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record store day 2024
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New releases last two weeks: Library/Archive

Library/Archive vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Ancestor Sounds
Cat: PMA 2502CDDIRT0115. Rel: 15 May 24
Run, If You Can (Don't Go Down That Road)
Family Secret
Do You Hear Me Now?
Lead Me Home
Black Part Of Town
Illegal Factory (Smokestack Sighs)
Africatown In Their Face
Kept Me
First Thing He Did When Freed Was Build A Drum
Haunted By Her Capture
Sent To Vietnam, But Never Been To Africa
Only Black School
Reconstructed Memory
Cudjoe's Statue Defiled
Birdsong Beside The Refinery
Walk With Thee
Graveyard Shift Emissions
The Blues Returns (Taking Flight)
 in stock $14.37
Song Of The Motherland (remastered)
Cat: NRR 9LP. Rel: 23 May 24
Chant Liberation (5:41)
Bread Of Sorrow (4:45)
Iko (3:53)
African Man (4:09)
Song Of The Motherland (3:54)
Man Of The Living (4:44)
Last Blues (5:29)
Ovahstanding (5:31)
Rhetoric Of The Mysteries (5:18)
 in stock $25.53
Off The Hook
Off The Hook (cassette + MP3 download code)
Cat: IS 001. Rel: 20 May 24
Off The Hook 1 (3:29)
Off The Hook 2 (3:16)
Off The Hook 3 (3:21)
Off The Hook 4 (3:31)
Off The Hook 5 (2:52)
Off The Hook 6 (2:56)
Off The Hook 7 (3:10)
Off The Hook 8 (4:10)
 in stock $13.57
Duel Of The Iron Mic
Cat: FTS 012. Rel: 13 May 24
Duel Of The Iron Mic (3:01)
Bring The Ruckus (3:09)
Review: El Michels Affair continues their reign of reimagined Wu-Tang Clan classics with 'Duel of the Iron Mics', which gets a dramatic makeover on the A-side, with hypnotic piano hooks complemented by stirring strings. The flip offers a fresh take on 'Bring Da Ruckus', transforming its raw energy with mind-bending bass notes and amplified organ hooks. These tracks foreshadow the brilliance of El Michels Affair's Enter the 37th Chamber, which marks its 15th anniversary in 2024, paying homage to the Wu-Tang legacy while carving out their own unique sound in the process. It's a testament to their mastery of musical reinvention and a must-listen for fans of both groups.
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 in stock $12.50
Enter The 37th Chamber (15th Anniversary Edition)
Enter The 37th Chamber (15th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold "lemon"yellow marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: LFB 512715YR. Rel: 13 May 24
Duel Of The Iron Mics (3:00)
CREAM (2:54)
Mystery Of Chessboxin' (1:47)
Can It All Be So Simple (3:17)
Uzi (Pinky Ring) (3:11)
Interlude (0:31)
Glaciers Of Ice (3:27)
Cherchez La Ghost (3:39)
Criminology (1:34)
Heaven & Hell (2:08)
Bring Da Ruckus (3:09)
Protect Ya Neck (3:32)
Incarcerated Scarfaces (1:40)
Shimmy Shimmy Ya (2:25)
Outro (0:37)
Review: El Michels Affair's Enter the 37th Chamber is a curious exploration of Wu-Tang Clan's iconic beats through live hip-hop instrumentation. While the reinterpretations offer unexpected detours and minor blasphemies, they maintain a sense of familiarity, the dynamic arrangements and hazy, psychedelic atmosphere capturing the sorrow and menace of classic Wu-Tang tracks from a different angle. Standouts like 'C.R.E.A.M.' and 'Criminology' reimagine the original compositions with new layers of instrumentation, while tracks like 'Protect Ya Neck' evoke the soulful vibes of Booker T. & the MGs. Although some interpretations may stray from the original spirit, Enter the 37th Chamber ultimately succeeds as a series of familiar touchstones filtered through El Michels Affair's unique sonic lens. It's a compelling listen for rap-geek curios and fans of sample-based music alike.
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 in stock $32.46
Musings of a Bahamian Son: Poems & Other Words
Interlude 1
A's New Day
Violets For Pia
Baby, Baby , Baby
Please Sweet Mistress, Kiss Me Once More Before I Die (For Duke Ellington)
Percussion Bitter Sweet (For Max Roach)
Interlude 2
Hat & Bread (For Eric Dolphy & Thelonious Monk)
Interlude 3
Driva Man 2 (Deidicated To Oscar Brown Jr)
A Song For Beggars
Interlude 4
The Last Of The Late Great Finger-wiggle
Long Stony Short (For Peter Brotzmann)
Vieux Vin Blanc
The Grand Marquis
Interlude 5
Interlude 6
A Metting In Chicago
I'm Just Saying (For The Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tenet At Jounry's End)
New Chicago Blues
Interlude 7
Rcok 'n' Roll Lover
Interlude 8
Party Lights
Tree Dancing
Echoes Of Memory
Magic Mirror
The Loneliest Woman (For Omette Coleman)
Interlude 9
Tell Me How Long Has Trane Been Gone (For John Coltrane & James Baldwin)
The Ship With Marigold Sails
 in stock $19.42
Baby J: A Wide-Ranging Conversation
Cat: DC 909. Rel: 23 May 24
Miss America (6:53)
Lost In New York (7:55)
Star-Studded Intervention (8:36)
Koala Bank Changing Station (8:34)
Dr Michael (5:14)
A Call From Al Pacino (5:41)
Baby J (5:30)
John, John & John (4:22)
Breaking Up With Your Dealer (3:21)
Mushing Metals (3:47)
Hello, Old Friend (8:47)
A Wide-Ranging Conversation (5:34)
David Byrne Drownin (bonus track) (4:39)
Review: It's surprising more standup routines aren't released as audio only. John Mulaney's 2023 set at the Boston Symphony Hall arrived on Netflix in April 2023, receiving rave reviews from critics thanks to the main man's deft - and hilarious - approach to storytelling and his raw honesty. This coming after a spell in rehab, which itself followed an intervention by close loved ones. Drug addiction is a running theme, then, and the subject is tackled with the wry wit of someone who has been there and done that - those who don't appreciate shorthanded quips about big issues might want to avert their ears now. For the rest, we can only say that Mulaney deals with death, politics, family tropes, iCloud, WebMD, steaks, substance abuse and more like a seasoned pro.
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 in stock $29.00
Where Will The Animals Sleep: Songs For Kids & Other Living Things
Cat: CLOLP 5348. Rel: 16 May 24
Elephants & Termites (3:09)
Oh My Honeyguide (2:15)
7000 Miles On A Non-Stop Flight (3:25)
Barnacle Bill The Sailor (2:18)
Chomp, Chomp, Chomp (3:08)
Mushrooms Talk To Trees (3:43)
Where Would The Animals Sleep (5:13)
Aphids & Ants (2:51)
I'm A Coral See In The Coral Sea (2:42)
The Rhino's Guard (2:36)
Why Do We Bug You (3:35)
Secret Agent Whale (2:13)
Birdsong Symphony (4:31)
 in stock $29.79
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