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Athens Of The North Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Athens Of The North
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Paralell Light
Cat: AOTNLP 062. Rel: 26 Jan 23
A Further Look At Loss (0:44)
Last Sunbeans Of Childhood (2:34)
Fugitive Light Restless Water (2:45)
The Violet Hour (3:14)
Everywhere Something Sublime (3:56)
In Balgay Silhouettes (3:43)
Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World (3:03)
(Half-light Of) The Cadmium Moon (3:09)
Black Bay Dream Minor (3:57)
Lost, Aglow (1:20)
Review: We also heard from Andrew Wasylyk late last year when he offered up his second LP for the esteemed Clay Pipe Music label. Now it is to Edinburgh's Athens of the North for Parallel Light, another collection of sumptuous ambient sounds that are so much more than just background music. The album is actually an alternate mix of his 2020 long player Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation so offers a different perspective with plenty of moving spiritual-jazz and neo-classical sounds that help paint alluring musical landscapes.
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 in stock $22.62
Paralell Light (B-STOCK)
Cat: AOTNLP 062. Rel: 01 Dec 23
A Further Look At Loss (0:44)
Last Sunbeans Of Childhood (2:34)
Fugitive Light Restless Water (2:45)
The Violet Hour (3:14)
Everywhere Something Sublime (3:56)
In Balgay Silhouettes (3:43)
Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World (3:03)
(Half-light Of) The Cadmium Moon (3:09)
Black Bay Dream Minor (3:57)
Lost, Aglow (1:20)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Sleeve damaged but otherwise in excellent condition***

We also heard from Andrew Wasylyk late last year when he offered up his second LP for the esteemed Clay Pipe Music label. Now it is to Edinburgh's Athens of the North for Parallel Light, another collection of sumptuous ambient sounds that are so much more than just background music. The album is actually an alternate mix of his 2020 long player Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation so offers a different perspective with plenty of moving spiritual-jazz and neo-classical sounds that help paint alluring musical landscapes.
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 in stock $19.98
Windows Of My Mind (remastered)
Cat: ATH 158. Rel: 27 Jul 23
Windows Of My Mind (5:09)
Windows Of My Mind (remix) (4:56)
Review: The story of this one revolves around San Diego native Anthony "Antone" Williams. He was one day alone in a studio, messing about with the gear and before he knew he it lay down the haunting rhythm that underpins the tune now presented here by the good folks at Athens of the North. It's a sinister, restless one that got released as a hugely limited 7" on Unity Records with otherworldly soul production and a pained vocal up top. Post punk soul, some call it, and that's a fitting descriptor. A remix appears on the flip but the allure of the original is hard to beat.
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Tags: Synth Pop
 in stock $12.61
Thumping For You (reissue)
Cat: ATH 148V. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Thumping For You (4:12)
Brandon's Song (5:09)
Review: Ben (Benjamin Robinson of Ben & Coco) and the Tight Squeeze Band have not long been getting us hot under the collar as Athens of the North put out a reissue of their AM Funk 7" only back in March. Now the faultless Edinburgh label is back with another pair of tunes from them that are just as good. 'Thumping For You' is nice loose-limbed, off-grid funk with love and wonky drums, happy sax lines and sustained chords bringing a golden touch next to the aloof vocals. 'Brandon's Song' is another uplifting one with seductive claps and shakers, squelchy leads and lush string synths.
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 in stock $13.15
Time For A Change
Cat: ATH 055. Rel: 16 Nov 17
Time For A Change (3:25)
Time For A Change (Hot mix) (3:24)
Review: In the sales notes accompanying this latest slice of 7" gold from Athens of the North, boss man Euan Fryer admits that he spent a good "four or five years" trying to locate an original copy of "Time For Change" before finally tracking down original singer Benita. She was more than happy for him to reissue the record, which is one of the most inspired and well-made disco-soul records you're ever likely to hear (how it remained a lost classic, we'll never know). Benita's lyrics and vocals are superb, the horns are punchy, and the B-side "Hot Mix" contains one of the best slap-bass solos you'll ever hear. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $11.31
Cat: ATH 116. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Defected (3:26)
You Are The One (3:27)
 in stock $13.15
Changes (LP)
Cat: AOTNLP 066. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Check 4 U (3:48)
It's Not About Me (3:19)
Best Thing (3:28)
Knight In Shining Armour (4:06)
Daydreamer (5:46)
Coming Back (3:51)
Goodbye Farewell (4:32)
Life Changes You (4:24)
Let Down & Liar (4:04)
My Man (4:08)
Review: Athens of the North is back in business this new year with a couple of singles as well as a new album dropping before the end of January. This time it is Bo'vel's Changes album that gets served up on wax having teased the act by including them on a compilation Just A Touch late last year. Their soul sound is distantly UK-centric but with influxes from dub, funk and more. That is well showcased here across ten tracks that were famously made in the mid-90s in Manchester without a big budget or big press campaign but became cult classics all the same.
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Played by: Mike O'Mara
 in stock $24.72
Changes (CD)
Cat: AOTNCD 066. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Check4 U
It's Not About Me
Best Thing
Knight In Shining Armour
Coming Back
Goodbye Farewell
Life Changes You
Let Down & Liar
My Man
Do It Your Way (feat Yoda)
I Wanna Be Free
 in stock $12.61
Singles (limited LP)
Cat: AOTNLP 044. Rel: 27 Jan 22
Where Will I Go (4:05)
Get A Good Feeling (4:42)
(Don't You See) I'm Crazy About You (3:10)
What About Love (3:09)
Human (3:50)
Don't Let Them Tell You (2:29)
In A Special Kind Of Way (3:57)
I Want You So Much (4:00)
I'm So Satisfied (2:56)
We're Going To Make It (2:30)
I'm So In Love With You (3:22)
Total Satisfaction (3:52)
Review: Athens of the North have teased this collection of singles with a bunch of taster 7"s but still the full length itself confounds expectation. It is a superb work of heart aching soul and modern disco from Brief Encounters who are best known for their stone cold classics 'Get A Good Feeling' and 'Just A Little Notion.' The first of those two features here along with many others gems such as the blue-eyed opener 'Where Will I Go,' deep soul of 'Don't Let Them Tell You' and bigger, horn led tunes like 'I'm So Satisfied.' It's an essential album for any and all soul lovers.
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 in stock $22.89
Where Will I Go
Cat: ATH 070. Rel: 30 Jun 21
Where Will I Go (4:09)
Always (4:34)
Review: North Carolina's Brief Encounter were one of the bands to define the 70's US soul sound but, unlike many of their peers, the group remained in the sights of crate diggers and specialists, straying away from significant commercial success. This particular single, for instance, wasn't even released officially and has remained the stuff of legends until now, so it's thanks to the reliable Athens Of The North that we're able to give it a spin on our turntables. Put simply, "Where Will I Go" and "Always" are two unmissable soul ballads that are simply impossible not to appreciate and get excited by - they encapsulate a particular note of optimism and romance that represented the 1970s in America, taking us on a journey into the past. Don't miss it!
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 in stock $11.31
Slow Dance
Cat: AOTN 12014. Rel: 23 Sep 21
Slow Dance (4:34)
Slow Dance (Axes) (4:23)
Leave It All Behind (3:32)
Punch (4:35)
Review: It's hard to keep up with the number of releases that Athens Of The North are putting out this month, but you really must try. This one is a gooey and loved up disco 12" from the dream team pairing of Tom Findlay from Groove Armada and James Alexander Bright. They hook up via mutual appreciation over Twitter and worked up a load of new material in the studio as Bright & Findlay. Their first offering 'Slow Dance' is perfection - lush 80s synths, slow-motion boogie beats and drum machines marbled with little guitar riffs and soulful vocals that ate you to a better place. Two further heart melters come on the flip side and we are already in love with this project.
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 in stock $6.05
Everything Is Slow
Cat: AOTNLP 065. Rel: 08 Jun 23
Hello In The Dark (Standing) (4:18)
Fireflies (3:03)
Slow Dance (4:20)
When I Look Into The World (4:27)
Flowers (4:04)
Everything Is Slow (3:38)
It's Only Rain (4:33)
Leave It All Behind (3:28)
Space & Time (3:26)
NY Disco (Smile) (4:10)
Doom (1:41)
Review: Given their respective careers, you'd expect this surprise debut album from Balearic nu-disco specialist James Bright and Groove Armada member Tom Findlay to be rather good - or at least sonically attractive with good grooves and quality musicianship. It is, of course, with the pair opting for a glossy, 80s-influenced synth sound, bubbly electronic grooves, sun-splashed Balearic pop intent and authentically executed nods to West Coast electrofunk and nu-disco pioneers Metro Area. Our picks of a very strong bunch include the synth-fired blue-eyed soul of 'Slow Dance', the sunset-ready gorgeousness of 'Flowers', the low-slung, late-night AM radio vibes of 'It's Only Rain' and the Morgan Geist-esque 'NY Disco (Smile)'.
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 in stock $26.30
Everything Is Slow
Everything Is Slow (limited translucent pink vinyl LP)
Cat: AOTNLP 065P. Rel: 08 Jun 23
Hello In The Dark (Standing) (4:18)
Fireflies (3:03)
Slow Dance (4:20)
When I Look Into The World (4:27)
Flowers (4:04)
Everything Is Slow (3:38)
It's Only Rain (4:33)
Leave It All Behind (3:28)
Space & Time (3:26)
NY Disco (Smile) (4:10)
Doom (1:41)
 in stock $24.72
Fall For You
Cat: ATH 181. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Fall For You (3:24)
Viper Flames (3:23)
Review: Multi-talented artist James Alexander Bright unveils soulful anthem 'Fall For You' and funky track 'Viper Flames' in the superb Athens of the North, all as a tease his forthcoming third solo album on the label in mid-2024. Reflecting on love's power in 'Fall For You', Bright's upcoming release follows his acclaimed debut album 'Headroom' and contributions to Groove Armada's 'Edge Of The Horizon'. His second album, 'Float', garnered praise for its eclectic blend of styles. These new tuns show what he is all about - sunny soul with standout keys and dreamy vocals that melt even the stoniest of hearts.
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 in stock $12.61
Leather Pants
Cat: ATH 104. Rel: 24 Feb 22
Leather Pants (4:24)
Nicci's Theme (3:35)
Review: The relentless Athens Of The North is having a busy month even by its own high standards. February alone has at least three new 45rpms dropping and this might be the best: Homegrown Syndrome were a band that ended up in LA but giggled all round Memphis. Some members had played with an earlier band but they all came good on these previously unleashed tunes that have been found in the attic of Jerry Jones. 'Got The Love' is a chunky funky stepper with swirling synths and disco energy. 'Party Vibes' then takes off once more on hip swig claps, big arching chords and strident drums.

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 in stock $12.36
Billy Bruner
Cat: AOTNLP 038. Rel: 28 May 20
The T-u-l-s-a Song (4:35)
T'spoon - "Sweetness" (4:19)
The Dream (4:14)
T'spoon - "Say Yeah" (3:49)
Cats Meow (previously unreleased) (3:48)
T'spoon - "School Dance" (2:17)
Amazing (previously unreleased) (4:21)
Never (Give Up On You) (5:29)
T'spoon - "If You Dance Tonite" (4:43)
The Davis Family - "Genesis" (4:17)
Review: Athens of the North originally contracted obscure 80s boogie artist Billy Bruner about reissuing two of his rare, sought-after singles - "The Tulsa Song" and "The Dream" - but instead raided his tape archives and putting together what's effectively his debut album. Combining previously released tracks (including some made as part of similarly obscure outfit T'Spoon and the gospel-leaning band The Davis Family), unheard extended versions and previously unreleased songs, the album is warm, soulful, slick and summery. Highlights include the stuttering P-funk flex of "Cats Meow", the sizzling dancefloor heat of "School Dance" and the deliciously extended version of glassy-eyed '80s soul jam "Never". If sparkling, synth-heavy '80s soul is your thing, this is one surprise retrospective you won't want to miss.
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 in stock $19.47
How Close (reissue)
Cat: ATH 137. Rel: 08 Dec 22
How Close (4:34)
How Close (remix) (4:36)
Review: Written by James Ernard, 'How Close' is a poppy funk track with as much history as killer synths. Written after his previous Ohio-based group Perfect Element declined opening for Prince on tour, Ernard left to set up his own label (which met a similar end as he and co-founder Kennith also had a falling out over creative differences). 'How Close' is a sensational piece of 80s American pop history, with a killer synth line and earworm vocals that'll have you shaking your hips before even realising. Side B has a nippy little remix by an undisclosed producer (which is sometimes the case with such niche pieces of history), that nonetheless breathes even more life into such a colourful track. It's often the 7" records that tell us the full history of the music industry behind the scenes at that time, and this release is no different - a perfect addition to that niche 7" collection you've been building up...
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Love Is The Same
Cat: ATH 176. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Love Is The Same (4:13)
Love Is The Same (instrumental) (4:05)
Review: It's always a buzz to see a new Athens of the North 7" drop onto our shelves. This first drop of the year comes from label regulars Coast to Coast who had their unreleased and self-titled soul album reissued here back in October 2021. It is the opening track from that glorious record that gets its own pressing on 45 rpm here with an instrumental on the flip. The original from core members Mark Beiner and Ben Iverson, 'Love Is The Same' has glorious vocal falsettos and super sweet rhythms that bring feel-good vibes like no other.
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 in stock $12.61
Good Feelin'
Cat: AOTN 12019. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Good Feelin' (Full unreleased version) (4:34)
See The World (Full unreleased version) (5:34)
Review: Coco & Ben were a partnership between Benjamin Robinson of Ben And The Squeeze Tight Band and an uncredited singer (presumably the Coco of the title), who came together for one perfect and extremely rare single from 1979. Now Athens Of The North have dusted down these two smooth as silk soulful disco jams and given them a fresh pressing. 'Good Feelin' is a mellow, soul-feeding cut for Sunday afternoon reveries and toe-tapping country drives alike. 'See The World' is a more sultry affair for those who like their grooves to dig in a little deeper.
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 in stock $15.25
So Sad
So Sad (7")
Cat: ATH 107. Rel: 26 Aug 21
So Sad (4:35)
Maybe What You Do Comes Back On You (3:46)
Review: Crystal Winds is best known for a supreme and sophisticated funk and soul album that was released in 1982 on the Cash Ear label. The tunes from it have never reportedly been on 7" before, so the Athens of the North label boss made it his mission to right that wrong. This one offers up some hugely classy soul sounds for more tender DJ sets or lazy Sunday listening sessions. 'So Sad' is awash with golden chords and intimate, spoken word exchanges between lovers, and on the flip 'Maybe What You Do Comes Back On You' slows down even further, sinking you deep into the richness of the arrangement.
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 in stock $10.26
Lovers Holiday
Cat: ATH 108. Rel: 26 Aug 21
Lovers Holiday (4:28)
Love Ain't Easy (4:01)
Review: The tireless Athens of the North label boss has many ongoing musical missions but one right now is putting out the first-ever 7" singles from a famous 1970s soul album by Crystal Winds. The band is made up of keyboardist Paul Coleman and saxophonist M.C. Morris Brown, and guitarist Martin Dumas co-wrote the a-side here, 'Lover's Holiday' with Brown. It's a gorgeous number with smooth but funky bass licks and soft backing vocals fleshing out the sumptuous sounds. The energy levels pick up on 'Love Ain't Easy' with its swirling, skyward strings, sapling cymbals and more lovely bass playing.
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 in stock $11.56
Love Is A Heartbreaker
Cat: ATH 115. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Doctor 'T' - "Love Is A Heartbreaker" (4:38)
Presley Strong - "Let's Be Together, 1982" (4:33)
Review: Even for Jedi level diggers, tracking down original copies of Doctor T aka Lenoah Presley Strong aka Rick Strong, 7"s is almost impossible. He was a master instrumentalist who can turn out a tune on any piece of gear and was a regular in his local clubs. He spent time between Selma, Atlanta, where he was born, and Beverly Hills and played with artists like Willie Hutch. This compilation collects together some of his best jams and is an essential pick up for any and all soul lovers. A-side 'Love Is A Heartbreaker' is a real pearler in particular, while the flip side is no slouch either.
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 in stock $11.56
Just A Touch: Underground UK Soul Compiled By Sam Don
Cat: AOTNCD 063. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Bo'vel - "Coming Back"
Sam - "Life" (club mix)
Marcelle Moncrieffe - "Take Me There"
Kofi - "Step By Step"
Pure Silk - "What You Do For Me"
Jenny B - "Sexy Eyes" (club mix)
Sonja Ryshard - "Step Back"
Cavalier - "Don't Touch"
Purely Fizzycal - "Straight To The Top"
Dennis Planeter - "I Still Dream Of You"
Taffy - "Passion"
Weekend In Paris - "Hold Your Head Up"
Review: Having previously shone a light on lovers rock via two volumes of his For The Love of You compilations, dusty-fingered selector Sam Don has turned his attention to 'underground UK soul'. In practice, that largely means - though not uniformly - street soul of the late 80s and 90s. It's a simple idea, executed brilliantly, with Don working tirelessly to get the blessing of all the artists involved. Sweet, synth-heavy and lusciously loved up, the 12 tracks on show are undeniably excellent, with the many highlights including the piano-sporting, breakbeat-driven dancefloor pleasure of Kofi's 'Step By Step', the sax-sporting shuffle of Jenny B's 'Sexy Eyes (Club Mix)', the bubbly 80s soul cheeriness of Cavalier's 'Don't Touch' and the bustling post-boogie brilliance of 'Passion' by Taffy.
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 in stock $15.00
Get Down
Cat: ATH 118. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Get Down (4:25)
Can You Deal (4:41)
Review: Athens Of The North can usually be found honing their expert craft of unearthing nigh impossible to find disco, and reissuing it in the utmost quality. However, the work of East Coast Love Affair (Euan Fryer and Nick Moore) is deceiving, as it adopts the image of one of said reissues while actually being fully contemporary music. 'Get Down' tops up a slew of master-quality releases for the label, expropriating a vocal line from obscure Minneapolis 'lo-fi' band Quiet Storm and putting it back into an entirely new, drunk-and-high instrumental context (think lasers, whistles, funk basses, an overall hazy sound). 'Can You Deal', on the flip, lends Quiet Storm a similar treatment, albeit for a cleverly hi-lo-fi disco house treatment.
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! low stock $14.20
Tonight (7")
Cat: ATH 175. Rel: 07 Dec 23
Tonight (vocal) (3:20)
Tonight (dub) (3:21)
Review: Athens of the North 'house band' East Coast Love Affair recently returned to action with 'I'm So Glad', a driving disco-funk outing tailor-made for sweaty club sessions. For this speedy follow-up, they've recruited effortlessly soulful vocalist Theo Suess and musically flipped the script. Built around skittish lo-fi beats, immersive chords and bubbly synth-bass, 'Tonight' sits somewhere between deliciously deep house and lo-fi boogie. It's genuinely brilliant, with Suess providing an immaculately emotive lead vocal on the A-side main mix. The flip-side 'Dub' is superb, too, with snippets of Suess's vocals echoing across an enveloping, loved-up instrumental backing track.
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 in stock $14.20
Off Piste
Cat: AOTNLP 058. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Fresh Snow (10:40)
La Partida (3:55)
Off Piste (7:41)
Yrsno (4:52)
Sis No Hyp (8:11)
Apres Ski (7:44)
Review: Top pianists, composers and musicians Greg Foat and Are Themen came together over a mutual appreciation for each other's music. This first collaborative album brings each artist's respective influences to a sublime collection of soundscapes that merge kosmische, jazz, vintage soundtrack vibes and ambient into escapist pieces of musical daydreaming. These are tracks that operate on a grande, expansive scale, elevate mind, body and soul and raise you up to the heavens on lush chords and mellifluous melodies using a mix of old synths and effects pedals and an array of other musicians Whether this is jazz or ambient or modern classical, it doesn't get much better than this.
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 in stock $26.30
Watchin' You
Cat: ATH 044. Rel: 23 Mar 17
Watchin' You (4:09)
To The Sky (4:39)
Review: Little is known about Friction Band's hyper-rare 45" besides the fact it's a brilliant example of outsider, slightly experimental style of modern soul, it's passed hands for strong triple figures in recent years and it's just been injected with a whole new lease of life by Fryer. "Watchin' You" is a footloose boogie jam with unabashed use of freeform keys while "To The Sky" flips for a softer, more sentimental soul affair that's fringed by just the right amount of dreamy cosmicity. Another precision find by AOTN.
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Played by: Dan Mela, Soul Music
 in stock $10.52
All The Way Down
Cat: ATH 139. Rel: 25 Jan 24
All The Way Down (3:16)
Tonight's The Night (3:40)
Review: Athens of the North has a famously busy rate of release and so it is no surprise that they keep that up even in the first months of the year. A slew of singles and an album are all dropping at the same time and this is one of them - yet another gold standard reissue, this time of Charles Barnwell's band The Funnybone Express. This 7" is a superb bit of deep funk with hints of modern soul that were huge back in the day and are sure to be so all over again now.
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 in stock $12.61
What About The Child
Cat: ATH 084. Rel: 30 Apr 20
What About The Child (2:44)
Now I Know (4:17)
Review: "What About The Child" by Avelino Pitts' obscure band GOLD has long been a sought-after deep funk rarity, with copies of the 1977 seven-inch single being extremely hard to come by these days. Helpfully Athens of the North's Euan Fryer knows the score and has decided to offer-up a much-needed reissue. The track is a fine slab of psychedelic soul in the vein of leading San Francisco groups of the period - Vehicle, Tower of Power and so on - with plenty of rhythmic shuffle and fine group vocals. Fryer has unearthed a gem for the flip, too: a previously unreleased cut that's on a similar sonic tip to Rotary Connection. It's worth the entrance price on its own.
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 in stock $9.20
The Sands Of Zanzibar
Cat: ATH 132. Rel: 12 Oct 23
The Sands Of Zanzibar (part 1) (3:49)
The Sands Of Zanzibar (part 2) (3:10)
Review: The supply of superlative sounds from Athens Of The North knows no bounds - rarely does a week go by with out the well regarded reissue label coming thorough with yet another obscure, forgotten, overlooked or rare gem that has is immediately fall in love. Falling into those categories again is this 7" 'The Sands of Zanzibar, Pt. 1' from Leonard Grandson. It is a floating groove that will swells the heart and is super hard to find in original form. It is thought to be from 1977 and was recorded in a Hollywood studio. Leonard sounds not unlike Steve Wonder and really hits a sweet spot on this one.
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 in stock $13.15
Disco With A Feeling: An Introduction To The Heart & Soul Of Independent Disco
Cat: AOTNLP 021. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Ice - "Reality" (3:35)
Cloudburst - "I'm Loving You" (3:38)
Popsicles - "These Are The Good Times" (4:23)
Bileo - "You Can Win" (3:28)
Mahana - "She Really Needs Love" (3:15)
Jerry Blackshear - "Defected" (3:29)
Mr Wigg & Co - "Lot Of Living To Do" (4:32)
Benita - "Time For A Change" (3:25)
Darrell Johnson - "Days Gone Past" (4:12)
Bordeaux - "Paradise's Love" (3:24)
Split Decision Band - "Watchin' Out" (3:15)
Sequence - "Disco Thing" (3:00)
Strivers Show Band - "Love Episode" (3:29)
Love Company - "Love Tempo" (3:36)
Gratitude - "We Are Here To Party" (7" version) (3:46)
Jax Transit Authority - "Life Is A Miracle" (4:56)
Review: Many of the finest independent disco 45s that Athens of the North has reissued were licensed by crate digger David Haffner, so it's fitting that AOTN boss Euan Fryer has given him a compilation of his own. "Disco With A Feeling" contains some of those picks, alongside other obscure favourites from Haffner's sizable record collection. It's absolute fire from start to finish, with the little known private press and small-run cuts tending towards the more soulful and jazz-funk influenced end of the disco spectrum. Basically, it's a must-have for anyone who gravitates towards the rare end of the disco spectrum.
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 in stock $24.72
Cat: AOTNCD 018. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Mariposa Lily
Antonio's Theme
Coastal Drive
Lost In Nostalgia
Introduction (Nightshade (Theme & Variations))
Echo Flute & Bowed Bass
Main Theme
Solo Strings
Solo Fender & Rhodes
Pizzicato Strings
Walking Bass & Echo Flute (reprise)
Multi-tracked Piano
Main Theme (reprise)
 in stock $5.78
Beautiful Day
Cat: AOE 036. Rel: 28 Mar 19
Beautiful Day (2:52)
Beautiful Day (Drums) (3:00)
Review: Athens Of The North celebrate the longstanding contributions of host, presenter, writer, personality and occasional singer Bernard "Spider" Harrison. Recorded sometime around 1970, and fetching large triple figures between collectors, the feel good bluesy soul cut "Beautiful Day" first landed on Lulu Records and has barely seen the light of day since... Until now. And it's loaded with a never-before-released drum cut. Don't sleep, though. Only 500 of these have been pressed.
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 in stock $11.31
Rocket Love
Cat: ATH 126. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Rocket Love (3:47)
No Turnin' Back (3:37)
Review: Detroit-born jazz musician Wendell Harrison did a lot of seminal work with the likes of Phil Ranelin and Tribe in the early part of his career, but he's also slipped out some seriously funky wares like this rare joint originally from 1982 on Wenha Records. Athens Of The North are champions of such records, picking them up, showing them some love and getting them out to a fresh audience, and so it goes on this killer 7", which flips the A and the B so Harrison's version of Stevie Wonder's 'Rocket Love' gets up front in all its groovesome glory.
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 in stock $10.52
Let Love Enter
Cat: ATH 051. Rel: 07 Dec 17
Let Love Enter (2:55)
Come To Me (3:33)
Review: Incredible late night smoochy stuff right here from one of the most decorated bassists of all time. A major figure in the bands of Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder, Henderson was also a killer solo artist amassing eight artist albums between 76-86. This AOTN "45 showcases his true breadth as "Let Love Enter" lilts on a soft bossa with rising horns, velvet backing vocals and an unabashed come-to-bed message. "Come To Me" gets even deeper under the sheets with as he goes toe-to-toe, cheek-to-cheek with Rena Scott with smoking results.
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Athens Of The North Beat Tape
Cat: AOTNLP 040. Rel: 30 Sep 21
Hip Hop/R&B
Partay (0:40)
Theme From Rockay (4:23)
Why I'm Thirsty (1:15)
Rocks Off (4:05)
People (1:25)
Highway 633 (2:17)
Hawaiian Roll (0:46)
Maybe (2:13)
Gotta Go (0:58)
Sirens (0:39)
Melted (2:43)
Eeee's (0:55)
Fancy Guys (1:27)
Attention Earthling (2:58)
In Love, In, Love (0:36)
Jucier (1:57)
Wonderful Licks (1:04)
Piano Factories (1:32)
The Wooden Room (2:07)
Space With Space (1:54)
The Hairy May Jive (1:40)
Review: Athens of the North serves up something of a lovely curveball here with their first-ever beat tape. It is the work of Scottish beatmaker and hip-hop producer Jaisu, who has long been a friend of the label. He crafted this record in his studio in Niddrie from beats already put out on the Athens label. In loading up his MPC with such great source material, he was always sure to serve up some great sounds and so it is - these are lived-in, real, raw beats that have lo-fi fringes, soul vibes and a certain sense of timelessness that stands each track apart. More, please!
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Waiting In The Wings
Cat: ATH 133. Rel: 02 Mar 23
Waiting In The Wings (East Cost Love Affair mix) (3:16)
Waiting In The Wings (2:56)
Review: It's a busy time for Athens of the North - to be fair when isn't it - as the Edinburgh label drops a couple of real gems this month. Marion Javius's 'Waiting In The Wings' originally dropped in 1978 and the head of this label loved the track but for a couple of aspects to it. Years later, he discovered that a friend of the label David Haffner "had been sitting on the multi-track tapes for some time and was cool with us doing a 45." So here we have the original on the B-side, and the slightly tweaked and edited new East Cost Love Affair version on the a-side. It's a great touch-up job if you ask us.
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What Do You Want Me To Do
Cat: ATH 099. Rel: 15 Jul 21
What Do You Want Me To Do (4:32)
What Do You Want Me To Do (edit) (4:24)
Review: Athens of the North is continually one of our favourite labels here at Juno HQ. The Edinburgh based outlet's tireless mission to unearth forgotten gems or shine a light on deserving tracks that may have been overlooked cannot be faulted. This time out Christopher Jay's 'What Do You want Me To Do' from 1987 gets served up on its own 45rpm. It is a glorious bit of disco boogie with a rugged broken beat, funk in the bass and soul in the buttery vocal. On the flip is a subtle edit that hits just as sweet a spot and it comes with a nice picture sleeve, too.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Be My Lady
Cat: ATH 098. Rel: 25 Feb 21
Be My Lady (4:40)
Come Out Tonight (4:19)
Review: Some boogie collectors go weak at the knees at the mention of Christopher Jay's 'What Do You Want Me To Do', a superb single from 1987 that's long been near impossible to find. This isn't that gem, but something arguably even more exciting: some previously unreleased business from the same obscure, overlooked artist. 'Be My Lady' dates from a similar period and sees Jay sing swooning words to a member of the opposite sex over a sunny and kaleidoscopic blend of rubbery bass, clipped guitars and shiny synthesizers. Flipside 'Come Out Tonight' is rather tasty, too. Slower and even warmer, it sits somewhere between 80s soul and yacht rock.
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You're The Best
Cat: ATH 078. Rel: 26 Sep 19
You're The Best (4:28)
Train Of Thought (4:29)
Review: Many disco-era modern soul collectors regard, Larom Baker's "You're The Best", which initially appeared in 1978 on an impossible to find, single-sided 7" single, as one of the style's genuine "Holy Grail" records. It's good news, then, that Athens Of The North has secured the rights to reissue it, releasing the full studio version (rather than the shorter edit that was released all those years ago) for the very first time. It's a genuine gem, with Baker's deliciously breezy West Coast soul vocal seemingly floating over a killer backing track rich in hazy horns, bustling slap bass and crunchy Clavinet lines. Turn to the flipside for the more disco-minded "Train Of Thought", one of a string of recently discovered Baker recordings that form the basis of a forthcoming album of previously unreleased tracks.
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Our Love
Cat: ATH 086. Rel: 01 Oct 20
Our Love (4:23)
It's Up To You (3:57)
Review: It was back in 1986 when obscure UK electrofunk band Leval released their sole 7" - a sparkling slab of pop-boogie brilliance that has long been a secret weapon for dusty-fingered diggers and Brit-funk collectors. As this Athens of the North reissue proves, the record remains a brilliant Brit-boogie gem. Check first 'Our Love', a confirmed earworm that sees the band wrap duetting male/female vocals around a deliciously bustling blend of rubbery slap-bass, eyes-closed soft rock guitars, warm synthesizer chords and a dewy-eyed, jazz-funk style breakdown. Flipside 'It's Up To You' is a little more eccentric thanks to an unusual time signature and drum track, but boasts the same addictive blend of male and female lead vocals, slap bass and synths.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Stereo (LP)
Cat: AOTNLP 061. Rel: 01 Dec 22
Deep House
I'm Ready (1:51)
RunStop (4:18)
Joystick (3:10)
Love (3:20)
S-Mode (3:53)
DipDab (3:38)
Clusters (4:58)
Ping (2:15)
Flightpath (4:21)
Glow (4:51)
Lookup (4:24)
Review: Linkwood clearly enjoyed the process of recording his 2021 album Mono, which was created in a week in the Athens of the North Studio in Edinburgh, as he's repeated the exercise on Stereo. It's an impressive sequel all told, with the long-serving producer delivering an even deeper, warmer and more evocative excursion informed by his love of analogue deep house, classic sci-fi techno, the 80s compositions of Jan Hammer, intergalactic electro, drum machine-driven synth-funk and star-gazing ambient music. It sounds like it was primarily made with vintage synthesisers and drum machines, which when combined with his impeccable sound design and judicious use of outboard effects results in an enveloping, immersive and highly atmospheric sound that rewards repeat listens. In other words, it's another fine album to get lost in.
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Mono (LP)
Cat: AOTNLP 048. Rel: 24 Jun 21
Deep House
Bubbles (2:28)
Candy Land (3:19)
Shortwave (1:46)
Rain & Shine (2:07)
Byte Size (5:06)
Squeeze (4:14)
Endcoms (2:12)
I Love You (3:23)
No One & Perfect (3:29)
Date-Line (2:59)
Refresher (2:39)
Kubes (3:25)
Dust Jacket (2:53)
Strangely Enough (1:31)
Review: Linkwood can do no wrong if you ask us. Whatever music he puts out - be it his collabs with jazz great Greg Foat, his melodic deep house abstracts or this new electro tinged collection, it is gold. He recorded this one with some Moog and Oberheim gear in the Athens of the North studio and casts his net far and wide - there is crisp bit lo-fi, starry eyed electro like 'Shortwave' next to more 80s tinged pop-like nuggets "Rain & Shine' and cosmic explorations such as 'Date-Line'. It is the sound of a producer who can create at will, unbound by rules, but defined by excellence.
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Face The Facts
Face The Facts (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: AOTNLP 042. Rel: 26 Nov 20
Deep House
Theme For City (5:58)
First Take (4:46)
Porty (4:27)
Face The Facts (5:08)
3VSR (2:32)
Meet In The Middle (5:52)
Don't Throw It (5:06)
Gold Leith (4:23)
Downright (3:05)
Varial (2:38)
Shapes (8:42)
Silver Nows (5:35)
Up Wrong (4:02)
Review: Given their shared musical heritage - both are members of the extended Firecracker Recordings crew - it's perhaps something of a surprise to find that Face The Facts marks the first serious collaboration between Linkwood and Gav 'Fudge Fingaz' Sutherland AKA Other Lands. It's less surprising that the album is really, really good. Touching on warming synth-boogie, head-nodding downtempo jams, mutant beatdown, Balearic beats, sunset-ready soundscapes and warming analogue deep house, the 13-track set is notable for the pair's extensive use of dusty old drum machines, tactile instrumentation (think smooth Rhodes solos, languid guitar solos and blissed-out synths) and Sutherland's hazy, sometimes seductive singing voice.
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Love Tempo
Cat: ATH 061. Rel: 08 Feb 18
Love Tempo (3:35)
Somebody Help Me Be Fair (4:22)
Review: Athens Of The North strike again. A big spinner for the likes of Floating Points, this rare-as-pigs-shoes 1980 45 from Ohio troupe Love Company has gone for big sums in the past. It's not hard to hear why; "Love Tempo" raises the heat with an unrelenting disco beat, coastal guitar textures and harmonies to swoon to. "Somebody Help Me Be Fair" flips for a much more sentimental story as Love Company unravel the problems of a menage-et-trois. Steamy.
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Keep On Dancin
Cat: ATH 073. Rel: 29 Nov 18
Keep On Dancin (3:34)
You (3:23)
Review: While Luther Davis is undoubtedly best known for his sought-after disco smash "You Can Be A Star", many collectors and deep funk DJs have long insisted that the more obscure "Keep On Dancin" is even better. Thanks to Athens of the North's timely reissue of the latter, you can now decide for yourself. Certainly, it's a ludicrously infectious, full-throttle disco-funk affair whose extreme dancefloor intensity is helped by Davis and company's liberal use of studio effects, psychedelic backing vocals and some serious eyes-closed guitar solos. This reissue comes with B-side bonus soothing slow jam "You", which is a serviceable chunk of deep soul.
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Say It With Feeling
Cat: AOE 031. Rel: 22 Feb 18
Say It With Feeling (2:16)
Conscience (2:48)
Review: Excavated from vaults of the Weiss Brothers' longstanding NYC imprint Old Time Records, Beverly McKay's gutsy tales have massaged soul floors for those lucky to have a 200 pound 45. "Say It With Feeling" hits with big backing vocal harmonies before breaking into a classic midtempo bluesy arrangement while "Conscience" strikes with a little more eastern allure, staccato strings and a cat-prowling narrative. Timeless soul.
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James McKenzie & The McKenzie Brothers
Cat: AOTNLP 022. Rel: 29 Aug 19
James McKenzie - "Lady Is Love" (3:16)
James McKenzie - "Live Again" (4:10)
James McKenzie - "Two Ladies" (3:59)
The McKenzie Brothers - "Hope She Don't Hurt You" (5:06)
James McKenzie - "Wonderful To Be In Love" (3:45)
The McKenzie Brothers - "Felt Her Fire" (4:00)
James McKenzie - "I've Got To Go" (3:37)
James McKenzie - "Birth Is Love" (6:46)
The McKenzie Brothers - "Joni's Little Song" (2:02)
The McKenzie Brothers - "Lonley Girl" (4:00)
The McKenzie Brothers - "Tomorrow Is Your Own" (2:48)
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You Can Tell Me Goodbye (reissue)
Cat: ATH 140. Rel: 27 Jul 23
You Can Tell Me Goodbye (2:41)
I've Gotta Keep On Lovin' You (4:10)
Review: Athens of The North delivers once again here with another delightful reissue of a soul classic by Bernetia Miller And The Soul Groovers. An original of this Georgian gem is insanely rare and in fact the Athens boss himself has never actually seen a copy. It was recorded in the studio of Phil Walden's studio in Macon, Georgia and Bernetia herself has said it took many takes and plenty of hard work to get the result they wanted. Backing band The Soul Groovers had their own bus on which they toured plenty and this reissue is from the master tapes owned by Bernetia. 'You Can Tell Me Goodbye' has lo-fi drums and raw horns with a yearning vocal while 'I've Gotta Keep On Lovin' You' is more slow and steady and emotionally moving with a more tender vocal.
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Look A Little Higher
Cat: AOTNLP 057. Rel: 23 Jun 22
Money Won't Change You (3:33)
It's Bad (3:08)
Good Thing (2:31)
Best Of Luck To You (3:02)
That's What I Get (2:11)
That's The Sound Of My Heart (2:20)
How Long Must I Wait For You (2:29)
Foxy Mama (2:36)
Look A Little Higher (2:43)
I Take What I Want (2:26)
She's Got To Be Loved (2:42)
Just A Dream (2:02)
To Love Me Like You Do (2:49)
There's Gonna Be A Better Day Coming (2:37)
Review: The glorious Athens of the North label will always be one of our favourites. It is pretty much buy on sight for lovers of soul, funk and disco and this month it is serving up two more unmissable long players. Here it is Ike and The Uptights and their superb sounds which make, what me might bravely, say, could be one of this always high class label's finest releases. Formed by Henry Bradley in Forrest City, The Uptights recorded for Memphis label Action Records and here we get a perfect window into their world of raw and guttural funk.
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