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Aralkum (limited 7")
Cat: APDLT 025. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Aralkum (3:54)
Zellij (3:58)
Played by: Voodoocuts
! low stock $9.52
Sounds Of North American Frogs
Cat: SFW 6166. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Introduction To Mating Calls (2:47)
Mating Calls As Isolation Mechanisms (8:20)
Taxonomic Levels & Voice Differences (7:37)
Sounds Produced Under Special Conditions (7:33)
Pitch In Relation To Body Size (9:27)
Diversity In Mating Calls (11:41)
Sample Choruses (6:47)
! low stock $20.66
Palace Of A Thousand Sounds
Cat: RKX 088LP. Rel: 04 May 23
Enter The Palace (4:19)
Beyond The Crimson Veil (3:06)
Astral-Desia (1:48)
Delirium (2:40)
Exotique (2:48)
Sun Harp (3:21)
The Cashmere Chamber (3:23)
Iron Tusk (3:16)
Secrets In The Sand (3:45)
Mirage (3:00)
Ritual Of Gods (3:59)
The Second Moon (3:22)
Forbidden Cove (3:39)
Review: U.S. Cinematic outfit Whatitdo Archive Group returns to explore the worlds of mid-Century exotica and library music with Palace of a Thousand Sounds, out on May 5th. This is a rare case of a contemporary "library music" or "archival" record released commercially. Rather than being library music outright, the band, Whatitdo Archive Group, instead aim to reinterpret the many sounds that waft from its esoteric world - from exotica to lounge to 'world'. This album hears them dive into the connotations we might find from 1970s adventure movies, critiquing genres like Spaghetti Westerns and exotic murder mysteries through ironic analog vintagism, chase-scene funk tension, and all-out skill.
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 in stock $21.72
Hard Hitter
Cat: DYNAM 7135. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Hard Hitter (3:07)
Decisive Action (3:09)
Review: At first an obscure library music curio made by Keith Papworth under the aegis of Music De Wolfe - the brainchild of Dutch composer and oboist Meyer De Wolfe - Hard Hitter long flew under the radar as Papworth's unsung instrumental funk magnum opus, that is, until it was reissued in 2022 by Fat Beats, and again now by Dynamite Cuts. We'd wager that it was the Fat Beats reissue that really cemented the legacy of this gem, which placed its intensely sampleable funk breaks in the context of NYC hip-hop culture, cementing its legacy as a favourite sample source for beatmakers, not just a simple and enduring joy in the realm of hard-hitting library funk.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $16.70
Don't Give Up
Cat: RLV 4503. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Don't Give Up (feat Mounika) (2:29)
Tema Di Susie (1:35)
Review: As part of the RELOVED series from Four Flies - co-curated with fellow indie label Little Beat More - comes one of a handful new reinterpreted versions of Alessandro Alessandroni's 'Tema di Susie', the star soundtrack cut from the 1976 Italian noir film Sangue Di Sbirro. With the film regaling a gangland drama centring on revenge, passion, and the madness of love, Alessandroni's original minute-and-a-half-long cut is an eerily serene counterpoint to its themes and here appears alongside a new remix from French producer Mounika, who fleshes out the original cinematic-soul number's circa-140bpm headnod and serene flauting with beefier drums and wilder piano flourishes; this is a juxtaposition you can hear as clearly as day here, on this A-and-B'd delight.
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 in stock $16.95
The Library Archive Vol 2
The Library Archive Vol 2 (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ATALP 023. Rel: 29 Jul 21
The Glass Eye (2:54)
Mosey Rambler (2:51)
Windie Man (3:02)
Ice Cool (3:40)
Cleared For Launch (3:13)
Swamp Cat (2:17)
Fight Or Fuzz (3:05)
Mysterious Manor (3:08)
Push & Go (2:03)
Sensed Presence (2:06)
The Actuator (2:34)
Going Galtactic (1:54)
Review: After an impressive first volume last year, ATA Records are back with more of their Library Archive sounds. Inspired by greats such as KPM and DeWolfe but with a raw Leeds twist, this collection was produced on an array of old analogue gear across a series of sessions. Opener 'The Glass Eye' sets a psyched-out 60s funk feeling from the off then there are more upbeat and prickly pieces with lush flute leads likes like 'Windie Man' and raw, break-driven joints like the deep cut 'Fight Or Fuzz.' Word is that more volumes of this are planned in future, which we're glad to hear.
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Played by: Dynamite Cuts
 in stock $21.18
Atomic Butterfly
Cat: DYNAM 7134. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Funky Spider (2:35)
Cool Character (2:25)
Review: Barry Stroller made up an enduring part of the De Wolfe Music library catalogue, the legacy of whom Dynamite Cuts are hoping to preserve on their latest reissues series. Stroller's choice tracks 'Funky Spider' and 'Cool Character' are shining examples of the boogified infection endemic to both the artist and label; both are taken from Stroller's original Atomic Butterfly LP. Expertly-arranged horn sections and massive breaks; what more could you want?
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 in stock $17.48
Night Moves
Night Moves (limited 7")
Cat: DYNAM 7133. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Night Moves (3:40)
Bank Job (1:46)
Zero Hour (1:45)
Review: Dynamite Cuts' current reissuing efforts once more focus on the legacy of the classic library label De Wolfe Music, this time selecting three choice songs from Frank McDonald and Chris Rea, two esteemed musicians who together debuted these cuts while forming a part of the in-house De Wolfe label ensemble, Patchwork. All three numbers are nighttime alleyway slinkers, recalling, in their finger-snapping funk palette, a slick combo of flared trousers, leather jackets, sunshaded visages and strange bumps in the night.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $16.70
Trip Wire
Cat: DYNAM 7136. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Trip Wire (2:55)
Throng (3:06)
Review: Nick Ingram is a criminally lesser-spotted artist whose credits stretch back to 1998, among which include his various instrumental and production contributions to the band The New Electrics, as well as single contributions to compilations by NME and Melody Maker. But Dynamite Cuts here call 'Trip Wire' and 'Throng' two tracks expressly made for TV soundtracking - never heard before, they reveal Ingram's repertoire in library scoring; the former track is a feverish trip-funker, packed with twang guitar and yodelling flutes, while the latter is a chromatic instrumental soul-jazz number starring a deeply haunting counterpoint, shared equally between synth and voice.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $16.70
Scappo Per Cantare (remastered)
Cat: FLIES 60. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Scogliere (3:01)
Concentrazione (1:50)
Calle Veneziana (2:15)
Desolazione (4:06)
Mordente (1:32)
Fantocci Vivi (2:45)
Con Amore (3:02)
Scappo (3:07)
Genocidio (1:11)
Fendente (1:35)
Per Cantare (2:31)
Scogliere (2a versione) (3:01)
Review: One of Giuliano Sorgini's finest and most sought-after titles, Scappo Per Cantare, is finally available as an official LP reissue, and the first ever to be remastered from the original tapes. Originally released in 1971 on the small library music imprint FAMA - which operated as a sub-label of RCA Italy - the record contains the original music written for Scappo Per Cantare, a small, pseudo-psychedelic 'musicarello' (musical comedy film) broadcast on RAI television. Despite this seemingly innocuous commission, the music - though he's uncredited, it was made in collaboration close confidant Alessandro Alessandroni - is incredibly surreal, and a psychedelic treat for anyone seeking crisp, chordophonal-compositional mastery distilled on record.
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 in stock $31.78
Cat: AJXLP 770. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Top Brass (3:42)
Driving Seat (2:26)
Rising Bass (2:50)
Get The Scene (3:17)
Good Sport (2:50)
Transition To (2:02)
Simple Basics (3:02)
Widescreen Features (3:41)
Too Many Hats (3:20)
Telescopic (2:56)
Top Brass 5 (3:06)
Review: Following the recent release of the outstanding 'Top Brass' single, Matt Berry releases a further unique collaboration with esteemed Library Music label KPM: the full-length album Simplicity, on which he follows in the footsteps of library music giants such as Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw and John Cameron, and presents a worthy successor album to complement them. Embodying the form of KPM's original LPs, geared towards film and television pitching, the album consists of 11 sharp and vibrant instrumentals, all of which will no doubt be heard in productions for many years to come.
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 in stock $26.23
Mediterraneo (limited 7")
Cat: REF 301. Rel: 13 Jan 22
Santucci - "Mediterraneo" (3:35)
Castiglione - "Chase" (3:16)
Review: Reference Library dig deep into the archives for this glorious new 7" which comes in super limited quantities. It features Italian artists Santucci and Castiglione taking one side each with their own lush jazz and library tinged instrumentals. Santucci goes first with 'Mediterraneo,' a turbulent brew of double bass and prominent horn work that whips up a real storm as the drums come crashing down like waves on rocks. On the flip side is the lovely 'Castiglione,' a more silky and funky roller with plenty of subtle 60s references and psyched-out details. ''
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 in stock $11.13
Dr Juvenal's Solution
Dr Juvenal's Solution (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FNR 214. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Dr Juvenal's Solution (2:28)
Skyglow (3:12)
Review: Following a near two-year absence from vinyl, the usually prolific Misha Paniflov is back on Funk Night Records with another nostalgic 45 rooted in deep funk, library music, cinematic soundtracks and psychedelia. The Estonian first offers up 'Dr Juvenal's Solution', a jaunty and genuinely heavy dancefloor work out marked out by sixties spy-movie guitars, bustling breaks, intergalactic synth sounds and warming bass. He opts for a more laidback, downtempo feel on side B, with stretched out, Peter Green style guitar solos and meandering Moog lines reclining atop a bittersweet backing track.
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 in stock $14.83
Forbidden Cove
Forbidden Cove (limited 7")
Cat: RK 45098. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Forbidden Cove (3:40)
The Cashmere Chamber (3:23)
Review: Hailing from Reno and steeped in cinematic atmosphere, Whatitdo Archive Group return with a single preceding their anticipated new album Palace Of A Thousand Sounds. Coming to us via Record Kicks, 'Forbidden Cove' finds the band leaning in on their strong suits in soul and funk while retaining that widescreen, world-building quality which has marked them out since their 2021 debut LP The Black Stone Affair. Don't sleep on the B-side 'The Cashmere Chamber', which takes us deeper into their smoky, vintage sound.
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 in stock $12.70
Exclusive Blend
Cat: JAL 417V. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Exclusive Blend (3:22)
Spanish Flea (3:54)
Review: The JalapeNo label sure does like it hot and this one is no different. It sees the return of label regulars Skeewiff for a new series of outings that take the form of reworked covers of some of their favourite library tracks, inspired by greats of the genre such as Keith Mansfield, Brian Bennett, and Alan Hawkshaw. First up is 'Exclusive Blend,' a rather classic instrumental composition by Mansfield. 'Spanish Flea' is on the flip and is a version of a very famous work by Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass Band. It's a funky take with lots of percussive energy and big strings.
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 in stock $14.31
Neo Rythmiques (mono) (reissue)
Cat: BEWITH 144LP. Rel: 05 Sep 23
Soul Car (5:26)
Happy Penalty (3:30)
Kuzi-Kuza (3:51)
Merci Boa (3:04)
Slim Bertha (5:02)
Country & Country (4:48)
Super Airship (2:50)
Electronic Mutation (2:03)
Africa Semper (1:39)
Neo Rythmiques 1 (4:35)
Neo Rythmiques 2 (2:37)
Review: A new spate of Tele Music library classics reissues from the 70s houses this one from 1976. Once more, legendary composer and drummer Pierre Alain Dahan hears his timely work reissued - this time in collaboration with his eternal guitar colleague Slim Pezin, a many-timed collaborator with Dahan. Contrasting to Dahan's many more experimental works, such as the prototypical 'Rhythmiques' album (which is far more out-there, almost primordial-sounding) 'Neo Rhythmiques' is an absolute killer of scorching, uptempo jazzy soul-funk, demonstrating what humanity as whole has achieved since, by harnessing said rhythmic primordium for its own funky ends.
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 in stock $23.84
Sound Music 45s Collection Vol 2
Cat: DYNAM 7130. Rel: 04 May 23
Siegfried Schwab - "Getting High" (2:16)
Siegfried Schwab - "Feel It" (2:27)
Klaus Weiss - "Time For Rhythm" (2:03)
Peter Thomas - "Documentation" (1:52)
Review: Dynamite Cuts brings the heat once more with a second volume of their Sound Music 45s series. Siegfried Schwab takes care of the A-side with 'Getting High', a scorching funk workout with hard-worked guitar chords and precise percussion over lots of wah-wah effects. 'Feel It; flip the script with a superbly stripped-down jazz-funk lounge sound. Klaus Weiss then steps up on 'Time For Rhythm' with some loose, percussive funk beats that are raw and organic, then Peter Thomas closes down with 'Documentation', a more richly instrumental and multi-layered jazz-funk sound that conveys real grandeur.
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 in stock $16.70
Il Corpo (Soundtrack)
Cat: FLIES 4543. Rel: 13 Jul 23
Chaser (2:49)
Hard Times (4:16)
Review: Four Flies present another masterpiece from one of the all-time greats of Italian soundtrack and library music, Piero Umiliani. His work on the 1974 film Il Corpo ranks amongst his most famous work, and now two pieces have been selected from the soundtrack and presented on this exclusive single. 'Chaser' on the A side appears in an exclusive extended form which has never been released before, while 'Hard Times' on the flip remains the archetype of Italian jazz-funk perfection. This is a limited edition so don't hang around as these are sure to fly out.
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 in stock $16.43
N'Djila Wa Mudjimu
Mesami (3:04)
Bende (2:11)
Mutangila (4:32)
Congo (2:08)
Halula (2:19)
Sebe (4:04)
Tikanga (6:26)
Tsakula (3:07)
TwoSeven (3:01)
Tuyende (3:18)
Kraut (2:45)
 in stock $20.66
Diggers Dozen: DJ Muro
Diggers Dozen: DJ Muro (gatefold 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: BBE 633CLP. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Kiyoshi Yamaya & Contemporary Sound Orchestra - "Fuke Jobutsu" (part 1 Tohri - Muro's edit) (3:02)
Kiyoshi Yamaya & Contemporary Sound Orchestra - "Osorezan" (Muro's edit) (2:58)
Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya - "Souma Nagareyama" (4:21)
Katsuya Yokoyama, The Million Pops - "Tabaruzaka" (3:12)
Toshiyuki Miyama & His New Herd - "Seijinshiki Aka Adult's Day" (9:25)
Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya - "Asadoya Yunta" (3:46)
Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya - "Nanbu Ushioi Uta" (4:55)
Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya - "Saitara Bushi" (3:04)
Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys - "Soran Bushi" (3:06)
Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys - "Hanagasa Odori" (3:14)
Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys - "Sakura Sakura" (7:33)
Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys - "Yagi Bushi" (7:23)
Review: Japan's revered DJ Muro has put together his first ever compilation for BBE. Diggers Dozen is a real gem with 12 tracks of Japanese jazz-funk and Latin-jazz goodness that fuse traditional instrumental with traditional melodies. These tunes were originally made for the 70s for Nippon Columbia by legendary composers of the time such as Kiyoshi Yamaya, Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys, Kifu Mitsuhashi, Toshiyuki Miyama and more. Finding these cuts on their original pressings is rare and expensive so don't sleep on this real collector's essential.
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 in stock $41.06
Sound Music 45s Collection Vol 1
Cat: DYNAM 7129. Rel: 04 May 23
Research (1:36)
Get Up (1:25)
Just Funky (1:34)
Slow Motion (2:14)
Review: Klaus Weiss was a German jazz drummer who left behind a rich legacy of library music, especially on the series of Sound Music albums for Golden Ring Records in the late 70s-early 80s. In the digging era, Weiss' impeccable grooves now fetch serious prices second hand, and so be thankful for the likes of Dynamite Cuts reaching over into the world of library music reissues to pull four perfect joints from unreachable realms back into the hands of real music fans. From low down nasty funk to space-age star gazing, Weiss packed a lot into these tracks, and now you can cop them on a sureshot 7".
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 in stock $16.43
Available Forms
Available Forms (gatefold LP + booklet)
Cat: BFKLP 036. Rel: 31 Aug 23
Lowpass Risotto
Venus Modularistic Riff
Astounding Stories
Signal From Planet Meta
That Synth Of Yours
Moonscape Dust
Review: 'Available Forms' is the latest masterwork of the musical project Tobor Experiment, led by Giorgio Sancristoforo, an Italian sound artist and music software designer based in Milan. Active since 2007, Sancristoforo's work has largely centred on highly technical odysseys in avant-disco, exploring surreal takes on the ambivalent promises made by the tide of technological advancement, channelled into a that has been described, perhaps quite cleverly, as 'moogsploration'. Coming after a 12-year hiatus on gatefold LP, Sancristoforo returns to his go-to label Bear Funk for yet another foray into this retro-modernist vision, mixing genre-bent jazz, electronica, nu-disco, and psychedelic influences.
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Played by: LEGO EDIT
! low stock $21.72
Tajemnica Enigmy
Tajemnica Enigmy (2xLP + booklet)
Cat: FKR 055LPX. Rel: 28 Sep 23
Trying To Catch A Fly (1:17)
Le Grabuge (Pop Theme) (3:23)
Agent No 1 (2:04)
Opetanie 5 (1:33)
Saved From Oblivion (1:54)
Tajemnica Enigmy (1:28)
W Instytucie (1:39)
Karawana (1:46)
The Dziekanka Students’ Hostel - Dance (2:29)
Landscape (2:39)
Losy (Mid Beat Theme) (3:10)
Third Part Of The Night (main Theme) (2:54)
Diabel (1:41)
La Grabuge (orchestral Pop Theme) (2:17)
Roza Roza (feat Arp Life) (3:46)
Bossa Nova (feat Ewa Wanat) (3:10)
The Dziekanka Students’ Hostel- Rock Group (2:31)
Lapanka (2:26)
Le Grabuge (orchestral Theme) (0:46)
Losy (Mid Guitar Theme) (2:55)
Trying To Catch A Fly (reprise) (0:40)
Wszystko Na Sprzedaz Taniec (1:55)
Review: .Celebrated Polish composer Andrzej Korzynski defined prolific. The musician was behind some of his homeland's biggest musical hits of the post-World War II communist era, through to the late-1990s, while his work on soundtracks helped create some truly iconic movies from those decades, including Andrzej Wada's The Birch Wood and Man of Marble, and Andrzej Zulawski's The Devil and Possession. Tajemnica Enigmy, or Secret Enigma, represents all the other bits - work that had been presumed lost behind the Iron Curtain and socio-economic and cultural overhaul that took place following the collapse of the USSR. Recorded in studios from Warsaw to Paris, it's psychedelic rock, sublime pop, noise, avant garde, electronica and so much more, not least strange, otherworldly suspenseful stuff and funk-driven party rock 'n' roll. Quite the deep dive.

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 in stock $27.02
Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi
Cat: FLIES 4550. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi - M2 (2:26)
Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi - M3 (3:07)
Review: Adding to the niche interest of Italian film soundtrack reissues, centring on the reissuers Four Flies, comes Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi - a 7" single featuring two tracks from the 1977 Italian crime film Milano: Il Clan Dei Calabresi. The pieces were composed by Gianni Marchetti, an Italian composer widely known for his work in various genres of cinema. Both the funky, infectious main theme of the film, and the romantic 'La Fine Di Un Sogno' for classical flute and strings, appear on this exquisite artifact.
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 in stock $18.01
Design (7")
Cat: DYNAM 7132. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Long Weekend (2:36)
Design (2:06)
Review: Dynamite cuts are in the midst of releasing a fresh series of De Wolfe library grooves, owing to the esteemed Dutch library's impressive catalogue of obscurios which nonetheless still provide ample source material for DJs, samplers, and obsessives. These two grooves are lifted from the original, said-to-be-mega-rare Formula album by Barry Stoller, from 1972. 'Long Weekend' and 'Design' are equally tooly movers, not just rhythmic weapons, but also gateway drugs to Stoller's extensive back catalogue of distilled, two-minute-long ideas.
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Played by: I Love 45's!
 in stock $17.48
Magnetic Fields
Cat: MILS004 LP. Rel: 02 Oct 23
The Leaves Are Turning (1:34)
La Seine A Minuit (1:30)
Gris Gris (1:32)
Sayonara (1:28)
Hearts Of Darkness (1:31)
Fine Like Wine (1:40)
Painted Skulls (1:31)
The Grotto (1:23)
Blackbirds (1:34)
Spanish Moss (1:30)
Black Coffee (1:43)
Fly Swatter (1:30)
Dawn Patrol (1:07)
Muitas Caipirnhas (1:37)
The Return (1:41)
El Escorpion (1:29)
Flooding (1:37)
The Villa (1:32)
Mojo Hand (1:27)
Antenna Up (1:33)
Flip Of A Switch (1:31)
Snakes In The Walls (1:29)
World On Wheels (1:45)
Magnetic Fields (1:30)
Mati Self Portrait (1:42)
Air Zaire (1:37)
Paranoid Void (1:34)
The Silver Queen (1:17)
Review: Dan Ubick is best known as Connie Price, generally found playing with his band The Keystones. But here he's been invited to indulge in a different kind of pursuit by none other than Madly and Stones Throw driving force Egon. They started the Madlib Invazion Library Series to invite certain talented friends to indulge a particular sound in the particular mindset of library music and for Ubick that meant exploring the depth and breadth of something he calls canyon funk. The name is quite explanatory and here you get some heavy funk grooves laced through with Ubick's twanging guitar for a sound which splits the difference between country and funk and comes off sounding like the consummate library album in the process.
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 in stock $24.90
Drugs (reissue)
Drugs (reissue) (limited LP)
Cat: BEWITH 136LP. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Euphoria (1:49)
Soft Hallucinations (2:04)
Sky Move (2:42)
Destroyed Dreams (2:10)
Horror Trip (1:42)
Floating Illusions (2:25)
Lost Chance (1:48)
The Morning After (3:10)
Random Thoughts (1:16)
Heroin (2:41)
Night Trip (2:54)
Day Trip (1:25)
Dealer's Corner (3:16)
Sad & Hopeless (1:55)
Riding Pegasus (3:24)
Hopeless Chaos (2:15)
Goin' Mad (2:08)
Review: Infamous for being sampled by Chance The Rapper, Sven Torstenson's library music classic, Drugs, has since enjoyed a resurgence in demand, resulting in its reissue here via Be With. Notorious as a loopdigga's fever dream, bursting with breaks for days and featuring possibly the most iconic cover of all library music's cult classics. First released in 1980, it's now a hyper-rare and seriously sought-after electronic album full of experimental soundscapes and samples just waiting to be flipped. It's both terrifying and terrifyingly good.
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 in stock $23.84
Voyage: A Journey Into Discoid Funk (reissue)
Voyage (6:25)
Solstice (6:28)
Chain Reaction (6:48)
Pendulum Force (6:32)
Air Quake (4:15)
Ocean Glide (6:39)
Review: Library music maestro and original member of The Shadows Brian Bennett has a raft of sought-after records to his name, but this is surely one of the most prized. As with the best library music, the execution of the compositions is impeccable - like slipping on silken luxury leisurewear for your ears. The record has been a rich source for sampling over the years, so half the joy is in spotting licks and loops from your favourite tunes, but equally these disco-fied delicacies funk all on their own. Lovers of the Black Devil Disco Club vibe will be more than happy getting down to these tasteful cosmic groovers, unbelievably repressed for just the first time on Isle Of Jura since the original release in 1978.
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 in stock $23.84
Oasi Nella Giungla
Cat: RLV 4504. Rel: 08 Jun 23
Dengue Dengue Dengue - "Oasi Nella Giungla" (4:21)
Giuliano Sorgini - "Oasi Nella Giungla" (2:51)
Review: Library musician Giuliano Sorgini originally wrote music for films, TV and documentaries, and between 1974 and 1976 he laid the foundations for this jungly rhythmic opus. Then in 1975, meandering through a series of animal calls and wild forested textures, a series of entrancing rhythmic pieces emerged from the dark. The collectors' favourite Africa Oscura is now reissued via Four Flies, and is the impeccable album from which these two choice, mix-worthy cuts come.
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 in stock $12.93
Live At The Bottom Line New York August 20th 1977
Cat: WHP 1456. Rel: 01 Mar 23
Racetrack In France (8:02)
95 South (All Of The Places We've Been) (4:53)
Hello Sunday! Hello Road! (3:56)
It's Your World (6:56)
Home Is Where The Hatred Is (15:42)
We Almost Lost Detroit (5:54)
Vidgolia (Deaf, Dumb & Blind) (12:30)
Winter In America (6:50)
Under The Hammer (5:08)
The Bottle (15:21)
Johannesburg (6:31)
Played by: Pete Haigh
 in stock $26.49
Phasing News Volume 2 (reissue)
Cat: BEWITH 149LP. Rel: 13 Sep 23
Mondial Scoop (Number III) (2:06)
Phasing Percussions (A) (2:20)
Phasing Percussions (B) (1:38)
Phasing Percussions (C) (2:29)
Phasing Percussions (D) (2:00)
Phasing Leitmotive (A) (2:36)
Phasing Leitmotive (B) (1:09)
Phasing March (2:08)
Devil Dance (A) (2:33)
Devil Dance (B) (2:32)
Flower Dance (A) (2:40)
Flower Dance (B) (1:08)
Happy Smith (Number II) (1:13)
Phasing Cymbals (1:57)
Phasing Winds (0:54)
Phasing Suspense (A) (1:48)
Phasing Suspense (B) (1:25)
Review: Continuing Be With's library music reissues series is this latest callback to the rare 1979 album French composer and producer Michael Gonet, who, like many of his contemporaries, created futuristic and experimental sounds for TV, radio and film, working at the precipice of a new, transitional media age. Dripping from this bleeding edge comes twelve strange tracks for timpani, synth and odd time signature, occasionally dipping into styles ranging from synthpop, minimalism and funk. Choice weirdo segments include the forbidden-planetary 'Phasing Percussions' tracks and the dastardly instrumental-fonky 'Devil Dances'.
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Rawlinson's End
Cat: SMACD 931. Rel: 14 Jul 23
Lady Rawlinson's Lilt/Under The Sea (part 1)
Eggs Is Eggs
The Pipes
The Crackpot
The Great Eating (part 2)
Spreading His Light
Scrotum's Lullaby
Under The Sea (reprise)
Cackling Gas/Under The Sea (part 3)
The Quiet That The Spider Knows
Tour De Farce
Entre Act (part 4)
Diplodocus V Concreton
Peristaltic Waves
 in stock $12.70
Black Pearl (reissue)
Black Pearl (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram black & white vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: LDW 3262CLR. Rel: 14 Jun 23
Next Stop LA (3:04)
Miraculous Dream (3:03)
Collect (2:25)
Tryst (3:16)
Sunny Monday (2:22)
Oh! Militia (2:05)
The Vamp (2:05)
Night Of The Garter (2:17)
Choctaw (2:23)
Melody & Lace (3:40)
Black Pearl (2:32)
Blue Shadow (3:15)
Monochrome (4:21)
No Return (2:59)
Review: Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw's Black Pearl is a classic from 1973 that deserves the regular reissue treatment it enjoys. It is a cult classic bit of library music on De Wolfe that takes the form of a collection of orchestral funk pieces that are perfect examples of the dramatic music styles synonymous with the 70s. Some pieces are widescreen, string laced opuses with lavish 60s exotica influences while others are more moody and dramatic with thunderous drums and edgier strings.
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! low stock $31.78
Knight Rider: Japan Sleeve Edition
Cat: C 4000JAPAN. Rel: 11 Jul 23
The Zone Identity - "Knight Rider" (3:27)
J Zone - "9 Breaks" (The Warm Up) (2:36)
Review: .Back in 2021 when he first dropped this one, The Zone Identity had been away for two years. It was a fine return though that now comes with a special Japanese Edition sleeve. The project is an anonymous one but they excel at soul-jazz grooves and tasteful covers of classic material and that this one is led by drummer Jay Mumford. 'Knight Rider' is a super cover of the title tune of the iconic 80s show. It's replayed with heavy drums snapping beneath the classic synth phrasing and some extra late night vibes. J-Zone then offers a slow motion workout with '9 Breaks (The Warm Up).' Still fresh.
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The Duel
Cat: APDLT 023. Rel: 16 Mar 23
The Duel (2:59)
Broken Spell (3:31)
 in stock $10.34
The Complete Letterman Broadcasts
Cat: FMGZ 125CD. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Debut Performance - November 15th 1984/August 22nd 1985
February 13th 1986
September 12th 1989
December 26th 1989
June 12th 1990
October 3rd 1990
September 4th 1991
CBS - Various Clips
April 25th 1991, With The 48 Hours Crew
March 26th 1992
October 27th 1992
March 19th 1993
Censored Interview
January 2009 - Bill's Mother Guests
October 1st 1993
Intro To Show
Portions Of Un-aired Late Show
 in stock $8.21
Mixtape (cassette)
Cat: JBHS 001. Rel: 29 Mar 23
Track 1 (30:09)
Track 2 (29:46)
 in stock $13.77
Harvestman: 23 Untitled Poems
Cat: NR 117. Rel: 26 Apr 21
 in stock $10.47
L'Uomo Elettronico: Cosmic Electronic Environments From An Italian Synth Music Maestro 1972-1983
Roma Amor (2:35)
Soundmaker Blues (4:05)
Elettrone (1:32)
Fruitori (2:43)
Lavorazione A Mare (6:17)
Batticuore (2:49)
Danza Magica (2:10)
Attivita (2:29)
Sinistro Carillon (2:47)
Pianeta Spento (4:10)
Apocalisse Atomica (1:42)
Civilta Lontane (2:35)
Dolomiti (4:14)
Eliogabalus (2:32)
Lavoro Nero (2:30)
Description (2:04)
Review: Piero Umiliani is a cult electronic musician who released his greatest album 20 years ago on Easy Tempo. On it, Umiliani experimented in his Sound Work Shop studio on all sorts of analogue machines and now, decades later, his legacy lives on with this new record, L'Uomo Elettronico. It is made up of three previously unreleased tracks, plus rarities and hidden gems, all composed between 1972 and 1983 and remastered from the original analogue tapes. They show a lighter, more playful side to the artist with singing synths, hissing hi hats and snaking rhythms that make for fascinating listening.
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Played by: Ali Renault
 in stock $35.24
Garden Of Feelings
Kodu (2016) (6:24)
Garden Of Feelings (10:33)
Dove Organ (10:16)
Kodu (2018) (4:30)
 in stock $15.88
Sostiene Pereira (Soundtrack)
Cat: C 6040. Rel: 05 Jan 21
A Brisa Do Coracao (La Brezza Del Cuore)
Il Simbolo
Sostiene Pereira
Valori Ritrovati
Sostiene Pereira
A Brisa Do Coracao
 in stock $21.18
London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993 Vol 1
Cat: DEATH 039. Rel: 28 Jan 21
Intro (Do You Remember?) (1:59)
Videobox (0:35)
Pirates Night Out (0:46)
Ravers Dateline (1:04)
Walls Of Babylon (1:10)
Absolute Class (0:06)
Limelight (0:42)
Freestyle (0:56)
Funky Power (0:08)
Functioning Neatly (0:52)
Greek Salon (1:13)
School Reunion (0:48)
Under 18s Disco (0:52)
A1 Sound (0:16)
Summertime '90 (1:00)
Back To Back Mixtapes (1:06)
Rare Groove Champagne Party (1:02)
Savage Affair (1:10)
Are You Sure? (0:41)
Ladies Sunday Night Affair (1:01)
Hello Ladies (0:31)
British Flag (0:20)
Any Kind Of Function (0:15)
Trade Equip (1:02)
I'll Buy You A Beer (0:43)
Lex's Birthday (0:36)
Yeah Amigo (0:25)
Next To Tescos (1:19)
City Of Joy (1:03)
Amsterdam (2:34)
Roller Skating (0:14)
Too Radical (0:13)
Escape '93 (1:46)
Corporation Of New Generation (0:46)
Jookie Jam (0:45)
Revival Showcase (0:52)
Until Further Notice (0:48)
High Fashion (0:32)
Damn Best Night Out (0:35)
Lepke Sent You (0:53)
 in stock $8.21
Cribas (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SR 2D1007. Rel: 07 Sep 21
Persistente Cancion De La Memoria (4:24)
Pasos (2:17)
Gotas (4:15)
La Silla (3:52)
Tarde De Tu Lado (4:08)
Miro Una Estrella (3:11)
Letras Del Cuerpo (4:59)
Azar? (1:26)
La Culpa No Se Lava Contra La Piedra (4:57)
Comienza A Llamarlo (5:06)
Arbol Del Silencio (5:01)
Jaula Guarida (3:22)
Billiken (1:54)
Cuando Regreses Si Es Que Regresas (5:38)
La Carta (3:44)
Disparado Sin Arco (5:08)
Go (7:49)
Dos Arbolitos (4:41)
 in stock $41.31
Fastingen 92
Cat: MRBLP 277. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Annalena (album version) (5:17)
Hjalmarsfjorden (3:45)
Idag (feat Anna Ahnlund) (4:44)
Kristinehamn By Night (For Christopher) (3:49)
Maj (For Tintin) (3:24)
Picasso (3:55)
Levi (4:38)
Oktober (For Lo) (4:37)
April (4:18)
 in stock $22.24
Not In Color
Cat: MIDA 09. Rel: 13 Jun 23
Circulation Desk (2:01)
Rural Dial Up (2:00)
Collodion Reserve (1:35)
Microform (2:23)
Spiral Catalog (1:50)
Geo Print (1:14)
Review: Tuck in your napkin and get seated comfortably for six plates of delicious broken beat and nu jazz funk from Tapes on the small but already well-formed Mida label. These superbly cosmic studies in sound are packed with finely tuned frequencies, cymbals and drums, silky spacecraft arps, video game sounds and playful keys that scatter through arrangements to trippy effect. All of that is underpinned by the sort of hefty low end that locks you in and the whole thing is an ever-shifting sound world that sounds both ancient yet futuristic. Sublime.
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Pop Flop
Cat: SECD 809. Rel: 05 Apr 23
Rio De Janeiro Filter
Savana Urbana
Beta Erotica
Pop Flop
Allegro Funerario
Sulla Strada Della Luna
Post Presente
Track ID
 in stock $20.66
Ethio Meditations/Drama Al Dente
Cat: MILS 001LP. Rel: 27 Jul 23
And (2:27)
Hulet (2:20)
Sost (2:03)
Arat (2:00)
Amist (1:39)
Sidist (1:55)
Sebat (2:04)
Simint (1:21)
Ze Ten (1:17)
Asir (2:58)
Parmigiano (0:26)
Orecchiette (1:55)
Vindaloo (1:58)
Spaghettini (2:14)
Strozzapreti (1:59)
Buttoni (1:47)
Ziti (2:26)
Farfalle (2:53)
Maccheroni (3:31)
Review: JJ Whitefield's Ethio Meditations / Drama Al Dente album inaugurates a new series of music library releases. It comes on the Madlib Invazion label and will see future editions assembled by DJ Muggs, J-Zone, and Karriem Riggins, among others. The series was born in the pandemic and allows artists to "stretch out and indulge in whatever type of music they wanted for release on the label." It works as both a treasure trove for use in film and television production as well as a standalone listen that hooks you into its lush beats and catchy melodies in an instant.
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Like A Ripple On A Pond (reissue)
Cat: LPMH 8245C. Rel: 04 Mar 22
Conversation/How I Got Over (4:48)
Communication/Sing A Song (3:07)
Prison Poem/Give It To Jesus (2:29)
Africa II/He's Sweet I Know (5:23)
My House/To My Father's House (3:35)
Like A Ripple On A Pond/I'm Glad (4:15)
Legacies/Pass Me Not (4:31)
Mothers/Deep River (3:26)
Scrapbooks/Cristor Redentor - Christ The Redeemer (3:54)
Straight Talk/Why Can't I Wait On The Lord (3:09)
 in stock $19.54
Corpus Mei
Corpus Mei (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: TPLP 1501CD. Rel: 19 Nov 21
Somewhere (Over The Rainbow)
Mammon's Minions
We The Mountain, We The Sea (Infinity's Daughter)
And If I Lust
I Too
Incantations Of Intimacy For WW
You Stare
You Brave Old Land
Bread & Wine
 in stock $9.19
Africa (CD)
Cat: DIACD 920. Rel: 07 Oct 21
Africa To-Day
Green Dawn
Rhythmical Stress
Drums Choral
Lonely Village
African Suspence
Drums Suspence
 in stock $18.01
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