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All Day I Dream Germany Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on All Day I Dream Germany
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Entropy (double 12")
Cat: ADID 089. Rel: 31 Jan 23
Deep House
Entropy (8:07)
It Comes Around (6:55)
Marimba Minimo (7:50)
Kikiri (9:36)
Bona Fide & Zone+ - "Alter Ego" (8:56)
Third Time's A Charm (9:32)
Bona Fide & Wassu - "Love Sparkles" (6:21)
Luminous (6:52)
Review: Bona Fide returns on All Day I Dream with his first proper release named Entropy. The Amsterdam-based DJ and producer has certainly found a fitting home for his style of dreamy house on Lee Burridge's label, with highlights on the full-length not limited to: the mesmerising title track with its sublime steel drums playing centre stage, the deep dive into the exotic that is 'It Comes Around', through to the deep and sensual mood music of 'Alter Ego' featuring Zone+, the melodic fantasy of with 'Love Sparkles' with Wassu and the blissed-out closing cut 'Luminous' which is the perfect soundtrack to open-air rooftop style fun in the sun.
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 in stock $27.81
Limitless EP
Cat: ADID 103. Rel: 15 Dec 23
Deep House
Seeking Solitude
Review: The faultless All Day I Dream label is back with more zoned-out sounds for loved-up dances in the open air under a hot sun. Pippi Ciez is in charge of this one and it opens up with the beautiful melancholy of 'Seeking Solitude' which has chords draped over smooth rolling drums. 'Limitless' then lifts off into the stars with airy, floaty-light chords and wispy pads all ensuring you are cast adrift from your woes and left free to float in a happier place. Last of all, 'Guardians' is a sublime and supple deep house lament.
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Cat: ADID 102. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Deep House
Pianologic (6:41)
Dim Kelly & Stereoclip - "Preach The World" (7:58)
The Stream (7:00)
Nuit D'amour (feat Maya Safar) (5:20)
Review: If you have heard any All Day I Dream releases you will know what to expect, and yet still the label keeps on turning them out and still they keep us interested because it is such a lovely and escapist sound. Dim Kelly is next up to offer their own spin on it and do so with four fantastic cuts. 'Pianologic' is a piano-laced jam with wonky rhythms and warming pads that bring plenty of playfulness. 'Preach The World' (with Stereoclip) settles into a more smooth groove with subtler melodies and 'The Stream' then sinks into a more heads-down groove with darker basslines. 'Nuit D'amour' (feat Maya Safar) completes the picture with a spine-tinged vocal that soars over shimmering deep house.
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 in stock $16.95
Storm (12")
Cat: ADID 092. Rel: 07 Mar 23
Deep House
Storm (feat Reigan) (7:25)
Serenity (6:28)
So Free (feat Reigan) (6:44)
Clair De Lune (4:41)
Review: Double Touch make their return to German label, All Day I Dream, with their four-track EP, 'Storm'. Like soaking into an ambrosial dream, Reigan's beautiful vocals, reminiscent on 90s trip hop, drift effortlessly through the emotive core of the titular track, 'Storm'. For 'Serenity', a cherubic, cascading melody twirls gracefully around the driving, percussive spine of the track - replete with a sense of endlessness, this track is like looking into a distant horizon. 'So Free', the second track to feature Reigan's ethereal vocals, rides a rousing orchestral wave, precisely punctuated at points by soft garage-esque rhythms. And as the release draws to a close, a deep house reimagining of the classical piano piece, 'Clair De Lune', is a lesson in combining two supposedly disparate musical spheres. A fantastic release, perfect for roof-down listening or ecstatic dancefloors alike.

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 in stock $17.75
Eastbound Silhouette
Cat: ADID 090. Rel: 17 Feb 23
Deep House
Water Steers (8:04)
Sequoia (4:47)
Tears (8:49)
Lune (9:32)
Water Steers (9:20)
Tears (11:27)
Review: London's All Day I Dream label is instantly recognisable for its use of clouds as its EP covers, a trend it has kept up since since its first release in 2011. This latest wispy six-track EP from Tim Green is a beautiful floater, very much unafraid of plunging its head into the deepest and most rapturous of clouds. Opener 'Water Steers' very much sounds like we're floating up to the pearly gates, with its stretched-out choir samples and voxy one-shots opening to a tricky single-key house track. From there, it's all blissful yet rave-worthy, with tech-trancers like 'Tears' and 'We've Been Here Before' not letting up from the crossrhythmic formula, but still laying down a slowly-revealed emotion.
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 in stock $27.81
The Night Is Blue EP
Cat: ADID 099. Rel: 31 Aug 23
Deep House
The Night Is Blue
Gold Of Gold
Review: UK beatmaker Tim Green is no stranger to cooking up epic techno tracks. He has done so many teams before on home label Cocoon but here he explores a different vibe on Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream. 'The Night Is Blue' is a perfectly smooth and seductive rolling house soundtrack for lazy daytime sessions somewhere hot. 'Gold Of Gold' brings nice loose percussion and hypnotic vocal wails next to lush chords and 'Jewel' then slows it down. The jumbled beats are topped with more curious melodies and bird class to make for another daytime delight.
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 in stock $17.75
Regina Blue EP
Cat: ADID 088. Rel: 24 Jan 23
Deep House
Regina Blue (8:52)
We Used To Laugh (8:17)
The Indian Gate (8:12)
Review: Pure melodic tech-house from German artist Sebastian Leger, who has been a part of the All Day I Dream camp for a god whale now. 'Regina Blue' hears three joyous cuts make it to wax, all of which are characterised by fluttery electronics and harmonies on many a sine-textured synth. The main highlight is 'We Used To Laugh', which is seriously deep in its arpeggiated flourishes and pentatonic chords, which emboss the mix's depth to the extent that we can almst feel ourselves falling into the song.
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 in stock $17.75
Lost Desert & Friends III
Cat: ADID 098. Rel: 07 Jul 23
Deep House
Lost Desert & Lee Burridge - "My Time With You" (6:52)
Lost Desert & Junior Akwety - "Mwinda" (8:03)
Lost Desert & Madraas - "Dwokire" (feat Sofiya Nzau) (7:48)
Lost Desert - "Liebe Dich" (7:54)
Review: Like its' two must-check predecessors, Lost Desert's third collection of collaborative cuts is packed to the rafters with melodious and tactile treats. Fittingly, they first hook up with regular studio buddy (and label boss) Lee Burridge on 'My Time With You', a gorgeous, deep and dreamy house workout blessed with twinkling electric piano motifs and a suitably squelchy bassline, before joining forces with Junior Akwety on the bittersweet brilliance of 'Mwinda', where simmering synth-strings, enveloping chords, West African vocals and a subtly garage-influenced deep house groove catch the ear. Madrass and vocalist Sofiya Nzau lend a hand on 'Dwokire', an immersive, tech-tinged deep Afro-house number, while Lost Desert go solo on saucer-eyed deep tech-house cut 'Liebe Dich'.
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 in stock $17.75
Deja Vu
Deja Vu (12")
Cat: ADID 082. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Minimal/Tech House
The Morning Song (11:59)
Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos - "Deja Vu" (9:32)
Alone (feat Juan Hansen) (6:51)
Review: Facundo Mohrr is a staple of the Argentine prog house scene, and he has a considerable catalogue of digital releases behind him. In addition, he also has the pinnacle of his career to date - La Espere - under his belt for the All Day I Dream label. Four years on, he returns to the label for Deja Vu, a bright and bold step on for an artist who defines himself by his use of melody. 'The Morning Song' is a swooning, romantic piece of prog with anthemic leads and an arrangement carefully sculpted to take a big crowd skywards. 'Deja Vu' is just as catchy and emotionally charged, albeit with a slightly techier disposition, and 'Alone' features the vocal touch of Juan Hansen to add to the impassioned mood of the record.
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 in stock $15.88
Omala (12")
Cat: ADIDIW 005. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Deep House
Omala (8:03)
Phyla (6:59)
Bhurma (Ambient version) (5:27)
Valerian (feat Modulo) (6:51)
Review: Tricky, textural minimal once again from All Day I Dream, delivering another EP from their mainstay Greg Nairo. 'Omala' sonically expresses the deft inner workings of a jellyfish; pulsating and pushing through the abyssal waters comes 'Phyla', with its white noise sweeps and plucky stabs conveying a near-oceanic sense of curiosity. An ambient version of the former track 'Bhurma' makes the B; this is mover music for deep-sea-dwelling Drexciyans on vacation.
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 in stock $17.75
Ode To Life Formation EP
Cat: ADID 091. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Deep House
Ode To Life Formation (7:10)
Ode To Life Formation (Anton Tumas Reformation) (7:39)
Ode To Life Formation (Anton Tumas reprise) (6:10)
Review: London's All Day I Dream label has been using clouds on its EP covers since its first release in 2011. The latest huffing of the vapours is a cumulonimble EP from Noraj Cue and Anton Tomas, two dreamy and deft masters of texture local to the label. The track Cue contributes to the EP, 'Ode To Life Formation', is impressive, with an ear-caressing bassline taking centre stage as echoic blips and cuts float around its suspenseful stasis. The remixes on the B by Tomas add trembling wind chimes and additional melodies to the mix, overall providing a neat coda to the track's vision.
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 in stock $17.75
The Beauty Of A Polaroid
Cat: ADIDA 004. Rel: 27 Jan 21
The Beauty Of A Polaroid (5:03)
Duct Tape & Soldered Wires (5:16)
Would You Stay (6:10)
A River That Flows Around In Circles (6:22)
Weida (5:09)
One Grain Of Sand (6:23)
A Saturday In October (3:29)
Sunrise Over Melmac (6:33)
Das Lied Vom Stillschweigen (6:53)
Regendunkel (5:30)
The Garage Behind The Railway Tracks (4:40)
Crucially not to be confused with the other Powell (note the double L), Berlin-based producer and DJ Powel steps up for Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream label, itself an offshoot of the party series known for epic atmospherics at long, sun-kissed parties where subtleties, sexiness and melodies are often more appreciated than driving beats and bass.

Intros done, The Beauty of a Polaroid is likely exactly what fans of the artist and producer were hoping for. Downtempo tunes defined by the kind of sonics you'd expect to hear while watching sunset at whatever White Island spot you use for those essential evening pre-pre-party hangouts. And Powel certainly delivers a crop that's notably above the usual standard, the highlight of which could well be rave comedown overture Sunrise of Melmac - as emotional a thing as you'll hear all year.
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 in stock $22.78
Piano Reeves
Cat: ADID 097. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Deep House
Slightly Frozen (7:41)
I Would Wait (feat Leoi) (7:44)
Piano Reeves (feat Benny Stein) (7:52)
Phaser Is Set To Stunning, Lets Go (7:39)
 in stock $17.75
The Final Straw EP
Cat: ADID 080. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Deep House
The Final Straw (with Black Soda) (7:23)
Rascals (6:53)
Los Que Caen (6:44)
The Cypriot (7:58)
Review: Following accomplished, if arguably overlooked, EPs for Tale & Tone and Akbal Music, Jim Ruder pitches up on All Day I Dream with four more slabs of melodious, atmospheric and soul-enriching house music. Check first the fabulous EP opener 'Final Straw', a full vocal collaboration with Black Soda piled high with chiming melodies, drifting chords, bittersweet clarinet snippets and chunky bass, before admiring the (synthesized) steel pan sounds and beefy beats of 'Rascals'. Elsewhere, 'Los Que Caen' is fill to bursting with sparkling, life-affirming cheeriness, while 'The Cypriot' is an immersive, intoxicating, sub-heavy tech-house wonder tailor-made for heads-down 4AM moments.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $15.88
Begin The Life
Cat: ADID 094. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Deep House
Faded (feat Eleonora) (7:04)
Till The End (feat One Of Vas) (6:59)
Begin The Life (7:18)
Afterlife (6:42)
Review: All Day I Dream keep topping themselves with every new release, and Rowee's 'Begin The Life' is a testament to this ever-growing remit, being a beautiful four-track EP that lends something ever so slightly new to the rapturous trance style pushed by this longtime head-in-the-clouds label. Its A-siders respectively contain the ever-so-subtle vocals of Eleonora and One Of Vas, both of whom also lend additional production to each mix. On the B comes two original instrumentals - 'Begin The Life' is our favourite, being heavy on the arpeggiated plucks and revelling in the luscious effect created by echo.
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 in stock $16.95
A Winter Sampler V
Cat: ADID 093. Rel: 24 Mar 23
Deep House
Limara & Dimitri Nakov - "Nocturne" (feat Natacha Atlas) (8:21)
Camelot - "Moon In The Desert" (7:30)
Fulltone - "Nowhere To Go" (6:47)
Vandelor - "Happy Man" (8:08)
Somelee - "Sacramental Song" (6:58)
Valdovinos - "Extremely In Green" (7:45)
Double Touch - "The Promises" (feat Reigan) (6:23)
Bai - "Kalevala" (6:14)
Kamilo Sanclemente - "Go Home" (8:35)
Atsushi Asada & Hiroyuki Kajino - "Utopia" (9:01)
Ramiro Drisdale - "Pound Away" (7:24)
Arina Mur & Fluida - "I Saw A Cat" (7:22)
Review: All Day I Dream presents its fifth winter sampler - 12 sublime tracks that flaunt the label's signature sound of emotive, clean and pristine deep house. Enlisting the aid of established artists like Double Touch, Fulltone and Kamilo Sanclemente to uplift the newcomers like Limara, Arina Mur and Fluida, this sampler is a fitting soundtrack for the late-wintery colder months.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $31.51
A Winter Sampler III
Cat: ADID 066. Rel: 17 Feb 21
Deep House
Somelee - "Sansara" (6:52)
Dim Kelly - "Voile De Chine" (6:47)
Mono Electric Orchestra - "Antarctica" (9:36)
Qess - "Sarraqa" (7:03)
Evren Ulusoy - "Ada" (7:05)
Slow Hearts - "Endora" (7:20)
Nopi - "Unforgettable Dawn" (7:33)
LEGATO - "A Glimpse Inside My Mind" (5:09)
Flowers On Monday - "Allowed To Try" (8:47)
Fulltone & Izhevski - "Orange Gardens" (7:25)
Paul Deep - "Aeras" (7:37)
Lucefora - "Elements" (8:20)
Review: All Day I Dream is one of the most consistent labels out there. It's a bastion of house to day dream to, or meditate to, or practice yoga to, and now it serves up a winter sampler filled with more such sounds. There are airy delights such as the opener from Somelee, deeper and more cuddly grooves from Evren Ulusoy and those more deriving cuts that are suited to slightly more energetic moments from LEGATO. There is nothing here to surprise anyone but plenty of good quality, reliable house tracks for sets that go deep.
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 in stock $29.66
Summer Sampler 2023
Cat: ADID 101. Rel: 28 Sep 23
Deep House
Double Touch - "Should've Known"
Draso - "Les Saisons" (feat Julie Meunier)
Luciano - "The Amazing Lilou" (Lee Burridge Lightning edit)
Valdovinos - "Look Around" (feat Lucio Consolo)
Shai T - "Summer O'Clock"
LDS - "Evolution" (Kabi remix)
Lost Desert - "Koekie"
Armen Miran - "Lovely Mistake"
Fluida - "Lantana"
Mass Digital - "Preciosa"
Awka - "O Mar"
Cameron Jack - "My Love For You"
Review: Lee Burridge has very much carved out his own unique deep house niche with his All Day I Dream label. The man once best known for his industrial tech house work with the one and only Craig Richards as Tyrant has ditched the twisted last night toughness in favour of much more meditative and dreamy sound worlds. His own productions sprinkle the catalogue with good vibes, but mostly it is his recruitment of others of a similar musical mentality that shines throughA- as is the case on this vast triple LP featuring plenty of associates told and new and a wealth of escapist and immersive grooves for cosy dancing sessions.
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 in stock $33.64
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