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The Del Sol EP
Cat: WOLFEP 071. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Deep House
Jerry's Song (5:46)
Del Sol (6:02)
Del Sol (Space Ghost remix) (5:02)
The Vibe (5:24)
Review: Wolf Music Recordings is one of the UK's real independent label treasures and it shines again here with a new offering from the classy mind of Manuel Darquart. There is real art in his craft and that shows from the off when 'Jerry's Song' is lit up with celebratory synths and beautiful chords that radiant subtle joy. 'Del Sol' is a deep hose beat with a Balearic feel and new age melodies that suit sundown dancing on the beach, and the Space Ghost remix of the same tune is a more club-ready house workout though still one with an air of fantasy. 'The Vibe' shuts down with a jazzy deep house vibe full of love.
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 in stock $16.50
Keep It Dxy
Cat: WOLFEP 058RMX. Rel: 17 Aug 21
Deep House
Keep It Dxy (Don Carlos remix) (8:25)
Keep It Dxy (Manny D Sleazy Sunday mix) (4:17)
Review: Manuel Darquart is actually a couple of Kiwis named Louis Anderson-Rich (aka Louie From The Club) and Sean Whitaker, who nowadays live in London. They are back on local imprint Wolf Music after their debut for the label last year with this 10' featuring a couple of nice reworks of the track 'Keep It Dxy'. On the A side, we have got Italian Don Carlos' remix which takes the track into sunny balearic territory, while over on the flip you can enjoy the low-slung broken beat swing of Manny D's Sleazy Sunday mix.
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 in stock $13.31
WOLFEP 058 (12" in die cut sleeve)
Cat: WOLFEP 058. Rel: 13 Oct 20
Deep House
Keep It DXy (5:31)
Miranda (5:17)
Parkour! (5:05)
Parkour! (Medlar's Timbale dub mix) (4:55)
Review: There is no producer named Manuel Darquart; in fact, it's a long-distance collaboration between two up-and-coming studio buffs, Louis Anderson-Rich and Sean Whittaker. Their latest EP, a first, high-profile outing on Wolf Music, is simply superb. It sees the pair offer-up a trio of loved-up, saucer-eyed cuts that draw heavily on the sunrise-ready colour of early Italian dream house, the ricocheting machine drums of proto-house and the tactile dreaminess of late 80s New Jersey deep house. Our pick is Don Carlos-esque opener 'Keep It Dxy', though the more Balearic 'Miranda' and bubbly 'Parkour' are not far behind. The EP also boasts a fine bonus in the shape of Medlar's extra-percussive 'Timbales Dub Mix' of 'Parkour', a more intense but no less huggable interpretation tailor-made for peak-time dancefloors.
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 in stock $13.31
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