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Today: Minimal/Tech House

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Minimal / Tech House

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Thursday 26 November 2020
Forgiveness EP
Cat: MAUTO 121. Rel: 26 Nov 20
  1. Forgiveness
  2. Forgiveness (dub)
  3. Falling Star
  4. New Day
 in stock $12.56
Wednesday 25 November 2020
Moments EP
Moments EP (12")
Cat: NBR 02. Rel: 25 Nov 20
  1. Inception (intro) (2:43)
  2. Momentum I (7:08)
  3. Nocturne (6:16)
  4. Momentum II (7:15)
  5. Diurnal (8:17)
 in stock $12.26
Jamming (12")
Cat: ROTATE 007. Rel: 25 Nov 20
  1. Skyline - Aktivitat (10:02)
  2. Simple Et Precis (6:17)
  3. Bonhomme De Chemin (6:19)
 in stock $12.82
Tuesday 24 November 2020
Various Tracks Vol 1
Cat: OVG 001. Rel: 24 Nov 20
  1. AT - "Kok" (5:04)
  2. Rickie - "Paradox" (6:02)
  3. Garzo - "Species" (6:50)
  4. Robs - "Small Talk" (5:45)
 in stock $11.71
Isolation Tapes 3
Cat: GRU 114. Rel: 24 Nov 20
  1. Intimacy (feat Lady Vale) (6:40)
  2. Outta Limits (7:17)
  3. Neon City Lights (6:01)
Review: UK stalwarts Audiojack are real workhorses who have provided a myriad of club-ready weapons for DJs all across the board in recent years. Most of it has come on their own Gruuv label, which is where they return now. They open this latest missive with 'Intimacy (feat Lady Vale)', a slow building tune that awakens from a subtle, deep roller into a rather spiritual cut thanks to the fine vocals. 'Outta Limits' indeed explores the sort of deserted distant planets you'd expect from the title, while 'Neo City Lights' could well be the sound of a future disco found on one such exploration.
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 in stock $10.60
Wellness III
Cat: WLNS 003. Rel: 24 Nov 20
  1. Memory Palace (6:29)
  2. Memory Palace (Diego Krause remix) (6:46)
  3. Say No More (7:27)
  4. Radio Neptune (6:53)
 in stock $12.56
2020 Habibi
2020 Habibi (hand-stamped 10")
Cat: GT 1. Rel: 24 Nov 20
  1. 2020 Habibi (6:44)
  2. Source (6:09)
 in stock $11.71
Monday 23 November 2020
Jive (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CS 023. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Jive (7:44)
  2. Honkey (Crazy Hats) (5:42)
  3. Ochos (6:48)
Review: The ever prolific Lee Renacre is on Constant Sound in his 100Hz guise for a fresh trip through expressive techno and house music delivered with a warm, old-skool flavour. 'Jive' skips and twirls across the A side in a swung, sprightly exploration of soft and rounded synth lines and pleasingly chunky beats, capturing a dusky ambience along the way that's so easy to melt into. 'Honkey (Crazy Hats)' takes things deeper with a more rhythm-focused joint that maintains a submerged feel throughout. 'Ochos' completes the set with a deep tech house meditation rich in melodious uplift, striking a spiritual tone which would go down very well with someone bumping records on Yoruba and other such labels.
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Played by: Burnski
! low stock $9.48
No Car Big Garage EP
No Car Big Garage EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HB 017. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Why Does The Lion Get Lost In The Jungle?! (6:31)
  2. No Car, Big Garage (6:50)
  3. He Displays Nothing But... (9:05)
Review: Half Baked return with a serious heater from Arno, who explores all kinds of crafty twists on the garage and electro resurgences with one eye on the minimal scene. This is hardly minimal music though - 'Why Does The Lion Get Lost In The Jungle?!' rattles through pan pot percussion and twitchy breakstep rhythm formations while nagging synth lines and plenty of sub flex make for an especially naughty club wrecker. 'No Car, Big Garage' brings a little machine funk into the mix with some killer DX7 organ bass for good measure. 'He Displays Nothing But...' takes things in a more housey direction with some crisp 909 claps and a vivid, trippy backdrop of vocal samples and nimble synth lines. Classy, inventive dance music for the freaky people.
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 in stock $9.48
OTTEP 10 (12")
Cat: OTTEP 10. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Alucinogeno (6:51)
  2. Alucinogeno (DJ Honesty remix) (7:01)
  3. Paramus (Franco Cinelli remix) (7:25)
  4. Paramus (Groove Circus & Imperatrice remix) (5:56)
 in stock $12.82
Dog At Sea EP
Cat: LZR 001. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Ruff Groove (7:29)
  2. Dog At Sea (5:54)
  3. Wavy Bro (5:28)
Huerta is one of the most well regarded producers around right now. He keeps on turning out slick, contemporary and European takes on house and techno that look to the future. He does the same here on another brilliantly bumping EP that kicks off the new Leizure label. Opener 'Ruff Groove' is nothing but, riding as it does on silky sci-fi synths with a tropical feel while the driving drums make you move. 'Dog At Sea' is an airy and breezy house roller with rich pads and more trippy synth details as well as a killer bassline. 'Wavy Bro' sinks down into a more chunky groove, with airy kicks and warped pads rippling though the spaced out arrangement. It's all essential stuff from Huerta.
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Played by: Nachtbraker, T. Jacques
 in stock $13.10
Modulate Nightdrive
Cat: 18437 01. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Modulate Nightdrive (6:34)
  2. CubanLinkx (4:49)
  3. Test Drive (5:59)
Played by: Evan Michael
 in stock $10.60
Public Holidays
Cat: PAGER 011. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Render (8:03)
  2. Keine Worries In Den Hollies (6:56)
  3. Outfits4 (7:38)
  4. Luc Luc Coconut (7:31)
Review: Phil Evans and Markus Sommer's Pager label does a fine job of reimagining playful and curious old school techno through a modern lens. The 12"s are often sold out in quick time and this time they look to the talents of Porco Rosso, who doesn't release often, but makes quality moves when he does. 'Render' is a wonky, fun filled tune awash with natty melodies. 'Keine Worries In Den Hollies' dials back a little, but still excels at harmonic hits and neon synths. 'Outfits4' offers amore thoughtful house vibe that is gentle and comforting before the crisp 90s tech of 'Luc Luc Coconut' layers up farting bass and snappy stars to seductive effect.
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 in stock $13.95
Zbor Tandem EP
Zbor Tandem EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BM 003. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Fluturul (10:10)
  2. Vulturul (7:51)
  3. Si Gaita (8:07)
Review: The Botanic Minds stable continue to inject the vague framework of minimal club music with some colour and sass with this excellent EP from Romanian mainstay Sepp. 'Fluturul' is a perfect 10-minute escapade with a seriously funky bassline and dreamy but snappy melodic hooks on top to carry you away in a reverie of sunkissed psychedelia. 'Vulturul' takes things in a deeper direction without losing the panache and personality that made the A side a winner. 'Si Gaita' seals the deal with a sundown delight that weaves together more of those interlocking melodic lines to get bodies shaking in an effortless, day-into-night fashion that spells out a long and fruity session ahead.
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 in stock $11.15
Simulation EP
Cat: BEAMDUMP 1. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Infected Simulation (6:00)
  2. Ramu Gate (5:47)
  3. Escape Plan (6:08)
  4. Ain't No Moe Taco (5:11)
 in stock $12.82
The Lockdown EP
Cat: MSMR 003. Rel: 23 Nov 20
  1. Mindstate (6:11)
  2. Time Stretch (6:14)
  3. Lockup (8:02)
  4. Real Sheet (5:43)
Review: French duo Yamen & EDA have clearly not been bothered by a lack of real life dancing or dearth of DJ gigs as they aim this new EP squarely at the 'floor, despite the title. 'Mindstate' races out of the blocks with a fluttering snare line and corrugated drum funk that is impossible to ignore. Heading out into the cosmos is 'Time Stretch', a future facing tech cut with acid lines and bendy synths. 'Lockup' is similar but at a more urgent tempo that leaves long synth trail in its wake and then 'Real Sheet' is the most occult of the lot, with gurgling synth modulations, sweeping smears and natty dial tones all adding up to a fantastic trip.
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 in stock $12.56
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Today: Minimal/Tech House