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Studio Equipment vinyl released in the last two weeks
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After Later Audio QARV Quad Attack Release & VCA Module
After Later Audio QARV Quad Attack Release & VCA Module (eurorack function generator/oscillator/slew limiter/envelope generator/VCA module)
Cat: 859847 Rel: 12 Jan 22
Four channels of function generator, oscillator, slew limiter, envelope, and VCAs.
Notes: Four channels of function generator, oscillator, slew limiter, envelope, and VCAs. This module brings the ultimate in flexibility as it can be used as a standalone synth voice, a massive amount of modulation, or a four channel envelope generator w/ mixer. We believe this makes QARV a great first module and a great addition to the largest of systems.

All four channels have the following features:

Uni-polar oscillator mode
Attack and release time control via potentiometer and via input jack
Shape control that controls shape for both attack and release
Output attenuverter
VCAs that normal to each subsequent channel (CH1 -> CH2, etc.). So you can get a mix of all four channels out of the CH4 VCA output (unless you patch a VCA output from an earlier channel)
Channels 1 & 4

Voltage source (CH1 - 5V & CH4 - 10V)
CH1 & CH4 can be switched between IN (slew mode) and TRIG (envelope) mode
RISE and FALL gates. You can use our G&T module to turn these gates into triggers.
Channels 2 & 3:

Bi-polar oscillator mode
Dedicated IN and TRIG jacks (helpful for adding offset to a triggered ENV)
BOTH input jack to simplify patching both the attack and release (also inverts the input to give more standard pitch tracking of higher voltage equals higher pitch)
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AIAIAI TMA-2 - E10 Replacement Earpads (2021)
AIAIAI TMA-2 - E10 Replacement Earpads (2021) (replacement earpads for TMA-2)
Cat: 860294 Rel: 12 Jan 22
On-ear memory foam cushions covered with REPREVE®, a soft, lightweight and comfortable performance material with low isolation.
Notes: On-ear memory foam cushions covered with REPREVE®, a soft, lightweight and comfortable performance material with low isolation. Made from high quality fibers from recycled materials including plastic bottles. Emphasises midrange detail for a well balanced sound profile.
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AIAIAI TMA-2 - S02 MKII Replacement Speaker (punchy) (2021)
Cat: 860289 Rel: 12 Jan 22
Punchy sound - Bio-diaphragm.
Notes: Engineered with a 40mm speaker diaphragm made from stiff bio-cellulose to reduce distortion, and designed with an internal vent tuned for a clear and punchy middle bass.
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AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ Professional Wireless Headphones
Cat: 857741 Rel: 10 Jan 22
World's first wireless headphones for music creators.
Notes: Empowering music creators with the freedom to create wirelessly. The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ is a versatile professional headphone, designed for today's dynamic creative workflow. Featuring new W+ Link technology for ultra-low latency and uncompressed audio, added Bluetooth 5.0 with +80 playback, and a coiled hi-fi cable.

Wireless music creation with ultra-low latency and uncompressed audio with W+ Link technology.

Uncompressed and robust 16ms latency connection for high quality wireless audio designed for enhanced freedom and creativity.

Extended versatility with added Bluetooth for +80h playback and hi-fi coiled cable.

Seamlessly switch to Bluetooth 5.0 with +80h playback for everyday listening and inspiration, and a coiled hi-fi cable included for a traditional connection.

Signature AIAIAI bio-diaphragm speakers tuned for clarity and detail. Critically acclaimed sound stage specifically designed for music creation with a clear and highly detailed sound representation.

Enhanced comfort with Alcantarar over-ear memory foam cushions. Soft over-ear memory foam cushions covered with resilient, CO2 neutral, and highly comfortable Alcantarar, ideal for longer sessions.

Responsible modular headphones - designed to last. Upgrade and expand as technology or needs evolve to extend the functional lifetime of the product and create less waste for the planet.


Speaker unit

Driver diameter: 40 mm.
Sensitivity: 97 dB @ 1mW.
Rated power: 40 mW.
Max power: 100 mW.
Diaphragm: Bio-cellulose.
Magnet: High grade neodymium.
Resonance freq.: 80 Hz.
Impedance: 32 Ohm


W+ Link audio quality: Lossless.
W+ Link latency: 16 ms.
Operating range: 12 metres.
Playback time: 30 hours.
Charging time: 3 hours.
Battery: 2700 mAh.


W+ Link audio quality: Lossless.
W+ Link operating range: 12 metres.
Bluetooth version: 5.0.
Charging time: 2 hours.
Omnidirectional mic: 100Hz-10kHz.
W+ Link latency: 16 ms.
W+ Link playback time: 16 hours.
Bluetooth operating range: 10 metres.
Battery: 970 mAh.
Bluetooth codecs: AAC, SBC.
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Akai Professional MPK Mini Play MK3 25-Key Mini Controller Keyboard With Speaker
Cat: 860818 Rel: 17 Jan 22
Mini controller keyboard with speaker
Notes: Play Music Anywhere

Musical inspiration can happen anywhere and MPK mini Play mk3 is the perfect portable companion to capture those melodies and harmonies, anytime and anywhere. With battery-operated performance at 14+ hours, MPK mini Play mk3 users don't have to worry about power adapters, chargers, or cables when it's time to play music. The upgraded built-in speaker delivers increased output and added low-end response, making for more enjoyable playing and jamming. With an improved listening experience, users can dive into the 128+ onboard instruments and drum kits including acoustic and electric pianos, synth leads and pads, and more. MPK mini Play mk3 also houses a 1/8-inch headphone output jack for quiet practicing or songwriting without disturbing others.

Professional Performance

At the heart of the MPK mini Play mk3 is the new Gen 2 keybed. This new keybed delivers dynamic performances and accurate velocity response with a feel that players will certainly appreciate. While it maintains its sleek, compact footprint, MPK mini Play mk3 is more playable and comfortable than ever and ready for hours of playing. The 8 pads have been upgraded to real, velocity-sensitive MPC drum pads, offering optimal feel and response for even the most percussive drum parts. With Class Compliant, plug-and-play capability, MPK mini Play mk3 doubles as a powerful MIDI controller and instantly connects to your favourite DAW for immediate music production duties. 4 assignable rotary encoder knobs offer versatile control of MIDI parameters like pan or automation for super-precise editing. With its sturdy construction and build, MPK mini Play mk3 is ready to travel securely alongside any favourite music production items in backpacks or bags.

Limitless Creativity with MPC Beats Software DAW - Effects and Instruments Included

The MPK mini Play mk3 comes bundled with MPC Beats, the powerful music-making and recording desktop software DAW for Mac and PC, based on the iconic MPC hardware. This DAW features a full array of musical instrument plugins, effect plugins, and audio and drum samples ready for your next hit production. In addition to MPC Beats, MPK mini Play mk3 also includes multiple world-class plugin instruments from award-winning sound design company AIR Music Technology. Available in both AU and VST are Hybrid 3 - a powerful polyphonic analogue synth, Mini Grand - an acoustic piano instrument, and Velvet - a vintage electric piano instrument.

Educational Software Included

MPK mini Play mk3 comes with a Melodics educational package. Available as both a desktop and iPad app, Melodics features instruction for MIDI keyboards, pad controllers, and e-drums, offering tailored cross-genre lessons and realtime feedback designed to help refine necessary music creation skills. The free Melodics download includes 60 lessons to get started and with plug and play support, no extensive set-up is required. Sign-up for Melodics with your new MPK mini Play mk3 and discover fun, engaging music performance training and education.

Technical Specifications

Power: Via USB or 4 AA alkaline batteries
Dimensions (diameter x length):12.5" x 7.0" x 2.3" / 317 x 178 x 58 mm
Weight 1.9 lbs./0.86 kg
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ALM MCFx2 Dual Multi-Mode Filter Module
ALM MCFx2 Dual Multi-Mode Filter Module (dual/stereo/filter synth module)
Cat: 860268 Rel: 14 Jan 22
The MCFx2 is a state variable ‘MCF’ filter made double.
Notes: The MCFx2 is ALM's state variable 'MCF' filter made double. It features 2 identical classic analog 3 pole state variable filter cores each with Low, High and Band Pass (or Notch) outputs. Direct and voltage control is provided for both filter cut offs and resonance. Switches allow the filters to function as one, with the 'Feed' switch internally routing audio from one filter to the other in series and the 'Link' switch linking the cut off controls for both filter cores. MCFx2 expands on the great sounding MCF filter to offer both serial and parallel functionality for stereo operation, dual peak, tighter slopes and other complex filtering set ups.

Sets the base frequency for the filter cut offs. The v/oct and frequency inputs are added to these.

Sets the level of resonant peaks atop the cut off frequencies. The resonance can get particularly aggressive going into self oscillation with the control past 12 o'clock.

Each filter output is 3 pole with an 18dB/oct slope.
Low - low pass filter outputs. Passes frequencies below the cut off.
High - high pass filter outputs. Passes frequencies above the cut off.
BP/Notch - band pass or notch filter outputs. Jumpers on the rear of the module select one or the other for each filter.
Passes frequencies within (BP) or outside (Notch) a narrow region around cut off frequency.

Links the left cut off to parallel control both filters. The right controls will now set the max range of the right core. Both filters will track together when the right cut off is fully clockwise.

Routes the output of the left filter core to the input of the right (unless patched), with the desired output filter type selected via jumper at the rear of the module.

Control voltage inputs here are combined with knob offsets to set the final cut off. Attenuversion control allows for both attenuation and inversion of the CV. Expects approx. -5V - 5V input.

Attenuated control voltage inputs here are combined with knob offsets to set the final resonance.
Expects approx. -5V - 5V input.

Signal inputs to the filter cores for processing.
Input sources may need to be attenuated, filter will drive from hotter input levels.
The Left input is normalised to the right (unless 'Feed' is enabled).
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Analogue Solutions Fusebox X Analogue 3-Voice Polysynthesiser
Cat: 860638 Rel: 13 Jan 22
Analogue 3-voice polysynthesiser.
Notes: Second-generation Fusebox is a serious analogue masterpiece, featuring a built-in step sequencer, patchable semi-modular options and powerful, old-school sound.

Supplier's Notes:
Tri-phonic mode (3 note poly).

More Jacks! Some rocker switches replaces with jack socket for more patchability.

The Interval Generator and Patternator pots replaced with precision type.

440Hz tuner tone.

Interval Generator clock input - allows automatic transposition in a variety of ways.

Bar1 / Note0 trigger outputs - versatile alternative ways to trigger the Patternator and Interval Generator

Arpeggiator replaced with mini step sequencer.

Many internal performance tweaks.
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Analogue Solutions LED CV Jack Pins (pack of 5)
Analogue Solutions LED CV Jack Pins (pack of 5) (LED jack pins - mono mini jack)
Cat: 860633 Rel: 13 Jan 22
5 x LED jack pins - mono mini jack. Ideal for Eurorack.
Notes: Branded Analogue Solutions LED Jack Pins.

These will light red / green as the signal swings from a positive to negative voltage.

Use the for diagnostics - or, just because they look cool (especially in the dark!)

The plugs are slightly translucent and you can see the core of the cable. Material is a soft touch rubber that is presently flexible.

Plugs are embossed with the words ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS and also the logo.

These don't just look pretty - they have practical advantages too!

Help seeing what's going on in the dark!

Help diagnose signal flow.
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Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder Edition Experimental Hybrid Synthesiser (2021)
Cat: 857507 Rel: 18 Jan 22
MicroFreak Vocoder Edition takes the hybrid Freak formula and tips it over the edge with a 16-band Vocoder mode, a detachable gooseneck mic and a sleek new look.
Notes: The uniquely unpredictable MicroFreak but not as you know it. 14 digital oscillator modes, velvety analog filters and heaps of modulation/randomization controls, supercharged with wild vocoding abilities.

The Vocoder engine

Arturia have created an entirely new 16-band mode to transform your voice in the Freakiest way possible. The vocoder engine features 3 waveforms - sawtooth, pulse width and noise - while the Tim-bre and Shape knobs adjust the response of the 16 frequency bands.

MicroFreak Vocoder Edition goes beyond robot vocals. 16 new presets give you instant access to android translations, crystalline harmonies and vibrant formant sequences galore. Connect an ex-ternal sound source like a drum machine or synth via the headphone socket for glitchy sound pro-cessing.

Step up to the mic

A simple, removable mic attachment that lets you sprinkle your voice into the mix. A gooseneck design means quick position adjustment, with easy connection straight into the headphone socket alongside your cans. The utility menu lets you set your preferred mic gain and noise gate settings.

A new dress code

First impressions make a difference. MicroFreak has always been out to make a statement, and the Vocoder Edition is no exception. The control panel has been given a makeover. The center strip boasts a bold new Swan graphic, while a sleek white finish makes this limited edition Freak stand out from the crowd - as if it didn't already.

The Freak within

Behind the revamped appearance and microphone attachment is the same lovable maniac that set the synth world spinning. Sparkling digital and wavetable oscillators collide with warm analog filters. A unique poly-after-touch PCB keyboard combines with a distinctly freaky arpeggiator & sequencer. Bathe your mix in sonic hysterics with the erratic mod matrix or the unique Spice & Dice randomizers.

Included Software: MIDI Control Center
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Arturia MiniFuse 2 USB Audio Interface (black)
Cat: 848243 Rel: 18 Jan 22
2 in / 2 out audio interface with included software instruments and effects to get recording.
Notes: Arturia MiniFuse 2 is an easy-to-use audio & MIDI interface that gives you pro-grade sound quality, smart connectivity, and a curated selection of the industry's best creative software. From guitar tracking to podcast recording, this is your solution for every type of audio creation.

MiniFuse comes from the award winning Arturia AudioFuse line of studio audio interfaces. Class-compliant & Bus-powered means you can plug in and go, and you won't need an additional power supply as it's USB powered. Recording has never been easier.

Creativity connected

MiniFuse 2's inputs and outputs bridge the gap between your ideas and the finished product. Record 2 instrument or mic sources simultaneously with dual combo inputs, sync and record your MIDI devices with 5-pin DIN connections, and connect extra devices with the additional USB hub socket - all via universal USB-C computer connectivity.

Simply the best sound

On paper, MiniFuse 2 gives you a 110db dynamic range and a top-tier equivalent input noise of -129dB. Put more simply, that means unbelievably great sound that can compete with even the finest studios. Enjoy responsive dynamics, a clear noise-free signal, and quality that you can really feel. Tough, portable design MiniFuse 2 is designed to accompany you for those last-minute sessions, quick deadlines, and spontaneous musical moments. It's not only compact and lightweight; its rugged aluminium ca-ing can handle the mobile producer's lifestyle. Take your sound with you, wherever you go. Fully operational Whether you're using a laptop or desktop, MiniFuse can work for you. PC or Mac, connect it and enjoy total recording freedom. Better still, with the MiniFuse Control Center app, you can control its inputs, outputs, settings, and firmware updates in one place. Inspiration on the house Keep your creativity fresh and your inspiration flowing with step-by-step music production tutorials, mixing hacks, and Ableton project templates designed by artists, producers, and beatmakers, featuring the software that's included with MiniFuse. Updated frequently, no subscription re-quired, and free with your MiniFuse. MiniFuse comes with an exclusive selection of software titles offering everything you need to give your sound the professional edge. Arturia FX Color your sound with 4 premium FX plugin recreations of studio classics; a lush plate reverb, a gritty analogue preamp, a classic tape echo, and a rich stereo chorus. Ableton Live Lite Compose, record, perform, and produce anything with an introduction to one of the most widely-used musical software titles in the business - yours with MiniFuse. Analog Lab Intro Instantly add inspiring sounds from our award-winning keyboard emulations to your mix with hundreds of presets to explore, from vintage '80s synths to fat modern sounds. Auto-Tune Unlimited 3-months free subscription Refine your vocal parts for perfect harmony or go full trap-style autotune with a 3-month sub-scription to the industry's favourite voice tuning plugin.


An inspiring selection of amps, cabs, delays, reverbs, stompboxes and compressors, so you can build your own processing chains and customize your perfect guitar tones. Splice Creator Plan 3-months free subscription Access millions of hi-def royalty-free samples and plugin presets, from lo-fi drum loops to punchy vocal one-shots, and add them to your personal collection for life.
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Blue Lantern Modules MIDI To Pulse Clock Module
Blue Lantern Modules MIDI To Pulse Clock Module (eurorack clock generator/MIDI module)
Cat: 848070 Rel: 17 Jan 22
MIDI to pulse clock module in 6HP.
Notes: What does this do?

The particular module allows the user to plug in a standard Midi DIN patch cable from an external Midi clock generating device, and generates a clock signal, a start and stop pulse, Run Hi gate, and continuous pulse outputs. In simple terms you can connect a groove box for example and this product will generator clock for your modular. You can sync analog sequencers, grids module, clock dividers, etc.

-Each clock can be set for rates between 1 clock pulse per 4 bars to 12 clock pulses per quarter note. Clock outputs are 0-5V.
-Two independent 0-5V clock outputs at select-able sub multiples of the 24ppqn rate of Midi Clock.
-Start out is a pulse event.
-Stop out is a pulse event.
-Run out is a Gate held high while the clock is running.
-Continue out is a pulse event. Needs a Midi Continue message to use this feature.
-3 LED's give visual feedback.

Output pulse for these events can be adjusted 256us and 65.5ms using the PULSE LENGTH knob.

MIDI System Reset messages will reset all clock counters and clear all chip outputs.

Dimensions: 6 HP
32 mm deep
Current Draw
5 mA +12V
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Doepfer A-178v Theremin Control Voltage Source Vintage Edition Module
Cat: 852800 Rel: 05 Jan 22
Theremin module for generating a variable control voltage by approaching/removing hand to/from an antenna.
Notes: Theremin module for generating a variable control voltage by approaching/removing hand to/from an antenna.

The distance range is about 30 cm. Additionally the module is equipped with a Gate output with adjustable threshold level. To simulate the original Theremin two A-178, a VCO (e.g. A-110) and a linear VCA (e.g. A-130 or A-132) are required. But of course the A-178 can be used to control other functions in the A-100 (e.g. filter frequency, modulation depth and/or speed, tempo, attack/decay time and so on).

The CV output voltage of the A-178 can range - according to the setting of the front panel controls - from -10V...+10V.

The gate output switches from 0V to about +10V.

Power consumption: 60mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V

Depth: 40mm

HP : 8
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Enjoy Electronics Reminder Multi-Effects Processor
Cat: 858822 Rel: 06 Jan 22
An incredibly powerful multiprocessor of effects.
Notes: Serious depth in this superb effects processor. Stereo delay, filtering and reverb are the core options, with an emphasis on hands-on control and real-time tweaking with a dedicated knob for every parameter.

Supplier's Notes:
An incredibly powerful multiprocessor of effects with a strong ability to stimulate the user's creativity. Its sophisticated retro-futuristic soul and its powerful processor offer a completely revolutionary point of view on classic effects (Echo Space, Delay, Filters and Reverbs) with supreme audio quality.

Reminder revolutionizes the method of using audio effects allowing the user, professional or amateur, to break the creative boundaries of the instruments currently on the market. From the simple use to give color or modify the sounds, we move on to a real sound composition system based on the creativity that Reminde? can give back to the user thanks to the substantial rhythmic and harmonic increase it produces.

Smart design

Behind Reminder's smart and elegant design, it hides the essence of the meticulous study of the position of each individual knob and the relationship between the functions assigned to them. The contact with REmindE? will be remarkably surprising, and, since the first touch, you will see the simplicity of access to the desired function even when your gaze is turned to your synth in the studio, to the rest of your live set up or to the dance floor. The design is so incredibly intuitive that you can easily reach what you need at any time and place, making the perfomers bring out all their creativity.

Enjoy Electronics is a company made up of Djs, Live performers, sound designers and it is exactly for this reason that Enjoy have succeeded in creating a device that is unique in its kind, intuitive and stimulating.


Reminder is equipped with 4 output channels. In order to take advantage of all the quadraphonic possibilities, you can assign different effects to different output channels.


Input Type: 1/4" Unbalanced TS
Input Impedance: 13,9KOhm
Max Input Level: 2.0 VRMS (+6dBu)
Output Type: 1/4" Unbalanced TS
Output Impedance: 336?
Latency (Audio in to Audio out) : 1,2 ms
Max Output Level: 2.5Vpp
Bit Depth : 24 bit
MIDI support: CC
Presets: User presets
Display: OLED

Width 18.1 IN / 46 CM
Depth 6.2 IN / 15,8 CM
Height 2.2 IN / 5.6 CM
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Keith McMillen QuNeo Red Edition MPE MIDI Finger Drum Controller
Cat: 858054 Rel: 05 Jan 22
More than a pad controller, a revolutionary precision control device with dynamic playability that senses pressure, finger position, and velocity while providing LED feedback.
Notes: Special red edition of the versatile QuNeo controller, a unique multi-touch control surface with mappable pads, rotary controls and ribbon-style touch strips. Suitable for production, performance, DJing and much more.

Supplier's Notes:
QuNeo is the most expressive and programmable pad controller available to electronic musicians, DJs, VJs and DIYers. Now with MPE support (using the free QuNeo MPE App), QuNeo maps instantly to your favorite MPE software and hardware, bringing creativity to your fingertips. QuNeo supports standard note on/off and velocity messages, and each of the 27 pads, sliders and rotary sensors are also pressure, velocity, and location sensitive. Even the 17 switches are pressure sensitive.

16 square pads provide 127 levels of velocity, X-Y location, and continuous pressure. Two rotary encoders allow you to scrub, trigger, stretch, pinch and play phrases and sound files, manipulate continuous controllers and more. Nine touch sensitive sliders can be mapped to fader and effects controls, and the long horizontal slider uses multi-touch to let you select a length between two fingers to set stereo locations or filter resonances. Tapping a slider can mute or toggle any track or function. Switches are located in smart groupings to select samples, fader banks, and transport controls.

More advanced users and programmers can use the development kit and API to create their own code to respond to QuNeo's sensor data. QuNeo supports USB MIDI and is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, and can control external MIDI hardware using the KMI MIDI Expander (sold separately).

Features to play by
QuNeo | RevolutionaryQuNeo | Play Revolutionary
QuNeo marks a breakthrough in pad controller design and adaptability, allowing you to create and perform when you want, how you want.

QuNeo | Smart FabricQuNeo | Play Smart Fabric
Smart Fabric
With our Smart Fabric sensor layer under each pad, QuNeo can interpret even the most subtle shift in velocity, pressure, and finger position.

QuNeo | Road ProofQuNeo | Play Road Proof
Road Proof
It's had drinks spilled on it, dropped it onto cement from two stories up, and even ran it over with our truck. With no moving parts, the QuNeo is unbreakable.

USB MIDI in/out
MIDI DIN in and out using the optional KMI MIDI Expander (sold separately)
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quote 858054
LA Circuits EM-201 Moon Jock Envelope Generator Module
Cat: 816037 Rel: 07 Jan 22
Envelope generator/low frequency oscillation eurorack module
Notes: Simple, straightforward and effective, the Moon Jock is a four-stage ADSR envelope generator with looping/LFO option and tons of CV control. Attack as fast as 0.4 milliseconds for ultra-snappy sounds.

Supplier's Notes:
The Moon Jock Envelope Generator is a highly versatile four-stage ADSR module. The envelope generator has an extremely 'snappy' attack response time of 0.4ms, and a maximum response time of 12s. Its decay and release response times carry a minimum response time of 2.5ms and a maximum response time of 22s. Moon Jock also provides individual CV inputs for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. The Level knob functions as an attenuverter, which combines attenuation and polarity inversion in one control.? The generator varies from 0V to +10V.

The module offers expansive voltage control for Trigger, Gate, Decay, and Release parameters. ?The positive-going edge of any waveform presented to the TRIG-RETRIG IN input is treated as a trigger pulse. When the voltage of any waveform presented to Gate In input reaches +1V, it is treated as a gate that is held open until the voltage drops below +1V.??

The Auto-Repeat feature captures and cycles the output as determined by the Attack and Decay stages. In doing so, the module can also function as a low-frequency oscillator. The frequency of the LFO is determined by the time lapse of a single Attack-Decay cycle. Therefore, the Attack and Decay controls can be used to control the repeat rate.??

The minimum repeat rate is approximately 0.02 Hz, and the maximum repeat rate is approximately 350 Hz.??

In Gated Repeat mode, the envelope only repeats when gate signal is presented to Gate In.?? The Hold switch holds the envelope voltage at the Sustain control level. The Manual push button provides a momentary Sustain hold.


Dimensions: 12 HP (3U)
Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum
Power: +/-12V | 25 mA

25 mA +12V
25 mA -12V
26 mm deep
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quote 816037
Mooer D7 X2 Delay Effects Pedal
Mooer D7 X2 Delay Effects Pedal (delay effects pedal)
Cat: 845408 Rel: 10 Jan 22
A dual footswitch stereo delay pedal.
Notes: The first pedal to get the X2 treatment is the D7 X2 Delay Pedal. With the 14 high-quality delay effects, this pedal features more than double the effects of its skinnier brother, the D7 Delay, while also adding stereo inputs and outputs. The array of delay effects in the D7 X2 have a wide range from classic analog and tape delays to more modern and experimental delays such as "Low-Bit", "Galaxy", and "PingPong". Adjustable parameters are different based on each effect and can be customized with the Tweak 1 and Tweak 2 knobs. Additional parameters can be adjusted by using the MIX, TIME, and FEEDBACK knobs. Timing of each delay can be adjusted with the TIME knob or by using the TAP TEMPO footswitch for quick adjustments on the fly.
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quote 845408
Mooer Groove Loop X2 Looper & Drum Machine Effects Pedal
Cat: 847894 Rel: 10 Jan 22
Stereo looper & drum machine pedal.
Notes: Excellent value from this smart little pedal, combining a looper with a built-in drum machine. Pick a rhythm backing, dial in a tempo and then improvise over the top to build up loops and grooves.

Supplier's Notes:
The Groove Loop X2 aims to serve as the ultimate looper and drum machine combo pedal whether in the practice room or on stage. The X2 looper features a whopping 14 save slots that can store loops of up to 10 minutes in length in each slot. Looper controls are familiar and flexible with the ability to toggle count-in mode on/off and an automatic mode that detects and begins the looper once an instrument signal is detected. Time Stretch functionality is also included to allow users to alter the speed of playback without affecting the original pitch.

On the drum machine, the Groove Loop packs in a huge variety of drum grooves separated by 11 different genres, each with 11 different variations that can be easily selected with the included GENRE and PATTERN knobs. Drum machine tempo can be set manually by Tap Tempo or when used in combination with the Looper, tempo will be automatically detected while playing.

The X2 edition of the Groove Loop also adds many requested features such as split stereo inputs and outputs. Looper and Drum machine can also be split to two different outputs for added flexibility. A justify function is included to make sure your drum groove and loop is perfectly in sync and free editor software cand be downloaded from mooeraudio.com and connected to the Groove Loop for easier editing of stored tracks.

Input: 2*1/4'' mono audio input jack (Impedance value 1M ohms)
Output: 2*1/4" mono audio output jack (Impedance value 510 ohms)
EXT CTRL: 1/8" stereo audio jack
Saving slots: 14
Total recording time: 140 minutes (Stereo audio)
Export audio file format: MP3/WAV/FLAC/APE
Sample rate/Sample depth: 44.1 kHz/24bit
Import audio file format: MP3/WAV/FLAC/APE
Export audio file format: WA
Power requirements: 9V 300mA (Center negative). Original power supply is recommended to avoid unexpected noise.
Dimensions: 75mm(D)x115mm(W)x33mm(H)
Weight: 0.334kg
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MXL Flex Premium Broadcast Style Boom Arm
Cat: 858057 Rel: 17 Jan 22
Flex is the perfect solution for many of MXL’s most popular microphones like the 770, 990, and BCD-1.
Notes: The Flex premium broadcast-style boom arm is a key element to any ergonomically sound, clutter-free setup. An internal spring design and integrated cable routing channel deliver seamless design and operation while remaining visually appealing. Content Creators, Podcasters and Musicians can all benefit from the freedom and efficiency achieved by the Flex. Flex is the perfect solution for many of MXL's most popular microphones like the 770, 990, and BCD-1.

Gone are the days of that clunky boom arm drooping down while trying to record the perfect podcast. Flex's internal suspension system and adjustable weight calibration ensure that your mic will stay put so you can keep your focus on creating. A sleek, modern design allows you to add the functionality of a boom arm without the eyesore of another "thing".

Boom: Extruded Aluminum

Mount: Desktop C Clamp

Rotation: 360 degrees

Max Reach: 32"

Mount thread: 5/8" threading with a 3/8" adapter

In the box:

Flex boom arm
C-Clamp for desktop
3/8" to 5/8" adapter
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Neunaber Audio Immerse MKII Reverberator Effects Pedal
Cat: 856949 Rel: 19 Jan 22
Eight Stellar Stereo Reverbs - Zero Learning Curve
Notes: The Immerse Mk II raises the bar with eight rich stereo reverbs in one easy to use pedal. No user manual required. Experience studio-quality tone that can be used with instruments of all stripes.

Five controls:

Effect Select
Mix, from 100% dry to 100% wet
Reverb Depth
Tone / Echo Time / Hold Time (depending on effect)
Pre-Delay / Modulation / Blend (depending on effect)



Input level: instrument / consumer line level
Input impedance: > 1 MO
Gain: unity
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.005%
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 107 dBA


Input: 9-12 V DC, 80 mA
Connector: center-negative, 5.5 mm OD x 2.1 mm ID

Dimensions: 2.9" x 4.6" x 2.0" / 73 mm x 117 mm x 51 mm
Weight: 8.84 oz / 251 g
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Pioneer DJ DM-50D DJ & Studio Monitors (pair, white)
Pioneer DJ DM-50D DJ & Studio Monitors (pair, white) (five-inch desktop monitor system)
Cat: 853365 Rel: 14 Jan 22
Two-way bass reflex, active monitor speakers.
Notes: The DM-50D speakers deliver balanced, punchy bass sound and they can pump out extra power thanks to the new Class D amplifier and 5-inch woofer in each unit. Flick the switch to change from DJ mode to Production mode and the DSP settings will automatically create the best sound for each application.

Advanced design for higher quality sound

1. Class D amplifier
Each DM-50D speaker produces pure, balanced bass sound thanks to a new Class D amplifier with 96kHz sampling DSP.
2. DECO convex diffusers
Another advancement from the DM-40 model comes in the updated design of the DECO convex diffusers which help deliver crystal-clear high frequencies in every direction, so you can enjoy a wide sweet spot and 3D stereo sound wherever you are in the room.
3. Time alignment
The woofer and tweeter are perfectly aligned so you'll hear all sound frequencies clearly
4. Grooved ducts
The grooves on the ducts reduce air friction so bass is tight and punchy, even if you position the speakers against a wall. Plus, the curved front edges provide maximum rigidity and minimum resonance for clean audio at any volume level.
5. 5-inch woofer
The 5-inch woofer creates powerful sound without distorting, even if you pump up the volume.

2-way sound mode - optimized for DJing and music production
There's no need to decide whether you want a set of monitors that are best for DJing or making music, because the DM-50D speakers are perfect for both. Just flip the switch to choose either DJ mode or Production mode and the DSP settings will be optimized for the task, leaving you free to concentrate on your mix.

Easy to use with different DJ or production equipment
With RCA, mini jack, and the newly added TRS input terminals, you can connect different kinds of gear such as DJ controllers and mixers, or the laptop or soundcard you use. Connecting your headphones is simple via the socket on the front panel and the level knob is right in front of you too.

Main Features
Type: 2-way bass reflex, active monitor speakers
Tweeter: 3/4" (19 mm) soft dome
Woofer: 5" (127 mm) fiberglass cones

What's in the Box
Power cord
Audio converter cable (3.5 mm stereo mini plug to RCA)
Speaker cord
Bottom cushion
Quick Start Guide
Precautions for Use

Dimensions (W x H x D) - Lch: 175 x 262 x 257 mm / 6.89" x 10.32" x 10.12", Rch: 175 x 262 x 247 mm / 6.89" x 10.32" x 9.72"
Weight: Lch- 3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs., Rch- 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs.
Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60Hz
Amplifier Output: Lch- 25 W / 4 O, Rch: 25 W / 4 O
Impedance: 10 kO
Enclosure: Bass reflex
Enclosure material: MDF vinyl laminate
Power Consumption: 25 W
Power consumption during standby mode: 0.3 W or less
Inputs: 1/4" TRS jack x 1 (balanced input), RCA pin jack x 1 (unbalanced input), 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1 (unbalanced input)
Outputs: 3.5 mm stereo mini jack x 1
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Presonus SHK-1 Shock Mount For PX-1 & M7 Microphones
Cat: 823458 Rel: 10 Jan 22
Robust niversal shock mount compatible with Presonus PX-1/M7 microphones
Notes: Shock mount for the PreSonus PX-1 and M7 microphones

Reduce physical handling noise and environmental vibrations to get the best possible sound from your PreSonus PX-1 or similarly-threaded microphone via this attractive and robust shock mount.

Sturdy metal construction for long life; universal hard stand mount ensures compatibility with standard mic stands and boom arms; compelling industrial style looks great on camera; extra shock cord included

Experienced recordists know that mechanical handling noise and environmental vibrations are very easily picked up by sensitive microphones-and the low bumps and rumbles they create can ruin otherwise perfect recordings! Keep physical vibrations out of your microphone and ensure the best-possible recording quality with the SHK-1 shock mount. The SHK-1 isolates your microphone from the mechanical vibrations of the physical world-meaning when you record, you only have your voice or instrument to worry about.
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Rode AI-Micro Compact Dual-Channel Audio Interface
Cat: 854265 Rel: 11 Jan 22
An ultra-compact dual-channel interface for recording high-quality audio to a mobile device or computer.
Notes: The AI-Micro is an ultra-compact dual-channel interface for recording high-quality audio to a mobile device or computer. Featuring two auto-sensing inputs for connecting virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output, headphone monitoring, a universal USB output for use with smartphones, tablets and computers, and compatibility with RODE apps for supercharged sound, the AI-Micro allows you to record without limits.

Incredible Audio, Anywhere

The AI-Micro allows you to capture high-quality audio on your mobile or computer with ease. It features two 3.5mm inputs for connecting a wide range of microphones, including RODE VideoMics, lavaliers, wireless systems like the Wireless GO. These are auto-sensing inputs that detect whether a TRS or TRRS microphone is connected and automatically adapt to accommodate - no adaptors needed. Input 1 can also be configured as a single stereo TRS input for use with stereo microphones.

High-quality microphone preamps and high-resolution (24-bit/48kHz) recording ensure crystal-clear audio capture on any device, with a headphone output for echo-free audio monitoring and playback. Whether you're interviewing, podcasting, presenting, or livestreaming, record incredible audio anywhere with the AI-Micro.

Universal Compatibility With All Your Devices

The AI-Micro can connect seamlessly to all your devices via its universal USB output. It is supplied with USB-A, USB-C and Lightning cables, so you can get recording instantly, and is plug-and-play compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Portable recording has never been easier.

Pocket-sized Portability

Weighing less than 20 grams, the AI-Micro is extremely compact and lightweight. Just add two lavalier microphones and you have a complete, studio-quality recording setup that fits in your pocket. Perfect for interviewing in the field, on-the-go podcasting, and making video calls or livestreaming at home.

Supercharge Your Microphone

The AI-Micro is compatible with the entire RODE app suite, giving you access to expanded features and functionality, on-the-go configuration, broadcast-quality recording on any device.

Acoustic & Electrical Specifications
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Headphone Output Power: 125mW into 32O
Input Dynamic Range: 100dB A-Weighted
Gain Range: 0-26dB analog gain
Analogue Inputs: 2 x 3.5mm auto-sensing TRS/TRRS
Analogue Outputs: 3.5mm TRS headphone output
Computer Connectivity: USB Type-C
OS Requirements: macOS Big Sur and higher
Windows: 10 (Build 19041) and higher
iOS: 14 and higher
Android: 9.0 and higher

Simultaneous I/O: 2/2
Number of Preamps:2
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Sample Rates: 44.1/48kHz
Power Requirements: Bus Powered

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (g)- AI-Micro: 13
SC21: 6, SC22: 4, SC23: 6
Dimensions (mm)- AI-Micro Width: 40, Length 11.1, Height: 38.2
SC21, SC22, SC23 Length: 300

Compatible RODE Products:

Lavalier GO
RODELink Lav
All VideoMics
SC15, SC16, SC17, SC18, SC19, SC20, SC21, SC22, SC23

Box Contains:

1 x AI-Micro
1 x SC21
1 x SC22
1 x SC23
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Rode VideoMic Go II Camera Mounted Microphone
Rode VideoMic Go II Camera Mounted Microphone (lightweight directional microphone)
Cat: 860006 Rel: 11 Jan 22
Versatile and lightweight shotgun microphone that excels in a range of recording applications
Notes: The VideoMic GO II is a versatile and lightweight shotgun microphone that excels in a range of recording applications. It features a 3.5mm TRS output for use with a camera, plus a digital USB output for recording with mobile devices and computers*. It delivers crisp, clear, directional sound, making it ideal for filmmaking and vlogging, and is also fully compatible with the RODE Connect podcasting and streaming software for Mac and PC. When used in USB mode, the 3.5mm output doubles as a headphone output for easy monitoring and playback.

Acoustic & Electrical Specifications:

Acoustic Principle: Pressure gradient electret condenser
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Output Impedance: 2K2O
Signal to Noise Ratio: 79 dBA
Equivalent Noise (A-weighted): 15 dBA
Dynamic Range: 95 dBA Typical
Sensitivity: -31dBV(28.78mV @ 94dB SPL) i 1dB @ 1kHz
Max Input SPL: 110 dB SPL
Output Connections: 3.5mm TRS, USB-C
Computer Connectivity: USB-C (USB 2.0)
Simultaneous I/O: Stereo input and output when in USB mode
Power Requirements: 3.5mm plug-in power 2 - 5V, USB 5V
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Sample Rates: 48 kHz
Minimum OS Requirement: macOS 10.15, Windows 10 (20H2), iOS 14, Android 9.0

Mechanical Specifications:

Weight (grams)
VideoMic GO II: 33
VideoMic GO II and included accessories: 96
Dimensions: (millimetres)

VideoMic GO II
Height: 120
Diameter: 21.6

VideoMic GO II and included accessories
Length: 150
Width: 70
Height: 86

Compatible RODE Accessories: WS12, SC14, SC15, SC16, SC17, SC18, SC19, SC20, SC21, SC22, SC23, SC24, SC25, SC26
Compatible RODE Software: RODE Connect, RODE Central, RODE Reporter

Included Accessories: 1 x SC14 TRS-TRS cable, 1 x foam windshield, 1 x SM8-R shockmount
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Tascam AK-BT1 Bluetooth Adapter
Tascam AK-BT1 Bluetooth Adapter (Bluetooth adapter for Portacapture X8)
Cat: 854256 Rel: 18 Jan 22
A Bluetooth adapter that enables wireless remote control of the product itself from a smartphone or tablet by attaching it to a compatible TASCAM products.
Notes: A Bluetooth adapter that enables wireless remote control for compatible TASCAM products. When used with the product control app on a smart phone or tablet, remote control and other available functionality is possible.*j

*AK-BT1 does not support sound communication

Main Features:

Supporting Models
Portacapture X8
And remote control app Portacapture Control.
Remote control of Portacapture X8 transport operation, gain adjustment, mixing, and various parameter settings


Bluetooth Adapter AK-BT1
Bluetooth version: v5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Transmission distance: about 10m*j
Frequency range used: 2.4GHz band


Dimensions: 22.3(W)× 14.9(H)× 5.7(D)mm - including protrusions
Weight: 1.5g
Operating temperature range: 0-40 -C (32 - 104-F)
Included Items: AK-BT1 × 1
Owner's Manual (including warranty) × 1
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Tascam Portacapture X8 Handheld Recorder
Tascam Portacapture X8 Handheld Recorder (32-bit multi-track recorder)
Cat: 854244 Rel: 18 Jan 22
New generation high-res Multi-track Handheld Recorder
Notes: Discover the Subtle Differences in High-Quality Content Creation

You don't have time for long set-ups if you regularly create new audio content on the go. And sound quality must meet the highest standards if your productions are to be successful. With the Portacapture X8 from Tascam, high-quality recordings are now even easier. Thanks to its app- like operation via a large colour touch screen, this field recorder can be quickly adapted to the situation at hand to record up to six signals plus a stereo mix in impressive 32-bit/192-kHz resolution. Enjoy the built-in mixer with EQ, dynamic processing and effects, use the USB mode later to process the material on a computer with minimal loss, or stream your show directly to the Internet.

The Portacapture X8 makes all the difference.

The Portacapture X8 isTASCAMs New Generation High Resolution Adaptive Multi-Recorder.Featuring 192kHz/ 32-bit floating point recording technology for highest audio quality.

Combined with the recorder's intuitive Launcher system and the incorporated 3.5-inch color touch panel display, the Portacapture X8 provides users with more time to focus on the actual recording without having to struggle with complicated settings. It uses an app-like set of configurations that optimize the unit for various recording tasks, including multitrack recording, voice capture for interviews, podcasts, music recording, field recording, and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) for capturing those unusual / sensory related sounds.

The Portacapture X8 comes with two large 14.6mm diameter built-in condenser microphones. With the TASCAM developed HDDA mic preamps, these microphones are well suited for high quality audio recording and can easy be set for A-B and X-Y microphone patterns.

The TASCAM Portacapture X8 provides a wealth of DSP capability that include Compressor, Limiter, Low-Cut Filter, Noise Gate, Reverb, Auto Gain Control, and more.

Wireless remote control is possible via the TASCAM Portacapture Control using the optional AK-BT1 Bluetooth dongle with your Android or iOS device.

With its 2 built-in large format stereo mics, 4 XLR inputs with support for both mic and line-level, AUX-IN, LINE OUT, and CAMERA IN/OUT terminals, the Portacapture X8 provides an abundance of IN/OUT choices for multiple recording scenarios. The 3.5mm CAMERA EXT/IN connector also supports audio input of wireless microphones and more. Additionally, the Portacapture X8 is equipped with a CAMERA/LINE output with an attenuation function that allows for sending audio to external devices such as cameras.

Together with its multitrack record capability of 8 tracks (6 tracks plus 2 mix) and its 8-IN / 2-OUT USB Type C audio interface with support for USB bus power, the Portacapture X8 is a full-featured powerful handheld recorder both on its own or with a computer. Audio monitoring is possible via either the unit's headphone output or the built-in speaker and the recorder also provides both mark and slate tone functions. Supported recording media includes micro SD, micro SDHC, and micro SDXC cards up to 512GB capacity.

Portacapture X8
Included mics × 1 (left/right pair)
AA alkaline batteries × 4
Owner's Manual(including warranty) × 1
TASCAM ID registration guide × 1

Optional accessories
Bluetooth Adapter AK-BT1


Recorder Specification

Recording Media: SD/SDHC/SDXC cards (64MB to 512 GB)
Recording/playback formats: Wave Files (BWF) 44,1/48/96/192 kHz
Input Channels: 6
Max. Recordable tracks:8 tracks (6 track + Stereo Mix)
Analoge Audio inputs/ outputs
Mic inputs (balanced)
Input jacks 3-6(input set to "MIC")


XLR-3-31 equivalent (1: GND, 2: HOT, 3: COLD)
6.3mm (1/4") standard TRS jacks


(Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND)
Note: phantom power supported by XLR only
Input impedance: 2.2kO or higher
Maximum input level: +2 dBu
Minimum input level: -75dBu
Input jacks 3-6(Input set to "LINE")

Dimensions: 83 x 205.6 x 41.5mm (W× H× D, including protrusions)
Weight: 472g/381g (with/without batteries)
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Vermona Modular PatchMate Cable (single, 30cm)
Cat: 858841 Rel: 06 Jan 22
A handmade cable produced in the "elektroakustischen Manufaktur" in Erlbach, Germany.
Notes: Vermona PatchMate 30cm - high quality patch cable - handmade in Germany!

Vermona PatchMate is a handmade cable produced in the "elektroakustischen Manufaktur" in Erlbach, Germany. The use of high quality components combined with careful manufacturing makes the Vermona PatchMate a very durable and flexible patch cord.

Length: 30 cm
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Vermona Modular PatchMate Cable (single, 60cm)
Cat: 858842 Rel: 06 Jan 22
A handmade cable produced in the "elektroakustischen Manufaktur" in Erlbach, Germany.
Notes: Vermona PatchMate 60cm - high quality patch cable - handmade in Germany!

Vermona PatchMate is a handmade cable produced in the "elektroakustischen Manufaktur" in Erlbach, Germany. The use of high quality components combined with careful manufacturing makes the Vermona PatchMate a very durable and flexible patch cord.

Length: 60 cm
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Vermona Modular PatchMate Cable (single, 90cm)
Cat: 858846 Rel: 06 Jan 22
A handmade cable produced in the "elektroakustischen Manufaktur" in Erlbach, Germany.
Notes: Vermona PatchMate 90cm - high quality patch cable - handmade in Germany!

Vermona PatchMate is a handmade cable produced in the "elektroakustischen Manufaktur" in Erlbach, Germany. The use of high quality components combined with careful manufacturing makes the Vermona PatchMate a very durable and flexible patch cord.

Length 90 cm
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WMDevices Geiger Counter 8-Bit Preamp/FX/Noise Module (black panel)
WMDevices Geiger Counter 8-Bit Preamp/FX/Noise Module (black panel) (eurorack digital/distortion/effect/filter/logic/waveshaper module)
Cat: 857285 Rel: 05 Jan 22
Eurorack distortion module
Notes: Eurorack version of WMD's outstanding digital distortion pedal. The nuclear option for twisting and destroying signals, featuring 252 wavetables with different harmonic characteristics.

Supplier's Notes:
Introducing WMD's flagship Geiger Counter guitar pedal turned Eurorack module. Added features include direct input to bypass the gain and tone circuits and CV control over every parameter. The Eurorack Geiger Counter is fully DC coupled and will accept audio and CV signals. Run a slow LFO into the direct input, tweak the wave table knob and see what happens!

Direct Bypass Input
CV Control over Every Parameter
Fully DC Coupled
Accepts audio and CV Signals

The Controls

The Geiger Counter may seem overwhelming, but once broken down, the controls are quite logical.

Gain - Low settings provide clean tones with no distortion at all, while high settings will brickwall your signal for great sustain. Use the Gain control as a coarse setting for getting the desired tone from the selected wave table.

Tone - The Geiger Counter's tone control blends muffled low-mids with chimey and clear upper mids and highs providing a very large range of sounds in junction with the Gain. All the way down and the sound is muffled and grungy with little upper harmonic content. The middle range is smooth and full bodied. The top range cuts the lows completely for only upper harmonic content. Use the Tone to fine tune the sound of the wave table.

Tone Enable/Disable - This switch removes the tone control from the preamp circuit. The tone control sucks some volume from the gain, and this allows the pure ultra hot signal to go directly into the Wave Table. If a very clean tone is desired, set to Disable and adjust the gain to get the right amount of breakup. For most wave tables, disabling the Tone will produce completely different sounds by brickwalling to the extremes of the tables faster.

Direct In/Level - The direct input allows a signal to be injected directly to the Geiger Counter's digital heart and bypassing the preamps coloration.

Sample Rate - Controls the length of the samples your signal is converted into. Full up and the Geiger Counter samples faster than a CD. Dial it down a little and you'll lower the fidelity and frequency response, adding overtones and difference frequencies. Down a little produces some very nice chimey clean tones. Down more and higher notes disappear into difference frequencies, all the way down to 280Hz. The sample rate is sort of like a flange whammy.

When the LED is Red, the Sample Rate is in fine mode where the range is limited to the upper end.

The CV input and attenuator are only active when a cable is plugged into the CV jack. When CV controlled, the Sample Rate knob selects the center frequency about which the CV signal moves. When the LED is Green, the Sample Rate knob is logically ANDed with the CV signal, producing some interesting sounds as the CV changes.

Bit Depth - This controls the finer details of the signal. All up and your signal is represented by the full 8 bits. Each step down cuts the resolution in half, adding quantization error distortion, all the way down to 1 bit making a nasty square wave from a once clean tone. This produces a lo-fi gated distortion sound.

The LED when Green engages Mask mode where your signal is logically ANDed to the 8 bit number produced by the Bit Depth knob. This produces uneven gaps in your signal for some interesting distortion sounds.

The Bit Depth CV and level control is only active when a cable is plugged into the Bit Depth CV input. The Bit Depth knob then controls the center frequency. However, unlike the Sample Rate control, the bit depth can wrap around the edges of the control if the CV signal is larger than the range allows for.

Wave Table - This knob and display select the wave table to run your signal through. The wave table stage takes your signal and destroys it with math. This produces some incredible sounds. The wave tables are organized so that a more extreme version is typically found one up from the current one. There are 252 wave tables in all, each with different harmonic content.

The display is in HEX, displaying the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F. Don't be alarmed, it actually makes remembering your desired wave table easier! The wave table is remembered when the pedal is turned off.

The Wave Table CV input is similar to the Bit Depth's. The CV signal is only active when a cable is plugged in. The Wave Table will wrap around the end points 00 and FB. The center is set by the WaveTable knob.


Power: +12V = 60mA; -12V = 60mA
Size: 10HP
Depth: 30mm
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Xaoc Devices Zagrzeb 1979 Stereo Four Pole VC Filter Eurorack Module
Xaoc Devices Zagrzeb 1979 Stereo Four Pole VC Filter Eurorack Module (eurorack dual & stereo/effects/filter module)
Cat: 846578 Rel: 14 Jan 22
A stereo multimode 4-pole (24dB/oct) state variable voltage-controlled filter (SV VCF).
Notes: Zagrzeb is a stereo multimode 4-pole (24dB/oct) state variable voltage-controlled filter (SV VCF). It offers five distinct frequency responses, three of which are available simultaneously. Spread control allows for animation of the stereo image by moving the left and right filter cutoff frequencies in opposite directions. Zagrzeb is designed to sound smooth and clean unless it is overdriven with a hot signal- however, it does not lack character! We believe it will be appreciated by fans of old Japanese synthesizers, but bear in mind that Zagrzeb is not a clone of any existing design. The four-pole state variable structure is a new development and offers unique sonic characteristics. While Zagrzeb is designed for filtering stereo signals (e.g. samples or stereo oscillators like Xaoc Devices Odessa), it can easily handle mono signals and is capable of creating a faux stereo pair thanks to a special phase shifting network at the input.

8 HP

Current Draw:
70 mA +12V
60 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
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