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International Feel Uruguay

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Sketches From An Island
Cat: IFEEL 029CD. Rel: 29 May 14
  1. Baby Come Home
  2. Dr Nimm's Garden Of Intruigue & Delight
  3. Go Berri Be Happy
  4. Essene
  5. Formentera Headspace Blues (parts 1 & 2)
  6. Deep Water
  7. Island Life
  8. Back To The Sea
  9. Sacret Islands
Review: Despite a career in electronic music that stretches right back to the mid 1990s, this album marks the first time that International Feel boss Mark Barrott has released music under his own name. That's a surprise, but then the whole project - quickly recorded and mixed during a period spent living in Ibiza - has a delightfully spontaneous feel about it. Exotic, humid, atmospheric and richly immersive, Sketches From An Island sees Barrott in full on Balearic mode, laying down a series of instrumental soundscapes variously influenced by Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Peter Green and the Orb. It's pretty darn good, too, sounding like a sassier, more cultured version of his 2007 Future Loop Foundation set Memories From A Fading Room.
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 in stock $17.06
On Vacation
Cat: IFEEL 051. Rel: 17 Feb 16
  1. Sate Padang (3:56)
  2. Arto (2:54)
  3. In The Courtyard (2:01)
  4. Pleasure Centre (5:45)
  5. Chasing (2:18)
  6. Fleurs Laisses Dans Un Taxi (4:39)
  7. Lighthouse On Chatham Sound (4:19)
  8. Vermont (4:49)
Review: International Feel's recently launched mini album series continues, with long-serving downtempo producer CFCF delivering his vision of a lazy Balearic holiday. Sitting somewhere between Jose Padilla, Joan Bibiloni, and Gigi Masin's collaborations with Templehof, the extended player's eight tracks bristle with authentic live instrumentation, most notably jazzy guitars, soft-focus acoustics, reflective pianos and humid accordions. These are effortlessly blended with subtle electronics to create sun-kissed, early morning mood pieces that undoubtedly define the Balearic, after-hours experience. What's most striking about On Vacation, though, is just how beautiful it is. At times, it's breathtakingly stunning.
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 in stock $17.06
Save Us
Save Us (7")
Cat: IFEEL 071. Rel: 23 Jun 21
  1. Save Us (feat Mapei) (3:32)
  2. Charly (2:41)
Review: Mark Barrott's kickstart's International Feel back into action with this new release by Charlie Charlie. Consisting of Stockholm-based musicians Gabriella Borbely (aka Bella Boo) and Jens Resch (Chords), their musical project is said to have begun on a beach in Southern California - and you can certainly hear that influence on the tracks featured on the Save Us EP. The title track featuring vocalist Mapei is a low-slung serving of balearic pop that altogether makes for the perfect summertime groove. Over on the flip is the saucer-eyed chill-out number 'Charly' mixing acid, vocoder and breezy synths into the most evocative and neon-lit experience you'll hear this year
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 in stock $10.40
Little Things
Cat: IFEEL 072LP. Rel: 28 Jul 21
  1. Charly (2:43)
  2. Nothing Here But You & Me (3:55)
  3. Say It's Gold (3:37)
  4. Save Us (feat Mapei) (3:34)
  5. Venice Chocolate (4:17)
  6. Hill St (6:18)
  7. Frosty (feat Julimar Santos) (2:50)
  8. New Hall (2:52)
  9. Lorena (feat Mapei) (4:12)
  10. Run (4:17)
Played by: Manu•Archeo
 in stock $21.40
Cat: IFEEL 015CD. Rel: 13 Jun 11
  1. Gunship
  2. Little Boots
  3. Gunship (Andrew Weatherall remix)
  4. I Want It
  5. Throwdown
  6. Bloodbath
  7. Tan Sedan
  8. Next To You
  9. I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas remix)
  10. Throwdown (Harvey dub)
  11. Little Boots (An Emperor Machine special edit version)
 in stock $14.96
Epsilon (LP)
Cat: IFEEL 073LP. Rel: 10 Sep 21
  1. Sabbia Bianca
  2. Anatema
  3. L'Eta Dell'Oro
  4. Gaul Tanz
  5. Vivo
  6. Il Capriccio
  7. Epsilon
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Deja Vu
Deja Vu (12")
Cat: IFEEL 037. Rel: 26 Feb 15
  1. Deja Vu
  2. Freefalling
 in stock $11.56
Zon Zon Zon
Zon Zon Zon (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: IFEEL 061. Rel: 22 Mar 17
  1. Senhor Zalla (5:08)
  2. Zon Zon Zon (4:46)
  3. Port-Au-Coeur (4:51)
  4. Bucolica (1:46)
  5. Courant Rouge (4:37)
  6. Courant Bleu (4:06)
  7. La Voliere (2:37)
Review: Shelter began his production career re-editing quirky cuts of a Balearic persuasion, before dropping a fine collection of original tracks on Uber last autumn. That set of woozy, horizontal gems clearly impressed International Feel boss Mark Barrott, as he's decided to release the French producer's debut album. Zon Zon Zon is arguably a little more varied than some may expect, with Shelter combining his usual new age inspired melodies and tropical flavours with nods to rubbery, post-disco pop, dub, woozy ambient and the kind of fluid, sun-baked electronica that defies easy categorization. However you describe it, Zon Zon Zon is mightily impressive, delivering a near perfect blend of electronic and acoustric instrumentation.
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 in stock $21.69
My Past Is Your Future
My Past Is Your Future (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: IFEEL 062. Rel: 20 Apr 17
  1. My Past Is Your Future (6:39)
  2. My Past Is Your Future (Beatless Stars In Space mix) (5:49)
  3. My Past Is Your Future (Chukka Chukka dance mix) (7:52)
 in stock $11.85
A Compilation
A Compilation (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: IFEEL 024. Rel: 23 Oct 12
  1. Gatto Fritto - "The Curse"
  2. Bubble Club - "The Goddess"
  3. Maxxi & Zeus - "American Dreamer"
  4. Locussolus - "Throwdown" (Com Truise remix)
  5. Flights Of Fancy - "Spacebird"
  6. International Peoples Gang - "Second" (Coyote remix)
  7. Bepu N' Gali - "I Travel To You" (Tim Love Lee Fully Bearded dub)
  8. Parada 88 - "You're Gonna Miss Me"
  9. Gonno - "Acdise #2"
  10. Ifeel Studio - "The Coptic Sun"
  11. Rocha - "Love & Circumstance"
  12. Locussolus - "Gunship" (Andrew Weatherall remix)
  13. Boys From Patagonia - "Rimini 80"
  14. Bepu N' Gali - "I Travel To You"
  15. Rocha - "Night Music"
  16. Gatto Fritto - "Invisible College"
  17. The Globe - "Adventure Party"
  18. Flights Of Fancy - "Love's A Dancer"
  19. Hungry Ghost - "(I Am A) Series Of Strange Loops"
  20. Ifeel Studio - "Morgengruss III"
  21. Gonno - "Turn To Light"
Review: After three years and some 30-odd releases, acclaimed anything-goes Balearic imprint International Feel is being put on ice. While it may return in future (label boss Rocha is deliberately vague about the details), this excellent two-disc set has been designed to bookend the story thus far. As well as familiar favourites from the likes of Locussolus (AKA DJ Harvey), Gatto Fritto, Bepu N'Gali, Hungry Ghost and Flights of Fancy, there's a couple of unreleased originals and remixes. There's also the chance to get hold of some of the label's rarest, previously vinyl-only material, including Panda 88's excellent "You're Gonna Miss Me" and the near mythical "Adventure Party" by The Globe, an essential acid-disco stomper.
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 in stock $25.16
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International Feel Uruguay
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