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Back Catalogue: Minimal/Tech House

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Minimal / Tech House

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Cat: STEP 001. Rel: 15 Jan 14
  1. 20 Salmon
  2. Hi & Lo
  3. Some Things
  4. Release
 in stock $8.74
The Kiss (12")
Cat: BPC 265. Rel: 01 May 13
  1. The Kiss (Jesse Perez remix)
  2. The Kiss (Snuff Crew remix)
  3. Need (Redshape remix)
  4. The Kiss (extended version)
 in stock $11.02
Cat: GLK 048. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. 1994 (Sasse Deep Ocean remix)
  2. Dead Feat Colorado (Miguel Puente remix)
  3. 1994 (Roberto Rodriguez remix)
  4. Different Channels (feat Andrea Olarte - Jonas Saalbach remix)
Review: Taken from the highly praised debut from Maurice Aymard album Between Stars we present the first remix EP featuring new as well as more seasoned remixers such as Roberto Rodriguez, Sasse, Miguel Puente and Jonas Saalbach. On The A-side Sasse takes a dark Detroit path on his remix of 1994, adding throbbing sub bass and soaring strings for a 5 AM dancefloor workout. Miguel Puente houses up Dead feat Colorado and the result is a very emotional house ride. Roberto Rodriguez drops a beautiful slow jam of 1994, full of nuances of deep house, acid and soulful vibes, perfect for the warm club night in the middle of the winter. Jonas Saalbach from Einmusika transforms Different Channels into a hypnotic and dark journey for the modern dancefloor, making a perfect closing for this fine EP
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 in stock $7.20
  1. Bartellow - "Hack"
  2. Konrad Wehrmesiter - "Schniekdub"
  3. Gnther Lause - "Spiralkiemer"
  4. Larkin & The Sky - "Jurte"
Played by: Jose Manuel
 in stock $8.74
Spacejam (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: WRECKS 3. Rel: 07 Jul 14
  1. Spacejam
  2. No I Didn't
  3. Oist Mal
Review: Klasse Wrecks welcomes Bristol-based Marco Bernardi to its ranks following strong releases for Clone, Delsin, Rawax, Planet E, and most recently the Kelly Twins' Happy Skull label. Spacejam provides an EP of demented drums, fiddling electronics and refreshing originality, showcasing the signature sound of the studio-obsessed Scottish born DJ and producer. His idiosyncratic style runs through the three tracks here, from the space jack and Green Velvet-inspired vocals of the title track, through the rubbery funk of "No I Didn't" and frenetic acid of "Oist Mal".
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 in stock $7.20
  1. Big Strick - "Rain Dance"
  2. Generation Next - "And You Too"
  3. Generation Next - "Like Father, Like Son" (feat Big Strick)
Review: Like Father, Like Son sees Big Strick and his prodigious son Generation Next team up for a split 12" showcasing this pair of criminally underappreciated Detroit producers. "Rain Dance" sees the elder of the two deliver a deep techno journey filled with abstracted textures and organic chimes that sound, while the young Generation Next shows a remarkable maturity beyond his years on "And You Too", where sparse, subtle chords and the simplest of melodies drift by on a light rhythm. On "Like Father, Like Son" the two pair up for the most gently uplifting of deep piano jams. Just like pretty much everything on 7 Days Entertainment, this is some nigh on essential material.
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 in stock $9.24
Cat: SVT 099. Rel: 10 Apr 13
  1. Animal Instincts (feat Jake The Rapper - original mix)
  2. Yeahhh (original mix)
  3. You (feat Anna Muller - original mix)
  4. You (feat Anna Muller - Finnebassen remix)
 in stock $7.97
Cat: HAUNT 0092. Rel: 07 Dec 12
  1. Makers (Dewalta mix)
  2. Makers (Deadbeat mix)
Played by: Murdoc, Toki Fuko
 in stock $7.20
Cat: CADENZA 92. Rel: 05 Mar 14
  1. Somewhere In Your Arms
  2. Altar De Sacrificio
  3. Broken Bonus
Played by: Fur Coat
 in stock $9.00
La Duquesa (12")
Cat: PAMPA 014. Rel: 20 Mar 13
  1. La Duquesa
  2. Burn With Me
Review: Amygdala, the forthcoming LP from DJ Koze holds the dual title of being one of this year's most keenly awaited long players as well as the album with the most bizarre cover art. Quite why the producer is riding a reindeer hasn't been made clear yet, but this two track 12" does clue us in to to the possibility the album will hold up to such high expectations. "La Duquesa" is one of the few tracks on Amygdala not to feature a collaborator and stripped bare of any outside distractions finds Koze on sublime form; equal parts tender, refined, casual, serious, deep and euphoric. When those strings hit is a joy to behold. In contrast "Burn With Me" is dark, druggy, delicious and decadent.
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 in stock $8.49
Amygdala (12")
Cat: PAMPA 021. Rel: 26 Mar 14
  1. Amygdala (Roman Flugel remix)
  2. Nices Wolkchen (Robag Bronky Frumu rehand)
Review: Pampa has called in the big guns for on this second installment of the DJ Koze Amygdala Remixes series, with Roman Flugel and Robag Wruhme providing two typically intoxicating revisions. Flugel steps up first, delivering a dreamy, lucid and melodic take on "Amygdala" built around restless cymbals and liquid house rhythms. While hardly tropical, the melodies and chords certainly doff a cap to classic 1980s new age recordings. Wruhme reworks "Nices Wolkchen", delivering a typically loose, atmospheric and engaging tech-house interpretation that seems to float from the speakers. It makes an already beautiful track almost implausibly wide-eyed.
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 in stock $9.00
Leviathan (12")
Cat: 541416 506373. Rel: 12 Feb 14
  1. Leviathan (Freeform reform)
  2. Leviathan (Cage & Aviary remix)
  3. Leviathan (Tom Trago remix)
Review: In its original form, Freeform Five's Roisin Murphy collaboration "Leviathan" is everything you'd expect - a slice of progressive, chugging nu disco with a keen pop sensibility. If it's a little too much to digest, this remix 12" on Eskimo Recordings has everything you need for the dancefloor. Unsurprisingly, Freeform Five's own remix opts to strip back the vocals for a synth heavy dub version, but the other two take it more adventurous places; Cage & Aviary give it a transformation into a cavernous chugger filled with dense synth textures, and Tom Trago turns it into a more tropical affair full of rolling percussion and lightly plucked strings. It's easily one of the more cosmic things he's produced, which is no bad thing.
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 in stock $9.00
Cat: CIRCUS 028T. Rel: 29 Aug 13
  1. Bigger Than Prince (original)
  2. Bigger Than Prince (The Martinez Brothers remix)
  3. Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 remix)
Review: ** Camera's ready. Prepare for the Repress ** Curtis Jones is never one to rest on his laurels, as his staggering back catalogues as Green Velvet and Cajmere can attest but such is the force of his personality that a new release still feels like an event. "Bigger Than Prince" capitalises on Jones' knack for a vocal that lambasts the less earnest quirks of the dance music industry, while creating the hook to make the track a bomb in the same instance. Production-wise, there's a measured strut to the track with some choice growling bass synths and an underlying disco flavour that suits Jones just fine. On the remix front, Circus turn to The Martinez Brothers to hammer out a rolling, percussion focused version perfect for big room mixing, while Hot Since 82 turn out a similar line in boompty peak time damage.
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 in stock $9.78
  1. Joshua Harrison - "Soulsville"
  2. Keith Kemp - "Vector Ride"
  3. Fox N Hound - "Adventure One"
  4. Brian Kage - "Essentials"
 in stock $9.24
Cat: 80801. Rel: 22 Aug 13
  1. The Illuminations (12" version)
  2. The Illuminations (Drumsolo)
  3. The Illuminations (Arpsolo)
Review: After the abrasive nature of Gone Feral, James Holden delivers another 12" of singular techno abstraction that bolsters the Border Community main man's intention to surge ahead with starkly original material. "The Illuminations" is a fast-paced thriller that mixes analogue mischief into psychedelic leanings, leaning on a constantly surging rhythmic intention as a sturdy backbone for long-form synth tweaking of a resolutely hand made nature. On the flip you can lose yourself in the pure drum workout of the "Drumsolo" mix, where the frenetic patterns make for a potent techno tool, or alternatively you can cut loose the percussive anchors and drift off on the ambient wonderment of the "Arpsolo".
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 in stock $5.41
Cat: TRH 001. Rel: 19 Aug 13
  1. Roua Diminetii
  2. O Seara De Ragaz
Review: Named after a small island on the Danube river (submerged during the construction of the Iron Gate dam), Ada Kaleh debuts on The Rabbit Hole label a week and a half before launching his own self titled imprint. For this release, Roua Diminetii, Kaleh blends watery field recordings and warbling, dubbed out synths with the minimal and shuffling grooves patented to the deeper house sounds of eastern Europe. An accomplished debut.
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Played by: Piek (Paulatine)
 in stock $9.24
Cat: AUTO 016. Rel: 04 Nov 13
  1. A Feeling
  2. Broken
  3. Over
  4. Flos
Review: REPRESS ALERT! Autoreply label owner OCH invites Kashawar into the fold for their 16th release, following the rising German producer's breakout releases for underground imprints Project London and Soul.on Records. For his Autoreply debut, Kashawar presents Moments and Lost Memories (Parts 1 & 2) which covers all bases of his production palette. Kicking off with "A Feeling" you'll instantly get a "Hi-Tek Jazz" flavour before moving onto "Broken" - a playful yet refined ten minute contemporary minimal work-out. Flip the disc for "Over" and the tension starts to build before the release climaxes with "Flos" a speaker shaking dub work-out of the highest order. With collaborations with Steve O'Sullivan on Mosiac plus Pluie/Noir appearances approaching, it's clear Kashawar is a special young talent!

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 in stock $7.20
Resina EP (12")
Cat: ELMIL 00. Rel: 23 Oct 13
  1. Misterio
  2. Yo Es Nosotros
  3. Este E O Tempo
Played by: Kid Mark
 in stock $11.31
Antime V2 (limited 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: ANTIME 001. Rel: 15 May 13
  1. Midimum - "Junk Beach"
  2. Abigail - "Elevator"
  3. Sebastian Dali - "Lady Marian"
  4. Andreas Buchner - "DA14"
  5. Owlet - "Lightning"
  6. Kalipo - "The Tribute"
 in stock $13.37
GOST 001 (hand-stamped vinyl 12")
Cat: GOST 001. Rel: 18 Mar 14
  1. Tevi
  2. Tebe Nujno Vernutsya
  3. Inache
  4. Ostavim
Review: Surfacing from somewhere in the Russian Federation, Gost Zvuk Records live up to their name's rough translation of Ghost Sounds on the basis of this debut release from newcomer Aleksei Nikitin. There's versatility to Nikitin's productions here that will serve him well, with the taut, subtle groove and programming on opening track "Tevi" giving the producer the space to lay down some impressively emotive melodic arrangements. The opening bars to "Tebe Nujno Vernutsya" hint that the production is heading for a weird place, yet there's a smart switch up that takes proceedings into bumping raw house with some smart vocal edits. Face down "Inache" finds Nikitin indulging in some gritty dub house whilst "Ostavim" comes from the Gerry Read school of thumping house tools.
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 in stock $9.00
Finder (12")
Cat: KLING 078. Rel: 02 May 13
  1. Finder
  2. Finder (Leon remix)
  3. Finder (Re-Up remix)
 in stock $9.24
Hunter (12")
Cat: CADENZA 83. Rel: 30 Jan 13
  1. Your Lips, Underwater
  2. Hunter (feat Astrid)
  3. Hunter (feat Astrid - Julien Bracht Darkmix)
Played by: Luca Citoli
 in stock $8.74
Cat: COR 12106. Rel: 24 Jul 13
  1. Can'7 Wait
  2. Can't Le4ve
 in stock $8.49
Different Drum (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: DESOLAT 031. Rel: 27 Mar 13
  1. Wasting Time
  2. So Tired
  3. Different Drum
  4. She's Got A Ticket
Played by: Garnica, Toki Fuko
 in stock $8.74
  1. Pursuit Grooves - "Love Hard"
  2. Jenifa Mayanji - "My Reasoning"
  3. Dakini9 - "Trail Markers"
 in stock $10.80
Cat: WGVINYL 14. Rel: 04 Dec 13
  1. Life About To Change (feat RAD)
  2. Thursdate
  3. Thursdate (Steve Bug remix)
Played by: Resident Advisor
 in stock $15.95
Cat: PAMPA 020. Rel: 19 Feb 14
  1. Perfect Like You
  2. Woolloomooloo
Review: Ex-resident Tresor DJ Dave DK and new name Ricoshei provide Pampa Recordings with their first release of the year. First up is the poppy "Perfect Like You", which would feel right at home on Kompakt thanks to its similarities to Superpitcher's "Joanna". On the B-side is the track "Woolloomooloo", which takes its name from a harbourside suburb in Sydney that's home to famous Australians like Russell Crowe and ex-Manchester United goal keeper Mark Bosnich. Nevertheless, the track itself is a moody and phosphorescent, almost ambient, excursion through synthy textures and uplifting vibes.
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 in stock $9.24
  1. 'Cause Of Loving (Marek Hemmann remix)
  2. Lax Sax (Philipp Stoya remix)
  3. The Temple (Panthera Krause remix)
  4. 'Cause Of Loving (Talski remix)
Played by: Mystic Rock
 in stock $7.97
Crowd Control EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BNR 118. Rel: 20 Feb 14
  1. The Funktion
  2. The Other Side Of Time
  3. I Bumped My Head
  4. Work!
 in stock $14.91
Cat: CLP 001. Rel: 16 Dec 13
  1. Shut Me Down (The Mole & Hreno Wet Hog mix)
  2. Shut Me Down (original)
  3. Shut Me Down (The Mole & Hreno Dry Hog mix)
Review: Commencing proceedings on the Construct label comes a release from the newly formed partnership of Kitty Yo artist Richard Davis with perennial tech house champs Swayzak. Their resulting "Shut Me Down" is a distinctive beast laden with pained strings and sultry trumpet lines of a driving rhythmic undercarriage. The Mole and Hreno team up to deliver two remixes of the original that delve into separate characteristics of the music. The "Wet Hog Mix" creates an immersive bath of low-end melody and reverb washes with just enough of that bittersweet content from the original to see the link, while the "Dry Hog Mix" goes all out on the drums for a heads-down tool of a rigid nature.
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 in stock $8.22
Cat: SUARA 102. Rel: 07 Nov 13
  1. I Am Somebody (original mix)
  2. Sensuela (original mix)
  3. I Am Somebody (Delaze dub)
 in stock $9.78
Cat: SKRPT 15. Rel: 30 May 13
  1. Sofa
  2. Oscla
  3. Astra
 in stock $9.00
Cat: GPM 258. Rel: 11 Dec 13
  1. Wood & Wine (original mix)
  2. Wood & Wine (Ian Pooley remix)
  3. Rascals (original mix)
  4. Rascals (Fabio Giannelli remix)
Played by: DZNB
 in stock $8.74
Detroit Red EP (1-sided 12")
Cat: ARTLESS 2202. Rel: 20 Dec 07
  1. Beyond The Means
  2. Exhibition
Review: This time the Mojuba sublabel brings us the second part of the 'Detroit' series by the label owner Don Williams himself. This one-sided
record features two fine examples of music inspired by the city of D. The first one is a pumping, peak-time cut to hit the dancefloors with
and might become an essential tool for the ambitious DJ. The second track convinces in its very own character, providing a feeling that
many will recognize from the early years of techno, when this music was connected to the listener in a more deep and emotional way.
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Played by: P. Hood
 in stock $7.20
Get Lost V (reissue) (white vinyl 3xLP repress)
Cat: CRMLP 020 WHITE. Rel: 07 Apr 20
  1. Nu - "Man O To" (9:37)
  2. Soulcenter - "What You're Doin" (Acid Paul editi) (5:26)
  3. Kadebostan - "Love In Looxor" (6:44)
  4. Gunther Lause - "Mountain" (8:22)
  5. Acid Pauli & Laura Weider - "Oregano" (3:52)
  6. Jan Turkenburg - "In My Spaceship" (4:54)
  7. Nu - "Earth" (12:02)
  8. Calico Horse - "Idioteque" (2:54)
  9. Acid Pauli - "Music Is Silence" (6:00)
  10. Lou Kasard - "Once Up" (feat Benno) (8:11)
  11. Tempo Di Roma - "Move Your Bones" (10:10)
  12. The Band That Never Met - "I'm On Fire" (4:13)
 in stock $26.49
DJ Kicks (gatefold 2xLP + CD)
Cat: K7 314LP. Rel: 19 Nov 13
  1. Wire People - "Triangle Vision"
  2. Beesmunt Soundsystem - "All Day"
  3. Pedestrian - "Hoyle Road"
  4. Coni - "My Secret Diving"
  5. Dopplereffekt - "Z Boson"
  6. Iron Galaxy - "Attentio Seeker"
  7. Detroit Swindle - "The Break Up"
  8. Redhino - "Searching"
  9. Winx - "How's The Music"
  10. Sabre - "Nightdrive"
  11. Innercity - "Prince OF The Immortal Woods"
  12. Wire People - "Triangle Vision" (original mix)
  13. Beesmunt - "All Day"
  14. Fred P - "It Is What It Is"
  15. Pedestrian - "Hoyle Road"
  16. Coni - "My Secret Diving"
  17. Breach - "Beroving (DJ Kicks)"
  18. Cassio Kohl - "Broken"
  19. Close - "My Way" (feat Joe Duke - Dusky remix)
  20. Iron Galaxy - "Attention Seeker"
  21. Detroit Swindle - "The Break Up"
  22. Dopplereffekt - "Z Boson"
  23. Redinho - "Searching"
  24. Winx - "How's The Music"
  25. Sabre - "Nightdrive To Bolland"
Review: Having found a renewed vigour with his Breach alias, Ben Westbeech has been ripping it up with his run of singles over the past few years, and now !K7 have snapped him up for the latest installment in the still-trucking DJ Kicks series that shows just how deeply rooted in house music the long-serving producer is. With the double-pack vinyl edition packing in full versions of many of the standout tracks from the mix, you can get treated to the anthemic vocal tones of Pedestrian, the heartfelt garage tones of Cassio Kohl, the fist shaking grooves of Detroit Swindle and in something of a curveball move, the ethereal electro of Dopplereffekt. For the most part it's direct and soulful house music as you would expect from a man of Ben's pedigree.
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 in stock $20.84
Comfort (limited heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: IAMMED 01V. Rel: 20 Mar 14
  1. Comfort
  2. Easier To Hide
  3. Burning Bright (feat Kim Ann Foxman)
  4. Dreamer
  5. Blame (feat Nadine Shah)
  6. Stranger
  7. Everything (feat Karin Park)
  8. Fall From Grace (feat Catherine Pockson)
  9. Wait For You (feat Tricky)
  10. When I'm In Love (feat Thomas Knights)
  11. Take A Ride (feat Miss Kittin)
  12. Come Home
  13. Lost In The City
  14. Keeper
  15. Over
  16. Protect Them
  17. Stand Still
Review: Issued last year, Maya Jane Coles second album Comfort further established the producer's burgeoning talent for crafting genuine songs as well as supple, late night house music. Strangely given her chosen vocation, Comfort was never released on vinyl so it's great to see Ms Coles label I/AM/ME come through with a deluxe double LP edition. Those who didn't check Comfort first time round will be rewarded with plenty of music that conform to her tech-tinged, atmospheric deep house blueprint as well as some woozy, shuffling, downtempo pop songs featuring guest spots from Catherine Pockson of Alpines, Miss Kittin, Tricky and Karin Park. Maya Jane Coles fans familiar to its charms now have the chance to experience Comfort on heavyweight vinyl!
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 in stock $17.48
Wander (2xLP)
Cat: HAUNT 007LP. Rel: 05 Jul 12
  1. Eagle
  2. Hawk
  3. WaltFunk
  4. Pace
  5. Barksdale (Movin On)
  6. Peregrine (Second Race)
  7. Rhight Here
  8. Machine Soul
 in stock $11.06
Balance (mixed CD)
Cat: BAL 009CD. Rel: 11 Jul 13
  1. DJ Yellow, Flowers & Sea Creatures - "No One Gets Left Behind" (Guy J remix)
  2. Roger Martinez & Secret Cinema - "Menthol Raga" (Guy J remix)
  3. Henry Saiz - "Santa Fe" (Guy J remix)
  4. APM 001 - "Migrants" (Radio Slave acappella - Guy J edit)
  5. Juan Deminicis - "Once Upon A Time" (Guy J remix)
  6. Navar - "Phases Of Grief" (Guy J remix)
  7. Pavel Petrov/DJ T - "Fever" (Pezzner mix/feat Cari Golden/acappela/Guy J edit)
  8. Lanoiraude - "Waitin'" (Charles Webster mix/Guy J edit)
  9. Dactilar - "Day One" (Guy J remix)
  10. Echomen - "Perpetual" (Guy J remix)
  11. Guy Mantzur - "I'm Your Country" (Guy J remix)
  12. WOW - "Killa" (Guy J remix)
  13. Robert Babicz - "Duba" (Guy J remix)
Review: Guy J's progressive house roots shine through on this first contribution to the Balance series. It's not just the sound - occasionally downtempo, always atmospheric and sometimes deliciously dreamy - but also his choice of tunes; each of the 13 tracks has been reconstructed or re-edited by the experienced Israeli producer. While this would be seen as self-indulgence in others, it gives the mix a coherence and fluidity that's never less than attractive. Wisely, he mixes it up throughout, flitting between dreamy deepness (Juan Deminicis), trippy dancefloor intensity (his edit of Radio Slave's version of APM 001's "Migrants"), picturesque goodness (Nevar's "Phases of Grief") and darting, melodic techno (Echomen).
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 in stock $15.74
Immunity (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WIGLP 298. Rel: 31 May 13
  1. We Disappear
  2. Open Eye Signal
  3. Breathe This Air
  4. Collider
  5. Abandon Window
  6. Form By Firelight
  7. Sun Harmonics
  8. Immunity
Review: We never quite know what to expect from leftfield explorer Jon Hopkins, but we know it will be worth a listen. Immunity, his fourth solo album (he's recorded two others, one with Brian Eno and another with King Creosote), doesn't disappoint. Rooted in shuffling, forthright and occasionally off-kilter rhythms, it melds hazy, late night atmospherics and subtle melodies with intense, droning chords, woozy electronics and all manner of inventive noises. It's a blend that repeatedly pays dividends, from the mournful pianos and jumpy rhythms of "Breathe This Air', to the crystalline, soundscape ambience of "Abandon Window", and glitchy wonkiness of "Form By Firelight".
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 in stock $18.26
Fabric 68 (CD)
Cat: FABRIC 135. Rel: 13 Feb 13
  1. Lumiere
  2. Chestii Socoteli
  3. In Miriste
  4. La Cuba
  5. Anima
  6. Chosen
  7. Seara-N Crang
  8. FH Dub
  9. Flurimba
  10. Basso Ostinato
  11. Vastu' Da Gama
  12. Dansul Libelulei
  13. Je T'aime Lori
  14. Murgul
  15. Bodiu Radu Dumitru - "Piano Preludes"
Review: Given that he took his DJ/production pseudonym from the name of a 19th century Romanian writer of folk stories, it's no surprise that Petre Insperescu's chosen form of techno is shuffling, atmospheric and classically-minded. Sitting somewhere between Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos and Nicholas Jaar, his sparse but well-rounded productions are simultaneously pleasingly calming and genuinely energetic, full of curious touches (a twinkling, distant piano here, a cut-glass string trio there) and gentle exploration. Gathered together and mixed into a seamless whole, as on this first mix for Fabric, they offer an intriguing journey that should appeal to all those who love their techno subdued and atmospheric.
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 in stock $5.41
Cat: LANT 012. Rel: 30 Jan 13
  1. Spring Aroma
  2. Restoration
  3. Horizon
  4. Mental
  5. Rotation
  6. 24 Hours
  7. Floating
  8. Aquarell
  9. Resistance
  10. Lights
Review: Russian producer Martin Schulte is nothing short of prolific. Amazingly, this is ninth album of original material since 2006. Arguably, it's also his best yet. Filling in the gaps between sparse deep techno and melodic deep house, while retaining the hypnotic pulse of dub techno, it bobs along on waves of spacey chords, quietly shuffling rhythms and decidedly cosmic effects. Some tracks, such as the winsome "Horizon", sound like dancefloor-focused takes on Sun Electric's more ambient moments, while others, such as the curious "Rotation", are pleasingly rough around the edges. As ever with this kind of music, it's the subtle variations that are the key. Thankfully, Schulte has a masterful touch.
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 in stock $20.06
Desolat X (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DESOLAT 030. Rel: 05 Mar 14
  1. Shlomi Aber - "Mind Tribus"
  2. Argy - "Closer Than Most"
  3. Eddie Fowlkes - "I'm Telling You"
  4. Anthea - "Booty Call" (feat LK)
  5. Yousef & Blakkat - "Analogue Times"
  6. Robert Dietz - "You're So Hood"
  7. Joeski - "Beware Of The Drum"
  8. Hector - "Make A Move"
 in stock $19.29
Cat: KOMPAKT 274. Rel: 14 Feb 13
  1. Intro Konig
  2. Der Erste Zug
  3. Der Keil NRW
  4. Tja Mama, Sandra Maischberger
  5. Sozial
  6. Die Glocke (Endstation Wiener Platz)
  7. Hotel Noki
  8. Akira
  9. Triptychon Nummer 7
  10. Der Letzte Zug
  11. Intro Konig (CD)
  12. Der Erste Zug
  13. Der Keil NRW
  14. Tja Mama, Sandra Maischberger
  15. Sozial
  16. Die Glocke (Endstation Wiener Platz)
  17. Hotel Noki
  18. Akira
  19. Triptychon Nummer 7
  20. Der Letzte Zug
  21. Track 11
 in stock $15.95
Damage Control (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ANJLP 036. Rel: 02 Jan 14
  1. Superman Lost
  2. Only For You (feat Rachel K Collier)
  3. Easy (feat Porter Robinson)
  4. Called ID
  5. Little Damage
  6. Pyramid Scheme (feta Chuck D)
  7. The Sky (feat Linnea Schossow)
  8. Like It Used To Be
  9. Time On Your Side (feat Janai)
  10. Moderate Stimulation
  11. Lucid Dreams
  12. EZ
  13. Hurricane (feat Eyes That Lie)
  14. Fall Into Dreams (feat Pete Josef)
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