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F Spot US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on F Spot US
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Fresh Squeeze
Cat: LFSPT 2006. Rel: 07 May 24
Cadillac Converter (3:45)
Fresh Squeeze (3:50)
Sticky Beets (3:27)
Interlude (No 1) (0:24)
Afrenetic (4:28)
Grease On The Range (3:43)
Interlude (No 2) (0:40)
818 Don't Hate (4:54)
Son! (2:47)
Slick (3:15)
Interlude (No 3) (0:46)
Clapper Dapper (3:43)
Lo-Fi Beats To Study To (3:35)
Outro (0:40)
Review: Fresh Squeeze is a brand new full-length from Miami-based soul jazz trio Fat Produce, an outfit that is comprised of guitarist Addison Rifkind from The Soul Vaccinators, drummer Michael Duffy and world-renowned bass player Rene Camacho. All 14 of these cuts are soul-drenched and jazz instrumentals steeped in funk and hip-hop traditions and they were all made live and in the moment with no overdubs after the event. That lends the record a lived-in and authentic energy as it veers into Afro-tinged sounds like 'Affrentic,' straight-ahead soul-jazz cuts like 'Sticky Beets' and the compelling 'Slick.'

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 in stock $29.26
Sticky Beets
Cat: FFSPT 1034. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Sticky Beets (3:27)
Son! (2:48)
Review: Miami's Far Produce are fresh faces, but their sound is full of respect for times past, building on classic soul jazz by bringing it a modern instrumental twist. Led by two Studio City, CA natives - Addison Rifkind on guitar and Michael Duffy on drums - Fat Produce deliver a veritable cornucopia of fruits and groceries to chew on here. 7" A-sider 'Sticky Beets' turns our inners red, as we're led to imagine chowing down on the perfect beetroot yield and the funky euphoria that inevitably follows ingestion of such a delicacy. B-sider 'Son!', meanwhile, draws on an amalgamation of several Bay Area-inspired grooves - Duffy is a walking rhythmic encyclopaedia - set against an improvised, on-the-fly groove first laid down by Rifkind, whose hook-worthiness is unmistakable here.
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 in stock $11.44
Cat: FFSPT 1029. Rel: 07 Apr 23
Together (3:43)
Movin' On (2:42)
Review: Jungle Fire's 'Together' was released digitally in July 2020. It is s superb version of a Ray Barretto Latin funk classic that has been performed as part of the Jungle Fire live show for a while now so you might well be familiar if you have caught them play anywhere. It is usually an instrumental but for this version they hook up with the talented Jamie Allensworth to sing and he brings a message that unites any crowd. The record is released in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign with "every cent generated on our end by this recording going to support the movement."
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 in stock $11.17
Left Behind
Cat: FFSPT 1020. Rel: 20 May 21
Left Behind (feat Jamie Allensworth) (4:12)
I Want You (feat Terin Ector & Jamie Allensworth) (4:36)
Review: Mestizo Beat have been making moves on the West Coast scene for a while now and this new one is sure to help them go to the next level. It expands on the core sound the band have championed so far with cues from Roy Ayers, Isaac Hayes, George Benson, Eric B and Rakim all stitched into their own particular brand of soul. 'Left Behind' (feat Jamie Allensworth) has breezy, soulful vocals and harmonious jazz keys while 'I Want You' (feat Terin Ector & Jamie Allensworth) is a cover of Marvin Gaye's 'I Want You' with its swooning horns and vintage synthesizer strings soaring over the top.
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 in stock $10.38
Jaragua (LP)
Cat: LFSPT 2007. Rel: 28 Jun 24
On My Way
She's A Rose
The Jaguar
Black Bag
Slug' (interlude)
Two Eleven
II The Deepcyde (feat Jamie Allensworth)
Cumbia De Jaragua
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She's A Rose
Cat: FFSPT 1032. Rel: 26 Feb 24
She's A Rose (instrumental) (3:54)
Lotsapapa (instrumental) (3:39)
Review: F Spot kick off their year with a fresh new release from fresh new funk pushers, Mestizo Beat, emanative of the MagaNa Brothers's hillside studio in Topanga, CA.. Coming at the sound with a distinctive Afro-Cuban bent, this 7" flaunts the natural ends of their particular sound: 'She's A Rose' packs a beautiful brass section and charms the listener with it's extended pre-chorus section. 'Lotsapoppa', meanwhile, minimizes the sound with a simple kick, bass, and djembe groove to start with, before launching into a dynamic Afro-disco infection, the collaborative patients zero, one and two being Steve Haney of Jungle Fire on drums, Jason Cressey of the True Loves on trombone, and Jesse Audelo on arrangement.
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 in stock $11.17
You Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Me (limited 7")
Cat: FFSPT 1033. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Roots/Lovers Rock
You Don't Know Me (feat Eli "Paperboy" Reed) (3:09)
If You Let Me (feat Jr Thomas & The Volcanos) (3:20)
Review: Straight from Producer Dan Ubick's Lions Den Studio, Night Owls presents two re-imagined soul classics here. First, soul sensation Eli 'Paperboy' Reed tackles Ray Charles' 'You Don't Know Me.' Ubick sought someone to infuse soul into the song once sung by 'The Genius' himself, finding it in Reed, whose journey from Massachusetts to Mississippi's Delta shaped his soulful style. On Side B, Jr Thomas & The Volcanos bring their Rocksteady flair to Eddie Kendricks' 'If You Let Me,' paying homage to Jamaican legend Winston Riley. Night Owls' versions inject new life into these classics, ready to ignite the dance floor with their infectious grooves.
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 in stock $11.44
Ain't That Loving You
Cat: FSPT 1031. Rel: 15 Dec 23
Ain't That Loving You (feat Chris Murray) (3:33)
Are You Lonely For Me, Baby (feat Malik Moore) (3:33)
Review: Night Owls are coming off the back of their best-selling tune yet and follow-up 'Ain't That Loving You' (feat. Chris Murray) backed with 'Are You Lonely For Me, Baby' (feat. Malik Moore) is likely to be just as hot. It finds the Night Owls stepping up their game as they flip Johnnie Taylor's super sweet Stax classic ballad into a delightful dancehall anthem. On the flip is another version of a 1966 classic with all-new bass and bounce, a tough rhythm and deep vocal delivery from Malik Moore of The Lions and Ocean 11 association.
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 in stock $11.17
I Only Have Eyes For You
Cat: FFSPT 1028. Rel: 17 Apr 23
I Only Have Eyes For You (feat Chris Dowd & Tippa Lee) (3:00)
Live & Let Live (feat Miles Tackett) (2:46)
Review: Night Owls are well known and loved amongst funk fans and dropped a superb album not so long ago. But they don't rest on their laurels and instead come back with more goodness in 7" form here on the F Spot label. 'I Only Have Eyes For You' (feat Chris Dowd & Tippa Lee) is more of their heavy-hitting funk and soul goodness with some uplifting vocal work next to the sound signature rhythms. The back side of this limited edition 45rpm is taken up by the equally fresh 'Live And Let Live', this time featuring Miles Tackett.
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 in stock $11.17
Cramp Your Style
Cat: FFSPT 1026. Rel: 14 Dec 22
Cramp Your Style (feat N'Dea Davenport) (2:25)
Your Old Standby (feat Trish Toledo) (2:53)
Review: A double-barrelled shot of classic soul and Motown, LA-based soul flippers Night Owls are back again after their LP earlier this year with their first 45 transforming songs with their unique Jamaican flair. Side A steals the show off the bat, with 'Cramp Your Style' pricking up hip-hop fans' ears as the groundwork for Cypress Hill's 'Real Estate'. N'Dea Davenport's vocals are silky smooth against the grooving instrumental - you can't help but smile. Side B's 'Your Old Standby' is a slower, more emotional affair with vocals from Trish Toledo that hearken back to the original in magical fashion.
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 in stock $12.23
King Comfy
King Comfy (limited LP)
Cat: LFSPT 2005. Rel: 10 Jul 23
Chicken Noodle Man (3:14)
Dumpty Dumb (4:23)
Southpaw (4:04)
If You've Got It, Flaunt It (3:59)
Cookin' With Gran (4:00)
Do That Thing! (1:23)
First Mind (5:15)
Don't Let Me Down (4:12)
Buster Rides Again (live In Studio Session) (3:05)
Blues For Bob (live In Studio Session) (6:47)
 in stock $20.87
Sing A Simple Song
Cat: FFSPT 1011. Rel: 28 Mar 23
Sing A Simple Song (3:30)
Klapp Back (3:37)
 in stock $7.44
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