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1010 Music 3.5mm Male Stereo TRS To 2x 3.5mm Female Mono TS Breakout Cable (pack of 3, 15cm)
Cat: 970307 Rel: 27 Sep 23
Stereo breakout cable: 3.5mm male stereo TRS to two 3.5mm female mono TS, 15cm.
Notes: The 1010music line of stereo breakout cables are designed to connect 2 mono audio signals to a single stereo TRS 3.5 mm minijack plug. The slim plug caps fit side by side with other cables in compactly spaced input jacks, like those on the 1010music bluebox. These cables may have been designed for the bluebox, but they have a wide variety of uses with other gear as well.

Each of these cables has a male TRS stereo 3.5mm minijack plug on one end and two female TS mono 3.5 mm minijack plugs on the other end. They are 15 cm/6 in long with the 1010music logo printed on the plug caps.

This stereo breakout cable connects two 3.5mm female mono TS minijack plugs to the left and right channels of one 3.5 mm stereo TRS minijack plug. Red and black end caps on the female end differentiate the left and right channels. Each cable is 15 cm/6 in long and has slim metal caps with the 1010music logo.

15 cm / 6 in long
one 3.5 mm male stereo TRS to two 3.5 mm female mono TS
Nickel / 24K Gold plated connector
Highly flexible PVC / TPE Jacket Materials
Rohs, UL, CE, and FCC approved
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 1 in stock $18.67
1010 Music 3.5mm Male Stereo TRS To 2x 3.5mm Female Mono TS Breakout Cable (single, 15cm)
Cat: 970301 Rel: 27 Sep 23
Stereo breakout cable: 3.5mm male stereo TRS to two 3.5mm female mono TS, 15cm.
Notes: The 1010music line of stereo breakout cables are designed to connect 2 mono audio signals to a single stereo TRS 3.5 mm minijack plug. The slim plug caps fit side by side with other cables in compactly spaced input jacks, like those on the 1010music bluebox. These cables may have been designed for the bluebox, but they have a wide variety of uses with other gear as well.

Each of these cables has a male TRS stereo 3.5mm minijack plug on one end and two female TS mono 3.5 mm minijack plugs on the other end. They are 15 cm/6 in long with the 1010music logo printed on the plug caps.

This stereo breakout cable connects two 3.5mm female mono TS minijack plugs to the left and right channels of one 3.5 mm stereo TRS minijack plug. Red and black end caps on the female end differentiate the left and right channels. Each cable is 15 cm/6 in long and has slim metal caps with the 1010music logo.

15 cm / 6 in long
One 3.5 mm male stereo TRS to two 3.5 mm female mono TS
Nickel / 24K Gold plated connector
Highly flexible PVC / TPE Jacket Materials
Rohs, UL, CE, and FCC approved
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 2 in stock $7.62
2hp ADSR 4-Stage Linear Envelope Module (silver) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985275 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original box, product has light surface marks but otherwise in perfect working condition.
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original box, product has light surface marks but otherwise in perfect working condition.***

ADSR is a four stage linear envelope with two expressive ranges. Each stage can be modified independently allowing for the creation of complex, multi-segment envelopes. Great for modulating filters, VCAs, and oscillators.
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 1 in stock $89.81
2hp Clk Voltage Controlled Clock Generator Module (black) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985278 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original box, product has light surface marks but otherwise in perfect working condition.
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original box, product has light surface marks but otherwise in perfect working condition.***

Clk is a voltage controlled clock generator with all the features a master clock needs. It has an extremely wide range from ten seconds between pulses well into audio rate. In addition, the pause button and CV input provide an expressive feature that is all too often missing in a modular setup. Stop using LFOs or other modulation sources for your master clock, and let Clk do what it's best at.
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MRP:$95.72 SAVE 27%
 1 in stock $69.77
2hp Delay Delay Audio Processor Module (silver) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985274 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original box, product has light surface marks but otherwise in perfect working condition.
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original box, product has light surface marks but otherwise in perfect working condition.***

Delay is a flexible, full-featured delay audio processor. CV over all parameters provides dynamic access to its nuanced controls. The feedback path ranges from slapback to infinity, allowing for wild permutations of the original signal.

With delay times from milliseconds to nearly two seconds, Delay is sure to find a use in every patching situation. Add subtle echo to a melodic line, or crank up the feedback and hear a bed of layered sounds to bury your listeners in.
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MRP:$138.84 SAVE 20%
 1 in stock $110.63
2hp Freez Voltage Controlled Locked Looper Module (silver faceplate) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985277 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original box, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original box, product in perfect working order***

Freez is a voltage controlled locked looper. It captures moments of audio in buffers, where they can be minced and mangled beyond recognition. Once frozen, adjusting size will cause pitch and timbre changes to the locked audio.

Adjusting the sample rate control will distort and decimate the incoming audio as well as warp the time domain of the currently locked buffer. From beat repeat to granular audio buffer, Freez will create new sounds and textures out of any input signal.
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2hp Hat Hi-Hat Cymbal Module (silver) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985273 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original box, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original box, product in perfect working order***

Hat is a hi-hat cymbal with a wild side. Finding something unique is easy with a blend of sounds ranging from robotic to metallic. At its core are three unique sound sources made up of six oscillators, a noise generator, and a number of filters. Sizzle affects each source independently, adjusting oscillator and filter frequencies, allowing for a broad range of sounds. In addition, separate trigger inputs for open and closed allow for a complete hi-hat pattern on a single module. No matter what situation it's in, Hat provides shimmering, metallic timbres for any percussive purpose.
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 1 in stock $123.05
2hp MMF Analogue Multimode Filter Module (silver) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 942185 Rel: 15 Oct 18
B-STOCK: Box damaged, product unused & in perfect condition
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, product unused & in perfect condition***

MMF is an analogue, multimode filter with a 12dB per octave slope. Its sonic character swings all the way from classic low pass to squelchy acid lines. Simultaneous outputs of low pass, high pass, and band pass filter types are provided allowing for many variations of the input signal. Whether you're looking for smooth and creamy, or resonant and wild, MMF can go there.
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 1 in stock $97.74
4ms 3 Pin Audio Jumper Cable For Listen Series & Wav Recorder Modules
Cat: 725492 Rel: 15 Apr 19
Jumper cable for daisy chaining 4ms Listen and/or WAV recorder modules
Notes: Jumper cable for connecting two Listen 4, Listen 4Q, or Listen IO modules & for daisy-chaining multiple Listens to create a larger mixer. Also used for connecting a WAV Recorder to a Listen module in order to record directly from the Listen's main mix. See the Listen module manuals for details and examples.

One cable connects two modules. By adding more cables you can create a chain between multiple modules.


1x3 pin female header
Pin Spacing: 0.1" (2.54mm)
Total length: 4.38" (111mm)
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 1 in stock $2.10
ADDAC System ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Processor Module (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985814 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

One of the most impressive granular synthesis approaches in Eurorack, combining looping and granular effects with buffer sizes up to five minutes. Hugely creative and powerful dual-module setup.

Supplier's Notes:
There's a long history behind the granular concept and many reinterpretations of it's core principles, this is ADDAC's take on it.

In a loose description digital Granular refer to pieces of sound files being played at the same time with slight or completely different parameters originating what is commonly referred to as granular clouds. Normally there's a buffer size from which the granular engine snips it's pieces from and plays them according to the parameters set. This buffer size is normally small in size where grains are so small that can reach the hearing spectrum and be heard as a sort of ever changing complex wavetable, this is the principle behind granular synthesis.

ADDAC have added the possibility of long buffer sizes up to 5 minutes, allowing "softer" approaches to the granular principle using it as an effect that can generate from "accidental" effects like slight "stutters" to extreme processing and transformation of any incoming audio signal.

This module is conceptually deep but easy to grasp and operate as all controls are in its dedicated panel, all jack inputs and outputs have its own separate panel to allow no compromise when playing it's controls.

There are three main sections in this module:
Looper Engine: The Looper is where all the Real-Time recording happens. The audio input feeds the recording buffer, multiple controls allow to record and play loops into a list so that any sample in the list can be accessed at ay time and more acting as a standard looper
Granular Engine: The Granular acts upon the buffer of whatever LOOP is selected.
Output Mix The output mix allow individual control for the Dry Input, Looper Volume and Grains Volume.
Besides these main sections there's also a simple strip down MENU mainly used to LOAD and SAVE Banks, no Menu diving guaranteed.

For more detailed info, please refer to the User's Guide.

Audio Specs:
Audio input: Stereo, 16bit 44.1Khz
Audio output: Stereo, 16bit 44.1Khz

Tech Specs:
32HP + 13HP
4.5cm deep
240mA +12V
70mA -12V
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 3 in stock $562.66
AJH Synth/Tone Science Chance Delay Delay Effects Module (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985246 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order***

The Tone Science Chance Delay is a unique concept in Eurorack modules as it combines chance and randomness, with pulse delay and pulse conditioning. It is a collaboration between electronic musician/composer Ian Boddy and AJH Synth.

It can perform as a Chance generator, but is also capable of pulse stretching for Trigger to Gate conversion, pulse shortening for Gate to Trigger conversion, Gate Delay, Sub Bass Generation and also "divide by n" clock division.

There is a wide range of control and all functions can be operated manually from the front panel or can be automated using external CV voltages. Chance can range between 0 to 100%. The Gate out can be delayed by anywhere between from 0.5mS to 30 Seconds, and the output Pulse length can also vary from 0.5mS to 30 Seconds.

The TRIG push button allows manual triggering of pulses, also determined by the Chance control, and a green LED shows the output pulse status.

Includes a handy "Gate pass through" mode; when the Length control is set to zero the incoming pulse or trigger will still be determined by the Chance and Delay controls, whilst the outgoing gate length will be the same as the incoming gate length.

Compact 8hp form factor and very low power consumption make this an excellent addition to any Eurorack system.

Key features:

Chance, Gate Delay time and Pulse Length can all be set manually or controlled using external CV voltages.

The 'TRIG' push button allows manual triggering, and Chance will be applied to any manual triggering too.

Fast processing allows operation into the lower audio range, so it can perform sub bass generation on drone type sounds. In this mode the Length pot (or an external Length CV) can be used to change the PWM of the output waveform.

After the initial trigger pulse has been acted on, further incoming pulses are ignored until the current cycle has finished. This useful feature allows it to perform "divide by n" division on gate pulses, so it can be used for clock division, and the delay function can be used to add a "swing" away from the rhythm.

Gate pass through mode - if the Length pot is set to zero, then the incoming gate length is preserved, so in this case the gate has Chance and Delay time applied to it, but the outgoing gate length is the same as the incoming gate length.

By setting Chance to 100% and Delay to zero (0.5mS) it can be used as a Gate to Trigger converter, or a Trigger to Gate converter, depending on the Pulse length set with the LENGTH control. We can also use an external Length CV to shorten or increase the length of the output pulse in real time.

Fast and slow ranges for both DELAY time and PULSE length - Fast range is 0.5mS to 2 Sec and Slow Range is 2 Sec to 30 Sec.

Green status LED shows when the output pulse is high.

Front panel controls

Chance Control and CHA Input

This sets the probability of an incoming trigger or gate being passed through to the Pulse Generator circuit. The chance can be set anywhere between 0% and 100%.

The CHA input allows an external control voltage (CV) to control chance remotely. In this mode the Chance control acts as an attenuator for the incoming CV. With the Chance control fully clockwise a CV of +5V will give 100% chance, and lower CV voltages reduce the Chance accordingly. For example, a +2.5V CV will give a 50% chance. The attenuator function is useful if we are using higher control voltages of for example 0 to +10V. If we set the Chance control to the 12 o'clock position it would then halve the incoming CV signal, so in this case +10V will give 100% chance and +5V will give a 50% chance. Negative CV voltages are ignored and will be treated in the same way as zero volts..

Delay Control and DEL Input

This sets the delay amount that is applied to the leading edge of the incoming Gate or trigger received at the IN jack (or a press of the Manual Trigger button), assuming that the "Chance" has been determined to be positive. With the Delay Time switch set to FAST the Delay range will be from 0.5mS to 2 Seconds. With the Delay Time switch set to SLOW the Delay range will be between 2 Seconds and 30 Seconds.

The DEL input allows an external CV voltage to control Delay Time remotely. In this mode the Delay control acts as an attenuator for the incoming CV. With the Delay control fully clockwise a CV of +5V will give the maximum Delay time of either 2 Seconds or 30 seconds depending on the position of the Fast / Slow switch. Lower CV voltages reduce the Delay Time accordingly, so if we apply a CV of zero volts then we will get the minimum Delay time. The attenuator works on any CV patched to the DEL input in the same manner as described for the Chance control.

Length Control and LEN Input

This sets the length, or rather pulse width of the output pulse. With the LENGTH Switch set to FAST the pulse length can be anywhere between 0.5 mS to 2 Seconds. With the LENGTH Switch set to SLOW the pulse length can be between 2 seconds and 30 Seconds.

The LEN input allows an external CV to control Delay Time remotely. In this mode the Length control acts as an attenuator for the incoming CV in the same manner as the Chance and Delay controls.

Setting the Length control to zero invokes "Gate pass through" mode - in this case the incoming gate length is preserved, so the incoming pulse or trigger will still be affected by the Chance and Delay controls, but the outgoing gate length will be the same as the incoming gate length. Turning the Length control slightly clockwise will then invoke the minimum pulse length around control position 1, and further clockwise rotation will increase the Pulse Length as expected. This behaviour also applies to external CV's patched to the LEN input, where a CV of 0V will enable Gate pass through mode.

Fast / Slow mode switches

These switches allow the selection of Fast or Slow mode for Delay time and pulse length, so these ranges can be selected independently for Delay and Length. Fast range is 0.5 mS to 2 Seconds, and Slow range is 2 Seconds to 30 Seconds.

TRIG Switch

The TRIG push button allows manual triggering, and Chance will also be applied to any manual triggering, so depending on the setting of the Chance control, pressing the button has a chance of not doing anything! Holding the button down keeps the incoming gate high for as long as the button is pressed, however this is only really relevant in "Gate pass through" mode - normally only the leading edge of the input pulse is used.

IN - input jack

Connect your input here - a gate, output from an LFO, or even waveforms from a VCO. Any negative component of the input voltage will be ignored, so unipolar or bipolar signals can be used.

OUT - output jack

This outputs the binary pulse (or stream of pulses) that are generated by the Chance Delay circuitry. The gate low level is 0V and gate high level is +6V. The green status LED shows if a pulse is currently being generated.

Module Width: 8hp
Module Depth: 26mm (Including power lead)
Current Usage: 25mA Positive, 6mA Negative
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Akai Professional APC64 Ableton Live MIDI Controller With Sequencer & Touchstrips (B-STOCK)
Cat: 978690 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, product unused & in perfect condition
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product unused & in perfect condition***

The next generation of Ableton Live controller from Akai, the APC64 is designed for seamless integration with the software, or as a standalone step sequencer and controller. The 64 velocity sensitive pads handle playing, recording, clip launching, sequencing and much more, while eight assignable touch strips offer extensive hands-on control.

Supplier's notes:

APC64; Next generation Ableton live controller.

Touch the future

Leap into a new world of musical possibility in the studio, on stage, and anywhere creativity leads you with the powerful APC64.

Ableton live controller; with sequencer and touchstrips

The new Akai Professional APC64 is a powerful next-generation Ableton Live controller for studio and live performance.

It features 64 RGB velocity-sensitive pads with poly aftertouch, and 8 fully assignable Touch Strips for instant hands-on control of devices, pitch, modulation, and much more. APC64 also works as a standalone 32-step 8-track Step Sequencer and controller with 3 MIDI ports and 8 CV/Gate outputs to take full control of synths, drum machines, or modular rack devices.

In-depth control of Ableton Live

Enter the matrix

APC64 features a vibrant 8x8 pad matrix of 64 velocity-sensitive RGB pads with poly aftertouch for playing chords, synth leads, Ableton Live's Drum Racks and of course launching Clips in Session View.

Touch the future

Add a whole new level of expression and control to your music production and live performances with 8 fully assignable Touch Strips with RGB LED indicators. Get control of Ableton Live's devices - including Auto Filter, Delay, Reverb, Impulse, Simpler and more - right at your fingertips. Adjust macros, mixer volume, pan, and effects sends as well as writing automation.

Visual feedback and control

APC64 includes a smart colour LED screen with a fast push encoder for real-time visual feedback of your parameters. Move around Ableton Live's devices and mixing environments while keeping track of each parameter on the screen. APC64 also features dedicated transport control with Play, Stop, and Record for capturing your ideas along with 8 Track Mute and Solo buttons for mixing and live performance.

Standalone step sequencing

APC64 features an internal 32-step 8-track Step Sequencer enabling completely DAW-less control of your favourite synths. With 8 CV/Gate outputs and 3 1/8" MIDI ports, you can connect, sequence, and capture your favourite modular racks, keyboards, classic drum machines, and more. Add continuous control and expression using the 8 Touch Strips for a whole new level of performance. Apply additional creative dimensions to MIDI notes using the Probability, Velocity, and Mutate functions for further experimentation.

Powerful production and performance

APC64 facilitates a seamless workflow within Ableton Live; from triggering samples and loops in Ableton Live's Drum Rack, all the way to writing expressive melodies using the Notes, Scale, and Chord modes. Use the onboard Step Sequencer to generate inventive melodic patterns that can be instantly transferred to Ableton Live using the Send To Clip function. Apply swing and quantize to your beats or use APC64 to arm and record vocal tracks directly in Ableton Live sessions.

Ableton drum rack/simpler control

APC64 features a dedicated Drum Mode allowing you to play and record beats, loops, and slices using an Ableton Live Drum Rack or Simpler device. Capture additional inspiration using the 8 Touch Strips to control Ableton Live's FX racks during beat making and performance.

Included software bundle

Ableton Live Lite 11

APC64 Includes Ableton 11 Lite for all your software music production needs in one package to produce, perform, arrange, record, edit, mix and master your music. Live Lite includes sounds, instruments, and sequencing, recording, and arranging capabilities.

Air music instruments/plugins

APC64 Includes a collection of professional plug-in instruments and effects so you can start producing out of the box. Included are the following plugins: TubeSynth, Electric, Ether, Halfspeed, Vocal Tuner, Flavor, and the Sonivox Essential Keyboard Collection.

Custom editor software

Create your own custom layouts with the included desktop software editor for Mac/PC to personalize and store pre-sets for quick recall in standalone.

Key specs

Graphical full colour LCD
Connections: USB-C, 8x 1/8" (3.5 mm) CV/Gate, 2x 1/8" (3.5 mm) MIDI Output, 1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) MIDI Input
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 10.7" x 14.6" x 1.4" 272 x 371 x 34.5 mm
Weight: 3.5 lb/1.6 kg
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 1 in stock $321.02
Allen & Heath ZED-18 18-Channel Multipurpose USB Studio Mixer
Cat: 515436 Rel: 06 Dec 13
18 channel desk for multipurpose studio and live mixing, with USB
Notes: ZED-18 has an incredibly advanced feature-set for a mixer at this level - it gives musicians, venues and hire companies access to 10 full mono channels and 4 stereo channels in a compact, rack mountable format. Configurable USB audio in/out makes it easy to capture stereo recordings.

Getting audio to and from a computer easily is now a common requirement for live sound and music production. The way this has been implemented on ZED is super-flexible and super-easy! No longer do you need to fiddle around the back of your PC to get to the soundcard inputs, only to find that the levels are all wrong and noisy. Just plug in a USB lead to your ZED, select the USB routing on the mixer and the device on your computer and that's it! CD quality audio to and from your PC or Mac. Switches and connection through jack socket terminals provide different send/return configurations:-

1) Main Mix Left + Right (Post-fade)
2) Main Mix Left + Right (Pre-Fade)
3) Auxes 1-2
4) Auxes 3-4

1) To Stereo 3 channel

ZED-18 features a responsive 3-band, swept mid frequency EQ design which utilises MusiQ - with optimised slope (or Q factor) for equalising individual instruments.

Based on the proven pre-amps from the hugely successful PA series, ZED-18 has DuoPre pre-amps, which use a two stage design, with carefully controlled amounts of gain in each stage. When amplifying the signal from the XLR input, the gain range is huge - 69dB of range to be exact - and is very evenly distributed around the gain control, meaning better control of signal level. Most of the gain comes from the first stage, so unwanted noise is kept to a minimum. Line level signals are simply plugged into the second stage of the pre-amp by using the line input jack socket, which has the great advantage of less noise when using the line input and also matching to a higher input impedance.

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Aodyo Anyma Phi Hybrid Monophonic Physical Modeling Synthesiser (white) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 986696 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

Explore unique sonic possibilities with this semi-modular digital synth, combining physical modelling with spectral sound sources, versatile effects and complex modulators.

Supplier's Notes:
An affordable hybrid monophonic synthesizer that allows you to create new sound universes inspired from the real world, where objects collide, vibrate, and resonate.

Anyma Phi blends the classic ingredients of electronic music with physical modelling technology, allowing it to simulate acoustic sound sources, such as strings or reeds, as well as resonating structures, like wood, glass, or metal.

Anyma Phi is compact enough to stand on your keyboard, or anywhere on your desk, and is compatible with any MIDI controller, such as keyboards, sequencers, or even wind controllers, including Aodyo's own Sylphyo.

Whether you play live or record in the studio, design sounds or play presets, Anyma Phi will become an indispensable tool. It can even be used as a stand-alone effects processor, or as part of a guitar effects pedal setup.

The heart of the Anyma Phi is the matrix, which provides a quick and easy way to explore your sounds by following a physical metaphor, with four macros for each of the five stages of sound generation:

With its matrix, Anyma Phi offers a straightforward way to tweak, explore, and create sound universes. It also provides easy ways to make your sound react to your MIDI controllers with mapping shortcuts. But don't be fooled by the simplicity!

If you want to dive deeper, you can take control of the powerful semi-modular synth engine beyond the matrix, with oscillators covering a wide range of synthesis techniques, effects, and modulators.

By connecting those together, you can create any kind of sound, and control it any way you want.

Anyma Phi offers you:
Up to 3 oscillators (sound sources)- physical models, classic spectral, noise souces, external input
Up to 5 effects: resonators, filers - EQ, pitch shifter, ring mod, delay - reverb, chorus - phaser, drive - folder
Up to 8 modulators: envelopes, LFOs, curves, slew limiter, math & logic

This amounts to 69 different module types available, including 30 sources, 22 effects, and 17 modulators.

Technical specifications:
Hybrid monophonic synthesizer
Stereo audio output:
Two 1/4" mono line jack outputs
One 1/4" stereo headphone jack output
1/4" stereo jack audio input (internal piezoelectric mic when external input unplugged)
MIDI inputs and outputs via USB and DIN ports
Powerful digital semi-modular synthesizer engine :
Memory: 200 patches
3 oscillator slot
5 effect slots along 2 serial buses (Main, Aux) + 1 mono reverb
16 modulator slots, including envelope generators, LFO, curves, interpolators, slew limiters, etc.
32 mapping slots (virtual patch cords), each allowing to control any synth parameter (including another mapping) using a modulator or a controller input, with a sidechain input
Responsive to pitch, pitch-bend, velocity, breath control / expression, as well as 4 other controller inputs

Additional features:
Percussive playing surface
Patch librarian / editor
Extended memory

The percussive playing surface will allow you to tap and scratch your sounds directly on the case, making your performance even more expressive and fun! This would be made possible by integrating a piezoelectric contact microphone into the case. The resulting sound would be available to use on the Anyma as an audio input, ready to be fed into resonators and effects!

You can edit patches directly on your Anyma, as well as send and receive patches via MIDI SysEx. But what about something more comfortable and powerful?

This software will allow you to easily manage and share patches, as well as edit them in depth in a streamlined environment on your PC or Mac, by making all the synth components directly visible and showing their interactions.

With more memory, you can have a huge library of sounds at your fingertips, or you can make many variations of your patches without having to worry about space or having the computer editor around to make backups!

Let's free the Anyma Phi from the shackles of the Western 12-tone equal temperament! A440 be gone!
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Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer (B-STOCK)
Cat: 983827 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box damaged, slight surface marks, otherwise in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, slight surface marks, otherwise in perfect working order***

The Arturia MiniBrute is a revolutionary new analog synthesizer. Featuring a pure analog signal path and a host of unique features, it sets a new standard for what a hardware synthesizer should be.

Its 100% analog audio signal path features a VCO wave mixer, the classic Steiner-Parker multimode filter, as well as numerous analog innovations such as the Metalizer, Ultrasaw, and the Brute Factor. Boasting a complete MIDI, CV and USB connectivity, the MiniBrute is right at home with your computer or your vintage synths, making it the ideal companion to deliver a pure analog blast anywhere you go.

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Befaco FX Boy GameBoy Cartridge-Based Multi-Effects Module (B-STOCK)
Befaco FX Boy GameBoy Cartridge-Based Multi-Effects Module (B-STOCK) (effect/distortion/filter/fuzz/waveshaper synth module)
Cat: 985226 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order***

Befaco's unique GameBoy-based effects module allows you to change effects by swapping cartridges, all with CV control over key parameters. Effects include Skuara's harsh fuzz, Instruo's micro phaser and much more.

Supplier's Notes:
A crazy idea with the support of a bunch of crazy people.

A Multi FX module based on game carts!

FxBoy is a multi-FX module designed in collaboration with several talented manufacturers.

This is an effect unit with CV control over the parameters and Dry/wet control, with a Built-in CV controllable four bands EQ.

Each effect is physically hosted in a hot-swappable game cart and designed by a different manufacturer: Touell Skouarn with Skuara a harsh fuzz with overdrive, Instruo with micro Phaser, a two-flavoured Phaser, Feedback modules with a vintage Flanger, XOR with FX-Girl, a digital double effect module: Delay + Granularizer, Making sound machines with an analogue Wave folder, Tesseract with a bit crusher and Befaco Trash distortion!

What have these crazy people put in their cartridges?


Trash is a harmonic distortion that combines both clipping and folding flavours. Modes A and B will select between aggressive and more aggressive flavours!


Analogue Wavefolder


AVMA by Tesseract Modular is a bipolar VCA with one switchable wavefolder stage followed by an analogue frequency reducer. The VCA gain is x2, it can be used with i5V oscillator signals at the CV input for ring modulation effect.
Micro Phaser

Three cascaded all-pass filters, a built-in LFO and a saturator in the feedback path.

The purpose for this cartridge is to completely f&%k your phase up!

Instruo - We make sounds with the things that we make to make sounds with.

Technical Specifications

CV control over all parameters and Dry/wet
CV controllable four-band EQ, routable post or pre-effect.
Hot swap for all carts.
Selector for two different flavours of each cart.
Open specifications to design your own carts


Current needs: +12V: 125mA, -12V: 100mA, 5v: 0mA
Width: 12 HP
Depth: 35 mm (including power connector)
Aluminium, heat-treated front panel.
Designed and assembled in Barcelona.
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Beyerdynamic DT700 Pro X Closed-Back Studio Headphones (48 Ohm)
Cat: 977744 Rel: 23 Oct 23
Closed-back studio headphones for recording & monitoring
Notes: 48-ohm version of the DT700 Pro X, part of Beyer's iconic DT series of studio headphones. Closed back design for mixing and monitoring, with a revealing, analytical sound.

Supplier's Notes:
Your studio headphones

DT 700 Pro X

Trusted sound meets performance and flexibility

In launching the closed-back DT 700 PRO X, Beyerdynamic are unveiling circumaural studio headphones, which are set to usher in a era for the long-established, Heilbronn-based company. While the classics of the PRO X series are regarded as reference products in professional studios all over the world, the PRO line is suitable for flexible use both in the studio and while on the move. It is all made possible by the STELLAR.45 driver that loudly reproduces the best sound in studio quality without any distortion - with all playback devices.

Professional audio quality

Trusted studio sound meets high performance

The STELLAR.45 sound transducer, developed and produced in Heilbronn, Germany, delivers that proven Beyerdynamic sound at previously unattained levels of studio-headphones-class performance. This is down to the neodymium ring magnet as well as copper-clad high-tech wire. The trade-off between electrical conductivity and the weight of the wire is unique. In combination with the developed three-layer speaker diaphragm featuring integrated damping layer, this has created a highly efficient driver system that performs superbly on all playback devices.

The innovative membrane structure controls the axial motion of the voice coil and ensures that it remains securely positioned in the magnet gap even during high oscillations. Another benefit is vast and natural frequency response. The fast response of the transducer and the detailed transient response, produced by the low coil weight, create a sound that is always reliable and distortion free even at high sound pressure levels.


Wide range of applications on all playback devices

Anytime, anywhere - the wide range of applications offered by the PRO X line unleashes your creativity. Be it on an audio interface, laptop, tablet or mobile phone: Thanks to Beyerdynamic's high-performance STELLAR.45 driver, the PRO X headphones with an impedance of 48 ohms reproduce sound at volume and power to familiar levels of studio quality - on all playback devices. The cable concept is also demonstrably suitable for everyday use: the removable mini-XLR cable can be swapped out as required to be replaced with cables that have different lengths or feature other connectivity options.

Superb wearing comfort

Tailored fit for extra-long sessions

The PRO X line also embodies what these professional headphones have always been synonymous with: maximum wearing comfort. The robust spring steel headband design assures the over-ear headphones provide a secure fit and ensures durability. The supple velour ear pads are soft to the touch, as you would expect, and guarantee superior ventilation. The headband ergonomically adapts to the shape of the wearer's head with the aid of soft memory foam and, like the ear pads, can be replaced if required.

Design & materials

Built to last, featuring a sleek, robust design

Black, minimalist and reduced to the essentials. In a word: PRO. As far as the design of and materials used in the PRO X line are concerned, attention was paid to the resilience of all components: metal headband, GRP components, a robust mini-XLR connector and hard-wearing cable. This means you are geared up on a daily basis for any professional application.


Sustainable headphones - made in Germany

The PRO X line headphones have been designed for daily use in challenging conditions. This is why they are handmade in Germany using premium quality materials. If required, nearly all the headphones' components can be replaced, turning these headphones into an investment that makes sense for every creator.

Technical data

Transmission type: Wired
Earpad material: Velours
Nominal impedance headphones: 48 ohms
Weight headphones without cable: 350 g
Headphone frequency response: 5 - 40,000 Hz
Nominal sound pressure level: 100 dB SPL (1mW/500Hz)
Sound coupling to the ear: Circumaural (around the ear)
Cable & plug: 3 m or 1.8 m straight cable, detachable, with 3-pin mini XLR & stereo jack (3.5 mm & 6.35 adapter)
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Chord NU2 Dual UHF Neckband & Lapel Wireless Microphone System (608.050MHz & 606.175MHz channel 38) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 983576 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, light surface marks, product in perfect working condition
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, light surface marks, product in perfect working condition ***

Dual wireless microphone system with fixed UHF receiver and 2 beltpack transmitters, supplied with a choice of neckband or lavalier microphones. The receiver unit is compatible with standard 19" racks using the included rack ears and front mounting antenna accessories.

In the box:

Dual channel receiver
2 x beltpack transmitters
2 x neckband microphones
2 x lavalier microphones
4 x AA batteries
2 x UHF antennas
2 x antenna leads
2 x rack-mounting ears
Mains power adaptor
6.3mm jack to jack lead
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Crazy Tube Circuits Sidekick Jr. Time-Based Multi-Effects Pedal
Cat: 969279 Rel: 18 Oct 23
Modulation, delay and reverb effect pedal.
Notes: The perfect companion now comes in a smaller package - introducing Sidekick JR by Crazy Tube Circuits!

Drawing inspiration from the original Sidekick pedal released back in 2019, the aim was to create a compact pedal that combines the most widely used time-based effects, suitable for any gear setup seeking 80s tones and beyond.

From the jangly, ambient, and shimmering sounds of New Wave, Shoegaze, and Synth Pop to the wet tones of Hair / Glam Metal. Crazy Tube Circuits' Sidekick JR offers even more sounds / algorithm selections compared to the original unit.

The modulation effects / algorithms take inspiration from classic 80s stompboxes. The "Ensemble" algorithm replicates warm and mild modulated chorus sounds, while the "dimension" algorithm enhances the 3D image of your sound without the typical chorus warble. The "flanger" algorithm draws from a classic flanger pedal set up as a slow chorus with mild feedback added for a more metallic sound.

The Echo / delay section provides the sweet and vibrant sound of a tape echo with a freshly installed tape running through a colourful preamp, or the pristine repeats of an 80s digital delay rack unit.

The Reverb section in Sidekick JR is inspired by definitive examples of 80s reverb rack units and offers two algorithm banks. Bank A includes all-time classic reverb sounds like "plate," "spring," and "hall," while Bank B features signature 80s reverb sounds like "gated," "exciter" (Crazy Tube Circuits' trademark big-hall reverb algorithm with almost infinite reflections and decay), and octave-up "shimmer."

To provide full flexibility in the smallest enclosure possible, Crazy Tube Circuits has devised a smart switching setup. The delay and reverb effect sections of Sidekick JR operate independently from each other, and the modulation is assignable to any of these sections as standard. With the addition of the XT footswitch (available separately), the modulation section becomes entirely independent and can be switched on/off (true bypass) on its own.
Crazy Tube Circuits' Sidekick JR also features a power-up bypass/engage pre-set function for the onboard footswitches. This feature allows users to select the state the pedal will go to when the power supply is plugged in. It's particularly useful for individuals who use remote pedal switchers /loopers, as they can set the power-up state of the pedal once and then operate it from the controller.
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Critter & Guitari 5 Moons Multi-Track Recorder/Looper (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985218 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order***

Unique multi-track recorder/looper with a simple, intuitive interface. Record, layer and loop up to five tracks then bounce down and add more. Creative and inspiring.

Supplier's Notes:
5 Moons is a multitrack recorder. On one hand, it's a tool to record your creativity. Build up layers of tracks and enjoy crafting that perfect song or field recording.

On the other hand, it helps you create new sounds! Looping and bounce down functions open up new dimensions for your sound and fun ways for your tracks to interact with each other!

The unassuming wood enclosure draws you in, but hidden inside are high fidelity electronics designed for rich recordings. Its sleek user interface offers crisp control and ample room for sonic experimentation.

Easy Interface, Rapid Results
Get straight into recording - let your creativity flow.

5 Moons' simple interface is perfect for effortlessly building up many tracks.

The immediacy of 5 Moons means you'll be quickly experimenting and exploring the new ideas flying around your studio - watch out!

One Shot or Loop?
Create evolving jazz loops and/or a 3-chord pop song.

5 Moons is happy to accommodate recording a song with a beginning and end or a looping vibe - it's all in how you decide to play back your tracks.
You'll probably do both!

Bounce with Me
Build up your song with more tracks.

At first glance, you might think 5 Moons 'only' has five tracks. But once you bounce down those five tracks to the first track of a new song, you'll have 4 more tracks to add to it!

Once those four new tracks have audio, bounce down again and you'll have another four new more tracks to play with! ...and on and on until your masterpiece is complete.

File Freedom
Disk Mode makes it easy to transfer files to your DAW.

The USB-C port is used for both power and data transfer. Connect to your computer and copy your recordings for posterity and/or additional editing.

You can also copy existing audio files onto 5 Moons. Use these files as the beginnings of new songs or use 5 Moons' interface as a way to re-envision and remix your prior tracks!

Welcoming Material
Warmth of wood invites you in.

A hunk of wood is a nice thing to look at and touch. 5 Moons' enclosure highlights a natural beauty that will inspire.


Audio input/output:

1/8" Monophonic Audio Input
1/8" Monophonic Audio Output
Five Track Volume Sliders
Master Output Volume Potentiometer

Audio format:

Record Sample Rate: 48KHz
Record Bit Depth: 16-bit

Included storage:

An 8GB microSD card holds the operating system and audio storage.
There is ~7GB for available for audio storage.
This is about 20 hours total record time.

Physical characteristics:

Size: 4.25 x 3.375 x 1.375" / 10.8 x 8.5 x 3.6 cm. Height includes Volume potentiometer.
Weight: 5oz / 140g
Pine & PLA Enclosure

Included items:

Power Supply:
Input: 100-240VAC @ 50/60Hz.
Output: 5VDC
USB-A port
North American Plug
Power / Data Cable
Length: 40 inches / 101.6 cm
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Death By Audio Echo Master Lo-Fi Analogue-Tape-Style Vocal Delay/Echo Effects Pedal
Cat: 888700 Rel: 21 Oct 22
Designed for vocals, the Echo Master is a lo-fi, analog tape-style delay unit that can transform your voice into a chaotic realm of noise and feedback.
Notes: Psychdelic Vocal Trip

Designed for vocals, the Echo Master is a lo-fi, analogue tape-style delay unit that can transform your voice into a chaotic realm of noise and feedback. The effects loop allows additional effects to be placed in the signal chain, making it easy to use with any of your favourite effects pedals on your vocal sound without any adapters.

The Echo Master is not just a delay unit, however. It utilizes matched Bourns transformers on the input to create a vibrant-sounding and feedback-minimizing preamp to bring you phenomenal vocal quality before you even hit the PA. Your sound engineer will hate you because you'll sound better than ever without their help. Top it off with high-quality Neutrik XLR jacks and the Echo Master is the ultimate tool for taking total control of the sound of your voice.


Time: Controls the delay time, with numbers labelled in milliseconds. In the Red Zone, the delay chip is pushed to the extreme. The signal decreases in fidelity as the time increases.

F-Back: Controls the number of repeats in the delay circuit, anywhere from one to an infinite to a wall of oscillation.

Mix: Controls the level of the delayed channel in comparison to the dry signal, from fully dry to an equal mix.

Send/Receive: Plug out of the Send jack into any additional effects, then back into the Return jack to introduce new sounds into your vocals. This loop is before the delay line, allowing you to affect your dry vocals as well as the delay generated by the Echo Master.

*Alternate Backplate: Back in stock baby! The Echo Master can also be purchased with a backplate that mounts to your mic stand. Puts the pedal within hands reach to maximize live performance tweak-ability. This recently upgraded V3, comes with a handgrip screw for more torque (although it resembles the V1, this is a much sturdier model). **Please note- cords, microphone, and stand are not included.


Dimensions: 6.09" x 3.45" x 2.75" (including hardware).
Weight: 16oz. (w/ Alternate Back Plate 30oz.)
Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter).
Current Draw: 25 mA.
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Decksaver Ableton Push 3 Dust Cover
Decksaver Ableton Push 3 Dust Cover (MIDI controller dust cover)
Cat: 965227 Rel: 05 Oct 23
Dust cover designed for Ableton Push 3.
Notes: Introducing the ultimate guardian for your prized Ableton Push 3 - the Decksaver cover! Unlock the full potential of your music production powerhouse while ensuring it remains in pristine condition for years to come. Crafted with meticulous precision and unrivalled expertise, our lid is designed to complement the brilliance of your Ableton Push 3.

The Ableton Push 3 is more than just a controller; it's a gateway to a world of limitless creativity. Its seamless integration with Ableton Live empowers you to bring your musical ideas to life with unparalleled ease. However, with great innovation comes the responsibility to protect your investment from the challenges of the studio and the stage.

This Decksaver cover is built to provide an impenetrable shield against dust, dirt, liquid spills, and accidental knocks. Made from premium-quality polycarbonate (to our own unique recipe), this cover ensures your Ableton Push 3 remains immaculate and free from wear and tear, so you can focus solely on the creative duties of making music.

Designed with precision, the custom-fit mould embraces your Push 3 like a second skin. Whether you're performing live, producing in the studio, or taking your music on the road, our cover ensures your creative flow remains uninterrupted.

As pioneers in protective solutions for musical gear, Decksaver takes immense pride in our stringent quality standards. The design for the Ableton Push 3 Decksaver cover has been rigorously tested to meet the highest level of fit, durability and reliability, ensuring it withstands the demands of your musical journey.

Join the league of top-tier music producers and DJs who trust Decksaver to safeguard their musical instruments. Elevate your music production experience with the confidence that your Ableton Push 3 is cocooned in some of the finest protection available.

Seize the opportunity to explore new sonic dimensions and compose your musical opus without worry. Choose Decksaver, choose excellence, and choose to take your music production to new heights with the Ableton Push 3 Decksaver cover.

Your journey to sonic greatness starts here!


Weight: 0.7 kg
Length: 38.8 cm
Width: 32.5 cm
Height: 4.5 cm

Material: Smoked clear polycarbonate.
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Decksaver Arturia Keylab 61 MK1 & MK2 Dust Cover (B-STOCK)
Cat: 983865 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box damaged, slight surface marks, otherwise in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, slight surface marks, otherwise in perfect working order***

The Arturia KeyLab series has made a name for itself within the music realm with its cutting-edge innovation within keyboards.

The ability to be used as a keyboard, and to control different sounds, effects, and the unique way it can control any major DAW is a feature very few devices have.

With 16 pads, 9 faders, and 9 wheels you can see how much control you have over your sounds and recordings. However, with so many of these buttons and faders, there is always a risk of them getting damaged, which can render the device obsolete.

This is where Decksaver steps in. With their complex nature and banks of switches, knobs, screens and pads, the risk of harm is closer than you think. This is where Decksaver steps in.

Working with this wonderful unit, we have measured, designed and custom-moulded right here in the UK, a super-tough polycarbonate cover to perfectly fit the contours of this exciting Arturia device.

With years of experience working with plastics, we have created the perfect cover to protect your machine against dust, debris, liquids, smoke and accidental impacts.

Our super-durable polycarbonate shells feature extreme durability and offers the highest degree of protection.

Dressing your unit in a Decksaver cover should mean you will never have to worry about your Keylab 61 getting damaged at home, in the studio or at the gig.

Key features
Patented smoked/clear transparency, unique to Decksaver.
Protects against dust, liquid and impact.
Shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.

Keylab 61 MK1
Keylab 61 MK2

Weight: 1.2 kg
Length: 88.5 cm
Width: 30.7 cm
Height: 5.1 cm
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Decksaver Erica Synths DB-01 & LXR-02 Dust Cover
Decksaver Erica Synths DB-01 & LXR-02 Dust Cover (synthesiser/drum machine dust cover)
Cat: 965262 Rel: 03 Oct 23
Dust cover designed for Erica Synths DB-01 or LXR-02.
Notes: Introducing the Decksaver cover for Erica Synths LXR-02 & DB-01: Your ultimate protection solution!

Are you a proud owner of the innovative Erica Synths LXR-02 or Bassline DB-01? These polyphonic and stand-alone hardware synths are the epitome of creative potential in the world of music production. As you delve into the realm of synchronized sequencing and experimentation with various synthesisers and DAWs, safeguarding your investment becomes a top priority.

The LXR-02 & DB-01 boast an array of touch-sensitive pads, knobs, and LCD screens that are integral to their seamless operation. However, a moment of carelessness can lead to the potential damage that no music enthusiast wants to face. To ensure you have peace of mind during your musical journey, Decksaver have crafted the perfect protective cover for your beloved LXR-02 & DB-01.

Constructed with super durable polycarbonate, this Decksaver cover is engineered to provide the highest degree of protection against dust, debris, spills, and accidental impacts. With a custom-moulded design, the cover fits flawlessly, accommodating cables without hindering your setup. You can now keep your LXR-02 & DB-01 ready for operation at all times while being fully shielded from potential harm.

Decksaver's rigorous testing process guarantees that your Decksaver cover offers unparalleled durability and security for your precious musical instruments. Whether you are creating music at home, on the road, or on stage, this Decksaver cover will be your steadfast guardian, ensuring your Erica Synths devices remain in pristine condition.

Invest in the ultimate protection for your musical assets. Safeguard your creative journey and elevate your musical projects to new heights with the Erica Synths LXR-02 & DB-01 Decksaver cover. Because your passion deserves nothing less than the best!



Weight: 0.38 kg
Length: 23.6 cm
Width: 14.1 cm
Height: 3.7 cm

Material: Smoked clear polycarbonate.
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Decksaver Rodecaster Duo Dust Cover
Decksaver Rodecaster Duo Dust Cover (integrated audio production studio dust cover)
Cat: 965238 Rel: 03 Oct 23
Dust cover designed for Rodecaster Duo.
Notes: Podcasting is more than just recording audio-it's about creating engaging and professional content that captivates your audience. The Rodecaster Pro is designed to empower podcasters with its comprehensive set of features and intuitive controls, making it a true game-changer in the world of podcast production.

With the Rodecaster Pro, you have everything you need to produce a high-quality podcast. Its built-in mixer allows you to easily control and balance multiple audio sources, such as microphones, music, and sound effects. You can effortlessly adjust the volume levels, apply EQ and compression, and even add special effects to enhance your audio.

One of the standout features of the Rodecaster Pro is its versatile recording capabilities. It enables you to connect up to four microphones simultaneously, making it perfect for panel discussions, interviews, or multi-host podcasts. The Class A preamps ensure clean and clear audio capture, while the individual headphone outputs for each microphone input allow for seamless monitoring.

The Rodecaster Pro also offers seamless integration with your computer, allowing you to record directly to your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW). This gives you the flexibility to edit and fine-tune your recordings with your favourite software, ensuring a polished and professional final product.

Podcasters will appreciate the Rodecaster Pro's advanced sound processing features. It includes eight programmable sound pads that can be assigned with jingles, pre-recorded segments, or sound effects to add a touch of creativity to your podcast. You can also connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or a TRRS cable to incorporate phone interviews or remote guests seamlessly.

To ensure a smooth workflow, the Rodecaster Pro offers intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface. The large colour touchscreen display provides easy access to various settings, allowing you to navigate menus, adjust settings, and monitor audio levels with just a few taps. The dedicated buttons and knobs provide quick and precise control over various parameters, minimizing the need for complex menu diving.

When it comes to connectivity, the Rodecaster Pro doesn't disappoint. It features multiple inputs and outputs, including XLR, TRS, and USB, offering versatility in connecting external devices such as instruments, audio interfaces, or additional sound sources. The USB output also enables direct streaming to popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, or podcast hosting services.

With its robust construction and ergonomic design, the Rodecaster Pro is built to withstand the demands of regular podcasting use. However, to ensure its longevity and protect it from dust, liquid spills, and accidental impacts, the Decksaver cover is the ideal companion. It adds an extra layer of defense, preserving the pristine condition of your Rodecaster Pro and extending its lifespan.

Take your podcasting to new heights with the Rodecaster Pro and the reliable protection of the Decksaver cover. With these tools at your disposal, you can focus on creating remarkable content and delivering an immersive listening experience to your audience. Let your creativity flow freely, knowing that your Rodecaster Pro is well-protected and ready to bring your podcast to life.


Weight 0.74 kg
Length 35.6 cm
Width 26.8 cm
Height 3.5 cm
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Decksaver Roland SH-4D Dust Cover
Decksaver Roland SH-4D Dust Cover (synthesiser dust cover)
Cat: 965270 Rel: 03 Oct 23
Dust cover deigned for Roland SH-4D.
Notes: Step into the world of cutting-edge synthesis with the Roland SH-4D, a modern masterpiece designed to inspire your sonic exploration.

Bursting with innovative features and top-of-the-line controls, the SH-4D empowers musicians and producers to create captivating sounds that push the boundaries of electronic music.

As you immerse yourself in the sonic wonderland of this device, it becomes essential to protect your prized synthesizer from the rigors of everyday use. To ensure your synth remains in prime condition and ready to perform at its best, Decksaver presents the Roland SH-4D Decksaver cover.

Meticulously engineered from super-tough polycarbonate, this Decksaver cover provides unbeatable protection against dust, liquid spills, and accidental impacts. Preserve the sleek aesthetics and pristine functionality of your SH-4D with ease, so you can focus on making music without worry.

The custom-moulded design of this Decksaver cover perfectly fits your Roland SH-4D, allowing for hassle-free setup and easy access to all controls and connectors. Whether you're composing in your studio, performing on stage, or collaborating with fellow musicians, your synth will remain safeguarded throughout its musical journey.

Decksaver take immense pride in the craftsmanship of this Decksaver covers, and the Roland SH-4D lid is no exception. Each cover undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of durability, ensuring a long-lasting partnership with your beloved synth.

Unite cutting-edge brilliance with unrivalled protection - choose the Roland SH-4D Decksaver cover, your companion on the journey of musical innovation. Discover new sonic horizons with confidence, thanks to Decksaver's dedication to quality and your passion for making music.


Weight: 0.52 kg
Length: 36.6 cm
Width: 19.6 cm
Height: 3.4 cm

Material: Smoked clear polycarbonate.
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Dimavery Microphone Arm For Keyboard Stands (B-STOCK)
Cat: 984037 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order***

Solid, adjustable microphone arm for attachment to keyboard stands.

- All parts already pre-assembled
- For tubes with 24 to 27mm inside diameter
- Microphone not included
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Dnipro Krait 3-Channel Knob Recorder/LFO/Random Generator Module
Dnipro Krait 3-Channel Knob Recorder/LFO/Random Generator Module (controller/CV modulation/LFO/random/sequencer synth module)
Cat: 846610 Rel: 01 Nov 21
A 3-channel knob recorder, LFO & random generator.
Notes: Dnipro serve up a solid option for generating modulation signals: knob recording, LFOs or loopable random modulation, all syncable to a clock signal. Nice touches include tap tempo and slew.

Supplier's Notes:
Krait is flexible 3-channel modulation source for eurorack system. Each channel can be either a Knob Recorder, LFO or loopable Random Generator.
The module is designed to be in solid sync with your beats, so in order to work, Krait should receive steady external clock pulse. However, LFO will work without clock. All settings and waveforms will be autosaved and reloaded after power off.

Knob Recorder:

Can record pot turns, up to 8 bars loops possible.


Tap tempo LFO with morphable waveforms and phase offset. Sync it to your beats.

Random Generator:

Syncable random with portamento and possibility to freeze and loop 16 steps.

Technical details:

6 HP

70 mA +12V

12mA -12V

0 mA 5V

42 mm deep

Voltage ranges: +5-5v, 0v+5v
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Dnipro Metamorph CV Modulation & Sequencer Module (black)
Dnipro Metamorph CV Modulation & Sequencer Module (black) (controller/CV modulation/sequencer synth module)
Cat: 834880 Rel: 12 Jul 22
Versatile 4 stage x 3 channel cv source with built in sequencer and glide
Notes: Serge-inspired programmer/sequencer gives you three channels of four-stage CV generation. Great alternative to the classic Make Noise Pressure Points/Brains combo.

Supplier's Notes:
Metamorph is a versatile 4 stage x 3 channel cv source with built in sequencer and glide. Inspired by a Serge Tcherepnin concept, Metamorph is designed to control several parameters at once and creates a complex CV source for eurorack system. Each channel is represented by a column of pots, while each column is divided into 4 individual stages by rows, with corresponding button and gate out. It is possible to change stages manually by pressing stage buttons or to sequence them by external sources, like clock, LFO, envelopes etc. Metamorph has a special user sequence feature, which allow to program play order and duration of the stages, create unique sequence with individual timing per stage and memorize it.

Operating Metamorph is quick and immediate in a good analog fashion, with single control per function. Two modules can be linked together to create a 8-step sequencer with dual CV outs per channel. Additionally, every channel has a deep glide control for performing fast or really slow voltage slides between stages. And, of course, there are ordinary sequencer CV inputs, like reset, hold and revers direction.

Technical details:

Size: 20 hp

50 mA +12V

20A -12V

0 mA 5V

28 mm deep

output ranges: 0V to 5V, 0V to 10V, -2.5V to 2.5V, -5V to 5V

Link two Metamorphs to create a 8-step sequencer.

It is possible to chain two modules with an optional link cable. After linking, both modules will create an 8 step sequencer and share their CV outputs.
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Electro-Harmonix Pico Attack Decay Digital Reverse Tape Effects Pedal
Cat: 972480 Rel: 12 Oct 23
Digital reverse tape effects pedal.
Notes: Seductive swells and reverse tape effects push the envelope on any pedalboard!

The original Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator is known for producing volume and reverse swells, backward tape sounds, artificially short staccato notes, and bowed instrument effects. In 2019 the digital Attack Decay reissue was released, and now the Pico Attack Decay gives us volume envelope effects in a simplified, compact package.

The Pico Attack Decay allows you to dial in volume swells and decays, both in Mono mode-one volume envelope for all notes you play-and the revolutionary Poly mode where each note to has its own volume envelope creating cascading swell effects and leads with agile attack smoothing. With intuitive functionality and simple controls, the Pico Attack Decay opens up creative avenues for any player interested in pushing the (volume) envelope.

The Pico Attack Decay is both powerful and simple with four knobs and a mode button that let you create a wide variety of effects. The ATTACK knob sets the swell or fade-in speed of the volume envelope while the DECAY knob sets the fade-out speed of the volume envelope. Set the ATTACK higher for languid volume swells. Set the DECAY higher for artificially staccato notes for synth-like punches. SENS adjusts the threshold for triggering the envelope. VOL controls the overall output volume. A hidden BLEND control allows you to blend wet and dry signals for even more flexibility in tone.


Circuit: Digital
Bypass: Buffered Bypass
Audio: Mono
Power Supply: 9.6VDC-200mA power adapter included
Dimensions (in): 3.65 x 2.0 x 2.0
Current Draw: 100mA
Year Released: 2023
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Electrovision USB-C To USB-A Cable Version 3.1 Gen 2 (1.0m)
Cat: 907304 Rel: 26 Oct 22
Connect USB C enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, Chromebook Pixels, Galaxy Note 7 etc. with standard USB A enabled devices such as computers, car and wall chargers, external battery power banks etc.
Notes: Connect USB C enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, Chromebook Pixels, Galaxy Note 7 etc. with standard USB A enabled devices such as computers, car and wall chargers, external battery power banks etc. Designed for charging and powering USB C enabled devices as well as transferring data from a portable hard drive and syncing data, photos and music from a smartphone. The reversible USB C connection means it will insert first time every time regardless of which side is up. Version 3.1 Gen 2 allows for data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps (classed as super speed). Moulded nickel-plated connectors, gold-plated contacts and black PVC jacket. Uses a 56K Ohm pull-up resistor for incredible safety and reliability.

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Endorphin.es/Andrew Huang Ghost Multi-Dimensional Effects Chain Processor Effects Pedal
Cat: 945401 Rel: 19 Oct 23
A multi-effects pedal.
Notes: Immerse yourself and go beyond the boundaries of what is possible with a conventional guitar or synth pedal. GHOST PEDAL brings you new possibilities of tone shaping with its state of the art flexible audio routing chain, allowing you to jump between dimensions with a single press of a button.

From earth shaking subharmonics and distorted drones to angelic shimmer reverbs and anything in between, GHOST is a PEDAL for the adventurous sound designers and the most demanding guitar and synth players. Intuitive UI coupled with hands-on control and preset storage allows you to stay in the now and focus on your performance.

Unique user interface showing parameter values and real-time modulations

Line or high-impedance JFET guitar inputs with cabinet simulator

Full MIDI control over every parameter incl. MIDI clock over LFO and delay

True relay stereo, buffered and trails bypass modes

Bipolar LFO and expression pedal assignments to any parameter

3 reverb and 3 filter types, incl. comb with resonator, six possible routing variations

Reverb freeze, delay looper, spring reverb with virtual spring excite

Three footswitches let you change assignable parameters (tap tempo/freeze/spring excite), select presets and bypass with your feet
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Erica Synths 1x42HP Aluminium Pico Modular Synth Case (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985461 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original PSU, box opened. product in full working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original PSU, box opened. product in full working order***

Small desktop enclosure for Eurorack modules with 42 HP space and a maximum depth of 32mm. A relatively strong power solution with an external power supply and an on/off switch located at the case is included.

The power supply provides:

- 850 mA at +12V
- 850mA at -12V
- 500mA at +5V

The power distribution has 14 connectors and the case can house exactly fourteen modules from Erica's Pico Series.
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ESI Xjam 16-Pad USB MIDI Performance Controller
Cat: 950195 Rel: 26 Jun 23
USB MIDI performance controller.
Notes: Simple, solid performance is the order of the day with this MIDI controller from ESI. 16 pads, six rotary encoders and plug-and-play USB compatibility all housed in a classy aluminium unit.

Supplier's Notes:
Developed for Beat Makers, Finger Drummers and DJs

The Xjam is a small, full-fledged plug-and-play MIDI controller. Due to its solid aluminum chassis, the Xjam is wonderfully portable and ideal for use outside of the studio on mobile devices.

With a 4x4 pad matrix, the 6 endless encoders and the smooth 16 pads, it provides a pleasant and expressive playing experience. In addition, the Xjam offers 48 configurations instead of the usual 16 scenes to save.

Its smooth and ultra-sensitive pads with polyphonic aftertouch are as versatile as the Xjam is in general. The 16 RGB pads also send MIDI CC, MIDI Program Change or MMC messages. There are also 6 high-quality endless encoders on board, which can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to controlling MIDI CC messages, the encoders can be assigned to send pitch, MIDI program change messages or even aftertouch messages. The Xjam comes with a powerful editor software for perfect adaption to your needs. There is also a TRS-MIDI Out socket to send signals to external sound generators.

Connectors & Functions

CTRL BANK let you control up to 18 independent parameters
360- ENCODER knobs to send continuous controller messages to your software or external MIDI device
SCENE BANK let you access up to 48 different scenes
PAD BANK let you access up to 48 different pads
PADS polyphonic aftertouch and velocity
USB-C port connects to the computer or mobile device and used to send and receive MIDI data
MIDI OUT for connection and transmission of MIDI data to an external device
FOOT SWITCH input for sustain pedal
EDIT each pad and encoder can be edited independently
SETUP adjust the global settings and the repeat parameters
TYPE allows to choose from different types (MIDI CC, PITCH, PROGRAM, AFTERTOUCH)
REPEAT with two different modes available, temporary and static


Great for the road & any mobile applications or where space constraints are an issue. Play drums & control effects with the Xjam. Everything's right there for building any style of track, anywhere you feel the inspiration.

Great For Live Shows

The velocity & pressure-sensitive pads are great for playing virtual instruments live onstage. Plus, the pads offer aftertouch that adds a whole different level of expression & control for that extra element to live or studio performance.

Bundled Software

In order to get you started right out of the box, Xjam ships with a powerful software package for professional recording, creation of your own songs, mixing of any audio content and much more. The following applications are currently included:

Bitwig 8-Track

Bitwig Studio 8-Track - the trim and effective DAW to start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro for use on up to eight tracks of audio / MIDI, incl. the Bitwig Essentials Package, a versatile selection of handpicked presets and sounds. Record instruments, create your arrangements, design new sounds, or just jam - every feature has been developed by musicians, for musicians!

Steinberg Cubasis LE

Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg's mobile multitouch sequencer, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis LE makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze, no matter where you are, right there on an iPhone or iPad when connecting Xjam.

Steinberg WaveLab LE

Whether you are a hobby musician, home studio owner, freelancer or podcaster - WaveLab LE helps you to bring your music, voice and sound recordings to a more professional level. This easy-to-use mastering and audio editing software from Steinberg turns your computer with Xjam into an audio analysing, editing and publishing studio.


MIDI Pad controller
6 velocity-sensitive pads
3 colour pad indicators for velocity and edit/setup operation
6 MIDI encoder knobs, all programmable
Sustain pedal input
48 user-programmable scene presets, available for instant recall
Sends and receives MIDI data
Bus powered: needs no batteries or AC adapter
Size: 200mm (7.87 in) x 135mm (5,3 in) x 23mm (0.59 in)
Weight: 371g (0,8 lb)
3.5mm TRS jack to female 5-pin DIN MIDI cable available separately
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Eventide H9 Max Multi-Effects Pedal (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985927 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, light surface marks, product in perfect working condition
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, light surface marks, product in perfect working condition ***

The Eventide H9 Max features 45 algorithms and 99 factory presets from Space, TimeFactor, PitchFactor and Modfactor. More Presets are available via the H9 Control app and offer a huge range of effects; you may never need another stomp box again.

The H9 Max Stomp Box is fully controllable via its simple front panel one-knob user interface, but can also be controlled via a free iOS app, H9 Control, which can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad for live editing, creating and managing presets and changing system settings wirelessly via Bluetooth. H9 Control is also available for your Mac and PC via USB.

The Eventide H9 features stereo audio I/O, MIDI I/O, Expression Pedal, and Auxiliary Switch inputs.

The H9 comes loaded with a set of Eventide's most popular algorithms taken from their award winning stomp boxes:

From ModFactor:
- Liquid Chorus
- Organic Chorus
- Shimmer Chorus
- Classic Chorus
- Phase XO Chorus
- Bias Tremolo
- Opto Tremolo

From PitchFactor:
- H910
- H949
- Crystals
- Tuner

From TimeFactor:
- Tape Echo
- Vintage Delay

From Space:
- Shimmer
- Hall
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Expressive-E Osmose 49-Key Expressive Polyphonic Synthesiser
Cat: 920289 Rel: 24 Jul 23
Expressive polyphonic synthesizer with embedded EaganMatrix sound engine.
Notes: Next-gen standalone expressive synthesizer. Add emotion & movement to your music with a simple touch.

Osmose is the new standard for musical expressivity. Use intuitive gestures to control this standalone synthesizer and upgrade your playing & production skills. Press, bend, shake, strum & more to interact with keyboards & electronic sounds in a new organic way. Whether you're a veteran keyboardist, a workflow-oriented producer, a daring sound designer, or anything in between, Osmose will take your musical journey to uncharted places.

Explore new ways to play

Behind the expressivity of Osmose lies a few natural gestures you already know well. Discover how they interact with Osmose and enhance your musicianship from the very first touch.

Design & build quality

Designed in France to stand the test of time and touring with style, Osmose is made of quality components and boasts a high repairability index.

A sound engine by Haken Audio

Made for expressivity by Haken Audio, the EaganMatrix sound engine is at home with FM, virtual analogue, and physical modeling synthesis, as well as everything in-between.

Fun to play

Easy-to-tweak presets, a playful interface, and an innovative keybed make for a fun & refreshing playing experience, for players of all levels.

Osmose's browser has been tailored to make it a hassle-free experience. It offers various filters and sub-filters based on both sound types and colours so you can find the sounds in your head quickly.

Main features:

49 Key MPE keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch
Full-size keys with 3-dimension MPE control
EaganMatrix sound engine by Haken Audio: a digital modular sandbox allowing subtractive, FM and different physical modeling synthesis
24 voices of polyphony
Assignable mod and pitch sliders
500 factory presets
128 user presets
Configuration modes: standalone synthesizer, MPE MIDI Controller, and classic MIDI Controller
Filters and sub-filters for browsing
Customisable sensitivity and velocity curves
Multi-mode MPE arpeggiator and innovative pressure glide feature
Digital stereo effects: select between reverb , mod delay, swept echo,analog echo or LPF and HPF delay
Large colour display
9 push encoders
2 Line outputs: Two 14" TS pseudo balanced line outputs
MIDI input, output, and MIDI-thru
Separated 14" TRS headphone output on the front panel (with its dedicated volume knob)
2 continuous pedal inputs assignable to macro or sustain: 6.35 mm Jack
Power: External PSU with lockable connector, 12V, 1.5A, center positive
Dimensions (W x H x D): 894 x 316 x 87.5 mm / 35.2" x 12.4" x 3.4"
Weight: 8.3 kg / 18.4 lbs
Includes a software updater for new firmware and library versions
Includes a Mac/PC editor to create and edit sound
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Flame Joyrec Joystick Recorder Module
Flame Joyrec Joystick Recorder Module (controller/CV modulation/utility synth module)
Cat: 731957 Rel: 03 Jul 19
Small compact joystick module with recording function - 8HP
Notes: The module can record the joystick movement up to a length of over a minute. The sequence remains stored in the battery-backed RAM after switching off. When playing the sequence, it can be manipulated in speed and playback direction.

There is a FREEZE function to hold the current joystick position plus an external reset input. In addition, a GATE is set during movement and a CV voltage is output as a function of the joystick movement. The ranges of the X / Y output voltages are bipolar +/- 5v or unipolar from 0 to + 10v. Both channels X and Y have a passive attenuator potentiometer, so that the voltage range can also be set lower.
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Frequency Central Wonderland 8×8 Patchbay/Matrix Mixer/Switcher Module
Cat: 883524 Rel: 20 Jun 22
8 x 8 active patchbay/matrix mixer/switcher with normal and inverted outputs and micro-attenuators.
Notes: Wonderland is an 8×8 active patchbay/matrix mixer/switcher for both audio and control voltages. It features:

8 inputs (1 through to 8), each with micro-attenuators (which can be set with a small screwdriver)
8 buffered inverted outputs (A through to H) which are 180o out of phase with the inputs
8 buffered normal outputs (A through to H) which are in phase with the inputs
A switch matrix of 64 push on/push off switches
Any of the 8 inputs can be patched to any of the 8 outputs simply by pressing the corresponding switches. A patched signal will appear at both normal and inverted outputs simultaneously.

A single input can be patched to a single output. A single input can be patched to multiple outputs. Multiple inputs can be patched to a single output. Multiple inputs can be patched to multiple outputs.

Each input features a micro-attenuator which can be set with a small screwdriver. This space saving feature allows you to reduce the volume of an incoming signal without having to resort to external attenuators. If you add many inputs to one output you will of course cause clipping (which may or may not be desirable!), the micro-attenuators are your on-board way around this. I find it useful to leave the micro-attenuators set to 50% (which is how they come pre-set at delivery). Of course, their size is a little bit of a compromise, but they are a useful feature nonetheless. Wonderland’s sister module Looking Glass includes full size input attenuators as well as LED status indicators.

Product Specifications
12V draw

5V draw

-12V draw


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Gravity MS4222B Short Microphone Stand With Folding Tripod Base & 2 Point Adjustment Telescoping Boom (B-STOCK)
Cat: 984748 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original box, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original box, product in perfect working order***

The MS 4222 B is a premium quality microphone stand with thick walled tubing, powder coated finish and 74 cm maximum height. The heavy duty round base made of cast iron is equipped with a rubber bottom to provide acoustic isolation and protect surfaces.

The boom hub features precision 2-point tilt and position adjustment of the telescoping boom arm. A quick fastener allows for variable extension to a maximum length of 88 cm facilitating flexible mic placement. For easy height adjustment the MS 4222 B sports a smooth, durable clutch with threaded handle. The ergonomic knobs and clutch handle are made from high grade ABS with a soft touch, non-slip thermoplastic coating for comfortable operation, and the custom designed retainer requires no tools for quick and secure microphone clip attachment.

A set of black coding rings is included with the MS 4222 B, additional ring packs are available in a wide array of colours for instant personalization.

- Tubing material: Steel
- Tubing colour: Black
- Tubing surface: Powder coated
- Min. height: 510 mm
- Max. height: 740 mm
- Transport length: 650 mm
- Height adjustment: Yes
- Base type: Tripod
- Base material: Zinc die-cast
- Boom model: 2-point adjustment
- Boom length: 880 mm
- Interchangeable rings: 1 x 25 mm, 2 x 15 mm, 4 x 20 mm
- Black ring pack included
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Hexinverter Mindphaser Analogue Dual Oscillator Module
Hexinverter Mindphaser Analogue Dual Oscillator Module (oscillator/CV modulation/waveshaper/ring modulator synth module)
Cat: 975739 Rel: 08 Nov 23
Next generation complex dual oscillator module - 30HP.
Notes: Seriously impressive complex oscillator from Hexinverter, based around contrasting analogue VCOs, linked through a modulation bus, with wave shaping and thru-zero phase modulation.

Supplier's Notes:
Mindphaser is a next generation complex dual oscillator for the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. Its dual oscillator architecture builds on and advances principles developed decades ago, by pioneers of electronic music synthesis.

Mindphaser generates sounds through its dual VCO cores: the Carrier and Modulator, and in addition to these cores, a palette of intermodulation capability is offered through the Modulation Bus (ModBus) and a separate, supplementary through-zero phase modulation (TZ-PM) bus. The sound is further sculpted by a final set of tools contained in the Waveshaper, before reaching the final output.

Redesigned by Erica Synths in close collaboration with Hexinverter. Erica Synths did minor alterations in mechanical assembly and digital controls to address Erica Synths' manufacturing routines and chip shortages, but the analogue signal path is 100% identical to the original version.

Technical specifications:

Width: 30HP
Depth: 24mm
Current draw: +188mA, -107mA
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Hosa CSS-803 8-Way 1/4" (6.3mm) Jack Balanced Snake Cable Loom (3m)
Cat: 559404 Rel: 19 Jan 15
1/4" TRS jack snake loom cable, 3m
Notes: 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS

This snake is designed to interconnect pro audio gear with balanced phone jacks. It is ideal for use with mixing consoles and patch bays. Features include:

- Nickel-plated plugs for rugged durability and efficient signal transfer
- Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity
- OFC spiral shields for effective EMI and RFI rejection and flexibility

Connectors: 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS
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IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro X Analogue Desktop Synthesiser (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985434 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Item refurbished, repaired and in perfect working order.
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Item refurbished, repaired and in perfect working order.***

Flagship model in IK's Uno Synth range, the Pro X adds extra synth power to the three-oscillator analogue design, with plenty of hands-on control and sequencing power.

Supplier's Notes:
Freedom of sound

Paraphonic dual filter analogue synthesiser

Embark on a liberating sonic adventure with UNO Synth PRO X, a powerful analogue synthesizer that'll ignite your creativity and elevate your music to new dimensions. Prepare to be inspired as you explore a world of infinite possibilities, where technology meets the timeless allure of analogue warmth.

Get creative

Featuring three discrete wave-morphing oscillators, the UNO Synth PRO X invites you to explore a vast sonic landscape. Unleash your imagination with PWM, sync, FM, and ring modulation capabilities: Your sonic palette knows no bounds.

Unrivalled sound sculpting

Discover a new realm of sonic possibilities with the UNO Synth PRO X's dual-filter design, combining classic OTA and SSI-chip-based filters. Immerse yourself in the moment as you weave intricate textures and shape your sound to perfection. Dive deeper into sonic exploration with the 16-slot modulation matrix enabling you to create intricate and evolving textures.

Sound connection

Take complete control over your music with over 30 hands-on controls, providing immediate access to your sound-shaping tools. With USB, MIDI, CV and Gate in/out options, integrating the UNO Synth PRO X into your setup is effortless.

4 kinds of effects

With 10 studio-quality FX in three slots and an analogue drive, your music will further come to life with warmth and character.

3 effects slots + analogue drive
Vintage chorus and uni-vibe
5 different delays
Hall, plate and shimmer reverbs

From sequencing to arranging

Unleash your creative potential, easily creating complex ever-evolving sequences. Try the 10-mode arpeggiator, equipped with a pattern designer to bring your melodies to life. New horizons are just around the corner with the Bassline mode, along with legato, mono and paraphonic modes, offering unprecedented expression of your musical ideas.

Advanced paraphonic 64-step sequencer
Per-step parameter recording with up to 48 parameters
Sequence randomizer that follows the scale you select
Parameter automation per step and real-time
10-mode arpeggiator with pattern designer
New Bassline mode plus legato, mono and paraphonic modes

Seamless DAW integration

With 256 user-editable presets the UNO Synth PRO X is a playground for sonic fun and exploration. Effortlessly sculpt save and recall your own custom sounds recapturing every moment of your creativity. And with the included Editor/Librarian software providing seamless control from your Mac or PC anything becomes possible. The Editor works as both a standalone application and as a plug-in inside your favourite DAW. This means you can program and play the UNO Synth PRO X just like a virtual instrument.

Designed for portability
The UNO Synth PRO X is not only a fun sound-design partner but also the perfect musical companion on the go, adapting to any environment. From backpack to mainstage, new sonic destinations will always be within reach.
Ultralight and ultraportable
PSU or USB battery pack power supply
Balanced stereo and headphone outputs

Custom travel bag available

Whether you're a seasoned sound designer or on the way to becoming one, UNO Synth PRO X is here to travel physically and sonically wherever you go.

UNO Synth PRO X Specifications

Sound generation
3 discrete wave-morphing oscillators
3 super-fast envelopes with loop and retrigger options
PWM, sync, FM and ring modulation
Dual-filter design, OTA and SSI-chip based
12 studio-quality FX in 3 slots + analogue drive

Performance tools
Advanced paraphonic 64-step sequencer
10-mode arpeggiator with pattern designer
New Bassline mode plus legato, mono, paraphonic
Audio input to filters and FXs or pass-through

Complete controls
Over 30 hands-on controls
16-slot modulation matrix
256 user editable presets
USB / MIDI / CV / Gate in/out
Backlight control and onboard factory preset restore
Advanced software control for Mac/PC

Ready for travel
Ultralight and ultraportable
PSU or USB battery pack power supply
Balanced stereo and headphone outputs
Editor/Librarian included
Optional gig bag available

Size (W x D x H): 33.3 x 15 x 5 cm, 13.11 x 5.91 x 1.96 in.
Enclosure: Plastic
Weight: 800 g, 1.76 lb
Power: iRig PSU-3A (included) or USB (5V/1.5A, 7.5W or above)

Package includes
1x USB-C to USB-C Cable - 60 cm, 23.6 in.
Power Supply Unit
Quick start guide
Registration card

NOTE: USB power has inherent ground noise, so when connecting the UNO Synth directly to your computer via USB, you may hear more noise and interference than when the synth is connected to a USB wall charger or running via batteries. With the direct computer connection, you can reduce the USB ground noise and other interference by either using a USB isolator or a custom TRS cable into a balanced input on your preamp or audio interface where the ground is not connected at the balanced input side.

UNO Synth Pro Editor Compatibility

64-bit application. Requires a 64 bit CPU and Operating System.

Macr (64-bits)
Minimal: macOS 10.15 or later.

Windowsr (64-bits)
Minimal: Windows 8 or late
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Johnny Brook 20W Guitar Amplifier (blue) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985192 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order***

The Johnny Brook 20 Watt Amplifier is an ideal portable solution for any aspiring musician. It is suitable for most Electric and Electro Acoustic Guitars.

This ultra-portable amplifier is big on features: includes Volume Control (treble and bass), (6.5in.) 20 Watt speaker, 6.35 mm Input and 6.35 mm Headphone Output. It can also be used as a music speaker for your MP3 player, phone or laptop.
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Jomox Mod FM 8-Voice FM Synthesiser Module
Cat: 967072 Rel: 14 Nov 23
8-voice 4-operator FM synthesiser module - 56HP.
Notes: This long-awaited FM voice module from Jomox is a self-contained synth in Eurorack format, patchable and compatible with other modules but capable of creating eight-voice polyphonic patches all on its own. Vastly powerful.

Supplier's Notes:
The Mod FM is a completely self-contained 8 voice FM synth in eurorack format, which can create powerful sounds out of the box without lacking the commonly provided CV modulation possibilities.

It provides 4 Operators and 2 LFOs/VCOs per voice. Additionally it has 2 analogue filters and analogue VCAs per voice which apply analogue warmth and depth to the Mod FM, although the FM engine is digital of course.

Each voice has own CV/Gate inputs and an individual output. There is a mix output which separates even and odd voices. Here you can mix internal effects like delay and reverb to the stereo output signal.

Next to the CV/Gate control, the Mod FM has Midi in and out in TRS type A format and a USB C connector which handles Midi too.

Even without diving too much into complicated modular setups you can create extremely good sounding and metallic FM sounds, snappy bases but also soft and deep sounding analogue style sounds.

Furthermore, the Mod FM offers a variety of external cv modulations in order to e.g. modulate each operator individually or control the FM envelopes.

The Mod FM is fully multitimbral, i.e. each voice can play an own sound in Multi Mode which gets stored as a complete multi set (not only vectorized). That is, you can copy a single sound to the desired multi, but editings made on that particular multi get stored along with the multi set.

Hence, we have the biggest advantage of the hybrid approach:

Modular is great but can be very complex, and you might be trapped in a system where you never reach again the desired sound of the latest session. Storability certainly helps.

The different sections in more detail:

Matrix FM:

4 operators are arranged in a matrix, in which every operator (= sine oscillator) can be modulated by each one of the other three.

The 16 endless potentiometers of the matrix adjust the modulation amount (FM amt) and the base frequency of the operators.

For each operator you can change the base frequency by the diagonal knobs.

There are several overtone modes that determine if one operator is controlled by the keynote (or CV) = base operator, or if it's locked in as overtone (= overtone operator) to the assigned base operator. For the base operator, the number resembles xxx semitones added to the keynote.

For the overtone operator, the adjusted number is the xxx = Nth overtone or harmonics to the base operator frequency.

The locked overtone operator tracks the base operator and is still able to modulate and being modulated.

Each operator has an ADSR envelope. This envelope can also be used to frequency-modulate the operator.


The algorithms from the known FM synthesis are actually special cases to the whole matrix.

Because it gets pretty quickly uncontrollable if you turn all the knobs because of the feedbacks, Jomox have decided to implement the algorithms. There are 26 algorithms, that are derived from the DX9 with its 4 operators.

At this menu it's even possible to change the frequency mode of each operator to a fixed frequency that is edited in single Hz and which does not follow the keynote, but only modulation. That makes sense for e.g. percussive sounds.


Each voice has 2 LFOs which can modulate either the frequency (FM) or the amplitude (AM) of an operator. Every LFO addresses 64 different wave forms that are displayed in the right OLED display.

There is another feature: each LFO can be switched into a VCO that covers the whole audio range. You can even mix it into the signal chain and it tracks to the keynote. The former LFO rate parameter turns into a detune parameter. That is, you can create classic sounding rectangle/sawtooth analogue basses or string pads - and much more of course.


Each voice contains an analogue filter which is build up with the chip SSI2140 from Sound Semiconductor, which is an improved modern version of the old SSM2040, designed by Dave Rossum, and which had been used in Oberheim synths and the early SCI Prophet-5.

The filter has a classic 24dB output and a 12dB state-variable multimode-filter. The three basic characteristic outputs LP/BP/HP can be cross-faded continuously with one parameter called shape.

Both filter outputs 24dB/12dB can be mixed independently.

The ADSR for the filter is fast and cuts in very quick and directly, the resonance is well adjustable.

The filter section contains an own LFO for the cutoff which is independent from the digital sound engine and has also 64 waveforms.

The VCA is a fast transistor-VCA which is important for snappy sounds. The same transistor-VCA is used in all Jomox drum products. Therefore the ModFM can be used as a rich source for technoid drums and percussions of any kind.
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Joranalogue 60cm Premium Patch Cables With 3.5mm Mono Mini-Jack Connectors (black, pack of 8)
Cat: 981072 Rel: 15 Nov 23
3.5mm mono mini-jack connectors premium patch cables
Notes: What started as a simple plan to develop a new line of patch cables, quickly became an engineering feat in typical Joranalogue fashion. After countless hours of stripping cables, benchmarking crosstalk and high frequency performance, and designing in-house cable testing tools, Patch is the result of these efforts.

Patch is a series of top-quality patch cables for the discerning modularist, available in black and white, and a variety of lengths. Constructed using a custom-made coaxial base cable and over moulded mini-jack plugs, protected by unique laser-cut aluminium shells, these Eurorack cables are designed to outlast and outperform.

Lengths 15, 30, 60 and 90 cm are available in 8-packs, while the extra-long 150 cm cables are supplied in 4-packs.

Premium patch cables with 3.5 mm mono mini-jack connectors for Eurorack modular synthesiser use.
Engineered for audio, CV as well as analogue video signals.
Unique anodised aluminium shells and heavy duty bend reliefs for long life span.
7 inner signal and 40 outer shield conductors of 100 % ultra-pure oxygen free copper.
Extra-flexible PVC outer sleeve: satisfying 'droop' without crinkles.
Safely packaged in a reusable cotton bag with branded hook-and-loop cable tie included.
Incredibly fun to patch with. (Seriously!)
Designed in Belgium; made in China.
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quote 981072
Joranalogue Receive 2 Dual Balanced Line Inputs Module
Cat: 757116 Rel: 07 Jan 20
Compact dual mono or stereo XLR/6.35 mm jack input module
Notes: While modular synthesisers are most often used as stand-alone instruments, they also present exciting opportunities for processing external signals. Anything from an electric guitar to an effects send on a studio mixing desk can benefit from the unique sonic capabilities of even a modest Eurorack system.

However, patching in an external source usually requires an adapter cable and plenty of clean gain to bring the signal to Eurorack level. If the signal source is balanced, a balanced input is required as well to provide the best possible interference rejection.

Receive 2 (or RX2 for short) provides a convenient all-in-one solution. It offers two universal external inputs, which accept both balanced or single-ended signals via XLR or 6.35 mm jack connectors.

The circuit incorporates low-impedance design practices, radio-frequency (RF) filtering and premium balanced receivers to provide transformer-like interconnect performance in a compact and affordable module. And thanks to the electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, it’s rugged enough to survive the rigours of performing on the road.

The very clean integrated pre-amps feature variable gain, ranging from unity to +40 dB on each channel. As a result, Receive 2 can handle just about any signal source you may encounter, including electric instruments, piezoelectric pickups and many dynamic microphones.

Adjusting the gains is a breeze thanks to the dual peak-responding LED meters. A mix output is included as well, so external signals can be easily mixed directly in the module.
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Keith McMillen K-Board-C 25-Key Mini MPE MIDI Keyboard Controller (snow)
Cat: 913466 Rel: 01 Dec 22
A simple yet expressive, durable, portable USB MPE MIDI keyboard designed for music producers and performers to use anywhere.
Notes: K-Board-C is a simple yet expressive, durable, portable USB MPE MIDI keyboard designed for music producers and performers to use anywhere. K-Board-C works with all of your music software, connecting to your computer or mobile device via USB-C. K-Board-C is MPE compatible with 25 touch sensitive keys to detect velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, and per-key tilt, giving you total control of musical expression. The new K-Board-C enclosure features a durable ABS polycarbonate finish that comes in 5 fun colours: Snow, Galaxy, Orchid, Lime and Aqua. Powerful and portable, the K-Board-C is designed for everyone making music!

K-BOARD-C Key Features

Colourful Options

K-Board-C comes in 5 exciting colours: Galaxy, Snow, Orchid, Lime and Aqua. These new enclosures built from durable ABS Polycarbonate are built to last and fun to play. Express yourself!

Play MPE Synths

K-Board-C is the simplest, most affordable way to start playing with the multidimensional sounds of MPE synths. Connect K-Board-C to a synth with MPE enabled and instantly the dimensions of velocity, tilt and pressure of each key bring the synth to life. Express yourself!

USB-C Connection

Modernizing the K-Board connection jack to USB-C adds a new level of robustness to the K-Board-C design, and we look forward to connecting with more and more devices as the new standard grows.
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Keith McMillen QuNexus MPE MIDI-CV Mini Keyboard Controller (red edition)
Cat: 858056 Rel: 14 Dec 21
A super compact, extremely durable, versatile and highly programmable 25 note keyboard controller designed to be deeply expressive and connect through USB, CD Gate and 5-Pin MIDI.
Notes: QuNexus is a powerful MPE keyboard controller and three track arpeggiator/step sequencer. Its 25 touch-sensitive keys detect velocity, polyphonic aftertouch, and per-key tilt, giving you unprecedented control and musical expression. Each of the three arpeggiator/sequencer tracks can be programmed with up to 32 steps, 10 selectable arpeggiator patterns, and can be independently assigned to USB, MIDI, and Eurorack outputs. Blue and white LEDs illuminate the keys during arpeggiations, step sequences, and playback.

QuNexus can control MIDI hardware using the included MIDI Out cable or the optional MIDI Expander (sold separately). You can connect to modular synthesizers via the gate, three CV outputs, and two CV inputs, all of which can be assigned using the QuNexus editor which is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Features to play by

QuNexus | SequencerQuNexus | Play Sequencer


A three track step sequencer and arpeggiator to create, jam, and compose music on the fly with.

QuNexus | ConnectedQuNexus | Play Connected


QuNexus connects to USB, MIDI, and Eurorack devices. And with three assignable tracks, you can quickly switch between multiple devices.

QuNexus | MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)QuNexus | Play MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)

Each of the 25 keys detects pitch, velocity, slide (y position), and pressure.


USB MIDI with three ports (keyboard, expander, and CV)
MIDI DIN out using the included KMI MIDI Out Adapter Cable
MIDI DIN in and out using the optional KMI MIDI Expander (sold separately)
1 Gate output, 3 CV output, and 2 CV inputs (using 1/8" stereo trs connectors)

Control Layer and Programming

Separate control layer lets you map each key to its own notes and/or CCs
Standalone editing and saving of most common parameters
Advanced configuration using the QuNexus Editor
Compatible with MacOS and Windows
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Korg SQ-1 Analogue Step Sequencer (B-STOCK)
Cat: 985761 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Without original cables, box opened, product in full working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Without original cables, box opened, product in full working order***

When the classic MS-20 analog synthesizer appeared in 1978, it had a trusted partner in the SQ-10 step sequencer. Now, after thirty years, the MS-20 has been reborn as the MS-20 mini, and the SQ-10 has evolved into the more modern SQ-1.

The SQ-1 is a compact step sequencer with 2 x 8 steps. It's wealth of connection jacks allows it to be connected to the MS-20 and a variety of other synthesizers. Vintage analog synths or the latest compact synths can be controlled from this single unit. You can also switch between a variety of synthesizer modes and use the step buttons to create performances overflowing with spontaneity, just as when using a volca unit.

Liberate yourself from the numerically-bound parameter editing that's typical on a DAW; you'll enjoy truly musical inspiration as you train your ears and concentrate on what your fingertips are doing. Don't miss the experience of music that's driven by your instinct.

Rather than the commonly used V/Oct standard, the CV design of the MS-20 always used the Hz/V standard that provides excellent pitch stability limiting the step sequencers that are able to correctly control the MS-20. As a descendant of the SQ-10, the SQ-1 supports the Hz/V standard, enabling it to perfectly control the MS-20 or MS-20 mini. It goes without saying the V/Oct standard is also supported, and the voltage level of the CV output and polarity of the GATE output can be specified as appropriate for the device you've connected. This versatility will enable you to control a wide variety of other synthesizers as well.

As a connector, the SQ-1 provides two CV/GATE OUT channels, the standard MIDI OUT and USB MIDI, littleBits out (to connect to the littleBits synth kit by littleBits Electronics Inc.), plus the SYNC IN/OUT channel that allows you to connect to the volca series and monotribe. Compact and complete with all the functions you need, the SQ-1 is the ideal hardware sequencer.

The SQ-1 provides two channels (A and B) of 8-step sequencer that can operate consecutively, or be used in a variety of other modes. For example, you can run A and B following each other to function as a 16-step sequencer, ignore the order and make the steps play randomly, or use A and B to control different parameters as they run in parallel. From simple sequences to complex changes, you can choose from a variety of modes to suit your needs.

The 2 x 8 step buttons can be used in the usual way to turn notes on/off, but you can also use the MODE button to switch their function, opening up powerful possibilities such as letting you "perform" the sequence itself, as on a volca unit.

"Active Step" lets you skip steps mid-way through a sequence, and "Step Jump" lets you instantly play just the step that you press, producing irregular rhythms or effects that are reminiscent of short loops. "Slide" produces an effect in which steps are connected smoothly; using this to control a synth bass is an easy way for anyone to generate an acid sound.

Packed with carefully selected functionality, the SQ-1 features a compact and very sturdy sheet-metal body. Placed beside the MS-20 series, you'll notice a sense of solidity that gives the impression they were manufactured in the same era. The unit can operate on two AA batteries or on USB bus power.

Sequence step resolution is selectable as quarter notes, eighth notes, or 16th notes.

You can specify the way in which the step knobs control the pitch. The knob values can specify the pitch directly, or they can specify the closest note in a major, minor, or chromatic scale.
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Korg Wavestate MK2 Wave Sequencing Digital Keyboard Synthesiser (B-STOCK)
Cat: 986596 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order***

Updated version of Korg's excellent Wavestate, drawing on the iconic Wavestation synth to create a modern take on wavetable synthesis, now with added polyphony.

Supplier's Notes:
Wavestate mkII

Extended polyphony. Extended possibilities.

Korg's legendary Wavestation introduced the world to wave sequencing, and the 37-key Wavestate mkII builds on that legacy with a reimagined, compact synth designed to satisfy today's demanding musicians and producers. MkII expands polyphony to 96 stereo voices and adds a fresh look. It's completely compatible with sounds and samples for the original Wavestate.


Korg's legendary Wavestation introduced the world to Wave Sequencing, transforming raw samples into sounds that no-one had ever heard before. The flagship OASYS, Kronos and Nautilus keyboards developed Wave Sequencing even further, expanding on its unique palette of lush, evolving pads and driving rhythms.

Now, Korg is proud to present the new Wavestate mkII, with improved polyphony (96 stereo voices) and a fresh look. It's completely compatible with sounds and samples for both the original Wavestate, Wavestate SE and Wavestate Native software, including many excellent third-party libraries. Updated sounds and software keep it fresh and the compact form-factor, with 37 full-size keys, still transports easily and fits neatly into any stage, studio, or desktop setup.

Keyboard: 37-keys, velocity sensative
Sound generation: Wave Sequencing 2.0
Polyphony: 96 stereo voices
Configuration: Performance: 4 layers, reverb, EQ
Layers: Program, Arpeggiator, Key, and Velocity Zones
Programs: Wave Sequence, Filter, Amp, Pre FX, Mod FX, Delay
Presets: 261 Performances,799 Programs, and 1042 Wave Sequences
Controllers: MOD wheel, PITCH wheel, Vector Joystick, 8 x program/Performance Mod knobs.
Effects: Pre FX x4, Mod FX x4, Delay x4, Reverb, Performance EQ


Audio Outputs L/MONO, R (6.3mm TRS phone jack, impedance balanced)
Headphones (6.3mm stereo phone jack)
Damper (6.3mm phone jack)
MIDI in,out
USB Type B

Power: AC adapter (DC12V, 2500mA)
Power consumption 5w
Dimensions: 565 W x 338 (D x 92 (H mm
Weight: 2.9kg
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