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New releases this week: Indie/Alternative

New Indie/Alternative vinyl in stock + the latest preorders
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Sunshine Dub Me (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Cat: PIASC 1029EP. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Punch Dub (3:43)
Angry Dub (4:08)
No Trophy Version (3:23)
This Town Version (2:56)
Lying In The Dub (3:54)
Sky Holds The Dub (3:51)
Review: Founding Bees members Paul Butler and Aaron Fletcher recorded the original Sunshine Hit Me on the Isle of Wight in their own home garden studio which they called The Shed. A year after release in 2003 it got recognised with a Mercury Music Prize nomination and spawned some big singles. Now, 20 years on, it arrives once more but in an all-new and dubbed-out fashion. The six cuts include three which have never previously been released in any physical format and bring a fresh dimension to the originals.
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 in stock $18.52
It's A Shame About Ray
It's A Shame About Ray (green vinyl 7")
Cat: FIRE 668. Rel: 30 Nov 23
It's A Shame About Ray (3:08)
It's A Shame About Ray (Triple J acoustic Session) (3:23)
 in stock $11.64
Crossing Towns
Crossing Towns (limited 7")
Cat: SHLF 207. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Crossing Towns (3:45)
Secrets (2:25)
Crowns (2:47)
Amanda & Grant (3:28)
 in stock $15.61
Peel Session 1995
Cat: CHK 7086. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Sferic Waves (2:50)
Classified (1:53)
Put Your Finger In The Socket (2:44)
Inside The Head Of Mr John Peel (2:56)
 in stock $12.17
Radcliffe Session 1994
Cat: CHK 7085. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Gargantua's Last Stand (2:25)
Name Of Numbers (1:24)
Special Agent Conrad Uno (2:39)
Time Bomb (1:56)
 in stock $12.17
Live For Me
Live For Me (white vinyl 12")
Cat: WB 7257031. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Ice Slippin (4:09)
Live For Me (3:32)
Angel (3:53)
Pilot (4:08)
 in stock $30.97
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice (limited 7" picture disc)
Cat: 810599 02429. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Winter Solstice (3:55)
Winter Solstice (Braxe & Falcon remix) (4:03)
 in stock $16.15
Memorabilia (German Remix Edition)
Memorabilia (German Remix Edition) (limited translucent green vinyl 12")
Cat: GDR 1. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Memorabilia (Daniel Miller 2023 remix) (5:16)
Memorabilia (Daniel Miller 2023 remix - instrumental) (5:13)
Memorabilia (The Hacker 2023 remix) (6:35)
Memorabilia (Wally Funk 2023 remix) (5:39)
Review: The birth point of ecstasy in British music is usually credited to acid house and the second summer of love: a cemented vision of kids sweating and vibrating in clubs, fields and warehouses in 1988, united by universal empathy and mind-popping sounds. However, in 1981, a couple of young men from Leeds went to New York, discovered the drug in its infancy, fused its' gritty synth pop to acid house's squelchy 303 groove and recorded an album - Soft Cell's Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. The rest, as they say, is history.
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! low stock $25.14
New Heart Designs (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
New Heart Designs (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023) (limited black & white clouds vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: BF23 29. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Mystery (2:20)
Alien Love Call (feat Blood Orange) (3:44)
Underwater Boi (3:42)
Review: This is a special and unique coming together that sees Turnstile join forces with the brilliant Toronto jazz ensemble and production team BADBADNOTGOOD. They have worked on reimagining songs from the former's well-received 2021 album Glow On and the results bring all new perspectives and dynamics to tunes like 'Mystery', 'Alien love Call' featuring Blood Orange and 'Underwater Boi.' Both Turnstile and BADBADNOTGOOD are untouchable in their fields right now with rave reviews for their records as well as their live shows. This is another standout project.
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 in stock $29.64
Abstract Concrete
Abstract Concrete (limited LP + booklet in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: CON 944LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Almost Touch
This Echo
Sad Bogbrush
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Tomorrow's World
 in stock $29.12
Salvation (Deluxe Edition) (remastered)
Salvation (Deluxe Edition) (remastered) (trifold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: 167792 2. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Inside Out (5:19)
Monkey In The Moon (3:49)
Guardian Angel (4:13)
Wishful Thinking (3:46)
Flame (3:39)
Point Of Know Return (5:50)
Control (3:28)
Dangerous Places (3:54)
Spirit Of The Age (4:31)
Soul Messiah (4:49)
New Horizons (5:27)
Pandora's Lullaby (4:27)
Wishful Thinking (Radiomix Turbobeat) (4:05)
Life Is King (5:59)
Wishful Thinking (Physical 12" mix) (5:53)
Flame (single version Turbobeat) (3:58)
 in stock $49.75
Bad Books (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
Bad Books (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition) (limited numbered eco vinyl LP)
Cat: MISC 9. Rel: 30 Nov 23
How This All Ends (3:04)
The Easy Mark & The Old Maid (3:38)
Baby Shoes (3:51)
You're A Mirror I Cannot Avoid (3:49)
Holding Down The Laughter (4:09)
You Wouldn't Have To Ask (1:54)
I Begged You Everything (4:45)
Please Move (3:03)
Mesa, AZ (3:14)
Texas (3:57)
 in stock $24.09
The Things We Think We're Missing
The Things We Think We're Missing (limited gatefold translucent green vinyl LP)
Cat: NOEP 951. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Parachutes (3:20)
Lost Your Name (3:43)
Back Of Your Head (3:42)
Tiny Raindrop (3:21)
Notice Me (3:15)
Ella (1:15)
Cut Me Open (5:25)
Reflection (4:09)
I'm Swimming (4:13)
When I Come Undone (3:39)
Dirty Head (2:03)
Keepsake (3:47)
Enemy (4:39)
 in stock $33.87
The Toothpaste & The Tube
Cat: BOT 016LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Back Out On The Road (3:26)
Work To Do (3:44)
Hope & Glory (4:15)
The Three Stooges (3:02)
The Dragicorn (3:21)
The Golden Lion (5:40)
Send Me A Bird (3:40)
Sunny Sunny Scotland (3:32)
AI (3:55)
The Greenwash (3:17)
Against The War (4:05)
Swimming In The Sea (4:47)
Who I'll Try To Be (4:17)
 in stock $19.59
Hadsel (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: POMP 011LP. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Hadsel (4:55)
Arctic Forest (3:54)
Baion (4:04)
So Many Plans (3:47)
Melbu (2:16)
Stokmarknes (4:09)
Island Life (4:09)
Spillhaugen (3:40)
January 18th (3:38)
Suddeutsches Ton-Bild-Studio (5:08)
The Tern (4:14)
Regulatory (3:17)
 in stock $25.40
Cat: 245852 5472. Rel: 28 Nov 23
People Pleaser (3:10)
Wish It Was Me (2:35)
Bloom (3:32)
Out Of My League (3:04)
Sick (2:17)
Ultraviolet (3:26)
How's It Gonna End? (3:32)
 in stock $31.23
Harlequin Dream (10th Anniversary Edition)
Harlequin Dream (10th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold transparent blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 486024 5. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Southern Sun (4:36)
Old Town Blues (3:23)
Harlequin Dream (4:20)
Three Headed Woman (4:00)
Bridges (4:06)
A Moment's Grace (4:52)
End Of The Line (3:45)
Back Down The Black (6:16)
Real Estate (2:55)
Stranger (4:57)
Arrow Flight (4:19)
 in stock $27.80
Smack Bunny Baby (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: CRF 1401161. Rel: 30 Nov 23
I Fuzzbot (3:41)
Ride (2:49)
Smack Bunny Baby (1:52)
Martian Dance Invasion (2:16)
Cultural Zero (2:50)
Brat Girl (3:44)
Hurting Me (3:59)
I Could Own You (2:55)
Anesthetize (3:04)
Draag (4:10)
Get Away (3:43)
Velveteen Freak Scene (bonus track) (4:21)
 in stock $33.62
Greatest Hits (reissue)
Cat: RHI 604641. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Just What I Needed (3:44)
Since You're Gone (3:26)
You Might Think (3:06)
Good Times Roll (3:43)
Touch & Go (4:56)
Drive (3:54)
Tonight She Comes (3:49)
My Best Friend's Girl (3:40)
Let's Go (3:34)
I'm Not The One (3:58)
Magic (3:55)
Shake It Up (3:31)
 in stock $29.39
Catatonic Suns
Catatonic Suns (limited CD)
Cat: AGIT 066CD. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Inside Out
Fell Off
Be As One
No Stranger
 in stock $11.64
Australian Carnage: Live At The Sydney Opera House
Bright Horses (3:28)
Carnage (6:30)
White Elephant (4:56)
Leviathan (5:18)
Ghostee (4:27)
Waiting For You (6:24)
Breathless (3:47)
Balcony Man (6:54)
Review: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis returned to Australia for sixteen shows last year, taking their 2021 album Carnage on the road, along with songs from the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds catalogue. Three performances at the Sydney Opera House on December 16-18 were the climactic shows of an emotional trip, captured for a new live album, Australian Carnage - Live At The Sydney Opera House. Cave himself said of the project: "Every show was moving and unforgettable, from the intimacy of playing in theatres and arts centres, to the vast and uplifting nights at Hanging Rock, through to our final three nights at the inimitable Sydney Opera House."
Read more
 in stock $19.59
Standard Candle Demos (reissue)
Cat: SLOTHMATE 007. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Standard Candle #1 (2:31)
August (2:37)
Et Surtout (1:52)
Thin As Flags (2:43)
Nothing To It (3:32)
A Trumpet On The Hillside (4:07)
Standard Candle #2 (2:54)
The Price Is Right (3:22)
 in stock $25.94
7even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994-2001
Cat: 725241 8. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Heavy (3:00)
She Said (4:10)
Shine (5:03)
Energy (3:15)
Run (4:04)
Gel (2:58)
Perfect Day (feat Elton John) (3:41)
Precious Declaration (3:41)
Why (part 2) (7:52)
The World I Know (3:02)
Next Homecoming (4:07)
Listen (3:03)
December (1:38)
Forgiveness (4:59)
 in stock $31.50
Tell Me Something Happy (Before I Fall Asleep)
Tell Me Something Happy (Before I Fall Asleep) (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: OEMOEMENOE 11. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Tell Me Something Happy (Before I Fall Asleep) (5:20)
Imaging (3:22)
How Long Is Soon (4:30)
Meticulous (3:46)
14 (5:36)
Nose (1:10)
I Love To Cry (3:50)
Forgetting To Self Refer (3:40)
How To Arrive (4:12)
Rational (4:59)
Feel The Rain (5:12)
If The Horse Lies Down To Sleep (4:40)
Prume (3:30)
Found It All (4:55)
Kids (6:54)
Lullaby (Firebird) (5:25)
 in stock $15.35
What Can I Trust If I Can't Trust True Love
Cat: TT 4LPA. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Breakdown (3:16)
What Can I Trust, If I Can't Trust True Love (3:49)
At This Table (3:30)
Feel The Same (3:30)
Trying (4:43)
Always The One (3:17)
Love Takes Time (3:59)
Here I Am (3:23)
Lucky Man (3:30)
Fire (4:48)
 in stock $23.82
Earth To The Dandy Warhols (reissue)
Earth To The Dandy Warhols (reissue) (gatefold eco vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LECX 241. Rel: 27 Nov 23
The World Come On (4:44)
Mission Control (2:11)
Welcome To The Third Wold (5:37)
Wasp In The Lotus (4:37)
And Then I Dreamt Of Yes (4:46)
Talk Radio (5:08)
Love Song (3:46)
Now You Love Me (3:10)
Mis Amigos (4:27)
The Legend Of The Last Of The Outlaw Truckers aka The Ballad Of Sheriff Shorty (3:40)
Beast Of All Saints (4:43)
Valerie Yum (7:00)
Musee D' Nougat (13:38)
 in stock $34.41
Nada Ized!
Nada Ized! (limited 180 gram translucent aquamarine & red smokey swirl vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: BADVC 66ABTB. Rel: 30 Nov 23
A Nausea (4:25)
Going Dark (5:04)
Their Deception (4:47)
The Trigger (5:23)
The Pole Star Of Eden (4:16)
God A Pale Curse (4:34)
Wolf Rose (5:40)
Heaven Street (4:19)
No Belief (4:38)
The Maverick Chamber (4:13)
My Little Black Angel (3:50)
Luther's Army (4:11)
Last Europa Kiss (3:55)
Break The Black Ice (3:09)
All Pigs Must Die (3:27)
Runes & Men (4:23)
Fall Apart (3:32)
Hail! The White Grain (5:42)
 in stock $52.93
Nada Ized!
Nada Ized! (limited 180 gram translucent aquamarine & red vinyl 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: BADVC 66AT. Rel: 30 Nov 23
A Nausea (4:25)
Going Dark (5:04)
Their Deception (4:47)
The Trigger (5:23)
The Pole Star Of Eden (4:16)
God A Pale Curse
Wolf Rose (5:40)
Heaven Street (4:19)
No Belief (4:38)
The Maverick Chamber (4:13)
Little Black Angel (3:50)
Luther's Army (4:11)
Last Europa Kiss (3:55)
Break The Black Ice (3:09)
All Pigs Must Die (3:27)
Runes & Men (4:23)
Fall Apart (3:32)
Hail! The White Grain (5:42)
Review: First released in 2022 on CD and spanning 41 years of Death In June's existence - from songs like 'Heaven Street' to 'The Trigger' - NADA-IZED! is a selection of tracks that spiritually revisit the group's mid-1980's dalliance with militant electro-dance whilst remaining very much aware of the present. Recorded and produced in separate self-isolation, Douglas P. and Miro Snejdr (Herr Synthwave Himself), have produced these New Play Tunes for New Plague Times. Now reissued a year later on 2xLP via New European.
Read more
 in stock $52.93
Turquoise (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MET 1304V. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Take Me To The Sugar (3:49)
Dr K (3:04)
Hot Numbers On The Telephone (2:50)
Panic! Panic! (3:49)
Turquoise (4:29)
Skyrocketing (3:11)
Born To Be Ridiculed (2:14)
Child Of Hunger (2:54)
Staten Island Ass Squad (4:16)
Window Of Time (2:32)
Units Of Time (3:12)
Five Clowns (2:50)
The Browning Of Her Bones (3:03)
The Wheel Finds A Way (3:59)
 in stock $33.62
Immaturity (translucent red vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: FATLP 175. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Ninth (3:10)
Ankle Deep (3:03)
Drop Dead (3:22)
Pretentious Instrumental Break (2:02)
Innanet (1:58)
Heemgeh (4:51)
Comfortable (4:20)
(She Was A) Hotel Detective (2:55)
Projector (3:10)
Third Layer (3:35)
Alligator Facing East (3:42)
Bottle Vs Record (2:21)
 in stock $24.09
Destroyer (blue vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PFL 307LPB. Rel: 30 Nov 23
I Was So Alive (3:52)
Scars (3:35)
Destroyer (3:16)
Let It Grow (3:16)
The Sun Sets On Me (4:50)
Finding Where You Are (3:44)
The Flame (3:51)
Gravity (4:49)
You See Me (3:57)
 in stock $27.80
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots: Live At The Paradise Lounge Boston Oct 27 2002 (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Introduction (4:59)
The Golden Age (2:58)
Wayne Intro 1 (0:50)
Lucifer Sam (3:25)
Wayne Intro 2 (2:28)
Do You Realize?? (4:07)
Wayne Intro 3 (1:56)
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (8:12)
Wayne Intro 4 (1:31)
Fight Test Intro (4:47)
Fight Test (4:16)
Review: The Flaming Lips are among the greatest musical enigmas of the late-20th and early-21st centuries. If you've not seen the exceptional and insightful documentary, The Fearless Freaks, then we highly recommend doing so. The film charts the outfit from their early days as what might be described a white noise and industrial troupe, through to their crossover into mainstream success via one of the most unique indie-pop sounds we have ever encountered. Suffice to say, then, watching them live is an inimitable experience, an evening of surreal inflatables plucked straight from psychedelic somewhere and frantic strobe-lit guitar cacophonies. While this recording of their whole-of-record rendition of landmark LP Yoshimi doesn't really touch upon anything that came before said album, it does capture what makes their performances so incredible.
Read more
 in stock $34.93
Fourth Wall/The Flying Lizards
Cat: RETROD 883. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Mandelay Song (CD1: The Flying Lizards)
Her Story
Summertime Blues
Money (That's What I Want)
The Flood
Events During Flood
The Window
Summertime Blues (12" version)
All Guitars
Money (edit)
Money B
Lovers & Other Strangers (CD2: The Flying Lizards Fourth Wall)
In My Lifetime
New Voice
Hands 2 Take
An Age
Steam Away
Move On Up
Another Story
Lost & Found
Lovers & Other Strangers (7" version)
 in stock $16.41
Business & Pleasure
Business & Pleasure (limited LP)
Cat: LEGO 283VL. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Loose Wig (4:47)
Jack (4:29)
Valencia (4:41)
Summertime (3:02)
The Chance (4:51)
Queen (3:23)
The Second Coming (3:53)
Strangers & Saints (4:21)
Burn The Boats (6:11)
Don't Give In (3:41)
Real Love (4:30)
 in stock $21.17
Nowhere To Go But Up
Nowhere To Go But Up (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: GBVI 120. Rel: 28 Nov 23
The Race Is On, The King Is Dead (3:27)
Puncher's Parade (3:48)
Local Master Airplane (2:12)
How Did He Get Up There? (4:00)
Stabbing At Fractions (2:46)
Love Set (3:45)
We're Going The Wrong Way In (2:31)
Jack Of Legs (3:38)
For The Home (4:37)
Cruel For Rats (2:57)
Song & Dance (4:30)
 in stock $23.03
Nowhere To Go But Up
Cat: GBVI 120CD. Rel: 28 Nov 23
The Race Is On, The King Is Dead
Puncher's Parade
Local Master Airplane
How Did He Get Up There?
Stabbing At Fractions
Love Set
We're Going The Wrong Way In
Jack Of Legs
For The Home
Cruel For Rats
Song & Dance
 in stock $16.68
Albion (Limited CD)
Cat: BELLA 1521CD. Rel: 30 Nov 23
The Pleasant Grey
I Am The Seed
A Fountain
Daughters Of Albion
Country Cathedral Drive
Shining Spires
Silver Wings
Seven Long Suns
Throne Of Amber
 in stock $11.12
Sings ELO
Cat: ALR 0061CD. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Sweet Is The Night
Can't Get It Out Of My Head
Strange Magic
Don't Bring Me Down
Telephone Line
Secret Messages
Bluebird Is Dead
From The End Of The World
Ordinary Dream
! low stock $18.79
Tired Girls
Cat: SPEAKEASY 007. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Early Morning Dreams
Holdin' On
Tired Girls
Girl Girl Girl
How Do You Make Believe?
It Certainly Feels/Little Sister
What To Do With The Lights Out
I've Been Dreamin'
Happier Times
 in stock $28.05
Invaluable Vol 1 & 2
Invaluable Vol 1 & 2 (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: TPLP 1826. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Steel Charmed (3:51)
Burn Money (2:05)
Silent Streets (2:25)
Everything I Ever Wanted (2:57)
Looking Over My Shoulder (1:02)
Heaven's Waiting Room (2:21)
Hesitate (2:45)
Liquid Peark (3:54)
1000 Transformations (3:09)
Drugs, Again? (3:50)
Travelled (2:17)
Long Time Coming (2:26)
On My Own Wave (2:42)
 in stock $21.17
Live At Clouds Hill
Live At Clouds Hill (LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: CHL 6073661. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Stay With Me (4:13)
Grind Your Fingers To The Bone (2:54)
Burn Baby Burn (5:47)
Slow Disco (4:54)
Let The Night Love You (4:24)
I Dreamt Music (4:26)
How Far Have We Fallen? (6:00)
 in stock $23.29
Shabooh Shoobah Rarities (reissue) (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Cat: R 1725617. Rel: 01 Dec 23
The Sax Thing (2:58)
Long In Tooth (3:34)
The One Thing (extended mix) (6:10)
Black & White (extended mix) (4:56)
Here Comes II (3:31)
Go West (2:55)
Phantim Of The Opera (3:10)
Soul Mistake (live From The US Festival, 1983) (3:05)
Here Comes (live From The US Festival, 1983) (3:33)
Spy Of Love (live From The US Festival, 1983) (3:14)
Old World New World (live From The US Festival, 1983) (4:35)
Review: Released in 1982, Shabooh Shoobah was the third studio album by one of the most promising bands emerging from Australia at the time, INXS. Hitting number five in their homeland's ARIA albums chart, it would still feature in that countdown 94 weeks later, and became the group's first international release, going on to find success in the UK, US, and a number of other territories. It almost didn't happen, mind, with the LP born out of a self-funded single, 'The One Thing', which INXS recorded at Paradise Studios with celebrated Aussie producer Mark Opitz. The track was so well received it spurred on a full length release, which became Shabooh Shoobah. This special edition offering is made up of rare B-sides, remixes and live performances from that period, proving - as if there were a need to - just how vital the outfit were during that time.
Read more
 in stock $37.33
The Wasted Years (remastered) (B-STOCK)
The Wasted Years (remastered) (B-STOCK) (4xCD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: FIRECD 460. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Gloop Jiving (Bath Of Bacon 1983 (CD1))
Jazz Butcher Theme
Bigfoot Motel
Sex Engine Thing
Zombie Love
Grey Flannelette
La Mer
Poisoned By Fppd
Love Kittens
Bath Of Bacon
Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Southern Mark Smith (Big Return) (A Scandal In Bohemia (1984)(CD2))
Real Men
Soul Happy Hour
I Need Meat
Just Like Betty Page
Marnie (Muscovite mix)
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Mind Like A Playgroup
My Desert
Big Saturday (Sex & Travel (1985)(CD3))
Red Pets
Only A Rumour
President Reagan's Birthday Present
What's The Matter, Boy?
Walk With The Devil
Down The Drain
Falling In Love (Distressed Gentlefolk (1986)(CD4))
Big Bad Thing
Still In The Kitchen
Hungarian Love Song
The New World
Who Loves You Now?
Domestic Animal
Buffalo Shame
Nothing Special
 in stock $30.71
Castle In The Sky
Castle In The Sky (limited numbered sky blue vinyl LP)
Cat: LYN 062. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Jennifer Calling (2:00)
Take Me For A Ride (2:59)
Jennifer Pastoral (5:06)
Body Music (6:53)
Humility's Disease (3:54)
Jenny's Ladder (0:55)
Cool Loneliness (5:04)
Castle In The Sky (4:53)
Take Me For A Ride (Jerry Paper remix) (4:47)
Body Music (Musclecars remix) (5:44)
 in stock $26.46
Spectra (limited CD)
Cat: MB 059CD. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Pleasure In Function
You Are Loved Eternally
Advice At A Dinner Party
The Natural World
The Big Cheese
There Is A Club
Solitary Girl
Saint Of Fun & Weirdos
Make It A Plan
 in stock $14.81
Mindsets (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Cat: 196588 34051. Rel: 01 Dec 23
If You're Blue (3:11)
Whiskey Goes Good (2:53)
Shooting Into Space (3:00)
Rear View Mirror (3:00)
Before The Dawn (3:11)
(Make The Music Go) Boom (3:29)
If You're Blue (live) (3:07)
Whiskey Goes Good (live) (2:47)
Shooting Into Space (live) (3:02)
Rear View Mirror (live) (3:02)
Before The Dawn (live) (3:08)
(Make The Music Go) Boom (live) (3:18)
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Murder At The Grange
Murder At The Grange (LP + insert)
Cat: IRR 127V. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Murder At The Grange Theme (1:56)
The Christmas Bells (1:59)
Christmas Is Here (3:14)
The Best Christmas Present Of All (2:25)
Christmas Morning (3:53)
One Little Spark (3:09)
Hallelujah! Oh Be Joyful! (2:10)
Move On, Egyptian (3:21)
Mary Sings A Lullabye (3:21)
Charlie Parker's Bebop (3:46)
A Mystery To Me (4:00)
Whodunnit? (3:15)
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The Sirens Song
The Sirens Song (transparent orange vinyl LP)
Cat: LPNW 5780C. Rel: 27 Nov 23
The Light Of Day
Just Like A Summer Cloud
Cannery Yard
A Lifeboat
White Butte Country
A Certain Kind Of Memory
This World Has Seven Wonders
The Siren's Song
Go & Leave Me
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Cat: HUBROLP 3658. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Forste Amerikabrev (1:27)
Amerikalinjen (3:10)
Fargo (4:25)
Hovding (3:59)
Orkenen Sur (3:19)
Quebec (5:00)
Kvekerne (3:58)
Enveisbillett (4:46)
Siste Amerikabrev (1:03)
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Wrestling Music
Cat: SB 012. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Feel It Coming
Wrestling Music
The Magic
Heart Attacks
Summer Nights
 in stock $22.77
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