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ZMNT 009
ZMNT 009 (12")
Cat: ZMNT 009. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Gravel Pit (5:40)
Ideal Future (5:05)
Acid Thirst (5:57)
Climb These Walls (5:43)
Review: M Parent's penchant for texture is laid bare on this searing and arresting new EP for Zement. It opens with 'Gravel Pit' which sounds like an audio diary from a car-wrecking plant. Twisted metal, fizzing battery acid, and crushed glass all feature over a distorted baseline and broken rhythm. Those same scuzzy sounds define the rest of the EP from the acid-laced 'Ideal Future' to the coruscated funk of 'Acid Thirst' via the caustic intensity of closer Climb These Walls'. An impressively unique offering that very much has its own singularly sound palette.

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 in stock $13.25
The Downward Spiral (reissue)
The Downward Spiral (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: 571427 8. Rel: 17 Nov 17
Mr Self Destruct (4:32)
Piggy (4:22)
Heresy (3:54)
March Of The Pigs (2:50)
Closer (6:13)
Ruiner (4:57)
The Becoming (5:13)
I Do Not Want This (5:42)
Big Man With A Gun (1:37)
A Warm Place (3:22)
Eraser (5:01)
Reptile (6:56)
The Downward Spiral (3:56)
Hurt (6:13)
 in stock $40.00
La Muerte De Occidente
Cat: NATURAL 066. Rel: 29 Nov 23
La Muerte De Occidente
Paper Boy
Body Board Memories
Hey I Was Poisoned
Brand New Primitivismo (feat Contacto)
Shot The Rim
Jack The Body Boogie
Review: Natural Sciences are always adept at platforming distinctive artists, but this is an impressive reach even by their standards. Candido hails from the Krishna-core punk scene of Buenos Aires, and his sound takes elements from early industrial and acid house to create a darkly powerful club record. Freestyle stabs, thumping Rompler bass and edgy sampling place this right in the jakbeat vibe you'd expect a DJ like Traxx to play, and it's a whole heap of boxy, bashy fun. Just listen to 'Body Board Memories', a slamming workout with gated reverb on the snares which is thick enough to eat.
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 in stock $16.43
Nova Akropola (Expanded Edition)
Nova Akropola (Expanded Edition) (limited 3xCD in box set)
Cat: CRCD3BOX 153. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Vier Personen (CD1)
Nova Akropola
Krvava Gruda-Plodna Zemlja
Vojna Poema
Ti, Ki Izzivas (outro)
Die Liebe
Vade Retro
Vade Retro (CD2)
Nova Akropola
Vier Personen
Krvava Gruda-Plodna Zemlja
Ti, Ki Izzivas
Die Liebe
Vier Personen (CD3)
Nova Akropola
Vade Retro
Krvava Gruda-Plodna Zemlja
Die Liebe
Ti, Ki Izzivas
Vojna Poema
Drzava (Lets Make United States Of Europe First Again)
! low stock $25.97
Rakenskapens Dag
Rakenskapens Dag (limited LP + insert)
Cat: FORDAOAMNINGARKIV 12. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Fiber (6:38)
Ridandes Av Vissa Djur (1:26)
Jim F Gu (6:39)
3000 Ar Electro (3:36)
Det Mystiska Talet E (1:36)
Expo 7 (2:03)
Ett Oanstandigt Forslag (2:19)
Det Blodrika Djuret (1:46)
Doda Lollos Mamma (2:40)
Grannkott (5:33)
Jim F Electro (5:28)
! low stock $23.58
Direct Action
Direct Action (limited LP)
Cat: FDLP 146. Rel: 09 Nov 23
The Hammer (7:26)
Causewayhead (4:14)
Saudade (9:46)
Free The Nipple (5:41)
Cornelius C (5:15)
Direct Action (11:38)
Review: Originally formed in 1977 (the year punk supposedly died), the Mark Perry-led collective known as Alternative TV are often cited as one of, if not, the first act to marry reggae rhythms to punk rock motifs. Refusing to rest on these laurels for long, however, the group would go on to utterly defy easy categorisations over the ensuing decades, with their 1979 second album Vibing Up the Senile Man (Part One) eschewing much of the anthemic mayhem of their debut The Image Has Cracked, in favour of a more experimental free-jazz form. This early anecdotal evidence is vital when attempting to unpack their new eleventh LP Direct Action. Following on from 2015's Opposing Forces, and serving as their first project of new material in almost a decade, this latest collection opts to be their most challenging, impenetrable and unwelcoming yet. Utilising tape loops, isolated guitar passages, minimal vocals and an overall industrial-leaning quality, the fact that the group so many decades ago had their first rehearsals at Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records studio seems like no great revelation in retrospect. Unconcerned with listener expectation or radioplay, Direct Action demands animated response yet refuses to offer any helping hand down its path of caustic, alien sonics.
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 in stock $19.61
Body Count (reissue)
Body Count (reissue) (gatefold black & white splattered vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: VEYL 007X. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Bleak (5:22)
Unhealed (4:37)
The Adversary (4:10)
They Belonged With The Others (5:03)
From Body To Body (5:36)
Silent Blood (3:13)
Twelve Regions (4:49)
Out Of Sight (5:15)
Heart Of A Machine (2:07)
Solipsism (& Other Comforts) (5:05)
Like A Locust (5:16)
Permanent Disrepair (4:09)
 in stock $33.65
Woodstock '94
Woodstock '94 (limited gatefold 180 gram brown vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: VC 93468. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Introduction (2:16)
Pinion (1:35)
Terrible Lie (5:18)
Sin (4:14)
March Of The Pigs (3:44)
Something I Can Never Have (6:16)
Closer (5:59)
Reptile (6:21)
Wish (3:44)
Suck (3:58)
Burn (5:28)
The Only Time (5:14)
Down In It (4:14)
Dead Souls/Help Me I Am In Hell (8:37)
Happiness In Slavery (5:31)
Head Like A Hole (5:47)
 in stock $26.23
Half Eaten By Dogs
Half Eaten By Dogs (translucent "raw meat" vinyl LP)
Cat: TIM 184LPC1. Rel: 27 Oct 23
Order Imposing Sentence (3:01)
Cheap Chrome (3:37)
Suspension Bridge Collapse (4:12)
Beat Me Down (3:29)
Spectral Analysis (4:31)
Club Deuce (5:22)
Electric Like An Eel (3:55)
Ending Of The Stream (2:58)
The Dice Man Will Become (4:09)
Mocking Laughter (4:30)
 in stock $23.05
Music From Hell (reissue)
Music From Hell (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + booklets)
Cat: DE 295. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Monsters (3:23)
Nothing To Hide (4:05)
Cardinal Newman (1:45)
Fat Cow (2:35)
Alien Point Of View (2:41)
People Like You (2:29)
Regress For You (3:44)
Beelzebub Youth - "Christian Lovers" (4:38)
Beelzebub Youth - "Exorcism" (3:18)
Beelzebub Youth - "Bathroom Sluts" (2:28)
Beelzebub Youth - "Pie On A Ledge" (3:10)
Beelzebub Youth - "Push, Push, Push" (1:52)
Beelzebub Youth - "Alice's Song" (0:57)
Praise The Lord (1:23)
My Mommy's Chest (1:32)
Slave (1:59)
Poets (Early version) (1:53)
Pretty Vacant (2:04)
Miscarriage (1:52)
Scandinavian Dilemma (2:55)
Poets (2:41)
Confession (2:45)
She Works For Safeway (0:55)
Bible Stories (0:38)
Baby Face (3:35)
Berlin Red Head (1:24)
Diphtheria (2:04)
Castration (2:23)
Green Tile Floor (3:28)
Bathroom Sluts (demo) (2:40)
Waterpiss (2:21)
Review: Dark Entries are back with another one of their gold standard reissues, this time focussing on the next level synth punk album Music From Hell from LA band Nervous Gender. They formed in 1978 with Phranc, Gerardo Velaquez, Edward Stapleton, and Michael Ochoa all cooking up this weird and wonderful mix of post-punk, minimal synth, and early industrial music. It has been remastered for this album, which is also expanded onto a double LP. The album kicks off with unsettling shockers then goes son to a live performance the band labelled "an electronic bruto-canto dissertation on the banality of spiritual transcendence." It's packed with occult melodies and odd bleeps and whirrs to make for a beguiling and haunting listen.
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 in stock $27.02
Tyranny For You (reissue)
Cat: RRELP 11. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Sacrifice (4:26)
Rhythm Of Time (4:06)
Moldavia (4:24)
Trigger 2 (Anatomy Of A Shot) (5:52)
Gripped By Fear (4:35)
Tragedy For You (4:33)
The Untold (4:26)
Neurobashing (5:44)
Leitmotiv 136 (2:56)
Soul Manager (5:21)
Review: Front 242 are usually credited as early pioneers of EBM (Electronic Body Music), a somewhat clunky and retroactive genre term to describe a chugging style of dance music that emerged from the industrial, new wave and synthpunk crazes of the early 1980s. However, the Belgian electronic music group didn't call it that at the time; indeed, many contemporaries of theirs preferred the term 'sequencer music'. Their debut album Tyranny For You epitomises that innocence, preferring instead to liken their exploration of new sonic frontiers to a condemnation of war. And despite channelling a controversially militaristic, some-say fascist image in their live shows, the onward march of this album is in fact a deep criticism of the industrial backbone of ultranationalist conflict, represented in its ironic acid raindowns and explosive IED snares.
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 in stock $23.84
The Fragile: Deviations 1 (reissue)
The Fragile: Deviations 1 (reissue) (180 gram vinyl 4xLP + insert)
Cat: 573861 0. Rel: 17 Nov 17
Somewhat Damaged (instrumental) (4:58)
The Day The World Went Away (instrumental) (5:29)
The Frail (alternate version) (1:46)
The Wretched (instrumental) (6:02)
Missing Places (1:29)
We're In This Together (instrumental) (6:54)
The Fragile (instrumental) (4:39)
Just Like You Imagined (alternate version) (3:43)
The March (instrumental) (3:56)
Even Deeper (instrumental) (6:19)
Pilgrimage (alternate version) (3:06)
One Way To Get There (2:44)
No, You Don't (instrumental) (3:17)
Taken (3:30)
La Mer (alternate version) (4:55)
The Great Below (instrumental) (5:23)
Not What It Seems Like (instrumental) (3:30)
White Mask (3:22)
The New Flesh (instrumental) (3:44)
The Way Out Is Through (alternate version) (4:26)
Into The Void (instrumental) (4:40)
Where Is Everybody? (instrumental) (4:54)
The Mark Has Been Made (alternate version) (4:48)
Was It Worth It? (instrumental) (5:03)
Please (instrumental) (3:30)
+Appendage (instrumental) (3:19)
Can I Stay Here? (instrumental) (4:25)
10 Miles High (instrumental) (5:19)
Feeders (2:01)
Starfuckers Inc (instrumental) (5:33)
Complication (alternate version) (2:55)
Claustrophobia Machine (Raw) (2:39)
Last Heard From (2:06)
I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally (instrumental) (4:19)
The Big Come Down (instrumental) (4:05)
Underneath It All (instrumental) (3:21)
Ripe With Decay (instrumental) (7:39)
 in stock $88.48
Forschung & Entwicklung II
Cat: NULLPUNKT 0000010. Rel: 20 Jan 21
Laplacian (5:51)
In Between (4:36)
Emotions (4:49)
Morast (5:57)
Gravity 5 (3:34)
Spell (4:48)
Review: There's definitely a likelihood that at least a few of the people you play this record to will ask 'what is this music?' The fact it's possible to interpret that question in different ways is certainly fitting, considering some of the pieces here can be considered challenging, the same tracks others will be immediately drawn to.

'Gravity 5' is a prime example - a tune that partly invokes some of the more spatial and wobbly Plastikman output of the 1990s. By comparison, the rhythmic whirs and grind of 'Morast', low-hanging hummed refrains on 'Emotions', and ghostly, Burial-intro-esque atmosphere threatening to mask 'Laplacian''s broken staccato kicks sound positively chart-friendly. As moody and brooding as it is memorable and strangely intoxicating, unique would be one word that springs to mind.
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 in stock $7.41
The Suburbs Dream Of Bloodshed
Cat: AWLP 032. Rel: 01 Feb 21
I've Finally Found Love (4:39)
Never Again (2:50)
Formaldehyde (4:42)
Throw Away Your Books, Rally In The Street (3:34)
Poison (4:05)
A World Lit Only By Fire (3:06)
Don't Go Outside (3:40)
Black (4:15)
Stab Wounds (4:06)
Ostkreuz (5:30)
$26.23 SAVE 60%
 in stock $10.49
Eternal Remorse
Eternal Remorse (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EFAE 005. Rel: 04 May 21
5.0.5. (7:21)
7.0.8. (6:59)
Sentier (7:13)
Sramota (7:11)
Take Notes (6:32)
Geezer (6:19)
Review: Boris Barksdale's Eternal Remorse originally saw the light of day on Portugese label Eye For An Eye as a digital release back in 2018, and now it's getting a vinyl pressing. A physical release feels appropriate for this pointedly dusty release, which leans in on synthwave influences to create a thoroughly dark and gnarly atmosphere. '5.0.5' steps out on a tough, dishevelled rhythm section, with seriously degraded synths falling apart behind the jackhammer drums. '7.0.8' takes the intensity up a notch, hitting with an industrial bite, while 'Sentier' channels even more of that Ministry-flavoured malaise with its disturbing yelps and screams. 'Sramota' has the hallmarks of a mid 80s bedroom beatdown from a blackened soul, 'Take Notes' delivers yet more pounding, percussive punishment, and 'Geezer' rounds things off with a bleak and troubled slab of EBM dragged from the underworld to stalk amongst all nightcrawlers and ne'er-do-wells.
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 in stock $8.21
Ancient Code
Cat: AH 012. Rel: 26 Sep 23
Ancient Code (5:55)
Tipping Point (7:02)
Coding Machines (6:48)
Society Values (5:51)
Black Counter (6:50)
 in stock $18.01
Red Mecca (remastered)
Cat: CABS 3LP. Rel: 08 Aug 13
A Touch Of Evil
Sly Doubt
A Thousand Ways
Red Mask
Split Second Feeling
Black Mask
Spread The Virus
A Touch Of Evil (reprise)
Played by: Ekoplekz, J. Haller
 in stock $19.88
Narcfest (gatefold 2xLP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: ARTSCORELP 005X. Rel: 09 Mar 23
I'm Just Cupid (Chapter 1: Desire) (1:17)
Bait (3:28)
Empty Your Vessels & Descend (2:10)
Apex Celebration (2:56)
Facepie (3:17)
Singing Policeman Begging For Eternal Existence (2:41)
Short & Joy (1 - Chapter 2: Solipsism) (0:55)
Joyboy (0:51)
Playdead (1) (0:56)
Tainted Smile (1:48)
Short & Joy (2) (1:38)
Inflated Self (1:20)
Alienation (part 1) (1:59)
I Had To Laugh So Hard The Gun Fell Out My Mouth (2:24)
Follow The Rainbow (1:55)
Playdead (2 - Chapter 3: Resentment) (2:31)
I Am The Light Of Your Prison (1:44)
Solace & Unity (2:31)
Alienation (part 2) (2:26)
Ghost Arcadia (1:48)
Plain Staring (0:59)
Constipated Monomania (1:52)
Entertainment Frenzy (Chapter 4: Rebirth) (1:37)
Supereminent Drift (3:48)
Comfort Permit (3:55)
Instant Remedy (1:37)
To Revive Under A Sunless Roof (3:22)
 in stock $13.77
DDS 07
DDS 07 (12" + insert)
Cat: DDS 07. Rel: 14 Apr 23
Roberto Auser - "Awakening" (3:54)
Roberto Auser - "Selvage" (3:54)
Roberto Auser - "Long Night" (7:57)
Cestrian - "Satan" (5:07)
Cestrian - "Zoltan" (5:59)
Cestrian - "Lids" (4:18)
 in stock $15.63
The Ape Of Naples (reissue)
The Ape Of Naples (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP (side 4 etched) in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: IMPREC 1742LP. Rel: 15 Nov 18
Fire Of The Mind (5:14)
The Last Amethyst Deceiver (10:07)
Tattooed Man (6:27)
Triple Sun (3:46)
It's In My Blood (4:50)
I Don't Get It (4:04)
Heaven's Blade (5:48)
Cold Cell (4:00)
Teenage Lightning 2005 (6:51)
Amber Rain (5:25)
Going Up (8:25)
 in stock $47.67
Cat: ZAM 035LP. Rel: 26 Sep 23
A Different Beat For Different Feet (2:57)
Simbolos Figurativos De Coisas Vindouras (4:19)
The Tape Spool Withing The Horse's Mouth (feat Arianne Churchman) (3:23)
O Antidoto Na Saliva Do Anjo (1:48)
Espectros No CCTV (feat Clothilde) (4:07)
Vanishing Point (3:57)
Living With The Leftovers Of Past Decades (3:20)
A Mirror That Refuses To Confirm Existence (4:19)
Efeitos Da Ampola Flutuante (1:45)
Shapeshift (4:19)
 in stock $24.90
Ravine Of Spears
Ravine Of Spears (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: HOS 753LP. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Slow Decay (11:48)
Mummified Money (12:29)
We Were Never Seen Again (10:07)
Vault (11:08)
 in stock $31.00
Pagan Tango (remastered)
Pagan Tango (remastered) (limited red vinyl LP)
Cat: CTIPT 23. Rel: 03 Aug 23
In Ecstasy (4:00)
Synaesthesia (3:57)
I Belong To Me (2:35)
Take Control (3:00)
Face To Face (3:00)
Feel To Me (4:06)
Go-Go Latino (3:18)
Sin (4:58)
Pagan Tango (4:03)
Cords Of Love (4:03)
Balfigore (Before The Feast) (3:04)
Review: Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti are busy reissuing remastered versions of their most classic albums. Pagan Tango originally came in 1991 and was described at the time by Melody Maker as "perfection." This is the first time the album has been available on vinyl since it was originally put out and it comes on limited red vinyl with a printed inner sleeve of archival photos making it a real collector's special. Tracks like 'Ecstasy' reference the trendy drug of the day, there is taut EBM on 'Take Control' and more sultry tunes on 'Face to Face'.
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 in stock $22.79
Methods Of Mayhem (reissue)
Methods Of Mayhem (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 3012. Rel: 09 Mar 22
Who The Hell Cares (feat Snoop Dogg) (3:34)
Hypocritical (3:57)
Anger Management (3:16)
Get Naked (feat Fred Durst, George Clinton, Lil' Kim & mix Master Mike) (3:21)
New Skin (feat Kid Rock) (4:29)
Proposition Fuck You (3:14)
Crash (3:14)
Metamorphosis (2:48)
Narcotic (feat Scott Kirkland) (1:25)
Mr Onsomeothers***s (feat U God From Wu Tang Clan) (3:49)
Spun (feat Scott Kirkland) (3:15)
Review: Giving you a time portal back to the glory days of rap metal on a major label tip, Methods Of Mayhem was the moment legendary Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee took a break from glam metal to get down with the kids and serve up a fierce slab for the bros to mosh to. The guest line up is no joke, taking in Snoop Dogg, Fred Durst, George Clinton, Lil' Kim, Mixmaster Mike, Kid Rock and U God from Wu Tang Clan. Truthfully, it's aged well compared to a lot of the rap metal of the era, capturing a genuine hip hop swagger which more than stands up to the guitars, with production that reaches to sampling and synthesis as much as crushing riffage. It may not be the smartest creative expression out there, but neither is it trying to be. The main thing is that it kicks raw ass, which it absolutely does.

Read more
$27.02 SAVE 25%
 in stock $20.27
PIAS 40 (12")
Cat: BIAS 4014. Rel: 23 Nov 23
You Suck (4:13)
Tool & Die (5:48)
Guerillas In The Mist (4:23)
Unity Of Oppression (4:03)
Friendly Fascism (4:50)
Brutal Equation (4:13)
 in stock $13.52
Rabble EP
Rabble EP (limited fluorescent green vinyl 12" in UV gloss sleeve)
Cat: CITI 029. Rel: 17 Jul 23
Rabble (7:30)
Rubble (4:18)
Chapel Perilous (7:34)
Review: An-i is the alias of Berlin-based Korean-American Doug Lee, an artist with over two decades in the game already under several different monikers. This is the third EP to come under this name since debuting it in 2015 and finds him in an even more bold and adventurous mode than ever. Opener 'Rabble' is controlled techno chaos, a flurry of whirring machines and unrelenting drums that will frazzle your brain. 'Rubble' is just as intense, a big wall of rusted synth work and industrial noise mangled into something rhythmic and futuristic. 'Chapel Perilous' on the flip then offers up a spaced-out journey deep into the inner psyche. A welcome return from a truly singular artist that comes on fluorescent yellow wax.
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 in stock $23.31
Distributor (gold vinyl LP)
Cat: VENA 003. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Distributor (6:23)
Cylinder (6:25)
Distributor (Operat remix) (6:24)
Tensioner (6:19)
VRMN (5:51)
Tensioner (Nick Viola remix) (7:14)
! low stock $23.31
Limen (limited LP)
Cat: SUB 043V. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Resurgence (11:45)
Rebirth (5:15)
Ruined Abstractions (21:02)
! low stock $27.29
Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche (LP + insert + MP3 download code in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: HOS 600. Rel: 09 May 23
Sivil War Scapegoat (2:12)
We All Have No Fate (5:04)
I'm Standing Up (4:15)
True Son (4:36)
Layer Of Bodies (4:56)
Field Operations (9:33)
Dark Industrial Pollution (4:20)
Pro-serial Killer (6:06)
! low stock $36.02
Eremos (LP + Mp3 dpwnload code)
Cat: LPADR 63. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Wayward (6:57)
The Darkness About The Pole (11:02)
A Desert Of Immobile Winds (16:23)
 in stock $23.05
Negro Deluxe
Negro Deluxe (limited 3xLP)
Cat: LPS 002. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Blackisgod, A Ghetto-sci-fi Tribute (_g)
We Need Mo Color
Adam X Jalen, Eye Luv U
AmeriKKKa, Try No Pork
Run Pig Run
Chris Dorner
Nation Tyme
Homicide/Genocide/Ill Die
Bebe's Kids, Apollo
Faceless Wings, Black!
Blackest Love, Like Paint On Tha Wall
Steal From The Enemy
On Fire, Pray!
Black Be Tha God, Negro
Blackisinfinite Black Alive! Spirit Shop (Understanding)
Negro Friday
Stratosphere Status
Breathe Birth
G Tribute Live Rehearsal/All My Nxggas Gone Prosper (rehearsal live)
Fkthapolice (Slumvillage Tribute)
Numbers On Yo Head (feat Billy Woods)
Tha Embrace (narrated by Akeema Zane)
WBLBDLNITM: Pray Rehearsal
Nation Tyme (rehearsal live)
Nation Tyme PSA
Blackbethagod!!!!!!! (Culture, Freedom Cipher), PSA 4 Tha Folks
 in stock $48.22
I Shall Die Here/Earth Triumphant
Cat: RVNGNL 25EX. Rel: 29 Jun 23
To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me (6:31)
Alone All The Way (4:59)
The Night Knows No Dawn (7:28)
Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain (5:44)
Our Souls Were Clean (5:04)
Darkness Surrounds Us (8:57)
Our New Genesis (5:35)
No Sadness In The Many (5:07)
A Testament To Willingness (7:29)
A Cloud Broke Open (3:56)
Wind On The Ocean, Wind On The Trees (3:20)
Death At A Great Distance (7:44)
 in stock $36.29
Trust (remastered)
Trust (remastered) (limited red vinyl LP)
Cat: CTITR 23. Rel: 03 Aug 23
Deep Velvet (5:04)
Illusion (5:13)
The Ring (4:17)
Percusex (4:10)
Rise (instrumental) (5:41)
Watching You (5:18)
Infectus (5:37)
Trust (3:31)
Review: Former Throbbing Gristle alumni Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti are in the middle of remastering and reissuing their superb studio albums. The electronic pioneers were known for their perfect melodies and compelling rhythms and 1989's Trust is no different. It's a superb selection of electro-pop sounds skewed through their own erotic lens. Despite the signature coldest of their sounds, these tracks somehow exude plenty of warmth. Form the deep-frozen synths of 'Watching You' and the glacial aesthetics of 'Deep Velvet' this is early and essential tacker from these enduring pioneers.
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 in stock $22.79
Disco 4: Part 2
Cat: 724299 2. Rel: 29 Jul 22
Dead Flowers (feat Poppy) (4:56)
Isn't Everyone (feat Nine Inch Nails) (4:50)
Murder Death Kill (feat Ada Rook & PlayThatBoiZay) (1:59)
Identity (feat Maenad Veyl) (2:59)
Cold Blood (feat Lamb Of God) (4:48)
Ad 1000 (feat The Body) (3:17)
Mortal Hell (feat Backxwash & HO99O9) (3:37)
The Joy Of Sect (feat Street Sects) (3:07)
Still Breathing (feat EKKSTACY) (4:33)
No Escape (feat The Neighborhood) (3:21)
Excess (feat Perturbator) (4:19)
These Days 2 0 2 1 (3:36)
 in stock $29.41
Headhunter (reissue)
Cat: RRET 6. Rel: 01 Dec 22
Headhunter (V1.0) (5:00)
Welcome To Paradise (V1.0) (5:20)
Review: Belgian electronic pioneers Front 242 forged a classic with their 1988 LP 'Front by Front', the third full-length project that cemented the group as mainstays of Industrial, specifically with the song 'Headhunter' - the group's most popular song to date. A clash between popular 80s synth-pop codes of the times and a driving metallic bass to accompany Jean-Luc De Meyer's renowned howling vocal, it's no wonder as to why Front 242 was the go-to for industrial and techno samples up to the turn of the century. Make no mistake though this isn't just the 'Headhunter' show, the B-side has stellar company in 'Welcome to Paradise' has a fantastic vocal sample and a similarly fantastic thriving beat. "Hey poor!"
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Blush (limited gatefold blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code (indie exclusive))
Cat: ZEN 286N. Rel: 13 Oct 22
Untethered (3:37)
Kim (3:52)
Hero Man (3:53)
Interlude (0:46)
Bunker (5:23)
Comfort Eating (3:42)
The Individual (3:58)
Bad Dad (3:32)
Transit (5:50)
Seven (feat Tony Njoku) (3:43)
Soap (5:00)
Review: It's incredible to think Blush is PVA's debut album. The South London band sound like they've been doing aggy, abrasive and regularly oddly beautiful cold synth wave stuff since it was invented, bringing their own edge and energy, influences and ideas to a table that - much as we love it - can often feel like it has become set in its ways. Then again, perhaps their breaking from some traditions is exactly what exposes their freshness.

Across 11 incredible sonic assaults we're dragged from pillar to post in the best way. 'Untethered' sounds like an alarm going off and panic setting in, opening the album without apology. 'Hero Man' takes things into a more rolling, wavy place, albeit wasp-in-jar keyboard lines underpin things. 'The Individual' slows us down and ups the nasty; spoken word style lyrics and grungy, grimy atmosphere making it a stand out. Meanwhile, 'Seven' drops just ahead of the finale for blissful, twisted but honest romance.
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 in stock $23.84
The Silence Of The Perfect Dark
The Silence Of The Perfect Dark (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SILENCE 000. Rel: 12 Oct 23
The Detonator (5:08)
Ascension (6:19)
Violence (5:21)
Ultra Black (5:35)
Full Beast (5:27)
The End Of Time (5:04)
Destroy The Humans (3:59)
Perfect Dark (6:18)
Review: The Silence of the Perfect Dark is the debut release by The Silence, a project formed by Ophidian and Eye-D as an outlet for all things dark, brooding, funky and dirty. Clocking in at well over an hour, the album outlines some of the many musical directions you'll be hearing The Silence exploring in the near future. Impressively maximized gabber crunches come like apocalyptic Mad Max convoys, as every possible contour of noise under the sun is explored and wrung, like a wet radioactive sponge, of its dynamic potential. An utterly raucous sound-schema for a world gone awry, we're not sure how the pair could possibly top this one.
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Lamina (6xCD box set)
Cat: DAIS 178CD. Rel: 06 Jul 23
The Chimeric Mesh Withdraws (part 1-3 - CD1: Collapse)
Hypnotic Congress
Through Is Out
Each Surface Of Night
Hypnotic Congress (demo)
Liquid Sketch
Through Is Out (demo)
Each Surface Of Night (demo)
Convulsed (alternative version)
Ethereal Arrival
Tell Me The Name (CD2: Unnatural Channel)
This Is What It's Like
Unnatural Channel (part 1)
Unnatural Channel (part 2)
Tell Me The Name (Sketch)
Unshielded (demo)
Unnatural Channel (demo)
Habitat (demo)
Alt Dark
Hidden World
Rhizome (CD3: The Third Helix)
False Memory (feat James K)
Nothing Is Hidden
Proximity (demo)
Arc Hand
False Memory (demo)
Proximity (Early Sketch)
Agalma I (Folding) (CD4: Agalma)
Agama II (feat Caterina Barbieri)
Agama III (Beacon) (feat Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe)
Agama IV (feat Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe)
Agama V (feat Kali Malone)
Agama VI
Agama VII (Toyor El Janeh)
Agama I (feat Maralie Armstrong-Rial)
Abandoned Object
Agama II (feat Caterina Barbieri - demo)
Agama VII (demo)
Agama V (demo)
Tongs (CD5: Undulations)
Between The Rains
Summer Solstice 2012
Deluge (part 1)
Deluge (part 2)
Tekapo Ridge
Slow Roll
Cascade (Verb)
Live At Complex - Los Angeles, CA 2015 (CD6: Entanglement)
Live At Alphaville - Brooklyn, NY 2015
Agalma III-Beacon (live At Strange editions, Brooklyn NY 2020)
Fold (live Ar Root radio/Exist Festival 2020)
Review: Drew McDowall is as complex and enigmatic an artist as Coil, who he worked closely with for many years. He's followed his own path as well as being tangled up in the world of Jhonn Balance and Sleazy, and now this box set on Dais offers an authoritative overview of four relatively recent LPs and additional exclusive material stretching over six CDs. 2015's Collapse, 2017's Unnatural Channel, 2018's The Third Helix and 2020's Agalma are joined by a disc of rare, alternative and extended versions and a disc of live performances. From oddly angled ambience to lithe, snaking electronica, there's a lot of different sides to McDowall's curious musical mind, and this extensive collection is a perfect way to navigate just part of it.
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Languor (limited cassette)
Cat: PMTAPE 18. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Afraid Of Pretty Things
Between Forever & Goodbye
Secret Confession
A Smiling Bag
First As A Tragedy
Everything You Dreamed Was Real
Suburban Vanguard
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Official Version (reissue)
Cat: RRELP 5. Rel: 21 Sep 23
WYHIWYG (7:21)
Rerun Time (5:26)
Television Station (2:39)
Agressiva Due (2:21)
Master Hit (part 1 & 2) (7:03)
Slaughter (3:33)
Quite Unusual (part 1) (3:45)
Red Team (3:46)
Angst (1:56)
Review: A reissue campaign of Front 242 best work is currently underway, owing to their will to be recognised as among the pioneers of EBM (Electronic Body Music) as well as their incipient contributions to the scene at large. Released a full five years after their debut album Geography, in which industrial musics were still in their melting-pot period, the band's third LP Official Version was comparatively described as "helping to fully define industrial in the broadest sense of the term". As ever dealt with themes of military aggression, propaganda and authenticity by way of nine juddering, subversive forward-chugs.
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 in stock $23.84
Soft Like Steel
Cat: EM 012. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Welcome (3:38)
Clones (feat Girl_irl) (3:06)
God Is Dead (3:19)
Anxiety (3:43)
Venom (feat Spent) (3:05)
Soft Like Steel (3:29)
Rising (4:37)
 in stock $23.05
Light Asylum (reissue)
Light Asylum (reissue) (gatefold LP + poster + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: DFA 2694LP. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Hour Fortress (4:42)
Pope Will Roll (4:35)
IPC (5:36)
Heart Of Dust (3:51)
Sins Of The Flesh (5:35)
Angel Tongue (6:37)
Shallow Tears (5:06)
At Will (3:37)
End Of Days (4:13)
A Certain Person (4:27)
Review: Wearing 1980s synth pop influences on their sleeve, and sounding exactly like they belong on the mighty DFA, Brooklyn's Light Asylum were rightly praised at the time they put out their debut - and, to this date - only studio album, circa 2012. Critics noted that, at a time when dance-punk crossover was everywhere, driven by LCD Soundsystem and many of the acts frontman James Murphy signed to DFA, the New Yorkers manage to differentiate themselves from the pack in several ways.

Taking a hint of Depeche Mode (well, maybe a bit more), a pinch of Nine Inch Nails, and parts of Throbbing Gristle, Gary Numan, and other pioneers, Light Asylum managed to introduce some much-needed light and spatiality into the often claustrophobically dark and oppressive industrial synth world. In doing so, they offer a sound that's somehow both universally accessible and niche, which is never an easy line to tread.
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Sewer Bait
Sewer Bait (gatefold red vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: PRESH 018. Rel: 17 Apr 23
Soaked To The Skin (6:58)
Flushed Away (5:16)
Sewer Bait (5:24)
Cruiser (5:23)
Crawler (5:20)
In The Drain (6:52)
Gutter Level (6:23)
Washed Up (6:46)
Review: The sixth album from JK Flesh, Sewer Bait is a slo-mo, lo-fi, noise-inflected journey through the dirtier, grittier side of techno. The opening track, 'Soaked to the Skin' is a corroded, corrupted chugger - pulsing demonically, brushing against increasingly rougher textures, this is a track where everything is obscured yet each component comes together to create a groove that is intensely hypnotic. The titular track 'Sewerbait' feels more closely aligned to the industrial techno tradition - slamming drums meet searing synths to create a track that is powerfully alluring. The final track, 'Washed Up', is driven by a relentless, propulsive core - like an engine revving up, this track feels ready to take off. JK Flesh has a masterful skill for making the rough shine and highlighting the delicate amongst the rubble.
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Dead Times
Dead Times (clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code (indie exclusive))
Cat: THRILL 604LPX. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Rosewater (1:45)
Their Teeth Are Spears & Indian Swords (5:24)
Psyche Surprises Love (2:47)
Black Paintings (3:31)
I & Thou (5:07)
Comfort & Control (3:43)
Pieta (3:15)
Be Glad (3:23)
Metaxu (4:33)
 in stock $31.26
Ash (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: SUB 050. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Flint (2:46)
Flame (2:09)
Ember (2:12)
Cinder (3:43)
Ash (2:51)
Rise (2:45)
Review: Paul Purgas and James Ginzburg's Emptyset project has gone on quite the journey, emerging from Bristol's experimental underground to head in the direction of austere European brutalism and noise exploration. Recent albums have appeared on Thrill Jockey, but now they return to their regular home Subtext and reconnect with their West Country roots by assembling this series of sound experiments with a soundsystem physicality in mind. It's still sharply angled, challenging fare, but there's more than enough weight to do the damage, not least with the experimental outlook of so many strong dances these days.
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1st Annual Report
Cat: SVVRCH 080. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Very Friendly (13:00)
Dead Bait (8:32)
10 Pence (5:09)
Whorle Of Sound (4:56)
Final Muzak (5:24)
Scars Of E (6:16)
 in stock $25.70
The Land Of Rape & Honey
The Land Of Rape & Honey (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 651. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Missing
Golden Dawn
The Land Of Rape & Honey
You Know What You Are
 in stock $22.34
Swarm Structure
Swarm Structure (LP + insert)
Cat: TOTALBLACK 173. Rel: 27 Jul 23
Abandoned Rite (4:34)
Start With A Body (5:25)
Crowd Swell (4:52)
Canal Street Mausolea (2:56)
Placement (3:42)
Central Eye (4:06)
Standing Coffin (4:27)
 in stock $22.79
Ende Neu
Cat: 919821. Rel: 02 Jul 09
Was Ist Ist
Stella Maris
Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus
Installation No 1
Bili Rubin
Ende Neu
The Garden
Der Schacht Von Babel
 in stock $29.15
Adzi Akal
Cat: TMR 041LP. Rel: 01 Nov 22
Odzamboga (3:15)
Zis Da Tang Zis (3:52)
A Kele Nkoo Oking (3:11)
Oku (3:59)
Alu Da Ke Yang (2:52)
Moadzang (4:52)
Yemendzime (4:39)
Nkoudang Medza M'Otoughe (3:20)
 in stock $26.75
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