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DJ equipment hard cases

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Cat: 494148 Rel: 10 Oct 13
Turntable hardcase, fits a single turntable
Notes: This heavy duty turntable hardcase is incredibly sturdy, and features durable brackets and ball corners for added support. The case fits one American Audio or other popular turntable brands.

***Equipment not included***
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 4 in stock $76.21
Cat: 637098 Rel: 17 Jan 17
Heavy duty, transportable workstation for the Pioneer DDJRZX controller
Notes: Customized to hold the Pioneer DDJ-RZX Controller. Crafted from 9 mm vinyl laminated plywood, sturdy aluminium profiles, heavy duty butterfly latches and smooth rolling wheels, this case provides ultimate protection for mobile use on the road.
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 1 in stock $217.27
Cat: 637097 Rel: 17 Jan 17
Heavy duty, transportable workstation for the Denon MC7000 controller
Notes: Customized to transport and protect the DENON MC-7000 Controller. Crafted from 9 mm vinyl laminated plywood, sturdy aluminium profiles and heavy duty butterfly latches, it provides you with secure transport and workstation in one. Thanks to the integrated gliding laptop platform and the convenient cable access port, the setup is ready for action in no time at all.
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 1 in stock $183.57
Cat: 597926 Rel: 02 Feb 16
DJ equipment hardcase designed to fit the Technics SL1200/1210 turntable range
Notes: One size fits all! The new MULTI-FORMAT TURNTABLE CASE is a heavy-duty road case that was especially designed to fit the popular Technics SL-1200/1210 Turntable.

It includes several foam pads to accommodate various new models such as a Pioneer PLX-1000 and other models from Stanton, Vestax, Reloop, American Audio, Numark etc.
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 2 in stock $113.84
Cat: 663405 Rel: 14 Sep 17
Heavy duty road case for turntable & 10-inch battle mixer
Notes: Designed by award winning producer and DMC World Champion DJ Brace, the all new SCRATCH SUITCASE is the dedicated accessory for Portable Scratching artists and Turntablists who need to travel with their gear comfortably and securely.

The heavy duty road case fits a turntable and a 10" battle mixer like a glove and can be easily rolled thanks to the integrated trolley system. Ample internal padding provides ultimate protection even as check-in luggage on air travels.

The mixer compartment features removable front and rear panels to enable the mixer to be positioned on the left or right side of the turntable. All equipment can remain connected inside the case and be ready to play on stage or anywhere.
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 1 in stock $208.65
Cat: 676664 Rel: 20 Mar 18
Robust & reliable case for the Reloop Touch DJ controller
Notes: Better safe than sorry! Based on this motto, Reloop designed the unique Premium case series. To ensure the safe transport of your beloved equipment, you have to choose a secure and reliable case without any compromise. Additional features like the butterfly locks, modern front and rear blind cuts and a robust carrying handle make the Premium series your first choice on the professional case market. Rock-solid functional cases, manufactured from wood and aluminium, crafted to last and work are ready to serve you. Always on the road - Reloop Premium Series!
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 1 in stock $199.69
Cat: 693970 Rel: 27 Jun 18
High-quality flight case for one turntable
Notes: - Suitable for all turntables without dust cover (up to 450 mm width)
- Interior upholstered with foam (black)
- High-quality workmanship with plywood multi-layered glued, black laminated
- Aluminium profile frames (25 mm) with rounded edges
- Removable cover
- Three-leg, medium-sized steel ball corners
- 4 steel-enforced rubber feet
- 2 lockable butterfly locks
- Padded carrying handle
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 4 in stock $75.15
UDG Creator Pioneer DDJ XP1 Hardcase
Cat: 717761 Rel: 30 Jan 19
coming soon $48.30
UDG Creator Rane Twelve Hardcase
Cat: 717762 Rel: 30 Jan 19
coming soon $TBA
UDG XDJ R1 Flight Case (equipment case)
Cat: 641638 Rel: 25 May 17
High quality, heavy duty flight case for the XDJR1
Notes: UDG Ultimate Flight Case Pioneer XDJ-R1 Black not only transport your complete set up easily & securely, but also facilitates devices to be setup within minutes. With these premium features incorporated, the UDG Ultimate Flight cases provide premium professional quality in a very stylish modern black coloured combination.

Constructed from solid 9mm thick plywood, the outside is laminated in a black finished honeycomb/hexagonal "Stage Grip" pattern. The inner sides are protected with high density diamond embossed EVA foam protective padding. This extremely robust padding protects the equipment against scratches, dust or other damages, creating a unique stylish & practical finish.

Extra wide black finished aluminium profile & massive UDG logo embossed ball corners are incorporated to ensures longevity & maintaining a permanently attractive, professional design. The UDG Ultimate Flight Case Pioneer XDJ-R1 Black also features heavy duty spring loaded handles for a secured lift & load.
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 1 in stock $169.62
Cat: 606728 Rel: 08 Apr 16
Protective flight case with robust aluminium profiles and 2x butterfly closures
Notes: Zomo presents a professional and unique flightcase, the Zomo T-2 NSE! The stylish black NSE design (NSE = NIGHT STYLE EDITION) makes this case really stand out from others.

The Zomo T-2 NSE is the perfect solution for carrying a turntable. This modern black NSE Design from Zomo features a convenient carrying handle and can be easily opened and closed with two high quality butterfly catches.

The extremely robust casing is made of high quality 9mm thick laminated plywood. This makes the Zomo T-2 NSE Flightcase extremely stable and resistant to help protect your DJ equipment against knocks, scratches and other accidental damage. The massive aluminum profiles and rounded edges in a cool black finish are virtually indestructible. The removable lid can also be used as a base. This Zomo flightcase offers a high specification combined with a stunning appearance and is a real eye-catcher at any event.

Sheer genius and totally cool! It's Zomo!

*Pictured turntables are not included
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 1 in stock $150.29
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DJ equipment hard cases
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