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Mate Spain Vinyl & CDs

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Anthology (12")
Cat: MATE 013. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Deep House
Chasse - "Voila" (5:08)
Chasse - "Deep Link" (5:22)
Javonntte - "Sunday Brunch Cocktail" (6:45)
Javonntte - "When Music Feels" (4:36)
Review: Spanish label MATE host a four track, two artist 12" that stretches across the Atlantic to take in top house music talents from both sides. The Belgian duo Chasse follow their releases on Robsoul and Exploited take on the A-side, with 'Viola' proving a chunky but emotive offering held together by rhythmic sax stabs and suspended strings and 'Deep Link' a jazzier affair, the sax let properly loose as a plaintive piano loops atmospherically. The prolific Detroit producer Javonntte, a regular on the label, offers up the fantastic Moog improv wigout of 'Sunday Brunch Cocktail', registering some impressively original high frequency operations. 'When Music Feels' boasts a spoken word vocal from Javonntte's own sister and a more classic deep house sound with an uplifting, spiritual vibe. Maximum value for money via four very playable tunes.
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 in stock $12.92
Magic Vibes
Magic Vibes (limited 12")
Cat: MATE 011. Rel: 24 Mar 23
Deep House
Evenn - "Trip After The Club" (5:29)
Evenn - "Organic Love" (5:59)
Evenn - "Breakin Rules" (5:55)
DFRA - "Heaven" (6:16)
DFRA - "Albatros" (5:46)
DFRA - "Blue Moon" (5:46)
Review: Four months on from its last outing, a gorgeous EP featuring tracks from a quartet of talented deep house producers, Madrid's Mate label returns with an action-packed showcase of tracks from Evenn and DFRA. It's the former who gets things going on side A, confidently striding between the seductively soulful New Jersey deep house warmth of 'Trip After The Club', the rushing piano-house excitement of 'Organic Love' and the bumpin', bass-heavy, vibraphone-sporting cheeriness of 'Breakin' Rules'. Over on side B, DFRA gets nostalgic on the gospel-tinged, organ and piano-laden 90s Italian house joy of 'Heaven', before heading for more hypnotising territory on the heady lusciousness of 'Albatros'. Finally, the producer doffs a cap to Italian great Don Carlos on 'Blue Moon'.
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 in stock $15.29
Music Therapy Vol 1
Cat: MATE 009. Rel: 08 Dec 22
Deep House
Vick Lavender - "Another Girl" (7:55)
Reekee - "Release Yourself" (7:03)
Shaka - "Between The Lines" (6:46)
The Mechanical Man - "She Got Love For Me" (6:33)
Review: Spanish label Mate is back with more excellent Deep House cuts from different corners of the scene. Vick Lavender repeats on the label this time with a vocal song feat. David Glen, simply magical. Italian finest Reekee which has just been released on Patric Scott's Sistrum presents a fusion of electronica and jazz with solid and elegant drums. Shaka from Switzerland offers us the groove and house vibes straight to the dancefloor. Nicola Alteri is The Mechanical Man, broken beat with sharp chords and R&B vocals combined perfectly. Don't let it get away!
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 in stock $14.76
Where Is The Clubbing?
Cat: MATE 014. Rel: 20 May 24
Deep House
Where Is The Clubbing?
Where Is The Clubbing? (Franck Roger remix)
Smooth Jazz
Don´t Fool Me
Review: Spanish label Mate welcomes a couple of heavyweights in Rafa Santos and Franck Roger for a new deep house EP that shows the kids how it's done. It is Santos who serves up the originals starting with 'Where Is The Clubbing?' which has depth but also drive - rich pads swirl about over the supple kicks and clipped vocals bring the soulful little hooks. French maestro Franck Roger remixes with a little more swing and a stripped-back, late-night feel that is sprinkled with cosmic dust. On the flip, 'Smooth Jazz' is just that over cuddly beats as star-gazing piano tinkles and sombre sax notes bring real class. 'Don't Fool Me' shuts down with plenty of Chez Damier-style weight in the kicks and steaminess in the female vocals.
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est. release 20 May 24 $12.92
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All Together!!
Cat: MATE 012. Rel: 31 Oct 23
Deep House
Byron The Aquarius - "Tribes Of Love" (feat Brandon Lucas) (4:39)
Melchior Sultana - "I Wanna Go Back" (feat Janelle Pulo) (5:57)
Javonntte - "Tribute KA" (5:55)
Tilman - "Let Your Body Take Control" (5:55)
The Blaxploited Orchestra - "Ready To Go" (6:21)
Gari Romalis - "Ya No" (Smuv Cruz mix) (5:28)
Garrett David - "Sassy Lead & A Familiar Bark" (7:47)
The Winelambs - "Walls Of Sounds" (7:34)
Alfonso Bottone - "If This Is Heaven, I'm Coming Too" (8:05)
Rafa Santos - "Lysergic Trip" (5:51)
Review: Span's Mate assembled a high class mix of house talents from across the globe for this bumper double 12", 'All Together!!'. Byron The Aquarius opens with one of his more subdued and dusty house groovers in 'Tribes Of Love'. Melchior Sultana brings his signature sun and soul to the beautifully scruffy kicks off 'I Wanna Go Back' and Javonntte's warm, leggy depths invite you in deep on 'Tribute K.a.' Elsewhere are swirling, soulful jams like Alfonso Bottone's' If This Is Heaven, I'm Coming Too' and Garrett David's gently jacker 'Sassy Lead & A Familiar Bark'.
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 in stock $29.79
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