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Back catalogue: Electro House

Juno's full catalogue of Electro House
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La 11 Eme Marche (remix)
Cat: PIASF 076/9420076130. Rel: 09 Nov 02
La 11 Eme Marche (Rollercoaster mix)
Anni Mari
 in stock $13.89
Gingko Remixed
Cat: PLAYRJCPP 00. Rel: 20 Jan 22
Gingko (DJ Gerd Janson dance mix) (6:41)
Gingko (Lauer remix) (7:33)
Gingko (DJ City remix) (6:52)
Gingko (Nice Girl remix) (5:54)
 in stock $14.42
Mother EP
Mother EP (12")
Cat: DMU 091. Rel: 23 Mar 22
Mother (6:33)
Lost In The Stars (6:58)
Lost In The Stars (Avidus remix) (6:41)
Mother (Definition remix) (7:24)
 in stock $13.38
The Talkbox Track EP
The Talkbox Track EP (limited 12")
Cat: BIZR 004. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Felons & B Love - "The Talkbox Track" (5:34)
Felons & B Love - "M Is For Muff" (5:59)
Jhobei & Oliver R - "What's On Then" (6:31)
Love & Charleze - "IC3D" (6:44)
Review: Party starting outfit Bizarre is back with another offering of leftfield club cuts. The A-side of this one has been carefully curated by founding members Felon5 & B.Love. Their cosmic house excursion starts with the playful robot funk of 'The Talkbox Track' and then takes in the silky space tech of 'M Is For Muff' which is effortlessly cool. Jhobei & Oliver R then step up with 'What's On Then' which is another mix of warped bass and neon synth lines over popping tech funk and then Love & Charleze conspire to send you home on a nice warm hearted disco tech vibe with their 'IC3D' featuring some super synth expressions.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $16.00
Perla Negra
Cat: FLAWED 002. Rel: 19 May 21
Wall Of Sound (6:44)
Sleeping City (6:50)
Sr Gathijo (6:13)
Track 4 (with Fabri Lopez - bonus track) (5:45)
$10.48 SAVE 33%
 in stock $7.02
Hay Consuelo (3 Channels & Samim remixes)
Cat: ALPHA 00726. Rel: 03 Apr 08
Hay Consuelo (3 Channels Catz For Dogs remix)
Hay Consuelo (Samim remix)
 in stock $14.68
Bmore Baby EP
Cat: CT 001. Rel: 06 May 22
Monk's Army (7:46)
Bmore Baby (5:44)
Revolver (6:17)
9 Dreams (6:05)
Tags: Minimal
 in stock $15.20
Shoshin (12")
Cat: TTP 002. Rel: 12 Sep 22
Formalaita (6:42)
Cratera (6:57)
Shoshin (7:13)
 in stock $13.63
Mixtape 1
Mixtape 1 (sky blue vinyl 12" + MP3 download code limited to 50 copies)
Cat: RS 042. Rel: 19 Oct 21
Special Request (5:17)
Axel G (live) (3:46)
Polo 1.2 (live) (5:42)
 in stock $16.26
Mother's Love EP
Mother's Love EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BKR 016. Rel: 14 Feb 22
Venus Agenda (7:59)
Mother's Love (4:23)
Altarf (4:00)
Review: Black Key recruit the consistently excellent Dan Piu for their nineteenth vinyl release, laying out three tracks of sophisticated deep house. Opener, "Venus Agenda" (which Piu claims is one of his all-time favourites), builds with reverb-soaked claps and the faintest hint of acid in the bass line, before skipping hi hats and lush pads move us in a deeper direction, soon making way for a haunting, yet beautiful lead - this one really is a thing of wonder. "Mother's Love" immediately heads in a different direction, with sublime keys and a subtle, yet highly effective bass line, and a sparsely used vocal sample heightening the mood when it appears. Finally, "Altarf" again takes us to new territory, with the opening, pacey 45 seconds quickly making way for dreamy pads and a perfectly crafted bassline, underpinned by a broken beat kick and expertly programmed hi hats. This package firmly shows why Piu is in such high demand with some of the best labels in the business.

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 in stock $10.48
Tone Dropout Vol 10
Cat: TD 2110. Rel: 17 May 22
Dawl - "Andromeda" (5:23)
Escape Earth - "Impact Event" (4:59)
Kiddmisha - "Retrodance" (4:41)
The He-Men - "Evolution 1" (6:16)
Marino - "Rave Alarm" (6:44)
Review: When it comes to retro-futurist, analogue-rich gems inspired by turn-of-the-'90s electronic music, there's no more reliable outlet than Tone Dropout. The label's latest drop - their tenth multi-artist extravagana - is once again packed with cuts that sound like they could have been made in 1990 or '91. Boss man Dawl kicks things off with a cracking fusion of punchy electro and bleep & bass ('Into Andromeda'), before Escape Earth deliver a dash of acid-flecked breakbeat hardcore ('Impact Event') and Kiddmisha explores acid-electro pastures on 'Retrodance'. The body popping fun continues apace on side B opener 'Evolution 1', a punchy electro club cut from The He Men - before Marino draws things to a close via the rumbling bass, skittish breakbeats and moody chords of 'Rave Alarm'.
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 in stock $10.48
5 Yrs Of DGTL Records: Part 2
Cat: DGTL 0202V. Rel: 11 Aug 22
Dax J - "Molotonic Beats" (6:07)
Deniro - "Dhundredx" (5:59)
JP Enfant - "Generate" (6:32)
$14.42 SAVE 33%
 in stock $9.67
Commercial EP1
Cat: PXC 000LP. Rel: 07 May 21
Fuck (8:46)
Suck (5:46)
Luck (6:34)
 in stock $13.11
Faxing Berlin
Cat: PLAY 12027. Rel: 01 Mar 22
Faxing Berlin (8:40)
Faxing Berlin (Chris Lake remix) (8:08)
Faxing Berlin (Piano acoustic mix & radio edit) (4:48)
 in stock $14.42
Infinite Strikes
Cat: UTTU 116. Rel: 06 May 22
Infinite Strikes (5:31)
Extreme Meltdown (6:00)
Another Fish In The Pan (5:05)
Big Jason & The Fruit Fly (7:51)
 in stock $13.89
Cat: BFP 001. Rel: 21 Oct 21
Lavorare (Crookers Crunk remix) (5:06)
Lavorare (feat Drop In The Sea - Diabolico Coupe remix) (4:09)
 in stock $9.43
Space Rider
Cat: EMP 004. Rel: 22 Jan 20
Space Rider (5:29)
Elements (5:00)
F2 (4:56)
 in stock $11.53
Gibberish EP
Cat: LC 2097002. Rel: 14 Oct 21
Saidas Touch (7:47)
Saidas Touch (Channelling EJ (ESP)) (7:01)
Mangold Haze (8:40)
Dual Relaxation Of Vibrational Haze (8:36)
 in stock $12.32
Barbra Streisand
Cat: 12GLOBE 1472. Rel: 13 Oct 10
Barbara Streisand (extended)
Barbara Streisand (Afrojack Ducky mix)
Barbara Streisand (Afrojack Meaty mix)
 in stock $16.26
Highway To Planet E
Highway To Planet E (limited 12")
Cat: QU I002. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Magic Ambience (6:18)
Weather Morphing (8:06)
Kick It & Drop It (6:44)
Empire State Beat (5:31)
 in stock $16.78
Titelheld (12")
Cat: COR 12024. Rel: 22 Oct 21
Titelheld (8:09)
Titelheld (FSK 18) (5:49)
Stammgast (5:27)
 in stock $12.85
We Are Electric
Cat: LOEB 010. Rel: 03 Sep 09
We Are Electric (original version)
We Are Electric (Hot Chip remix)
We Are Electric (Cursor Miner remix)
We Are Electric (Classixx remix)
 in stock $13.11
Altair (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CTZ 049. Rel: 13 Sep 21
They Will Fight For You (7:38)
Les Dunes Of Altair (7:26)
Les Dunes Of Altair (Damon Jee remix) (6:16)
 in stock $13.63
Altair (B-STOCK)
Altair (B-STOCK) (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CTZ 049 (B-STOCK). Rel: 13 Sep 21
They Will Fight For You
Les Dunes Of Altair
Les Dunes Of Altair (Damon Jee remix)
 in stock $10.38
Split EP
Split EP (limited 12")
Cat: CVRD 003. Rel: 14 Jul 23
Furz - "Beyond Your Eyes" (7:22)
Furz - "The Riddler" (6:34)
Prodot - "Fuzzy " (9:03)
Prodot - "Jim The Worm" (8:20)
 in stock $14.95
IBM (purple vinyl 12")
Cat: BAENGER 0006. Rel: 11 Feb 22
IBM (6:04)
IBM (Yourhighness Tisno dub mix) (6:38)
 in stock $14.16
Euphoric Vibes
Cat: RM 12017. Rel: 29 Jun 22
Euphoric Vibes (8:37)
Lazy Beats (5:34)
R Drone (7:10)
Eeeee (6:22)
 in stock $11.53
Sad Cowboy (remixes)
Sad Cowboy (remixes) (limited 12")
Cat: RT 206T. Rel: 07 May 21
Sad Cowboy (5:20)
Sad Cowboy (Nidia remix) (5:08)
Sad Cowboy (PVA remix) (4:20)
Sad Cowboy (DJ Dairy remix) (3:30)
Sad Cowboy (Tony Njoku remix) (4:37)
 in stock $8.13
The Vinyl Singles Collection Volume 04
Cat: CLDVS 2021004. Rel: 12 Jul 22
Young Again (feat Chris Jones) (3:40)
Follow Me (feat Jason Derulo) (3:22)
 in stock $17.31
The Vinyl Singles Collection Volume 01
Cat: CLDVS 2021001. Rel: 12 Jul 22
How We Do (with Showtek) (3:04)
Cobra (official Energy anthem 2012) (3:04)
 in stock $17.31
The Vinyl Singles Collection Volume 02
Cat: CLDVS 2021005. Rel: 12 Jul 22
Countdown (with Makj) (2:48)
Encoded (3:13)
 in stock $17.31
The Vinyl Singles Collection Volume 05
Cat: CLDVS 2021003. Rel: 12 Jul 22
Mad World (3:32)
Run Wild (3:06)
 in stock $17.31
Saturday Night EP
Cat: QUINTESSE 79. Rel: 17 Nov 21
Pushin On (4:45)
Together (6:13)
Trashcamp (4:23)
Review: German producer Simon Hinter has been quiet for the last year. But now, 12 months after his last outing, the quietly assured artist is backed with three more of his raw, funky, filtered and chunky house grooves. They come after years of superb sounds on the likes of Tenth Circle, Suspected and Phil Holland and have previously been supported by DJs like Osunlade. 'Pushin On' takes that well known vocal sample and reworks it into a toughened house beat, 'Together' cuts loose on more disco-fried sounds and samples and 'Trashcamp' rounds out with a dusty, stripped back and dubbed house tune for cosy basements.
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 in stock $11.01
The Bump
The Bump (12")
Cat: HUSSYB 010. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Bump (original mix)
The Bump (Tonite Only remix)
 in stock $1.04
Woop Woop
Woop Woop (12")
Cat: LOEB 004. Rel: 01 Jun 07
Hot Chip/The Chap - "Woop Woop"
Zilla/The Chap - "President At Last"
Pier Bucci/The Chap - "Space = Volume"
Vincent Oliver/The Chap - "Aiti Where To"
 in stock $13.11
Parallel Universe Awareness
Cat: MOVES 004. Rel: 14 Jul 23
Divine Sacrement (7:27)
Disciple Of The Vault (6:07)
Hello My Name Is (7:00)
Child Of Night (6:33)
 in stock $13.89
Last Night EP
Cat: RB 106. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Last Night (7:32)
Last Night (1981 version) (5:25)
How We Started (6:59)
On Your Side (instrumental version) (6:19)
Review: Nacho Marco and Garen Moreno have not released much music as Jet Hammer - just two singles in a decade, in fact - but what they have put out is genuinely superb. Their latest EP, an expansive collection of retro-futurist gems inspired by 12" mixes of the 1980s, is similarly impressive. For proof, check opener 'Last Night', which sounds like the missing link between Italo-disco and the Cure; the Bobby Orlando-era Pet Shop Boys meets New Order wonder of 'How It Started'; and 'On Your Side (Instrumental Version)', which adds an early UK acid house veneer to the shimmering, club-ready extended synth-pop jams of the late '80s. Throw in an alternative new wave/post-punk style '1981 Mix' of 'Last Night', and you have an indispensable package.
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Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $11.28
Access (12")
Cat: THEROOMINTHABACK 001. Rel: 02 Aug 23
Destroyer (6:32)
Access (6:26)
RGB (6:59)
Bot Boogie (6:55)
 in stock $24.39
Nightcall (12")
Cat: REC 65. Rel: 31 Mar 10
Pacific Coast Highway
Nightcall (Dustin N'Guyen remix)
Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson remix)
 in stock $12.06
Odd Look
Odd Look (12")
Cat: REC 107. Rel: 22 Aug 13
Odd Look (feat The Weeknd)
Odd Look (A-Trak remix)
Odd Look (Surkin remix)
Odd Look (Prince 85 remix)
Odd Look (Midnight Juggernauts remix)
Odd Look (album version)
 in stock $9.97
Sanctuary EP
Cat: TVIR 010. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Gash (4:52)
Flowers (6:18)
Sanctuary (5:45)
Mind Revolt (5:38)
Veronika (4:47)
Review: It's 10 up for TVIR and to mark the occasion they have a fantastic five-track outing from Komponente. 'Gash' is a fizzing, dense and slow-motion cut with a grinding low end and some serious bounce in the drums and bass. It's both fun and menacing all at once and has real anthem potential once the vocals come in. 'Flowers' has a brighter melodic touch but also lashings of spiky acid and 'Sanctuary' is then a deft tech house workout with suspensory and angelic vocals. 'Mind Revolt' is an unhinged mix of ghoulish laughter and bright sine waves, then 'Veronika' shuts down with a meditative broken beat.
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 in stock $16.53
Tour De France
Cat: 020146. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Tour De France (French version)
Tour De France (remix)
 in stock $14.16
The Survivor (B-STOCK)
Cat: FAME 002 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
 in stock $6.60
Confuse The Marketplace
Cat: DFA 2180. Rel: 07 Dec 07
Freak Out/Starry Eyes
North American Scum (Onanistic dub)
Hippie Priest Bum-Out
Review: US only 12" from LCD Soundsystem on DFA, featuring tracks which were only on limited UK 7"S and 12"S - including 'North American Scum' Oananisyic dub mix.
Read more
 in stock $13.38
Travel (B-STOCK)
Cat: CF 047K (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Travel (Chic Flowerz remix)
Travel (Maia K remix)
Travel (Songe Black remix)
Travel (Tee Paul remix)
So Chic (original track)
 in stock $5.65
Celebrate The Music (B-STOCK)
Cat: SUB 003 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Celebrate The Music (original mix)
Celebrate The Music (instrumental)
 in stock $5.65
The LSB Remixed (B-STOCK)
Cat: MMVP 0010 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
The LSB (Phones Latino mix)
The LSB (Found's Broken Ground remix)
The LSB (original)
 in stock $4.19
Faith (Pocketknife edit)
Cat: CTRUE 9. Rel: 04 Sep 08
Faith (Pocketknife's Straight Line edit)
Faith (original mix)
 in stock $8.38
You Never Take Me Dancing
Cat: GRD 007. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Drift Into The Algorithm (5:13)
Side Gurn (6:03)
You Never Take Me Dancing (5:42)
Strangers On The Train (3:35)
Review: Midland has been smart about his arc as a producer, taking his time rather than churning out releases for the sake of it. As such, when we do get something new from the lad, it always feels like an occasion, and of course the music invariably matches the mood. 'You Never Take Me Dancing' is in fact the B-side opener on this new four-track record, but it plays out like the lead role on an EP bursting with fresh ideas. 'Strangers On The Train' toys with more experimental synthesis and a stripped back mix down that takes its cues from footwork, while 'Drift Into The Algorithm' plays out as the slinkier, shimmering house he's perhaps been better known for of late. The class and consideration just spills out of this record - more than worth waiting for.
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 in stock $16.78
Healthy Beets
Cat: DEEPS 004. Rel: 08 Sep 22
What What?! (4:31)
Stop The Buz (4:09)
Yes (3:30)
Healthy Bonus Beets (4:20)
Plague Raver (4:45)
Night At The Beach (4:49)
Review: Deep Shopping has us filly our trolleys once more with plenty of top-shelf goods here. Mister Bellini is the one on the till and his elastic, bouncy techno is all about pure thrills. The restless and characterful 'What What?!' opens up with plenty of joyfulness. The sound design throughout these tunes is fresh and fun but never silly. 'Stop The Buz' is a little tougher but still with some tripped-out motifs, then 'yes' is a hyperspeed spin-out. On the flip side are squelchy future bass bangers, police sirens and low-key basement tracks. Brilliant EP.
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 in stock $13.11
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