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Sandy Grooves Vol 1: Part 1
  1. Hotmood - "Easy Way To Groove" (6:08)
  2. Jkriv - "Sunshine" (7:21)
  3. Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - "Summertime Dub" (4:47)
  4. Igor Gonya - "Habibidisco" (5:01)
  5. Clean Is Good - "Keep You Burning" (5:26)
 in stock $12.34
Ferias '77 Reworks (Record Store Day 2018)
Cat: RNT 036. Rel: 01 May 18
  1. Relaxa (JKriv rework) (6:34)
  2. Era Um Era (JKriv rework) (4:29)
  3. Rainha Do Mar (JKriv rework) (6:23)
  4. Nada De Sol (JKriv rework) (4:53)
  5. Babaluae (JKriv rework) (5:44)
  6. Luana E (JKriv rework) (5:54)
  7. Doto (JKriv rework) (6:50)
  8. Nao Escuta (JKriv rework) (4:41)
Review: New York's JKRIV is shaping up to be something of a nu-disco revelation, particularly for his love for all things 'outernational'. In fact, then DJ-producer has released nothing but hip-swinging Latin funk over the last few years, and this RSD 2018 release for Brooklyn's Razor-N-Tape, Ferias 77' Reworks, is testament to that. In here, you'll find nothing but sick reinterpretations of classic Brazilian funk and disco, re-moulded to fit the modern ear and, of course, the modern sound-systems. Subtle swings of boogie-filtered disco, deep and sensual house, and a whole load of trippy-hop make this a blazing summer belter, and there's even a slow, Balearic rework of Edu Lobo's infamous "Ponteio".
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 in stock $25.82
Barefoot Beats 11
Cat: BB 11. Rel: 15 Dec 20
  1. JKriv & Dicky Trisco - "Mae Do Mar" (7:52)
  2. Bernardo Pinheiro - "Xango" (6:40)
Review: The 11th Barefoot beats is another hugely effective disco 12" with two well purposed cuts. JKriv & Dicky Trisco link up first for 'Mae Do Mar,' a tune that has you dreaming of warmer climes, sandy beaches and sunny skies. It's an airy cut with a tropical percussive line, hints of Latin flair and breezy vocals. Flip it over and the temperature goes up a notch - Bernardo Pinheiro's 'Xango' is a superbly soulful and heartwarming groover. The chords are draped elegantly over the busy funky bass and the vocals are chants that draw your attention and get you in a trance.
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 in stock $11.51
Bigtime EP
Bigtime EP (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HEIST 057. Rel: 03 Dec 21
Funky/Club House
  1. Ewesse Ye (feat Samy Love) (6:02)
  2. Ewesse Ye (feat Samy Love - Auntie Flo remix) (5:48)
  3. New Friend (6:42)
  4. Bigtime (5:36)
 in stock $10.96
Edits (12")
Cat: KAT 034. Rel: 31 May 17
  1. Red Sharon - "Handle It" (JKriv RNT dub) (8:48)
  2. Marashal - "Socket Rockin" (JKriv RNT edit) (8:16)
Review: The UK's Kat is back with yet more tasteful edits of forgotten gems. From disco to house, folk to funk and balearic nuggets: these guys know the score. This time around it's over to New York City's Jason Kriveloff aka Jkriv, who works that magic razor once again on these wonderful re-edits. On the A side we've got Red Sharon (see what he did there?) with "Handle It" (JKriv RNT dub) which takes a right diggers delight into sultry, late night territory and sure to burn up any dancefloor. On the flip is Marashal (oh come on already!) with "Socket Rockin". No guesses what's going on here but just for the record: it is one funky and soul filled celebration and most of all, a respectful edit.
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 in stock $11.51
Disco Rocket
Cat: FUD 07. Rel: 08 Jul 13
  1. Disco Rocket (Faze Action mix)
  2. Disco Rocket (Faze Action dub mix)
  3. Ready To Work (Dicky Trisco Free Yourself mix)
Review: If you love slap bass then don't read another word and just press play... The bulbous slappery on both of Faze Action's remixes really is a funk disco delight. Couple with pounding pianos, a robust electro and big room dynamics, this is a perfect example of how nu-disco can be up-scaled to peaktime without losing any of its charm. Dicky Trisco's take on "Ready To Work" is much more traditional in that sense; with its sweeping strings it's not dissimilar to a Sunburst Band dub while the ticked out vocals are reminiscent of PKA's "Temperature Rising". Premium gear, this; we're anticipating many pocket rockets for "Disco Rocket".
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 in stock $8.42
Barefoot Beats 09
Cat: BB 09. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Joutro Mundo - "Revele" (6:12)
  2. JKRIV - "Povo De Zambi" (6:01)
Review: Barefoot Beats is a series of EPs released on Mareh Music, a record label based in Sao Paulo whose people are also the curators of the Mareh music festival in Boipeba - a remote island in Bahia. For their label's ninth edition, Rio de Janeiro's Joutro Mundo (Midnight Riot/Outra) delivers an edit of a lovely neon-lit boogie down number on "Revele", while on the flip the man from New York City Jkriv (Razor-N-Tape) gets a deep, soulful and life-affirming number into the mix with "Povo De Zambi".
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 in stock $10.67
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