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Coming Soon: Industrial/Noise

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Credo (LP)
Cat: HOS 604LP. Rel: 14 Dec 18
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Look At Me
Cat: MEC 037.
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Laughing Afternoon
Laughing Afternoon (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PLA030 / MNQ 111.
  1. God With Us
  2. Idiot Pain
  3. Barcelona Telephone Exchange
  4. Freefall
  5. Blood Orange Bargain Day
  6. Behind Closed Doors
  7. Qualk Street
  8. To Hell With The Consequences
  9. Building Jerusalem
  10. Feast Of Trumpets
  11. Virgin Eyes Virgin Eyes
  12. Spanner In The Works
  13. Mystery Dance
Review: "Mannequin Records and Platform 23 come together to start a series of stand-alone reissues of the music of post-punk / industrialists Bourbonese Qualk, starting with their 1983 album Laughing Afternoon.

Formed in Southport during the late-70s, the band came to prominence out of South London's squat scene via their own Recloose Organisation. Early releases including the band's first experiments put to tape and the now highly sought after Sudden Departure compilation featuring luminaries Colin Potter, Eg Oblique Graph (Bryan Jones) and Lol Coxhill, laid the foundations of their burgeoning sound.

Recorded and produced at the Recloose Studios in Camberwell in 1983, Simon Crab, Julian Gilbert and Steven Tanza infused their music with politically charged atmospherics, instrumental exploration, heavily laden reverb and dub, all projected by drum machine rhythms to assemble a musical collage which encapsulated strands beyond contemporary music.

Track titles decipher little, as with the music, a discourse not belonging to a set style or movement, but crossing boundaries of supposition, pushing distortion and outernational leanings towards something else, a primordial discant.

While tape loops warp the ears and spoken vocals propel songs like Blood Orange Bargain Day and To Hell With The Consequences and contrasting guitar acoustics pierce the mood on Qualk Street and Spanner In The Works, the overall embrace is claustrophobic, embedding a foreboding for the times. This unique, indulgent, cross genre melting pot where pounding rhythms, wailing trumpets, mournful melodica and electronic pulses all spiral in a contagious dissonance that heralded Bourbonese Qualk to the wider world.

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Snakedressed (limited gatefold yellow vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MEC 041. Rel: 19 Nov 18
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Between Rhythms I
Between Rhythms I (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA 025. Rel: 14 Jan 19
  1. Inner Rhythm (Higher World mix)
  2. Kupuri
  3. X-Out
  4. Sitting In A Tree (Time Flies)
Review: Platform 23 is delighted to release a compilation across 4 EPs of the music of Dutch producer Robbert Heijnen (Psychick Warriors Of Gaia / SUMUS) and his Exquisite Corpse project.

First appearing as a one off contribution to a Katharos Foundation compilation cassette and using only tape loops in 1986, Exquisite Corpse was resurrected in 1992, shortly before Robbert left PWOG to concentrate on his solo music.

Now equipped with a modest midi set-up, most of the Exquisite Corpse material was recorded with the aid of mixing desk master, engineer and friend, Tim Freeman, as well as with later contributions from partner Debbie Jones (The Mistress/DJ Venus). Released on Belgian label KK Records, the tracks included in these 12"s are taken from a furtive two year period that saw six EPs and two LPs released.

Starting with Inner Rhythm (Higher World Mix), taken from 1993's EP of the same name, Between Rhythms I starts with intent. Crisp percussion, relentless and interwoven sequences abound over a dark bassline, before the dub meet world sounds of Kupuri show the depth of EC's outlook.

This is backed by the rawness of X-Out from 1992's Strange Attractor EP. Recorded to cassette before Tim joined the project, the guttural bass and sharp percussion cross boundaries between house and techno. This deep tribal sound, full of pulsing drums highlights a sharper angle from much of EC's output and as such, is a pure club machine.

The first EP closes with Sitting In A Tree (Time Flies). The first track to be taken from their debut album, Dream Night Dance Music, the album is rightly considered their strongest, more rounded record, seeing it now trading at spiralled prices. With all 6 of it's songs to be covered across the 12" series, the ambient influences and yearning keys here make for a perfect, first ending.

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Between Rhythms II
Between Rhythms II (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA 026. Rel: 21 Jan 19
  1. Shadow Play
  2. What A Life
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Tepu
Review: Platform 23 presents the 2nd (of 4) EPs of music from Exquisite Corpse. In Between Rhythms II, a deeper, ambient, percussive selection again returns to the project of Robbert Heijnen.

As part of the post punk / alternative Tilburg music scene of the mid-80s, Robbert influences of expression and interest in industrial and EBM is apparent. The move from the metallic sounds (as a member) of the early incarnation of Psychick Warriors Of Gaia to embrace the sounds emanating from late 80s Chicago and Detroit saw the band develop from their early cassette '1989' to the fully formed and now revered 1992 debut album, Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves (A Document Ov New Edge Folk Classics).

The parallels between this deep, trippy and haunting melodies meets tribal percussions, highlights some similarities of PWOG and Exquisite Corpse's outlook during this period. Looking further, upon leaving the former, the bands sound developed a harder edge, with more focus on rhythm and their exploratory properties indicating the nature of Heijnen influence and part in PWOG and how this was further explored when going solo in 1992.

The release starts with Shadow Play from his second album, 1993's Inner Light. Darkness descends to echo'd drums as the vestiges of developing European techno worlds can be heard in the distance. What A Life, from the Reassembling Reality EP, brings things down with an ambient beginning moving to Reich loops and sequencing that create shifting melodic horizons. A personal favourite of the artist, the EP saw the realization of the collaborations with Debbie Jones in design and life.

With the consistent presence of 'third member' - in mixing, engineering and support - from Tim Freeman, the songs in the series have a unique, but familiar and inclusive nature. This can again be heard in Sacrifice from the highly sought after Dream Night Dance Music album. The interplay of drums, claps and swing are enough alone to warrant acceptance. To close, Tepu returns to the Inner Light album. Darkness, Questioning. Calling. Second(s) ending.

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Present Tense
Present Tense (cassette)
Cat: DOWN 5.
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The Glory Hazz
The Glory Hazz (mini LP limited to 100 copies)
Cat: KCZX 001.
  1. Glory Hazz
  2. Mustang
  3. Moon
  4. Babylon
  5. Milano
  6. Half Moon
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ZMNT 001
ZMNT 001 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZMNT 001. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. The Return
  2. Higher Level
  3. Enter Mars
  4. Circle Of Power
Review: First Release of this new imprint by the owner himself. Kluentah is one half of Fallbeil. He recently released the Muskelbein EP on the french label Public System Recordings and the upcoming Taubens EP on Sister Recordings from England. Now he delievers four diverse Tracks that hailing on Side-A from electro ("The Return") to some kind of New Beatish Territory ("Higher Level") while the B-Side takes us on a tour of his own version of the EBM-Electroish Track "Enter Mars" and "Circle of Power".

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Way Through Vulnerability
Cat: ALT 43. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. Cellophane Window
  2. M'aidez
  3. Here Is The Proof
  4. Forget So That You May Be Forgotten
  5. Cara En La Foto (part 1)
  6. Your Lost Jewellery
  7. Derelict Intentions
  8. Cara En La Foto (part 2)
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Engineering Analysis Of Inner Death
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coming soon $30.77
Technology (clear vinyl 2xLP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: ROTORC 62.
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coming soon $44.94
The Third Helix
The Third Helix (amber vinyl LP)
Cat: DAIS 122LPC.
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coming soon $22.21
I See What I Became
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coming soon $13.90
I See What I Became
I See What I Became (limited white vinyl LP)
Cat: NR 112LP.
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coming soon $23.81
Raw Series #04
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coming soon $TBA
A Noiva EP
A Noiva EP (12")
Cat: TE 005. Rel: 17 Dec 18
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
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coming soon $TBA
Shadows Of Death & Desire
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coming soon $27.29
Harm In Hand
Cat: HOS 612EP. Rel: 14 Dec 18
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coming soon $23.81
Mars (CD)
Cat: THRILL 472CD.
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coming soon $14.71
Mars (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: THRILL 472LP.
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coming soon $20.87
Alternative Funk: Volume 2
Alternative Funk: Volume 2 (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA 024.
  1. Dee Nasty - "Orientic Groove"
  2. Scoop! - "Asphalt Zombie"
  3. Vox Populi! & Man - "Johnny Pour Toujours"
  4. 3M - "The Mark"
  5. Asmus Tietchens - "Triumph Des Wilden"
  6. Melsjest - "Der Sound Kosten"
  7. Vox Populi! - "1234567"
  8. Randall Kennedy - "Enorma Jones"
  9. Dennis Young - "Intuition"
  10. Stanalis Noel - "Wondercat"
  11. Bene Gesserit - "Kidnapping"
  12. Kosa - "For Dance"
  13. Capital Funk - "The Last Set"
  14. Psyclones - "Fall In Time"
  15. Chukk Green - "Shoes For Freedom"
Review: "Platform 23 presents the 2nd collection of songs selected from the Alternative Funk series released Vox Man and VP 231 Records. Originally appearing in 1985 across 1 vinyl and 2 cassette albums these cult collections have long been in collectors (and bootleggers) sights and finally see the first official reissue.

As with Volume 1 (PLA023) the series covers the weird, wonderful, esoteric, exotic and quirky sound and puts them in a reset context that immediately gives clarity of the original's curation.

This volume opens with some DIY electro stealers, first with Dee Nasty's Orientic Groove, where the early French hip-hop pioneer lays down a battle commence of beats, slapped bass and YMO keys, before the second offering from Scoop! and their rap attack, juxtapositions the past series and leads to label heads Vox Populi! & Man and their continued look at the rudiments of cut up manipulation and scratch techniques.

The avant rappears with 3M's percussive marker and legendary Amus Tietchens' is ever challenging, before Melsjest's post-punk meets the Weirmar possibly steals the side as Vox Pop spoken outro joins those (micro)dots.

The cult of Randall Kennedy returns with another garage-fuzz gem. His stories for wackos'n'weirdos end all too soon and are followed by Liquid Liquid's Dennis Young, diving deep with Intuition, before Stanalis returns with another winner. Bene Gesserit is a killer and welcome addition, before Kosa return with more industrial clippings and volume 2 heads to the door with Capital Funk's electro-punk bomb - possibly the series champion - while the slap bass-scratch of California's Psyclones leads to a music hall end in the homage to mum's favourite, Chukk.

What these Volumes again highlight is how the DIY aesthetic of so many independent labels was supplemented and spread via collections of friends, contemporaries and often, literally pen pals, to mail in their offerings that are then picked for wider ears. While some of these artists have become known, just as many are who and whats, but they sit side-by-side as warranted and often killing the scene of what Axel and co sought to be...the Alternative Funk.

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Alternative Funk: Volume 1
Alternative Funk: Volume 1 (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA 023.
  1. Stanislas Noel & Jean-Christophe Utz - "Money Money"
  2. Scoop! - "Caravan"
  3. Son Of Sam - "Anti Apartheid"
  4. From Raushenberg - "About Fritz"
  5. Fist Of Facts - "Fire Breath"
  6. Philippe Laurent - "Rapide"
  7. Vox Populi & Man - "Alternative Fresh"
  8. Zoohtee - "Track 8"
  9. Kosa - "Nykowe"
  10. Randall Kennedy - "Smith's Room"
  11. The Arms Of Someone New - "Cool As Christ"
  12. Human Backs - "Takayama Rising"
  13. ONY - "Give It To Me"
  14. Vox Populi & Man - "Megamix"
Review: "Platform 23 launches with the reissue of the seminal Alternative Funk compilation series, presenting a selection of music across 2 volumes.

Known for the highly heralded "Folie Distinguee" album in 1985, what is often over looked is the fact there accompanied 2 further "Alternative Funk" cassette compilations that same year. Coming within the Audiologie series on Vox Man Records, these "Various Artist" selections were indicative of labels that sprung up in the early 80s around the DIY post-punk scene.

As founders of Vox Populi!, Axel Kyrou and Francis Man, working with close associate Pierre Jolivet's (aka Pacific 231) VP 231 label, released a number of cassettes, 7" and LPs between 1982 and 1988, as much to self-release their own music as to push new or contemporary artists.

Here then is a snapshot of the Alt Funk albums, selecting songs that avoid recent or upcoming reissues, to dive deep in the series from industrial to cold wave, proto-dub percussion to avant spoken word pieces. Featuring the likes of Son Of Sam, Philippe Laurent, Fist Of Facts - with a long lost first ever recording - and Human Backs, stepping out from semi-cult name dropping to sit alongside unknowns and never heard from again in Scoop!, Kosa, Zoohtee and the wonderful Randall Kennedy.

What is apparent is an idiosyncratic nature to the selections. In the same way many independent labels of the time - such as Auxilio De Cientos' Terra Incognita volumes or Final Image's Nightlands - created a label snapshot by pulling together far and wide contributions but retaining an overall 'sound'.

The Volume 1 and 2 reissue achieve that, mixing experimental with electro, post punk with noise, to offer more than the sum of their parts - an Alternative Funk.

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coming soon $TBA
Escapist (2xLP)
Cat: ARFA 346.
e-mail me when released
coming soon $33.44
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Coming Soon: Industrial/Noise
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