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New releases this week: Leftfield

New Leftfield vinyl in stock + the latest preorders
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Baby Series 01
Baby Series 01 (limited 12")
Cat: BBS 001. Rel: 27 Nov 23
RAM GODT - "Raised By A Goddess" (7:21)
RAM GODT - "Godt's Touch" (7:44)
VICTOR MUERTE - "Corazon Valiente" (7:32)
VICTOR MUERTE - "El Encuentro" (6:14)
 in stock $18.10
Theories Of Time
Theories Of Time (limited heavyweight green & black smoke vinyl 12" + digital bonus track download code)
Cat: LPY 13. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Distortion (5:18)
Travelling (9:16)
Shift (3:52)
Delay (7:35)
Review: Hidden Sequence have appeared on legendary dub techno label Mosaic in fine form of late and now they land on the Lempuyang imprint with four more serene fusions. Their Theories of Time EP opens up with the swaggering dub rhythms and bottomless depths of 'Distortion', a cut as heady as they come. 'Travelling,' as the title suggests, has a deeper rolling groove and more movement to it as it snakes through underwater dub caverns. Flip it over for more widescreen and serene explorations of the ocean floor with 'Shift' and mysterious leads of 'Delay' which is a fourth and final frictionless dub dream.
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Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock $14.42
Aralkum (limited 7")
Cat: APDLT 025. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Aralkum (3:54)
Zellij (3:58)
Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock $9.43
Bald Tag
Bald Tag (limited 7")
Cat: PISTE 037. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Bald Tag (3:49)
Ice Tea (3:02)
Review: Narco Marco returns to Pace In Stereo for more adventures through yesterday's tomorrow. As ever, the production is incredible, offering two tracks that pack a timeless sound informed by Italo, early electro-pop, cold and synth wave, a twin delight that somehow serves as the ideal home or headphone listen, yet is also dance floor ready and primed for proper parties. Starting on the slowest, tempo wise, 'Bald Tag' doesn't exactly owe a debt to Kraftwerk but certainly offers a place for sounds could have evolved in the back catalogue of the German pioneers. It's a weird and warbling, stepping, highly musical ride. 'Ice Tea', meanwhile, opts to get more of a stomp on, glittering harmonies painting stars in the sky above, vocals swapped out for more melodic depth.
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 in stock $18.87
Excogitation (translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: AOR 04. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Excogitation 1 (23:39)
Excogitation 2 (23:31)
 in stock $17.82
Love/Hate (limited 7")
Cat: FAIT 34. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Romeo Poirier - "Negative Feedback" (3:36)
The Exposures Aka Jan Jelinek - "Collage Of Digital Passion" (3:00)
 in stock $12.57
Home (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: CES 047. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Where Do I Go From Here (3:59)
Out Of My System (3:20)
Safe & Sounds (2:53)
Flowerwild (feat Sabana & Luna Flowers) (3:22)
Home (3:58)
Flotin' (2:48)
Home (Nikala rework) (4:20)
Review: sTia is the nom de plume of Natia Sartania, a Tbilisi-based musician who runs the CES Records label and is co-founder of the Georgian Music Legacy Collection. For this new seven-track album she lays down her signature piano with electronic ambiance and some squeaky pedal sounds A late hip-hop instrumental also features as do plenty of melancholic melodies and collaborations with Luna Flowers and Sabana, the founding members of key Georgian hip-hop collectives KayaKata, LTFR and Temple Pharmacy. Another promising young star of that scene, Nikala, also features on the flip.
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! low stock $14.16
A Break In Time
A Break In Time (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CPT 6241. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Day One (4:08)
Tranquility (3:59)
Risque (3:34)
Forever & A Year (3:30)
Philippe (4:34)
Towards (5:54)
Language (5:18)
Cosmic Winter (4:52)
At Well (5:43)
 in stock $27.26
Paralell Light (B-STOCK)
Cat: AOTNLP 062. Rel: 01 Dec 23
A Further Look At Loss (0:44)
Last Sunbeans Of Childhood (2:34)
Fugitive Light Restless Water (2:45)
The Violet Hour (3:14)
Everywhere Something Sublime (3:56)
In Balgay Silhouettes (3:43)
Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World (3:03)
(Half-light Of) The Cadmium Moon (3:09)
Black Bay Dream Minor (3:57)
Lost, Aglow (1:20)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

We also heard from Andrew Wasylyk late last year when he offered up his second LP for the esteemed Clay Pipe Music label. Now it is to Edinburgh's Athens of the North for Parallel Light, another collection of sumptuous ambient sounds that are so much more than just background music. The album is actually an alternate mix of his 2020 long player Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation so offers a different perspective with plenty of moving spiritual-jazz and neo-classical sounds that help paint alluring musical landscapes.
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 in stock $22.01
Good Omens 2 (Soundtrack)
Good Omens 2 (Soundtrack) (gatefold 'divine & demonic' white & green vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1739. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Chapter 1: The Arrival (12:29)
Chapter 2: The Clue (part 1) (10:55)
Chapter 2: The Clue (part 2) (11:32)
Chapter 3: I Know Where I'm Going (11:00)
Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker (15:42)
Chapter 5: The Ball (part 1) (8:51)
Chapter 5: The Ball (part 2) (11:52)
Chapter 6: Every Day (12:36)
! low stock $39.85
Demonio Prazer
Demonio Prazer (limited cassette)
Cat: CDBA 334. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Opera De Beast
A Perfect Psycho
Toquio1998 (Speed Up)
Opera De Beast (Super Slowed)
Tajiharu Samba II (feat Haruko Tajima)
DN (feat My$ter)
VOLCANIC EMOTION (Hirihiri remix)
 in stock $16.78
Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey (Soundtrack) (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Winnie The Pooh: Blood & Honey (Soundtrack) (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023) (limited gatefold blood & honey split coloured vinyl LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: RW 017. Rel: 01 Dec 23
In Which We Are Introduced To Winnie-The-Pooh (2:21)
In Which Christopher Robin Leads An Expotition (1:53)
Hallo, Pooh Bear (1:01)
Winnie-The-Pooh: Blood & Honey (3:19)
Hundred Acre Wood Chipper (2:44)
Car Trouble (1:07)
In Which Piglet Is Entirely Surrounded By Water (2:54)
Oh, Dear, Oh, Dear, Oh, Dear (4:02)
A Very Large Jar Of HUNNY (2:04)
In Which Piglet Gets Into A Tight Place (2:59)
Hundred Acre Hoodlums (3:26)
In Which Pooh Tries Ridesharing (3:06)
Pooh Gives Maria A Head Start (2:09)
In Which Pooh Gives A Party And We Say Goodbye (4:48)
 in stock $52.43
Maestro: Music By Leonard Bernstein (Soundtrack)
Symphonic Suite From On The Waterfront/Robert Schumann: Manfred Overture/Fancy Free: Var 1 (Galop) (5:16)
On The Town: Lonely Town. Pas De Deux (2:15)
On The Town: Carried Away/Loesser & Hollaender: You've Got That Look (That Leaves Me Weak) (3:40)
Trouble In Tahiti (interlude) (0:32)
Candide: Paris Waltz (0:53)
Facsimile: Molto Adagio (1:12)
Fancy Free: Enter Three Sailors/Var 3 (Danzon)/On The Town: New York, New York (3:40)
Anniversaries For Orchestra: X) For Felicia Montealegre/Interview (Dialogue)/Songfest: To What You Said (Solo 3) (6:02)
Louis Armstrong: St Louis Blues (Concerto Grosso)/Gustav Mahler: Symphony No 5: Adagietto (3:46)
Candide: Make Our Garden Grow (2:10)
West Side Story (Prologue) (1:28)
Mass XVII Pax: Communion ("Secret Songs") (7:26)
William Walton: Facade: Sir Beezlebub (0:33)
Gustav Mahler: Symphony No 2: "Ressurection": V) Finale Im Tempo Des Scherzoes (6:13)
Symphony No 2: "The Age Of Anxiety" (The Prologue) (0:52)
Lincoln Chase: The Clapping Song (Clap Pat Clap Slap) (1:13)
A Quiet Place (Postlude) (1:58)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No 8 In F Major (3:03)
Chichester Psalms: Psalm 23 (4:54)
Candide: Overture (4:36)
Symphony No 3: "Kaddish": II) Din Torah (0:55)
 in stock $38.29
Of Shadow & Substance
Cat: CB 05. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Vapours (19:13)
Of Shadow & Substance (21:11)
 in stock $34.08
Radio Scarecrow (remastered)
Cat: DUSTCD 117. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Transmission Start
Train By The Autobahn (part 1)
Train By The Autobahn (part 2)
Riphead V9
UV Sine
Short Wave Lies
Digital Poacher
Set To Recieve
EVP Echoes
Floods V3
Witches Ov
Dials & Dialers 1
Ghost Vexations
Dials & Dialers 2
Review: Around 2008 The Black Dog landed on Soma with Radio Scarecrow. At this point the shape-shifting project was well-established as a separate entity from the early Warp years, as original member Ken Downie was joined by Martin and Richard Dust to extol a faintly gothic strain of electro-techno romanticism. 'Ripheadv9' is a fine case in point - a three-dimensional sound world shrouded in grey cloud but shot through with flashes of technicolour light. There's industrial pallor, synthetic melancholy and a heavy payload of atmosphere in abundance on this finely sculpted modern masterpiece, which has been revived with even greater detail thanks to this remastered CD edition on their own Dust Science label.
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 in stock $13.38
Dimensional Research
Dimensional Research (180 gram vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: KR 01. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Virulence (5:09)
Supermembrane (6:16)
Reality 30xx (5:18)
Hedron (5:31)
Dimensional Research (4:12)
A Worm Through Time (5:59)
Predatory Algorithmns (5:43)
Outbound Civilization (4:50)
Northmoor (4:31)
Solar Warden (5:09)
Fourth Dimensional Fragment (4:55)
 in stock $36.70
Blanca 2: Seconda Stagione (Soundtrack)
Blanca 2: Seconda Stagione (Soundtrack) (limited crystal clear vinyl LP)
Cat: RKX 093LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
When The World Is Feeling Blind (feat Arya & Tahnee Rodriguez)
Cambio Di Stagione
Tipografia Miserere
Little Girl Ready For Big Dreams (feat MEI & Tahnee Rodriguez)
The Big White Shark
Dentro Fuori
Elena O Nadia Flashback
It's Like Blanca
Epico Lirico
Fatti Sentire
Nessun Dorma Da "Turandot" (feat Francesca Biliotti)
Sembra Ieri
Habibi Lullaby (feat Rahma)
 in stock $24.11
La Muerte De Occidente
Cat: NATURAL 066. Rel: 29 Nov 23
La Muerte De Occidente (5:35)
Paper Boy (5:19)
Body Board Memories (5:09)
Hey I Was Poisoned (4:02)
Brand New Primitivismo (feat Contacto) (3:51)
Shot The Rim (3:57)
Jack The Body Boogie (3:43)
Radhika (3:28)
Review: Natural Sciences are always adept at platforming distinctive artists, but this is an impressive reach even by their standards. Candido hails from the Krishna-core punk scene of Buenos Aires, and his sound takes elements from early industrial and acid house to create a darkly powerful club record. Freestyle stabs, thumping Rompler bass and edgy sampling place this right in the jakbeat vibe you'd expect a DJ like Traxx to play, and it's a whole heap of boxy, bashy fun. Just listen to 'Body Board Memories', a slamming workout with gated reverb on the snares which is thick enough to eat.
Read more
 in stock $16.26
Matisse Bath
Matisse Bath (gatefold 2xLP + insert limited to 275 copies)
Cat: COW 002. Rel: 01 Dec 23
01/08/19 (1:49)
09/08/18 (1:27)
02/20/18 (2:34)
04/02/18 (2:15)
03/16/18 (1:19)
07/26/18 (4:57)
08/12/18 (1:17)
05/15/18 (1:17)
08/16/18 (1:53)
04/27/18 (4:47)
08/04/18 (2:25)
08/18/18 (1:16)
07/23/18 (5:17)
01/23/18 (2:21)
04/24/18 (2:58)
06/19/18 (2:03)
04/29/18 (4:37)
01/08/19/2 (1:32)
02/01/18 (6:40)
03/20/18 (1:51)
02/14/18 (3:54)
04/18/18 (1:54)
06/18/18 (2:21)
09/25/18 (2:59)
04/22/18 (1:40)
07/28/18 (1:59)
 in stock $35.92
Cat: ZORN 102. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Seconds Of Thirst (13:56)
Byss (9:39)
Ferry (11:34)
Clearing (10:51)
 in stock $25.16
Tales From A Feeble Dream
Cat: CRYO 212. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Infinite Dreamer
The Summon
Iridescent Path
Offworld Abysses
 in stock $12.06
Do You Know Me Now?
Do You Know Me Now? (limited 10xCD box set + hardback book)
Cat: 387688 6. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Blemish (CD1: Blemish)
The God Son
The Only Daughter
The Heart Knows Better
She Is Not
Late Night Shopping
How Little We Need To Be Happy
A Fire In The Forest
The Only Daughter (CD2: The Good Son vs The Only Daughter - The Blemish remixes - Ryoji Ikeda remix)
Blemish (Burnt Friedman remix)
The Heart Knows Better (Sweet Billy Pilgrim remix)
A Fire In The Forest (Readymade Fc remix)
The Good Son (Yoshihiro Hanno remix)
Late Night Shopping (Burnt Friedman remix)
How Little We Need To Be Happy (Tatsuhiko Asano remix)
The Only Daughter (Jan Bang & Erik Honore remix)
Blemish (Akira Rabelais remix)
Nine Horses - "Wonderful World" (CD3: Snow Borne Sorrow)
Nine Horses - "Darkest Birds"
Nine Horses - "The Banality"
Nine Horses - "Atom & Cell"
Nine Horses - "A History Of Holes"
Nine Horses - "Snow Borne Sorrow"
Nine Horses - "The Day The Earth Stole Heaven"
Nine Horses - "Serotonin"
Nine Horses - "The Librarian"
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "World Citizen" (CD4: Do You Know Me Now? - singles/EP's)
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "World Citizen (I Won't Be Disappointed)"
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "World Citizen" (Ryoji Ikeda remix)
Nine Horses - "Money For All"
Nine Horses - "Get The Hell Out"
Nine Horses - "The Banality Of Evil" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "Wonderful World" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "Birds Sing For Their Lives"
Nine Horses - "Serotonin" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "Money For All" (version)
Nine Horses - "Get The Hell Out" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "When Monday Comes Around"
Do You Know Me Now?
Where's Your Gravity?
When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima (CD5: When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima)
Wonderful World (CD6: Manafon)
The Rabbit Skinner
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
The Greatest Living Englishman
125 Spheres
Snow White In Appalachia
Emily Dickinson
The Drpartment Of Dead Letters
Small Metal Gods (CD7: Died In The Wool - The Manafon Variations)
Died In The Wool
I Should Not Dare
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
A Certain Slant Of Light
Anomaly At Taw Head
Snow White In Appalachia
Emily Dickinson
The Greatest Living Englishman (Coda)
Anomaly At Taw Head (A Haunting)
The Last Days Of December
When We Return You Won't Recognise Us (CD8: When We Return You Won't Recognise Us)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Single Cell Organisms" (CD9: Uncommon Deities - feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Sleeplessness" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Silence" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Smaller Gods" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Small Caresses" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Black Holes" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Adverbs" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The Ruminative Gap" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Crossroads" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Tiny Islands" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Gradual Abdication" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "I Swallowed Earth For This" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
There's A Light That Enters Houses With No Other House In Sight (CD10: There's A Light That Enters Houses with No Other House In Sight - feat Franz Wright & Christian Fennesz)
 in stock $91.78
Shields In Full Sunlight
Cat: SMALLVILLELP 16. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Hi Life (feat Ossia) (6:14)
Echo Form (4:28)
Two Hours Earth Room (5:59)
Smile & Wave (7:54)
Cygnus (feat Space Drum Meditation) (8:53)
AMY (feat Johan Kaseta) (6:04)
Movement In The Breach (7:12)
Nefyn (8:14)
Review: Hamburg crew Smallville managed to find their own unique niche in the deep house world right from the off. Their family of artists all had a cuddly, lo-fi, heartfelt take on the genre that has spawned countless classic LPs and 12"s, all with great artwork from Stefan Marx. Next up to add his voice to the conversation is Joe Davies with his new album Shields In Full Sunlight. It is a trip that has a lingering emotional impact such is the tranquility of the sounds and meditative nature of the grooves, which are embellished with wispy pads and subtle vocal sounds.
Read more
 in stock $26.75
Sky Flesh
Cat: LY 4LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Voxcs60x (2:05)
The Shapes We Buried (1:57)
Blue To Blue (2:36)
Yueqin (3:10)
Glider (4:38)
Harmonices Infinity (4:55)
Commas Light (2:44)
Cut Off Horizon (1:51)
Lasciati (4:49)
Equal To No Weight At All (8:57)
 in stock $23.60
Nada Ized!
Nada Ized! (limited 180 gram translucent aquamarine & red vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: BADVC 66AT. Rel: 30 Nov 23
A Nausea (4:25)
Going Dark (5:04)
Their Deception (4:47)
The Trigger (5:23)
The Pole Star Of Eden (4:16)
God A Pale Curse
Wolf Rose (5:40)
Heaven Street (4:19)
No Belief (4:38)
The Maverick Chamber (4:13)
Little Black Angel (3:50)
Luther's Army (4:11)
Last Europa Kiss (3:55)
Break The Black Ice (3:09)
All Pigs Must Die (3:27)
Runes & Men (4:23)
Fall Apart (3:32)
Hail! The White Grain (5:42)
Review: First released in 2022 on CD and spanning 41 years of Death In June's existence - from songs like 'Heaven Street' to 'The Trigger' - NADA-IZED! is a selection of tracks that spiritually revisit the group's mid-1980's dalliance with militant electro-dance whilst remaining very much aware of the present. Recorded and produced in separate self-isolation, Douglas P. and Miro Snejdr (Herr Synthwave Himself), have produced these New Play Tunes for New Plague Times. Now reissued a year later on 2xLP via New European.
Read more
 in stock $52.43
Spiraling Synthesizers For Heavy Cosmic Music
Cat: DEL 15. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Track 1 (3:27)
Track 2 (1:25)
Track 3 (1:10)
Track 4 (1:23)
Track 5 (2:58)
Track 6 (4:55)
Track 7 (1:47)
Track 8 (5:35)
 in stock $25.70
Lammas Land
Lammas Land (LP + insert + photocards)
Cat: TAIN 02. Rel: 01 Dec 23
A Hand Full Of Ever Thickening Twilight (19:19)
A String Of Pearls Pulling The Night Away (21:32)
 in stock $22.55
In The Infinite
In The Infinite (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CDR 62022LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Invo (3:39)
Do You Remember? (2:45)
Pretty Lady (2:54)
A Union Of Opposites (interlude) (2:03)
Tremendous Force (4:39)
Astral Paradise (0:48)
Plastic Art (1:55)
Remote Frontiers (4:25)
Magnetism (3:39)
Your Outlook (2:48)
The Madness Of Crowds (4:18)
Beyond Time & Space
 in stock $25.96
The Encyclopedia Of Civilizations Vol 5: Babylon
The Encyclopedia Of Civilizations Vol 5: Babylon (LP in embossed screen-printed sleeve + booklet)
Cat: ABST 033. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Uruk (6:10)
Akkad (7:35)
Ashur (6:02)
Kassaptu (3:30)
Mandragora (16:51)
Review: For the fifth volume of The Encyclopedia of Civilizations, Abstrakce's collection of split LPs - in which selected artists offer insight into fascinating ancient cultures - hears them focus this time on the enigmatic Babylon, visited by two of the label's favourite electronic bands currently active. Berlin-based duo Driftmachine take us on a journey between the ancient cities of Akkad, Uruk and Ashur. Bringing together astonishing electronics with a superb and precise sound - floating somewhere between modular ambient, leftfield, abstract dub - every detail has been carefully crafted to produce a complex architecture. Unconventional tribal rhythms recall obscure rituals, while warm, dynamic pulses contract and expand, interacting on their journey along the sandy roads of the Mesopotamian basin. Afterwards, Glasgow-based project Komodo Kolektif delves into the Babylonian vision of magic through the figures of the Kassaptu (witches and wizards), and the use of Mandragora. A blend of both tribal primitivism and a futuristic vision is provided by their vast arsenal of vintage synths and effects units, Eastern metallophones and traditional hand percussion. This is deep, psychedelic electronics that capture the spirit of ancient Babylonian sacred ceremonies and their vision of the cosmos.
Read more
 in stock $29.36
Two Forests/Oceanic
Cat: BLACKTRUFFLE 111. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Two Forests (19:28)
Oceanic (17:49)
 in stock $27.54
Collage (LP)
Cat: HUBROLP 3655. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Tre Vegar (3:58)
Fjernklang (4:20)
Spor Etter Spor (Mellom Oss) (4:17)
Kvi Sove Du (4:22)
Ein Annan Himmel (5:26)
Fuglane II (7:35)
Atterklang (2:32)
 in stock $20.97
Gh0st (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: BDNX 007. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Foreshadow (6:35)
Deafening [M]oon (7:08)
Gh0st (I) (4:14)
My Grip, Your Neck (7:34)
Gh0st (II) (3:53)
Lanesplitter (4:37)
Deliverance (7:32)
 in stock $22.55
Destroyer (blue vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PFL 307LPB. Rel: 30 Nov 23
I Was So Alive (3:52)
Scars (3:35)
Destroyer (3:16)
Let It Grow (3:16)
The Sun Sets On Me (4:50)
Finding Where You Are (3:44)
The Flame (3:51)
Gravity (4:49)
You See Me (3:57)
 in stock $27.54
Fourth Wall/The Flying Lizards
Cat: RETROD 883. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Mandelay Song (CD1: The Flying Lizards)
Her Story
Summertime Blues
Money (That's What I Want)
The Flood
Events During Flood
The Window
Summertime Blues (12" version)
All Guitars
Money (edit)
Money B
Lovers & Other Strangers (CD2: The Flying Lizards Fourth Wall)
In My Lifetime
New Voice
Hands 2 Take
An Age
Steam Away
Move On Up
Another Story
Lost & Found
Lovers & Other Strangers (7" version)
 in stock $16.26
Hey Let Loose Your Love
Hey Let Loose Your Love (10" LP + mp3 dowload code)
Cat: GBX 005LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Icicle Wheel (0:56)
You Do Not See Me (1:07)
Clockbell (1:06)
Echo Release (1:28)
Xylophone Signal (2:09)
Modern Harp (1:18)
Inside The Rubber Box (1:13)
Lifting Away (1:06)
Today's Rhythm People (1:48)
Hey Let Loose Your Love (0:31)
String Sine Romance (1:44)
The Moon Ladder (0:26)
Planning For Urban Green (1:13)
Swinging Phantom (1:09)
The Thre (1:07)
Jam-jar Carnival (1:07)
Baroque Face (1:41)
The Leaving (1:04)
Reflected Message (1:37)
Review: Back in 2005 we might not have predicted what a phenomenon Ghost Box would become. In the years since, the label has become a beacon for the hauntological exploration of Britain's inherent oddness creeping just below the surface. Julian House's graphic design is a huge part of the label's artistic merit, and it figures his music as The Focus Group follows a similarly aesthetically rigorous direction. There's a pastoral collage quality to Hey Let Loose Your Love which takes you right back to the 70s, with beautiful musical passages offset by surrealist samples and unexpected diversions into the recent history of these wyrd isles.
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Northern (Redux)
Cat: DUA 2598. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Everything's Gone Grey (Redux) (6:53)
Northern (Redux) (7:22)
A Dead Yellow Carpet (Redux) (7:18)
Shell Shell Bye (Redux) (9:51)
Haze It May Be (Redux) (6:50)
November (Redux) (7:03)
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June 22
June 22 (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FTR 697LP. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Weaving Tongues
The Coyote Messenger (6:55)
Blossoming (14:02)
Review: Like last year's brilliant Wings Dipped in Fire, the new collaborative album from Drazek Fuscaldo was recorded by Taylor Hales at Chicago's Electrical Audio. This time, the duo (once known at Mako Sica) is joined not just by keyboard/trumpet master Thymme Jones, but percussionist Hamid Drake, bassist Tatsu Aoki (on shamisen) and bassist Joshua Abrams. A total post-form all-star line-up, with more combined chops than a breakfast table crammed with lumberjacks. The mood on June 22 is weird and simmering. Blasts of heat alternate with spaced-out jam abstractions with Brent Fuscaldo's vocals and Przemyslaw Krys Drazek's guitar and trumpet dodging in and out of available crevices. As with all of this combo's recent music, exactly what genre they occupy is not easy to say. This is something they share with this generation of Chicago improvisers, who often seem to begin in jazz, but evolve into something much more intangible, mysterious and beautiful.
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Rakenskapens Dag
Rakenskapens Dag (limited LP + insert)
Cat: FORDAOAMNINGARKIV 12. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Fiber (6:38)
Ridandes Av Vissa Djur (1:26)
Jim F Gu (6:39)
3000 Ar Electro (3:36)
Det Mystiska Talet E (1:36)
Expo 7 (2:03)
Ett Oanstandigt Forslag (2:19)
Det Blodrika Djuret (1:46)
Doda Lollos Mamma (2:40)
Grannkott (5:33)
Jim F Electro (5:28)
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Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: GLOSSY 018. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Silver Screen Wellness (2:33)
Morning Walk With Marlene (3:26)
Berthold Brecht Aqua Aerobics (2:41)
Seven Year Massage (1:41)
Sophia Meet Me At The Sana (2:29)
Film Night At Magic Mountain (1:32)
The Imaginarium Of Groucho (2:25)
Grace & Marcello Bored (2:35)
Ancient Stars (1:45)
Dean Martin's Blizzard Dreams (2:37)
Cognac At The Esalen Lounge (2:49)
Buchla Mind Correction (2:17)
Carnival Of The Jetsetters (3:12)
Review: The ambient fan's favourite businessman and wandering soul, Martin Glass, presents a weary, cathartic series of wistful Balearic sketches in the vein of FSOL, the caretaker and the work of more fresh faced contenders like SSIEGE. Composed during a stay at 'a celebrity health resort in the hills beyond Hollywood', Magic Mountain unfurls over 13 balmy, benzo'd tracks, each named to evoke a musing, observation, or group wellness activity which our protagonist takes part in, compulsive cognac sipping included.
Particularly enjoyable pursuits include Glass' 'Morning Walk with Marlene Dietrich', which plugs away at a steady beach-tempo plod, while cirrus wisps of synthesizer stretch heavy across the horizon, and the poignant 'Dean Martin's Blizzard Dreams'; presumably inspired by a conversation with the King of Cool himself about his oneiric weather patterns. The delicate, pointilist 'Cognac at the Esalen Lounge' is an aural analogy for Glass' barside ennui, sounding like oversized ice cubes colliding in a wobble glass and the retreat culminates in the rollicking 'Carnival of the Jetsetters'; a misty-eyed goodbye to the other sedated participants, who are doubtless late for their next long-haul. Ride it out!
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Warhammer 40 000: Mechanicus (Soundtrack)
Warhammer 40 000: Mechanicus (Soundtrack) (gatefold clear red & green splattered vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: LCD 69. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Children Of The Omnissiah (2:22)
Caestus Metalican (3:51)
Lost Civilizations (4:35)
Immortal Machine (1:12)
Noosphere (8:37)
Dance Of The Cryptek (9:39)
Millennial Rage (9:03)
Warriors Of Mars (4:32)
Treacherous (8:58)
Overloard (6:35)
Binary Signal (6:41)
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Hot Plate Only
Cat: MG 137. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Hat Dog (3:54)
Foyer Joyment (3:14)
Toast Door (3:04)
Friend Boat (4:07)
Balance Balloon (2:50)
Frog Lift (6:56)
Ribbon Rose (5:10)
Edie's Birthday (5:06)
Frostily Same (2:47)
 in stock $29.63
Uncertainty Manipulated
Uncertainty Manipulated (cassette limited to 100 copies)
Cat: SDT 001. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Mudbug Migration (8:20)
Vacua (9:49)
Octonions (9:24)
Ocimum Sanctum (8:17)
Review: Alex Israel's new 'Uncertainty Manipulated' release on Somnambulant Drift features generative music he has crafted by "building elements of arbitrary length that work together melodically but do not correspond in time. As the individual components replay, they overlap coincidentally, resulting in music that makes itself." The result is four tracks of sublime and escapist ambient with no beginning and no end but plenty of heart-aching piano chords, harp strums, hazy drones, mindful synth smears and meditative moods that offer comfort but also encourage inward reflections. It's a perfect coming together of man, machine and absorbing minimalism.
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Caligula (2xLP)
Cat: COMC 1681. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Rape (2:34)
Good Guy (2:10)
Death (3:46)
Bad Dates (2:59)
Ex-Girlfriend (3:21)
Girlfriend (7:08)
All Over The World (3:14)
Delay (1:45)
Father (3:45)
Mother (3:44)
Suicide Chunk (2:16)
Offensive (5:59)
Showstoppers (2:58)
Shut The Fuck Up (6:43)
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Neven (Soundtrack)
Neven (Soundtrack) (limited 2xCD)
Cat: CRYO 213. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Neven AI (CD1)
Welcome To The Real World
Neven Them
In My Memories
With Air
Tragedy Is The Core Of Human Experience
Desert Of The Real
Start Of A Friendship (CD2)
From Rust To Dust
Black Maria
My Child
Target Lock
Digital Rage
End Is Near
Trust No One
All We Have Left
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For The Lives Once Lived
Cat: FDCD 149. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Rotten Boroughs
The Gutters Shine Tonight
Lives Once Lived
Days We'll Never See
For All Mankind
Thoughts Are Not Facts
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Aphrilis (limited LP)
Cat: BNSD 080FR120. Rel: 30 Nov 23
April (7:25)
Kielet On Viritetty Tuuleen (3:32)
Nukahtamislaulu (5:06)
Simona (5:15)
Planeetta (6:41)
Paratiisin Kukkivat Puut (2:44)
Seitsemas Taivas (6:41)
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Dens (LP + insert + mp3 download code)
Cat: GBLP 145. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Vodu Brala (feat Tijana Stankovic) (4:40)
Daj Mi Ruka (feat Tijana Stankovic) (4:47)
Dzamahirija (feat Zoja Borovcanin) (5:48)
Mejremo (feat Tijana Stankovic) (7:44)
Sto Si Glava (feat Tijana Stankovic) (5:40)
Zuta Zaba (feat Svetlana Spajic, Tijana Stankovic) (2:37)
Kuje Je Dejceno (feat Tijana Stankovic) (3:50)
Starala Sa (feat Svetlana Spajic) (9:00)
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Oblivion (Soundtrack) (10th Anniversary Edition)
Oblivion (Soundtrack) (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold eco vinyl 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: MOND 009C. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Jack's Dream (1:25)
Waking Up (4:07)
Tech 49 (5:53)
Starwaves (3:31)
Odyssey Rescue (4:13)
Earth 2077 (2:15)
Losing Control (3:55)
Canyon Battle (5:56)
Radiation Zone (4:06)
You Can't Save Her (5:00)
Raven Rock (4:37)
I'm Sending You Away (5:34)
Ashes Of Our Fathers (3:23)
Temples Of Our Gods (6:21)
Fearful Odds (2:21)
Undimmed By Time, Unbound By Death (4:40)
Oblivion (1:09)
Review: Joseph Kosinski, famous for his direction on 'Tron: Legacy' scored by Daft Punk, wanted to go a completely different direction for 2013's 'Oblivion' starring Tom Cruise. An emotional, epic soundtrack composed by French electronic act M83 was the only real option for him - a match made in heaven. Immediately, 'Jack's Dream' and 'Waking Up' are cinematic and vast in scope with blaring strings that swell in ways that only movie soundtracks can. A complete departure from Anthony Gonzalez's megahit 'Midnight City', 'Oblivion' is an orchestral affair that is bold and punchy, with soft and ethereal ambient patches scattered throughout. The title track is a major standout, featuring Norwegian talent Susanne Sundfor, a favourite vocalist and frequent collaborator of Royksopp. Expect the unexpected, but prepare to be amazed.
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Cycles Of Tonight
Cycles Of Tonight (limited LP + insert)
Cat: PP 57. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Stay (3:42)
Janet's Song (3:12)
Thursday Afternoon (3:22)
Tonight (1:16)
Egyptian Wedding (3:06)
Forming A Round (4:03)
A Dream Of You (3:01)
Staples To Nimrod (3:41)
They Leave Their Horns (2:10)
Yellow For Doddie (4:49)
I'll Know You (3:05)
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Wish (Soundtrack)
Wish (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP in embossed sleeve)
Cat: 875392 0. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Ariana Debose & Cast - "Welcome To Rosas" (2:27)
Chris Pine & Ariana Debose - "At All Costs" (3:13)
Ariana Debose - "This Wish" (3:22)
Cast - "I'm A Star" (2:51)
Chris Pine - "This Is The Thanks I Get?!" (3:12)
Ariana Debose & Angelique Cabral & Cast - "Knowing What I Know Now" (3:17)
Ariana Debose & Cast - "This Wish" (reprise) (2:33)
Julia Micheals - "A Wish Worth Making" (2:51)
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