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New releases last two weeks: Techno

Techno vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Ready Player One EP
Cat: CLUSTER 102. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Ready Player One (6:14)
Filthbox (6:59)
Fusion (6:41)
Quadro Electrico (4:12)
Review: Acerbic makes a triumphant return following two acclaimed EPs of cutting-edge acid techno sounds on his EPs Acid Artists In Action and Stay Up Forever, which have become known for shaking DJ sets by Perc, Choci, Chris Liberator, and others. This release sees a departure from the iconic 303s to embrace throbbing, wiry techno grooves across four tracks. His latest offering showcases fast-paced, gritty warehouse techno of the highest calibre, and it is already generating buzz among those fortunate enough to have been sent the test pressings.
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Verlucent (12")
Cat: OS 005. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Waves (5:31)
Third Wind (6:19)
Serenese (5:53)
Verlucent (7:29)
Review: By far one of the most inventive deep techno releases we've encountered in recent years - one that can no less still command the pace and expectations of a driven dancefloor - Ahmet Altinbas blows us away with 'Verlucent'. We'd hazard a guess that 'verlucent' is a portmanteau of 'vermillion' and 'translucent', but the irony is - and we're sure anyone with synaesthesia can attest to this - that this one ripples a brilliant blue, not a virulent cinnabar red. Perhaps Altinbas can set the record straight; whatever the case, opener 'Waves' is a fantastic track, seeming to sinusoidally collapse the many Thames barriers blocking off sound wave and ocean wave with its squeezy top-end ebullitions, which sound like bubble and froth collecting on the top layer of a tide. Second only to this is 'Serenese', which captures a push-pull groove through hotly restrained hats and marred backing pads, suggesting an unbreathable but beautiful ocean voyage. Sub-dirged.
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Chi Gofti? Nagi Jayi!
Cat: PGS 019. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Dorehami Melo (7:32)
Tu Jaddeh (Savaarkhaar) (4:44)
Raghs E Ghalamou (6:23)
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Cat: REZ 29TWENTYNINE. Rel: 17 Jul 24
Mobius Trip (8:03)
Below The Belt (6:39)
D Ya Want Business (7:59)
Jazz Stretch (7:43)
Review: Border Patrol (Stu Adam) brings his talents to Rezpektiva, who gladly represent his first and only EP for the 29th edition of their EPs series. Originally recorded for Middlesboro's Tumblin' Records in the mid 90s and released only in small quantities, the EP displays a canny sense of variety in painting pictures of house music's many possible worlds. The hilariously named 'Mobius Trip' leads the way, trailblazing a fiery string of pitched-up synths and watery stabs in its wake; the more experimental of the bunch, 'D'ya Want Business', is our favourite, bringing pure lowpassed kicks, infectious two-tone electroclash-ish basslines, and what sound like computer keyboard and lasershot sound effects into one heady cyberspatial stew.
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Cat: RM 214. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Evening News
Here We Go
Alright Tomorrow
Dichte 9
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Planet INI
Cat: UNFOLD 001. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Planet I-N-I (4:20)
Night Out (feat Roger Robinson) (3:55)
Review: Polish label Moonshine Recordings kicks off a new series that is helmed for the first time by Bukkha. It's a potent two tracker that opens with 'Planet I-N-I' which is a heavily dubbed out cut with bottomless subs and ice cold hits, tons of reverb and ricochetting sounds as well as some dub-wise vocals that drift in and out to heady effect. On the flip side is 'Night Out' (feat Roger Robinson), another smooth, serene and hypnotic dub techno cut marbled with static and vinyl crackle as well as some pensive words from Robinson. Both of these need to be heard as loud as can be for maximum impact.
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The Nu Life LP
Cat: FAITHBEAT 08. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Outta Phase (5:39)
Locked Groove 1 (0:19)
Bluescreen (6:31)
Super Solar (6:30)
Locked Groove 2 (0:15)
Keystrokez (6:06)
Nu Life (5:50)
Locked Groove 3 (0:17)
Fade Away (5:35)
Mrs Sync (2:30)
Infinite Resonance (6:52)
Coded Whispers (7:11)
Review: Christian AB's 'Nu Life' is a curious record indeed; a wonky mixture of detuned, faded sonic clotted-creams and sunset refractions shone off car bonnets; such are the images it conjures. From the opening glut of wonky rhythmatics and rotary-cabinet choruses of 'Outta Phase' - on which the artist playfully, nominally teases the listener by references to the track's tasteful stereo out-phasing - to the juddering solar flare that is 'Bluescreen', on which bunsen burners flagrate hot to the point of a dazzling blue flame - this is an EP of evidently solar-spiritual jams, reminiscent of a persona that finds its core inspiration somewhere between Hieroglyphic Being and Roy Of The Ravers.
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Cat: CLICKERS 001. Rel: 17 Jul 24
Mankind (Is A State Of Mind) (7:03)
The Theme (7:39)
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Positive Delusion
Positive Delusion (limited 12")
Cat: SCDD 049. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Positive Delusion (4:01)
Get With It (6:48)
Rhythm Perfection (6:36)
Vyperskin (6:36)
Dreamarena (6:36)
Review: Mall Grabs Steel City Dance Discs (named in reference to the industrial port near where he grew up back in Aus) enlists Clouds for another potent party EP. 'Positive Delusion' is slamming techno with a raw edge, but what makes it an immediate hit is the pitch-up vocal sample that brings the fun. 'Get With It is a drunken, unbalanced techno clanger full of wildness and 'Rhythm Perfection' then brings some trance elements to the hard tendon drums. 'Vyperskin' and 'Dreamarena' are two more characterful and supersized techno sounds.
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Into The Zone
Cat: NMA 001. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Visage De Femme (feat Vivien K) (4:54)
The Last Run (5:16)
Into The Zone (3:58)
Just Use Your Imagination (bonus beats) (4:15)
Review: In the Strugatsky brothers' Roadside Picnic - and its ensuing film adaptation by Andrei Tarkovsky, Stalker - "the Zone" is a forbidden area lying somewhere in a post-apocalyptic, post-Soviet wilderness, in which manifold unspeakable evils and anomalies lurk, in wait of those bold enough to brave them by riskily attempting to reach the wish-granting, power-bestowing oracle at its heart. Producer CT Kidobo channels the noxiously wish-fulfilling, but also toxic gases and atmospheres native to the Strugatskys' Zone, via four waste-scouring 4x4 electro heaters, described by the Neuma label as channelling 'highly emotional content'. A chillingly formative journey is conveyed through the opening 'The Last Run', the sticky, hands-dirty drama of 'Into The Zone' and the half-lived bonus beats of 'Just Use Your Imagination'.
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Atavism EP (reissue)
Cat: TAPE 016. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Atavism (7:01)
Throwback (6:45)
Atavism (part 2) (6:11)
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Fantastic Planet
Fantastic Planet (double 12")
Cat: CFRT 003. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Travesty (5:25)
Fantastic Planet (6:19)
Stab (6:21)
I've Seen It Done (4:23)
Stilettodisko (6:20)
Son Of Ugly (7:15)
Bi-Minis (Megamix) (6:06)
Demented (5:53)
Review: Named after the classic Czech sci-fi animated film of the same name, veteran producer DIN returns as the nextmost focus of the Coming From Returning To label, who offer up a fresh reissue of his 1992 techno classic. Then five good years into the alias (DIN was formed in 1987), producer Pupka Frey began making his distinct brand of electro-disko as a personal exploration of futuristic and analog dance textures. This EP is an 'artificial' alt soundtrack to the movie, which was otherwise histrionic and over-funky for the tastes of most techno enjoyers. Highlights here have got to be the glassy 'B-Minis' and the opening 'Travesty' (the tune's ironically anything but).
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As The World Turns
Cat: TB 001. Rel: 18 Jul 24
On My Way (5:47)
Delivery (6:23)
Serendipity (4:58)
Warped (4:59)
As The World Turns (4:59)
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Hypnosis EP
Cat: OUT 004. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Hypno David (6:16)
Let Me Inside (5:37)
Koh Mood (6:03)
Mind Control (6:05)
Review: The enigmatic DJ Oukun is a producer who continues to impress, not least with this new four-track outing on the Outside In label. These are all unashamedly dancefloor-focused cuts starting with 'Hypno David', a lithe rhythmic workout with peppering hits and twisted vocal stabs. 'Let Me Inside' has a seductive sound with silky pads skating beneath nice lush melodic chords. 'Koh Mood' then ups the ante with more solid kicks that will rattle walls as the sprinkling of claps and hi-hats up top serves to move things onward beneath suspensory chords. 'Mind Control' closes down with a nice robotic groove and bouncy kicks that make you wanna move.
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Demarrage (gatefold LP)
Cat: ATMV 121. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Ritual (3:18)
Breakaway (3:55)
Oxygen (2:52)
Trial Of Truth (4:28)
The Descent (3:06)
Galibier (3:18)
Galibier (Gruppetto) (3:37)
NRG (4:04)
The Final (1:57)
Dreams Of Euphoria (2:26)
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Acid Story: Indsider Rework EP
Cat: DIKIR 2402. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Acid Story (Insider Techno Euphoria mix) (5:40)
Acid Story (Insider Luminous 90s mix) (5:58)
Review: Belgian techno bossman Insider has unveiled a masterful remix of the equally iconic Belgian classic by Dr Phibes, aka Bruno Sanchioni from Age Of Love, on the esteemed Diki Records Classics label. This exclusive 12" showcases two distinct versions on nice white vinyl: a high-energy, pulsating techno mix and a deeper, UK-inspired interpretation. Both capture the era's essence and have been crafted akin to the way that producers from techno's golden age wild, but with a contemporary edge. First class tackle to get modern floors in a big old state.
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Point Of View 4
Cat: CRLS 004. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Breakfast Sun (4:48)
Breakfast Sun (Turbojazz & Broke One remix) (6:55)
Breakfast Sun (Gary Superfly remix) (5:26)
Desert Wind (5:17)
Desert Wind (Reekee alternate mix) (5:17)
Review: A bumper package of jazz-inflected grooves from Berlin-raised Italian Dr Sud aka Gregorio Marigliano and associated remixers, with house and techno intersecting neatly into broken beat flavours for maximum originality and danceability. His own original version of 'Breakfast Sun' opens proceedings, with infectious Latin-edged rhythms adding to a nicely pacey groove and touches of jazzy keys in all the right places. Then it's handed to Turbojazz & Broke One to reshape it on slightly more robust, sturdy terms, adding Detroit-style synth stabs and some nicely circular arps, before Gary Superfly's mix leans further towards techno with a 4/4 thump and plenty of UR-style soulful futurism. 'Desert Wind' ups the percussion factor even further, putting exotic beats at the sonic centre of another very playable track, before the Reekee Alternate Mix closes things with subtly goading Rhodes chords and a garage-y rhythmic swagger. Just what the Doctor ordered!
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Elevate Vol 2
Cat: DC 299. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Drunken Kong - "Higher State" (6:19)
Marie Vaunt - "ADSR" (6:12)
Mha Iri - "Bell" (YOZE remix) (5:57)
Simina Grigoriu - "Global Soldier" (6:13)
Review: Drumcode presents the second iteration of their soon-to-be-long-running 'Elevate' series, which in their usual audacious fashion features no less than eight label debutantes take the reigns on huge room techno production duties. The compilation's manifesto is simple: platform a broader range of emerging artists on Drumcode and help elevate the next generation to make strides in their careers. With that, we have the delight of selecting our picks of the bunch (all personal preference, of course, though you can trust our picks are educated guesses): in this case, it's got to be the slightly wonky and out-of-the-ordinary ones, those being Simina Grigoriu's 'Global Soldier' and Marie Vaunt's 'ADSR'.
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Farf Ability (remastered)
Cat: SMR 025. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Don't Mess With The Kids (9:28)
The Narrator Device (8:29)
Review: This two track EP from the Italian early 90s cult label, Interactive Test - helmed by the esteemed Falsini brothers - hears both tracks therein bowl well beyond the eight-minute mark and well into the post-120bpm range. Perhaps named both after the bow-tie shaped pasta shape, the superhuman ability inherited from attending the right kind of techno raves, and the producer Francesco Farfa himself - all at once - 'Farf-Ability' is another example of the experimentally excursive approach to the early Italian progressive sound. Both flavours are served with buon-appetito-ing flair: an uplifting daytime rave on the A, and a much trancier nighttime asterism on the B. Remastered and reissued with new full cover artwork, featuring photographic evidence of a special moment in time for Italian rave culture..
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Played by: ROTCIV
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Chez Driss
Chez Driss (limited 180 gram grey marbled vinyl 12" in embossed sleeve)
Cat: HYPNUS 042EPIC. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Riad (7:35)
Flare (7:25)
Chez Driss (7:16)
Taghazout (7:02)
Review: Hypnus's deep brand of techno is purely for the heads. His time it is Feral who is out to melt minds with the Chez Driss EP which comes on nice 180g grey-marbled vinyl. 'Riad' launches the trip with dubby undercurrents and nice wet hits skating over the top of the track as flashes of static light it up. 'Flare' is another minimalist masterclass with sci-fi designs adding that otherworldly feel. 'Chez Driss' is a little more urgent and intense with its tightly coiled percussive lines peppering the stripped back rhythms and 'Taghazout' shuts down with the most eerie sound designs and empty arrangement of the lot.
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Phenomeno (12")
Cat: AVILLE 004. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Shaggin' Wagon (6:02)
Toro Bravo (5:11)
All Work No Play (Pressure mix) (7:02)
La-z Boy (7:07)
Review: Fi-Lo returns with his fourth release on Alphaville Records and it might be his best yet. Drawing from 90s tech house influences, the artist adds his own signature spin to a set of four dynamic tracks designed for the dancefloor. The cheekily named 'Shaggin' Wagon' is a fluid blend of light and shadow, with acid and breaks setting the tone. 'Toro Bravo' on the A-side offers deep, expansive rhythms and a robust groove and over n the flip is 'All Work, No Play (Pressure Mix)' which unfolds as a relentless, evolving proggy weapon with a playful edge. Closing the EP, 'LA-Z BOY' introduces a laid-back vibe enriched with eclectic samples and a nice smooth flow.
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Cat: PFFD 002. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Hermanngirl (7:15)
New Kontrol (6:28)
Mrs Eleven (Tell My Wife mix) (6:56)
He Was A Boy (6:49)
Review: Foehn & Jerome's Hermanngirl EP delivers four standout tracks perfect for house club sets. On Side-1, the title track 'Hermanngirl' offers a smooth blend of tech and minimal house, ideal for late-night or early-morning sessions. 'New Kontrol' follows with a techy, uptempo vibe and a wicked bassline that makes it a tech house bomb. Side-2 opens with 'Mrs Eleven' (Tell My Wife mix), which seamlessly blends techno and house with a catchy melody that will stay with you. The final track, 'He Was A Boy,' features an infectious acid line and a great bounce and bubble, making it a perfect dancefloor filler. This EP is excellent and ideal for fans of minimal and tech house. These underground tracks are what DJ's search for. Check these out!
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Melodia (remastered)
Cat: GLOSSYFLOOR 04. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Alien 8 (6:24)
Heaven (5:48)
Melodia (6:41)
Melodia 95 (6:47)
Review: Reissued from Future Sound of Melbourne's iconic Melodia EP, originally released in 1992 with two additional bonus tracks, this meticulously remastered collection promises that same dancefloor excitement. Remixed by Damian Schwartz, the EP blends techno, rave house, and breakbeat piano anthems that evoke the golden era of electronic music with a contemporary twist. Founded in 1990 by Davide Carbone, Josh Abrahams, and Steve Robbins, FSOM's legacy resonates worldwide. 'Alien' kicks off the EP with upbeat 90s techno vibes, followed by the euphoric rave anthem 'Heaven.' 'Melodia' is a breakbeat piano banger, and 'Melodia 95, a fresh take on the classic, showcases FSOM's enduring innovation.
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Gamma (LP)
Cat: 196588 68271. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Digital Slaves (1:50)
Hard Dreams (2:48)
Your Share Of The Night (3:05)
Hysteria (1:53)
The Urge (2:22)
Mania (2:30)
Lost Love (2:42)
The Perfect (2:11)
Psycho (2:02)
Tyranny (2:34)
Emet (2:21)
Review: Gesaffelstein's fourth album, GAMMA, marks a departure from his previous work, embracing camp over cool. With influences ranging from seventies electro-punk to synth-pop, the album is a riot of overdriven synth-pop and vintage rock'n'roll. Singer Yan Wagner's oily baritone adds depth, channeling Dave Gahan's toughness with a humorous twist. The album's eccentricity shines through in Wagner's deranged lyrics and unpredictable delivery, injecting humor and unpredictability into the mix. Tracks like 'The Urge' and 'Hysteria' showcase Gesaffelstein's knack for crafting sharp hooks and infectious grooves. Clocking in at concise lengths, each track contributes to the album's charm, focusing on thrusting hips and sharpened hooks rather than lofty concepts. GAMMA is a refreshing departure from Gesaffelstein's previous sound and a exciting new direction.
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SUM 001
SUM 001 (12")
Cat: SUM 001. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Hamatsuki - "Nemolizubam" (5:50)
Hamatsuki - "Whitecap" (6:50)
DJ Astrobee - "Oslo" (dub) (4:49)
DJ Astrobee - "Mother Sun" (9:13)
Review: Hamatsuki and DJ Astrobee have the honour of being the first artists to release on the newly formed Summoning label. They take one side each with Hamatsuki's 'Nemolizubam' licking off with some intense, synth-laden techno that is lithe and dynamic as it unfolds. 'Whitecap' is more textured and riddled with bleeping synths and tumbling melodic rain. DJ Astrobee gets dubby with 'Oslo' which has warped synth smears and snappy kick and clap combos. His second offering 'Mother Sun' is a richly emotive techno sound that oozes hi-tek soul.
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 in stock $17.76
Harlecore (remixes)
Harlecore (remixes) (limited picture disc LP)
Cat: MAD 556V. Rel: 19 Jul 24
DJ Danny - "On A Mountain" (Flume remix) (2:54)
MC Boing - "Boing Beat" (VTSS remix) (2:57)
DJ Danny - "On A Mountain" (Ascendant Vierge version) (3:44)
DJ Mayhem - "Interlocked" (feat Pussy Riot - Lil Texas remix) (3:15)
DJ Danny - "Take My Heart Away" (Yasutaka Nakata remix) (4:05)
DJ Danny - "Where Are You Now" (Nia Archives remix) (3:48)
DJ Mayhem - "Shining Stars" (Hixxy remix) (3:36)
DJ Danny - "Do You Remember" (Minimal Violence remix) (4:20)
Tommy Cash - "X-ray" (Harelcore edit) (3:56)
 in stock $39.02
Revengine EP
Cat: PHU 10. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Panopticant (5:44)
Panopticant (Assembler Code remix) (5:19)
Resisting Arrest (4:55)
211 (Klingklang edit) (4:51)
Trush (5:57)
 in stock $13.99
Mental Concept 151515
Mental Concept 151515 (hand-numbered hand-stamped eco vinyl LP + insert + sticker limited to 85 copies)
Cat: MECON 151515. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
 in stock $27.45
Tako Tako
Tako Tako (12")
Cat: CRM 314. Rel: 08 Jul 24
Tako Tako (6:42)
Just A Little Bit (11:36)
Review: Few in electronic music have the wizardry on synths as Mathew Jonson, the classically trained jazzman who brings endless invention and rich design to his tracks. Many of them over the years have come on the Crosstown Rebels label and that is where he lands now. 'Tako Tako' kicks off with inquisitive leads that come with a sense of uncertainty and paranoia over thudding deep techno drums. On the flip side is 'Just A Little Bit' with its snappy finger clicks and bubbling drums that are lithe and rubbery. It's another terrific two-tracker from this legend of the scene.
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 in stock $13.73
In Memoro Remixes Part I
Cat: TERM 234. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Wasted (Bart Skils remix) (6:19)
Bassdrone (Teenage Mutants remix) (6:33)
Review: Joyhauser's In Memoro has been taken apart for a new selection of remixes on the Terminal M label. First up is Dutch legend Bart Skills with a rework of 'Wasted' that brings out the eerie late night vibes, layers in some flashy trance-tinged synths and lets the raw drums roll. flip it over and you'll find 'Bassdrone' remixed by Teenage Mutants. It's another cut that straddles several worlds - trance, techno and hard techno all come together here with dystopian energy, underlapping drum darkness and bright synths to get hands in the air.
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 in stock $16.42
JS 05
JS 05 (12")
Cat: JS 05. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Balance (6:18)
Tonearm Extender (feat Sabola) (6:05)
Sad Salad (7:01)
Review: Montreal alias and label Jump Source offer up their fifth future-facing dance cut, 'JS05', to the world. Though not a motif of theirs until now, the artist describes this latest iteration of their sound as "restoring balance", as 'Balance' would at least seem to suggest with its two-phrase phrenodies, tweezy topsynths and four-note bouncy-ball-basses. The ensuing 'Tonearm Extender' and 'Sad Salad' continue to squeeze out Jump Source's impressively superdistinct sound; we can imagine them as born of a future universe in which prosthetic limbs might double up as tonearms (among other gadgets, as of a cyborgish Swiss army knife) and salads are not consumed in leafy green, but rather pill form, hence the sadness. Sadly, this isn't COVID-19 nor pill-food; on 'JS05' there's no loss of taste. In fact, it's a wonderfully whimsical release, a gleeful future vision.
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 in stock $15.87
The Architect
Cat: ODDEVEN 919. Rel: 12 Jul 24
The Architect (8:25)
Propaganda (7:22)
Review: Two of Andre Kronert's "most wanted" tunes come repackaged in the form of 'The Architect', out via Odd Even; but unlike most renegades and outlaws with prices on their heads, you can expect to pay only a reasonable sum for this new record. Long having floated about the many various club spaces of present day distinction in demo form, now the breathy, oesophageal number known as 'The Architect' surfaces on 12"; the track brings an engineers' touch to an otherwise sparse palette, with rumbly movements backed up by supporting sonic cantilevers and trusses. If only we'd been privy to the blueprints and mockup sketches on the drafting bench for this one; though B-sider 'Propaganda' sadly waves goodbye the prestigious design position for a professional branch-swing into politics; with its demure percs and midrange synth waves, we're evidently in for a sinister brainwashing.
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 in stock $17.49
Last Place On Earth (feat Audrey Danza/Affekt Unit remixes)
Cat: PHLX 005. Rel: 15 Jul 24
Ground Zero (5:00)
New Age Replicants (6:39)
Japanese Dystopia (dirty version) (5:43)
Last Place On Earth (Audrey Danza remix) (5:47)
Last Place On Earth (Affekt Unit remix) (5:27)
Last Place On Earth (5:52)
Review: The superb Philoxenia Records, which is spearheaded by Luigi Di Venere and Neu Verboten, here unveils a coveted addition to its collection with the the super limited Last Place On Earth EP from Vilnius-based Dovydas Platakis aka Jokios Kulturos. It's a cinematic work that immerses listeners in a dystopian realm that blends avant-garde tones with manga-inspired cyberpunk vibes. Each track serves as a gateway to a world where technological progress intertwines with societal decline, which is of course often the focus of classic cyberpunk literature. Di Venere and Verboten also combine under their Affekt Unit alias to deliver captivating remixes and bring trance and tribal techno elements to the party.
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 in stock $18.57
Interdance 002
Interdance 002 (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: INTER 002. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Dani Labb - "Lilith" (5:46)
Dani Labb - "Malevo" (6:13)
Santiago Uribe - "Suavizante" (6:32)
Santiago Uribe - "Todo El Ano Es Carnaval" (7:23)
Review: Interdance's second offering is a split EP that finds Dani Labb and Santiago Uribe taking one side each of this new 12". Lamb goes first on the A-side with 'Lilith' which is all glitchy textures and screw synths over snappy tech beats. 'Malevo' rides on more pulsing synths and bass that pan about the stereo field and on the flip, Uribe keeps things fresh with 'Suavizante,' a slower cut with an industrial tech aesthetic and jacked-up drums. 'Todo El Ano Es Carnaval' closes down with a big and playful, bouncy and buoyant rhythm topped with celestial synth charm.
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 in stock $16.13
Close Up
Cat: AR 056. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Prologue (5:29)
CineStill (6:07)
Buena Vista Social Dub (3:58)
Monika (4:49)
Mirror (4:35)
Eastman (6:21)
Winter Light (3:14)
Tiffen (6:26)
Review: Braulio Lam's latest record is a unique outing, spanning pensive ambient dub and trip-hop moods, and cherrying them with an added visual element in the form of a photography insert. Born on the border region of San Diego and Tijuana, Lam's repertoire works in an expressly brooding sound that threshes its inspirations from the close but separate apposition of these two cities. The sense of a polemic being is a central theme of Lam's work; this is not only evident in his practice, which drifts back and forth between music production and photography, but also in the sonic content of Close Up itself, which drifts between depth-scouring electronica and Pacific folk in quick step, revealing them to be dialectically adjoined. Our favourites here have to be 'Buena Vista Social Dub', a crystalline immersion in dub and vocal etherics, and 'Mirror', and 'Monika', which lends a seething tape hue to a slowly moving slice of Latin blues.
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 in stock $21.52
The Void EP
Cat: X2SEE 003. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Arcade (5:32)
Arcade (Luis Malon remix) (5:33)
Bass Me (6:07)
Take Off (5:31)
Odyssey 33 (5:32)
Review: Double-clapping, dystopian electro synth from Lara for Berlin and London's Lirica Archives, amounting to a five-track sonic embrace of what can only be described as a kind of divine femme cosmo-goth. Opening on 'Arcade', the EP establishes an infectious three-note bassline that continues as a motif throughout the A-side, not least since fellow producer Luis Malon's remix makes up its second half, and dream-distorts things further vis-a-vis extra echoey melodious elements and trembly breakdowns. The B-side is just as expansive and further-outreaching, with 'Bass Me' pioneering the use of 'bass' as a verb (we're all for it - surely, bass, by now, like love, is a thing you *do*), and 'Odyssey 33', with its boxy drums and text-to-speechn whispers, impelling us to revisit Kubrick's opus for the 33rd time.
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SA 004
SA 004 (12")
Cat: SA 004. Rel: 08 Jul 24
Lawrence - "Hawser" (6:14)
Joey Anderson - "Human Kind" (6:21)
Takuya Matsumoto - "Three Flowers" (5:42)
R/K - "Desired Spring" (6:25)
Review: Short Attention Records makes a welcome return here with a new drop of wax that fits the label head into its roots in deep techno sound worlds. This one takes the form of a various artists' EP crafted with an intake feel for cosy floors and who better to kick off in that vibe than the revered Lawrence whose 'Hawser' is a groovy and melodious track. Next, New Jersey don Joey Anderson sets a slow and deep tone with 'Human Kind' which has moody vocals and Japanese artist Takuya Matsumoto follows with 'Three Flowers', a more potent and driving cut with a fine acid bassline. Rounding off the EP is 'Desired Spring' by R/K, a loop-driven deep house gem designed for both listening and dancing.
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Cat: OW 8. Rel: 18 Jul 24
No Inertia (6:57)
Exodus (5:17)
Buio Omega (6:14)
Tagati (6:36)
Biconic (4:46)
Hypneromatochia (6:59)
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Unseen EP
Unseen EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: OUT 013. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Unseen (7:12)
Submerged (6:46)
Transition (7:48)
Voices (5:39)
Review: Matthew Oh steps up to Outlaw with four more cuts of serious techno action. 'Unseen' opens ups with a gurgling blend of bas, synths and indecipherable voices that sound futuristic and otherworldly. 'Submerged' is a deep, swampy, dark brew of languid basslines and creepy pads that have you looking over your shoulder and 'Transition' then brings light with some more bright pads and an upbeat but dubbed out mid-tempo rhythm. 'Voices' is the final piece of this most singular techno puzzle and is a lithe dub with whispered voices pacing about up top to paranoid effect.
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Recollection (translucent white vinyl 12")
Cat: KNT 36TRANSWHIT. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Inwards (7:41)
Suspended (9:37)
 in stock $17.49
Recollection (bio vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: KNT 36B. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Inwards (7:41)
Suspended (9:42)
 in stock $17.49
Have You Ever Retired A Human By Mistake?
Cat: WUBC 3. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Disappear Inside (2:37)
A Hundred Baby Spiders Came Out (5:56)
Take The Pleasures From The Serpent (5:36)
No Termination Date (8:51)
Same Answers The Rest Of Us Want (5:29)
Have You Ever Retired A Human By Mistake (5:45)
Orange Body, Green Legs (5:26)
Wait For Me (5:00)
One More Kiss (5:18)
Review: Producer Oscar Mulero returns to Warm Up with a new full-length record, topping up the latest editions of the WUBC specials series. Though an LP, this one assumes a utilitarian form, laying down many functional and floor-ready techno iterations yet finding almost equally as much joy in the sci-fi ideaspace that ensconces techno at large. Case in point is the Blade Runner reference that makes up the title; then there's the establishing pitilessnesses of opener 'Disapear Inside', which sounds like waking up in a deserted Nostromo, alien still stalking the place; then among the techno numbers proper reign 'Take The Pleasures From The Serpent', which basks in a musky low-end cloud, and 'One More Kiss', which dares to move glassier and brittler, incorporating floaty pads and snappy claps.
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Jillybean (translucent orange vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: VESSELRECORDINGS 001. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Jillybean (6:00)
The Chase (7:12)
Son Of Orange (6:37)
Pocket Ops (6:26)
Review: Vessel Recordings Group is a US label operated by Ira James and next up is Natural Rhythm aka the duo of Thomas White and Pete Williams. They have been working since the 90s on their own brand of house and as this EP shows it is stylish, rooted in tradition but full of contemporary designs. 'Jillybean' is raw, stripped back and perfect for backrooms. 'The Chase' is a slamming cut that pushes on with classic vocal samples twisted into something new, and great swing. 'Son Of Orange' is another lo-fi, high-class house sound with real weight and machine soul and 'Pocket Ops' closes out with dubby techno energy. A fantastic, no-frills EP to get this label underway.
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Caves Of IX EP
Cat: MMTRXX 004. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Caves Of IX (5:41)
Into The Fog (7:46)
Ocean 33 (3:52)
Acid UFO (7:54)
Whale Whisperer (2:58)
Caves Of IX (Airborne mix) (6:07)
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Isolated Visions
Cat: SUN FOUR. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Stand Down (5:43)
Strings Of Emotion (4:12)
A New World (5:13)
Distant People (5:03)
The Return Home (4:42)
Review: The fourth chapter in Childhood Intelligence's alternate sub-division, Sunrise Inc, features five neo-braindance artifacts from Outer Order of the Planetary Instinct Alliance. These tracks feature mystic analogue rhythms and vintage sounds that blend haunted synth landscapes with Latin grooves and heavy SH101 low-end frequencies. Intimate and hypnotic melodies and voices create a homage to the past and a prophetic vision for the future and betray a producer with a great musical heritage. Ad in hints of early, dark but soulful Chicago house and some deep and heady moods and wet acid lines and you have a real pearler of an EP.
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Tags: Acid House
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Turn The Page
Turn The Page (1-sided etched 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: XL 1439T. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Turn The Page (4:25)
Review: Overmono's reimagining of The Streets' classic 'Turn The Page' is a technofied marvel, delivering a pulsating journey that pays homage to the original while carving out its own unique identity. Retaining Mike Skinner's distinctive vocals and UKG essence, Overmono infuses the track with a darker, more relentless energy. The bassline is pronounced, driving the groove forward with unwavering intensity, while tempo shifts add an ecstatic dimension to the experience. The result is a captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation, perfectly suited for dancefloors craving a modern twist on a beloved anthem.
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They Don't Let Me In
Cat: TUT 005. Rel: 11 Jul 24
The Other (2:04)
Regret It (4:15)
Poetry & Murder (4:39)
Shout Out To LA (3:29)
They Don't Let Me In (3:50)
It's You & Me (live) (3:56)
Rhythm Composer (live) (2:48)
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The First Move
Cat: SR 001. Rel: 11 Jul 24
PEARL - "Rubber Hands" (6:01)
Bailey Ibbs - "Lied To Laure" (5:02)
Loren Kuehne - "Less" (6:15)
FRAZI.ER - "The Beatbox" (5:08)
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Samplaystation EP
Cat: CHIP 1. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Sensation (4:24)
Petit Rave (5:15)
Space Jam (5:12)
Wulcan (5:44)
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Comeback Kid EP
Cat: LKDNV 07. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Comeback Kid (6:39)
Deepfried Diversion (6:32)
Ries's Pieces (6:05)
One Eighty (6:29)
 in stock $13.99
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