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New releases last two weeks: DJ Tools

DJ Tools vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Skratch Fossils 2
Cat: CNP 033. Rel: 04 Jun 24
166.66 Bpm /100 Bpm (16:44)
133.33 Bpm & Tones (14:40)
Review: Moschops' debut scratch tool release with Cut & Paste Records was the culmination of a remarkable sonic journey. Hailing from Milton Keynes, Moschops has been crafting rave and dance tunes since his teens, leading to a prolific career in electronic and hip-hop music. Discovered by Cut & Paste Records through his connections with the Community Skratch Music crew in Ireland, his work spans educational, artistic, and live DJ performances. After the success of the first Skratch Fossils, he is back with volume two which features meticulously curated samples, drawing from the early UK rave scene and promoting future experimentation.
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 in stock $19.59
Crystal Blue Cuts
Crystal Blue Cuts (limited translucent blue vinyl 7")
Cat: DIESS 075. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Crystal Blue Sentences (part 1) (5:28)
Crystal Blue Sentences (part 2) (5:52)
Review: Ugly Mac Beer's Crystal Blue Cuts dives into the gritty, cinematic world of the show Breaking Bad with a 7" that's as audacious as it is creative. Featuring a mix of sounds, effects, and voice snippets that evoke images of gunfights, drug escapades, and street brawls, this record is a daring exploration of thematic scratching. The chaos is brilliantly organised into a coherent set that plays like a mini-audio drama of the streets. Whether you are a turntablist or you are looking for some unique cut up sample style music, look no further than this. Each track is inspired by iconic characters from the series, showing Ugly Mac Beer's knack for crafting compelling narratives through sound. A fun record that will surely have people talking about it.
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 in stock $16.68
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