli (Ten Walls Remake)
Weleli (Ten Walls Remake) (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RUNE 042. Rel: 14 Oct 21
  1. Weleli (Ten Walls Remake) (4:22)
  2. Weleli (Ten Walls acoustic edit) (3:55)
  3. Weleli (Ten Walls remix) (6:44)
  4. Weleli (Ten Walls instrumental) (6:46)
 in stock $13.33
AM 003
AM 003 (12")
Cat: AM 003V. Rel: 25 Nov 21
  1. Pomelo Fog (5:06)
  2. Oyster Perpetual (6:01)
  3. Tunnelrunners Unltd (6:14)
  4. Foamstone Hoedown (4:39)
 in stock $13.90
Agip (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FLIES 287. Rel: 21 Oct 21
  1. Agip (2:43)
  2. Astrotensione (1:33)
  3. Telefono Giallo (1:35)
Review: Roman producer Gaetano 'Gaeimago' Ciciriello aka Azzurro 80 makes his debut on local imprint Four Flies with a 7' inch limited to 300 copies, inspired by the Italian library scene of the '80s. The artist himself explains: 'Azzurro 80 is meant to refer to a particular shade of light blue: a worn-out, faded light blue that feels retro and outmoded'. From the chilled, acid-laced sunset balearica of 'AGIP', to the breezy and neon-lit Italo night drive soundtrack of 'Astrotensione' and the celestial meditative FM tones of 'Telefono Giallo' - follow Azzurro 80 into his reimagined version of the Italian '80s.
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 in stock $15.85
Just EP
Just EP (12" repress)
Cat: AUS 1580. Rel: 06 Oct 21
  1. Just (6:13)
  2. Celeste (6:01)
  3. Back 2 U (Tranz dub) (7:45)
Review: Belfast pair Bicep are smart operators. Having previously doffed a cap to both Italian house and classic New Jersey garage, recent releases have seen them play around with a variety of rhythmic patterns and more advanced musical elements. They're at it again here on their latest outing for Aus. Opener "Just" is pleasingly cheery, with simple but addictive electronic melodies and sweeping chords nestling above a head-nodding, hip-hop influenced groove. "Celeste" is undeniably Balearic, with sun-kissed pianos, dreamy pads and drifting vocal samples stretching out over delay-laden, African-influenced percussion. Finally, they return to their rush-inducing best on "Back 2 U (Tranz Dub)", a loving fusion of vintage progressive house builds, winding melodies and mid '90s beats.
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 in stock $9.73
Love Has Found Its Way
Love Has Found Its Way (transparent blue vinyl 7")
Cat: VR 06. Rel: 22 Nov 21
  1. Love Has Found Its Way (guitar instrumental version) (4:38)
  2. Love Has Found Its Way (dub guitar) (4:38)
Review: Earlier in the year, Robert 'Dubwise' Browne followed up his superb, soft-focus reggae-soul cover of 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' with 'Love Has Found Its Way', a fine hook-up with vocalist Maya Hatch that effortlessly joined the dots between samba, lovers rock and sultry downtempo soul. On this "45" he delivers two instrumental revisions of the cut, both of which make superb use of the glistening, fluid jazz guitar solos that only made a brief appearance on the original release. The A-side 'Guitar Instrumental Version' sounds like a future Balearic classic, with his Peter Green-esque solos tumbling down across a shuffling samba rhythm. The flipside 'Dub Guitar' version explores similar sonic territory, amplifying the bass a little while making good use of reverb and delay effects. In a word: gorgeous.
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 in stock $17.78
Ici Commence La Nuit
Ici Commence La Nuit (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: NB 006. Rel: 11 Oct 21
  1. Ici Commence La Nuit (2:54)
  2. Clope Sucree (2:45)
  3. Trip A La Mode De Quand (3:46)
Review: DJ F16 Falcon's music has always been tricky to pigeonhole, with the fast-rising French producer frequently fusing dub-wise rhythms and off-kilter beats with unusual samples, Tolouse Low Tracks style experimental electronics and melodic elements that doff a cap to tropical, new age and world music. Ici Commence La Nuit, his latest excursion, treads a similar sonic path, delivering unusual but wonderfully inventive and entertaining excursions. The most accessible and warming of the lot is colourful, melodious and bass-heavy opener 'Ici Commence La Nuit', though the sludgy, modular-rich pulse of 'Trip a La Mode de Quand' and thoroughly odd 'Clope Sucree' are equally as potent.
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 in stock $11.11
Km 4.5 Compilation Vol 1
  1. Dorisburg - "Mantis" (7:16)
  2. Sebastian Mullaert - "No Menace" (9:10)
  3. Kalabrese - "Tribe" (7:41)
  4. Wareika - "Ring My Bell" (8:29)
 in stock $13.62
Sunset Disco EP
Sunset Disco EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SHIFT 009. Rel: 11 Oct 21
  1. Give Love (7:33)
  2. Noche Tropical (7:22)
  3. Are You Ready Fellas? (5:38)
  4. Dance With Me (6:38)
  5. Musical Connection (5:13)
Review: Javi Frias has earned a solid reputation as a producer on the international disco scene since he began releasing his edits and reworks back in 2015. However, this year, during confinement, he decided to put editing aside to unleash his creativity and start recording his own productions, playing with synthesizers, electric pianos, syncopated basses and tribal percussion, and the result is this 'Sunset Disco EP'. A collection of songs that take us to a summer sunset on a beach in paradise that represent a huge leap in the career of this artist. The A side begins with 'Give Love', a hedonistic and melancholic disco song, followed by 'Noche Tropical', with Balearic overtones and reminiscences of a Caribbean party. Side B opens with 'Are You Really Fellas?', a funky little number featuring jazzy guitars and smashing bass. 'Dance With Me' brings us back to the field of the emotional and evocative disco. And finally 'Musical Connection', with touches of reggae downtempo perfect to say goodbye to this eternal and warm sunset.
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 in stock $11.11
Afrique EP
Cat: SEM 101. Rel: 18 Oct 21
  1. Afrique (instrumental) (5:14)
  2. Afrique (vocal video version) (5:12)
  3. Sunset Dub (alternative Vibe) (5:51)
  4. This Is African Jazz (album version) (6:49)
Review: Galathea is the new project by Massimo Napoli and title of his first album. Named after the Nymph Galathea, as a tribute to nature and sea, the album reveals a strong personality: a mix of spiritual sounds and African settings that lead the listener into a unique experience. From the meditative and trance-inducing deep house of 'Afrique'on the A side, through to the hypnotic and dub-laden polyrhythmicity of 'Sunset Dub' (alternative Vibe) on the flip, there's more spiritual and Afro house-inspired journeys into the aether as heard on 'This Is African Jazz'.
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 in stock $12.78
Jackie Cane (remixes)
Jackie Cane (remixes) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile red vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12022. Rel: 03 Nov 21
  1. The World Is Mine (Marc Moulin remix - short) (2:59)
  2. The World Is Mine (Buscemi remix) (4:06)
  3. The World Is Mine (Eli Janney Tight remix - edit) (4:59)
  4. One (Sven Galy Flemish Shuffle) (4:25)
  5. Sometimes (Eli Chilled Times mix) (5:39)
  6. The Contract (bonus track) (2:38)
 in stock $23.91
Mental & Physical
Mental & Physical (12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: WORST 009. Rel: 12 Oct 21
  1. Friendly Tribute (5:44)
  2. Binary Life (5:10)
  3. Whispering The Past (5:12)
  4. Insomnia Never Ends (8:12)
  5. Too Many Colors In The Wood (7:51)
Review: The ninth release from Worst Records finds Jonnah asking, "what makes a being? What tends to be, always, and yet remains never achieved?" across the five adventurous tracks of his limited Mental & Physical EP. It is rhythmically loose, with tough broken beats, dark dubstep and new age infused ambient designs all magian this a glimpse into the future of our world. The mood ranges from uneasy to contemplative, the energies from blissed out to dark and oppressive. It is a well realised sound world that draws you in deep and has you questioning everything.
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 in stock $20.29
Chou Chou
  1. Creme (3:08)
  2. Caramel (3:35)
 in stock $9.99
Neve A Maggio (feat Mushrooms Project & Deep88 remixes)
  1. Neve A Maggio (Mushrooms Project Disco Maxi single mix) (8:47)
  2. Neve A Maggio (Mushrooms Project feat Leo Almunia Balearic version) (5:07)
  3. Neve A Maggio (Mushrooms Project Rave mix) (7:01)
  4. Neve A Maggio (Deep88 remix) (4:54)
Review: Limited edition 12" dedicated to the Neve A Maggio song flavoured with four remixes. Three from Mushrooms Project and one with a 90's house style by Deep88. Wrapped in elegant electronics and an international flavour, Sara's voice recounts the unusual in these days characterized by strong anomalies and cold solitude. Like when it snows in May, like when you want to pick a rose and instead find yourself blinded by a white reflection, completely out of place. Yet there is life, under that white; breath, pulsation, a rhythm that presses and makes you dance: a song that drags you away from a daily life troubled by extraordinary events, which become intimate and confidential, but still unique, like every single snowflake.

Archeo Recordings is a reissue record label that regenerates old, lost, obscure and forgotten rare gems of mostly Italian music but also all over the world of the 70s, 80s and 90s.
All releases are licensed audio tracks re-mastered in their original form with sleeves recreated for today but all based on the original images. Archeo would like to make the music available to a wider audience of collectors, DJs, music lovers of a forgotten time.
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 in stock $23.34
DEL 01
DEL 01 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DEL 01. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. Low Tape - "Aliens Are Humans From The Future" (5:40)
  2. Low Tape - "Cream Soda Party At Weekend" (5:05)
  3. Low Tape - "Microdosing Work Day" (4:11)
  4. DJ Mostoles - "Blade Racer" (3:54)
  5. DJ Mostoles - "Cut" (5:12)
  6. DJ Mostoles - "Listen Up" (4:56)
Review: Welcome to the wonderful world of DEL, a new label from the Cartulis crew specialising in warm and inviting electronics with a Balearic tinge. Heading up this new enterprise is Low Tape, aka Gennadiy Manzhos, and DJ Mostoles, taking a side each to lay down some cool and classy sonics. Low Tape lets the synths do the talking on easy-paced trippers like 'Aliens Are Humans From The Future', while DJ Mostoles has a smokier quality to the downtempo electro strains being explored on the B side. For those craving a selection of cool-headed beats for lounge situations, look no further.
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 in stock $13.62
Maahrt EP
Maahrt EP (12" + poster)
Cat: KUMP 7. Rel: 17 Nov 21
  1. Gault (6:29)
  2. Clag (5:39)
  3. Noma (6:40)
  4. Noma (A Strange Wedding remix) (6:17)
  5. Noma (Odopt remix) (6:57)
Review: Maahrt is the debut self titled EP from a mysterious producer about whom we know nothing.His new 12" opens up with an eerie bit of slow motion and cosmic techno with tortured pads. 'Clag' is another twisted mix of sinewy electronics and broken beats for dark back rooms, while 'Noma' then picks up the pace with a more weighted bottom end dragging its heels through an industrial wasteland. 'Noma' (A Strange Wedding remix) is more ready for club deployment thanks to its chugging groove and a final Odopt remix layer sin more melody, rickety drums and cosmic energy.
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Played by: Jane Fitz
 in stock $21.40
Lost In Light
Lost In Light (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TAL 009. Rel: 04 Nov 21
  1. Impro 1 (4:09)
  2. Lose Time (11:27)
  3. Cloud Drive (8:04)
  4. Acid Dub (5:17)
 in stock $20.29
Never Been On E (remastered)
  1. Never Been On E (4:52)
  2. Timbo (4:43)
 in stock $11.11
Dubplate #1: Space Within Art
Cat: MYD 001. Rel: 22 Nov 21
  1. Dunya 2 (extended mix) (5:24)
  2. D Dub Retwist (4:27)
  3. Space Within Art (Dubplate mix) (3:55)
  4. Jacob Dub (4:14)
  5. Augustus (2:40)
Review: Persian's close working relationship with the Mysticisms label continues apace with this new release. Titled Dubplate #1: Space Within Art, this latest 10" features more of the artful, mixed up ravey dubbings Persian has scattered throughout his long and winding career. 'Dunya 2' is a potent club stepper rolling at 150 with plenty of system pressure folded into its bones, while 'D Dub Retwist' drops down into a rolling breakbeat skunk-out peppered with sample snatches and a hefty sub line. 'Space Within Art (Dubplate Mix)' takes on a more worldly, wiggy stance dripping in 90s pop-dance magic. 'Jacob Dub' gets into a positive skank and 'Augustus' cools things down with a more roots-minded excursion clearly doffing its cap to one Mr Pablo.
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Played by: Piers Harrison
 in stock $12.78
Space Arcade
Space Arcade (limited hand-stamped 12" repress)
Cat: SMV 004. Rel: 07 Oct 21
  1. Screamadereka (7:30)
  2. Screamadereka (Hardway Brothers Meet Monktown Downtown Disco dub) (8:09)
  3. I'm Alright (4:58)
  4. I'm Alright (See Thru Hands remix) (5:56)
 in stock $12.22
Nawce Blizzard
Cat: VIVOD 025. Rel: 13 Oct 21
  1. Northdown Acid (5:20)
  2. Imminent Salad (4:33)
  3. Peter Summoning (1:48)
  4. Forbidden Mind (7:18)
  5. Nawce Blizzard (6:13)
Review: Vivod label boss Ali Renault pays tribute to his late friend Peter Mangalore of Human Shield on this moody new EP of twisted electronics. 'Northdown Acid' opens up in downbeat fashion, with glass Italo melodies and busted bass on a rugged groove. 'Imminent Salad' picks its head up to ride a chunky, organic house beat with glistening synths and 'Peter Summoning' is misty and pensive ambient interlude. 'Forbidden Mind' drags its heels to sombre effect, with splashes of cymbal and heavy finger clicks heightening the melancholy. 'Nawce Blizzard' rounds out the EP on a sense of hope and optimism.
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 in stock $11.67
Your Eyes (Kai Alce, Glenn Underground mixes)
  1. Your Eyes (3:44)
  2. Your Eyes (Kai Alce NDATL mix) (6:00)
  3. Your Eyes (GU I See U mix) (7:49)
  4. Your Eyes (GU bonus instrumental) (7:48)
Review: The latest drop on Glenn Underground's Strictly Jazz Unit features Sandman & Riverside delivering a sumptuous strain of deep house. 'Your Eyes' is impossibly warm and soulful, basking in honey-coated Rhodes and softly processed vocals. As much as the pristine original, the emphasis is also on the remixes on this package. First up is Atlanta master Kai Alce, whose NDATL mix brings a sharper club focus to the track replete with dusky trumpet and choice chord hooks. Then Underground himself steps up on the flip with vocal and instrumental takes on the original that strike a fine balance between the mellow musicality and a sturdy dancefloor snap.
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 in stock $14.18
The Searching
The Searching (double 12")
Cat: PRAETORIUM 002. Rel: 14 Oct 21
  1. Beyond The Portal (7:15)
  2. Ready For Landing (7:47)
  3. A New Land, Searching The Area (8:07)
  4. Searching The Area (8:50)
  5. Knowingeachother (7:35)
  6. We'll Live Together (7:32)
 in stock $26.96
Zeroes Bites
Zeroes Bites (green marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: DSREEVO 007GREEN. Rel: 25 Nov 21
  1. Gong 603 (6:11)
  2. Promiza (7:21)
  3. Tin Rain (5:58)
  4. Dayszoom (5:09)
 in stock $10.85
Zeroes Bites
Cat: DSREEVO 007. Rel: 25 Nov 21
  1. Gong 603 (6:12)
  2. Promiza (7:22)
  3. Tin Rain (5:56)
  4. Dayszoom (5:07)
 in stock $8.89
Cat: RS 048LP. Rel: 17 Nov 21
  1. Body Nature (5:12)
  2. Multiverso (4:47)
  3. Astroturismo (5:28)
  4. Eclipse (4:14)
! low stock $13.90
Astroturismo (limited translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: RS 048LPBLUE. Rel: 17 Nov 21
  1. Body Nature (5:12)
  2. Multiverso (4:46)
  3. Astroturismo (5:28)
  4. Eclipse (4:12)
Review: Paula Tape is a DJ/producer from Santiago de Chile, currently residing in Milan. She returns to Rhythm Section International to follow up last year's 'Panamericana' on the Shouts Vol. 2 various artists release, with the brand new Astroturismo four-track EP. Groovy late night balearica is heard on the opening track 'Body Nature', followed by the low slung and rhythmic deepness of 'Multiverso'. Over on the flip, you've got the title track which is followed by the breezy and neon-lit night drive of 'Eclipse'. Tip!
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 in stock $15.85
Disconnected/Gain On Gains (feat Shrinkwrap remixes)
Cat: SSS 001. Rel: 18 Oct 21
  1. Disconnected (Shrinkwrap remix) (11:31)
  2. Gain On Gains (Shrinkwrap remix) (7:06)
  3. Gain On Gains (Shrinkwrap dub) (5:22)
Review: This first release on Sun Sea Sound presents the sounds of Torn Sail/Huw Costin revamped by the production team of Mark Rayner and Matt Horobin aka Shrinkwrap. Included is an unreleased vinyl mix of Costin's psychedelic folk balearic cut 'Disconnected' from 2015 on the first side. Being close friends with Costin, Shrinkwrap decided to collaborate and remix the track 'Gain On Gains' over on the flip, from Torn Sail's 2017 long player This Short Sweet Life, with a dub mix also included. Slo-mo cosmic at its finest.
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 in stock $11.11
Interiors (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BH 006V. Rel: 25 Nov 21
  1. Even When (6:24)
  2. Find A Way Back (7:32)
  3. Find A Way (early demo) (2:52)
  4. By Return (5:22)
  5. Decoy Point (version) (8:44)
! low stock $14.18
Paradise Forever EP
Cat: FF 004. Rel: 26 Nov 21
  1. Asa (5:15)
  2. Sunder, Love (4:20)
  3. When I Get Home, I'll Know It's Over (4:59)
  4. Sunder, Love (Cody Currie remix) (4:58)
 in stock $11.95
Cold Water Music
Cold Water Music (limited 140 gram ice-blue vinyl 2xLP repress)
Cat: ATICLP 015. Rel: 01 Nov 21
  1. Intro (0:58)
  2. Cold Water Music (5:40)
  3. The Force (feat Q-Ball & Curt Cazal) (4:08)
  4. Sail (feat Kate Rogers) (5:09)
  5. Downstate (4:17)
  6. Ain't Got Time To Waste (feat YZ) (3:56)
  7. Fat City (interlude) (0:41)
  8. True To Hip Hop (feat AG) (4:18)
  9. Demonique (5:12)
  10. A Tree A Rock & A Cloud (4:10)
  11. Journey To The End Of The Night (5:27)
  12. From Here To Fame (feat YZ) (5:21)
 in stock $31.69
A Safe Place To Be
Cat: AQU 006C. Rel: 15 Oct 21
  1. Out In LA (3:53)
  2. Our Bones Turn To Stone (4:28)
  3. Talking To Yourself (3:28)
  4. You Make Me Mad (3:11)
  5. Stupid Not To Try (3:02)
  6. Costume Change (4:28)
  7. Hanging On (3:42)
  8. Our Days Are Numbered (3:23)
  9. Silver Spoon (3:36)
  10. Better Off As Strangers (3:49)
  11. I Wanna See You Smile (3:25)
 in stock $5.00
Broad Ways
Broad Ways (2xLP)
Cat: NARADALP 001. Rel: 23 Nov 21
  1. In The Name Of God (1:37)
  2. Je Vous Aime (feat Sary Khalife) (2:28)
  3. Epopee (part I) (1:58)
  4. Epopee (part II) (6:23)
  5. R U Happy (4:13)
  6. BZZZZ (5:59)
  7. Fallafel (2:45)
  8. Hummus (feat Marcel & Bachar Khalife) (3:22)
  9. Paper Planes (3:13)
  10. Beirut (8:32)
  11. Akuatika (7:38)
 in stock $29.74
Silent Dream
Silent Dream (gatefold LP)
Cat: KN 003. Rel: 26 Nov 21
  1. Heroin (1:36)
  2. Silent Dream/Hit Me Now (4:10)
  3. Shadow (3:41)
  4. Where The End Begins (7:08)
  5. Hronn (4:19)
  6. Drifted (5:01)
  7. Pige (2:53)
  8. Lost Boy (3:44)
  9. Wise Girls (5:46)
 in stock $17.24
Satta (20th Anniversary Edition)
Satta (20th Anniversary Edition) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + insert in embossed sleeve)
Cat: PILOTTON 005. Rel: 26 Nov 21
  1. Yma (6:27)
  2. Camioux (5:07)
  3. Night Over Manaus (6:17)
  4. Divers (5:25)
  5. Bakar (4:41)
  6. Down & Out (6:02)
  7. Yoruba Road (5:42)
  8. Under My Sensi (6:01)
  9. Lava (4:49)
  10. Satta (5:42)
Review: Originally released at a time when Kruder & Dorfmeister reigned supreme and Germany and Austria boasted some of the finest dub-fired downtempo producers around, Bozoo Bajou's debut album, Satta, was something a sleeper hit. As this 25th anniversary reissue proves, it remains a deliciously languid, laidback and glassy-eyed affair that mixes subtly jazzy instrumentation (Rhodes, jazz guitar etc), dubby bass and luscious string arrangements with slow-motion trip-hop beats and dusty samples. The plentiful highlights include 'Night Over Manaus', a samba-soaked shuffler, luscious opener 'YMA', jazzy head-nodder 'Under Mi Sensi' and the exotic, G-Stone style stoned haziness of 'Bakar'.
Read more
! low stock $25.02
Lazaro (LP)
Cat: ID 001LP. Rel: 23 Nov 21
  1. Lazaro (8:47)
  2. Dialogo Inconsciente (5:44)
  3. Deep In The Sky (5:51)
  4. Gravitational Waves (4:35)
  5. Ketter (1:25)
  6. Cristal (4:58)
  7. Capitan Del Espacio (5:11)
  8. Pandemia (4:11)
  9. Entre Hoyos Negros Y Anos Luz (6:23)
 in stock $18.63
Saint Guidon
Saint Guidon (LP + booklet)
Cat: AMP 005. Rel: 27 Oct 21
  1. Les Pavillons Blancs (4:26)
  2. Mon Jeu Prefere (4:05)
  3. Des Orties (3:55)
  4. La Peau Bleutee (5:31)
  5. Les Sports Imaginaires (3:49)
  6. Je T'Aimerai Toujours (2:50)
  7. En Jean (4:01)
  8. Every Night (7:57)
 in stock $19.73
Sequenza (LP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: LN 028LP. Rel: 19 Nov 21
  1. Studio Venezia (1:58)
  2. Mare A Mare (Sequenza version) (5:47)
  3. 52 Hertz (3:06)
  4. The Dawn (Sequenza version) (7:28)
  5. Dve Hubavi Otchi (3:24)
  6. White Circle Canteen (4:33)
  7. Balani (5:39)
  8. Driveway (5:37)
  9. Mare A Mare (Sequenza Slow version) (4:52)
 in stock $24.19
Green Machine
Green Machine (gatefold marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: NIM 007. Rel: 13 Oct 21
  1. Botanical Illustration Takes Patience & Skill (7:56)
  2. Himawary (Means Respect) (4:19)
  3. Mother Love Nature (part 1) (3:46)
  4. Mother Love Nature (part 2) (2:07)
  5. Dancing Like Fela (3:02)
  6. Halo (3:29)
  7. Lost You (In Translation) (feat Maddy) (3:52)
  8. Playing The Zurna In Ulan Bator (3:30)
 in stock $18.35
The Mystery Light
The Mystery Light (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: IIBLP 007. Rel: 25 Oct 21
  1. Copacetic (4:57)
  2. Don't Run It Extra Ordinary (5:38)
  3. Woosh (5:44)
  4. Simpson's Sky (6:46)
  5. Friday's Child (5:18)
  6. Mint Tea (5:27)
  7. Bougainvillea (4:34)
  8. Cami De Sa Veleta (5:49)
  9. The Outsider (3:14)
Review: Surely one of the most dedicated, consistent outfits in the contemporary Balearic scene, Coyote return with another album of exquisite, open-hearted grooves to take you somewhere sunny. The Mystery Light is the group's sixth album no less, and it shows their powers as producers and composers growing exponentially. The scope is broad, from laconic acid wiggles to New Age reveries, and of course with a consistent 80s flavour running throughout in so many of their production choices. As well as accurately embodying the spirit of great 80s studio magic, they're also versed enough in the language to express themselves in a unique way, imbuing every piece with character and charm to ensure these jams clamp on to your heart and stay there.

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 in stock $27.24
Escapism (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: ATMV 090. Rel: 03 Nov 21
  1. Prelude (0:59)
  2. Wade (feat Erika Spring) (3:42)
  3. Can You Feel It (3:31)
  4. Youth (4:17)
  5. Golden Days (4:31)
  6. Mind Travelling (2:03)
  7. Lumen (feat Blaudzun) (5:04)
  8. Drifting Away (4:16)
  9. Come Alive (5:50)
  10. Fade Into My Heart (feat Erika Spring) (4:35)
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Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy (limited LP)
Cat: MCWR 011. Rel: 26 Nov 21
  1. Do Not Feed The Alligators (4:46)
  2. Trouble In The White House (5:47)
  3. Fluff It Up (2:30)
  4. Don't Play With Me (5:41)
  5. Sunday (dub) (5:17)
  6. What IS The Difference? (1:39)
  7. Fancy Operation (5:45)
  8. Keep Looking (4:33)
  9. My Style Is A Very Unique One (1:31)
  10. Scream Contest (5:45)
  11. Good Vibes (4:14)
Review: So step into the hazy musical minds of Glenn Echo and Daniel Meinecke on Partly Cloudy, their debut full-length on MotorCity Wine Recordings. Mr. Echo, repping the Sol Power family out of Washington, DC, reached back to his 90s downtempo, acid jazz, and golden era beat-making roots to create 11 psychedelic, breakbeat-and-space-echo-infused tracks that serve as the perfect dreamy backdrop for Mr. Meinecke's commanding and virtuosic New Orleans gospel funk.
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All Blessed (Deluxe Edition)
All Blessed (Deluxe Edition) (limited trifold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: 405053 8698923. Rel: 05 Nov 21
  1. Poetry (feat Suli Breaks) (3:38)
  2. Gains (feat Suli Breaks) (3:27)
  3. I Need Someone (feat Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi) (4:54)
  4. Remember (feat Suli Breaks & LSK) (7:04)
  5. Synthesizer (feat Nathan Ball) (6:25)
  6. My Town (feat Gaika) (5:54)
  7. Friendship (2:17)
  8. Walk In My Shoes (2:43)
  9. All Blessed (4:38)
  10. Innadadance (feat Suli Breaks & Jazzie B) (4:03)
  11. Take Your Time (feat Damien Jurado & Suli Breaks) (6:39)
  12. I Need Someone (feat Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi - Yotto remix - extended mix) (3:02)
  13. Synthesizer (feat Nathan Ball - Patrice Baumel remix - edit) (4:49)
  14. This Feeling (feat Suli Breaks & Nathan Ball - Waze & Odyssey remix - edit) (4:44)
  15. Poetry (Jay Hudson remix - edit) (3:44)
  16. I Need Someone (feat Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi - Yotto remix - extended mix) (7:05)
  17. Synthesizer (feat Nathan Ball - Patrice Baumel remix - edit) (4:02)
  18. This Feeling (feat Suli Breaks & Nathan Ball - Waze & Odyssey remix - edit) (3:06)
  19. Synthesizer (feat Nathan Ball - Butch remix - edit)) (4:41)
  20. Innadadance (feat Suli Breaks & Jazzie B - Meduza remix) (6:05)
  21. Everybody Everybody (edit) (3:00)
  22. Necesito A Alguien (I Need Someone) (feat Nathan Ball & Mala Rodriguez - Paul Woolford remix) (3:01)
  23. Everybody Everybody (TCTS remix - edit) (3:33)
  24. Innadadance (feat Suli Breaks & Jazzie B - Claptone remix - edit) (5:52)
  25. Everybody Everybody (Will Clarke remix - edit) (3:56)
  26. In Those Times (feat Suli Breaks & Nathan Ball - edit) (3:14)
  27. I Need Someone (feat Nathan Ball - Blissy Funked mix) (3:08)
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Dans Les Yeux D'iris
Dans Les Yeux D'iris (LP + insert)
Cat: CD 001. Rel: 09 Nov 21
  1. Sucre (4:08)
  2. La Souris (1:45)
  3. Le Glas (4:46)
  4. Dans Les Yeux D'iris (2:03)
  5. Exces De Politesse (4:31)
  6. Fait Divers (4:06)
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Cat: SECD 802. Rel: 18 Nov 21
  1. Aci (intro)
  2. Spiritual Wind
  3. Afrique (feat Kadi Koulibay - album version)
  4. Dine
  5. Simento
  6. Black Sands (feat John Lui)
  7. Scirocco
  8. Sunset Dub
  9. This Is African Jazz
  10. Sirens
  11. Karma Blues (feat John Lui)
  12. Amanecer
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In Search Of Excellounge (20th Anniversary Edition) (remastered)
In Search Of Excellounge (20th Anniversary Edition) (remastered) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile turquoise marbled vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 2977C. Rel: 24 Nov 21
  1. How Was It For You (5:16)
  2. Taxi Au Moulin (4:31)
  3. Pablo's Blues (5:04)
  4. Excellounge Bar (4:35)
  5. Disco-Tek (Boogie All Night Long) (4:57)
  6. Room 69 Moi? (4:41)
  7. Searching Gainsbourg (3:34)
  8. Tune Up (5:18)
  9. Poem Rouge (4:24)
Review: Dutch-Belgian band Gare du Nord released their brilliantly entitled debut album In Search Of Excellounge in 2001, and not long after it went gold. The superbly seductive album is rooted in laid-back lounge and romantic late-night downtempo sounds, but is heavily influenced by traditional delta blues and urban jazz. The biggest tune from the record, 'Pablo's Blues' is characterised by the dobro riff of Lancee and the voice of blues legend Robert Johnson and this is the first time or any of these tracks, have been on vinyl. They have been remastered for the occasion and come hand-numbered. Don't sleep on this classic of the genre.
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Swan Lover's Knot Dagger
Cat: UTU 6. Rel: 15 Nov 21
  1. Swan Song (3:30)
  2. Autumn (feat J Essel) (3:28)
  3. Apex (3:36)
  4. Medusa (3:48)
  5. Dogmatist (5:01)
  6. Gone Done (4:36)
  7. Dreamless Sleep (5:21)
  8. Tread Lightly (feat Soft Yakka) (3:42)
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Early Moments
Early Moments (cassette)
Cat: SILK 129. Rel: 11 Oct 21
  1. Due North (5:04)
  2. Ice Sleeper (4:02)
  3. Mercury (2:13)
  4. Where We Left Off (5:24)
  5. Cloud Dome (4:51)
  6. Falu (4:42)
  7. Low Shine (6:38)
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Head First (reissue)
Head First (reissue) (gatefold translucent magenta vinyl LP + art print)
Cat: 405053 8673753. Rel: 26 Nov 21
  1. Rocket (3:51)
  2. Believer (3:43)
  3. Alive (3:28)
  4. Dreaming (5:06)
  5. Head First (4:31)
  6. Hunt (4:32)
  7. Shiny & Warm (3:58)
  8. I Wanna Life (4:14)
  9. Voicething (4:46)
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Far In
Far In (CD)
Cat: 4AD 0399CD. Rel: 22 Oct 21
  1. Wake Up Tomorrow
  2. Gemini & Leo
  3. Purple Tones
  4. There Must Be A Song Like You
  5. Aguas Frias
  6. Aureole
  7. Hometown Dream
  8. Agosto (feat Buscabulla)
  9. Outside The Outside
  10. Brown Fluorescence
  11. Wind Conversations
  12. Thank You For Ever
  13. La Naranja
  14. Telescope (feat Benamin)
  15. Mirror Talk
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Far In
Far In (2xLP)
Cat: 4AD 0399LP. Rel: 22 Oct 21
  1. Wake Up Tomorrow (feat Kacy Hill) (3:43)
  2. Gemini & Leo (4:23)
  3. Purple Tones (3:19)
  4. There Must Be A Song Like You (4:44)
  5. Aguas Frias (3:40)
  6. Aureole (6:41)
  7. Hometown Dream (5:33)
  8. Agosto (feat Buscabulla) (4:39)
  9. Outside The Outside (5:12)
  10. Brown Fluorescence (1:30)
  11. Wind Conversations (4:37)
  12. Thank You For Ever (4:54)
  13. La Naranja (5:25)
  14. Telescope (feat Benamin) (4:50)
  15. Mirror Talk (3:59)
Listening to Helado Negro feels like you've finally had a shower, got changed, and made your way to the wooden veranda of your Air B&B on a lush tropical beachfront after a hard day adventuring. We're not going to tell you what you're drinking, though - it wouldn't be in keeping with Far In's attitude.

If all that sounds a little vague and abstract, let's move to the music itself. Slowly, woozily strolling out with 'Wake Up Tomorrow', this is downtempo, late night shadows dancing on walls, blues-tinged, jazz-infused chill out made with real instruments and plenty of emotions, with the odd slice of relaxed, warm, slow dance throw in for good measure. It's nice, beautiful and incredibly intelligent stuff, ideal for any occasion, and out of place nowhere.
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