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DJ speakers | DJ monitors

The best speakers and monitors for DJs are slightly different to the best hi-fi speakers and studio monitors. The most important factor is to have good, clear sound with accurate frequency response, but DJs also need punchiness, volume and solid bass performance to help monitor mixes. Brands like Pioneer, Reloop and Numark offer affordable DJ speakers suitable for beginners as well as professional models designed for pro DJ booths. You might not get exactly the same kind of power you’d expect from a full-on club rig, but the best DJ monitors for home practice sessions and house parties offer club-style sound in a more manageable size.
DJ speakers | DJ monitors
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Reloop DSM-3 BT 3.5" Active DJ Monitors (pair)
Cat: 851328 Rel: 23 Dec 21
Smart desktop monitor system with wireless input.
Notes: Affordable, entry-level desktop monitors from a reliable brand. Optional Bluetooth input adds convenience for streaming from mobile devices.

Supplier's Notes:
The Reloop DSM-3 BT is an ideal Desktop Monitor System for home studios and/or DJ setups. Having a clear and punchy sound, they can be used for producing tracks and playing DJ gigs at home. Additionally, the Bluetooth connectivity feature makes it possible to conveniently stream songs from a smartphone or tablet.

Versatile monitor loudspeaker

The Reloop DSM-3 BT Smart Desktop Monitor system is the perfect solution for DJs and producers. Being so compact, it is ideal for small DJ setups and home studio environments. A powerful and balanced sound makes professional DJing and producing a real pleasure!

Bluetooth input

Developed especially for this purpose, the DSM-3 BT system can connect all your Bluetooth devices with clear audio quality and a rich sound. Regardless of whether you are using a tablet, smartphone, or computer - a foolproof connection means you can immediately enjoy listening to your productions and music in optimal quality.

Rich & powerful sound

The bass reflex design enables powerful bass and reduced air resistance. The optimised tweeters also provide a broad stereo sweet spot for producers. Last but not least, the built-in class A/B amplifiers deliver a clear, low-distortion and rich sound.

Connections & controls on the front

The sound of the DSM-3 BT can be perfectly adapted to every environment using the practical controls on the front. Controlling volume, bass/treble EQ, Bluetooth pairing or connecting headphones is all done with a single touch. As well as the RCA input on the rear providing further options for connecting DJ or production setups, there is also an additional mini jack for connecting an optional subwoofer.


The DSM-3 BT fits seamlessly into any environment with its classic and timeless design. The magnetically shielded drivers also ensure interference-free operation, even in close proximity to other equipment. Maximum stability as well as a powerful, clear sound thanks to the rugged, matt black surface and the curved edge design round off the smart, flexible system for DJs and producers.
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