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Livity Sound

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Livity Sound

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Second Freeze/Simple As
Cat: 099 YTIVIL. Rel: 31 Aug 16
  1. Second Freeze (6:04)
  2. Simple As (5:43)
Review: Speak to anyone on the Bristol scene, and they'll happily tell you that Jacob Martin AKA Hodge is willing to open his studio doors to almost any like-minded soul. His latest collaborator is the similarly productive Randomer, fresh from inspired outings on Clone Basement Series and Dekmantel UFO Series. There's a real energy about A-side "Second Freeze", which slowly builds on waves of punchy, polyrhythmic percussion and creepy noises, before bringing in a similarly bold and speaker-hugging bassline. The talented duo goes ever further in this African-influenced direction of thrillingly percussive flipside "Simple As", where additional drum hits pepper a dense, polyrhythmic groove. It's one of the best drum records we've heard this year, and that's saying something.
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 in stock $9.99
Sharp Tool In The Shed
Cat: LIVITY 032. Rel: 04 Sep 18
  1. Sharp Tool In The Shed (5:47)
  2. Land Of The Insane (4:57)
Played by: Caspian Rabone
 in stock $9.99
Away From The Reign
Cat: 689 YTIVIL. Rel: 29 Apr 20
  1. Noise Water (4:08)
  2. Away From The Reign (6:20)
  3. Which Way Is Up (4:31)
Review: Livity Sound's acclaimed 'Reverse' series returns with something rather special from a new name, debutant producer Ido Plumes. The label hasn't said much about the artist, but the three tracks here suggest that he or she could be a name to watch in the months and years ahead. For proof, first check the bubbly, undulating creepiness of A-side "Noise Water", where alien-sounding electronic motifs, creepy noises and mind-altering aural textures flutter around a dub-wise bassline and bustling, off-kilter groove, before admiring the sub-heavy snappiness and post-dubstep dancefloor weight of "Away From The Reign". Arguably best of all though is closing cut "Which Way Is Up", a kind of mutant future garage excursion that defies easy categorization.
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 in stock $10.86
A Violet Sleep EP
Cat: LIVITY 044. Rel: 25 Nov 20
  1. Clouded Temper/Small Steps (7:01)
  2. Intimate Advance (3:43)
  3. Rescind (2:49)
  4. Sympathetic Cycle (5:04)
Played by: M50
 in stock $10.86
The Link Up EP
Cat: LIVITY 047. Rel: 30 Apr 21
coming soon $10.57
Access EP
Access EP (12")
Cat: LIVITY 036. Rel: 15 Sep 20
  1. Heart Piece (5:02)
  2. Run (6:38)
  3. Contactless (6:02)
  4. SYNC-2020 (6:03)
Review: A new enigmatic duo from London named Two Shell present Livity Sounds' next installment. Their debut "Access EP" draws influence from the South London underground of the late '90s and early 00's, with a nod to more contemporary Bristol sounds across these four wicked tracks. From the off-kilter stepper that is "Heart Piece', through to the glacial and deconstructed dub techno of "Contactless" and the rolling bass-driven entrancer "SYNC-2020" - they have forged an EP of warm but stripped-down, deft UK style grooves to mark an anthemic debut. More groundbreaking future sounds from the ever reliable Bristol label.
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Played by: M50
 in stock $10.86
Soulcity EP
Cat: LIVITY 045. Rel: 08 Mar 21
  1. Blobject (5:56)
  2. Soft Core (6:10)
  3. LabBabyTM (4:43)
  4. Speedrun (5:05)
 in stock $10.57
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Livity Sound
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