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Coming Soon: Dancehall/Ragga

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Dancehall / Ragga

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Be Thankful (Lexx mix)
Be Thankful (Lexx mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 104.
  1. Be Thankful
  2. Be Thankful (Lexx Discomix)
Review: The King & City label is the subject of three 12" reissues, starting with One Blood's classic Lovers Rock take of William DeVaughn's soul anthem, Be Thankful.

Taking the influence of reggae from the Caribbean diaspora within the cultural melting pot of 70s London, the birth of Lovers Rock, often-dubbed 'romantic reggae', is a uniquely black British sound, developed against a backdrop of riots, racial tension and sound systems.

A style suited to the London scene, it represents an apolitical counterpoint to the then dominant conscious Rastafarian sound and continued the soulful and commonly love-themed rocksteady style.

Active during the scene's peak, King & City was launched by Neville King and Lee Laing to champion the sound and alongside other producers like Dennis Bovell, created genre-defining hits.

Formed in 1979 One Blood was made up of the 5 Robinson brothers - Errol, Jerry, Lloyd, Trevor and Paul - and recording at the legendary TMC studios, went on to release two albums and countless singles.

Be Thankful pays homage to DeVaughn's original, with smooth vocals gliding atop tight drum and bass, vocal jumping up dub pom acapella to summer perfection. The tapes here passed to cohort Lexx, crafting a wonderful discodub that is all groove, expertly cutting back and forth...diamonds in the back, sunroof top.

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coming soon TBA
Everything Is Fine (Chuggy mix)
Everything Is Fine (Chuggy mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 106.
  1. Everything Is Fine
  2. Everything Dub
  3. Everything Is Fine (Chuggy Discomix)
Review: To close the 3 EP reissue series of Neville King and Lee Laing's King & City label, the all female group Charisma are presented with their summer infused Lovers cut, Everything Is Fine.

Three Lewisham friends, Angela Richardson on lead vocals, with Geselle and Janie backing, were active from 1982 to 1990, but are really remembered for the early recordings made with Neville King. Their debut, Everything Is Fine rides the Lovers sound at its peak. Written with One Blood's Lloyd Robinson, with the rest of band of Robinson brothers providing the rhythm section, this is pure South London sound system music.

Recorded again at TMC (Tooting Music Centre) Recording Studios - working alongside the likes of Dillinger, Tradition and New Musik - Everything Is Fine rides a beautiful soul reggae rhythm as Trevor (Drums) and Lloyd (Bass) Robinson set the foundations, while One Blood provide the Dub mix.

A true love's lament, a song of hope, serenity and pure vibes. Label head Chuggy slides behind the mixing desk for an extended Discomix that stretches, loops and dubs the vocal and dub back forth, to close a glimpse at this uniquely British phenomenon, taking reggae closer to it's heart and soul.

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coming soon TBA
Jet Star Meets Hospital
Cat: NHS 360LP.
coming soon TBA
Freedom (reissue)
Freedom (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram orange vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2723C. Rel: 25 Sep 20
coming soon $23.15
Addict (LP)
Cat: SBESTLP 89.
coming soon $22.59
Straight From The Yard
Cat: IR 001EP.
  1. Passion
  2. Rough & Rugged
  3. Soundbwoy Killer
  4. Wha Gwarn Blud
coming soon TBA
This Is England
coming soon $55.97
The Arch
The Arch (LP)
Cat: XRPVY 2003. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon $15.06
Heartical Respect
  1. Heartical Respect
  2. Sounds For All (Dubspect)
coming soon $14.26
The Invincible Beany Man (The Ten Year Old DJ Wonder)
  1. Woman A Labba
  2. Bony Punanny
  3. Bright & Bare Face
  4. Sound Boy Kuffing
  5. Sleep With A Gal
  6. Con Don
  7. Girls Nowaday
  8. Try Some Hustling
  9. Insects Nuh Bother We
  10. Granny Cooking
coming soon $9.96
Boogie Down
Boogie Down (limited CD with obi-strip)
Cat: RROO 342CD.
  1. Jailhouse
  2. Heavy Rhythm
  3. African Princess
  4. Bend Your Back
  5. Boogie Down
  6. Bubble With Me
  7. You Too Greedy
  8. Go John Wayne Go
  9. Murder Stlye
  10. Me Dear
coming soon $9.96
Enchufada Na Zona Vol 2
Enchufada Na Zona Vol 2 (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ENLP 120. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. DKVPZ & Ellah - "Lunar" (Branko edit)
  2. Rose Juam - "Cabidelo"
  3. Vanyfox - "Summer Nights"
  4. Hagan - "Tropics"
  5. Dengue Dengue Dengue - "Yangol"
  6. Branko - "SDDS"
  7. Dino D'Santiago - "Sofia" (Branko edit)
  8. Gafacci - "Azaa" (Branko edit)
  9. Lua Preta - "Noemia" (Branko remix)
  10. Studio Bros - "Durante"
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est. release 16 Oct 20 $19.10
Addict (CD)
Cat: SBESTCD 89. Rel: 16 Oct 20
coming soon $13.99
Dub Trotter
Dub Trotter (2xLP)
Cat: XRPVY 2006. Rel: 16 Oct 20
coming soon $15.06
Special Request
Cat: CMR 049LP. Rel: 16 Oct 20
coming soon $26.65
Special Request
Cat: CMR 049CD. Rel: 16 Oct 20
coming soon $13.46
The Invincible Beany Man: The Ten Year Old DJ Wonder
coming soon TBA
Boogie Down (reissue)
coming soon TBA
The Arch
The Arch (CD)
Cat: XRPCD 2004. Rel: 02 Oct 20
coming soon $8.34
Dub Trotter
Cat: XRPCD 2007. Rel: 16 Oct 20
coming soon $9.14
King In My Castle
Cat: 7STAR 1LP.
coming soon $35.25
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Coming Soon: Dancehall/Ragga