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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Kaidi Tatham
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A Next Set A Rockers
Cat: BLACKCD 005. Rel: 25 Jun 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Simple Sacrifice
So Right
Dont Make Me Hurt You
Lost It
If You Got 3 Wishes
Move Over
Take It Back
Whats It To Be
A Little More
Got Me Puzzled
Dealt A Bad Hand
 in stock $8.05
Sankofa Season
Cat: KITTO 4. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Low Ceilings (Mala remix) (3:50)
Washed In You (Wu-Lu remix) (2:38)
Learning Lessens (Shy One remix) (6:22)
To Your Heart (Gavsborg remix) (4:54)
Review: In a meeting between generations of broken beat titans, Andrew Ashong and Kaidi Thatham's Sankofa Season rightly earned classic status soon after its release in 2020, and now we're being taken back into the heart of these tracks with a heavyweight remix package from some serious talent. Mala's imperious dubstep touch brings some low-end pressure to 'Low Ceilings' or Shy One chopping up 'Learning Lessons' in her peerless deft style, there's a lot of ground covered by this considered gathering of minds. Special mention goes to Equiknoxx's Gavsborg and Shanique Marie, bringing a sweetly soulful touch to 'To Your Heart'.
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 in stock $21.03
Inside Part 2
Cat: NERO 055. Rel: 24 Sep 21
Deep House
Domu - "Point Of Entry" (3:48)
Hieroglyphic Being - "Black Hands Sound 63" (6:19)
Patrick Gibin & Kaidi Tatham - "Don't Read" (5:46)
EDB - "You Bring Me Joy" (feat Marsha & Alberto Lincetto) (6:03)
Review: Second chapter of the 'Inside' series of various artists eps selected by Neroli's very own Volcov. This time with a more eclectic approach than the previous volume, exploring more electronic landscapes with Domu's downtempo ambience song aptly titled 'Point Of Entry' and Jamal Moss's unmistakable sound on his opus 'Black Hands Sound 63' on the first side. On the flipside Mother Tongue's own Patrick Gibin returns with another bouncing collaboration with Kaidi Tatham entitled 'Don't Read' and new upcoming wonder producer EDB serves 'You Bring Me Joy' with the help of Alberto Lincetto on keys and NTS resident Marshmello on vocals!
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 in stock $14.01
Uniquely Fresh
Cat: 2055 BLACK. Rel: 18 May 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Uniquely Fresh
Earth Is Not For Humans
Seeing Is Believing
Review: Contemporary broken beat great Kaidi Tatham treads new ground as Shokazulu, a new alias. Tatham's M.O. is to add extra verve and groove to the often rigid broken beat sound, a trend that shouldn't have proliferated, given the ostensible rooting in ideas of freedom that jazz should have. 'Uniquely Fresh' sums this up to a T, mixing in all-live-performed funky basslines, jazz chords, intricate drum patterns and augmented melodic ornaments, while getting at something extra-transcendent and space-age. The slap-funk of 'Earth Is Not For Humans' is our highlight here.
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 in stock $14.27
The Only Way
Cat: FW 271. Rel: 20 Jul 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Reason We're Here (3:56)
The Most Wanted Puffin (Lukey Dukey) (4:00)
Criss Ting (interlude) (0:24)
The Only Way (feat Uhmeer) (4:23)
Windus McGuntus (0:42)
Confidence With Attitude (5:52)
Feels Like I'm On My Own (4:03)
Fricassee (5:06)
Alien (feat Trian Kayhatu) (3:36)
It's On (3:23)
Not Suffering (feat Matt Lord) (4:04)
Review: Kaidi Thatham remains one of the truest artists in the field of broken beat and modern jazz, and his fifth album for First Word shows no signs of slowing down. There's a certain signature you know belongs to him when those nasty Moog synth lines start flexing around the groove, but there's such depth and variety to his expression at this point in time, it feels like the possibilities are endless. From rattling neo-funk get downs to blissful downtempo reveries and on to the killer hip-hop of 'The Only Way' featuring Uhmeer on mic duties, this is an album bursting with invention at every turn.
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 in stock $28.55
It Never Stops
Cat: YRE 009LTD. Rel: 05 May 23
Deep House
It Never Stops (6:29)
One For The Brain (6:42)
Review: With a dizzying array of titles to his name - from multi-instrumentalist, to writer, to arranger, and producer - Kaidi Tatham is one of the UK's finest members of the nu-jazz and soulful dance music scene. 'It Never Stops' is his latest jazz-infused deep house EP, marking his first appearance on the iconic Cologne-based label, Yore. Following stand-out releases from Andy Vaz and Kez YM, this is another glistening addition to the label's catalogue. Tatham's delicate arrangement of light-footed grooves accompanied by melodies imbued with warmth grants this release suitability for both the cosy environs of home listening as well as dancefloors. Part of the label's highly sought after "limited" range, this is a release you'll want to get your hands on ASAP.
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 in stock $18.95
It's A World Before You
Cat: FW 174. Rel: 30 Nov 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Joyous (4:52)
Your Dreams Don't Mean A Thing (5:03)
Sweet Kinch (0:51)
Cold (5:01)
Out Here On My Own (feat Children Of Zeus) (4:13)
Bien (2:30)
2Tone (6:04)
It's About Who You Know (5:14)
Outta Audah (2:22)
Soon Come (1:00)
It's A World Before You (feat Dego) (4:59)
Cupid (feat Uhmeer) (4:24)
Unique (0:59)
Review: The word 'legend' gets banded about rather a lot, but it is certainly applicable to West London scene stalwart Kaidi Tatham. Further confirmation of this elevated status can be found throughout "It's A World Before You", a staggeringly good album that marks the musician-producer's first solo set for some seven years. While rooted in the kind of warm, rich and life-affirming jazz-funk-fuelled broken beat workouts with which Tatham is most readily associated (and they're naturally superb), there's plenty of killer diversions dotted throughout. These include a couple of spacey, soul-flecked ambient rubs, a sublime collaboration with hip-hop/modern soul fusionists Children of Zeus, and a fine head-nodding hip-hop jam featuring rapper Uhmeer. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $29.06
Don't Rush The Process
Cat: FW 252. Rel: 04 Aug 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Mystery Solved (1:53)
Don't Rush The Process (feat The Easy Access Orchestra) (5:06)
Just Not Right Rudi (0:48)
All I Need (1:57)
We Chillin' Out (feat The Easy Access Orchestra) (5:07)
Knocknee Donkey (3:15)
Any Flavour (2:38)
Funky Fool (1:31)
Sooretama (feat Robert Mitchell) (4:33)
Runnin' Tru (3:59)
What A Dream (2:20)
Mind Yourself (0:42)
Review: Kaidi Tatham is a master of broken beats and a widely respected figure in the London music scene. His new 12 track album takes us on a lush and louche trip through all his myriad musical skills and styles. Boogie, gospel-tinged hip-hop, jazz-funk and more all colour the futurist grooves with contributions from The Easy Access Orchestra, and pianist Robert Mitchell. This is a fourth solo album from the man and maybe his best yet, even though it has come so quick on the heels of the release of An Insight To All Minds in 2021.
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 in stock $20.24
Galaxy (12")
Cat: 2053 BLACK. Rel: 16 Jun 22
Deep House
Galaxy (feat Lola) (4:01)
Galaxy (Upbeat mix) (4:01)
A Message From Above (4:45)
Ergonomic Structures (Elyssia) (3:33)
Review: Kaidi Tatham back on 2000BLACK needs little explanation really, does it? Anyone who takes broken beat and neo soul seriously should already be slipping this on in their cart, but for the uninitiated this is one of the grandmasters of the sound in full flight. 'Galaxy' is a beautiful, uplifting soul-boogie jam with a stunning vocal turn from Lola Violet, and it comes in two different twists depending on the energy you need to bring to your set - for us the 'Uptempo Mix' is a perfect shot of joy in the arm. 'A Message From Above' cools things down with gorgeous keys, a characteristically snagging beat and sultry horns, and 'Ergonomic Structures' slinks into the sweetest of downtempo funks that'll have you head nodding hard and keeping you chill all in the same beat.
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 in stock $13.49
An Insight To All Minds
Cat: FW 228. Rel: 06 Apr 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Try N Follow (2:04)
Intergalactic Relations (5:59)
Interlude (0:24)
Carry It Mongo Man (4:13)
Chungo (feat Uhmeer) (3:59)
Insight To All Minds (3:47)
Nah Top Yuh Noise (0:23)
DSXSWC (4:38)
Rodney (5:00)
Rain (6:27)
Could It Be (3:43)
Interlude 2 (0:08)
Stro Kyat (feat Stro Elliot) (5:01)
Tek Care (4:11)
Enjoy Life (1:13)
Review: In our eyes, Kaidi Tatham can do no wrong. The long-serving keyboardist barely seems to sleep and releases a high volume of collaborations and solo records, but his quality threshold is so high that there's barely a duff track in his catalogue. Over the last few years he's developed a trademark sound that wraps Herbie Hancock style jazz-funk keys around crunchy broken beats, while also drawing influence from hip-hop, '80s electro, boogie, Latin jazz and slick deep house. An Insight Into All Minds, the veteran musician's fifth solo album, is naturally rooted in this trademark style, offering up a collection of cuts that bristle with positivity, pack plenty of punch, and are as well produced and life-affirming as you'd expect. It's a high bar, but it could well be his single best LP to date.
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 in stock $23.62
Kaidi's 5ive
Cat: JRF 0003LP. Rel: 22 Mar 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Don't Hide Your Love (7:20)
To My Surprise (5:21)
Dyno (3:15)
For All The Love In Time (7:44)
Organic Juggernaut (6:08)
Review: A decade after it first surfaced on CD and digital, Kaidi Tatham's superb contribution to Jazz:Refreshed's now legendary 5ive series of mini-albums has finally made it onto vinyl. We don't expect these to hang around in stock too long, in part because it's one of the most consistently on-point and musically expansive sets in Tatham's vast catalogue - and that's saying something. For proof, check the soulful bruk-up business of 'To My Surprise' (reminiscent of the best of the collective Bugz in the Attic project he was a big part of), the fluid, spiritual jazz-funk brilliance of opener 'Don't Hide Your Love' and the expansive, up-tempo excellence of 'Organic Juggernaut', where fluttering flutes, squelchy bass and sparkling pianos catch the ear.
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 in stock $19.21
In Search Of Hope (reissue)
Cat: FW 208LP. Rel: 09 Nov 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
In Search Of Hope (part 1) (0:58)
Swift Inspiration (Quick Kid) (5:03)
Do What You Gotta Do (2:53)
Could I Ever Know? (4:31)
He Laughs She Cries (3:54)
So Amazed (3:51)
I'm High (3:19)
Simiya (4:35)
On A Vibe (4:33)
These Things Will Pass (4:03)
In Search Of Hope (part 2) (1:53)
Review: When this album was initially released way back in 2008, it was Kaidi Tatham's first under his given name (previously, he'd released solo records as Afronaught and appeared on all manner of collaborative releases). Since then, he has of course gone on to greater critical and commercial success, but as this timely reissue proves, "In Search of Home" still hits home hard. Like much of his work, it deftly showcases his Herbie Hancock-like jazz and jazz-funk keyboard skills within tracks that variously join the dots between broken beat, hip-hop, deep house, Latin fusion and sumptuous slow jams. Colourful, rich, jazzy and impeccably performed throughout, the album remains one of the high points of Tatham's career and is well worth adding to your collection.
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 in stock $27.25
Serious Times
Cat: FW 196. Rel: 18 Jul 19
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Cost Of Living (2:58)
Don't Cry Now (4:36)
Sugar (4:29)
Zallom (3:10)
Review: After offering up EPs titled "Hard Times" and "Changing Times" in 2017, Kaidi Tatham returns to First Word to complete the trilogy with "Serious Times". Of course, the music contained within the EP's tightly packed grooves is as joyous, rich as intricate as ever. Check, for example, "Don't Cry Now", a samba-soaked, sun-kissed affair that wraps harmonic freestyle vocals, twinkling electric piano lines and darting jazz-funk bass around a seriously shuffling groove. Tatham's much-discussed jazz-funk influences are once again given an airing on "Sugar", while his fine piano work takes pride of place on instrumental hip-hop head-nodder "Zallom". Best of all, though, is opener "Cost of Living", which emphatically weaves together all of these strands and more besides.
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 in stock $9.33
Fusion Moves
Cat: RPMLP 009. Rel: 29 Mar 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Sebb Junior - "All Of My Life" (feat Paula - Kaidi Tatham remix) (3:52)
The Realm vs Atjazz vs Kelli Sae - "On The Road" (Kaidi Tatham remix) (3:19)
Reel People - "I Want To Thank You" (feat Mica Paris - Kaidi Tatham remix) (4:01)
Daz I Kue - "Pedigree" (feat Hadiya George - Kaidi Tatham remix) (5:42)
Eric Ericksson & Reel People - "Don't Hold Back On Love" (feat Debra Debs - Kaidi Tatham remix) (5:01)
Reel People - "Save A Lil Love" (feat Eric Roberson - Kaidi Tatham remix) (4:55)
AAries - "Don't Give It Up" (Kaidi Tatham remix) (2:47)
Monkey Brothers - "Losin' My Head" (feat Shaun Escoffery - Kaidi Tatham remix) (5:21)
Sebb Junior - "Special" (feat Muhsinah - Kaidi Tatham remix) (4:35)
Tony Momrelle - "Fly" (Kaidi Tatham remix) (4:09)
Review: Broken beat hero Kaidi Tatham steps forth with the first in a series of all-star remix albums of the Reel People Music back catalogue. Over an impressive ten tracks, Tatham sashays between syrupy soul slo-jams, virtuosic broken beat trips, almost UK funky-esque live jams, and acoustic boom bap beats. Percies include the sweeter-than-molasses opening flip of Sebb Junior's 'All My Life', his sassy, stripped-back version of Daz-I-Kue and Hadiya George's 'Pedigree' and a dazzlingly technical re-run of the Monkey Brothers' 'Losin my Head.' With this anthology, Tatham proves that London's broken beat scene continues to flourish, and his boundary-hopping style is as relevant as ever.
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 in stock $24.90
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