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Latest reviews

Man Face - You're Hurting Me (Pellegrino Na Na Na mix)
Man Face is a disco afro studio project from 1977, from the musicians duo Winston Alwyn Gill and Henderson Brathwaite from sounth Africa but recorded in Italy during the disco era. New rediscovered by Early Sounds Recordings in conjunction with Best Record Italy. Pellegrino from the Early Sounds Collective did a good job with additional remix and overdubs for the new "Na Na Na Edit" plus the remastered original disco version available on the flip.
Rob Belleville - Implacable Force
Rob Belleville is a producer from the Netherlands. His music can be found in the same space as producers such as Arne Weinberg, Microworld, Sean Deason and Drivetrain. He is know for moving between ambient electronica and atmospheric techno sounds, always warm and well produced. This release is no different, as here we have two very special tracks with the same integrity as anything Rob has written in the past. On the A side we've got 'Implacable Force' which features a driving techno foundation and washy synths, interwoven for perfect headspace. The second track in is Sungazing, which takes you into a more lazy groove with swirling, warm pads and more good drum programming. The B side features Rise 'n Shine and Sands of Time, both blurring the line between deep house and techno, with a fine balance between the melodic textures and tech house percussion. If you like atmospheric, melodic textures and quality music in general, this one is for you.
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Galcher Lustwerk - 200% Galcher (Selection)
5 years after his infamous 100% GALCHER mix. Less than a year after his debut album for White Material. Galcher Lustwerk releases the vinyl edition of the year's great sequel, 200% GALCHER. 8 of the best tracks have been selected from the digital release and remastered for vinyl. Funky, psychedelic, stream of consciousness hip-hop and jazz-infused deep house.
Unknown - Botanic Minds Sunset Series (Cosmjn Remix)
5th release of Botanic Minds Sunset Series. 12" 180g Vinyl Only. Early support by Arapu, Sepp, Lizz, Vincentlulian.
Y&e - Computer Science EP
The latest EP on John Dimas' admirable Elephant Moon label comes from a shadowy source: publicity-shy debutants Y&E. Since the label hasn't provided any further details of this mystery producer (or producers), we'll move straight onto the music, which predictably enough is pretty darn good. The headline attraction is undoubtedly title track "Computer Science", a bustling and skipping affair that brilliantly joins the dots between deep two-step garage, dreamy deep house and glitchy Parisian tech-house. UK scene stalwart 100Hz provides the obligatory remix, serving up a deliciously deep and spacey, Detroit-influenced techno revision. Elsewhere, "Traffic Jam" is a bustling chunk of funk-fuelled old school tech-house goodness, while "Sun Passenger" sees the debutant wrap a rubbery tech-house rhythm track in warm bass, drowsy chords and quirky, jammed-out synth lines.
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Our Own Organization - 2 Finger Hash Band EP
Still buzzing from the reaction to his recent album as Specter on Sound Signature, Andres Ordonez joins forces with old pal Jose Rico for the first Our Own Organization EP in three years. We'd argue it has been worth the wait, too, because all four tracks are top drawer. They begin with "My Mind Is Gone", a wonderfully deep and laidback affair where spacey, melancholic chords and lilting melodies gently dance atop an electro-influenced rhythm and raw analogue bass, before pushing up the tempo via the sludgy shuffle of "Special Sound". Flip the record for the hazy, piano-sporting dub-house warmth of "Days of Old" and a blissful chunk of mid-tempo deepness that recalls both the glory days of Italian dream house and the head-in-the-clouds wonder of ambient techno.
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