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Local Talk 5 1/2 Years Later Part 1
  1. Art Of Tones - "Violation" (5:13)
  2. DJ Spinna - "Tie It Up" (8:08)
  3. Sean McCabe - "It's My Life" (feat Cinnamon Brown - Sean 6am dub) (6:56)
  4. Corrado Bucci - "Atacama Desert" (5:51)
Review: Matts and Tooli take time to acknowledge that the last half a decade and a bit have been pretty successful. And they're doing so with this exclusive vinyl-only four piece that covers some of the finest corners of house music known to man. Art Of Tones gets busy on the loose drums and slappy bass, DJ Spinna puts a new twist on a classic rising hook while Sean McCabe takes us right back to Nu Yorican soul heaven. Corrado Bucci closes the book with a dusty, pensive hypnotic stomper that will have you locked in seconds. Here's to another half a decade and a bit.
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 in stock $12.80
African Power
Cat: LT 102. Rel: 30 Oct 19
Deep House
  1. African Power (5:48)
  2. African Power (Trinidadian Deep remix) (6:19)
  3. Keep Movin' (Anthony Nicholson Mediterranian Disco remix) (8:33)
  4. Keep Movin' (5:14)
Review: This could well be the release that turns Israeli DJ/producer Dasco into a household name within the deep house community. It's certainly her most high profile release yet thanks to its association with Mad Mats and Tooli's fine Local Talk label. There are two variations of title track "African Power": her percussive, positive and musically rich original mix, which brilliantly fuses elements of deep house, Afro-house and jazz and boasts rather lovely trumpet solos, and a dreamier, beefier Trinidadian Deep take that's every bit as summery. "Keep Movin'" is even more percussive, dreamy and spacey, while Anthony Nicholson's tasty "Mediterranian" rework effortlessly joins the dots between Latin house and deep nu-disco.
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 in stock $12.80
Gotta Work
Cat: LT 114. Rel: 21 Oct 21
Deep House
  1. Gotta Work (1st take) (6:57)
  2. Gotta Work (Trev remix) (5:50)
  3. Gotta Work (2020 mix) (6:29)
  4. Gotta Work (Trev dub mix) (5:50)
Review: Envee is something of a soul, jazz and house lover who brings all those influences to his work. He's back on Local Talk here with a new single 'Gotta Work' featuring Nick Sincklair on vocals. The first take is a vibe-y backroom jam with sensational chord work and nice deep, leggy drums with a rich US tinge. The Trev remix is broken up into a nice jittery beat workout with the buttery smooth vocal left up top. The 2020 mix is a shuffling, soul-drenched pumper for parties who like their bets with plenty of heart and a closing Trev Dub offers a more expansive sound for bigger floors.
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 in stock $13.93
4real (limited 12")
Cat: LT 113. Rel: 24 Aug 21
Deep House
  1. 4real (6:23)
  2. 4real (Crackazat remix) (5:04)
  3. 4real (edit) (4:16)
 in stock $13.36
Opolopo Tweaks
Cat: LT 122. Rel: 07 Feb 22
  1. Jamie 326 & Masalo - "Testify" (Opolopo Tweak)
  2. Soulphiction - "Bizzness" (Opolopo Tweak)
  3. Dirtytwo - "Moody" (Opolopo Tweak)
Review: Last year Local Talk delivered a series of EPs featuring Felipe Gordon reworks of relatively recent gems. They've followed a similar formula on this similarly attractive EP, which contains a trio of killer Opolopo "tweaks" (that's remixes to you and me). On the A-side the Sweden-based Hungarian tackles Jamie 3:26 and Masalo's bluesy, gospel-tinged 'Testify', re-imagining it as a driving, percussive and bass-heavy workout rich in his own electric piano solos and jammed out riffs. On the reverse he transforms Soulphiction's 'Bizzness' into a trumpet-sporting, disco-dabbed organic house epic, before turning Dirtytwo's 'Moody' into a luscious fusion of deep house, jazz-funk and mid-90s New York organ-house.

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Played by: Superbreak
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est. release 07 Feb 22 $14.51
Distant Classic
Cat: LTLP 006. Rel: 15 Jan 18
Deep House
  1. Espresso (7:46)
  2. Jaxx Carnival (6:03)
  3. Fly High (6:47)
  4. Elephunk (7:09)
  5. Fly Low (5:43)
  6. 8Tons Of (3:13)
  7. Mo' Funk Mo' Problem (5:18)
  8. No Mystery (6:15)
  9. Unquantized Love (4:23)
  10. Return To Planet Earth (2:56)
 in stock $23.31
Introducing The Jaxx
 in stock $11.65
Breaking (remixes)
Cat: LTX 001. Rel: 08 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez remix)
  2. Breaking (Ian Pooley remix)
 in stock $10.22
Potion For Love EP
Cat: LT 112. Rel: 14 May 21
Deep House
  1. Potion For Love (Never Give It Up) (7:57)
  2. Keep On (6:37)
  3. Potion For Love (LA Spacefunk dub) (5:27)
Review: Local Talk is one of those super reliable house outlets that always offers up music that does the simple things well. Once again here they showcase three warm, vibey house tunes with enough character and detail to standout in any set. French multi-instrumentalist Laroye is the man at the controls here and on 'Potion For Love (Never Give It Up)' he explores warm and sultry early evening grooves peppered with Roy Ayres xylophones. 'Keep On' picks up the pace with a loose arrangement and fine sense of skip and an LA Spacefunk dub of the opener closes out with more cosmic synths.
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 in stock $13.36
Infinite Experience
Cat: LT 096. Rel: 10 Jun 19
Deep House
  1. Afro Grey (7:04)
  2. By The Way She Moves (7:44)
Played by: Dj Prophet
 in stock $11.65
Moondance EP
Cat: LT 109. Rel: 15 Mar 21
Deep House
  1. Never Found Love (Amen mix) (6:18)
  2. The Moon Dance (2020) (6:31)
  3. Never Found Love (8:07)
Review: The mysterious Moondance has been receiving plenty of praise for his, her or their second EP on Local Talk, and it's easy to see why. In its' original form (B2), 'Never Find Love' sits somewhere between jazz-house, synth-heavy deep house and the kind of luscious, piano-heavy productions that Ron Trent has become famous for. Arguably even better though is the A-side 'Amen Mix', which brilliantly joins the dots between tech-jazz, early UK breakbeat house, Motor City deep house and Larry Heard style dancefloor bliss. Also worth a listen is bonus cut 'The Moon Dance (2020)', a jazz-funk-fired deep house number that's as luscious and life-affirming as it is spacey and loose-limbed. In a word: essential!

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 in stock $12.80
Diamant Brut EP
Cat: LT 115. Rel: 27 Jul 21
Deep House
  1. Diamant Bleu (Parisian Soul mix) (6:07)
  2. Diamant Noir (Playing 4 The City mix) (7:20)
Review: Parisian Soul's new one on Local talk is a party ready EP, but one packed with well thought out sounds and rich in musicality. 'Diamant Bleu' opens with some filter house sounds before the loose rhythm section drops and carry you away on a funky groove. Horns toot in the distance, afro vocals bring a worldly feel and the whole thing is perfect organic. 'Diamant Noir' (Playing 4 The City mix) is then a jazzed up number thanks to the big sax sounds, while warped synth lines flesh things out for the club. These are positive vibes for sure.
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 in stock $13.36
Gratiot Avenue Piano
Cat: LT 075. Rel: 16 Mar 17
Deep House
  1. Gratiot Avenue Piano (6:41)
  2. Unconditional (7:21)
 in stock $10.81
Cat: LT 111B. Rel: 02 Aug 21
  1. Dopewise (3:39)
  2. Searching For Gold (4:31)
Review: Local Talk is a label that might be most well known for its warm and classy house output. But they have also branched out into dub with a series of special 7"s that also hit home hard. DJ Neet & Gordon Brown Jr are now back for another round following their fine first outing on the label. Once again they add their own twist in dub with plenty of modern stylings as they pay subtle homage to the earliest sounds of Ninja Tune. 'Dopewise' is a heady one for sure, with swirling pads and dubbed out vocals, oodles of tape echo and deadly bass.
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Played by: Danny Moodymanc
 in stock $12.80
Breaking Dub
Breaking Dub (limited 1-sided 12")
Cat: LT 111. Rel: 19 Apr 21
Deep House
  1. Breaking Dub (5:37)
Review: DJ Neet & Gordon Brown Jr are Riddim Research Lab, who strike back with their second release which this time is on Mad Mats & Tooli's Local Talk. 'Breaking Dub' is a cover version of the classic Kyodai track 'Breaking', released on the label back in 2012. This version slows things down and creates a hypnotic vibe in a low slung fashion, complete with the UK-based music outsiders' penchant for deep roots and reggae influences, all heavily processed in an old-fashioned manner.
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 in stock $12.80
Speak To Me
Cat: LT 110. Rel: 04 Feb 21
Deep House
  1. Speak To Me (7:42)
  2. Speak To Me (The James L'Estraunge Orchestra remix) (6:22)
Review: The long time Local Talk label has a mini modern classic on its hands here. 'Speak To Me' by the soul Renegades has a steamy and gospel feel, with rolling Chicago beats and bass and natty keys dancing up top. The vocals, singing synths and big claps all make it a pure, soul enriching house gem. The James L'Estraunge Orchestra remix is a brilliantly classy and stirring rendition which then explodes into a tropical disco house bomb filled with life, colour and good time grooves. Honest, effective, catchy, house music doesn't get much better.
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 in stock $12.80
24/7 Love Affair Part 2
Cat: LTLP 011. Rel: 25 Nov 19
Deep House
  1. 24/7 Love Affair Dub (5:12)
  2. The Mood (4:16)
  3. 80's Standard (6:07)
  4. A Freak (5:37)
 in stock $15.35
Bizzness (12")
Cat: LT 086. Rel: 10 Jul 18
Deep House
  1. Bizzness (5:37)
  2. Cart People (4:46)
  3. Slow Glow (3:15)
  4. Sweet Dreams (4:22)
Review: Philpot co-founder Soulphiction has been MIA for a while now, making it an utter pleasure to have him back on our charts with some effective new house swingers. He's landed on Local Talk, one of the very best in its class, and "Bizzness" kicks off with a funky-ass bassline and some freaky vocal chops, while "Cart People" lingers at a steadier sort of tempo, filtered through mounds of dubbed-out haze. "Slow Glow" is an experiment in percussion, also meandering its wavy synths on an off-kilter mode, and "Sweet Dreams" works the drum-machine in and out of the groove, ending up with another off-balance house experiment for the deeper minds out there on the floor!
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 in stock $11.65
Enchanted (12")
Cat: LT 092. Rel: 25 Feb 19
  1. Enchanted (8:25)
  2. Enchanted (WTN North London dub) (9:04)
 in stock $11.65
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