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Get On The Funk Train
Cat: NER2 5192. Rel: 14 Dec 20
Funky/Club House
  1. Get On The Funk Train (Louie Vega mix) (4:29)
  2. Get On The Funk Train (Michael Gray & Mark Knight remix) (4:29)
Played by: Casbah 73
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Agolele (12")
Cat: NER 24253. Rel: 19 Jul 19
Funky/Club House
  1. Agolele (Chus & Ceballos remix) (6:13)
  2. Agolele (Timabales party original) (5:10)
  3. Agolele (Berimbau On The Beach) (3:39)
Review: One of the world's premier DJ Duo's, Chus & Ceballos are well known for their uniquely energetic sets that feature hard hitting techno influences but still retain an essential connection to pure American house Music. Their music shines particularly bright in the summer, when their driving percussions impact even bigger during outdoor festivals and in the European summer clubbing markets. For their new release on Nervous, they have found a song initially released by DJ Michael Flume in 2001 called Agolele. While the release had limited exposure in its initial release, Chus & Ceballos were inspired by the authentic tribal flavor and inspired instrumentation, and saw a vision of how they could turn this into a 2019 summer club anthem. The result is out now exclusively on a Nervous Records vinyl release.
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Madre (double 12")
Cat: NER 24986. Rel: 29 Jul 20
Deep House
  1. Madre (Luciano remix) (11:47)
  2. Madre (Luciano Percussion dub) (11:47)
  3. Madre (original main mix) (7:44)
  4. Madre (original alternative version) (7:56)
  5. Madre (FNX Omar remix) (7:51)
  6. Madre (Sano remix) (6:27)
 in stock $22.56
You're My Latest My Greatest Inspiration
You're My Latest My Greatest Inspiration (yellow vinyl double 12")
Cat: NER 25055. Rel: 05 Feb 21
Deep House
  1. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Tensnake remix (Vocal)) (7:41)
  2. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Tensnake remix (Instrumental)) (7:40)
  3. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Dr Packer remix (Vocal)) (8:59)
  4. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Dr Packer mix (Dub)) (6:52)
  5. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Teddy Douglas Bass intro mix) (6:14)
  6. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Teddy Douglas Bass intro instrumental) (6:15)
  7. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Micfreak & DJ Spen Higher Love remix (Vocal)) (7:00)
  8. You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (Micfreak & DJ Spen Higher Love remix (Instrumental)) (6:58)
Review: The Jasper Street Co are well known in house circles for their uplifting, gospel tinged house sounds. Pure, unadulterated joy oozes from everything they touch - it doesn't sound particularly new, but neither does it sound dated. Here the longtime house label Nervous save up a massive package of no fewer than eight remixes across a bright yellow double vinyl Tensake does a fine job of going big, Dr Packer simmers down the groove to something steamy and Teddy Douglas goes for an old school and funk licked vibe. Micfreak & DJ Spen serve up the most party ready cut of them all.
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 in stock $25.70
Paradise (12")
Cat: NER 24810. Rel: 07 Apr 20
Funky/Club House
  1. Paradise (Danny Krivit edit) (7:53)
  2. Paradise (Mark Knight & Michael Gray remix) (6:27)
  3. Paradise (Chrissy Sunrise mix) (6:21)
  4. Paradise (dub) (5:44)
 in stock $11.42
Praying For You (The Louie Vega Remixes)
Cat: NER 24656. Rel: 01 Oct 19
Deep House
  1. Praying For You (Louie Vega main mix) (10:39)
  2. Praying For You (Louie Vega NYC Fender Rhodes Solo) (4:55)
  3. Praying For You (Louie Vega Vonita dub) (5:43)
  4. Praying For You (KDA remix) (6:10)
  5. Praying For You (album version) (6:11)
  6. Praying For You (Louie Vega Expansions NYC dub) (5:41)
  7. Smile (David Morales remix) (7:01)
Review: Earlier this year, DJ Spen and Teddy Douglas's long-serving gospel-house group Jasper Street Co returned to action with their first album in 16 years. It's from that album that "Praying For You" is taken, though the selling point here is not the LP mix but rather a suite of reworks from Louie Vega. Our picks of the bunch are his jazzy and breezy "Main Mix", the brilliantly bass-heavy "Vonita Dub" (think righteous call-and-response gospel vocals and a killer groove) and the sleazy "KDA Remix". The latter is a basement-bothering stomper rich in fuzzy organ stabs and spacey electronics. The smooth, slick and pleasingly colourful David Morales remix is also rather good (it reminded us a little of vintage Frankie Knuckles rubs, which is no bad thing).
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 in stock $22.56
Moi Honey
Moi Honey (12")
Cat: NER 24869. Rel: 14 Apr 20
Deep House
  1. Moi Honey (SRVD remix) (8:46)
  2. Moi Honey (SRVD dub) (8:46)
Review: Long running and legendary house label Nervous has never let up over the years and this new remix of Newbody by SRVD aka Rekids bosses, Radio Slave and Partrick Mason, is a hitting slab of House. The A side is built on block rocking beats with raves stabs and plenty of raw percussive energy. Vocal yelps and jacking 909s add to the energy of the whole thing and ensure maximum destruction. The flip side houses a dub that is no less forceful or weighty, but a little more stripped back.
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 in stock $11.42
The Nervous Track
Cat: NE 20068. Rel: 18 Dec 19
Deep House
  1. The Nervous Track (Ballsy mix) (6:30)
  2. The Nervous Track (Horny mix) (6:32)
  3. The Nervous Track (Yellow mix) (6:25)
  4. The Nervous Track (UN mix) (6:29)
Review: Considering this track originally surfaced back in 1993, it's staggering how up to the minute it still sounds, not to mention setting the tone for the swathes of downtempo and broken beat that would flood out from the 90s and beyond into the 21st century. You simply can't measure the influence of "The Nervous Track" with its horn blasts and limber drum roll, and it proves that MAW were never just about tough New York house bump. Take your pick from any of the mixes, they're all classics in their own individual ways, and they'll set any listener adrift on a summery haze of soulful tones and magical drum patterns.
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 in stock $9.43
The Nervous Track
The Nervous Track (yellow vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: NE 20068YELLOW. Rel: 19 Jan 21
Deep House
  1. The Nervous Track (Ballsy mix) (6:25)
  2. The Nervous Track (Horny mix) (6:32)
  3. The Nervous Track (Yellow mix) (6:25)
  4. The Nervous Track (UN mix) (6:30)
Review: It is undeniably one of the most iconic house tracks of all time: 'The Nervous Track' by Masters At Work Present Nu Yorican Soul is an exquisite coming together of MAW's deep musical heritage, Latin roots and majestic studio skills. It first landed in 1993 and its deep bass, rich bass and expressive percussion all made an immediate impact. Here presented on limited edition yellow vinyl, it comes with various mixes that highlight different aspects of the arrangement. The Horny Mix is fun, the Yellow Mix is more dreamy, but the Ballsy Mix remains a firm favourite.
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 in stock $12.55
Do Your Dance (Moodena remix)
Do Your Dance (Moodena remix) (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: SAM 25260. Rel: 31 Mar 21
  1. Do Your Dance (Moodena remix) (6:31)
  2. Do Your Dance (Moodena instrumental) (6:31)
 in stock $11.99
Free (7")
Cat: NER 25124. Rel: 03 Dec 20
  1. Rhyze - "Free" (Louie Vega remix - Danny Krivit 7" edit) (4:23)
  2. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Love Magic" (Danny Krivit 7" edit) (5:03)
Review: The long running house label Nervous dips its toe into the world of disco edits again here, but does so with a crack team on the buttons. The Rhzye original has first been remixed by Master at Work Louie Vega, then edit by Body & Soul man Danny Krivit. It makes for a warm and organic stomper, with big horn leads and clipped kicks that make you skip. It's a lovely number then Krivt also edits the more sentimental and serve, string-laced sound of John Davis & The Monster Orchestra's 'Love Magic.' Two very tidy jams indeed.
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 in stock $11.42
Vince Montana Tribute
Vince Montana Tribute (yellow vinyl 7")
Cat: NER 25198. Rel: 11 Jan 21
  1. Vince Montana Tribute (RickLou NYC Piano Groove) (4:28)
  2. Vince Montana Tribute (RickLou Detroit Groove) (4:28)
 in stock $11.99
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