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Live At Villain
Live At Villain (red vinyl LP repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: LMLP 508. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Como Me Quieres (3:34)
Dern Kala (3:12)
August 10 (5:14)
Friday Morning (6:43)
August Twelve (5:24)
Mr White (5:05)
Two Fish & An Elephant (4:21)
White Gloves (3:04)
Lady & Man (5:18)
Evan Finds The Third Room (5:41)
Maria Tambien (3:13)
Review: Smoked-out Texan psych troupe Khruangbin have picked a pretty apt moment to release this recording of their live show at Villain, Brooklyn. For starters, it's summer 2020, and if it weren't for a global pandemic there's a good chance a few of us would be recovering from the night before to a late-afternoon, or better yet early-evening performance from this lot at some festival or other. Secondly, because of said health crisis, we're all starved of the unique qualities that come from a band playing in the flesh. Dinner is definitely served here, then, via generous helpings of Laura Lee's bass-laden grooves and gorgeous, intoxicatingly airy vocal delivery. First laid down in 2018, when Khruangbin were touring in support of their second album, while 'Con Todo El Mundo' provides the majority of musical moments here, really 'Live At Villain' is a self-contained record - an hour or so of the band's typically magical and engrossing stage stuff, captured for keeps.
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 in stock $47.07
Lateralus (gatefold picture disc 2xLP)
Cat: ZOO 31160. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Grudge
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
Ticks & Leeches
Faaip De Oiad
 in stock $46.80
La Camita (Jacques Renault Edit)
La Camita (Jacques Renault edit) (3:23)
Son De Tambor Y San Juan (Jacques Renault edit) (3:36)
Review: Mushroom Pillow have tapped up the maverick Jacques Renault here and asked him to tap into a whole new world of influence away from his colourful house fair. It is the rich heritage of Latin underground sounds he leans on most as he threads together his own edits of classics from that world into two steamy new jams. His vibrant rhythms come peppered with mystic flutes and Latin vocals, psyched-out guitars and soulful melodies that make for truly captivating listening. The originals were chosen for their historical significance and cultural impact and have been sympathetically touched up here.
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 in stock $13.15
Top Brass
Cat: AJX 7675. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Top Brass (3:36)
Top Brass (Bare Essentials mix) (3:41)
Review: Composer Matt Berry aims to mimic the classic iconic Library Music label KPM with this new outing on Acid Jazz. It is the first in a series of such releases and it does a fine job of following in the label's tradition of providing the musical bedrock for classic British TV series and international movies. KPM used composers such as Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield and Berry proves he is right up there with this 7". 'Top Brass' is a funky instrumental with dramatic strings that add a sense of tension to the rude boy swagger of the rhythm. On the flip is a more stripped-back 'Bare Essentials mix' which is just as good and a little more menacing.
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! low stock $11.31
Sunshine Dub Me (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Cat: PIASC 1029EP. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Punch Dub (3:43)
Angry Dub (4:08)
No Trophy Version (3:23)
This Town Version (2:56)
Lying In The Dub (3:54)
Sky Holds The Dub (3:51)
Review: Founding Bees members Paul Butler and Aaron Fletcher recorded the original Sunshine Hit Me on the Isle of Wight in their own home garden studio which they called The Shed. A year after release in 2003 it got recognised with a Mercury Music Prize nomination and spawned some big singles. Now, 20 years on, it arrives once more but in an all-new and dubbed-out fashion. The six cuts include three which have never previously been released in any physical format and bring a fresh dimension to the originals.
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 in stock $18.40
Live At Sydney Opera House
Live At Sydney Opera House (2xLP + poster + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: DOC 335LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
The Number 3 (2:49)
The Number 4 (3:28)
August 10/Master Of Life (7:38)
Two Fish & An Elephant (3:27)
White Gloves (2:57)
First Class (5:04)
So We Won't Forget (5:03)
Shida (3:45)
Friday Morning (6:27)
Lady & Man (6:57)
Pelota (2:44)
Evan Finds The Third Room (4:10)
Maria Tambien (4:18)
Time (You & I) (6:28)
People Everywhere (Shiftings Sands remix) (7:27)
A Calf Born In Winter (3:46)
Zionsville (3:54)
Review: In November 2022 Houston, Texas globetrotters Khruangbin settled into a three-night residency at Sydney's iconic Opera House. It was just one of many high points for a band who have woven their way into the hearts of so many through the transcendental power of their music alone, and now the show has been properly documented and released as a double vinyl epic for devoted fans to savour, whether they were there or not. There are career-spanning classics all over this set, from 'A Calf Born In Winter' to 'Friday Morning' and each song lives and breathes with the intuition and flair of the players involved as they give these spiritually charged tracks subtle tweaks and twists in the heat of the moment.
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 in stock $34.18
Volume I-III (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Volume I-III (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023) (limited silver vinyl LP + insert in embossed sleeve) (1 per customer)
Cat: ATD 027. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Strange Plan (3:53)
Takin' It To The Streets (4:49)
As You Crawl (2:09)
Orb (3:13)
My Wave (3:01)
A Million Miles Away (4:37)
Time Is Going On (3:45)
Low Road (3:52)
Overblower (3:42)
Working Man (4:47)
 in stock $27.87
Incident At A Free Festival
Incident At A Free Festival (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: XXQLP2 120. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Deep Purple - "Chasing Shadows" (5:33)
Manfred Mann Chapter Three - "One Way Glass" (3:27)
Andwella - "Hold Onto Your Mind" (3:45)
Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw - "Hot Pants" (1:48)
Pink Fairies - "Do It" (3:01)
Atomic Rooster - "Tomorrow Night" (3:56)
Stray - "Taken All The Good Things - Stray" (5:30)
Edgar Broughton Band - "Out Demons Out" (4:45)
May Blitz - "For Mad Men Only" (4:14)
Curved Air - "Back Street Luv" (3:34)
Hawkwind - "Ejection" (3:46)
Stackwaddy - "Meat Pies ’ave Come But Band's Not ’ere Yet" (4:44)
James Hogg - "Lovely Lady Rock" (3:18)
Paladin - "Third World" (3:51)
Barclay James Harvest - "Taking Some Time On" (5:19)
Jonesy - "Ricochet" (4:02)
Steve Gray - "Led Balloon" (2:22)
Slowload - "Big Boobs Boogie" (3:04)
Leaf Hound - "Freelance Fiend" (3:10)
Dave Richmond - "Confunktion" (4:38)
Review: Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne fame are the diggers behind this new rock assemblage which pays tribute to mid-afternoon set times at lesser-known festivals from years gone (well, the 70s) such as Deeply Vale, Bickershaw, Krumlin, Weeley, and Plumpton. They were just as important to those who attended as the more celebrated likes of Glasto' and this collection shows the sounds were just as good, too. The sounds - from big names liek Deep Purple, Hawkwind and Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw to lesser known acts like Jonesy, will appeal to hippies and bikers alike with big riffs, funky drumming and some psyched-out sounds.
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 in stock $28.13
Searchlight Moonbeam
Searchlight Moonbeam (2xLP + insert)
Cat: ES 032. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Bo Harwood & John Cassavetes - "No One Around To Hear It" (3:35)
Chen Ming Chang - "Rainwater" (7:36)
Bhairavi Raman & Nanthesh Sivarajah - "Bittersweet Reflections" (6:30)
The King Of Luxembourg - "Poptones" (3:14)
Slapp Happy - "Is It You" (4:52)
OG Jigg - "Jesus Is My Jam" (3:54)
Klang - "As It Is" (4:22)
Scala - "Fuser" (4:54)
Soft Location - "Let The Moon Get Into It" (6:28)
Gyeongsu - "YZOBEL" (feat CROCHE) (3:04)
Omerta - "Moments In Love" (7:04)
Kasumi Trio - "Cabbage Butterfly" (5:11)
Un - "Fast Money Blues" (8:11)
Delphine Dora - "V" (3:00)
Harry Plunket-Greene - "The Hurdy-Gurdy Man" (2:40)
Review: Searchlight Moonbeam is the new narrative compilation from Time Is Away (Jack Rollo and Elaine Tierney), whose eponymous monthly NTS Radio shows - tinctured fusions of fugitive sounds and reverie-inducing archival speech - have won them an ardent following. It follows from the London-based duo's Ballads, a remarkable driftwerk released on A Colourful Storm in 2022. Searchlight Moonbeam is an autumnal dreamscape, intimate and vespertine, pensive and irresolute. An imagined community where differences drop off and resonances emerge.
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 in stock $26.82
Medicine (limited gatefold clear & purple splattered vinyl LP + MP3 download code (indie exclusive))
Cat: LAUNCH 315S. Rel: 13 Oct 23
Impermanence & Death (6:11)
Raised By Hills (3:19)
I Became The Unemployment Office (5:13)
TSOD (3:15)
Vakna (5:25)
You'll Be Alright (3:22)
Join The Resistance (5:36)
Tripping In The Graveyard (6:20)
Review: Swedish psychedelic rock band Goat are currently in the middle of a worldwide tour, in recent months introducing their masked, anonymous live shows to festival punters. These shows take on an ensemble, ritual atmosphere, much to the bemused chagrin of consumer audiences, and their recorded albums are no less indicative of their related themes: spirituality, nature, play, death. Recorded across many different locations including Sweden, Brazil, India and Japan, Medicine is their latest opus, whereupon they channel a well-structured form of 70s-style prog to play up the cyclical nature of identity, a fact of life which is lost on most people. To quote the band - for our families, friends, society, this could be done through the use of psychedelics, through meditation, through learning from other people, staying curious and never settling for a 'solid' identity.
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 in stock $22.88
The Model
Cat: NYCT 7087. Rel: 26 Oct 23
The Model (4:42)
Cumbia De Las Planideras (4:40)
Review: Sonido Gallo Negro drop the cumbia anthem that no one knew they needed- a Joe Meek-esque psychedelic guacharaca-laden version of Kraftwerk's 'The Model'. Theremins and phased electric guitar jangles perfectly straddle the song's languid groove, and the uncanny, sedated nature of the original is preserved- perfect spooky season tackle. The flipside is a more upbeat psy-fi cumbia offering bound to get any self-respecting dancefloor swaying in a manner most zombified. Another indespensible release from the Sonido Gallo Negro camp!
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Mexican
 in stock $17.62
Going South
Cat: MRP 06LP. Rel: 23 Nov 23
You Must Be A Witch (2:50)
Dead Moon Night (4:56)
Don't Burn The Fires (3:44)
Johnny's Got A Gun (2:43)
Down The Road (3:03)
Dagger Moon (3:37)
DOA (2:27)
Parchment Farm (3:02)
Play With Fire (2:32)
Fire In The Western World (2:57)
Jane (2:59)
Spectacle (2:33)
Destination X (3:16)
Black September (2:49)
Can't Help Falling In Love (1:31)
54/40 Or Fight (3:40)
Cast Will Change (2:44)
Going South (4:15)
Ill Of The Dead (2:42)
Animal (4:53)
Communication Breakdown (4:29)
New Zealand Radio Interview (2:34)
 in stock $31.54
Live On Air 1967-1970
Live On Air 1967-1970 (limited clear vinyl LP)
Cat: ART 37. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Moonlight Drive (6:54)
Back Door Man (5:29)
People Are Strange (2:39)
Light My Fire (3:02)
Roadhouse Blues (4:56)
The Ned (12:26)
Wishful Sinful (3:00)
Wild Child (2:40)
Touch Me (3:21)
Review: There are many fantastic The Doors albums out there, and plenty of them are live recordings of the indie greats doing some of their best work. This is one of them and it pulls together some live highlights from between 1967 and 1970 when Jim Morrison and co were quite possibly at their best. There are tunes here from sets that were originally done for TV shows, comedy hours, live gigs, radio broadcasts and more. It's a raw record that really takes you back in time and allows you to get deep into these classic tunes.
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 in stock $14.46
She Sold Her Soul
She Sold Her Soul (7"+ booklet limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DSCBOX 013. Rel: 22 Nov 23
Cizana - "She Sold Her Soul" (3:52)
La Nueva Generacion - "Uhru Sasa" (3:26)
Review: It might be getting cold and dark and wet here in the UK but music will always be able to transport us to warmer, sunnier, happier climes. And so it is with this new 7", which includes a booklet, from Discodelic. It's a two tracker from Cizana and La Nueva Generation that is flame hot and bristling with energy - Cizana's 'She Sold Her Soul' kicks off with its joyous flutes, hand drums and percussive Latin grooves then La Nueva Generacion slow things down and up the brass with their carnivalesque Afro-funk workout 'Uhru Sasa'.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock $24.46
The Great Gig In The Sky: Live In Lille 1972
Cat: AV 201898. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Speak To Me
On The Run
The Great Gig In The Sky
Us & Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage
One Of These Days
Careful With That Axe Eugene
 in stock $11.31
Drowning Out The Big Jets: BBC Radio Sessions 1982-83
Cat: FALLLP 062. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Suicide Bag (1:56)
Losers (2:03)
Mindless Aggression (2:11)
People (2:28)
Cowslick Blues (2:59)
Fouled On The Footpath (2:34)
Times Must Change (1:48)
Drowning Out The Big Jets (2:03)
Fools Factions (1:40)
Protest Is Alive (2:11)
These Are A Few (1:42)
Gothic Party Time (2:33)
Question Of Choice (1:55)
Cruellest Thief (2:17)
New Kings Girl (3:03)
Mercury Theatre (On The Air Again) (3:40)
Review: Action Pact were a punk rock band from Stanwell, an isolated village right under the flight-path of London Heathrow Airport, inspiring this compilation album's title. Consisting of two formerly unreleased John Peel sessions as well as a David Jensen session - totalling 16 tracks - this retrospective charts the band's history, from their formation in 1981 by guitarist Wild Planet, bassist and lyricist Dr. Phibes and the then 15-year-old drummer Joe Fungus and singer George Cheex, still school-kids when their Heathrow Touchdown EP was released in October 1981. BBC DJ John Peel played the single many times and booked them for the first session to appear here, recorded in February 1982. The second Peel session was recorded and broadcast in 1982 and a David Jensen BBC session in 83.
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 in stock $20.78
Transmission 1965-1968
Transmission 1965-1968 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: EWR 009. Rel: 23 Nov 23
What'cha Gonna Do About It (2:08)
Jump Back (1:35)
Baby Don't You Like It (2:19)
Sha La La La Lee (2:29)
What'cha Gonna Do About It (2:00)
Comin' Home Baby (1:54)
You Need Loving (2:00)
Shake (3:08)
Sha La La La Lee (2:43)
You Need Loving (2:29)
Hey Girl (2:01)
E Too D (4:06)
One Night Stand (1:51)
You'd Better Believe It (2:20)
Understanding (2:28)
All Or Nothing (2:55)
Hey Girl (2:00)
All Or Nothing (3:02)
What'cha Gonna Do About It/Sha La La La Lee (4:57)
Tin Soldier (3:01)
If I Were A Carpenter (2:23)
Lazy Sunday (3:08)
Every Little Bit Hurts (3:54)
 in stock $24.98
This Heathen Land
This Heathen Land (limited gatefold green vinyl LP + booklet + map in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: 406562 9687618. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Prologue (0:49)
The Forest Church (5:08)
Mountain Throne (4:20)
Maxine (Witch Queen) (3:19)
One For Sorrow (6:15)
Song Of The Stones (4:40)
The Ancient Ways (5:33)
Hunters In The Sky (4:48)
Oceans Of Time (6:34)
Review: London based stoner-doom entity Green Lung return with their most ambitious and sprawling work to date. Their third full-length; This Heathen Land marks both an expansion of their post-psych heft as well as an embracing of influences with cited nods to everything from classic rock to doom metal, NWOBHM, horror film soundtracks and even the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Exploring folklore and hermetic narratives through groovy bangers that serve as equal parts hefty and playful, the album toys with the swagger of The Sword and epic heaviness of Mastodon to conjure a maelstrom of retro-fitted, fuzzed out grandiosity.
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! low stock $29.19
Electricolorized (limited LP)
Cat: FNR 220. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Deep Dive (3:54)
Color My Coffee (6:33)
Der Himmel Uber Kakumae (5:49)
The World Of High-Voltage Badgers (8:04)
Electricolor (7:40)
Review: Modern psych master Misha Panfilov unleashes yet more fresh psych heaven under his new outfit Penza Penza, laying down the unbridledly satisfying new album Electrocolorized. In the words of its chief endorser Matt Chandler, the album is chock-full of Stax, Motown and Blue Note-esque notes, circling in and around the thematic cornerstone that is the funk jam, though not succumbing to its cliches and pratfalls. Finding joy in the imperfect - the sonic wabi-sabi - the likes of 'Der Himmel Uber Kakumae' and 'The World Of High Voltage Badgers' are instrumental exemplars of the vintage, basking in the style's psychic, sun-beaten buzz.
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 in stock $21.03
The Silver Cord (Extended Mix)
The Silver Cord (Extended Mix) (limited gatefold "lucky rainbow" vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 121941 9. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Theia (extended mix) (20:40)
The Silver Cord (extended mix) (12:50)
Set (extended mix) (10:10)
Swan Song (extended mix) (10:47)
Extinction (extended mix) (11:16)
Change'e (extended mix) (10:31)
Gilgamesh (extended mix) (12:30)
 in stock $46.27
Mr Zero
Mr Zero (7")
Cat: DEMSING 011. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Mr Zero (2:39)
Knowing (1:47)
Review: Keith Relf was best known as the frontman of The Yardbirds, but in 1966 he also released his first solo single 'Mr Zero'. Demon Records are heralding 60 years of The Yardbirds by launching a new series of 7" singles which go deep into the story of the iconic British blues rock band. American folk artist Bob Lind wrote the song, and Paul Samwell-Smith produced it, resulting in a baroque gem fronted by Relf's haunting vocal. The B side was written by Relf himself, and features Yardbirds main man Jeff Beck on guitar as well as Rick Jones.
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 in stock $15.51
Today & Tomorrow
Cat: FLO 0013CD. Rel: 02 Aug 23
In The Beginning
Heal The World
The Jungle
The Plan
The Return
The Greatest Smile
Above The Sky
Review: In November of last year Sault shocked the world of music with a five-deep drop of outstanding albums which some have reasonably deemed to be Christian deep funk. Initially offering the music out freely as a gift to God and to no doubt land their message that little bit further, now they're releasing these outstanding albums and giving each one some space to breathe. The music is steeped in the tradition of OG funk and soul, captured with a legitimate grit which lands the grooves all the deeper, and we're instantly drawn into the sound world of this spirituals-charged project transmitting from true believers to anyone who feels the funk.
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 in stock $12.61
Just The Beginning (remastered)
Just The Beginning (remastered) (limited gatefold LP)
Cat: SCLP 026. Rel: 06 Mar 23
Looking For Somebody (4:35)
Goodbye Good Day (4:25)
Lost My Woman (2:34)
The Struggle (5:14)
Song For The Nights (5:10)
Blues For You (3:41)
Now You're Out Of My Life (2:44)
Blueberry Hill (1:57)
Can You? Will You? (4:27)
 in stock $11.56
Ethniques Psychedliques
Cat: PLA 032. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Donald Campau - "Welcome To The Needle" (1:05)
Laurent Pernice - "Plan De Coupe" (4:23)
Brian Ladd - "Brian Song" (4:41)
Pacific 231 - "Eve Very Nice" (2:47)
Jacki Moreau - "Knossos" (4:51)
Sound Color - "Wandering Soul" (3:14)
Vox Populi! - "Micro Climax" (9:56)
Mistery Plane - "Disturbing" (4:55)
Sound Color - "The Unconquered Sun" (3:59)
Jacki Moreau - "Paris-Pop" (2:55)
Dreaming With Vox Populi! - "Infusion" (3:23)
Jean Cocteau - "Les Enfants Terribles" (0:47)
Review: Platform 23 reunites once more with Vox Man Records to dig deep into their archives and shine a new light on. In the past they have done some mega well loved Alternative Funk compilations which got the label off to a fine start and now they dig into an array of cult cassette releases to bring us treasure from Audiologie N-4 - The Independant Psychedelic Trip and Audiologie 5 et 6 - Ethniques Urbaines. This is music from the avant-garde and post punk scenes that draws on wave, spoken word, dark dub and industrial for its eerie yet alluring charms, all with a real edge. Ethnic, idiosyncratic and psyched out, this is another great overview.
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 in stock $18.92
Masana Temples
Masana Temples (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: GGB 017LP. Rel: 12 Jul 22
Entrance (2:25)
Dripping Sun (7:52)
Nazo Nazo (3:07)
Fluffy Kosmisch (3:41)
Majupose (3:57)
Nana (3:13)
Orange Peel (4:35)
Amayadori (1:28)
Gatherings (6:37)
Blanket Song (3:08)
Review: Japanese psychedelic rock band Kikagaku Moyo deliver a second album for Tokyo-based label Guruguru Brain, providing the band with its fifth album in as many years. Opening with the sitar-play of "Entrance" and moving into more radical free-rock of "Dripping Sun" and "Fluffy Kosmisch", there's more traditional and folky numbers to be found in "Nazo Nazo", "Amayadori" and the dream inducing "Orange Peel". There's no denying the musical ground Kikagaku Moyo are capable of covering and with other tracks "Majupose" and "Gatherings" falling somewhere in between the aforementioned, and this Masana Temples LP will appeal to appreciators of French outfit Air as much as it will to lovers of Alan Vega and Martin Rev's music.
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 in stock $30.77
Shapes In My Mind
Shapes In My Mind (7" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: DEMSING 012. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Shapes In My Mind (2:17)
Blue Sands (2:12)
 in stock $14.72
Make Room
Make Room (orange vinyl LP)
Cat: GO 72LP. Rel: 07 Nov 19
American River (2:25)
Methatonin (2:04)
Vixen (2:37)
BFF (2:36)
Nerve (2:25)
Piedmont (4:24)
Cry Baby (3:13)
Gold Medal (3:32)
Duck Eat Duck World (2:11)
Soundproof (2:56)
! low stock $24.46
The Last Supper: Special Exorcism Nite Live At The Venue London 19th April 1980
Cat: DMRLP 1. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Drug Train (3:14)
Love Me (2:10)
Voodoo Idol (3:39)
Rockin' Bones (2:34)
Weekend On Mars (2:46)
Uranium Rock (2:13)
The Natives Are Restless (2:42)
Under The Wires (2:42)
Strychnine (2:16)
Garbageman (3:29)
Human Fly (2:18)
Mad Daddy (3:37)
Louie Louie (3:05)
Hurricane Fighter Plane (4:32)
Surfin' Bird (3:47)
Review: Amongst the many legendary recordings of The Cramps live in action, the bootlegs of their 'The Last Supper' show in April 1980 in London ranks as one of the most desirable. It captures the band in their ascendance, already legends but equally with something to prove as they clawed their way out of the graveyard and into prominence. Previous editions were from ropey tapes which had sped the music up by some eight percent, but now the original master tapes have been found and the recording is presented in much better fidelity - all the better to hear the greatest psychobilly band that ever emerged from parts unknown.
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 in stock $29.98
The Electric Prunes (reissue)
The Electric Prunes (reissue) (limited blue vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: JPR 089LP. Rel: 30 Nov 23
I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) (2:56)
Bangles (2:29)
Onie (2:42)
Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less) (2:25)
Train For Tomorrow (3:02)
Sold To The Highest Bidder (2:21)
Get Me To The World On Time (2:31)
About A Quarter To Nine (2:14)
The King Is In The Counting House (2:01)
Luvin' (2:04)
Try Me On For Size (2:22)
Tunerville Trolley (2:34)
 in stock $40.76
Petrodragonic Apocalypse Or Dawn Of Eternal Night: An Annihilation Of Planet Earth & The Beginning Of Merciless Damnation
Motor Spirit (6:55)
Supercell (6:50)
Converge (6:42)
Witchcraft (3:31)
Gila Monster (5:47)
Dragon (14:11)
Flamethrower (5:04)
Dawn Of Eternal Night (bonus track) (14:20)
Review: Aussie psych rockers King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard are an insanely productive and prolific group. Petrodragonic Apocalypse Or Dawn Of Eternal Night: An Annihilation Of Planet Earth & The Beginning Of Merciless Damnation is their 24th album and is base don jam sessions that finds them incorporating more heavy metal sounds than ever before. Lead singer Stu Mackenzie has explained that the album's concept is based around "humankind, and it's about planet Earth, but it's also about witches and dragons, and shit." It's a fine follow-up to the band's thrash metal album Infest the Rats' Nest and will keep them well in with fans old and new alike.
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 in stock $45.10
Hindsight Is 50/50 (Special Edition)
Hindsight Is 50/50 (Special Edition) (limited hand-numbered white vinyl LP)
Cat: FTH 508LPA. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Bonehead (2:03)
Alright Alright (4:47)
Highly Unlikely (4:58)
Ottessa (3:23)
Along (part 2) (4:45)
Yoko (3:32)
Wormfeast (3:20)
Juan (3:56)
Hindsight Is 50/50 (4:00)
Buik (3:18)
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Twenty Twenty
Twenty Twenty (black & blue vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: DJOLP 02BB. Rel: 04 Oct 23
Showtime (5:46)
Personal Lies (3:13)
Tentpole Shangrila (3:19)
Just Along For The Ride (4:10)
Chateau (Feel Alright) (2:38)
Roddy (1:28)
Ring (3:31)
BNBG (3:52)
Mortal Projections (3:07)
Total Control (2:06)
Flash Mountain (4:51)
Mutual Future (Repeat) (3:56)
Review: Plebs might know Joe Keery best for his role in Stranger Things - playing the big-haired role of Steve - but patricians will also be keenly aware of his efforts under the pseudonym Djo (among many others). Twenty Twenty, released in 2020, is his almost certainly his most striking album under the name. A rich demo of all the best hallmarks of psych and lo-fi, paired will surreal and bare-faced indie, Twenty Twenty is an emotively wide, impressive gateway drug into the actor and musician's innermost imaginings, expressed best, in our opinion, in the jangly sonic forms 'Roddy' and 'Tentpole Shangrila'.
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 in stock $33.13
Puzzled (limited LP)
Cat: PUZZLED M001. Rel: 03 Nov 23
Dawn Of Delphi (3:56)
Raised With Fire (2:07)
Flute Punch (2:43)
Hyperion (1:57)
Comin'At Ya (3:38)
3Mal3 (2:28)
Bin Dippers (2:22)
No-Mo-Woa (2:42)
Mukogawa (2:38)
Holy Daze (1:21)
Wellness (4:57)
Amok Koma (4:12)
Ad Acta (3:00)
Review: Broc Recordz is proud to announce Puzzled, the latest album by the legendary JJ Whitefield. Across 13 tracks, you'll surely immerse yourself in the enigmatic universe of this master of funk and psychedelism, on which you'll just as surely discover all facets of this musician from Munich, ranging from raw funk to krautrock. Whitefield is an iconic figure in his local music scene, having played an essential role in diverse projects such as the mastermind behind Poets Of Rhythm, Karl Hector, the Whitefield Brothers and in the recent careers of Ebo Taylor, Embryo and Witch. Puzzled is the perfect opportunity to delve into his musical world.
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 in stock $29.19
Texas Moon
Cat: DOC 254LP. Rel: 18 Feb 22
Doris (3:53)
B-Side (4:32)
Chocolate Hills (3:18)
Father Father (5:41)
Mariella (5:05)
Review: Sometimes it's just too difficult to contain our excitement; we're quaking in our boots at news of Khruangbin's next release, with the Texan three-piece this time lending their alt-indie-funk mastery to vocal frontage by Leon Bridges. The humorously titled lead single 'B-side' is emblematic of their stated aim here - to redefine "how people perceive Texas music i that beautiful marriage of country and r'n'b i and really paying homage to that." The sonic result? Bubbling bass and wahhy riffs, over a ghostly and misty relaxers' beat. Its hook digs into our thighs deeper than a Sheriff's steel spurs, and fittingly, it's music video is themed after a 19th Century western town.

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 in stock $19.98
Raze Regal & White Denim Inc
Raze Regal & White Denim Inc (LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: BELLA 1539V. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Ashley Goudeau (3:52)
Blood (3:30)
Tivoli (5:05)
Complaining In Heaven (3:34)
Don't Laff (3:37)
The Hustle In You (3:30)
Before The Fact (4:16)
Idle Later (4:45)
Dislocation (4:25)
Ugly Man Suit (5:34)
 in stock $26.04
Rakenskapens Dag
Rakenskapens Dag (limited LP + insert)
Cat: FORDAOAMNINGARKIV 12. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Fiber (6:38)
Ridandes Av Vissa Djur (1:26)
Jim F Gu (6:39)
3000 Ar Electro (3:36)
Det Mystiska Talet E (1:36)
Expo 7 (2:03)
Ett Oanstandigt Forslag (2:19)
Det Blodrika Djuret (1:46)
Doda Lollos Mamma (2:40)
Grannkott (5:33)
Jim F Electro (5:28)
! low stock $23.40
World Psychedelic Classics 1: Everything Is Possible The Best Of Os Mutantes
Cat: LPLBOP 1036. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Ando Meio Desligado (3:03)
Ave, Lucifer (2:20)
Dia (4:03)
Baby (1971) (3:38)
Fuga No II (3:41)
Cantor De Mambo (4:36)
Adeus, Maria Fulu (2:59)
Desculpe, Babe (2:49)
El Justiciero (3:55)
Panis Et Circenses (3:40)
A Minha Menina (4:42)
Bat Macumba (3:06)
Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour (3:35)
Baby (1968) (2:09)
 in stock $31.54
Chronicles Of A Diamond
Chronicles Of A Diamond (limited red vinyl LP + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: ATO 0654LPC. Rel: 26 Oct 23
More Than A Love Song (4:41)
Ice Cream (Pay Phone) (3:52)
Mrs Postman (3:52)
Chronicles Of A Diamond (3:23)
Angel (5:02)
Tomorrow (4:49)
Gemini Sun (4:34)
Rock & Roll (4:48)
Review: Grammy-nominated Texan psychedelic-soul band Black Pumas, led by Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada, return after their 2019 self-titled debut album - leading to the pair being put up for 'Best New Artist' in 2020 - with a bold statement to break the sophomore album curse. Lead single 'More Than a Love Song' is the perfect introduction to the sound, Burton's commanding voice riding on a wave of progressively zanier instrumental patches and choir vocal samples, with a sultry deep south tone that, oddly, reminds me of CeeLo Green. Quesada's production style is quick and loose, oozing with soul - nothing more to be expected from former member of Grammy-winning funk band Grupo Fantasma. The two describes Black Pumas as an "electric church", the synths and digital organs punctuating Burton's wistful wailing perfectly. If you're looking for a soul release to close out the year, this is it.
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Velvet Underground & Nico (remastered)
Velvet Underground & Nico (remastered) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 371710 8. Rel: 25 Oct 12
Sunday Morning
I'm Waiting For The Man
Femme Fatale
Venus In Furs
Run Run Run
All Tomorrow's Parties
There She Goes Again
I'll Be Your Mirror
The Black Angel's Death Song
European Son
! low stock $27.62
Are You Experienced
Are You Experienced (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 888751 345010. Rel: 09 Oct 15
Foxy Lady (3:17)
Manic Depression (3:41)
Red House (3:41)
Can You See Me (2:32)
Love Or Confusion (3:11)
I Don't Live Today (3:52)
May This Be Love (3:10)
Fire (2:43)
Third Stone From The Sun (6:43)
Remember (2:47)
Are You Experienced (4:13)
Hey Joe (3:29)
Stone Free (3:35)
Purple Haze (2:51)
51st Anniversary (3:14)
The Wind Cries Mary (3:19)
Highway Chile (3:32)
 in stock $28.66
Lonerism (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 379530 0. Rel: 09 Dec 14
Be Above It
Endors Toi
Apocalypse Dreams
Mind Mischief
Music To Walk Home By
Why Won't They Talk To Me?
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Keep On Lying
She Just Won't Believe Me
Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
Sun's Coming Up
Played by: Tommy Finger Jr.
 in stock $23.67
Petrodragonic Apocalypse Or Dawn Of Eternal Night: An Annihilation Of Planet Earth & The Beginning Of Merciless Damnation
Motor Spirit (6:55)
Supercell (6:50)
Converge (6:42)
Witchcraft (3:31)
Gila Monster (5:47)
Dragon (14:11)
Flamethrower (5:04)
Dawn Of Eternal Night (14:20)
Review: It's hard to side with anyone that goes in hard on enigmatic epic metallers King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. When a band releases 24 studio albums you know they're sure of themselves and cult followers are almost guaranteed to support every release. When those releases come with names like PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of Planet Earth and the Beginning of Merciless Damnation you also know the band don't really care for people who take things too seriously. There's always been an interesting juxtaposition between the Gizzard's tongue in cheek persona - even the band name smacks of wry humour - and the music itself, though, and this outing is no different. Sprawling guitar-fuelled arrangements that owe as much to post punk as psychedelic and prog reign supreme, making for another powerhouse outing you can love or feel indifferent towards, but never legitimately hate.
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 in stock $41.55
Fu30 Volume I-III
Fu30 Volume I-III (limited CD)
Cat: ATD 027CD. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Strange Plan
Takin’ It To The Streets
As You Crawl
My Wave
A Million Miles Away
Time Is Going On
Low Road
Working Man
 in stock $13.15
1969 (reissue)
Cat: B 002715501. Rel: 11 Dec 17
Foggy Notion (original 1969 mix) (6:41)
One Of These Days (2014 mix) (4:08)
Lisa Says (2014 mix) (3:00)
I'm Sticking With You (original 1969 mix) (2:21)
Andy's Chest (original 1969 mix) (2:55)
I Can't Stand It (2014 mix) (3:26)
She's My Best Friend (original 1969 mix) (3:04)
We're Gonna Have Real Good Time Together (2014 mix) (2:56)
I'm Gonna Move Right In (original 1969 mix) (6:30)
Ferryboat Bill (original 1969 mix) (2:14)
Coney Island Steeplechase (2014 mix) (2:32)
Ocean (original 1969 mix) (5:11)
Rock & Roll (original 1969 mix) (5:11)
Ride Into The Sun (2014 mix) (3:34)
Hey Mr Rain (version 1) (4:41)
Guess I'm Falling In Love (instrumental version) (3:29)
Temptation Inside Your Heart (2:33)
Stephanie Says (2:50)
Hey Mr Rain (version 2) (5:25)
Beginning To See The Light (early version) (3:37)
 in stock $19.46
Back In Mono (mono)
Cat: DAMGOOD 560LP. Rel: 15 Oct 21
Want You! Like A Cigarette (2:08)
I Can Hardly Wait (3:00)
Hey Boy (2:43)
Night Time (The Boy Of Mine) (2:02)
RINGO (2:47)
Until You're Mine (2:52)
Trash Can Honey (2:21)
Hop The Twig (2:49)
Misfits & Freaks (2:22)
My One And Only Baby (2:56)
Too Late To Say I'm Sorry (3:09)
Edge Of My Nerves (2:00)
Won't Let You Go (2:09)
Cry Cry Cry (2:54)
 in stock $16.31
Electrophonic Chronic
Electrophonic Chronic (limited clear splattered vinyl LP + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: EES 261. Rel: 27 Jan 23
Keep On Dreamin' (4:25)
Eyez (3:38)
Heaven Is A Place (4:47)
Califone Interlude (1:16)
River (3:22)
Sunshine (2:55)
A Man Will Do Wrong (4:14)
Behind The Eyes (3:27)
Backstage Mess (0:41)
Sporting Girls Interlude (1:51)
Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore (3:51)
Only One For Me (4:05)
 in stock $31.02
Favourite People
Favourite People (purple vinyl LP)
Cat: SELVALP 2P. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Wading Out (3:36)
Click & Advance (2:55)
Mass & Mustiness (4:04)
Mortified Mick (3:14)
We'll Be Late To The Party! (3:07)
Rural Disinformation (3:11)
Glint Of Quartz (2:54)
Promise Of Nibbles (3:45)
Lunatico (3:10)
Cosmic Salami (3:56)
Divine Symmetry (2:38)
 in stock $13.42
Song Of Innocence
Song Of Innocence (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 700204. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Urizen (4:01)
Holy Thursday (5:29)
The Smile (3:49)
A Dream (2:03)
Song Of Innocence (4:28)
Merlin's Prophecy (2:37)
The Mental Traveler (4:04)
Review: David Axelrod is one of those composer-auteurs revered amongst crate diggers and spiritual listeners, whose ideas were bigger than any one band could handle. That's why he flew on from The Electric Prunes and struck out on his own in 1968 with this opus of big band-prog-psych-funk. If that sounds like a heavyweight combination, it's because it is, as Axelrod pushed his arrangements into the stratosphere. Just listen to a perennial classic like 'Holy Thursday' and you'll feel yourself soaring without even trying. Now Elemental have repressed this landmark record onto heavyweight vinyl, which is precisely what such massive music deserves.
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 in stock $35.24
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (7" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: DEMSING 009. Rel: 09 Jun 23
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (2:55)
Psycho Daisies (1:48)
 in stock $11.31
Abandon Ship (Martian Meltdown Mix)
Cat: AUK 05110. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Abandon Ship (Martian Meltdown mix) (11:08)
Maybe Make It Right (3:50)
Review: To coincide with the Brian Jonestown Massacre's North American & Australasian tour in 2023 is the release of two new exclusive tracks by the band. Recorded in Berlin and remotely in 2023, opening track 'Abandon Ship (Martian Meltdown Mix)' runs at over 11 minutes and plays at 33 rpm. 'Maybe Make It Right', the B-side, is nearly four minutes long & plays at 45. With Anton Newcombe, Hakon Adalsteinsson, and Uri Rennert all playing on this offering, we're more than delighted to welcome the return of the Massacre, this time in incendiary live A-and-B form. The release comes in a heavyweight PVC bag with the artwork doubling up as a J-card, making the vinyl visible.
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 in stock $14.72
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