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Inland Delta
Inland Delta (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BIO 39LP. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Surface Tension (6:08)
Delta Function (5:00)
Franklin's Dream (8:05)
Wolfgang's Wave (5:11)
Brownian Motion (7:10)
Random Walk (7:13)
The String Thing (6:35)
Florian's Flute (2:46)
Jane's Lament (5:47)
Review: The release of any new Biosphere album is cause for celebration, especially when the man himself - the great Geir Jenssen - has chosen a specific theme or concept. 'Inland Delta', his first new full-length for almost two years, features (in his words) "mostly improvised performances on newly restored vintage keyboards". In practice, that means a slightly more colourful and fluid ambient sound than some of his many ambient albums, plus inherent warmth missing from his often icy compositions. There's plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, from the slow-moving cinematic bliss of 'Franklin's Dream' and the shuffling shimmer of 'Delta Function', to the becalmed, slowly unfurling dreaminess of 'The String Thing' and the Tangerine Dream-does-ambient loveliness of 'Florian's Flute'.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $22.62
Four Moves EP
Four Moves EP (limited transparent green vinyl 12")
Cat: M 0008. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Mirage (8:07)
Virtual (5:20)
Haunted (5:19)
Solano (7:36)
Review: MCMLXV welcomes back Analog~1 for a third outing here. It is an alias of JS Zeiter and one that is reserved more for esoteric and electronica tracks following notable outings on labels such as Furthur Electronix, Meandyou and We're Going Deep. 'Mirage' kicks off with melancholic pads and dubby chords over crisp minimal drums that sink you into a reverie. That vibe continues through 'Virtual' and 'Haunted' which care both sophisticated atmospheres with subtle electro-tinged rhythms and quietly emotive pads. 'Solano' closes down with another icy and cavernous space that is filled with meaningful synth craft to make for another classy EP.
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Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock $14.20
Inland Delta
Cat: BIO 39CD. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Surface Tension
Delta Function
Franklin's Dream
Wolfgang's Wave
Brownian Motion
Random Walk
The String Thing
Florian's Flute
Jane's Lament
Review: Geir Jennsen returns as Biosphere, one of the most enduring names in Norwegian electronic music and by now synonymous with elegant, plaintive ambient of the highest calibre. Inland Delta is made up of nine new musical pieces recorded between 2022 and 2023, primarily focused on improvised performance on a range of vintage keyboards recently restored to pristine condition. As lead track 'Franklin's Dream' demonstrates, there's space for traditional piano as well as the looming drones we know and love Biosphere for, all composed on the fly with a keen sense of harmony that comes from Jenssen's vast experience in this corner of experimental music.
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 in stock $12.09
Kid A (reissue)
Kid A (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 782B. Rel: 03 Oct 16
Everything In Its Right Place (4:07)
Kid A (4:40)
The National Anthem (5:50)
How To Disappear Completely (5:54)
Treefingers (3:44)
Optimistic (5:16)
In Limbo (3:32)
Idioteque (9:39)
Morning Bell (3:18)
Motion Picture Soundtrack (0:54)
 in stock $24.71
Ginger (reissue)
Ginger (reissue) (2xLP (indie exclusive))
Cat: WARPLP 14R. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Ginger (7:10)
Fill 4 (2:05)
Beam Me Up! (5:42)
R2 D2 (5:42)
Fill 14 (4:10)
Basic Design (7:39)
Perfect Pitch (7:00)
Flashback (6:25)
Pepper (5:55)
De-Orbit (6:10)
Review: Warp continues to comb back through the landmark Artificial Intelligence series with this landmark record from Jochem Paap, aka Speedy J. Alongside a tandem reissue of Richie Hawtin's F.U.S.E. album Dimension Intrusion, this remastered edition of Ginger takes us back into the heart of early 90s techno innovation, when new ideas were developing globally at a rate of knots. Paap had already established himself in the harder end of the techno pool, but Ginger flipped the script with an immersive, meditative exploration of minimalism and melodic structure. Amongst the eternal classics are some dazzling miniatures deemed 'Fills' which make for some of the most compelling listening on this seminal slice of early 90s techno.
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 in stock $25.77
Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Cat: AMB 3922LP. Rel: 24 Oct 19
Xtal (4:51)
Tha (9:02)
Pulsewidth (3:48)
Ageispolis (5:21)
I (1:12)
Green Calx (6:05)
Heliosphan (4:50)
We Are The Music Makers (7:45)
Schottkey 7th Path (5:02)
Ptolemy (7:14)
Hedphelym (6:04)
Delphium (5:27)
Actium (7:36)
Review: In line with the timely reappraisal of all things R&S related, the resurgent Apollo have seen the opportunity to bring one of their most celebrated records back for another round. Aphex Twin's ambient recordings mature magnificently with age, sounding ever richer and more emotive as the rest of electronic music continues to play catch up all around. From the gentle breakbeats of "Xtal" to the aquatic techno lure of "Tha", the airy rave of "Pulsewidth" to the heartwrenching composition of "Ageispolis", every track is a perennial example of how far ambient techno could reach even back then. It's just that no-one quite had the arm-span of Richard D. James.
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 in stock $24.46
In Parallel
Cat: WSDMLP 006. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Nostalgia (3:56)
Homemade Jam (3:53)
Sun Tickles (4:32)
Purple Punch (4:35)
Paper Labyrinth (4:56)
Tonal, Fluid (3:24)
Sending Ritual (4:08)
Full Of Mushrooms (4:13)
In Parallel (5:06)
Mysterious Wedding (4:27)
Review: Seoul-based duo Salamanda clearly struck upon a persuasive formula when they first cropped up on Good Morning Tapes in 2020. Somewhere between delicate ambient and a modern kind of deep house, their music carries a tenderness which feels absolutely at home on Facta and K-Lone's eminently soothing stable, Wisdom Teeth. In Parallel builds on the sound laid out on previous records for Human Pitch and Metron by presenting a more focused duo seemingly conscious of their rapidly grown audience and considering how to best build upon their tender sound without losing the charm. Threading subtle pop elements into their gossamer-light constructions, this is a rich, satisfying listen from a duo it's so easy to love.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $18.92
A Grisaille Wedding
A Grisaille Wedding (limited LP)
Cat: FIX 010V. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Summon The Spirit/Demon (5:19)
Maybe It's Time To Lay Down The Arms (4:35)
00-Down/Murmansk, 12 (4:48)
Sweet (I'm Free) (3:32)
Shelter (2:47)
HDIF (4:00)
The Graves At Charleroi (5:53)
1-2-1 (4:03)
Let It Die (5:22)
I Believe In God, When Things Are Going My Way (4:56)
 in stock $26.04
The Koner Experiment
The Koner Experiment (white vinyl LP)
Cat: ORBIT 030LP. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Track 1 (3:52)
Track 2 (4:07)
Track 3 (4:11)
Track 4 (5:05)
Track 5 (6:30)
Track 6 (4:11)
Track 7 (3:50)
Track 8 (4:09)
Track 9 (5:07)
Track 10 (4:48)
Review: The Koner Experiment comes on like a heavyweight supergroup outing into leftfield, dubby electronics. It was presented in 1997 on celebrated label Mille Plateaux as the fourth album from Pete Kember's offshoot project beyond his psychedelic sound design work in Spacemen 3, but when you look at who was involved the album is much more than a solo venture. The clue is in the title, as Kember linked up with Porter Ricks' Thomas Koner and Andy Mellwig as core collaborators, hence the magnificent chasms of metallic, spatial world-building which define the album. Beyond Kember and Koner, though, My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields lends guitar, Kevin 'The Bug' Martin shreds in some heavily processed sax. It's a monumental work, now repressed on white vinyl via Space Age.
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 in stock $24.71
Softscars (limited white & blue 'ink spill' vinyl LP + poster + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: ZEN 294IN. Rel: 05 Oct 23
XWX (2:18)
Sulky Baby (4:31)
Softscars (3:11)
4ui12 (2:50)
Ghosts (3:41)
Dazies (4:27)
Fish In The Pool (2:27)
Software Update (3:43)
Inferno (1:47)
Bloodbunny (3:56)
Cyber Meat (2:58)
Aphex Twin Flame (3:36)
Review: On their third LP, British-Singaporean singer-songwriter Nat Cmiel is moving in a new direction - not only with a move from Bayonet Records to Ninja Tune, but also favouring a guitar-led indie rock sound, a departure from the critically acclaimed 'Serotonin II' and Danny L Harle produced 'Glitch Princess'. Lead single 'sulky baby' is a bright affair, distorted guitars circling Yeule's brand of gloomy lyrics sang with a smile. 'dazies' gets off the mark with a killer electric guitar lead, giving way to a plucked ambience with a computerised Nat ringing off a word association of a person kicked to the curb. When Kin Leonn isn't working their production magic, Yeule's self-production breaks the space. 'fish in the pool' is an ambient piano interlude with light-as-a-feather vocal adlibs, something that wouldn't be out of place in a Studio Ghibli production.
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 in stock $22.88
Excavation (reissue)
Excavation (reissue) (2xLP + insert)
Cat: AD 003. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Consumed (1:40)
Excavation (part I) (8:04)
Excavation (part II) (4:10)
Mara (3:04)
Miste (8:50)
The Mirror Reflection (part I) (6:55)
The Mirror Reflection (part II) (5:00)
Dieu (5:21)
The Drop (11:55)
Review: Ten years on, Excavation has lost none of its power. It's a fitting time to reflect on the last The Haxan Cloak album as we prepare to digest the first new material from Bobby Krlic since, and a return into the complex folds of this album are more than enough to get us excited. Originally released on Tri Angle, now Krlic is putting the album out on his own Archaic Devices and putting paid to some of the astronomical second hand prices. Draped in finely textured, gauzy atmospherics and deathly rhythm pulses, this is a journey into the depths of imagination, where industrial, ambient and the avant-garde collide and test your mettle, but with its clear-sighted intentions it's also an album you can latch onto and continually draw more understanding from. A modern masterpiece, to be sure.
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 in stock $15.76
Blind On A Galloping Horse
Blind On A Galloping Horse (limited gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: HVNLP 219. Rel: 09 Nov 23
When People Are Occupied Resistance Is Justified (10:21)
It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (5:04)
Emotionally Clear (4:04)
Hope Is The Last Thing To Die (4:50)
You Will Know Me By The Smell Of Onions (4:38)
Necessary Genius (3:42)
Yeah X 3 (4:47)
I Laugh Myself To Sleep (4:13)
Too Muchroom (3:47)
Agitprop 13 (6:50)
Stop Apologising (5:37)
Tyranny Of The Talentless (5:46)
Love In The Upside Down (4:39)
Blind On A Galloping Horse (5:32)
Review: David Holmes' first solo album since 2008's The Holy Pictures, Blind On A Galloping Horse now comes to Heavenly Recordings. A politically-charged LP full of sonic interrogations of political disaster and turmoil, Holmes here joins the cast of artists using their art to provide solace to music fans suffering at the hands of the Uncertainocene. With updated versions of the previously released singles 'Hope Is The Last Thing To Die' and 'It's Over If We Run Out Of Love', as well as a recording of an unreleased song by Holmes' late friend Andrew Weatherall, we're reminded of conflict, migration and othering, as all manner of voices combine to form a diverse but unified whole against a backdrop of leftfield post-punk - be they the spoken word accounts from Afghan and Ukrainian refugees now welcomed as residents in Belfast, or the French and Irish observers of the UK's turmoil of recent years.
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Played by: Marco Gallerani
! low stock $31.29
Tempus Remixes
Tempus Remixes (limited 12")
Cat: 12MUTE 661. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Stechmuck (Sleaford Mods rework) (3:46)
Stechmuck (version) (3:59)
Stechmuck (Rrose remix) (8:07)
Tempus (Alessandro Cortini remix) (6:43)
Review: Pole's 2022 album Tempus featured one particular track, 'Stechmuck' which was centred on the sound of his dying Minimoog. It's a tidy continuation of the faulty Waldorf filter which inspired his project name in the first place, and now Stefan Betke has taken the inspiration of his broken gear further by inviting a heavyweight cast of remixers to reversion the track. You might not have expected UK electro punk agitators Sleaford Mods to be crossing paths with German minimalist dub, but here we are and the results are incendiary. Elsewhere, Rrose delivers a textbook slice of writhing, tactile techno and Alessandro Cortini brings his grandiose synth expertise to bear on the track.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $17.36
The Haxan Cloak (reissue)
The Haxan Cloak (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: AD 002. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Raven's Lament (4:13)
An Archaic Device (5:30)
Burning Torches Of Despair (3:36)
Fall (5:09)
The Growing (8:18)
In Memoriam (2:43)
Parting Chant (5:08)
Review: In light of the first new Haxan Cloak material in a good ten years, we're being gifted the opportunity to comb back through Bobby Krlic's back catalogue and fill in any missing pieces. Krlic is reissuing his back catalogue on his own label, Archaic Devices, which is a fine reminder to drift into the poised majesty of his debut album. Building on the promise of the earlier EPs Observatory and the limited CDr from 2009, this was when we started to comprehend the full scope of Krlic's charged world building. Roundly defined by his tense violin and cello cast in solemn spatial chambers, this album has lost none of its power in the decade since its release.
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! low stock $15.76
Models (clear vinyl LP + download code)
Cat: HDBLP 065. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Purple, Orange (2:23)
Juice (3:49)
XIth C Spray (5:06)
She's Not (3:34)
Phantom Limb (4:58)
Blurring (4:41)
Your Weight On My Arms (6:18)
Review: Lee Gamble is an artist who excels in delivering post-modern music with a strong sense of sentiment and history. Just look at his breakthrough Diversions 1994-1996, in which the ambient threads in first wave jungle were blown out into grandiose chasms of sound. On this latest album, he's taking a similar approach to source material, but this time the focus is on pop earworms in which all kinds of emotive, catchy sonics get dissolved and reformed into vast, unpredictable shapes. Vitally, the emotional dimension is maintained no matter how unrecognisable the original samples are, as Gamble continues his fascinating path forwards and backwards through time.
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 in stock $15.76
Kraftwerk (reissue)
Kraftwerk (reissue) (gatefold LP)
Cat: 630505 8. Rel: 15 Sep 23
Ruckzuck (7:58)
Stratovarius (11:59)
Megaherz (10:35)
Von Himmel Hoch (8:53)
 in stock $22.08
Rosa Rugosa
Rosa Rugosa (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: HES 045. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Rosa Rugosa
Camelia (4:16)
Cassia (5:12)
Review: In the wake of The Knife, Olof Dreijer has been plenty busy behind the scenes and scattering hints of his incredible production for those paying attention. Now it feels like he's building to a wider profile breakthrough as he lands a knockout blow with this release on Hessle Audio. It's a maverick release, which is its pass into the curious sound world shaped out by Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea, but equally it brings something new to the label. The joyous, colourful melodic daubs across the EP alone are something to make a dance collectively look up in wonder, with 'Camelia' being an especially beautiful, uplifting track to bring hope and positivity when so much club music tips towards the darkness.
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 in stock $14.72
Cire Noire
Cire Noire (limited LP)
Cat: PUU 58. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Egg Meat - "Milton/Earth" (Massive Bereavement mix) (7:06)
Umfang - "Baby Blue" (Drone edit) (4:26)
Disinformation & Savion Glover - "Doppelganger Variations" (6:39)
Nuke Watch - "NWPJS Perc" (4:07)
Georgia - "Mekael" (3:55)
Ana Fosca - "ANIMA (Novus)" (7:15)
Rafael Toral - "Mixed States Uncoded" (3:00)
Review: Wow. When you're writing about music releases it's often tempting to present difficult to describe tunes as unique. That's not always factually accurate, though, as is clear when you come across something like this seven-way bag of the wonderfully bizarre. Half the stuff on here, at least, really does defy categorisation, although we can probably lump it all together as experimental, industrial-leaning electronic music with avant-garde tendencies. And a libido. What that describes varies wildly. Nuke Watch's 'NWPJS Perc' interprets the term as a kind of slow build, low BPM workout made up of what could well be the noise of various tools, pipes and taps being struck. Umfang delivers a dark and menacing hip hop-electro instrumental, packed with atmosphere and pent up energy. Ana Fosca goes for shrill refrains and drones. Egg Meat serves a dominatrix of off-time weirdo-techno tones with mind melting percussive cacophonies.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $19.73
In The Afterworld
Cat: ATLP 17. Rel: 28 Jun 23
Motorway Acid (5:16)
Microdose Mondays (5:17)
London Stock (4:26)
Meanwhile In The Smoking Area (3:53)
Thursday (4:05)
Retracted (6:09)
Praha (4:42)
Review: It's been a while since we've heard from Acid Test, not least in welcoming two rather prolific producers: Om Unit, the UK footwork-via-dubstep-via-halftime originator; and TM404, the Swedish purveyor vintage sonic machinations and minimalisms. 'In The Afterworld' might sound to explore the theme of life after death, but its track titles reflect on the best aspects of life itself, with the downtempo 'Microdose Mondays' reflecting the joys of casual psychedelics use at the start of the working week, via downtempo refractions and joyous echoes, and 'Meanwhile In The Smoking Area' evoking the various grotesque, humanoid beasts one might encounter during a mid-rave break.
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Played by: Agnostic Rhythm
 in stock $19.46
N/Y (1-sided clear vinyl 12")
Cat: AD 004S. Rel: 23 Nov 23
N/Y (4:34)
Review: In a move many might have believed not possible, Bobby Krlic makes a welcome return as The Haxan Cloak with this monumental single. It's no less than ten years since we last heard from the industrial-tinged electronica maverick on his Excavation album, but now he's back with a bruising new piece called 'N/Y' which pops up on both sides of this clear 12" platter. It's a high pressure release full of jackhammer percussion and noise blasts, plus some sirens thrown in for good measure. Holding true to the industrial tradition, it's entirely engineered as a blast of intensity, and Krlic has considerable talent to render such an approach in a powerful, provocative way.
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 in stock $15.76
A Song For Every Moon
Cat: JULY 001. Rel: 15 Nov 17
Wouldn't Mean A Thing (2:50)
There's Little Left (3:35)
The First Thing You See (3:49)
Easily (3:28)
Home (3:16)
Like Someone In Love (2:31)
Just The Same (3:25)
Second Time (2:35)
Fair-weather Friend (3:08)
Places We Won't Talk (2:50)
Cold Blood (3:14)
On Our Own (3:00)
 in stock $18.40
The Dream (remastered)
The Dream (remastered) (gatefold green vinyl 2xLP repress)
Cat: LSD 154LP. Rel: 22 Nov 23
The Dream (The Future Academy Of Noise, Rhythm & Gardening mix) (2:55)
Vuja De (3:18)
Something Supernatural (5:52)
A Beautiful Day (7:19)
DDD (Dirty Disco Dub) (5:06)
The Truth Is (3:59)
Phantom Of Ukraine (2:49)
Mother Nature (6:57)
Lost & Found (6:21)
The Forest Of Lyonesse (1:14)
Katskills (5:51)
High Noon (6:05)
Sleeping Tiger & The Gods Unknown (2:08)
Codes (7:16)
Orbisonia (5:51)
Review: With the release of The Dream in 2007, The Orb were widely considered to be returning to something of their earlier, formative ambient house sound. Having dabbled with minimal on Kompakt, Thomas Fehlmann took a step back and Alex Paterson linked up with Youth and Dreadzone's Tim Bran to make an expansive work now considered amongst their finest. Dr Paterson even posited its role as a natural successor to all-time classic UFOrb. Now it's been remastered and pressed up on vinyl for the very first time, which means the legions of die-hard Orb fans will be all over this one.
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 in stock $27.09
Artificial Intelligence (reissue)
Artificial Intelligence (reissue) (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 6R. Rel: 08 Dec 22
The Dice Man - "Polygon Window" (5:13)
Musicology - "Telefone 529" (4:16)
Autechre - "Crystel" (4:32)
IAO - "The Clan" (5:11)
Speedy J - "De-Orbit" (6:03)
Musicology - "Premonition" (4:07)
UP! - "Spiritual High" (7:41)
Autechre - "The Egg" (7:35)
Dr Alex Paterson - "Loving You Live" (3:53)
Review: Warp's 'Artificial Intelligence' compilation, a ground-breaking and wildly popular collection of "home listening music" that helped introduce the world to ambient techno and IDM, turns 30 this year. As this remastered anniversary reissue proves, the release has lost none of its charm in the three decades that have passed since it first appeared in stores. Highlights appear thick and fast throughout, from the immersive ambient techno creepiness of The Dice Man's 'Polygon Window' (an early Richard D James production) and deep space electro shuffle of Autechre's 'Crystel', to the bleeping bliss of Speedy J's gorgeous 'De Orbit', the acid-flecked Detroit-isms of 'Spiritual High' by Up (a barely used alias of Richie Hawtin) and the horizontal headiness of Dr Alex Paterson's 'Loving You Live', an alternative pass on the Orb's ambient house masterpiece 'A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain'.
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 in stock $20.51
Phases Of This & Other Moons
Phases Of This & Other Moons (translucent green vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: CIS 150. Rel: 26 Sep 23
A Black Moon Tide (3:20)
Amalthea (8:20)
Transit Of Ariel (5:19)
Fenrir In Retrograde (4:25)
Charon's Pull (8:16)
Enceladus Shine (4:15)
Occultation Of Umbriel (8:59)
Review: Field Lines Cartographer is an alias of Mark Burford and now it is back with a new album-length adventure, Phases Of This & Other Moons. As the title suggests, this is cosmic ambient exploration made using just one Buchla synth and plenty of other sci-fi electronics. It finds him tease the very most out of his machine then feeding it through an array of effects pedals to twist and distorted the sound into alien forms. If you like the more out there work of Zeit-era Tangerine Dream and Michael Stearns then this is one trip you need in your life.
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 in stock $25.77
Killer Whale Atmospheres
Killer Whale Atmospheres (CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: HOSCD 871. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Grown In The Shade Of The Glacier
Violent Spirit Looking Forever Out To Sea
Alaska Dorsal Scars
Orca Skull Memories (Bering Strait)
Breaching Puget Sound
Darkening Rain (Killer Whale Atmospheres) (For Phillipe)
Killer Whales Sleep With One Eye Open
 in stock $18.40
Leuven Works
Cat: NACHT 02. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Argolay (7:02)
Flacon D'emotion (4:55)
La Psychedelia (7:28)
Leuven Trance Express (8:09)
In The Skatepark (5:37)
Review: Belgian label nacht and The Pilotwings (Louis & Guillaume) present a compilation of works created in the STELPLAATS venue in Leuven, early 2022. In November 2021, right before the second Covid lockdown. Guillaume and Louis were invited by the nacht crew in Leuven to play their first dj-set together since the start of the pandemic. At the time, the nacht crew had just received the first physical release on their brand new imprint, and the team was eager to get the record out into the world. For the second release, however, everything was possible. Before the show, somewhere between the obligatory nasal swab and the third drink, the idea of an unusual collaboration sprouted. Leuven Works compiles five tracks that flowed out of the sessions in STELPLAATS and is a testament to the week that Louis and Guillaume had under the STELPLAATS roof. During their stay, the blood brothers got looked after with love by the nacht team, who provided homemade pizzas and a well-stocked fridge full of Duvels, allowing The Pilotwings to truly root into the Leuven soil and enrich the local landscape with their colourful presence.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $13.67
Slow Motion & Movement (reissue)
Cat: BEWITH 135LP. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Antonio Campo - "Slow Business 1" (2:27)
Antonio Campo - "Slow Business 2" (1:34)
Norman Candler - "Moody You" (2:27)
Antonio Campo - "Slow Groovement" (2:21)
Sammy Burdson - "Slow Reactor 1" (2:03)
Sammy Burdson - "Slow Reactor 2" (2:01)
Sammy Burdson - "Threat To Research" (1:50)
Sammy Burdson - "Ion Exchanger" (1:40)
John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - "Wave Motions" (0:59)
John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - "Slow Motion Link" (1:32)
Sammy Burdson - "Scenic Vision 1" (3:07)
Sammy Burdson - "Scenic Vision 2" (1:38)
Sammy Burdson - "Scenic Vision 3" (1:37)
John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - "Study In Brown" (4:16)
John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - "Deja Vu 1" (1:46)
John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - "Deja Vu 2" (1:45)
John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - "Glistening Surface" (2:34)
Sammy Burdson - "Laser Fight" (1:09)
Review: Slow (Motion And Movement) was originally released on the Sonoton label back in 1980. It is a cult favourite now, much revered for its chipped, cut and edited takes on library breaks. The super sought after record gets a full reissue here from the good folks at Be With and is full of some of the most heat, dubbed out, slow and twisted library breaks you could ever imagine hearing. In between those monstrous moments are plenty of new age and synth style tracks that are all just as good. This most varied and vital selection is an essential one for all serious diggers.
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The Campfire Headphase
The Campfire Headphase (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 123R. Rel: 17 Oct 13
Into The Rainbow Vein
Chromakey Dreamcoat
Satellite Anthem Icarus
Peacock Tail
Dayvan Cowboy
A Moment Of Clarity
'84 Pontiac Dream
Sherbet Head
Oscar See Through Red Eye
Hey Saturday Sun
Constants Are Changing
Slow This Bird Down
Tears From The Compound Eye
Farewell Fire
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Corner Dancer
Cat: LOVE 128. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Corner Dancer (11:10)
Not A Word From Me (0:55)
Suzy In Spectrum (6:40)
Held In Paradise (3:43)
Rib Cage (2:30)
Standing Cadence (4:21)
Something In The Heavens (5:02)
Blush Study (4:25)
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The White Arcades
The White Arcades (limited gatefold transparent vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WAST 002LPC. Rel: 05 Oct 23
The White Arcadees (4:38)
Balthus Bemused By Color (5:11)
The Child With A Lion (6:38)
The Real Dream Of Sails (6:03)
Algebra Of Darkness (6:29)
Totems Of The Red-sleeved Warrior (3:21)
The Room (3:05)
Coyote (2:35)
The Kiss (3:16)
Review: The White Arcades ranks amongst one of Harold Budd's best loved solo works. The ambient pioneer and celebrated pianist is of course well known for his work with the likes of Brian Eno, but this 1988 album demonstrates how clear-sighted his approach became when he was recording on his own. There's a pristine quality to this kind of ambience which allows it to sink into any number of settings, but it's far from banal. The subtlety of Budd's composition and performance as the piano and synth lines enmesh is a marvel to behold, suggesting half-hidden mysteries waiting to be solved, but only when the time is right. If there was ever music to soothe a troubled mind, this would be it.
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Water Index
Water Index (12" + insert in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: PSGG 004. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Tinu (8:00)
Water Index 92 (5:44)
Usual Nikko (5:46)
From Outer 273
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Cat: AD 001EP. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Observatory (7:19)
Hounfour (Temple) (7:35)
Review: As Bobby Krlic's project The Haxan Cloak makes a return after some ten years of silence with the 'N/Y' single, it's a fine time to track back and catch up on some of his small but perfectly formed catalogue. Observatory originally came out in limited quantities in 2010, and now it sees a repress to stave off the sharks and allow more people to experience this engrossing short form release. The title track is a strong melodic mantra riding a densely packed organ-like figure into oblivion, allowing the resonant frequencies and harmonics to become the dynamic movement in the track with an expert patience. 'Honfour (Temple)' is a subtler, more shapeshifting piece with gorgeous blooms of ambience and submerged pulses that lead you deeper into Krlic's evocative sound world.
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Tomorrow Comes The Harvest
Cat: 677863 0. Rel: 26 Sep 18
Locked & Loaded (7:46)
Altitudes (7:03)
On The Run (8:07)
The Seed (7:11)
Review: Back in 2016, legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen approached techno pioneer Jeff Mills with the idea of working together. A series of live gigs and off-the-radar studio sessions followed, with the first fruits of their joint efforts finally appearing on this must-have 10". As you'd expect, the duo's collaborative work combines Allen's traditional Nigerian polyrhythms, traditional Afrobeat instrumentation, and the far-sighted, sci-fi inspired electronic futurism that has always marked out Mills' work. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech - all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs subtly sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs. It's arguably Allen's stylistic contributions that dominate, but that's no bad thing.
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Cat: HDB 150. Rel: 27 Jan 23
Hospital Chapel (7:54)
Streetlands (13:18)
Exokind (12:16)
Review: Is there any artist in electronic music that releases as little music yet remains as highly revered as Burial? We can't think of any. As it happens, this new Streetlands EP is actually the hallowed UK producer's second outing of 2022 after the ambient offering Antidawn back in January. As always it finds him back on Kode9's Hyperdub label. 'Hospital Chapel' is eerie atmosphere and lo-fi samples, 'Streelands' is another sparse ambient cut that is full of melancholy and 'Exokind' is the soundtrack of a faraway planet with distant solar winds and only the smallest of microbial activities for you to tune into before a signature angelic vocal brings the beauty.
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French Kiwi Juice
French Kiwi Juice (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: RM 039LP. Rel: 26 Aug 20
We Ain't Feeling Time (4:04)
Skyline (3:35)
Better Give U Up (4:53)
Go Back Home (3:54)
Vibin' Out (feat (((O)))) (5:12)
Canggu (4:00)
Blessed (4:23)
Die With A Smile (4:10)
Lying Together (Interlude) (1:26)
Lying Together (4:34)
Joy (3:59)
Why Are There Boundaries (2:59)
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Oxymoreworks (gatefold LP)
Cat: 196588 44111. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Jean-Michel Jarre X Martin Gore - "Brutalism" (take 2) (4:57)
Jean-Michel Jarre X Brian Eno - "Epica Extension" (4:29)
Jean-Michel Jarre X Deathpact - "Brutalism" (reprise) (4:32)
Jean-Michel Jarre X French79 - "Epica" (take 2) (5:30)
Jean-Michel Jarre X Adiescar Chase - "Synthy Sisters" (take 2) (3:07)
Jean-Michel Jarre X Armin Van Buuren - "Epica Maxima" (5:16)
Jean-Michel Jarre X Nina Kraviz - "Sex In The Machine" (take 2) (5:04)
Jean-Michel Jarre X NSDOS - "Zeitgeist" (take 2) (5:08)
Jean-Michel Jarre X Irene Dresel - "Zeitgeist Botanica" (5:45)
Review: He might be in the autumn of his career but Jean Michel Jarre remains an innovator in the field of electronic music. His last album in 2022, Oxymore, was another pioneering exploration of rhythm and sound that has now been reworked alongside a series of collaborators all picked by the man himself. The nine-track selection brings wholly new perspectives to the originals which he calls "a vibrant collection of musical dialogues." An immediate standout for us is the track with Nina Kraviz which is crunchy, distorted minimal techno, while 'Epica Extension' with Brian Eno is laced up with otherworldly melodies. A great work from a mix of great artists.

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The Scandal Of Time
Cat: SEPTICLP 04. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Eine Dunkle Wolke (8:51)
There Is A Seed (8:07)
The Dying Regime (8:29)
Es Fiel Ein Reif (7:33)
Faraway Flowers (6:58)
Wrecking Ball (8:55)
Abend Wird Es Wieder (10:23)
Review: Shackleton makes music like no other - tightly intertwined experiential rhythms that often have dark, gothic, underworld and ancient ritualistic overtones. He's made records alone and in collab with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and, earlier this year, Scotch Rolex. Now he's back on his own Woe To The Septic Heart label with The Scandal Of Time, a first long player since 2021's Departing Like Rivers. Anna Gerth features on some of the cuts and Shackleton says this will be his last for a while. It's dubby, lo-fi, drone-y and full of shadows. See 'Faraway Flowers' for intense industrial ambient, or 'Abend Wird Es Wieder' for more hallucinatory and suspensory sounds.
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Oil Of Every Pearl's Un Insides
Oil Of Every Pearl's Un Insides (gatefold red vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRANS 368X. Rel: 07 Dec 18
It's Okay To Cry (3:52)
Ponyboy (3:15)
Faceshopping (3:55)
Is It Cold In The Water? (3:31)
Infatuation (4:43)
Not Okay (1:49)
Pretending (5:56)
Immaterial (3:50)
Whole New World/Pretend World (9:10)
Review: The best thing since Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful", Denmark and Norway's Aqua, to '90s R&B, Trance and '00s Dubstep combined is Sophie's Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides. With more meta-references than you can poke a brain at, the album and its hyper-array of sounds is set to light up the couture cosmo of New York City as much as it is a teenager's bedroom south of the border. In effect, Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides is one of the most colourful excursions through music you can have, striking off a plethora of pop music iterations, to rave, deep ambient and the most experimental of dance music. A seriously defining album by one of modern day music's greatest minds. Roll out the red carpet.
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Intiha (eco vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: OP 073. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Intiha (3:33)
Nazar Se (4:23)
Muddat (4:40)
Raat Bhar (3:33)
Dard (7:21)
Chiragh (5:44)
Lagta Nahi (2:03)
Dono Jahan (3:26)
Review: Singer, songwriter and author Ali Sethi had been entranced by Nicolas Jaar's music long before they began collaborating. He'd absorbed the sounds over a number of years, listening casually and taking in their subtleties in bars and rooftop parties across Lahore and London. "It felt familiar to me, that sense of adventure you have when you hear his music, like a tale that teases you and plays with your expectations as it unfolds," says Sethi. "In that sense it resembled the leisurely improvised ghazals and qawwalis I grew up hearing in Pakistan." When the two were finally introduced by Indian visual artist Somnath Bhatt, a regular Jaar collaborator who also handled the album's artwork, Sethi was well prepared. He began to sketch out voice notes using loops snipped from Jaar's acclaimed 2020 album 'Telas', improvising vocalizations and seductive Urdu poems over Jaar's weightless, time-bending productions.
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Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities
Cat: 56 BCLP. Rel: 30 Mar 23
You Are In A Clearing (2:47)
Contains Multitudes (9:13)
Common Land (5:31)
Trust Your Feet (6:54)
The Missing Key (3:39)
In The End You'll Know (6:22)
Continuous Revolution (5:55)
Four Ways Down The Valley (3:47)
Worlds Collide Mountains Form (3:43)
The Answer Is Yes (7:11)
Infinite Fadeout (4:18)
You Can Never Go Back (6:00)
Review: Electronic music production deity James Holden returns with a circling back to his dance music roots, following a brief detour into jazz with his last album 'The Animal Spirits'. Building on an increasingly otherworldly set of inspiration - which he's gradually entertained as his career has marched on - this new LP 'Imagine' playfully dissects the possibilities of dance music from the perspective of an alternate reality. Buzzing leads, detuned leads, and international flavours evoke a modern take on sounds espoused first by the likes of Amorphous Androgynous or Charanjit Singh.
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Nedgravd I Naturen
Nedgravd I Naturen (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ONEINST 008. Rel: 15 Nov 21
Nedgravd I Naturen (Roland System 100) (4:28)
Morklaggning (Yamaha DX-7) (4:47)
Midnattsmanifest (Roland SH-101) (5:14)
Cirkelskifte (Oberheim Matrix 6R) (5:49)
Vitmossa (Waldorf Microwave) (7:34)
Review: Grand River's always-illuminating One Instrument label reawakens with a new album from Martin Sander and Michel Isorinne's Bandhagens Musikforening project. Having previously appeared on Northern Electronics and Semantica, now these two advanced synthesists place all their attention on a select few studio pieces to see how far they can take them. First up is the Roland System 100, which affords them plenty of tonal possibilities for the pulsing, kinetic 'Nedgravd I Naturen'. With the Yamaha DX-7 they create a towering ambient piece of FM synthesis, while the Roland SH-101 gets applied to a dense and detailed slice of obtuse leftfield techno. The Oberheim Matrix 6R becomes a vehicle for cinematic melancholy, and the Waldorf Microwave teases out an immersive swirl of ambience as you might well expect from the One Instrument series.
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Chemz (12")
Cat: HDB 134. Rel: 21 May 21
Chemz (12:29)
Dolphinz (9:04)
After his surprise drop with music writer and producer Blackdown on the Keysound label last month, the enigmatic Burial is now back with a fresh new EP all of his own. It comes on his longtime home of Hyperdub and features two more of his deft designed, ghostly deep dubstep post-nightbus joints. 'Chemz' is a strict raver filled with rushed up sounds, plenty of dance floor love and big hooks that is many different tracks, moods and vibes all rolled into one. As always, these Burial sounds look back to go forwards and do so in thrilling fashion.
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Amnesiac (reissue)
Amnesiac (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 783B. Rel: 31 Oct 16
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box (3:58)
Pyramid Song (4:51)
Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors (4:07)
You & Whose Army? (3:10)
I Might Be Wrong (4:54)
Knives Out (4:14)
Morning Bell/Amnesiac (3:14)
Dollars & Cents (4:44)
Hunting Bears (2:01)
Like Spinning Plates (4:17)
Life In A Glasshouse (4:12)
 in stock $24.71
Cat: YTLP 060. Rel: 30 Jun 11
Hold On
Trials Of The Past
Right Thing To Do
Something Goes Right
Ready Set Loop
Never Never
Go Bang
 in stock $19.73
Antidawn (heavyweight vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: HDBLP 050. Rel: 28 Jan 22
Strange Neighbourhood (6:58)
Antidawn (12:52)
Shadow Paradise (7:34)
New Love (10:02)
Upstairs Flat (6:12)
Review: Burial's first full-length EP since 2012's 'Rival Dealer' hears the South London enigma plunge the depths of his newest dark ambient sound, wrenching the emo essences of rave from their breakbeats to produce a purely ambient affair. Spanning every emotion from depression to triumph, 'Antidawn' opens with a cough, in a seeming nod to the COVID lockdowns of recent years. Meanwhile, disparate sections buzz and weave in and out of one another on 'Shadow Paradise' and 'Strange Neighbourhood', never quite landing on their feet before being whisked away again. One of Burial's most defining world-building works.
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Kick I
Kick I (gatefold LP + booklet in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: XL 997LP. Rel: 17 Jul 20
Non Binary (2:18)
Time (2:44)
Mequetrefe (2:21)
Riquiqui (2:39)
Calor (3:32)
Afterwards (feat Bjork) (4:07)
Watch (feat Shygirl) (2:28)
KLK (feat Rosalia) (3:46)
Rip The Slit (2:54)
Chiqui (feat SOPHIE) (2:47)
Machote (2:50)
No Queda Nada (5:33)
Review: Many critics have been quick to praise Arca's latest album (her fourth in total), highlighting the startling vibrancy and accessibility Barcelona-based Venezuelan's latest work. Where she was once renowned for wilfully challenging experimental sounds, "Kick I" combines her long-standing lo-fi noisenik instincts in ear-catching leftfield pop vocals, fiendishly heavy beats variously influenced by dancehall, reggaeton and Kuduro, sparkling bursts of kaleidoscopic synthesizer sounds, and bass beefier than a herd of highland cattle after a few months on industrial strength steroids. As a result, it's an album that beautifully balances ear-catching attractiveness with serious dancefloor grunt and just the right amount of experimental noise.
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Serotonin II
Cat: BR 028LP. Rel: 05 Aug 20
Your Shadow (1:18)
Poison Arrow (4:21)
Eva (3:34)
See You Space Cowboy (1:14)
Pixel Affection (3:40)
Nuclear War Post IV (0:50)
Pocky Boy (4:02)
Pretty Bones (4:29)
Reverie (4:44)
Blue Butterfly (3:50)
An Angel Held Me Like A Child (4:24)
Veil Of Darkness (5:01)
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Syro (tri-fold 3xLP)
Cat: WARPLP 247. Rel: 18 Sep 14
Minipops 67 (Source Field mix)
XMAS EVET10 (Thanaton 3 mix)
Produk 29
4 Bit 9D Api E 6
Circlont6a (Syrobonkus mix)
Fz Pseudotimestretch E 3
Circlont14 (Shrymoming mix)
Syro U473t8 E (Piezoluminescence mix)
Papat4 (Pineal mix)
S950tx16wasr10 (Earth Portal mix)
Review: It's rare that an electronic album is the biggest album of the year, or at least the most hyped. That's certainly the case with Syro, Richard D James first official release under his Aphex Twin moniker for some 13 years. So, is it in any good? For starters, it sounds like an Aphex Twin album. Listen through to the 12 tracks, and many of his familiar staples are present - the "Digeridoo" era rave breakbeats, the mangled synth-funk mash-ups, the intoxicating ambient-era melodies, the warped basslines and the skittish drill & bass style rhythms. There's madness, beauty and intensity in spades. In other words, it's an Aphex Twin album, and - as so many have pointed out since the album's release was announced - there's no-one else quite like Richard D James.
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Tags: IDM
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Young Death
Young Death (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: HDB 100. Rel: 28 Nov 16
Young Death (5:52)
Nightmarket (7:28)
Review: Burial's first multiple-track release since "Rival Dealer" three years ago: "Young Death" takes the lead with weave of deep, scratchy and evocative human textures while soulful vocal shards yearn and flutter over soft faraway beats. "Nightmarket" takes an even more introspective meander through the shadowy unknown with fractured arpeggios, distant whispers and thick graininess that envelops almost overwhelmingly. As forward, unusual and unique as ever, Burial remains in a league of his own. Limited.
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Cat: TEXT 036LP. Rel: 07 Jul 15
Morning Side (20:11)
Evening Side (19:38)
Review: Keiran Hebden rarely does things by halves, though it's still surprising to find that Morning/Evening, his eighth full-length, consists of two contrasting 20-minute explorations, each inspired by a time of day. "Morning" is, as you may expect, warm, bright and evocative, with intoxicating Eastern vocals, dreamy chords and various bursts of melodious instrumentation riding a rolling, jazz-flecked, soft touch deep house groove. It is, of course, intensely beautiful. Hebden largely disposes of the beats entirely on "Evening", delivering 15 minutes of picturesque electronic melodies and sunset-friendly ambience, before introducing a jazz-flecked house rhythm for the final five minutes. It, too, is a thing of great beauty
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