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Digital recorder accessories

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Digital recorder accessories

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Cat: 444096 Rel: 29 Feb 12
Carrying strap for SL-10/SL-11 recorder
Notes: Carrying strap for SL-10/SL-11 recorder.
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MRP:$15.07 SAVE 73%
 1 in stock $4.04
Cat: 456437 Rel: 27 Jun 12
20cm hot shoe extension bar
Notes: This Rycote hot shoe extension bar allows you to attach multiple accessories, such as lights and mics to the single hot shoe on your camera or camcorder. Bar length is 20cm (approx 8"). The extension bar can rotate 360 degrees around the shoe fixture so accessories can be moved out of view or balanced correctly. Weighs just 50g.
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 1 in stock $30.76
Cat: 517332 Rel: 03 Mar 14
Accessory kit for Tascam DR series recorders
Notes: Main Features

- Furry windscreen to reduce wind noise
- Grip to facilitate handheld recording
- Power adapter
- Soft carrying-case

Corresponding products: DR-05, DR-07mkII, DR-40 & DR-100mkII
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 4 in stock $33.29
Cat: 554464 Rel: 30 Mar 15
Shure connection-type adapter for the Tascam DR-10C PCM recorder with wireless system
Notes: Tacscam AK-DR10CH Adapter For DR-10C (Shure Connectors)

Tascam DR-10C option kit for Shure microphones.
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$41.14 SAVE 20%
 2 in stock $32.90
Cat: 446120 Rel: 03 Feb 12
Wireless/wired remote control for DR-40 and DR-100mkII recorder
Notes: The RC-10 remote control for DR-40 and DR-100mkII from Tascam is a compact wireless/wired remote that allows you to control the functions of the DR-40 or DR-100mkII handheld digital audio recorders.
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MRP:$48.01 SAVE 27%
 2 in stock $34.86
Cat: 554473 Rel: 11 Nov 14
3 way footswitch designed for use with selected Tascam recorders and players
Notes: The RC-3F is a 3-way footswitch for the GB-10, LR-10, DP-03 and other TASCAM recorders and players. The 2.5mm mini jack plugs into the "remote" jack of these TASCAM products to add features like play/pause, looping or punch in. See the product's user manual for details.

Compatible products:
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 1 in stock $47.18
Zoom APH-4n Pro Accessory Pack For H4n Pro Digital recorder
Cat: 778966 Rel: 15 Jun 20
MRP:$55.40 SAVE 22%
coming soon $42.99
Zoom APH-5 Accessory Pack For H5 Digital Recorder
Zoom APH-5 Accessory Pack For H5 Digital Recorder (digital recorder accessory pack)
Cat: 778963 Rel: 15 Jun 20
MRP:$67.71 SAVE 29%
coming soon $48.21
Zoom HS1 Hot Shoe Mount For H4n & H1 (digital recorder mount)
Cat: 527608 Rel: 03 Apr 14
Hot shoe mount for attaching your Zoom H4n or H1 to a DSLR video camera
Notes: With the HS-1, you can attach your Handy Recorder to any DSLR video camera equipped with a standard Hot Shoe mount. Now you can have both your video and audio controls right at your fingertips, and your microphone right at the action.
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 1 in stock $20.67
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Digital recorder accessories
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