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Latest reviews

Remember DetroitRawax Motor City Edition
Rawax's Motor City Edition series is back with more tech from Detroit and this time it is Los Hermanos at the buttons. Gerald Mitchell opens up the 12" with 'Two Feet Up' which brings warm and soul-infused techno vibes and some lush strong stabs. 'Remember Detroit' is a just as deep cut with slick drums and sci-fi melodies rippling throughout the arrangement and then the flipside ups the energy levels with the more twitchy and synapse-firing 'Central Nervous Systems' complete with plenty of busy melodies. Things chill out a little for the closer, 'Path Of Tranquility', which showcases some lush melodies and serene synth strings.
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Disco E Cultura Vol 2 ((Deluxe Edition)Mad About
Disco E Cultura Volume 2 by Portuguese label Mad About Records is a fantastic collection and retrospect into the vibrant dance music landscape of Brazil during the 70s and 80s. Curated by Joaquim Paulo, this compilation delves deep into the soul, funk, disco, boogie, and jazz-funk sounds that defined the era. Featuring a diverse selection of tracks, the album offers a kaleidoscope of colorful, floor-friendly jams adorned with punchy horn lines, classy vocals, and irresistible grooves. Standout highlights include Lafayette's infectious 'Sol De Varao,' Franco's Barrio-funk groove, and Aloisio's jazz-funk gem 'Tema R,' which impresses with its hot-stepping breakbeats and strong synth solos. The second side of the compilation continues the more amazing music with tracks like 'Deixa Rodar' by Hanna, 'Manifesto' by Marilia Barbosa, and 'Fogo Sobre Terra' by Coral Som Livre, each contributing to the rich heritage of Brazilian dance music.
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Paradise EPDisco Disco Germany
There is a great combination of the classic and the contemporary on this new Disco Disco 12". 'Paradise' is both deep yet moving, a warm tune with cuddly drums but retro chords that bring the energy. 'Latino' has shimmering hand claps and sensuous vocals with hulking great kicks that are full of promise. 'It Was Just A Dream' pairs vocoder vocals with glistening synth details and another enthralling and heavyweight house groove and 'RUFF Menace' then taps into 80s synth sounds with its stomping beats and deadpan vocals brought to life with celebratory synth chords.
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CrescendoLo Recordings
The absorbing Crescendo album is the fruit of a collaboration between Swedish producers Emil Holmstrom and Peter Wikstrom of Ecovillage. They are joined by a talented ensemble of musicians who all share a passion for improvisation and experimentation. Recorded between 2019 and 2022 in Los Angeles and Umea in Sweden, the album explores a fusion of jazz and ambient and as it goes it aims to break new ground and challenge conventional ambient music. Featuring ten tracks, each of which offers a unique mood and style, Crescendo ranges from uplifting and energetic compositions to mellow and dreamy soundscapes. With vocals spanning soft whispers to powerful chants, the artists' creative vision and spirit is well reflected.
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Foreign Material / Hiver / Sylve / Alan Backdrop / Hironori Takahashi - Point C: Remixes
Point C: RemixesOn Board Music
Point C: Remixes offers a lasting impression through the realms of deep and meditative techno, reworked by a line up of formidable producers. The A-side sets the tone with Patrick Russell's remix of Foreign Material's 'Into The Gleams Of Forgetfulness,' weaving tribal rhythms with analog depth, casting an eerie and ominous atmosphere. Hiver's 'Time Lapse' receives a transformation by Estrato Aurora, delivering moody tribal elements immersed in deep meditation, accompanied by atmospheric textures. Sylve's 'Cloudless Raindrops' undergoes a metamorphosis in Polygonia's hands, introducing broken beats, crystallized melodies, and lush backgrounds that elevate the deepness to ethereal heights. On the flip, Forest On Stasys reimagines Alan Backdrop's 'Oelo' into a spacey, alien landscape, inviting listeners to traverse another dimension filled with mysterious encounters. Closing the EP, Erika's remix of Hironori Takahashi's 'Exars' further delves into the mystical, crafting an enigmatic soundscape that captivates the senses. Each track on 'Point C: Remixes' contributes to a sonic exploration of the hypnotic depths of techno.
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Now PlayingAtlantic US
Roberta Flack's Now Playing album is a testament to her enduring artistry. Blending her signature soulful vocals with a timeless elegance, it showcases Flack's emotive range across a selection of jazz-infused tracks, each imbued with depth and intimacy. From the sultry allure of 'Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye' to the classic heartache of 'Killing Me Softly With His Song' via the devastatingly emotional 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', Flack captivates with her effortless storytelling and vocal prowess. Now Playing not only reaffirms Flack's status as a legendary interpreter of sonl but also highlights her ability to connect deeply with listeners through music that transcends generations.
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Cristina Lazic - L'Amour EP
L'Amour EPLa Zic
La Zic is an alias of Cristina Lazic and it also means 'music' in French slang. She is Italian-born, London-raised and blends minimal, deep tech and melodic house on labels including Crosstown Rebels, Moan, Bondage Music and TBX. Her own stable is a place for her finest work and is also a platform to champion fellow women in the scene. This EP is a great window into her world where supple drums and sublime synths all make for elastic, gooey, trance inducing rhythms underpinned by nice warm bass. The Nu Zau remix is a particularly fresh take on liquid tech house here.
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Ada Kaleh / Nathan Oye / Wareika - The Weirding Module
The Weirding ModuleSleep Is Commercial Germany
If you like your tech dark and twisted then lock into this one from Sleep is Commercial. It is a collaborative affair which opens with Ada Kaleh & Nathan Oye layering up dark basslines and grading pads with all manner of ghoulish voices and alien effects. Wareika & Nathan Oye then offer up 'The Weirding Module' which is a deep and bubbly blend of liquid bass, deft snares dancing over the kicks and heady, soft focus pads. It's pure late night dancing material then last of all Ada Kaleh & Wareika combine for 'Evocations', a silky and seductive minimal sound with delicate tones and the most subtle vocal touches.
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