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Nunorthern Soul

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Selected Works 1982 To 1989 (Record Store Day 2020)
  1. Ulls Verds - Joana Lluna (8:59)
  2. El Cumpleanos De Jaimito (5:03)
  3. Lailala Lailala (5:48)
  4. Alfonsina Y El Mar (5:27)
  5. Una Vida Larga I Tranquila (7:17)
 in stock $14.17
New Hondo (reissue)
Cat: NUNS 034V. Rel: 22 Jun 21
  1. Las Penas (La Cana) (4:18)
  2. Si Yo Volviera A Nacer (Aires De Huelva) (3:17)
Review: NuNorthern Soul's 2021 Record Store Day offering is something of a treat. It's a fresh reissue of an impossible-to-find promo 45 first issued to promote Flamenco legend El Turronero's 1980 disco album, EL Hondo. It features two tracks that have long been regular features in the sets of many dusty-fingered Balearic selectors, especially globe-trotting cult leader DJ Harvey. On the A-side you'll find the cosmic, driving, synth-laden brilliance of 'Las Penas (La Cana) - a genuine "everything but the kitchen sink" affair topped off by El Turronero's distinctive vocals - while the more exotic 'Si Yo Volviera Al Nacer', where synths and Sitars accompany the Flamenco-disco grooves, resides on the flip.
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 in stock $12.71
Summer Selections Two
  1. Igor B - "Deep Breath" (2:57)
  2. George Koutalieris - "Early Morning Ferry" (5:48)
  3. Yggdrasil - "Dimum" (Chris Coco A Las Estellas remix) (3:46)
  4. BJ Smith - "All The World Loves Lovers" (7:19)
  5. Faint Waves - "Aphrodesia" (Phat Phil Coopers Dalt Villa dub) (7:42)
  6. Mike Salta & Mortale - "Bells Of Burgibba" (5:23)
 in stock $13.02
Falling That You Know
Cat: NUNS 031V. Rel: 02 Mar 21
  1. Falling That You Know (3:21)
  2. Phoenix (3:41)
  3. Whisper In The Wind (6:01)
  4. You Know What To Say (3:02)
 in stock $12.44
Lucky Lady (reissue) (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
  1. Lucky Lady (5:53)
  2. Looking For You (4:24)
  3. Secret Of The Wing (6:26)
  4. Long Time Before You Were Born (1:05)
  5. Caravan (4:58)
  6. Forlane (4:29)
  7. Sophisticated Lady (6:37)
  8. Rondes Printanieres (1:57)
 in stock $13.30
Cosmic Sailing
Cat: NUNS 029V. Rel: 01 Dec 20
  1. Fenice (6:33)
  2. Malvasia (6:35)
  3. Mr Mellow (6:21)
  4. Neve Su Acireale (5:52)
  5. Campagna 2 (9:37)
  6. Storm (6:06)
Review: My Friend Dario is a newly emerging talent in the Balearic beat making scene. He has impressed with his vital sounds covering a broad array of styles on labels like Hell Yeah and now makes his biggest statement to date with six superb tracks on Nunorthern Soul. It is a blissful affair from the off with the fluttering synths and delicate rhythms of 'Fenice' followed by more floor facing beats on 'Malvasia' and 'Mr Mellow.' The long legged drums then return with sunset vibes a plenty on 'Neve Su Acireale'. 'Campagna 2' shows off a nice deep house sound while 'Storm' is the thoughtful downtempo closer.
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 in stock $15.03
Cosmic Sailing Remixes EP
Cat: NUNS 037V. Rel: 27 Jul 21
  1. Neve Su Acireale (Hot Toddy remix) (7:20)
  2. Malvasia (Blair French remix) (6:34)
  3. Fenice (Willie Graff remix) (9:30)
  4. Storm (James Bright remix) (6:30)
 in stock $15.91
Summer Selections Three
  1. Marshall Watson - "A Door In The Sky"
  2. LOVA - "Echoes Of Memories"
  3. Gusk - "Sketch 4 Anafi Nights"
  4. Tambores En Benirras - "Aguas Blancas Sunrise"
  5. George Solar - "Infrared"
  6. BJ Smith & Huw Costin - "Sun When You Come"
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est. release 03 Sep 21 $12.71
Dimun (12")
Cat: NUNS 026V. Rel: 04 Nov 20
  1. Dimun (Mike Salta & Mortale remix) (12:04)
  2. Dimun (Chris Coco A Las Estrellas remix) (2:44)
  3. Dimun (3:16)
Review: Nunorthern Soul continues on their mission to get you horizontal no matter the weather with a new one from Yggdrasil, a Farro Islands based project by Kristan Blak. It's a neo-classical album that was discovered by label boss 'Phat' Phil Cooper who was playing G! festival on the Islands back in 2019 and was invited to check out some of the local acts. One of them was Kristan and Phil immediately fell in love with what he heard. Nw the album is finally unveiled, with plenty of subtle references to the early sounds of the iconic Cafe Del Mar, as well as neo-classical piano pieces steeped in tenderness and New Age grooves in which to get lost.
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 in stock $11.56
Young Men Drive Fast
Cat: NUNS 024V. Rel: 04 Aug 20
  1. Jadranska Magistrala (3:19)
  2. Augmented Reality Driven (4:43)
  3. Southbond Cruising (2:50)
  4. Chillout Factor 5 (3:10)
  5. Last Call (4:30)
  6. B Natural (5:11)
  7. Smooth Talk (outro Theme) (2:24)
  8. Southbound Cruising (feat Private Agenda - bonus track) (2:53)
 in stock $21.69
Items 1 to 10 of 10 on page 1 of 1


Nunorthern Soul
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