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NORBAK Vinyl & CDs

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Kias Kollektion Vol 1
Cat: KIAS 002. Rel: 13 Jan 23
Amotik - "Taar" (5:44)
Norbak - "Hats Going Nuts" (5:43)
Tripeo - "Eye Of The Beholder" (6:36)
Distant Echoes - "Sommo Carattere" (5:57)
 in stock $14.52
Ferramenta EP
Ferramenta EP (limited 12")
Cat: POLEGROUP 071. Rel: 18 Jan 24
Hard Techno
Regra (5:45)
Ferramenta (5:43)
Amarante 9am (5:41)
Nota (5:50)
Review: Portuguese power wafts our way from PoleGroup's very own Norbak, a pre-eminent producer from the label's neighbouring country. Across his relatively short career Norbak has developed a distinct personal style, ever-evolving and changing. On this latest EP, we first hear 'Regra' and 'Ferramenta', both of which aggressively ferment a series of metrically unsound stares-into-the-abyss, combining knocky, low-reg fidgets with toppier emergencies and washouts. B-siders 'Amarante 9am' and 'Nota' techno prisoners either, opting for a more classically industrial sound vis-a-vis alarming stabs and crackly lower mantles.
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 in stock $14.78
Passo Lento
Cat: HYSEP 49. Rel: 14 Dec 23
Malta 6AM (5:40)
Passo Lento (5:55)
Lux (5:48)
Gare (5:35)
Review: The Hayes label is very nearly at a landmark 50th release mark but don't overlook number 49. It comes from Norbak and offers some serious techno clout. 'Malta 6am' is a pounding and loopy cut with lither percussion and sleek synths working you into a lather then 'Passo Lento' slips into a more minimal sound with groaning synth textures increasing hi hat pressure. There is no let up on the B-side as 'Lux' cuts loose on gallivanting drum funk which is underpinned by thudding kicks, and 'Gare' shuts down with a weight, dubbed out sound. Plenty of variation in this one makes it a standout 12".
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 in stock $15.31
Res Extensa
Cat: HYSEP 40. Rel: 16 Mar 23
Nove Zero Nove (6:07)
Res Extensa (6:37)
Repete (6:10)
Thibaud Said It's Sharp (6:04)
Review: Heads down, eyes closed and get marching because this is another muscular outing from the Portuguese techno label HAYES. It is a 40th, in fact, so by now the label knows how to unearth the most compelling of sounds and that's just what Norbak serves up here: these are bangers steeped in traditionalism with hulking great drums and layers of percussion and synth texture peeling off as the drums march on. Heavy, hypnotic, and with a dark funk at their core, they're perfect weapons for a wide range of strobe-lit club settings.
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 in stock $13.21
Verdade Absoluta EP
Cat: MORD 091. Rel: 19 Jan 23
Verdade Absoluta (5:44)
Retrato (5:46)
Chekhov's Gun (5:52)
Ponto De Situacao (5:40)
Review: Portugal's Norbak probably deserves more attention than it feels he gets. He has been turning out effective and interesting techno weapons for a while now, and at a fairly high rate. He is someone who pairs a thorough knowledge of classic techno with his own modern interpretations on labels such as Soma Records, Warm Up Recordings and Mord. He's back on the latter here with some tunneling techno visions that are grainy, lo-fi, shrouded in late-night fog and perfect for losing your mind to at 5am in some dank warehouse.
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 in stock $15.31
HYS 004
HYS 004 (12")
Cat: HYS 004. Rel: 04 Jun 21
Temudo - "Bully's Dead" (5:50)
VIL - "The Slip" (5:34)
Norbak - "It Should Be Working" (5:45)
Cravo & VIL - "Caxias" (5:36)
 in stock $13.47
HYS 005
HYS 005 (12")
Cat: HYS 005. Rel: 19 Jan 23
VIL - "Dothejazz" (5:34)
Norbak & Temudo - "Cloud Seeding" (6:33)
VIL & Temudo - "Pampomaniac" (5:36)
Quelza - "Arnold" (6:35)
Review: Portugal's HAYES label clocks up a fifth EP here and once again takes us deep into a world of supple but subversive techno. It is a mix of artists who serve up the sounds with VIL's dancey 'Dothejazz' layering minimal synths and drums with potent bass rumbles. Norbak & Temudo then rock you back and forth on your heels as drunken synths evoke and adapt to the icy groove on 'Cloud Seeding.' VIL & Temudo then pair off for the more twisted 'Pampomaniac' and Quelza closes down with 'Arnold,' a whacked-out and skeletal techno rhythm that borrows from early jungle.
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 in stock $12.41
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