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New releases last eight weeks: Electro House

Electro House vinyl released in the last four weeks
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The Talkbox Track EP
The Talkbox Track EP (limited 12")
Cat: BIZR 004. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Felons & B Love - "The Talkbox Track" (5:34)
Felons & B Love - "M Is For Muff" (5:59)
Jhobei & Oliver R - "What's On Then" (6:31)
Love & Charleze - "IC3D" (6:44)
Review: Party starting outfit Bizarre is back with another offering of leftfield club cuts. The A-side of this one has been carefully curated by founding members Felon5 & B.Love. Their cosmic house excursion starts with the playful robot funk of 'The Talkbox Track' and then takes in the silky space tech of 'M Is For Muff' which is effortlessly cool. Jhobei & Oliver R then step up with 'What's On Then' which is another mix of warped bass and neon synth lines over popping tech funk and then Love & Charleze conspire to send you home on a nice warm hearted disco tech vibe with their 'IC3D' featuring some super synth expressions.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $16.04
Highway To Planet E
Highway To Planet E (limited 12")
Cat: QU I002. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Magic Ambience (6:18)
Weather Morphing (8:06)
Kick It & Drop It (6:44)
Empire State Beat (5:31)
 in stock $16.83
Sanctuary EP
Cat: TVIR 010. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Gash (4:52)
Flowers (6:18)
Sanctuary (5:45)
Mind Revolt (5:38)
Veronika (4:47)
Review: It's 10 up for TVIR and to mark the occasion they have a fantastic five-track outing from Komponente. 'Gash' is a fizzing, dense and slow-motion cut with a grinding low end and some serious bounce in the drums and bass. It's both fun and menacing all at once and has real anthem potential once the vocals come in. 'Flowers' has a brighter melodic touch but also lashings of spiky acid and 'Sanctuary' is then a deft tech house workout with suspensory and angelic vocals. 'Mind Revolt' is an unhinged mix of ghoulish laughter and bright sine waves, then 'Veronika' shuts down with a meditative broken beat.
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 in stock $16.57
You Never Take Me Dancing
Cat: GRD 007. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Drift Into The Algorithm (5:13)
Side Gurn (6:03)
You Never Take Me Dancing (5:42)
Strangers On The Train (3:35)
Review: Midland has been smart about his arc as a producer, taking his time rather than churning out releases for the sake of it. As such, when we do get something new from the lad, it always feels like an occasion, and of course the music invariably matches the mood. 'You Never Take Me Dancing' is in fact the B-side opener on this new four-track record, but it plays out like the lead role on an EP bursting with fresh ideas. 'Strangers On The Train' toys with more experimental synthesis and a stripped back mix down that takes its cues from footwork, while 'Drift Into The Algorithm' plays out as the slinkier, shimmering house he's perhaps been better known for of late. The class and consideration just spills out of this record - more than worth waiting for.
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 in stock $16.83
Maestropolis Various Artists Vol 5
Aline Umber - "Qu'un Jour Ca Dure" (5:28)
Eli Atala - "City 17" (6:14)
Vithz & Emanuele Barilli - "Rubbery Dreams" (5:19)
Mario Liberti - "Welcome On Board" (6:17)
Noiro - "Fabul" (5:43)
Anna Wall - "Worlds Away" (5:17)
Review: Maestropolis is staking its reputation on expansive various artist releases like this one, where we take in a wide breadth of cheeky minimal tech house from underground operators who know how to have fun without sacrificing the headsy quality of the music. With six tracks on a single 12", there's plenty of heat to get hold of here, whether it's the squashed slap bass funk of Aline Umber's 'Qu'un Jour Ca Dure' or the tweaked sonic trip-out of Eli Atala's 'City 17' you're in the market for. Fresh approaches and rock solid grooves for the floor are in abundance on this latest must-grab from the promising French label.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $16.83
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