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Today: Disco/Nu-Disco

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Monday 19 March 2018
KKK. (limited 12")
Cat: BSTX 030. Rel: 26 Mar 18
  1. KKK. (club mix)
  2. KKK. (dub mix & bonus beats)
Review: Limited edition reissue of one of the most sought after balearic disco song produced in 1983 by the italian duo : Giorgio Giordano & Giorgio Dolce. Now finally remastered from the original master tapes by Best Record Italy.
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 in stock $16.97
Sunset Over Santorini (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KF 010. Rel: 26 Mar 18
  1. Sunset Over Santorini
  2. Sunset Over Santorini (Nad remix)
Review: "Kinfolk returns after a long hiatus with an outstanding release from the mighty Mind Fair donning their newly invented 'Sundown Drive' hats.

'Sunset over Santorini' is a sonic brew of percussion, guitars, jazz-funk keys and heavenly vox that's all kept together with a driving shuffle that brings to mind the more experimental Leftfield disco sounds of 70's NYC and beyond.

On The flip Dan 'Nad' Tyler delivers a wacked-out remix monster that takes it deep into a Norwegian via Homerton disco-dub-not disco-dub vortex of truly epic proportions that will twist your body, mind & soul as it ventures in and out of the groove laden original.

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 in stock $11.70
  1. Right Here Right Now (Hallelujah Anyway) (Danny Krivit Classic edit) (8:09)
  2. Right Here Right Now (Hallelujah Anyway) (Ricky & Danny remix) (5:35)
 in stock $11.42
  1. Breaking At The Party (6:27)
  2. Breaking At The Party (instrumental) (6:26)
Review: You'd be forgiven for not knowing "Breaking At The Party", the sole single release from NYC outfit Joey Pastrana & His Back of Tricks. It was originally released in 1984 on the short lived Tropic Of Buddha Records, a label dedicated to Latino takes on electro and disco. Such is the record's obscurity and cult status amongst collectors that you'll struggle to find original copies for sale for less than L500. This City of Dreams reissue presents both of the original mixes ("Vocal" and dub style "Instrumental"), both of which fuse elements of boogie, electro and dub disco in a fabulously eccentric and wonderfully funky way. The synthesizer sounds, in particular, are superb.
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 in stock $17.55
Radio Cosmo Disco (limited 12")
Cat: BST X029. Rel: 26 Mar 18
  1. Radio Cosmo 101 (disco version)
  2. Radio Cosmo 101 (vocal)
  3. Radio Cosmo 101 (instrumental)
Review: Official limited edition reissue of one of the rarest italian cosmic disco release from 1977. Previously available only as a 7" with short vocal and instrumental cuts for radio play. Now reissued as 12" including for the first time the extended disco version remastered from the original master tapes directly from the archives of the italian radio 101 that produced this song during mid seventies.
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Played by: Mystic Rock, Khotin
 in stock $16.97
Cat: PPU 090. Rel: 26 Mar 18
  1. Dance With Me (5:09)
  2. I'm The One Who Loves You (3:58)
  3. Round & Round (4:50)
  4. Night Without You (5:01)
  5. Left & Right (3:24)
  6. Love Me Right (4:07)
  7. Rock Me (3:56)
  8. How Much Do You Love Me? (4:26)
  9. Rock Town (4:25)
  10. Let The Music Play (4:55)
 in stock $15.81
Kuomboka (LP repress)
Cat: ICE 006LP. Rel: 26 Mar 18
  1. Erotic Delight (5:30)
  2. I Can Do Without You (6:11)
  3. Believer Ma Lover (5:59)
  4. Kuomboka (5:08)
  5. Come Together (5:03)
  6. More Sweat Than Sweet (5:25)
  7. I Wanna See The Light (5:02)
  8. Jah Let The Sunshine (5:52)
Review: Kuomboka was the last album Zambian band Witch ever created. Privately released in 1984, a year before they split, it's the zenith of their final funky hoorah... Gathering influences and references from disco, boogie and loose structures of highlife and Afrofunk, it's one of their most timeless and enduring records. From the partnership of African guitars and horns with the epic slap bass and staccato phrases of the title track to the 10CC style balladry of "Believer Ma Lover" via the spacey, cosmic drama of "More Sweat Than Sweet", this 30 year old document stands the test of time incredibly well.

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 in stock $20.49
Items 1 to 7 of 7 on page 1 of 1

Today: Disco/Nu-Disco

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