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New releases last two weeks: Techno (All)

Techno (All) vinyl released in the last two weeks
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The Age Of Love (remastered)
The Age Of Love (remastered) (silver vinyl 12")
Cat: DIKIR 2403SILVER. Rel: 24 May 24
The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano remix)
The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix - 2021 Remaster) (6:47)
The Age Of Love (Solomun's Renaissance remix) (8:11)
Review: Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano come together to serve up a very personal remix of the hugely influential self-titled classic by Age Of Love. The latter artists originally wrote their best-known track in 1990, shortly after which it became an instant favourite on the global trance circuit. Now specially mastered and reissued once again in 2024 after an initial run in 2021, we're met with three exclusive remixes on this version: one huge-room interpretation by the aforementioned dance giganames and two further deep cuts by Jam & Spoon and Solomun, the former of which also appeared alongside the original and hears a remaster.
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 in stock $18.62
Coddio EP
Coddio EP (12")
Cat: PHI 011. Rel: 15 May 24
Alycone - "Alpha" (6:29)
Vlado - "Tinusha" (5:05)
Francesco Carvetta - "Fly To Freedom" (5:35)
Slot - "Voice Mail" (6:15)
! low stock $14.63
IL 005
IL 005 (12")
Cat: IL 005. Rel: 21 May 24
Aleqs Notal - "Message From The P" (6:44)
Aleqs Notal - "Drinking Workers" (5:50)
Modern House Quintet - "Nadrezacalenis" (7:35)
Modern House Quintet - "Dioskouron" (8:10)
Review: Syncrophone presents the very first vinyl release from Aleqs Notal's label, Industrial Light. Notal here teams up with longtime friend and fellow producer Modern House Quintet, and together they lay down four pure dancefloor heaters for the contemporary disco-goer. Opening with two functional acid house bustlers, we then get deeper with things with the latter's nocturnal shuffle 'Nadrezacalenis', before ending on a return to utility with 'Disokouron' as well as an inversion of the A1, 'Message From The P', in an upped Chicago house style.
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 in stock $14.63
Morphic Resonance EP
Morphic Resonance EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ALBEIT 010. Rel: 22 May 24
Embryonic (7:28)
Biological Paul (6:43)
Beyond Then (7:41)
Artichoke (5:08)
Review: Cultured underground beat maker Darren Allen always serves up sophisticated techno sounds that are rich in detail and mesmerisingly deep. This new limited 12" on Albeit is another case in point: it kicks off with 'Embryonic' which is a dub cut with static electricity fizzing about the mix and icy hi hats keeping things moving. 'Biological Paul' is a thudding tech cut with nice elastic bass and alien sound designs and 'Beyond Then' kicks things up again with chattery percussion and more menacing low ends. 'Artichoke' closes out with another heady mix of warped synths and a nice characterful bassline.
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 in stock $13.83
TAR 022
TAR 022 (12")
Cat: TAR 022. Rel: 16 May 24
Drifter (5:40)
Tyrant (5:21)
Limbo (5:26)
Phantom (5:08)
Review: There is plenty to love about this new EP from Dimi Angelis. It's well-made, fad-free techno from the 90s school of thought but with all the requisite modern techniques making it even more standout. 'Drifter' is just perfectly loopy, with ticking hi-hats keeping time, bongo sounds tumbling over themselves and the thudding kicks locking you in. 'Tyrant' ups the pace with frantic percussive loops and nice raw hi-hats peering another hunched-over and punchy low end while 'Limbo' is defined by its loose, whirring synth motif up top and tuning sounds that bring some dynamism to the rigid rhythm. 'Phantom' follows a similarly freaky path and will get massive reactions.
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 in stock $13.31
Alue (limited CD)
Cat: GRSCL 37. Rel: 24 May 24
Sumu I
Sumu II
Review: Banyek is next up on the prolific Lithuanian label Greyscale with Alue, a new album that marks the imprint's 37th full-length overall. It is a typically expansive and immersive listen that takes inspiration from cities like Riga and Espoo. Dub techno, ambient and experimental all infuse the sound waves and the intricate craft of Banyek means you're always hooked onto some small detail as the gentle rhythms flow over you. There are stark melodies and more airy atmospheres, minimalism masterpieces and calming sounds a plenty as this most super exploration of tone, time and texture plays out.
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 in stock $16.77
Nothing But Love
Cat: TERM 230. Rel: 16 May 24
Nothing But Love (6:52)
Heelix (6:34)
New System (6:36)
 in stock $14.10
Los Dos Caminos
Cat: SO 005. Rel: 20 May 24
777 (6:56)
Drakthar (7:13)
Orfeo & Hermes (7:16)
Cosechador Nocturno (6:52)
Review: Braik hails from Montevideo in Uruguay and now lands on Subterranean Odyssey with Los Dos Caminos, a well-rounded EP that shows off his versatility and style. This one has already been getting plenty of hammer from DJs lucky enough to have had advance copies and it's no wonder. '777' is an eerie techno opener with creepy synth sounds and snappy drums, then 'Drakthar' brings some supple acid lines and warming synth surges over militant drums and 'Orfeo & Hermes' is antlers steely and future tech house sound which is more stripped back and atmospheric. Last of all, 'Cosechador Nocturno' brings deep space drippiness and deft synth designs to an ice-cold beat.
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 in stock $14.89
Virtual Visions EP
Cat: TTP 003. Rel: 14 May 24
Virtual Visions (6:33)
Days Of Past (5:03)
Fuck All (5:05)
Panic (6:37)
In Motion (7:35)
Review: Central Intelligence is back with more of his signature techno magic on Time To Panic. The old school pixelated artwork hints at the vibe inside with throwback techno and some retro melodies opening up on the mid tempo 'Virtual Visions'. 'Days Of Past' gets more busy with zippy synth flashing about the mix next to spoken word samples and heavy kicks. 'Fuck All' amps things up further with serrated leads and flashy pads all conveying a sense of urgent intergalactic space travel and the flip side jams 'Panic' - which recalls the Blade Runner soundtrack, and 'In Motion', and elastic cosmic bumper, round out in style.
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 in stock $16.77
Drifting Northward EP
Cat: WU 95. Rel: 16 May 24
Elliptic (7:28)
Focal Zone (5:42)
Axial (6:30)
Focal Zone (Oscar Mulero remix) (5:50)
Review: Claudio PRC is something of a techno legend who has already very much assured his own legacy, but he keeps on coming up with the goods each and every time he steps out. This time that is on the Warm Up label with a stylish and deep EP of classy techno. 'Elliptic' is a sparse and dubby roller with icy pads, 'Focal Zone' then picks up with a more busy percussive line that pans about the mix and comes in and out of focus over rolling beats. 'Axial' is another delightfully deft deep techno cut with only there most scant and wispy synths joining the rolling beats. An Oscar Mulero remix rounds out with more intensity.
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 in stock $16.50
Marine's Oddysey
Cat: OPAL 002. Rel: 21 May 24
Marine's Odissey (5:30)
Tecnologica (6:23)
Los Misterios (5:40)
Los Finales Annunciados (5:58)
Review: The Opal label continues to establish itself in the electro realm with a second searing new release. This one comes from Cruz and is a full throttle outing that opens with 'Marine's Odissey', a journeying cut with searching synths and coruscated low ends. 'Tecnologica' has an even more rugged mix of raw drums and kicks and bumping basslines that never allow you to settle. There is increased turbulence on 'Los Misterios' with its zippy low ends and squelchy bass all firing every synapse in your brain then 'Los Finales Annunciados' shuts down with knick-snapping snares and alien sounds bringing the whole thing to life.
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 in stock $19.42
Beyond Starlit Sky (remastered)
Beyond Starlit Sky (remastered) (limited translucent midnight blue vinyl LP)
Cat: ECHOSPACE 014RE. Rel: 22 May 24
Beyond Starlit Sky (remastered) (9:24)
Beyond Starlit Sky (live) (16:21)
Review: This classic techno record has been remastered and repressed on nice blue limited translucent midnight vinyl to mark its tenth anniversary. It finds CV313 casting you adrift into a world of deft ambient pads, fathom-deep dub undercurrents that are so subtle you barely know they are there, and then mesmerising with ghostly apparitions and analogue modulations. On the flipside is a live version of the same tune that has a slightly more raw, textured rhythm and scraping synths so exudes a slightly different mood but is no less immersive.
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 in stock $15.43
Seconds To Forever (remixes)
Seconds To Forever (remixes) (translucent blue vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 018RE. Rel: 22 May 24
Seconds To Forever (Instrusion dub) (6:39)
Seconds To Forever (Deepchord mix I) (7:45)
Seconds To Forever (Deepchord mix II) (10:31)
Review: 'Seconds To Forever', by any measure, is a CV313 classic. Echospace pair Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell dropped it initially on clear wax 14 years ago in 2010 and then served up a live version a year on. Now it is back in their spotlight again as they pull together previously released versions and unheard interpretations for a new translucent blue 12". The Intrusion dub is lo-go and scratchy with static electricity enveloping the rhythm, and the Deepchord mix I then peels that away to real only the most wispy synth modulations and barely-there dub rhythms. Deepchord Mix II is somewhere between the two and another sublime and heady escape.

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 in stock $15.43
EC 137
EC 137 (12")
Cat: HARMONY 014. Rel: 16 May 24
Alfred Czital - "It's Me BB" (6:02)
Jamida - "Lots Of Love" (6:19)
Polygonia - "Akkala" (5:41)
Andy Garvey - "Euphorique" (4:46)
 in stock $14.37
Multiverso (limited translucent pink vinyl LP)
Cat: MNMT V. Rel: 16 May 24
Avantgarde (5:11)
Bionic (4:18)
Ultrasuoni (4:33)
Luce (1:25)
Tuono (3:44)
Fragments (4:43)
Galassia (4:38)
Shaman (5:10)
Invaders (4:59)
 in stock $18.89
Lucifer (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOMPAKT 485. Rel: 13 May 24
Samba (4:34)
Panorama (4:46)
Golfo Mistico (4:33)
Open Sky (with Tears Of Blue) (4:58)
Contemporary Lullaby (2:59)
Requiem (2:53)
Whispers (4:08)
Modular Clouds In Rome (3:14)
Piano Bells (3:25)
Space Call From Mars (2:36)
Tuning The Orchestra (with Tears Of Blue) (3:19)
 in stock $27.66
ART 001
ART 001 (translucent grey marbled vinyl 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: ART 001C. Rel: 14 May 24
Are You Ready (5:01)
Chaber (5:19)
Azeotrope (5:33)
Automatik (5:52)
 in stock $16.50
Drone (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: IT 064. Rel: 14 May 24
Filter (Body mix) (5:00)
Filter (Broken mix) (4:30)
Drone (6:24)
Bourg (5:45)
Review: "Drone Destructing Body Slams" says Ilian Tape of their next genre-defying offering, this time from the long-time Swiss underground mainstay that is Deetron. More normally known for this smooth and seductive deep house and techno sounds, here he presents Soulmate which is about much more edgy and textural techno stompers. 'Filter' comes as two mixes. The Body Mix is a turbocharged cut with dense layers of grime, synth and percussion and powered by some Shed-style piano stabs. The Broken mix cuts looser and has broken beats down low while 'Drone' gets the head up with its brighter synths swirls up top. The loopy, rusty low end is no less physical however then 'Bourg' brings some celebratory energy with its light chords and rousing sense of joy throughout.
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 in stock $14.63
Heroes (12")
Cat: ARCHITECTURE 001. Rel: 13 May 24
Drumstation (6:09)
Heroes (5:52)
Movement (5:22)
Wisdom Waves (8:03)
 in stock $17.83
Diamond Dimension EP
Cat: OW 006PWV. Rel: 23 May 24
A Brighter Tomorrow (6:07)
Dance Of Life (4:52)
Paint A Picture (5:13)
The Dub (4:54)
Dream Jazz (4:02)
 in stock $17.29
Blowing From Above EP
Cat: EPWR 13EP. Rel: 13 May 24
Blowing From Above (4:41)
I Got You (4:24)
Shades (4:50)
Infinity (4:22)
Review: More funk for your trunk! Brussels most provocative player DJ Elephant Power stampedes back into the mix with more subversive, fully uncategorisable gold. Pick a genre, any genre and we guarantee you won't be thinking of what's here as we gently melt from the nifty ravey breaks the opening title track to the sleepy, woozy tension of the finale cut 'Infinity'. In between we have bumping bewitching house ('I Got You') and strange slow-mo electro ('Shades'). Thinking of sleeping on this? Tusk tusk tusk on you.
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 in stock $18.89
Push Pull
Push Pull (12")
Cat: FRS 027. Rel: 16 May 24
Restraint (5:39)
Swarm (5:03)
Collision (5:34)
Release (5:30)
 in stock $15.43
Ivanovo Night Luxe
Cat: TRP 048. Rel: 16 May 24
The Rothschild Party (5:33)
Pixel Hunting (4:40)
Adrenochrome Breakfast (4:37)
Sinking Horse (4:58)
Glucose Guardian (5:11)
Just A Happy Song (5:21)
Birthday Cake (4:19)
Nothingburger (2:36)
We're Not In The Wonderland Anymore, Alice (5:06)
Review: Vladimir Dubyshkin has released all of his music on Nina Kraviz's trip. There has been just five EPs over five years but in that time he has honed in on a fine signature sound and plenty of them have become underground hits. Now he serve su a fulsome scone statement in the form of this debut album. It is a fine and surreal journey through sound with his deft synth craft front and centre. There is plenty to love here from the Theism the Tank Engine them tune on acid that is 'The Rothschild Party' to the warped dub techno pop of 'Adrenochrome Breakfast' via the thrilling jungle closer 'We're Not In The Wonderland Anymore, Alice'.
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 in stock $29.00
Dancefloor EBM
Dancefloor EBM (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: SDR 15. Rel: 13 May 24
Dancefloor EBM (3:45)
Dancefloor EBM (Adriano Canzian remix) (7:17)
Dancefloor EBM (Delectro remix) (6:02)
Dancefloor EBM (Paulitical remix) (5:27)
Review: The industrially minded Still Distant Records is based between Glasgow and Copenhagen and Ethan Fawkes is next up to take the baton. He brings some heavy, stomping EBM vibes to this 12" with his one original track. 'Dancefloor EBM.' It's brutal, raw, and distorted with police sirens lighting it up and dark vocals adding extra menace. The Adriano Canzian is even more caustic, Delectro brings some fierce techno drums to the undercarriage and the Paulitical is another turbocharged stompathon.
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 in stock $16.50
The City 2 City EP
The City 2 City EP (translucent purple vinyl 12")
Cat: PEM 08. Rel: 14 May 24
Jerome Hill - "Stealth Imp" (4:56)
Fear-E - "Principles" (6:12)
Fear-E - "7.4 On The Richter" (5:19)
Jerome Hill - "The Shoffler" (4:32)
Review: Fear E and Jerome Hill really go for the jugular here. Not only are these techno cuts hard and heavy, but they're defined by raw, sizzling textures that rip into your ear drums. Acid and freaky house menace are also drawn up on here with Jerome Hill's opener 'Stealth Imp' a mega rusty and caustic stomper, Fear-E's 'Principles' layering up sleazy synth scuzz and rickety, ramshackle drums, then his '0.4 On The Richter' burrows deep into your brain with squealing synths. Jerome Hill sloshes down with the wire synth modulations and jacked drums of 'The Shoffler.'
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 in stock $22.33
Positive Charge EP
Positive Charge EP (blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: ALT 001. Rel: 16 May 24
Hidden Sequence - "Switch" (5:46)
Federsen - "Polarity" (6:41)
Hidden Sequence - "Switch" (Federsen live mix) (6:58)
Federsen - "Polarity" (Hidden Sequence remix) (6:31)
Review: New label Alt Dub debuts with this drop from Federsen and Hidden Sequence, who operate in different formations across the four tracks to spell out some supremely reduced, subliminal minimal techno. Their sound is schooled in the dub abstractions from labels like Background and ~scape, a little warm but ultimately reduced to an elegant murmur which becomes profound the harder you listen. Hidden Sequence's 'Switch' has a steady-ticking thrust while Federsen's 'Polarity' splashes around in deep chasms of delay and reverb, before they switch stance to remix each other in complementary ways.
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 in stock $14.37
Music For An Imaginary Dancefloor
Music For An Imaginary Dancefloor (LP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: BLNK 023. Rel: 22 May 24
Catwalk (5:00)
Omqroid (4:59)
Silver Ghost (6:04)
999 (6:33)
Dusty (7:32)
Villain Dot (6:55)
Review: Lina Filipovich's Music for an imaginary dancefloor is an exploration of the boundary between club music and the abstract, guided by analogue synthesizers and a vivid imagination. Composed from improvisations between June and December 2022, the LP delves into ethereal realms with nervous energy and atmospheric textures that evoke imagery of surreal landscapes and otherworldly experiences. Unlike her previous works which focused on deconstructing existing sounds, Filipovich collaborates with the machines themselves in this album, allowing their aesthetics to intertwine with her creative vision. The result is a collection of tracks that pulse with intensity, drawing listeners into a dreamlike state where reality blurs with fantasy. The album's sonic landscape is rich with atonal drones and intricate delays, creating a sense of unease and wonderment. It's as if the music is speaking a language of spirits, beckoning listeners to explore the allure of the dark and the unknown. Miles Whittaker of Demdike Stare lends his mastering and additional mixing expertise to enhance the album's sonic depth, further immersing listeners in its hypnotic embrace. Overall, Music for an imaginary dancefloor is a stunning trip that defies traditional categorisation. It invites listeners to step into a realm where the boundaries of reality dissolve, leaving only the pulsating rhythms and haunting melodies to guide them through the darkness. Lina Filipovich's vision is realised with remarkable clarity and depth, making this album a standout release in the realm of experimental electronic music.
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 in stock $25.27
Skudd (12")
Cat: OW 7. Rel: 14 May 24
Opanzi (4:59)
Dufus (6:00)
Zoona (6:56)
Skudd (7:52)
Bondo (4:59)
Jonagu (6:11)
Review: Floid is back with a second release on Omen Wapta that finds the Delft-based artist mixing up fresh sound designs with potent rhythms that are everything you could wish for - immersive, cinematic, and danceable. 'Opanzi' begins with brilliant hypnotic, stripped back and lurching rhythms marbled with aline sounds and underpinned by driving bass. From there the likes of 'Dufus' twist and contort drums and synths into a tightly woven and mind-melting tapestry and the otherworldly, shamanic feel continues with the urgent throb of 'Zoona', percolating underworld menace of 'Skudd' and high-pressure drum funk of 'Bondo'. A truly unique EP.
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 in stock $16.50
Story Cu Voce EP
Story Cu Voce EP (12" + insert)
Cat: DCT 001. Rel: 24 May 24
Piesa Cu Story (6:34)
Piesa Cu Story (Antraum remix) (7:27)
Cu O Voce (6:32)
Cu O Voce (Ted Amber remix) (8:09)
Review: Floog continues to offer up a playful strain of minimal techno which now finds a home on a new label called Dreams Come True. If you're always searching for those cool and deadly, sexy vocal minimal joints which inject some sass into a long-trucking DJ set you're going to be all over 'Piesa Cu Story', which takes a soulful female vocal lick and builds a slinky, moody groove around. Antraum then shifts the key of the track and adds some trippy shimmer for a perfect after Horus remix. 'Cu O Voce' on the flip is again charged by a strong vocal sample, but here the production is a more bubbling, acid-speckled confection perfect for a late night brain massage, which Ted Amber dutifully buffs into a pinging freak-out for a spicier kind of dancefloor.
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 in stock $16.50
Lotus Island
Cat: SPCLAB 011. Rel: 16 May 24
Lotus Island (7:16)
Lotus Island (Feral Reconstuction) (6:58)
Torre De Alquimia (8:08)
Prism Of Nature (7:00)
 in stock $14.37
Collectio Vol 7
Collectio Vol 7 (hand-numbered 12" + MP3 download limited to 200 copies)
Cat: XRUST 08. Rel: 13 May 24
Funktor - "Dusty Case" (5:54)
Arre - "Somnium Axis" (6:27)
Doswon - "Component Shortage" (6:16)
Vapor - "DIE Inc" (6:25)
 in stock $17.29
Passages (12")
Cat: BNS 088. Rel: 15 May 24
Passages (7:34)
Don't Panic (7:01)
Out Of The Past (Pan-Pot remix) (7:14)
Out Of The Past (7:04)
Review: Daniel Stefanik and Andre Galluzzi team up for four new, lost-highwayed night-drives in techno form. Debuting for Gregor Tresher's Frankfurt label Break New Soil, the likes of 'Passages' and 'Don't Panic' lay down both fertile techno grounds and noxious synthetic fogs, adding up to a compellingly bleak picture of the many motorways that encircle the German city. 'Out Of The Past' and its remix from Pan-Pot are its highlights; these are two uplifting tech-trance versions that satisfy the moods of both ill-advised partying and ring-road hurtling.
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 in stock $14.37
Torna #1
Torna #1 (12")
Cat: TORNA 001LP. Rel: 16 May 24
El Cordon Dorado
 in stock $25.00
Joola Jazz
Cat: BM 033. Rel: 15 May 24
Bombolong (4:19)
Bukut (4:30)
Btwinen (feat Dioba) (7:03)
Jazz Griots (feat Alibeta) (4:52)
Niini (5:23)
Nuit A Yaounde (feat Amaiah) (5:03)
Ajamat Computer (3:45)
Bumiro (4:49)
 in stock $27.14
FM 005
FM 005 (12")
Cat: FM 005. Rel: 23 May 24
Innuendo - "Reise Ins Zentrum Der Zeit" (6:53)
Five Ten - "Control" (5:56)
Mono-Tone - "Night Spirits" (5:43)
SPAC - "My Galaxy Is Not Yours" (5:40)
Review: Flight Mode Records' fifth release offers a riveting exploration of futuristic techno landscapes with four distinct tracks from formidable artists. Innuendo's 'Reise Ins Zentrum Der Zeit' kicks off the first side with pulsating rhythms and a progressive build, evoking a journey through time with its driving energy. Following suit, Five Ten's 'Control' harks back to early 90s techno with a robust beat and bleepy melodies, giving listeners with its nostalgic charm. On Side-2, Mono-Tone presents 'Night Spirits,' an enthralling piece featuring a heavy acid line enveloped in ethereal echoes, accompanied by a subtle electro undertone that adds depth to the track's atmosphere. Closing the release, SPAC's 'My Galaxy Is Not Yours' injects upbeat energy with trance elements, inviting listeners on a cosmic voyage filled with pulsating rhythms and hypnotic melodies. Flight Mode Records' commitment to pushing the boundaries of techno is evident in this diverse selection of tracks, shows the label's dedication to delivering forward-thinking electronic music.
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Played by: Rave Energy
! low stock $17.56
Passi (12")
Cat: V 23002. Rel: 13 May 24
Passi (4:00)
Passi (Debora De Luca remix) (4:26)
Review: IO E Palmieri has cooked up the sort of anthemic and festival-friendly techno tune that will be heard all over the world as soon as the sun comes out and the big tops get erected. It has simple but effective rolling beats, some neat and rising melodies and a celestial Italian vocal that will get hands in the air as people march along. Naples-based techno star Debora De Luca then steps up to remix and quickens the groove and tightens up the synths so that are a bit more forceful. It's another effective cut from this big-time circuit favourite.
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 in stock $18.36
Method Of Madness EP
Cat: JR 04. Rel: 24 May 24
Shock Treatment (5:25)
Walrus (5:32)
Uncharted (5:30)
Mastermind (5:43)
 in stock $16.50
Stimulator Tracks Vol 1
Cat: SC 1257. Rel: 23 May 24
Night Walk (4:02)
Precious (4:15)
Strive To Survive (5:35)
Moon (5:22)
Review: Stimulator Jones, you might know, is a Stones Throw artist, but here he lands on the house-leaning Star Creature with a new and exquisite outing that finds him tapping into a different side of his skills. He has dropped several fantastic albums before now that go from hip-hop to jazz-funk but here he taps into the magic of Chicago house greats like Fingers Inc and Larry Heard. 'Night Walk' is pure mid-tempo deep house perfection, 'Precious' layers in some tender vocals and a melodic bassline and 'Strive To Survive' brings more manic acid lines. 'Moon' shuts down with some irresistible swing and cosmic synth work.
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 in stock $18.62
DEXT Limited Compilation Vol 1
Cat: DEXTLTD 005. Rel: 15 May 24
K-65 - "Heavyweight" (5:33)
Krotone - "Mashdown" (5:49)
Local Group - "Water Dub" (6:04)
Dawn Razor - "Autopods" (4:58)
Review: The DEXT label serves up a firing Limited Compilation here for its fifth outing and it calls upon several serious bass heads for the beats. K-65's 'Heavyweight' is brilliantly energetic and lithe, with lurching loops and slamming hits, ten bass and twisted vocal stabs. Krotone's 'Mashdown' is a frenzied breakbeat workout with jungle signifiers and trippy melodies, then Local Group's 'Water Dub' slows things down a touch with oscillating low ends and fresh hits all underpinned by dubbed-out bass. Dawn Razor's 'Autopods' shuts down with controlled chaos - the bouncing drums, the rattling hits, the metallic textures and the pinging leads that all make you move every bone in your body.
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 in stock $15.95
Tribe Of Liberation EP
Cat: CRG 033. Rel: 16 May 24
Amnesia (rework) (5:18)
Dukkha (5:28)
Tribe Of Liberation (5:14)
All In (5:10)
Breakpoint Ritual (4:56)
 in stock $14.37
Time Frame EP
Cat: MR B007. Rel: 14 May 24
Arigato (6:01)
Roll To Life (Terry F Tribute) (7:15)
She's Coming (5:34)
Rendal (5:41)
Review: New to Mr. Banger Records comes the latest four-tracker from Ukrainian producer Roma Khropko. Kicking the year off with a bang after a whopping four EPs released in 2023, 'Time Frame' slows down time at the critical moment of now, in which a breather is perhaps most needed. Khropko's take on house and techno is organ-ic, hypnotic and sparse, preferring the interplay of different percussion, acid and FM synth parts. Terry F tribute 'Roll To Life' is the moment the EP finds its feet, drawing on thick gabber-esque kicks and muted pads-n-bloops, to counterpose the janky saws of 'She's Coming' to follow. Closer 'Rendal' flaunts the breadth of Khropko's palette with a chugging closing rabbit hole plunge.
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Tags: Tech House
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Saturn To Home
Saturn To Home (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DKMNTL 101. Rel: 23 May 24
Saturn To Home (feat Kittin) (6:02)
You Got Me (feat Robert Owens) (7:55)
Your Love (6:41)
Golden Star (feat Baal & Mortimer) (5:42)
Only The Good Times (4:23)
Krank (7:06)
No Trouble In Paradise (feat Paul St Hilaire) (6:53)
Cloak & Dagger (6:18)
Review: LB Dub Corp is the alias that UK techno pioneer Luke Slater uses for a more eclectic sound, rooted in dub but no stranger to house, either. Saturn to Home is the project's latest new album and one that draws on all 30 years of experience with help from fellow greats such as Robert Owens, Tikiman, Miss Kittin and more. It is an album that joins the dots between the past, present and the future of electronic music with plenty of rolling drums, elastic synths, and ear-worm vocals all making it a thrilling ride.
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Like A Song From Your Dream
Cat: LIES 206. Rel: 16 May 24
Enchantress 1200 (3:12)
Drizzle In A Laserbeam (4:43)
Seven Challenges (4:33)
Always Take It There (4:51)
ZILOG For The World (4:25)
Cheval Electrique (4:16)
Cottagecore XTC (3:32)
Like A Song From Your Dream (4:11)
Review: Legowelt is a master of electronic music. He coaxes more feelings and emotions and originality out of his machines in one record than many people manage in a whole career. He has made millions (probably) of them in his time but it is still always worth checking in with what he does next. In this case, it's a new album for New York punks L.I.E.S. called Like A Song From Your Dream which comes with one of his own cover art illustrations. Musically it finds him in electro mode, layering up squelchy synths, kinetic and ice-cold rhythms and plenty of sci-fi motifs with inescapable cosmic energy. It is yet another doozy from the man who never misses.
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The Sad Life Of An Instagram DJ
Cat: SLVMNCR 006. Rel: 14 May 24
Alpha Juno Storm Watch (4:25)
Soundblaster Pro Tripper (5:09)
Kawai K4 Acid Spring (6:30)
The Sad Life Of An Instragram DJ (5:47)
No One Wants To Buy My NFT (4:25)
Review: Is there anyone out there more profile that Legowelt? The Dutch wonder producer has got almost as many aliases as there are days of the year and nearly as many releases out in the world as there are grains of sand on a beach. And importantly they are all excellent, as is this new one which finds him turning on his machines and cooking up fine fusion of electro and techno that head off to the edges out our known universe. Colourful, characterful and potent for DJs and dancers, this is another essential 12" from the indefatigable synth king, not least because of the great track titles.
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Glika (LP + poster)
Cat: HISC 003. Rel: 15 May 24
Glika (5:23)
Yser Mystere (2:32)
Alocasia (4:34)
Short Hero (5:28)
Epigone (5:14)
Parc Fou (5:05)
DRAM (5:14)
Niko (4:29)
PAME! (6:01)
Glossa (2:29)
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Octo EP
Octo EP (12")
Cat: STTPLY 001. Rel: 15 May 24
Octo (6:54)
Feb17 (6:26)
Submerge (7:10)
Blue Arctic (6:53)
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5 Years Of Danza Nativa Pt I
Cat: DN 016PT1. Rel: 13 May 24
Anthony Linell - "Ice Demon" (5:47)
Claudio PRC - "Resina" (6:39)
Luigi Tozzi - "Kamayuk" (version) (6:39)
Daniel I - "Beneath Tension" (7:17)
Review: Danza Nativa has done a great job of establishing its own unique sound in the techno sphere over the last half a decade. Now it marks the occasion of its fifth birthday with a two-part compilation that showcases its avant-garde take on the genre. They tell us that part one has been assembled as a sort of "mental (as in pensive, not deranged) techno album that takes the form of some direct tools for working DJs. Anthony Linell, Claudio PRC, Luigi Tozzi and Daniel[I] are those who step up and explore abstract, drone, deep and plenty in between.
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Hallucinations In Pilsen
Cat: VBNTC 073. Rel: 13 May 24
Hallucinations In Pilsen (6:57)
Water Energizer (5:22)
Reciprication (6:45)
Gamma Ray (6:47)
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La Complainte Des Damnes
Cat: FT 003. Rel: 23 May 24
Expiation (5:34)
L'apostat (6:25)
La Complainte Des Damnes (5:43)
Stigma (5:42)
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030313 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRESOR 360. Rel: 20 May 24
Model 500 - "I D L E" (5:34)
Ectomorph - "Searching" (live At Globus) (4:42)
AMX - "Your Body" (5:18)
DJ Stingray 313 - "Dynamic Instability" (3:53)
JakoJako - "Metal Goat" (5:03)
Erik Jabari - "Screamore" (4:43)
Review: Tresor joins forces with Carhartt - a company that can trace its roots back to the Motor City - to celebrate techno's two premier cities, Detroit and Berlin. The formula is devilishly simple: brand new cuts from artists based in one of the two cities, with stone-cold legends being joined by rising stars. There are headline-grabbing contributions from Juan Atkins as Model 500 (the warped, alien, dub-flecked and Cybotron-esque electrofunk of 'I.D.L.E') and DJ Stingray 313 (the industrial electro clank of 'Dynamic Instability'), plus fine contributions from JakoJako (the early morning techno hypnotism of 'Metal Goat'), AMX (the wonderfully hazy, deep and dubbed-out electro shuffle of 'Your Body') and Erik Jabari (the mind-mangling modular madness of 'Screamore').
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