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New releases last two weeks: Blues

Blues vinyl released in the last two weeks
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King Of The Blues (reissue)
King Of The Blues (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 8027. Rel: 11 Jun 24
I've Got A Right To Love My Baby (3:15)
What Way To Go (3:07)
Long Nights (The Feeling They Call The Blues) (3:32)
Feel Like A Million (3:32)
I'll Survive (2:41)
Someday Baby (2:52)
When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (Aka Million Years Blues ) (2:57)
Good Man Gone Bad (2:47)
If I Lost You (2:41)
You're On The Top (2:51)
Partin' Time (3:01)
I'm King (2:21)
Gonna Miss You Around Here (2:54)
Sweet Sixteen Part I & II (6:15)
 in stock $20.11
Blue Shadows
Blue Shadows (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 291001. Rel: 17 Jun 24
3 O'clock Blues (3:02)
Blue Shadows (3:47)
Sweet Sixteen (part 1 & 2) (6:13)
Ten Long Years (2:48)
Long Nights (The Feeling They Call The Blues) (3:32)
Did You Ever Love A Woman (2:34)
When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (2:56)
You Upset Me Baby (3:03)
Everyday I Have The Blues (2:49)
Sweet Little Angel (3:01)
You're Breaking My Heart (4:13)
Woke Up This Morning (3:01)
You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (5:14)
Past Day (3:17)
 in stock $16.68
My Bad Side Wants A Good Time
Cat: HORTONLP 046. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Undercover Of Night (3:08)
Hot Dice (3:25)
My Bad Side Wants A Good Time (2:42)
Old Rock House (4:02)
Chasm Of Soul (3:49)
Local Honey (3:04)
Church Of Space & Time (3:08)
Outlaw Land (2:42)
Detroit Train (3:50)
La Serpentine (3:45)
How Bad I Want You (4:20)
Blues Skyline (4:17)
 in stock $22.22
V (CD)
Cat: JRA 90721. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Stay Free
Red Sun
Letting Go
You're Not Alone
Love & Faith
Too Far Gone
The Open Road
 in stock $12.17
Shut Up & Play!
Shut Up & Play! (translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: AL 5020. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Can't Fix The World (4:15)
I Hate Love (4:28)
Him (4:44)
Had To Go Through It To Get To It (3:54)
Something To Do Man (4:08)
Message To My Daughter (5:44)
Unlovable (3:29)
Guilty (4:07)
Got Me By The Short Hairs (3:44)
My Woman Loves Me Too Much (3:45)
If I'm Always Wrong (3:53)
Shut Up & Play! (6:01)
 in stock $26.21
The Hard Way Blues
Cat: HCR 008. Rel: 10 Jun 24
The Hard Way
Night Brain
Talkin' Company Man Blues
Baby's Long Gone
Ballad Of Boyd Elder
Angel In My Pocket
Huntsville Prison Rodeo
Esther Pearl
God Ain't Makin' No More Of It
 in stock $16.68
Barnyard Smile
Cat: LDCD 1051. Rel: 07 Jun 24
That Ain't Love
These Games We Play
My Brother My Friend
Road Runner
Grab My Hand
Outskirts Of Town
Fast Driving Woman
Catch You Crying
Misery Loves Company
 in stock $12.17
Closer (180 gram vinyl LP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: COOE 605.1. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Almost There (2:49)
Oh Frustration (3:47)
Get By (3:09)
New Stories (3:26)
Humility (3:17)
Sorry You're Blue (2:29)
Indecision (3:28)
Clear Lines (2:51)
Good Times (3:15)
 in stock $40.75
Jolene (7")
Cat: KCR 128. Rel: 08 Jun 24
Joelene (3:58)
Still As The Night (3:54)
 in stock $8.99
Crown (CD)
Cat: PRD 76442. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Death Of Me
The Storm
Had To Dip
I Want My Crown (feat Joe Bonamassa)
Stand Up
You Don't Know The Blues
Rattlin' Change
Too Close To The Fire
Put That Back
Take Me Just As I Am (feat Lodanna Gales)
Let Me Start With This
I Found Her
My Own Best Friend
I Gotta Go
 in stock $11.12
Rockin' In 1992
Rockin' In 1992 (heavyweight clear vinyl LP)
Cat: 115513 1. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Moonchild (6:25)
I Wonder Who (7:40)
Tattoo's Lady (6:34)
Revolution (7:40)
Just Like A Woman (6:34)
Don't Start Me Talkin (6:18)
 in stock $27.79
The Absence
Cat: 652363 9. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Mira (4:14)
Amalia (3:02)
So Long (3:46)
So We Meet Again My Heartache (4:20)
Lisboa (5:18)
Impossible Love (3:47)
If I Tell You I Love You (3:28)
Goodbye (3:38)
Se Voce Me Ama (4:53)
My Heart Won't Have It Any Other Way (2:34)
Iemanja (4:00)
Review: Melody Gardot's album The Absence is an ambitious blend of global influences, from the sun-drenched tones of Brazil to the evocative atmospheres of Morocco and Buenos Aires. Gardot's songwriting shines, merging her signature wry honesty with the rhythms and moods of the countries she explores. Tracks like 'Mira' and 'Lisboa' are lush with Spanish guitars, harps, and local percussions, crafting a backdrop of lazy days and warm nights. Gardot's voice, ever sultry and inviting, navigates through these arrangements with an ease that recalls classic bossa nova, occasionally flirting with the styles of New Orleans jazz on tracks like 'Goodbye.' While the album sometimes risks slipping into the overly mannered, Gardot maintains a charm that makes The Absence a compelling listen, proving her continual growth as a sophisticated singer/songwriter with a worldly touch.
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 in stock $31.74
Sonido Cosmico
Sonido Cosmico (limited hot pink vinyl LP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: EES 492. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Lagrimas Negras (3:10)
Low Sun (3:07)
Cumbia Lunar (2:35)
Abuelita (3:31)
El Fantasma (3:01)
It's All In Your Mind (4:35)
Sonido Cosmico (3:41)
Barrio Hustle (3:14)
Until We Meet Again (2:58)
Los Navegantes (4:11)
Luz Y Sombra (3:06)
Misterio Verde (2:34)
Review: After a prolific 2023 which saw them release two albums of fried and wide-eyed instrumentals Harmons Gutierrez return with further explorations of their atmospheric taker on 1950s Latin American sounds. There's a sense of Morricone drama and expansive space to the duo's self-described cosmic sound, where the intricate guitar work collides with space-age effects processing to create a truly escapist listening experience. Steeped in the mystique of the desert, with an undeniable romance in their hearts while heading towards the stratosphere, Alejandro and Estevan Gutierrez show their craft has the potential to explore new vistas while staying true to the formula which has served them so well thus far.
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 in stock $31.74
Sonido Cosmico
Sonido Cosmico (limited "coke bottle" clear green vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: EES 494. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Lagrimas Negras (3:10)
Low Sun (3:07)
Cumbia Lunar (2:35)
Abuelita (3:31)
El Fantasma (3:01)
It's All In Your Mind (4:35)
Sonido Cosmico (3:41)
Barrio Hustle (3:14)
Until We Meet Again (2:58)
Los Navegantes (4:11)
Luz Y Sombra (3:06)
Misterio Verde (2:34)
Review: Sonido Cosmico finds the duo of Hermanos Gutierrez embark on a journey that eschews the traditional boundaries of instrumental music. Each track within this collection forms a rich tapestry that blends Latin rhythms with ethereal atmospheres to craft wordless narratives where the brothers' transcendent guitars speak their own eloquent language. The musicians each exhibit a subtle sophistication as they merge elemental and experimental elements that, while deeply rooted in their Latin heritage, showcase a contemporary execution that is both nuanced and expansive. As such the record shows the band's evolving artistry and bridges gaps of age and geography through music.
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 in stock $31.74
Sonido Cosmico
Cat: EES 3602. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Lagrimas Negras Negras
Low Sun
Cumbia Lunar
El Fantasma
It's All In Your Mind
Sonido Cosmico
Barrio Hustle
Until We Meet Again
Los Navigantes
Luz Y Sombra
Misterio Verde
Review: Hermanos Gutierrez's latest album, Sonido Cosmico, is a fantastic trip into expansive instrumental music that continues to define their unique sound. The interplay of Alejandro and Estevan Gutierrez's guitars evokes the nostalgic tones of 1950s Latin America infused with a modern flair. With 'Cosmic Sound' as a preview, the album promises a diverse range of influences, from cumbia to salsa, showcasing the duo's experimental yet focused approach to spiritual connection. Produced by Dan Auerbach, known for his work with The Black Keys, the album is poised to build on the success of their previous release. Sonido Cosmico promises a deeply immersive and unique musical journey.
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 in stock $13.50
Burning Hell (reissue)
Burning Hell (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: CR 00657. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Burnin' Hell (3:14)
Graveyard Blues (3:36)
Baby, Please Don't Go (4:55)
Jackson, Tennessee (3:15)
You Live Your Life & I'll Live Mine (3:22)
Smokestack Lightnin' (3:24)
How Can You Do It? (2:59)
I Don't Want No Woman If Her Hair Ain't No Longer Than Mine (3:16)
I Rolled & Turned & Cried The Whole Night Long (3:47)
Blues For My Baby (3:38)
Key To The Highway (3:08)
Natchez Fire (3:04)
Review: John Lee Hooker's Burning Hell is a searing and intense album that captures the raw power and emotion of the blues. Originally released in 1964, the album has been reissued on vinyl and remains n important milestone to Hooker's artistry. The album opens with the title track, a slow-burning blues that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Hooker's vocals are raw and passionate, and his guitar playing is both hypnotic and driving. The album also features several classic blues standards, including 'Baby Please Don't Go' and 'Key to the Highway.' The album is a timeless classic that continues to inspire and amaze listeners today.
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 in stock $35.73
Tales Of The Great Rum Runners (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (remastered)
Lady Simplicity (LP1: Tales Of The Great Rum Runners) (0:20)
That Train (4:34)
Dry Dusty Road (2:19)
I Heard You Singing (3:39)
Rum Runners (3:04)
Children’s Lament (4:10)
Maybe She’s A Bluebird (1:59)
Boys In The Barroom (4:41)
It Must Have Been The Roses (3:36)
Arizona Lightning (4:33)
Standing At Your Door (4:05)
Keys To The Rain (4:18)
Boys In The Barroom (alternate version - LP2: previously unreleased) (1:12)
Elijah (2:06)
The Word (1:57)
Rum Runners (alternate version) (3:11)
It Must Have Been The Roses (alternate version) (3:35)
Road Hog (2:50)
Green Briar Song (2:15)
Reelin’ & A Pitchin’ (3:40)
Briney Deep (3:05)
Children’s Lament (alternate version) (4:20)
Lady Simplicity (alternate version) (0:22)
Southern Fried Shuffle (2:29)
West Virginia Steel Guitar (2:36)
Buck Dancer’s Choice (2:05)
Boats (2:23)
Keys To The Rain (alternate version) (4:21)
 in stock $43.39
'Nuff Said (reissue)
'Nuff Said (reissue) (limited gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 3731. Rel: 04 Jun 24
I Love What You Do To Me (2:30)
Baby (What You Want Me To Do) (3:27)
Sweet Flustrations (2:49)
What You Don't See (Is Better Yet) (3:12)
Nuff Said (part I) (3:00)
Tell The Truth (2:54)
Pick Me Up (Take Me Where Your Home Is) (4:23)
Moving Into Hip Style-A Trip Child! (2:30)
I Love Baby (2:23)
Can't You Hear Me Callin' (2:20)
Nuff Said (part II) (1:58)
 in stock $31.74
Hey Baby
Hey Baby (limited hand-numbered vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MJLP 9121. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Afro Bossa Nova (2:22)
Beatle Shuffle (2:31)
African Twist (3:04)
La Wanda (2:52)
Chilly Willy (3:00)
Check Yourself (2:29)
San Francisco (4:48)
Chillie Willie (2:29)
Check Yourself (Alt) (2:49)
Yes Baby (3:26)
Watermellon Man (4:40)
Cute (3:28)
Big Mamma (3:55)
 in stock $24.87
Great Blues Works & Hits
Great Blues Works & Hits (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 8095. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Sweet Sixteen (part 1 & 2) (6:14)
3 O'Clock Blues (3:03)
Everyday I Have The Blues (2:51)
Sweet Little Angel (3:15)
My Sometime Baby (4:07)
Rock Me Baby (2:55)
Shotgun Blues (2:49)
Boogie Rock (3:07)
Down Hearted (3:15)
Gotta Find My Baby (2:28)
Your Fool (3:35)
Going Down Slow (1959 version - take 1) (4:48)
 in stock $33.08
Bayport BBQ Blues
Bayport BBQ Blues (LP + insert)
Cat: ALVLP 233. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Motown Mash (3:39)
Big Momma Shake (3:08)
Man Down The Road (4:10)
Crazy Love (3:29)
Black Forest Blues (4:00)
River Picker (4:18)
Turkey Vulture (3:10)
Get Down (3:58)
Backyard (2:25)
The Desert (4:57)
 in stock $27.79
Rooster Blues (reissue)
Rooster Blues (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 8024. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Rooster Blues (2:32)
Long Leanie Mama (2:06)
My Starter Won't Work (2:50)
"G I " Slim (2:24)
Lightnin's Troubles (2:41)
Bed Bug Blues (2:35)
Bad Luck & Trouble (bonus track) (2:57)
Mean Ole Lonesome Train (bonus track) (3:08)
Bad Luck (bonus track) (2:59)
Hoodoo Blues (2:20)
It's Mighty Crazy (2:37)
Sweet Little Woman (2:09)
Tom Cat Blues (2:44)
Feelin' Awful Blues (2:59)
I'm Leavin' You Baby (2:23)
Sugar Plum (bonus track) (2:48)
Just Made Twenty-One (bonus track) (2:11)
Nothing But The Devil (bonus track) (3:01)
! low stock $19.32
Feats Don't Fail Me Now (reissue)
Feats Don't Fail Me Now (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: 812278 17176. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Rock & Roll Doctor (2:58)
Oh Atlanta (3:29)
Skin It Back (4:08)
Down The Road (3:47)
Spanish Moon (2:57)
Feats Don't Fail Me Now (2:24)
The Fan (4:25)
Cold Cold Cold/Tripe Face Boogie (Medley) (9:50)
Brickyard Blues (outtake) (3:00)
Feats Don't Fail Me Now (alternate version) (2:30)
Rock & Roll Doctor (alternate version) (3:24)
Spanish Moon (alternate version) (3:44)
Skin It Back (alternate version) (4:34)
Oh Atlanta (alternate version) (3:36)
All That You Dream (outtake) (3:33)
Front Page News (alternate version) (4:57)
Long Distance Love (outtake) (2:53)
Lonesome Whistle (alternate version) (3:48)
Day At The Dog Races (Unfinished outtake) (3:10)
Spanish Moon (single version) (2:42)
Review: Many fans feel that Feats Don't Fail Me Now stands as the pinnacle in Little Feat's career, showing their unparalleled blend of funk, rock, and jazz influences. The album captures the electrifying energy of their live performances while maintaining a cohesive sound from start to finish. Tracks like 'Rock & Roll Doctor' and 'Oh, Atlanta' exemplify the band's playful yet funky attitude, while Skin It Back demonstrates their tight musicianship and jazzy funk groove. Lowell George's bluesy slide guitar work shines on songs like Down the Road and the gem Spanish Moon, which features an irresistible brass section adding to its dynamic excitement. The title track, 'Feats Don't Fail Me Now,' is a great example at their spontaneous performance style. George and Payne's 'The Fan' expands the band's horizons with its jazzy time signature and spirited instrumentation. The album's highlight is the 10-minute medley of 'Cold, Cold, Cold' and 'Tripe Face Boogie,' which effortlessly blends slow funk with energetic shuffle and features captivating instrumental sections dominated by Bill Payne's jazzy piano. Feats Don't Fail Me Now represents the moment when everything came together for Little Feat, resulting in an album of mirthful, enchanting and exuberant music that maintains a high level of integrity throughout.
Read more
 in stock $43.39
Breakin' It Up Breakin' It Down
Breakin' It Up Breakin' It Down (gatefold 180 gram audiophile translucent gold vinyl 2xLP + fold-out poster)
Cat: FRIM 928.1. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Black Cat Moan/Dust My Broom (5:42)
Can't Be Satisfied (3:57)
Caledonia (6:50)
Dealin' With The Devil (6:41)
Rocket 88 (3:36)
I Done Got Over It (5:45)
How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong (5:57)
Mama Talk To Your Daughter (5:51)
Love Her With A Feeling (5:47)
Trouble No More (4:07)
Got My Mojo Workin' (5:06)
 in stock $78.33
Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On
Cat: MRBCD 299. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On
The Outside Man
Darling Depend On Me
Rivers Invitation
I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
Just To Hold My Hand
You Know I Love You
Lady Madonna
Tomorrow Never Knows
 in stock $14.29
Human Decency
Cat: FBR 040LP. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Failing Upwards (4:26)
Human Decency (3:50)
Stuck Between (3:21)
Strawberry Hill (4:06)
Run For Cover (2:56)
Dirty Rat (4:28)
Ain't That A Man (4:56)
Hanky Panky Time (4:28)
Aha (4:41)
! low stock $22.22
Human Decency
Cat: FBR 040. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Failing Upwards
Human Decency
Stuck Between
Strawberry Hill
Run For Cover
Dirty Rat
Ain't That A Man
Hanky Panky Time
 in stock $13.24
Rockin' With Reed (reissue)
Rockin' With Reed (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 8026. Rel: 11 Jun 24
Going To New York (2:17)
A String To Your Heart (2:42)
Ends & Odds (2:11)
Caress Me Baby (2:47)
Take Out Some Insurance (2:18)
The Moon Is Rising (2:22)
Shame, Shame, Shame (bonus track) (2:51)
Bright Lights, Big City (bonus track) (2:37)
You Don't Have To Go (bonus track) (2:58)
Down In Virginia (2:23)
I Know It's A Sin (2:23)
Wanna Be Loved (2:13)
Baby, What's On Your Mind (3:05)
My Bitter Seed (2:13)
Rockin' With Reed (2:31)
Big Boss Man (bonus track) (2:46)
Found Love (bonus track) (2:15)
Baby What You Want Me To Do (bonus track) (2:26)
 in stock $18.52
Moonflower (reissue)
Moonflower (reissue) (limited numbered gatefold 180 gram audiophile orange vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: MOVLP 566C. Rel: 11 Jun 24
Dawn/Go Within
Let The Children Play
I'll Be Watching
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)
Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)
She's Not There
Flor D'luna (Moonflower)
Soul Sacrifice/Head, Hands & Feet (Drum Solo)
El Morocco
Savor/Toussaint L'overture
Review: Santana's 1977 album Moonflower captures the band's unparalleled blend of Afro-Latin rhythms, jazz-rock fusion, and raw passion. The album showcases Santana's electrifying energy and musicianship, particularly evident in spirited live performances. Highlighting standout tracks such as the medley featuring 'Carnaval,' 'Let the Children Play,' and 'Jugando,' the review praises Santana's dynamic stage presence and soulful guitar work. Studio tracks like 'I'll Be Waiting' and 'Zulu' display the band's versatility and creativity, while live renditions of classics like 'Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen' demonstrate their enduring appeal. Moonflower encapsulates everything that makes Santana - and their inimitable frontman Carlos Santana in particular - one of the best in jazzdom, showcasing their dedication to making good music together over decades.
Read more
 in stock $42.34
A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down On Your Knees
A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down On Your Knees (limited "toffee" brown vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: SOAKLPT 473. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Move To The Country (4:47)
Internet Cowboys (4:08)
San Francisco Sound '67 (5:08)
A Trip & A Stumble (For Leya) (4:36)
This Way (4:27)
Backbone Slip (4:18)
Let The Music Talk (4:07)
Funky Music (4:11)
Cryin' Out Loud (4:14)
Elisabeth (4:06)
Review: You'd have to be some kind of human not to have a soft spot for Seasick Steve. Having graced us with a relentless list of amazing albums, and amazing album titles - Dog House Music, I Started Out With Nothin', You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, Keepin' The Horse Between Me and the Ground - his legacy is well and truly cast in cement. As is his reputation as a straight talking, blues peddling, guitar modifying doyen of drawly balladry and raucous barroom anthems. A Trip a Stumble a Fall Down on Your Knees is classic Steve, and yet it's also a move on from recent outings such as Blues In Mono, a collection of largely solo, acoustic, stripped back offerings. Here then we're fully plugged in and rolling deep with an entourage, the result being a record that feels as humid and atmospheric as it does late night and gruff. The quest to find America again seems to be over for now then.
Read more
 in stock $27.26
A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down On Your Knees
Cat: SOAKLP 473. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Move To The Country (4:47)
Internet Cowboys (4:08)
San Francisco Sound '67 (5:08)
A Trip & A Stumble (For Leya) (4:36)
This Way (4:27)
Backbone Slip (4:18)
Let The Music Talk (4:07)
Funky Music (4:11)
Cryin' Out Loud (4:14)
Elisabeth (4:06)
 in stock $27.79
Heavy Soul
Heavy Soul (180 gram 'violet lightning' purple & yellow merge vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JMR 90602. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Sweet 'Lil Lies (5:18)
All The Way From America (4:15)
Black Magic (4:19)
Drowning In A Sea Of Love (4:33)
A Good Goodbye (4:10)
Heavy Soul (5:09)
Wild Love (4:23)
Someone Like You (4:50)
Devil In Me (3:02)
Change Of Heart (3:46)
Review: Joanne Shaw Taylor's upcoming album, Heavy Soul, is a compelling fusion of contemporary soul-pop and traditional blues roots, as showcased in her latest single 'Change of Heart.' Collaborating with legendary songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, Taylor delivers a poignant narrative exploring the vulnerability and courage of opening up to love. With expressive vocals and masterful guitar playing, Taylor infuses the track with warmth and authenticity, setting the stage for an album that bridges the gap between her previous work and her blues origins. In 'Devil In Me,' Taylor delves into darker realms of soul and blues, confronting personal struggles with raw energy and candid lyrics. Meanwhile, her reinterpretation of Van Morrison's classic 'Someone Like You' adds a fresh, blues-inflected spin to the timeless love song, showcasing Taylor's determination and soulful expression. Produced by Kevin Shirley and featuring an array of accomplished musicians, Heavy Soul is poised to be another landmark in Taylor's illustrious career. With each release, Taylor reaffirms her position as a rising star in the music world, blending contemporary sounds with traditional blues elements to create a soulful experience for listeners.
Read more
 in stock $20.64
Heavy Soul
Cat: JMR 90601. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Sweet 'Lil Lies
All Teh Way From America
Black Magic
Drowning In A Sea Of Love
A Good Goodbye
Heavy Soul
Wild Love
Someone Like You
Devil In Me
Change Of Heart
 in stock $13.24
A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down On Your Knees
Cat: SOAK 473. Rel: 06 Jun 24
Move To The Country
Internet Cowboys
San Francisco Sound '67
A Trip & A Stumble (For Leya)
This Way
Backbone Slip
Let The Music Talk
You Don't Know
Funky Music
Cryin' Out Loud
Soul Food
 in stock $13.24
Salvation (limited white vinyl LP)
Cat: PRD 77261. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Dark Love (3:36)
Salvation (Make Me Wanna Pray) (3:45)
Rise Up Children (3:19)
Don't Wanna Die Today (3:25)
Once Upon A Lie (3:30)
Better In Love (3:40)
Leave No Love Behind (4:46)
I Can't Stay (& You Can't Go) (3:56)
Nothin' Gonna Change My Mind (3:47)
Eyes On Me (4:24)
Half My Heart (4:16)
 in stock $24.34
T Bone Blues
T Bone Blues (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 8025. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Two Bones & A Pick (2:51)
Mean Old World (4:06)
T-Bone Shuffle (2:48)
Stormy Monday Blues (3:06)
Blues For Marili (4:19)
Travelin' Blues (2:21)
How Long Blues (5:18)
T-bone Blues (3:47)
Shufflin' The Blues (3:21)
Evenin' (2:39)
Play In Little Girl (2:32)
Blues Rock (2:48)
Papa Ain't Salty (2:46)
Evil Heated Woman (2:33)
Call It Stormy Monday (3:03)
 in stock $19.32
Love (red vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CLO 5019. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Hate (2:32)
Love (3:04)
 in stock $18.79
Live From The Ash Grove
Cat: LIBH 50382. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Trouble I Mind
Intro To Hootin' The Blues
Hootin' The Blues
Blowin' The Fuses
Life's A Gamble
(I Gotta Look) Up Under Your Hood
My Father's Words
Midnight Special
Packin' Up Gettin' Ready To Go
Baby, I Got My Mind Off You
C'mon If You're Comin'
 in stock $17.47
The Circle Session
The Circle Session (white vinyl LP)
Cat: IVY 1055. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Oceans Of Emotions (3:33)
Take My Heart (5:05)
I'm Leaving (5:14)
What Will Be (7:49)
Drown In My Own Tears (5:04)
 in stock $63.78
Soul Music: The History From 1927 The First Five Decades
Cat: SOUL 034CD. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Sister Mary Nelson - "Judgement"
Blind Willie Johnson - "Lord I Just Can't Keep From Cryin'"
Bessie Smith - "Moan, You Moaners"
Mahalia Jackson - "Oh, My Lord"
Rev R V Gates - "This Heart Of Mine"
The Wright Brothers - "Gospel Train"
Ernestine B Washington - "If I Could Just Make It In"
Georgia Peach - "I’m Waiting For Jesus"
Rosetta Tharpe & Marie Knight - "Beams Of Heaven"
Professor J Earle Hines - "How Sweet It Is"
Sister Mathews - "Stand By Me"
Cora Martin - "There's A Place"
Jackson Gospel Singers - "Heaven Bound Train"
The Dominoes - "Do Something For Me"
Percy Mayfield - "Please Send Me Someone To Love"
Dorothy Love Coates - "I'm Sealed"
The Five Keys - "Too Late Baby"
Little Esther - "I'll Be There"
Little Miss Cornshucks - "Try A Little Tenderness"
Ray Charles - "Misery In My Heart"
Ruth Davis - "When He Spoke"
Bobby Bland - "Crying All Night Long"
The Davis Sisters - "I'm Tired"
Lloyd Price - "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"
The Soul Stirrers - "Just Another Day"
The "5" Royales - "Baby Don't Do It"
Alex Bradford - "Too Close To Heaven"
The Dominoes - "I'm Going To Move To The Outskirts"
The Pilgrim Travelers - "I've Got A New Home"
Ray Charles - "I've Got A Woman"
The Caravans - "The Angels Keep Watching"
The Aladdins - "Help Me"
The Swan Silvertones - "Jesus Brought Me"
Little Richard - "Directly From My Heart"
BB King - "Ten Long Years"
The Diablos - "The Way You Dog Me Around"
Linda Hopkins - "I Can't"
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - "Farther Up The Road"
The Ramblers - "Don't You Know"
The Soul Stirrers - "Be With Me Jesus"
Billy Gayles - "Let's Call It A Day"
Little Willie John - "Fever"
The Staple Singers - "Uncloudy Day"
James Brown - "Hold My Baby's Hand"
Judy Clay/Drinkard Singers - "That's Enough"
Gene Phillips - "Steelin' The Blues"
The "5" Royales - "Tell The Truth"
Ray Charles - "What'd I Say"
Betty Everett - "I'll Weep No More"
The Highway QC's - "Working On The Building"
Sugar Pie De Santo - "Going Back Where I Belong"
Barrett Strong - "Money"
The Meditation Singers - "My Soul Looks Back"
Ike & Tina Turner - "I Idolize You"
Jackie Wilson - "Doggin' Around"
The Drapers - "Baby, One More Time"
Mable John - "Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That"
Al 'TNT' Braggs - "Cigarettes & Coffee"
The Sims Twins - "Soothe Me"
Etta James - "Don't Cry Baby"
Johnny & Jackey - "Someday We'll Be Together"
Ernie K-Doe - "Waiting At The Station"
Nina Simone - "Gin House Blue"
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - "Sweet Lovin' Mama"
Mitty Collier - "I Got To Get Away From It All"
Prince La La - "She Put The Hurt On Me"
Johnny Adams - "A Losing Battle"
Earl King - "Trick Bag"
Brenda Holloway - "Every Little Bit Hurts"
Chris Kenner - "Land Of 1,000 Dances"
Jerry Butler - "Make It Easy On Yourself"
Della Reese - "Ninety Nine & A Half Won't Do"
Paul Walters - "She Put Me Down"
Esther Phillips - "No Headstone On My Grave"
Hightower Brothers - "Seat In The Kingdom"
Contours - "It Must Be Love"
James Brown - "I'll Go Crazy"
The Four Rivers - "Sooner Or Later"
Impressions - "I'm The One Who Loves You"
Little Milton - "Losing Hand"
The Falcons - "I Found A Love"
Marvin Gaye - "Tubborn Kind Of Fellow"
Sam Cooke - "Bring It On Home To Me"
Miracles - "You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me"
Solomon Burke - "If You Need Me"
Tami Lynn - "Mojo Hanna"
Bobby Parker - "It's Too Late Darling"
 in stock $17.99
Family Style (reissue)
Family Style (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile translucent blue vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 1031C. Rel: 11 Jun 24
Hard To Be (4:32)
White Boots (3:38)
D/FW (2:49)
Good Texan (4:14)
Hillbillies From Outerspace (3:46)
Long Way From Home (3:15)
Tick Tock (4:51)
Telephone Song (3:26)
Baboom/Mama Said (4:24)
Brothers (5:06)
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Chicago Hustle '82
Chicago Hustle '82 (limited gold vinyl LP)
Cat: CLOLP 4520. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Intro (0:39)
Crosscut Saw (6:02)
Buddy's Shuffle (6:18)
One Room Country Shack (4:23)
Dust My Broom (4:29)
Worry, Worry (4:35)
You've Gotta Love Her With A Feeling (5:16)
Mystery Train (4:31)
Junior's Jam (3:46)
 in stock $31.74
Life Is Hard
Life Is Hard (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: GCRX 9051LP. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Lonely Man (3:51)
Life Is Hard (4:34)
Have A Talk With God (3:55)
Forever My Love (6:18)
No One To Talk To (But The Blues) (3:02)
These Eyes (5:06)
Darkness (3:35)
Without Loving You (4:33)
Nobody Moves Me Like You Do (4:54)
Death Don't Have No Mercy (4:01)
 in stock $20.64
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