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record store day 2023
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My Father My King (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
My Father My King (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023) (limited 1-sided white vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: PIASC 1028T. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Track 1 (19:23)
Review: Scottish post-rockers Mogwai dropped their single 'My Father My King' back in October 2001 as a single. Except that it's more than just a single as it is over 20 minutes long and came as a companion to their 'Rock Action' album. It is an epic and sprawling work from the always melancholic and boundary-nudging outfit. For this year's Black Friday, it has been specially reissued for the first time since that original release on limited edition one-sided white vinyl. Just 1500 copies of this exist so do not sleep on a classic bit of Mogwai history.
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 in stock $20.72
In Rainbows
Cat: XLLP 324. Rel: 02 Jan 08
15 Step
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
All I Need
Faust Arp
House Of Cards
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Review: "In Rainbows", Radiohead's seventh album, finally gets a physical release! It's one thing downloading this landmark album, but to actually hold this is something special. Not only do you get increased sound quality, but you also get the amazing artwork from Stanley Donwood. This album includes "Nude", a live favourite for many years that was originally written during the "OK Computer" sessions. More minimal that their "Kid A" period, "In Rainbows" does something that very few albums have done - its sound is distinct from previous Radiohead albums, but is still clearly Radiohead. Hail to the kings, they are back on top form.
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 in stock $24.64
Do You Know Me Now?
Do You Know Me Now? (limited 10xCD box set + hardback book)
Cat: 387688 6. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Blemish (CD1: Blemish)
The God Son
The Only Daughter
The Heart Knows Better
She Is Not
Late Night Shopping
How Little We Need To Be Happy
A Fire In The Forest
The Only Daughter (CD2: The Good Son vs The Only Daughter - The Blemish remixes - Ryoji Ikeda remix)
Blemish (Burnt Friedman remix)
The Heart Knows Better (Sweet Billy Pilgrim remix)
A Fire In The Forest (Readymade Fc remix)
The Good Son (Yoshihiro Hanno remix)
Late Night Shopping (Burnt Friedman remix)
How Little We Need To Be Happy (Tatsuhiko Asano remix)
The Only Daughter (Jan Bang & Erik Honore remix)
Blemish (Akira Rabelais remix)
Nine Horses - "Wonderful World" (CD3: Snow Borne Sorrow)
Nine Horses - "Darkest Birds"
Nine Horses - "The Banality"
Nine Horses - "Atom & Cell"
Nine Horses - "A History Of Holes"
Nine Horses - "Snow Borne Sorrow"
Nine Horses - "The Day The Earth Stole Heaven"
Nine Horses - "Serotonin"
Nine Horses - "The Librarian"
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "World Citizen" (CD4: Do You Know Me Now? - singles/EP's)
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "World Citizen (I Won't Be Disappointed)"
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - "World Citizen" (Ryoji Ikeda remix)
Nine Horses - "Money For All"
Nine Horses - "Get The Hell Out"
Nine Horses - "The Banality Of Evil" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "Wonderful World" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "Birds Sing For Their Lives"
Nine Horses - "Serotonin" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "Money For All" (version)
Nine Horses - "Get The Hell Out" (Burnt Friedman remix)
Nine Horses - "When Monday Comes Around"
Do You Know Me Now?
Where's Your Gravity?
When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima (CD5: When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima)
Wonderful World (CD6: Manafon)
The Rabbit Skinner
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
The Greatest Living Englishman
125 Spheres
Snow White In Appalachia
Emily Dickinson
The Drpartment Of Dead Letters
Small Metal Gods (CD7: Died In The Wool - The Manafon Variations)
Died In The Wool
I Should Not Dare
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
A Certain Slant Of Light
Anomaly At Taw Head
Snow White In Appalachia
Emily Dickinson
The Greatest Living Englishman (Coda)
Anomaly At Taw Head (A Haunting)
The Last Days Of December
When We Return You Won't Recognise Us (CD8: When We Return You Won't Recognise Us)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Single Cell Organisms" (CD9: Uncommon Deities - feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Sleeplessness" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Silence" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Smaller Gods" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Small Caresses" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Black Holes" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Adverbs" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The Ruminative Gap" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Crossroads" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Tiny Islands" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "The God Of Gradual Abdication" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
David Sylvian & Jan Bang & Erik Honore - "I Swallowed Earth For This" (feat Sidsel Endresen & Arve Henriksen)
There's A Light That Enters Houses With No Other House In Sight (CD10: There's A Light That Enters Houses with No Other House In Sight - feat Franz Wright & Christian Fennesz)
 in stock $91.78
Blind On A Galloping Horse
Blind On A Galloping Horse (limited gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: HVNLP 219. Rel: 09 Nov 23
When People Are Occupied Resistance Is Justified (10:21)
It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (5:04)
Emotionally Clear (4:04)
Hope Is The Last Thing To Die (4:50)
You Will Know Me By The Smell Of Onions (4:38)
Necessary Genius (3:42)
Yeah X 3 (4:47)
I Laugh Myself To Sleep (4:13)
Too Muchroom (3:47)
Agitprop 13 (6:50)
Stop Apologising (5:37)
Tyranny Of The Talentless (5:46)
Love In The Upside Down (4:39)
Blind On A Galloping Horse (5:32)
Review: David Holmes' first solo album since 2008's The Holy Pictures, Blind On A Galloping Horse now comes to Heavenly Recordings. A politically-charged LP full of sonic interrogations of political disaster and turmoil, Holmes here joins the cast of artists using their art to provide solace to music fans suffering at the hands of the Uncertainocene. With updated versions of the previously released singles 'Hope Is The Last Thing To Die' and 'It's Over If We Run Out Of Love', as well as a recording of an unreleased song by Holmes' late friend Andrew Weatherall, we're reminded of conflict, migration and othering, as all manner of voices combine to form a diverse but unified whole against a backdrop of leftfield post-punk - be they the spoken word accounts from Afghan and Ukrainian refugees now welcomed as residents in Belfast, or the French and Irish observers of the UK's turmoil of recent years.
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! low stock $31.20
False Lankum
False Lankum (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: RT 0392LP. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Go Dig My Grave (8:45)
Clear Away In The Morning (6:58)
Fugue I (1:09)
Master Crowley's (5:48)
Newcastle (5:48)
Fugue II (3:11)
Netta Perseus (2:22)
The New York Trader (3:20)
Lord Abore & Mary Flynn (13:01)
Fugue III (1:58)
On A Monday Morning (5:12)
The Turn (12:59)
 in stock $25.96
Waillee Waillee (reissue)
Cat: PF 012LPPJ008. Rel: 04 Dec 23
The Squirrel Is A Funny Thing (3:28)
Dulcimer Medley - Robin M'aime (1:57)
Along The River (5:29)
Summer Rhapsody (7:09)
Waillee, Waillee (5:17)
Celtic Medley (4:07)
Autumn Song (5:48)
Tree Of Life (5:45)
Review: Palto Flats and Putojefe Records present the first ever reissue of a truly mysterious record from the experimental extreme of folk, drone and experimental dulcimer. Dorothy Carter only released a small handful of records, but Waillee Waillee has since attained a mythical status amongst those in the know. It's not hard to understand why from just one listen, as the lilting bed of zither and dulcimer forms a dense blanket of harmonious drone upon which Carter's voice soars with a choral serenity. It's stirring and spiritual, calling to mind the powerful effect of Laraaji's music but tipping more towards a folk tonality which makes the music entirely unique.
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 in stock $31.45
Dogsbody (translucent red vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: TPS 012. Rel: 03 Aug 23
Donkey Show (3:03)
Mosquito (3:18)
Crossing Guard (4:44)
Slate (3:27)
Divers (3:56)
Amaranth (3:37)
Pure Mode (3:07)
Maria (3:26)
Sleepless (5:48)
Sun In (3:23)
! low stock $27.01
Dens (limited LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: EPR 075LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Wald (5:55)
Dusted (4:57)
Vini's Lament (3:46)
Morgensol (9:01)
An Uaimh Bhinn (4:29)
Sienita (14:20)
Dawn Daydreamers (4:59)
 in stock $20.97
Aphrilis (limited LP)
Cat: BNSD 080FR120. Rel: 30 Nov 23
April (7:25)
Kielet On Viritetty Tuuleen (3:32)
Nukahtamislaulu (5:06)
Simona (5:15)
Planeetta (6:41)
Paratiisin Kukkivat Puut (2:44)
Seitsemas Taivas (6:41)
 in stock $23.60
The Red Shoes (remastered)
The Red Shoes (remastered) (gatefold "dracula" vinyl 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: FP 7LPX. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Rubberband Girl
And So Is Love
Eat The Music
Moments Of Pleasure
The Song Of Solomon
The Red Shoes
Top Of The City
Constellation Of The Heart
Big Stripey Lie
Why Should I Love You?
You're The One
 in stock $51.39
Todo Va Hacia El Mar
Todo Va Hacia El Mar (hand-numbered clear vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SDR 18097 CLEAR. Rel: 04 Dec 23
La Noche (3:33)
Las Flores (4:02)
La Distancia (3:19)
El Fin Del Mundo (5:22)
Hacia Los Bosques (4:04)
El Proximo Verano (4:29)
Desvelo (4:28)
El Incendio (5:09)
 in stock $27.01
When No Birds Sang
When No Birds Sang (cream vinyl LP + booklet in embossed die-cut sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: CLCR 126IREU. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Rose Tinted World (8:00)
Like Stars In The Firmament (5:28)
Forever Well (4:15)
Wild Blue (3:45)
When No Birds Sang (5:39)
Spend The Grace (5:46)
 in stock $22.01
Fait Accompli (Extended Edition)
Fait Accompli (Extended Edition) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile yellow & blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12034C. Rel: 03 May 23
Fait Accompli (Extended, extended, extended) (8:37)
Coast Is Clear (live At Manchester ‘91) (6:02)
Die Like A Dog (live At London ‘91) (6:14)
 in stock $9.97
Satanic Slumber Party
Satanic Slumber Party (limited 1-sided digitally printed pink vinyl 12")
Cat: JNR 412LPC1. Rel: 20 Oct 22
The Chairman's Portrait (6:41)
Midnight In Sodom (5:06)
Hoof & Horn (6:49)
Review: A collaborative EP between 2 Australian rock giants, this limited one-sided collectors disc comprises the 19 minutes long 'Satanic Slumber Party' split into three sections. 'The Chairman's Portrait' intro is a dark, heavily distorted spoken-word piece backed by dark rumbling guitars that explodes into the head-banging electronic banger 'Midnight in Sodom'. The angry lyrics are paired with awesome melodic guitar solos and chiptune noises, before shifting into noise rock territory. 'Hoof and Horn' takes up most of the runtime at a hefty 12 minutes, in which ambient drone begets experimental sound effects that are reminiscent of the liquid bass and synths favoured by producer SOPHIE. The track evolves into a demonic lullaby that wouldn't feel out of place in an episode of American Horror Story, and fans of 2 Mello's 'Atmospheric Horror Music Vol.1' will greatly appreciate this track. The EP is all-in-all a camp experience. An Avante-Garde, quintessentially fun blend of two incredible groups.

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 in stock $11.79
You Laugh At My Face
You Laugh At My Face (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: CON 947. Rel: 04 Dec 23
You Laugh At My Face (21:29)
Facelaugh Heaven Forgive Nonetheless (Bass Clef remix) (21:15)
 in stock $14.68
Live In Wroclaw January 7 2023
Live In Wroclaw January 7 2023 (200 gram red vinyl LP + 8" limited to 134 copies)
Cat: GRAM 2315LIM. Rel: 30 Nov 23
1938 (LP) (3:06)
Mobilization (4:43)
Trek (5:59)
Spice Fields (6:54)
Year Of Exile (10:55)
Newport'86 (5:24)
Siam (4:42)
O' Adonis (bonus 8") (2:48)
Ivory Coast (2:23)
Viva La Rock N Roll (3:53)
Procession (5:41)
Outro (3:22)
 in stock $30.68
Rakenskapens Dag
Rakenskapens Dag (limited LP + insert)
Cat: FORDAOAMNINGARKIV 12. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Fiber (6:38)
Ridandes Av Vissa Djur (1:26)
Jim F Gu (6:39)
3000 Ar Electro (3:36)
Det Mystiska Talet E (1:36)
Expo 7 (2:03)
Ett Oanstandigt Forslag (2:19)
Det Blodrika Djuret (1:46)
Doda Lollos Mamma (2:40)
Grannkott (5:33)
Jim F Electro (5:28)
 in stock $23.33
The Marble Index (reissue)
The Marble Index (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: HE 68005. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Prelude (4:00)
Lawns Of Dawns (3:40)
No One Is There (2:59)
Ari's Song (2:29)
Facing The Wind (2:03)
Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie) (5:12)
Frozen Warnings (4:02)
Evening Of Light (5:22)
Roses In The Snow (bonus track) (3:55)
Nibelungen (bonus track) (2:59)
! low stock $22.01
Searchlight Moonbeam
Searchlight Moonbeam (2xLP + insert)
Cat: ES 032. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Bo Harwood & John Cassavetes - "No One Around To Hear It" (3:35)
Chen Ming Chang - "Rainwater" (7:36)
Bhairavi Raman & Nanthesh Sivarajah - "Bittersweet Reflections" (6:30)
The King Of Luxembourg - "Poptones" (3:14)
Slapp Happy - "Is It You" (4:52)
OG Jigg - "Jesus Is My Jam" (3:54)
Klang - "As It Is" (4:22)
Scala - "Fuser" (4:54)
Soft Location - "Let The Moon Get Into It" (6:28)
Gyeongsu - "YZOBEL" (feat CROCHE) (3:04)
Omerta - "Moments In Love" (7:04)
Kasumi Trio - "Cabbage Butterfly" (5:11)
Un - "Fast Money Blues" (8:11)
Delphine Dora - "V" (3:00)
Harry Plunket-Greene - "The Hurdy-Gurdy Man" (2:40)
Review: Searchlight Moonbeam is the new narrative compilation from Time Is Away (Jack Rollo and Elaine Tierney), whose eponymous monthly NTS Radio shows - tinctured fusions of fugitive sounds and reverie-inducing archival speech - have won them an ardent following. It follows from the London-based duo's Ballads, a remarkable driftwerk released on A Colourful Storm in 2022. Searchlight Moonbeam is an autumnal dreamscape, intimate and vespertine, pensive and irresolute. An imagined community where differences drop off and resonances emerge.
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 in stock $26.75
Public Castration Is A Good Idea (remastered)
Public Castration Is A Good Idea (remastered) (2xLP in embossed sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: YG 66LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Money Is Flesh (12:07)
Fool (8:13)
A Screw (7:28)
Anything For You (9:12)
Coward (8:32)
A Hanging (12:31)
Stupid Child (5:36)
Another You (10:10)
 in stock $37.75
Travel (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: LPNS 158. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Signal (17:06)
Forming (18:36)
Imprinting (20:37)
Bloodstream (20:07)
Australian improvisational trio The Necks have been putting on superb live performances for decades. This new album is the best capturing of that yet on vinyl with four sub-20-minute pieces across four sides of wax which rather bucks their usual trend of offering up 60-minute arcs. This, their 19th album, is the result of the band all getting together each day to play off the cuff for 20 minutes. Bassist Lloyd Swanton explains of the process that "it's a really nice communal activity to bring us together in focus each day, and some lovely music has resulted from it." He's not wrong.
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 in stock $36.18
The White Birch (reissue)
The White Birch (reissue) (limited clear & white splattered vinyl LP)
Cat: NUM 918LPC1. Rel: 13 Jul 23
Sea (7:24)
Loss Leader (4:20)
Vacancy (3:34)
Kitchen Light (3:38)
Washed Up (4:29)
Tom (4:59)
Ides (5:02)
Wird (6:02)
Smoking Room (3:14)
Review: A classic album in the category of slowcore - which emerged in the late 80s and early 90s as a reaction to the fast and noisy music of punk and hardcore - Codeine's The White Birch is the band's final project. Whereas their first project was a proto-slowcore album to say the least, this finale came at a time in which the genre had fully formed and found its corner. The band by now were building on the bare bones of the sound, adding more melodic variation and extra-ambitious arrangements to an already refined vision. The up-close-and-personal feel of cuts like 'Smoking Room' in particular make us feel like we're right there in the recording studio with Codeine, as if to convey the true rawness of the emotions they'd always tried to convey, but could only accrue the resources and expertise to do during their last hurrah. Fans will be pleased to hear Numero Group are locking in a full reissue bundle of their first and last albums, of which this version of 'The White Birch' is a part.
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! low stock $24.64
Yanqui Uxo
Yanqui Uxo (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: CST 024LP. Rel: 22 Mar 10
Rocket Falls On Rocket Falls
Motherfucker= Redeemer
Motherfucker= Redeemer
 in stock $25.96
Just For A Day
Cat: MOVLP 354. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Spanish Air
Celia's Dream
Catch The Breee=ze
Ballad Of Sister Sue
Erik's Song
The Sadman
Played by: ASC
 in stock $22.11
An Cnoc Mor
An Cnoc Mor (limited 'mushroom' vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: LAUNCH 311. Rel: 03 Aug 23
The Hills Hum Hymns (8:28)
Step In Out Of That (3:54)
Sacred & Profane (7:57)
Living To Give (6:05)
Instinct, Eye & Mind (8:32)
The Torrent (3:51)
 in stock $22.82
Zuckerzeit (reissue)
Cat: SV 189. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Hollywood (4:43)
Caramel (3:16)
Rote Riki (6:06)
Rosa (4:07)
Caramba (3:54)
Fotschi Tong (4:15)
James (3:23)
Marzipan (3:09)
Rotor (2:36)
Heisse Lippen (2:25)
Review: German outfit Cluster were pioneers in the world of prog rock, Kraut and experimental early electronic music some 50-odd years ago. Their music still resonates to this day - and fetches high prices for those willing to pay it - but thankfully reissues like this keep it available to those of us more interested in the music than the format or the investment value. This one is rooted in cold wave and synth elegance, with its loose-limbed rhythms and bendy chords, cosmic intonations and ever-optimistic melodies all making for a brilliantly unique listen and cosmic journey.
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 in stock $27.79
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP
Cat: CST 006LP. Rel: 18 May 12
 in stock $17.82
>> (2xLP)
Cat: INV 107LP. Rel: 29 Jun 12
The Goal
Spinning Top
Ladie's Mile
Wulfstan II
 in stock $29.89
Forest Of Lost Children (reissue)
Cat: GGB031 LP. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Smoke & Mirrors
Streets of Calcutta
White Moon
Review: It feels like every couple of years a new reissue of Kikagaku Moyo's magical 2013 album Forest of Lost Children comes around, but we are not moaning. This group is "a musical union between five free spirits" or in less poetic terms, band founders Go Kurosawa (on drums and vocals) and Tomo Katsurada (on guitar and vocals) plus bass by and Akira also on guitar. Their sound is as unique as any, with psychedelic, folk, prog-rock, psychedelic-folk-mixed-with-prog-rock and more all collided into one another on an album that keeps you on your toes and guessing at what might come next even within each track, let alone across the whole album. If you're a new interested party this is a great primer for what the band is all about.
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 in stock $25.16
Lashes (CD)
Cat: MWCD 002. Rel: 21 Mar 23
Miracle Mouthed
Come 2 Me, My Baby
Oil Slicks (Song For The Spirals)
Heat Of A Bolting Horse
Your Laugh As My Ringtone
See You At The
Ionian Sea
I Hope I See Some Of My Haters Out Tonight
 in stock $20.19
Live At Bush Hall
Live At Bush Hall (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 289. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Up Song (4:25)
The Boy (6:06)
I Won't Always Love You (4:22)
Across The Pond Friend (3:39)
Laughing Song (5:36)
The Wrong Trousers (4:04)
Turbines/Pigs (6:19)
Dancers (3:45)
Up Song (reprise) (8:37)
Review: Black Country, New Road marks a new chapter as a six piece with this new album of previously unreleased music. It was recorded by therm at the Bush Hall venue in London, a legendary place where they played six special shows at the end of last year. This follows a busy and sold out run of shows and the success of 'Ants From Up There' as Lewis Evans, May Kershaw, Georgia Ellery, Luke Mark, Tyler Hyde and Charlie Wayne find some of their highest nights. Critical and fan praise followed them everywhere last year and that will only continue with this, we sense.
Read more
 in stock $20.45
The Beggar
The Beggar (gatefold 2xLP + poster + insert + MP3 download code in embossed spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: STUMM 489. Rel: 22 Jun 23
Paradise Is Mine (9:20)
The Beggar (10:13)
Los Angeles: City Of Death (3:29)
The Parasite (8:20)
The Memorious (7:50)
Michael Is Done (6:07)
Why Can't I Have What I Want Any Time That I Want (7:36)
Unforming (6:08)
Ebbing (11:23)
No More Of This (6:56)
Review: The Beggar is a mightily impressive 16th studio album from Swans. It is founding member Michael Gira who has written and produced it with some fine contributions from both current and past Swans members, plus members of Angels Of Light a guest spot from Ben Frost. This record emerged from the lockdowns of 2020 onwards and the sense of isolation that brought. The songs came easily, says Michael, once he came to terms with that and were informed by the fact that he worried these might be his last new writings. I they are, they are some of his best.
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 in stock $38.55
Laughing Stock
Cat: 600753 655191. Rel: 28 Jan 16
Myrrhman (5:12)
Ascension Day (6:02)
After The Flood (9:38)
Taphead (7:29)
New Grass (9:39)
Runeii (4:52)
 in stock $21.16
Tarot (reissue)
Cat: KK 2258001. Rel: 20 Dec 22
Der Narr (CD1: Dieter Dierks & Dennis Fluchter Remaster)
Der Magier
Die Hohepriesterin
Die Herrscherin
Der Herrscher
Der Hohepriester
Die Entscheidung
Der Wagen
Die Gerechtigkeit
Der Weise
Das Glücksrad
Die Kraft
Die Prufung (CD2: Dieter Dierks & Dennis Fluchter Remaster)
Der Tod
Die Mabigkeit
Der Teufel
Die Zerstorung
Die Sterne
Der Mond
Die Sonne
Das Gericht
Die Welt
Der Narr (CD3: Dieter Wegner Remaster)
Der Magier
Die Hohepriesterin
Die Herrscherin
Der Herrscher
Der Hohepriester
Die Entscheidung
Der Wagen
Die Gerechtigkeit
Der Weise
Das Glücksrad
Die Kraft
Die Prufung (CD4: Dieter Wegner Remaster)
Der Tod
Die Mabigkeit
Der Teufel
Die Zerstorung
Die Sterne
Der Mond
Die Sonne
Das Gericht
Die Welt
 in stock $27.01
Spirit Of Eden
Spirit Of Eden (LP + DVD)
Cat: PCSDX 105. Rel: 11 Apr 12
The Rainbow
I Believe In You
Spirit Of Eden (DVD)
Played by: Elitechnique, Elvin t
 in stock $20.45
All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (deluxe gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRR 99LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Birth & Death Of The Day
Welcome, Ghosts
It's Natural To Be Afraid
What Do You Go Home To?
Catastrophe & The Cure
So Long, Lonesome
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Happy Songs For Happy People
Cat: PIASX 035LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hunted By A Freak (4:05)
Moses? I Amn't (2:59)
Kids Will Be Skeletons (5:26)
Killing All The Flies (4:31)
Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep (3:03)
Ratts Of The Capital (8:03)
Golden Porsche (2:48)
I Know You Are But What Am I? (5:16)
Stop Coming To My House (4:48)
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F# A#
F# A# (LP)
Cat: CST 10003C. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Nervous, Sad, Poor...
Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful...
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Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
Antennas To Heaven...
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Cat: ERS 006CD. Rel: 04 Oct 13
La Era
Das Buch
Tip Top
Sol Lucet Omnibus
Adieu Und Adios
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Odense Sessions
Odense Sessions (limited transparent red vinyl LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: EPR 057LP. Rel: 14 Feb 20
Seemingly Changeless Stars (11:49)
Of Raging Billows Breaking On The Ground (8:09)
Vacant Spaces (11:25)
Urgent Excursions To The Tundrasphere (14:18)
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The Whitey Album
Cat: GOOFIN 09. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Needle Gun (2:31)
(Silence) (3:37)
G Force (4:21)
Platoon II (5:25)
Macbeth (1:44)
Me & Jill/Hendrix Cosby (3:52)
Burnin' Up (Mike Watt original demo) (3:51)
Hi! Everybody (0:58)
Children Of Satan/Third Fig (3:09)
Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening To Neu (1:07)
Addicted To Love (1:51)
Moby-Dik (3:47)
March Of The Ciccone Robots (1:02)
Making The Nature Scene (1:59)
Tuff Titty Rap (3:12)
Into The Groovey (5:13)
Macbeth (alternative mix) (5:17)
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Cut The Engines
Cut The Engines (clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: WSR 051. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Half In Water (3:49)
Six Falcon (4:42)
Hopes Are Quartered (4:04)
Wait Here's Something (3:36)
Built To Regret (4:47)
Holds A Fall (3:51)
Everything Loose Tied Down (4:53)
Bells & Knives (4:37)
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I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One (25th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: OLE 222LP. Rel: 19 Aug 22
Return To Hot Chicken (1:39)
Moby Octopad (5:47)
Sugarcube (3:21)
Damage (4:29)
Deeper Into Movies (5:17)
Shadows (2:26)
Stockholm Syndrome (2:51)
Autumn Sweater (5:18)
Little Honda (3:09)
Green Arrow (5:15)
One PM Again (2:26)
The Lie & How We Told It (3:19)
Center Of Gravity (2:41)
Spec Bebop (10:25)
We're An American Band (6:39)
My Little Corner Of The World (2:31)
Review: Yo La Tengo had already been going more than 10 years when they released I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One in 1997, but this perennial cult band certainly achieved something of a breakthrough on their seventh studio album. Fusing elements of shoegaze, Americana, punk and indie-electronica into an idiosyncratic whole, Yo La Tengo became a truly individual force showered with praise from the critics and with a modest but devoted fanbase. The art of the record lies in folding disparate elements into an incredibly cohesive whole, creating the perfect nuanced listening experience. Given it's 25 years since the album's release, Matador returns to one of its crowning glories and gives it a proper reissue, lovingly pressed on yellow wax for a new generation to fall in love with.
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Age Of The Fifth Sun (reissue)
Cat: RVELP 012. Rel: 28 Sep 18
Worlds In Collision (7:35)
In The Distance Fading (4:32)
Lost Kingdom (5:23)
Golden Sky (6:30)
Dark Rift (5:06)
Parallel Highway (3:52)
Shining Through (5:07)
Age Of The Fifth Sun (6:27)
Paradise Remains (2:18)
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In Excelsis
In Excelsis (180 gram coloured vinyl LP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: POST 041. Rel: 16 Sep 22
On Floating (5:24)
Star-Crossed (6:45)
Like Honey From The Branch (5:08)
All That Is Will Cease (6:14)
One Last Goodnight (2:18)
On Floating (2022) (6:42)
Review: The End of the Ocean has joined forces with Post Recordings to offer up a revisited and remastered version of In Excelsis. This one comes on lovely 180 gram coloured vinyl and is limited to 200 copies. It is a classic bit of post-rock that is notable not only for the musicianship, complex songwriting and subtle pop sensibilities in a monist the big walls of fuzzy and textural guitars but also because the band had two female members. The Columbus, Ohio outfit dropped the album originally in June of 2012 but the ensuing decade has done nothing to diminish its charms nor originality,

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Contemporary Movement (reissue)
Contemporary Movement (reissue) (blue & clear vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: NUM 1287LPC3. Rel: 11 Nov 22
Get The Dutch (4:45)
Operations (3:28)
Diamond (3:26)
Me & The Birds (1:35)
Travelogue (4:37)
The Phantom Facing Me (2:53)
Cooking (4:36)
Unrecovery (3:32)
The Breakup Suite (3:17)
Everything You See (Is Your Own) (2:40)
Now It's Coming Back (2:45)
Auto-Mobile (2:10)
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Young Team (remastered)
Young Team (remastered) (gatefold sky blue vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CHEM 262. Rel: 09 Feb 23
Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home (5:50)
Like Herod (11:41)
Katrien (5:25)
Radar Maker (1:36)
Tracy (7:13)
Summer (Priority version) (3:31)
With Portfolio (3:15)
R U Still In 2 It (7:03)
A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters (2:28)
Mogwai Fear Satan (16:07)
Review: When Mogwai crept into earshot in 1997, post-rock was still a relatively novel idea. The band themselves seem nonplussed by the awkward definition, but what they presented in their brooding, orchestral compositions for the traditional band set up were certainly taking rock music into exciting, uncharted territory. There's lyrical beauty in the playing on this, their debut album, and moments of searing intensity where it counts. These qualities sound all the better for the brilliant remastering treatment, which helps the album positively leap off the sky blue vinyl. Lifelong fans will rejoice, and new arrivals will find their minds blown by a true landmark debut from this most mighty of alternative rock bands.
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Come On Die Young (reissue)
Come On Die Young (reissue) (gatefold white vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CHEM 263. Rel: 10 Feb 23
Punk Rock: (2:16)
Cody (6:22)
Helps Both Ways (5:09)
Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia (3:05)
Kappa (4:56)
Waltz For Aidan (4:08)
May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door (7:52)
Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up (2:01)
Ex-Cowboy (8:46)
Chocky (9:51)
Christmas Steps (9:11)
Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist (2:09)
Review: Mogwai were something of a shock to the senses when they emerged with their debut Young Team in 1997, and they followed that up with a remix album just to make clear they weren't about to follow any kind of standard rockist trajectory. That kept the possibilities comfortably open for their second album proper, Come On Die Young. In hindsight, the album remains an outlier in the Mogwai catalogue thanks to its prevalent sparse arrangements, and the rarely spotted vocals featuring prominently on 'Cody', but that's precisely what makes it such a special record.
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This Stupid World
This Stupid World (limited transparent blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: OLE 1929LPE. Rel: 10 Feb 23
Sinatra Drive Breakdown (7:23)
Fallout (4:36)
Tonight's Episode (4:42)
Aselestine (3:48)
Until It Happens (3:13)
Apology Letter (4:24)
Brain Capers (4:59)
This Stupid World (7:27)
Miles Away (7:27)
Track 10 (7:02)
Review: This Stupid World is an album from Yo La Tenga that sounds more live than anything the band has done for a decade. It's their first new record in five years and was created top to bottom by the band itself, building on their strong foundations yet bringing plenty of fresh new ideas. All three band members are going for it throughout almost every moment of every track, so it has an urgent, of-the-moment feel that is immediately impactful. It comes on limited transparent blue vinyl - a great record for indie fans whether or not they are familiar with this band.
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