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record store day 2023
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New releases last eight weeks: Psych/Garage Rock

Psych/Garage Rock vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Sunshine Dub Me (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Cat: PIASC 1029EP. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Punch Dub (3:43)
Angry Dub (4:08)
No Trophy Version (3:23)
This Town Version (2:56)
Lying In The Dub (3:54)
Sky Holds The Dub (3:51)
Review: Founding Bees members Paul Butler and Aaron Fletcher recorded the original Sunshine Hit Me on the Isle of Wight in their own home garden studio which they called The Shed. A year after release in 2003 it got recognised with a Mercury Music Prize nomination and spawned some big singles. Now, 20 years on, it arrives once more but in an all-new and dubbed-out fashion. The six cuts include three which have never previously been released in any physical format and bring a fresh dimension to the originals.
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 in stock $18.35
You Got What I Want
Cat: JAW 062. Rel: 13 Nov 23
You Got What I Want (2:09)
Take A Heart (2:48)
 in stock $15.20
Abandon Ship (Martian Meltdown Mix)
Cat: AUK 05110. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Abandon Ship (Martian Meltdown mix) (11:08)
Maybe Make It Right (3:50)
Review: To coincide with the Brian Jonestown Massacre's North American & Australasian tour in 2023 is the release of two new exclusive tracks by the band. Recorded in Berlin and remotely in 2023, opening track 'Abandon Ship (Martian Meltdown Mix)' runs at over 11 minutes and plays at 33 rpm. 'Maybe Make It Right', the B-side, is nearly four minutes long & plays at 45. With Anton Newcombe, Hakon Adalsteinsson, and Uri Rennert all playing on this offering, we're more than delighted to welcome the return of the Massacre, this time in incendiary live A-and-B form. The release comes in a heavyweight PVC bag with the artwork doubling up as a J-card, making the vinyl visible.
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 in stock $14.68
My Rival
My Rival (12")
Cat: 081007 5113396. Rel: 26 Oct 23
My Rival (2:51)
All Of The Time (3:03)
Windows Hotel (2:38)
She Might Look My Way (take 1) (0:35)
She Might Look My Way (take 2) (4:51)
 in stock $20.97
She Sold Her Soul
She Sold Her Soul (7"+ booklet limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DSCBOX 013. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Cizana - "She Sold Her Soul" (3:52)
La Nueva Generacion - "Uhru Sasa" (3:26)
Review: It might be getting cold and dark and wet here in the UK but music will always be able to transport us to warmer, sunnier, happier climes. And so it is with this new 7", which includes a booklet, from Discodelic. It's a two tracker from Cizana and La Nueva Generation that is flame hot and bristling with energy - Cizana's 'She Sold Her Soul' kicks off with its joyous flutes, hand drums and percussive Latin grooves then La Nueva Generacion slow things down and up the brass with their carnivalesque Afro-funk workout 'Uhru Sasa'.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock $24.39
She Sold Her Soul
She Sold Her Soul (pink & blue splattered vinyl 7" + booklet limited to 100 copies)
Cat: DSCBOX 013C. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Cizana - "She Sold Her Soul" (3:51)
La Nueva Generacion - "Uhru Sasa" (3:25)
Review: Discodelic obviously rates this latest 7" of theirs because they have released it in more than one format. As well as a straight back wax version you can also cop it on this pink & blue splattered vinyl complete with a booklet that provides some extra context about the music from Cizana and La Nueva Generation. Both tunes are flame-hot and bristling with energy. The A-side is all joyous flutes, hand drums and percussive Latin grooves then the flip slows things down and ups the brass. Two belters and this one looks as good as it sounds, too.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock $27.01
Viemos De Longe
Viemos De Longe (limited 7" + insert)
Cat: BJR 45031. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Viemos De Longe (4:24)
Visita Noturna (4:22)
Review: Collignon brings some real class to this new one on Bongo Joe Records. It is a tidy two-track 45rpm that is best described as psychedelic tropical. Opener 'Viemos De Longe' is a dense and busy mix of warped synth wobbles and steamy jungle effects, humid pads and mystic melodies that take you deep into overgrown flora where all manner of birds and frogs await with their weird and wonderful calls. Add in some psyched-out rock guitars and a sense of 60s spy theme funk and you have a marvellous cut. Flip it over for further sonic fun in the form of the magical 'Visita Noturna.'
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Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock $12.57
Hurricane Fighter Plane
Cat: 7IN 0132. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Hurricane Fighter Plane (4:47)
I'm Cramped (2:50)
 in stock $14.16
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (reissue)
Cat: 7IN 4330. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (2:56)
Five Years Ahead Of My Time (2:15)
 in stock $11.81
Outer Banks (Soundtrack)
Cat: 81354517 LP. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Pogues Theme (5:25)
Royal Merchant (Outer Banks main Theme) (3:35)
Surf's Up (2:12)
 in stock $15.20
Temporada Ciclonica
Temporada Ciclonica (limited 12")
Cat: RNCL 07. Rel: 09 Nov 23
El Perseguidor - Rita Indiana (4:50)
Bosque (4:14)
Lolo Grams (3:36)
Cana Electrica (4:39)
Ice Cavern (2:02)
Volando Bajito (4:24)
 in stock $18.35
Rosalina (limited 7")
Cat: SN 103. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Rosalina (2:41)
Stay (2:57)
 in stock $13.63
Panick Attack
Cat: SFR 45061. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Panick Attack (2:25)
Agnost (2:41)
Time (2:25)
 in stock $12.57
Sem Ver O Luar (reissue)
Cat: MR 7356. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Sem Ver O Luar (2:30)
Garota Snob (1:52)
Fantasma (1:50)
Pluto (2:10)
 in stock $13.11
Brownout (red vinyl 7")
Cat: KCR 111C1. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Brownout (2:09)
Boneyard Baile (2:41)
Review: Seth Applebaum's NTC outfit Ghost Walk Orchestra originally released 'Brownout' on the Night Walker tape in 2016, distilling their hazy, psych-leaning funk sound into a perfect two-minute groove that shows off the band at their best. Now Karma Chief have pulled the track out of cassette obscurity and given it a pressing as a 7", backed up by 'Boneyard Baile' released the same year as a digi-only drop. If you love a moody funk jam played with finesse by a crack team, this record is a must.
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 in stock $8.91
Brownout (limited 7")
Cat: KCR 111. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Brownout (2:09)
Boneyard Baile (2:41)
 in stock $8.91
Live 1980
Live 1980 (12" picture disc)
Cat: 115438 1. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Must've Been The Roses (6:27)
Heaven Help The Fool (6:11)
Ripple (4:24)
Sadie (2:34)
Jack Straw (6:12)
Cassidy (5:43)
Me & My Uncle (3:02)
Mexicali Blues (4:24)
 in stock $29.11
100 Yds Of Crash Barrier (mono)
Cat: SN 104. Rel: 31 Oct 23
Guy Hamper Trio - "100 Yds Of Crash Barrier" (feat James Taylor) (3:39)
Wild Billy Childish/CTMF - "100 Yds Of Crash Barrier" (3:39)
 in stock $13.63
You Laugh At My Face
You Laugh At My Face (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: CON 947. Rel: 04 Dec 23
You Laugh At My Face (21:29)
Facelaugh Heaven Forgive Nonetheless (Bass Clef remix) (21:15)
 in stock $14.68
My Love For Evermore
Cat: AU7 945006. Rel: 17 Oct 23
My Love For Evermore (3:26)
Enola Gay (3:25)
 in stock $11.01
Demo Disc
Demo Disc (limited 7")
Cat: SR7 264. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Shaking & Stomping (2:16)
Guillotine Twist (2:05)
 in stock $15.47
Sings Subsonics
Sings Subsonics (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: ITR 382. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Frankenstein (3:29)
Peanuts (2:29)
 in stock $12.57
Vuelven! (7" + 4 page insert)
Cat: DQ 002. Rel: 24 Oct 23
Los Desposeidos (3:16)
Tu Deseo (3:11)
Review: Bolivian psyche-surf rock, anyone? Welcome to the world of Los Laser, a beguiling yet immediately infectious outfit. Vuelven! first hit in the 1970s, at which point most of our fact-checked knowledge about this release comes to a sudden stop. And all the better for it. Rather than getting bogged down in brief biopics, then, let's just say this is definitely one for the guitar-loving diggers, who won't find it many other places. Sonically speaking there's plenty of reference points to what was happening across South America musically at the time. While steeped in conservative traditions (often due to the enforced religion through colonialism situation), the decades after World War II were fertile ground for anti-establishment youth movements across the world, and this continent was no different. So, while the exotic lyrics and jangling six strings don't scream "smash the system" today, you'd better believe this was well against the grain back in 1971.
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 in stock $20.45
Peel Session 1993
Peel Session 1993 (limited 7")
Cat: CHK 7083. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Transmissions From Uranus (2:24)
Invasion Of The Dragonmen (2:10)
Nitrous Burnout (4:00)
 in stock $12.06
Radcliffe Session 1994
Cat: CHK 7085. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Gargantua's Last Stand (2:25)
Name Of Numbers (1:24)
Special Agent Conrad Uno (2:39)
Time Bomb (1:56)
! low stock $12.06
Peel Session 1995
Cat: CHK 7086. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Sferic Waves (2:50)
Classified (1:53)
Put Your Finger In The Socket (2:44)
Inside The Head Of Mr John Peel (2:56)
 in stock $12.06
Go Pop!
Go Pop! ("orange crush" vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BNEK 1547. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Cadillac Eyes (3:12)
You're A Sleaze (2:25)
 in stock $13.89
Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom (limited red vinyl 7")
Cat: IMSO 074R. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Rock Bottom (6:04)
Silver Dollar Forger (4:46)
 in stock $12.32
Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom (white vinyl 7")
Cat: IMSO 074W. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Rock Bottom (6:04)
Silver Dollar Forger (4:46)
 in stock $12.32
Live At The Fillmore West 1969
Live At The Fillmore West 1969 (limited hand-numbered green vinyl 10" + insert)
Cat: LCLPC 5119. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Open My Eyes (6:54)
Hello Susie (6:00)
Under The Ice (3:24)
Cherry Blossom Clinic (2:51)
 in stock $24.11
See Emily Play
See Emily Play (limited 1-sided digitally printed vinyl 12")
Cat: 194397 234114. Rel: 13 Oct 23
See Emily Play (3:47)
Vegetable Man (1:43)
 in stock $21.25
Flanging The Zinc
Flanging The Zinc (limited 12" + poster)
Cat: URBANSOUNDS 004. Rel: 17 Oct 23
So Strong (3:24)
Medicate U! (3:24)
Clouds Ahead (4:02)
Pillars (4:13)
Figures In Swamp (4:09)
 in stock $28.31
Phantasmagoria Vol III
Phantasmagoria Vol III (limited pink vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: S9 03912. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Pyncher - "Steely Dan" (3:57)
Magick Mountain - "Stranger Danger" (3:37)
Beige Banquet - "Konny 500" (3:53)
Pleasure Centre - "Blue (Bertha)" (4:36)
Sister Wives - "Another Day" (3:31)
Dim Imagery - "Ghosts, Ghouls, Lovers, Fools" (5:10)
 in stock $19.41
Shapes In My Mind
Shapes In My Mind (7" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: DEMSING 012. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Shapes In My Mind (2:17)
Blue Sands (2:12)
 in stock $14.68
Blue Storm
Blue Storm (heavyweight yellow & blue marbled vinyl 12" + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: SBR 099. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Blue Storm (14:14)
Kinich Ahau (10:19)
El Ritual (4:56)
Dark Metamorphosis (4:43)
 in stock $30.68
Sonidos Zzumbantes Del Surf Instromental
Sonidos Zzumbantes Del Surf Instromental (numbered 7" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: GHR 278. Rel: 13 Oct 23
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've?) (2:38)
Something's Gone Wrong Again (2:10)
Oh Shit! (1:42)
Noise Annoys (2:43)
 in stock $14.68
Monster (7")
Cat: OUTRO 48. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Monster (2:45)
Lean Mean Motor Scooter (2:35)
 in stock $9.97
Itchycoo Park (50th Anniversary Edition)
Itchycoo Park (50th Anniversary Edition) (limited 10" picture disc)
Cat: IM 1967P. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Itchycoo Park (2:52)
Itchycoo Park (mono) (2:54)
 in stock $18.61
Monday In A Small Dull Town
Cat: IPU 151. Rel: 27 Oct 23
A Girl By Many Names
Monday, In A Small Dull Town
 in stock $9.97
Evil Deeds
Evil Deeds (pink vinyl 7" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: PP 013 PINK. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Evil Deeds (4:53)
Time & Space (4:56)
 in stock $30.16
The Model
Cat: NYCT 7087. Rel: 26 Oct 23
The Model (4:42)
Cumbia De Las Planideras (4:40)
Review: Sonido Gallo Negro drop the cumbia anthem that no one knew they needed- a Joe Meek-esque psychedelic guacharaca-laden version of Kraftwerk's 'The Model'. Theremins and phased electric guitar jangles perfectly straddle the song's languid groove, and the uncanny, sedated nature of the original is preserved- perfect spooky season tackle. The flipside is a more upbeat psy-fi cumbia offering bound to get any self-respecting dancefloor swaying in a manner most zombified. Another indespensible release from the Sonido Gallo Negro camp!
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Mexican
 in stock $17.57
Party Line
Party Line (cool blue vinyl 7")
Cat: HT7 15. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Party Line (3:11)
Toxic (3:23)
 in stock $22.01
Created By Clive
Cat: TS45 004. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Created By Clive (2:38)
I'm Following You (2:00)
Review: Top Sounds digs into the garage rock archives and has turned out some real treasure. The Syn were a short-lived but now cult outfit that, in 1967, released just two 45 rpms for the Deram label. Ever since then, fans of them and 60s rock alike, have fawned over them and collectors have paid high prices to own them. Now they can for a much more reasonable fee with this reissued 7" featuring the jaunty melodies and vocal harmonies of 'Created By Clive' and faster, harder more psyched out 'I'm Following You.'
Read more
 in stock $9.18
Coming Up Roses
Coming Up Roses (1-sided red vinyl 12")
Cat: WH 81. Rel: 13 Oct 23
After Effect (2:45)
Sunshine (1:21)
Good Grace (2:57)
Hands Off (2:18)
Stay With Me (2:10)
 in stock $18.35
La Camita (Jacques Renault Edit)
La Camita (Jacques Renault edit) (3:23)
Son De Tambor Y San Juan (Jacques Renault edit) (3:36)
Review: Mushroom Pillow have tapped up the maverick Jacques Renault here and asked him to tap into a whole new world of influence away from his colourful house fair. It is the rich heritage of Latin underground sounds he leans on most as he threads together his own edits of classics from that world into two steamy new jams. His vibrant rhythms come peppered with mystic flutes and Latin vocals, psyched-out guitars and soulful melodies that make for truly captivating listening. The originals were chosen for their historical significance and cultural impact and have been sympathetically touched up here.
Read more
 in stock $12.57
Bull Of The Woods (Collector's Edition) (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Cat: MVD 13415LP. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Livin' On (3:22)
Barnyard Blues (2:43)
Til Then (3:13)
Never Another (2:22)
Rose & The Thorn (3:28)
Down By The River (1:43)
Scarlet & Gold (5:01)
Street Song (4:46)
Dr Doom (3:11)
With You (2:00)
May The Circle Remain Unbroken (2:38)
Review: Legendary psychedelic rock pioneers The 13th Floor Elevators are best remembered for the seismic impact of their 1966 debut album, but in many ways Bull Of The Woods represents a fuller vision of the band's hallucinatory sound. It's still absolutely spaced out, but there's a sharp focus to the songwriting which allows more space for the experimental sequences. The contrast between 'Til Then' and full freak ride 'Never Another' is a perfect example. There's a constant sense of disorientation doesn't detract from the songwriting as Roy Erikson and his gang go barrelling through cult classics like 'Down By The River', all sounding damn fine on this double white vinyl collectors edition from Culture Factory.
Read more
 in stock $28.85
Resurrection (hand-numbered LP + CD + insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ONITLP 022. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Don't Let Your Baby Go (LP: Resurrection) (1:45)
Tomorrow Is The Day (3:22)
When The Morning Comes Around (2:31)
Longhaired Blues (3:00)
Last Nite (2:24)
One Night Stand (2:17)
Happyville (2:34)
Writing On The Wall (2:03)
Nothin' (2:20)
Warning (2:24)
Baby (2:01)
That's Your Problem (2:28)
Be A Caveman (1:54)
Quelli (2:27)
Don't Let Your Baby Go (From "mind Expanding Vol 1" Misty Lane LP 1994 - CD: live Recordings)
Tomorrow Is The Day
When The Morning Comes Around
Long Haired Blues
Last Nite (From "tales From The Boot" LP Misty Lane LP 1995)
One Night Stand
Happyville (Studio 1994)
Writing On The Wall (From "the Primitive Sound Of" demo Tape 1992)
That's Your Problem
Be A Caveman
Don't Let Your Baby Go (live At Feierwerk, Munich, May 1995)
She's Coming Home
Bad Day Blues
I Couldn't Care Less
My Nobody
Never More
Everyday I'll Try
The Only I'm Looking For
Around & Around
Tomorrow Is The Day
99th Floor
Be A Caveman
Hey Little Bird
Flyte (live At El Paso, Turin, February 1997)
Albert Common Is Dead
 in stock $18.10
Abeichizoku (reissue)
Abeichizoku (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: FLR 003. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Rainy Morning (5:04)
White Wind (3:37)
Tomorrow Is An Amusment Park (4:42)
Crow In The Sky (3:22)
Now (3:33)
Kankan Shine (2:45)
Storm (6:37)
I Want You (2:52)
Room Of Solitude (3:32)
 in stock $36.18
Drowning Out The Big Jets: BBC Radio Sessions 1982-83
Cat: FALLLP 062. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Suicide Bag (1:56)
Losers (2:03)
Mindless Aggression (2:11)
People (2:28)
Cowslick Blues (2:59)
Fouled On The Footpath (2:34)
Times Must Change (1:48)
Drowning Out The Big Jets (2:03)
Fools Factions (1:40)
Protest Is Alive (2:11)
These Are A Few (1:42)
Gothic Party Time (2:33)
Question Of Choice (1:55)
Cruellest Thief (2:17)
New Kings Girl (3:03)
Mercury Theatre (On The Air Again) (3:40)
Review: Action Pact were a punk rock band from Stanwell, an isolated village right under the flight-path of London Heathrow Airport, inspiring this compilation album's title. Consisting of two formerly unreleased John Peel sessions as well as a David Jensen session - totalling 16 tracks - this retrospective charts the band's history, from their formation in 1981 by guitarist Wild Planet, bassist and lyricist Dr. Phibes and the then 15-year-old drummer Joe Fungus and singer George Cheex, still school-kids when their Heathrow Touchdown EP was released in October 1981. BBC DJ John Peel played the single many times and booked them for the first session to appear here, recorded in February 1982. The second Peel session was recorded and broadcast in 1982 and a David Jensen BBC session in 83.
Read more
 in stock $20.72
Sleeping Through The War (Deluxe Edition)
Sleeping Through The War (Deluxe Edition) (limited gatefold green & black swirl vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LPNW 5755X. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Don't Bring Me Coffee
Bruce Lee
Am I Going Up?
Cowboy Kirk
Bruce Lee (demo) (3:41)
Cowboy Kirk (demo) (7:20)
Alabaster (demo) (7:51)
Bulls (intro - demo) (2:06)
Punk Jam (demo) (9:45)
3-5-7 (demo) (3:38)
Internet (demo) (3:11)
 in stock $30.41
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